Wilkes County, Georgia Death Index, 1926
Deaths occurring in Wilkes County. Compiled and formatted by Keith Giddeon, from: State of Georgia. Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-98. Georgia: Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records, 1998.
Amason Inf of Hoyt 20-Nov-1926 32295-H
Andrews George 16-Jun-1926 25675-H
Aycock Mary J. 4-Jun-1926 32294-H
Babie Booker Mrs 18-May-1926 28847-H
Barksdale Tom 7-Aug-1926 32699-H
Barnett Frank W. 9-Nov-1926 28835-H
Bealey D. R. 3-Sep-1926 32653-H
Beasley Alma 8-Mar-1926 25684-H
Bell Alex S. 21-Oct-1926 32618-H
Bell Ludy 20-Sep-1926 32619-H
Binns Alex 13-Apr-1926 25700-H
Bishop Nash 9-Mar-1926 25680-H
Blakeli Fannie P. 7-Nov-1926 32609-H
Bolton Mary 12-Aug-1926 32615-H
Bolton Mrs Ellen B. 2-Aug-1926 25697-H
Booker Lizzie 4-Mar-1926 32817-H
Bowers Inf. of J. E. 21-Sep-1926 25690-H
Bradl Inf. of Bernice 5-Sep-1926 32697-H
Bradley Annie 9-Jun-1926 25667-H
Bramlett Mrs W. N. 16-Jun-1926 25676-H
Branham Frank 25-Jun-1926 15780-H
Brawner Annie 26-Dec-1926 32610-H
Brenizer Mary P. 19-Sep-1926 25693-H
Britton Sam 28-Jan-1926 5307-H
Brown Nelson 1-Aug-1926 32612-H
Brown T. W. 7-Nov-1926 31742-H
Bryant Mrs James 7-Nov-1926 28837-H
Burden Carrie L. 30-Dec-1926 33036-H
Burton Carrie L. 30-Dec-1926 33036-H
Butler Mrs Susan 29-Aug-1926 25696-H
Cade Furn 21-Nov-1926 32713-H
Callaway Netie 13-Jun-1926 25672-H
Calloway Mary E. 2-Sep-1926 32907-H
Carnelison Lamire E. 22-May-1926 13165-H
Cofer George P. 8-Nov-1926 28840-H
Cofer J. M. 11-Oct-1926 28823-H
Cofer Millia M. 31-May-1926 32623-H
Coffee Sallie 4-Jan-1926 5308-H
Cohen John H. 24-Apr-1926 28848-H
Collins W. J. 10-Nov-1926 32613-H
Crane Wallis 18-Sep-1926 32813-H
Crew Mrs. Laurine 17-Jan-1926 32814-H
Danner Inf. of W. A. 31-Aug-1926 28844-I
Day Willie B. 2-Jul-1926 32806-H
Dowie Norsis 6-May-1926 25699-H
Down Bird 28-May-1926 32715-H
Echols Maretha E. 5-Jun-1926 31747-H
Edward Millorn 20-Feb-1926 25671-H
Evans John W. 30-Mar-1926 28846-H
Evans Lint 25-Sep-1926 32812-H
Evans Lint 25-Sep-1926 32903-H
Evans Raf 19-Nov-1926 32816-H
Evans Richard 26-Dec-1926 32291-H
Farming Sam D. 26-Jan-1926 5303-H
Faver Jim 12-Apr-1926 32974-H
Ferrell Jane 13-Oct-1926 32905-H
Freeman Joseph T. 15-Nov-1926 25706-H
Freeman Josie 16-Nov-1926 32614-H
Furrell Clara 7-Apr-1926 25701-H
Giden Abe 20-Apr-1926 32828-H
Gill Isaac M. 10-Dec-1926 32621-H
Gill W. Dennis 26-Apr-1926 10856-H
Gladmond Mrs. Nancy 6-Feb-1926 32815-H
Gladmore Mrs. Nancy 6-Feb-1926 32815-H
Gladmow Mrs. Nancy 6-Feb-1926 32815-H
Glaze Elizabeth T. 29-Jun-1926 31748-H
Haliday Mrs. Nell H. 24-Jul-1926 25698-H
Hall Noose 22-Mar-1926 32611-H
Hallford Sarah E. 27-Jun-1926 28845-H
Harris J. Frank 10-Feb-1926 25679-H
Harris Martha R. 11-Oct-1926 28836-H
Hayes, Jr. Andrew 31-Jan-1926 5306-H
Heard Inf. of Bennie 22-Nov-1926 32714-H
Heard Miss. Mattie 7-Dec-1926 32292-H
Hill Mack 16-Jan-1926 5299-H
Hilliard Cornelia 10-Dec-1926 32820-H
Holsey Rev. C. W. 13-Mar-1926 25681-H
Hopkins Mrs. Sallie 6-Jun-1926 32830-H
House Harrold W. 5-Feb-1926 31743-H
House Mrs. Parrie W. 5-Feb-1926 31744-H
Hudson Sarah C. 26-Dec-1926 31753-H
Huff Julia 18-May-1926 25678-H
Jefferson Aaron 15-Dec-1926 32656-H
Johnson George 15-Mar-1926 25688-H
Jones George 19-Jan-1926 25662-H
Jones George 29-Jan-1926 32808-H
Jones Willie 10-Apr-1926 32976-H
Jordan Eliza 17-Feb-1926 25661-H
Jorden Lucinda 26-Feb-1926 32809-H
Jordon Jimmie 20-Jun-1926 32717-H
Jordon William 10-Jun-1926 32819-H
Kendrick Abram 27-Mar-1926 32826-H
Lemon Nelson 7-Apr-1926 25703-H
Lindsey John T. 13-Nov-1926 28842-H
Love Hoyt 8-May-1926 31746-H
Lunceford Mrs. Maude 22-Aug-1926 31751-H
Lyman Mrs. Hester 4-Jan-1926 5305-H
Manuel Charlie 6-Jul-1926 32821-H
Mattox Mary 16-Jul-1926 32807-H
Mcaboy Inf. of Sim 6-Mar-1926 25683-H
Mckenny William P. 19-Oct-1926 28843-H
Mclendon Gus 25-Nov-1926 32654-H
Mclendon Tiley 18-Oct-1926 32617-H
Murry Julin 15-Feb-1926 25705-H
Norman Ella 12-Jun-1926 25670-H
Norman Pearl R. 27-Nov-1926 32975-H
Norman Winnie 28-Sep-1926 32657-H
Normon George 27-Mar-1926 25704-H
Ogletree Edward D. 1-Apr-1926 25687-H
Parks, Jr. Sam 18-Jul-1926 22906-H
Patterson Mack 10-Sep-1926 25694-H
Pope Sallie 5-Jan-1926 2579-H
Prather Georgia 12-Mar-1926 25682-H
Pullen Georgia A. 28-Oct-1926 32698-H
Read Lucy J. 21-Mar-1926 25685-H
Richardson Inf of Ely 27-Nov-1926 32973-H
Roan Inf of Willie 2-Jul-1926 32622-H
Ross Eliza J. 2-Apr-1926 25702-H
Ruse Inf. of Will 16-Jan-1926 32716-H
Scott Mrs. Rhonia 15-Mar-1926 25689-H
Shank Emily 4-Nov-1926 32811-H
Shank Floye W. 7-Jan-1926 5302-H
Simmons Virginia G. 20-Mar-1926 25686-H
Simpson Inf. of S. K. 12-Feb-1926 25664-H
Smith Corwin 25-Oct-1926 31752-H
Smith Drew 22-Dec-1926 31741-H
Smith Mrs. Nannie C. 19-May-1926 25665-H
Smith Sallie 7-Jun-1926 32904-H
Starks Harrie 19-Sep-1926 22998-H
Sutton Sallie 24-Aug-1926 32829-H
Thomas Hellen 18-May-1926 25668-H
Thomas Mrs Mary 19-Jan-1926 5301-H
Tooel John 29-Sep-1926 25691-H
Traver Jim 12-Apr-1926 31745-H
Turner Maggie 13-Mar-1926 32810-H
Virdel Janie L. 28-Jan-1926 5304-H
Wade Rangia 14-Mar-1926 31750-H
Wal Mrs. Katherine C. 18-Oct-1926 28839-H
Wall John L. 27-Dec-1926 32293-H
Watkins Lewis 21-Jul-1926 31754-H
Wellington Cland 5-Jul-1926 25663-H
West Sim 28-Jan-1926 5300-H
Wheatley C. W. 11-Nov-1926 32827-H
Whitner H. H. 23-May-1926 32624-H
Williams Russell 5-Apr-1926 25674-H
Willingham Doc 10-Jun-1926 32615-H
Willis N. A. 17-Jun-1926 32655-H
Wimbes Fannie 21-Jul-1926 32822-H
Winn Fannie B. 21-Jul-1926 32822-H
Witcher Inf of J. T. 1-Dec-1926 33028-H
Wood Brewster 13-Sep-1926 25692-H
Wright Fannie 5-Sep-1926 32818-H
Wyley Almo 3-Dec-1926 31740-H
Wynn Susie M. 22-Aug-1926 25695-H
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