Wilkes County, Georgia Death Index, 1925
Deaths occurring in Wilkes County. Compiled and formatted by Keith Giddeon, from: State of Georgia. Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-98. Georgia: Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records, 1998.
Albea Ethel 9-Mar-1925 12686-G
Allen Georgia 29-May-1925 15060-G
Anderson George 19-Mar-1925 9554-G
Anderson Mrs. Rosa 2-Sep-1925 28744-G
Anthony Mary 7-May-1925 23965-G
Aplycan Lovia 2-May-1925 18971-G
Arnett Gussie J. 30-Mar-1925 9547-G
Banks Enzie S. 15-Oct-1925 34067-G
Barnett Harry C. 27-Sep-1925 34076-G
Bates Francis 10-May-1925 16085-G
Bates Louise 18-Nov-1925 35230-G
Beard Ed 21-Feb-1925 6053-G
Beckwith Nellie M. 3-Jul-1925 18983-G
Beckwith Inf. of J. R. 6-Sep-1925 26241-G
Beckworth Inf. of J. R. 6-Sep-1925 26241-G
Bell Frances 9-Jul-1925 23948-G
Benson, Sr. Arch 16-Jan-1925 6045-G
Benson Inf. of John 25-Aug-1925 35252-G
Bickant George W. 1-Jun-1925 18984-G
Binns Willis 26-Dec-1925 34805-G
Birchmore Claude 25-Dec-1925 34081-G
Blacknell Ross 24-Feb-1925 6037-G
Blakey Will 15-Mar-1925 9555-G
Blanchard Andrew 28-Jan-1925 34976-G
Blancie Charlie 18-Jan-1925 6043-G
Bobo William O. 7-May-1925 16087-G
Booker Ann 30-Apr-1925 16063-G
Booker Janie 2-Jul-1925 35228-G
Booker Sarah 8-Sep-1925 34056-G
Borgus Margie 20-Apr-1925 12691-G
Branham Mrs. Lula L. 6-Feb-1925 9536-G
Brener Geo. A. 2-Aug-1925 35227-G
Britten Wyley 12-Aug-1925 34060-G
Buff Hubert 23-Jan-1925 2977-G
Burns Emma 17-Oct-1925 34063-G
Butler Rube 14-Aug-1925 23967-G
Callaway Eunice 16-Jun-1925 18973-G
Callaway Mary L. 26-Mar-1925 26340-G
Canaday John 29-Aug-1925 23953-G
Carter Lucy 29-Apr-1925 18969-G
Castlow Heard 11-Nov-1925 34790-G
Chafier, Jr. Fred 30-Mar-1925 9545-G
Coke Ellen 31-Mar-1925 9532-G
Cohen Jane 22-Jan-1925 6840-G
Cosby Virginia 1-Aug-1925 23955-G
Crawford Silvia 15-Oct-1925 34054-G
Crocker Marion 21-Feb-1925 6054-G
Cullars Ella May 8-Jun-1925 34072-G
Dallis Henry 5-Sep-1925 35253-G
Danmer Ruth 27-Mar-1925 9548-G
Davis Anna 15-May-1925 16070-G
Davis B. Dora 1-Apr-1925 9560-G
Davis Mariah 3-Aug-1925 23969-G
Doroner Foster 29-May-1925 15072-G
Dowens Julia 11-Mar-1925 12583-G
Downs Inf of Henry 15-Sep-1925 35231-G
Drinkard Alexander 9-Jun-1925 18972-G
Drinkard Hattie 5-Aug-1925 34071-G
Ecker Mary 29-Oct-1925 34066-G
Farmer Everete 27-Mar-1925 18977-G
Farral Frank 29-May-1925 16079-G
Ficklen Julia W. 19-Sep-1925 28742-G
Fleming Inf. of Jessie 15-Apr-1925 16084-G
Flint Henry 9-Jun-1925 18978-G
Flournoy John H. 17-Jun-1925 18974-G
Flournoy Leona 18-Oct-1925 35256-G
Fluke John M. 1-Jul-1925 23957-G
Gardner Inf. of J. E. 4-Jan-1925 2979-G
Gartrell George M. 8-Apr-1925 9546-G
Gartrell Lemuel 8-Feb-1925 2982-G
Gibson Mrs. Annie L. 27-Apr-1925 23961-G
Gidin Clark 24-Oct-1925 34064-G
Green Mrs. Mattie A. 11-Dec-1925 34080-G
Gresham Inf. of Ples 16-May-1925 16069-G
Haney Alfred 21-Oct-1925 34058-G
Hanson Claud 8-Mar-1925 9556-G
Hanson Clifort 15-Jan-1925 9541-G
Hany Lela M. 5-Aug-1925 23966-G
Harden Amanola 19-Jan-1925 2983-G
Harden Inf. of Ralph 19-Jan-1925 2984-G
Harper Elazo Willie 4-Feb-1925 9531-G
Harris Evelyn 18-May-1925 18966-G
Harris Inf. of Jas. 8-Aug-1925 26243-G
Harris Marshal 24-Feb-1925 6055-G
Harris Sarah E. 24-Nov-1925 34068-G
Hayes Margrut 9-Mar-1925 12685-G
Hayes Sarrah M. 27-Mar-1925 12529-G
Hays James E. 22-Feb-1925 9538-G
Henderson Wayne 23-Jul-1925 23959-G
Hilliard Lonie B. 19-Feb-1925 6041-G
Hilliard Sidney 8-Apr-1925 12681-G
Holmes Walter H. 5-Apr-1925 12688-G
House Inf. of Johnnie 27-May-1925 16061-G
House Mabel L. 17-May-1925 16062-G
Huff C. V. 7-Jun-1925 10979-G
Huguly Charlie L. 21-May-1925 34073-G
Hunter Mary 1-Nov-1925 34070-G
Irvin, Jr. I. F. 11-Apr-1925 12690-G
Isabel Mary 11-Apr-1925 12689-G
Isible Alex 19-Jul-1925 35254-G
Isible Frank 31-Jan-1925 6048-G
Jackson Rachel 4-Jun-1925 16068-G
Jirden Malindia 25-Aug-1925 23964-G
Jones Caroline 1-May-1925 16073-G
Jones Henry 11-May-1925 18981-G
Jones John 1-Nov-1925 34065-G
Jordon Malinda 27-Aug-1925 34062-G
Kenneavy Mary A. 10-Mar-1925 9534-G
Key Charlie 2-Dec-1925 34055-G
Kinnedy, Jr. John 29-Sep-1925 34078-G
Lane Daisy 6-Sep-1925 34059-G
Langford Lula 26-Feb-1925 9537-G
Lemon Simthey 18-Apr-1925 12680-G
Lendon Inf. of Tom M. 16-Feb-1925 6038-G
Lewis Robert 23-Sep-1925 34057-G
Like Moses 4-Jan-1925 6050-G
Lindsey William B. 15-Apr-1925 9552-G
Loggin Richard M. 19-Mar-1925 12693-G
Long Annie 2-Aug-1925 23968-G
Loyd Mary H. 6-Mar-1925 16074-G
Lucken Jenet 2-Sep-1925 23952-G
Luke Mose 3-Feb-1925 16088-G
Lunceford Bonnie E. 30-Aug-1925 23949-G
Meass Carl A. 18-Jul-1925 23958-G
Marion Ola 16-Jul-1925 23946-G
Marshall Henry 13-May-1925 16082-G
Martin Inf. of Thos. 10-May-1925 1608-G
Mayes Eddia 2-Jul-1925 23962-G
Maywood James 8-Jun-1925 18965-G
Mcclearnce Inf. of W. A. 6-Sep-1925 28740-G
Mclendon Cora 27-Jan-1925 6051-G
Mclendon, Jr. Olin 10-Apr-1925 9553-G
Mercier Henry 7-Mar-1925 6057-G
Milcuper Aramanda 19-Jun-1925 18980-G
Mills Frank 6-May-1925 18968-G
Mils Normon 1-Feb-1925 6044-G
Morris Harry H. 10-Mar-1925 9542-G
Nickles Bubbie 15-Dec-1925 34789-G
Norman Mels 1-Feb-1925 6044-G
Ott Jas. B. 21-Jun-1925 18976-G
Petters Warodin 21-Sep-1925 34061-G
Polots Lucile 6-Apr-1925 12687-G
Poss Mrs. Rhodiamee 26-Jul-1925 23956-G
Powell Ellen 9-Jun-1925 18975-G
Powell Olivia 5-Sep-1925 28743-G
Rathbone Elizabeth 27-Apr-1925 16075-G
Rease Marril 8-Jan-1925 6056-G
Reese Inf. of E. L. 23-Mar-1925 9544-G
Reese Tolivalar L. 18-May-1925 16078-G
Richardson Julia 6-Jan-1925 6049-G
Ricker Mrs. Mamie 2-Apr-1925 9551-G
Right Francis 4-Aug-1925 23950-G
Robberson Carria 18-Nov-1925 34788-G
Roman Cyntha 4-Mar-1925 9540-G
Rusher Aidall 4-Feb-1925 6047-G
Saly Tom 6-Sep-1925 26245-G
Shank Eva H. 8-Sep-1925 34051-G
Sheppard Andrew 31-Oct-1925 34053-G
Shipp James H. 26-Aug-1925 34069-G
Shumaker Mary A. 31-Oct-1925 34074-G
Slaton Robt. D. 15-Oct-1925 28739-G
Smith Emory P. 21-Sep-1925 34077-G
Smith Evie A. 20-Apr-1925 12695-G
Smith Lucile 13-May-1925 16083-G
Smith Noble C. 21-Apr-1925 16065-G
Smith Ophelia 24-Aug-1925 23954-G
Snellings Geo. T. 28-Feb-1925 16071-G
Snellings Thomas G. 28-Feb-1925 9535-G
Spradlin Kittie 21-Oct-1925 28741-G
Starks Robert 23-Nov-1925 34052-G
Stede Alfred 11-Oct-1925 35255-G
Stribling Ben L. 2-Jun-1925 16059-G
Stribling Mary 13-May-1925 16081-G
Stribling Susan J. 19-Jan-1925 2986-G
Strickling Jack 1-Mar-1925 6036-G
Sutton Leamie 26-Mar-1925 9533-G
Sutton Sallie E. 14-Jan-1925 6039-G
Sutton Mrs. Silver 5-Sep-1925 35226-G
Sweet E. A. 14-Aug-1925 23953-G
Thomas Phil 2-Aug-1925 34978-G
Thornton Janie 4-Aug-1925 23960-G
Tolbert Inf. of Jim 18-May-1925 16076-G
Tolbot Frank W. 17-Apr-1925 16066-G
Tolbot Inf. of Jim 18-May-1925 16077-G
Toombs Albert 26-Jul-1925 23948-G
Truitt Anna 17-Aug-1925 23951-G
Turner Inf. of Henry 25-Apr-1925 12694-G
Turner John 22-Apr-1925 35229-G
Turner Mamie V. 16-Nov-1925 35098-G
Turner Mil 4-May-1925 18967-G
Tyler Katie B. 6-Sep-1925 26242-G
Wade Alfred 20-May-1925 16086-G
Walker Mary E. 10-Oct-1925 28745-G
Wansly Inf. of Ed. 24-Apr-1925 12697-G
Ware Allen 15-Aug-1925 34049-G
Ware Amanda 15-Feb-1925 6052-G
Ware James E. 25-Mar-1925 12684-G
Ware Inf. of N. C. 10-Dec-1925 34079-G
Warren Charlie 30-Mar-1925 12682-G
Warren Francis J. 11-Aug-1925 26244-G
Weams Willie 29-Jan-1925 2980-G
Wellmaker Isiah 31-Mar-1925 9549-G
Welmaker Luther L. 21-Jul-1925 35077-G
West Jessie E. 25-Apr-1925 12692-G
Whitener Grace 15-Jan-1925 2981-G
Whittington Burrel 29-Jan-1925 9539-G
William Marenda 12-Feb-1925 6042-G
Williamson Mary 11-Jan-1925 2985-G
Wilson Lizzie 6-Jan-1925 6046-G
Winfrey Willie 16-Nov-1925 34050-G
Wood Hattie 8-Jun-1925 18970-G
Worten Roburder 22-Jun-1925 18982-G
Wylie Jesse 5-Mar-1925 9543-G
Wynn Emma D. 21-Apr-1925 16064-G
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