Wilkes County, Georgia Death Index, 1922
Deaths occurring in Wilkes County. Compiled and formatted by Keith Giddeon, from: State of Georgia. Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-98. Georgia: Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records, 1998.
Adams Mrs. Cora J. 1-Oct-1922 27711-D
Albea Sallie L. 29-Nov-1922 30864-D
Amashu George C. 11-Jul-1922 22034-D
Anderson Mrs Kate H. 12-Dec-1922 34203-D
Anderson Terrel N. 30-Dec-1922 34873-D
Arnett Dick 26-Dec-1922 34202-D
Barnwell Mrs Bessie H. 6-Jul-1922 24722-D
Barnwell Mrs Pacience E. 6-Jul-1922 24722-D
Bibbs Mrs Pink 11-Nov-1922 30860-D
Blakey Paul 15-Jan-1922 5304-D
Blancher George 20-May-1922 13608-D
Bolton Lilly 4-Mar-1922 13599-D
Bowers Jessie W. 12-Mar-1922 13594-D
Bradford James T. 11-Feb-1922 5301-D
Bradford Tramel L. 29-Apr-1922 13601-D
Butler William 22-Dec-1922 34700-D
Callaway Inf. of Rollin 23-Feb-1922 5302-D
Callaway Sang 17-Mar-1922 13595-D
Chysiam Mrs. Oriomia C. 29-Nov-1922 30858-D
Crews Mrs Eugene 7-May-1922 13609-D
Curry Joe 30-Nov-1922 34696-D
Danner Ross 11-Sep-1922 24725-D
Dantell Inf. of J. T. 6-May-1922 13602-D
Daricot Lillie 14-Dec-1922 34201-D
Downer Nick 4-Jun-1922 13604-D
Downs Lula 12-Nov-1922 34699-D
Dunn Gordon 16-Apr-1922 13593-D
Ector Jannie 25-Sep-1922 27715-D
Evans Nannie B 7-Jun-1922 22039-D
Faun Essie 26-Oct-1922 27712-D
Furrell Mrs. Julia 12-Jun-1922 34775-D
Gaines Jim 9-Oct-1922 27717-D
Garrett Mrs. G. T. 20-Dec-1922 34204-D
Gilbert James M. 5-Jun-1922 22041-D
Gladmon Mose 25-Mar-1922 13513-D
Glays Harry A. 21-Nov-1922 30859-D
Goodwin Fannie G. 16-Sep-1922 24724-D
Gray Lucender 1-Jun-1922 13605-D
Green Jannie 22-Feb-1922 13616-D
Gresham Lucile 31-Dec-1922 34207-D
Griffin Mrs. Echel 10-Feb-1922 5300-D
Harper Luther S 6-Aug-1922 22046-D
Harris Joseph F 26-Oct-1922 27707-D
Haynes Beulah H 7-Feb-1922 34774-D
Hays Tom 27-Feb-1922 5303-D
Hector Catharin 3-Mar-1922 13600-D
Hill Cora 16-Feb-1922 5298-D
Hill Isom 3-Dec-1922 34205-D
Hopkins Walter L. 12-Jun-1922 22042-D
Hyram Julia 21-Sep-1922 27720-D
Jackson Rena 10-Apr-1922 13612-D
Johnson Jennie 24-Jan-1922 13618-D
Johnson Laura 29-Dec-1922 34208-D
Johnson Mattie B. 1-Feb-1922 5297-D
Johnson Peter 5-Jul-1922 22043-D
Jones Clara 6-Mar-1922 13614-D
Jones Corine 11-Apr-1922 13611-D
Lamar Mrs. Julia 29-Sep-1922 24726-D
Lane Ernie B. 10-Mar-1922 13598-D
Lewis Ed 9-Oct-1922 27718-D
Lokey James F. 2-Aug-1922 22036-D
Lowe G. Y. 4-Jul-1922 24723-D
Lumkin Sarah 2-Oct-1922 27719-D
Lumpkin Thelma 19-Sep-1922 24719-D
Monchett Berta 27-Nov-1922 34206-D
Nash Marvin 2-Aug-1922 22038-D
Owens Candy 5-Jan-1922 5296-D
Pater Mary A. 18-May-1922 13607-D
Portwood Dorothy 10-Jul-1922 22044-D
Prather Mrs. S. E. 24-Jun-1922 24720-D
Psalmend John P. 14-Dec-1922 34209-D
Pullin Amanda C. 1-Nov-1922 30662-D
Rever Tom 9-Oct-1922 27721-D
Reynolds Mrs. Lucy 8-Feb-1922 5299-D
Rusher Susian 8-May-1922 13610-D
Scott Newman P. 13-Oct-1922 27708-D
Simpson Hannah 26-Feb-1922 13615-D
Sims, Jr. Layfatte 8-Nov-1922 30865-D
Smith Mary E. 22-Jun-1922 22040-D
Sparks, Jr. H. C. 9-Aug-1922 22037-D
Stanglin Rachel 11-Jun-1922 34771-D
Stokes Page 2-Nov-1922 34698-D
Stringlin Rachel 11-Jun-1922 34771-D
Strocter Garland 10-Oct-1922 27709-D
Sturdivant Mrs. Mary F. 8-Feb-1922 2726-D
Taylor Paul D. 16-Mar-1922 13596-D
Terry Mrs. Sarah W. 11-Mar-1922 13597-D
Thurmond Mrs. Julia 24-Jan-1922 13590-D
Tiller Charles 4-Feb-1922 13617-D
Turner Gid A. 14-Nov-1922 30863-D
Turner Mrs. Nannie 4-Aug-1922 22035-D
Tutt Billy 11-May-1922 13591-D
Wages Helen 27-Nov-1922 34697-D
Walton Bud 9-Nov-1922 30861-D
Walton West 20-Jan-1922 13603-D
Wansley Augustas L. 24-Mar-1922 13592-D
Watson William R. 14-Nov-1922 34843-D
Weelingham George 30-Jul-1922 22045-D
Willanks Chas H. 3-Feb-1922 2727-D
Williams Mary 16-Oct-1922 27716-D
Wingfield Marie 2-Oct-1922 27710-D
Wood Annie M. 19-May-1922 13606-D
Wright Mrs. Jane 18-Oct-1922 27714-D
Yackers Mrs. Mary 5-Jun-1922 34772-D
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