Wilkes County, Georgia Death Index, 1927
Deaths occurring in Wilkes County. Compiled and formatted by Keith Giddeon, from: State of Georgia. Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-98. Georgia: Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records, 1998.
Adams Calvin 31-Dec-1927 28615-I
Amason Gustova B. 26-Apr-1927 9930-I
Amason Olivia 28-Oct-1927 25972-I
Anderson Ida 23-May-1927 12789-I
Anderson Lucinda 25-Feb-1927 7308-I
Anderson Willie H. 28-Mar-1927 7306-I
Andrews Essie 16-Oct-1927 25973-I
Andrews Essie C. 16-Oct-1927 32099-I
Austin Charles 17-Apr-1927 9936-I
Barns Rev. J. 17-May-1927 15413-I
Barrett Lawrence 17-Jul-1927 23097-I
Bates John 7-Feb-1927 2473-I
Bates Maomi 23-Oct-1927 25969-I
Beckworth Willis 28-Dec-1927 31407-I
Binns Cyras 22-Nov-1927 31400-I
Binns Henry 18-May-1927 12761-I
Blackman Ida 22-Jan-1927 2475-I
Blackwell Ann 26-Aug-1927 20536-I
Blakey Dessie 10-Sep-1927 23100-I
Blakey Lee 4-Jan-1927 2472-I
Blakey Mrs. Annette 14-Apr-1927 9919-I
Blakey Mrs. Bell 30-Sep-1927 23090-I
Bolton Georgia L. 8-Jul-1927 23083-I
Booker Cooper 7-Feb-1927 7302-I
Bookin Thomas 15-Aug-1927 20537-I
Brittan Jane 17-Dec-1927 31402-I
Britton Fanie L. 24-Sep-1927 23088-I
Broadnax Jerry 20-Jan-1927 2474-I
Bryant Bertie S. 28-Jul-1927 25961-I
Burdette George M. 14-Jun-1927 25959-I
Cade Inf. of John H. 28-Aug-1927 20535-I
Callaway Poter 20-Dec-1927 31415-I
Calloway Fanny 10-Mar-1927 7310-I
Cambell Geo. 16-Jun-1927 15417-I
Cochran Mary 1-Jan-1927 2469-I
Cofer Dora A. 19-May-1927 25963-I
Cofer Willie 21-May-1927 12783-I
Coldman Sarah 23-Dec-1927 31410-I
Coleman Sarah 22-Dec-1927 31313-I
Coleman Sarah 23-Dec-1927 31410-I
Collins Do?? L. 9-Dec-1927 31414-I
Collins Inf. of Clyde 9-Dec-1927 28621-I
Combs Carrie C. 24-Jul-1927 23084-I
Curry Inez W. 26-Oct-1927 25967-I
Danforte Josh 25-Sep-1927 25968-I
Dardan Carlyle B. 11-Mar-1927 7300-I
Jenkins Mrs Charles 24-Apr-1927 9918-I
Johnson Joyce 11-Dec-1927 31758-I
Jones Becky 10-Mar-1927 7309-I
Jones Mrs Mary 9-Jun-1927 15419-I
Jones Will B. 12-Jun-1927 18021-I
Jordon Gilbert 24-Mar-1927 28611-I
Kelley John H. 14-Jan-1927 7297-I
Latimer Henry 19-Apr-1927 9935-I
Latimore Mary 22-Dec-1927 31411-I
Lemons Wilkes 8-Feb-1927 9927-I
Logan John A 9-Oct-1927 25949-I
Lunceford Sarah 14-Jun-1927 15421-I
Lyndas Lucy 19-Oct-1927 25950-I
Lyndor George E. 19-May-1927 12776-I
Lynn W. S. 8-Sep-1927 23089-I
Maddox Fannie 7-Nov-1927 28610-I
Maddox Mrs. Alma 22-Apr-1927 9923-I
Mathis I. Walter 24-Jan-1927 18019-I
Matthews Betsy 30-Nov-1927 32149-I
Maxwell, Jr. Henry G. 13-Oct-1927 31761-I
Mcaboy Mantey 19-Mar-1927 7301-I
Mccarty Robert E. 18-Jan-1927 2470-I
Mchannon Kattie M. 27-Apr-1927 12786-I
Mckenney Jennie 14-Aug-1927 25953-I
Mclendon Erma 5-Apr-1927 12779-I
Merrian Deatrice 16-Mar-1927 9926-I
Milborn Mandie 4-Mar-1927 7305-I
Miller Malenda 20-Dec-1927 31403-I
Molle Inf. of Joe. G. 20-Feb-1927 4742-I
Monchette Lucy 25-Apr-1927 9934-I
Moore Damarus 21-May-1927 12782-I
Moore M. S. 1-Nov-1927 25960-I
Moore Rosa B. 27-Aug-1927 20534-I
Moore Willie M. 1-Nov-1927 28608-I
Moss Wiley 3-Oct-1927 9937-I
Mouchett Chappell 27-Oct-1927 25951-I
Noggle Mary E. 3-May-1927 12793-I
Norman Chan 10-Jul-1927 18018-I
Norman Fredie L. 16-Dec-1927 31409-I
Norman Sim 15-May-1927 12795-I
Normon Mrs. Mariah 30-Mar-1927 28612-I
Norris John W. 31-May-1927 12775-I
Norwood Lydia 8-Dec-1927 31763-I
Ordeistey Fronie 10-Aug-1927 20538-I
Parks Watson 10-Feb-1927 4739-I
Perrin Charlie 24-May-1927 12794-I
Pink Fanny 15-Jul-1927 23099-I
Reese F. F. 11-Apr-1927 7293-I
Richard Frank 13-Jun-1927 15416-I
Rorie James E. 17-Nov-1927 31399-I
Rosie Normie E. 19-Jan-1927 2471-I
Roy Allen 24-Dec-1927 31405-I
Sale Lewis M. 12-Feb-1927 4740-I
Sampson Mary 24-Oct-1927 28607-I
Saxon John I 21-Nov-1927 28619-I
Shepard Albert 13-Oct-1927 25947-I
Simpson Mrs. Mamie 27-Apr-1927 12778-I
Sims Bell 19-Sep-1927 23101-I
Sims Charles 10-May-1927 12790-I
Sims Della 6-Apr-1927 9938-I
Sluddard E Lou 20-Aug-1927 25958-I
Smith Beatrice 2-Jun-1927 15412-I
Smith Celestice B. 25-Oct-1927 28506-I
Spratlin Susan R. 30-Dec-1927 31408-I
Starks Nettie 30-May-1927 12787-I
Stokes Flora M. 28-Sep-1927 23087-I
Striblin Frank 14-Dec-1927 31416-I
Sutton Jack 29-Apr-1927 9921-I
Sutton William 28-Mar-1927 18020-I
Thomas Almond 10-Feb-1927 15410-I
Thompson Edna H. 28-May-1927 12777-I
Thompson Lawson E. 13-Aug-1927 23085-I
Thornton Lois 10-Jan-1927 25966-I
Tillas Frank 23-Sep-1927 28604-I
Tolbert Jane 5-Apr-1927 7296-I
Tolbert Jane 7-Apr-1927 32146-I
Toombs Mrs. Julia B. 9-Feb-1927 7303-I
Turner Henry J. 3-Dec-1927 28616-I
Turner Matilda 5-Oct-1927 25948-I
Turner Stephen 22-Sep-1927 28603-I
Walker Edmond E. 2-Sep-1927 23092-I
Walton H. M. 5-Apr-1927 7311-I
Ware Mrs. Polly S. 28-Apr-1927 9929-I
Whesnan Inf. of U. B. 7-Nov-1927 28617-I
Williams Lois 24-Aug-1927 32157-I
Williams Sadie 25-Aug-1927 20539-I
Williamson Effie S. 12-Mar-1927 7307-I
Willis Ann 5-Feb-1927 4738-I
Willis Ann 19-Jun-1927 15418-I
Willis Nancy B. 18-Oct-1927 28618-I
Wims Emyry 21-Apr-1927 9922-I
Winfield H. George 18-Nov-1927 28614-I
Winfrey Mrs. Fannie M. 30-Nov-1927 31760-I
Woodley Hattie 2-Oct-1927 23998-I
Zellars Liza 14-May-1927 12784-I
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