Wilkes County, Georgia Death Index, 1924
Deaths occurring in Wilkes County. Compiled and formatted by Keith Giddeon, from: State of Georgia. Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-98. Georgia: Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records, 1998.
Adams Arch 25-Aug-1924 34829-F
Adams W. D. 29-Jun-1924 23172-F
Anderson Dave 7-Nov-1924 34834-F
Anderson Fanie H. 21-Feb-1924 6407-F
Andrews William A. 22-Jul-1924 26103-F
Baldwin Calvin 5-Mar-1924 34812-F
Barksdale Mandy 21-Jun-1924 20034-F
Barnett Mrs. Catherine 26-Apr-1924 13473-F
Barton Lucile 12-May-1924 16661-F
Bates Dollie 4-Dec-1924 38002-F
Bates Zeddie 11-Oct-1924 31930-F
Bell, Jr Henry 24-Aug-1924 37989-F
Benson Rebecca 17-Mar-1924 10220-F
Blackmon Inf. of L. L. 27-Nov-1924 34795-F
Blanchard Henry 19-Nov-1924 37991-F
Boatwright Robt. L. 5-Aug-1924 26110-F
Booker Alex 1-Jul-1924 34830-F
Booker Carry B. 22-Mar-1924 13477-F
Booker Gilbert 20-Jul-1924 26102-F
Booker Neal 17-Aug-1924 26104-F
Boyd Mrs. Annie F. 11-Dec-1924 38010-F
Bradley Hattie 22-Jun-1924 28968-F
Branham Benjamin 16-Jul-1924 23175-F
Briland Inf. of Britt 7-Apr-1924 13481-F
Broadenax N. 28-Apr-1924 16665-F
Bryant Ellis 18-Dec-1924 37994-F
Bryant Inf. of W. L. 19-Aug-1924 26108-F
Bullards S. J. 3-Jan-1924 34841-F
Bunch Sam 10-Dec-1924 37979-F
Burns Eliza 29-Dec-1924 38000-F
Butler Mattie 9-May-1924 16662-F
Cade Sallie 15-Sep-1924 38283-F
Callaway Richard D. 13-Dec-1924 37983-F
Carter Rucker 15-Jan-1924 34848-F
Carter Mrs. Sallie 14-Feb-1924 6408-F
Chance Novella 4-Sep-1924 31928-F
Character Simon 30-Apr-1924 13479-F
Chenault Homer 20-Apr-1924 34825-F
Chenault Homer 22-Apr-1924 13474-F
Code Beatrice 18-Sep-1924 31929-F
Cofer Mrs. Adelia 24-Nov-1924 34797-F
Cohen Novella 4-Sep-1924 31928-F
Colby Ema 3-Jun-1924 20041-F
Coleman John H. 3-Jun-1924 16657-F
Coleman Lue M. 30-Sep-1924 34840-F
Colley Emma 1-Jun-1924 38009-F
Collins Mary 20-Oct-1924 37986-F
Crane Inf. of Bezie 15-Jan-1924 34822-F
Crane Rosa 15-Jan-1924 34824-F
Cullars Aggie 21-Jun-1924 20035-F
Cullers Jen E. 31-May-1924 20043-F
Dill Clara 8-Dec-1924 34823-F
Dill Clara 6-Dec-1924 37985-F
Dogget Eddie 6-Dec-1924 28193-F
Dorsey Inf. of Odas 15-Apr-1924 34851-F
Downs Evry 10-Aug-1924 ??4-F
Dye Albert 20-Apr-1924 34801-F
Eads Inf. of Doc 27-Jan-1924 3063-F
Eads Dolly 27-May-1924 16658-F
Eads Hattie L. 12-Mar-1924 10222-F
Echols Charlie 3-Nov-1924 34799-F
Evans Henry 21-Oct-1924 38003-F
Evens Emma 2-Jul-1924 26105-F
Farmer Jim 7-Dec-1924 37997-F
Franklin Duncan 12-Feb-1924 34806-F
Franklin Willie D. 20-Feb-1924 34844-F
Gertreal Bettie 6-Jul-1924 20046-F
Gibby Janie 12-Mar-1924 13478-F
Gill Inf. of H. Lee 15-Feb-1924 6406-F
Hall Mrs. George T. 15-Aug-1924 28964-F
Hall Mary 2-Dec-1924 34826-F
Harden Henry B. 24-Mar-1924 13476-F
Harper Henrietta 8-Jun-1924 23170-F
Harper Mary M. 9-Mar-1924 10230-F
Harralson Elizabeth 8-Jul-1924 23176-F
Harris Carrie M. 22-Oct-1924 31932-F
Harris James T. 10-Dec-1924 37996-F
Hawes Clsaborn 5-Aug-1924 34510-F
Head, Jr. Jimmie 15-Jun-1924 34808-F
Heard Addielane 8-Sep-1924 28963-F
Heard Ed 12-Mar-1924 10224-F
Heard Jimmie 8-Jun-1924 28969-F
Higgins Mrs. W. J. 11-Jul-1924 23173-F
Hiliout Charles 1-Mar-1924 34847-F
Hill Steve 1-Mar-1924 38008-F
Hilliard Carine 18-Nov-1924 37992-F
Hinton Forest 22-Mar-1924 13475-F
Hogans Henry 8-Dec-1924 37988-F
Hoylett Julia L. 2-Sep-1924 28962-F
Huff Gordon 11-Jan-1924 3064-F
Huff Jane W. 15-Jan-1924 34828-F
Huff Inf. of Mamie 15-Feb-1924 34838-F
Huff S. T. 20-Jun-1924 34839-F
Huff Sammey 7-Jun-1924 28967-F
Huguley Edward 29-Jul-1924 23177-F
Hulbert Emma L. 30-Apr-1924 38660-F
Johnson Rob. 9-Oct-1924 38006-F
Johnson Thomas J. 6-Oct-1924 31925-F
Jones Frank 6-Nov-1924 34793-F
Jones Sallie 15-Apr-1924 34852-F
Jordan Emma 15-Apr-1924 34846-F
Jordon Bessie 20-Dec-1924 34815-F
Kenedy Mary L. 9-Jun-1924 20044-F
Kennedy Marian 3-Apr-1924 13484-F
King Hogan 20-Jan-1924 34842-F
Lanson Jim 3-Jun-1924 16656-F
Leroy Mrs. Jennie 7-Mar-1924 38627-F
Lockhart Andrew 1-Nov-1924 34832-F
Lockhart Willie M. 15-Oct-1924 34833-F
Lowe Gilbert Y. 15-Aug-1924 26109-F
Lunsford William W. 20-Jan-1924 10226-F
Lyndon Mary D. 5-Apr-1924 13482-F
Mcaroy George 14-May-1924 16653-F
Mccarty Mosett J. 9-Sep-1924 31926-F
Mcclendon Sallie M. 4-Nov-1924 34798-F
Mclendon Watson 12-Aug-1924 34804-F
Marrion Mary 30-Nov-1924 37987-F
Mattox J. C. 5-Oct-1924 37990-F
Mercier Liza 19-Jun-1924 20037-F
Mitchal Eller 7-Dec-1924 38001-F
Moore Willie 22-Apr-1924 13480-F
Murry Inf. of Louis 18-May-1924 16664-F
Newmon Matildia 18-Feb-1924 10231-F
Newsom Mark A. 15-Jun-1924 20039-F
Noble Nancy 4-Jan-1924 10229-F
Norman Inf. of Earle 28-Sep-1924 28961-F
Norman Jerry 27-Jan-1924 6409-F
Parham Bessie 16-Jun-1924 20038-F
Parker Harrett 22-Oct-1924 37993-F
Partlow Sallie 27-Oct-1924 34817-F
Perrin John W. 9-May-1924 34837-F
Powell Earnest 17-Nov-1924 38493-F
Quinn Archie 10-Dec-1924 37984-F
Randolph Temp 22-Dec-1924 37998-F
Reaves Mary 20-Jun-1924 34849-F
Reed Rosana 13-Dec-1924 37981-F
Reese Francis 12-Aug-1924 34807-F
Reese Marion L. 20-Feb-1924 10227-F
Rice Effie M. 16-Jun-1924 20042-F
Rice Mrs. Lou 1-May-1924 13483-F
Rousey Henry M. 30-Jun-1924 34820-F
Shank Charlie J. 4-Dec-1924 38005-F
Short Inf. of James 24-Aug-1924 26111-F
Short William O. 7-Dec-1924 37982-F
Sims Charlotte 9-Dec-1924 34821-F
Sims Mary R. 19-Apr-1924 13486-F
Smith Fred 19-Jun-1924 20040-F
Smith James 5-Jun-1924 38665-F
Smith Mamie 19-Apr-1924 13471-F
Smith Mrs. Willie A. 8-Apr-1924 13485-F
Stone George 28-Jul-1924 26107-F
Story Margarett 17-Jul-1924 23178-F
Stribling E. A. 15-Mar-1924 10221-F
Stribling Sallie 13-Mar-1924 10223-F
Strickland Benjamin G. 25-Jun-1924 20045-F
Stripling Charles 10-Mar-1924 34845-F
Studdard Isabella J. 4-Oct-1924 31927-F
Sutton Inf. of Annie 2-Aug-1924 26100-F
Sutton Dan 10-Jan-1924 34843-F
Sutton Dan 3-Jan-1924 34509-F
Sutton Fannie 2-Sep-1924 34835-F
Sutton George 11-Aug-1924 34803-F
Sutton Sophy D. 8-Jun-1924 16655-F
Tate Elizabeth 22-Jun-1924 20036-F
Taylor Georgia 27-Jun-1924 23171-F
Thomas Bettie 5-Jan-1924 3066-F
Thoner Georgie 25-Aug-1924 28972-F
Thornton Phillip T. 28-Apr-1924 13472-F
Thornton Inf. of Thomas P. 18-Nov-1924 34796-F
Thurmon William A. 14-Mar-1924 10219-F
Toliver Bob 16-Aug-1924 34805-F
Toliver Boptist 29-Sep-1924 31931-F
Tucker Mills 25-Sep-1924 28960-F
Turner Elizabeth 29-Sep-1924 28959-F
Turner, Jr. Frank 12-Dec-1924 38004-F
Turner Pearline 13-Dec-1924 37999-F
Turpin Cannil 15-Dec-1924 37995-F
M. Umforey Inf. Of Mrs. Hattie 10-Feb-1924 38615-F
Walls Mary J. 24-Feb-1924 10225-F
Walton Elizee 18-Jul-1924 26106-F
Walton Liza 3-Jul-1924 38007-F
Walton Liza 27-Oct-1924 34792-F
Weems Delsey 20-Jun-1924 34813-F
Wenfrey Hattie M. 28-Feb-1924 10228-F
Wiley Eugene 28-Sep-1924 28965-F
Wiley Igene 31-Aug-1924 28966-F
Wilkenson Jim 29-Mar-1924 34827-F
Williamson Lillie 20-Jan-1924 3065-F
Willis Bill 30-Jun-1924 28971-F
Willis Fannie L. 3-Nov-1924 34794-F
Willis George 20-Dec-1924 37980-F
Willis Maud 17-Aug-1924 26101-F
Willis Scott 5-Jun-1924 28970-F
Willis Walter 21-Nov-1924 38495-F
Winfrey Hattie M. 10-Feb-1924 34819-F
Wright Bob 10-Apr-1924 34802-F
Wynn Mrs. Lizzie 31-Jul-1924 23174-F
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