Wilkes County, Georgia Death Index, 1921
Deaths occurring in Wilkes County. Compiled and formatted by Keith Giddeon, from: State of Georgia. Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-98. Georgia: Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records, 1998.
Adam Martha L. 22-Aug-1921 21692-C
Adams William J. 26-Nov-1921 32388-C
Agee Mrs. Wilthy A. 29-Jan-1921 5308-C
Amouseson Martha 14-Sep-1921 27200-C
Anderson Oliver 24-Jul-1921 18961-C
Barnett Atis 25-Dec-1921 7938-C
Bells Mrs. Mary 12-Aug-1921 21690-C
Bentley Quinby 3-Dec-1921 32385-C
Bentley Simpson 3-Dec-1921 32386-C
Biggs Tom D. 5-Feb-1921 5303-C
Birnerd Annie B. 12-Dec-1921 7940-C
Blackman Ned 5-Sep-1921 27204-C
Bolton Clark 3-Mar-1921 33188-C
Bolton Clarke 3-Mar-1921 7952-C
Booker Mary 20-Nov-1921 32387-C
Bryant Julia E. 2-Oct-1921 32391-C
Callan R Emmet 14-Aug-1921 21691-C
Cobb Mrs Malissie 7-Apr-1921 7954-C
Cornelison Mariah 19-Nov-1921 32380-C
Crew Randel 28-Oct-1921 32395-C
Davis, Jr. Wylie 19-Mar-1921 7946-C
Dorsey, Jr. Joe 8-Dec-1921 33021-C
Duncan Emma 9-Dec-1921 32382-C
Edwards Jim 10-Jul-1921 27208-C
Ferrell Dave 22-Jun-1921 18960-C
Ferrell Sinda 20-Oct-1921 32394-C
Galatt Mary F. 13-Apr-1921 7935-C
Gresham Mary A. 3-Oct-1921 32393-C
Gulley Julius 14-Mar-1921 7950-C
Hardy Inf. of L. H. 28-Mar-1921 7945-C
Harrison Jim A. 14-Mar-1921 7949-C
Hill Clay 10-Dec-1921 32794-C
Hirs Mary S. 19-May-1921 13500-C
Jackson Mrs. Cora 8-Apr-1921 7936-C
Jackson W. L. 29-Nov-1921 7941-C
Johnson Carrie 24-May-1921 27197-C
Jones Nancy 27-Sep-1921 27201-C
Kendrick Katie 25-Jul-1921 27207-C
Lane Olivia 6-Oct-1921 27202-C
Lowe Mary 5-May-1921 10660-C
Luke Mrs. Lulu 26-Sep-1921 27205-C
Manuel Celestie 13-Apr-1921 7934-C
Mendell Nickolson H. 30-Jul-1921 18957-C
Menewether George 20-Nov-1921 7933-C
Merriwether Cornelia E. 23-May-1921 13499-C
Mickens Alex 29-Oct-1921 32879-C
Moore Ethel 8-Mar-1921 7951-C
Mcclendon London 16-Sep-1921 27203-C
Mcgee Henry M. 10-Apr-1921 7943-C
Mclendon Samuel H. 20-Dec-1921 32383-C
Nelson Richard 11-Sep-1921 27198-C
Norman Sarah J. 22-Jan-1921 5305-C
Normon Mrs. Ellen 12-Sep-1921 27199-C
Pope Sam 24-Nov-1921 32389-C
Powell Inf. of L H 4-Dec-1921 32384-C
Reeves Westley 26-Dec-1921 7939-C
Reynolds Joseph P. 8-Feb-1921 5302-C
Roberson Anderson 3-Feb-1921 5304-C
Saggers Mrs. Mary 23-Nov-1921 32390-C
Saggus Salon H. 18-Mar-1921 7947-C
Scott Clara 20-Sep-1921 27206-C
Shank Rozier 11-Dec-1921 32795-C
Shumake Susan M. 4-Jan-1921 5307-C
Sisson Claris 4-Oct-1921 32392-C
Smith Endy 8-Dec-1921 32881-C
Smith Fannie B. 23-Mar-1921 7944-C
Smith Juden 14-Nov-1921 32381-C
Thurmond George B 19-Dec-1921 32379-C
Turner Martha 9-May-1921 13501-C
Tyler Amanda 23-Sep-1921 33022-C
Wheatley Brush 7-Apr-1921 7942-C
Wilder M. M. 5-Jun-1921 18958-C
Wilkinson Mrs. Carrie S. 21-May-1921 27196-C
Williams Fannie P. 18-Mar-1921 7948-C
Williams George 15-Mar-1921 7937-C
Williamson Mrs. Elizabeth 10-Apr-1921 10661-C
Williamson Pit E. 11-Jan-1921 5306-C
Willis Jim J. 19-Nov-1921 32880-C
Wingfield C. Sol 20-Jul-1921 18959-C
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