Wilkes County, Georgia Death Index, 1920
Deaths occurring in Wilkes County. Compiled and formatted by Keith Giddeon, from: State of Georgia. Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-98. Georgia: Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records, 1998.
Allen William E. 22-Jan-1920 6719-B
Anderson Ida J. 12-Oct-1920 30138-B
Anderson Lee 23-Mar-1920 30136-B
Anderson Rosa L. 3-Aug-1920 30132-B
Andrews Victoria 26-Apr-1920 16408-B
Booker Jesse 21-Feb-1920 6732-B
Brannan Ellice 8-May-1920 16403-B
Brown Sarah R 30-Apr-1920 6725-B
Bryant T Ann 5-Mar-1920 10888-B
Bryant Willie M 4-Jul-1920 24606-B
Burns Edward 19-Jul-1920 24604-B
Butler Mary 10-Dec-1920 2704-C
Butler Mary 25-Jul-1920 30133-B
Callaway Ermie L. 8-Jan-1920 6726-B
Craft Paul F. 4-Feb-1920 6736-B
Dubose Wylie H. 6-Jun-1920 19205-B
Fanning Laura B 17-Apr-1920 13638-B
Fanning Tobe 2-Mar-1920 10886-B
Garrard Mrs. Ruth E. 4-Feb-1920 5715-B
Gartrels Inf. of Henry 8-May-1920 16406-B
Gibbert Fannie J. 23-Sep-1920 30128-B
Gilbert Elizabeth 18-Apr-1920 13637-B
Gresham Frank 8-Nov-1920 2705-B
Hall William Y. 1-Mar-1920 10885-B
Harmon Rosa 22-Feb-1920 6729-B
Harris Inf. Of Arch 6-Aug-1920 30137-B
Harris Waldo P. 2-Mar-1920 10887-B
Head Marvin H. 19-Jul-1920 24603-B
Heard Fannie 20-May-1920 16405-B
Hill Burrell 20-Aug-1920 30124-B
Hill Cordelia 5-Sep-1920 30130-B
Hill Harvey 2-Apr-1920 13640-B
Hill William R. 19-Mar-1920 10889-B
Hugle Nathan 4-Jan-1920 21546-A
Huguly Mrs. Julian 17-Oct-1920 30127-B
Irghran Bessie R. 23-Sep-1920 30129-B
Jackson W. L. 29-Nov-1920 7941-C
Kendrick Louis 2-Jan-1920 21540-A
Kinney Mrs. J. A. 24-Apr-1920 13636-B
Lowe J. W. S. 23-Feb-1920 6730-B
Luke William A. 11-Jan-1920 21553-A
Mercer Orrie 22-Feb-1920 6728-B
Morris Bertha 4-Feb-1920 6741-B
Mosby Inf. of G P 3-Feb-1920 6718-B
Moss Alice L 23-Jan-1920 6717-B
Owens Bertha L. 11-Jun-1920 30134-B
Perkins Inf. Of Floyd C. 2-Feb-1920 16407-B
Porter Willie 14-Jan-1920 6727-B
Reeves Westley 26-Dec-1920 7939-B
Richardson Buster 6-Sep-1920 35706-B
Roney Erma 22-Oct-1920 30139-B
Sale Daniel W. 29-Mar-1920 35801-B
Shank Oliver 10-Feb-1920 6734-B
Sherrer Joe 1-Feb-1920 6737-B
Silvey Floyd 20-Jun-1920 19206-B
Slandars J. Hains 29-Jul-1920 24607-B
Smith Virginia L. 4-Jul-1920 24605-B
Spence Inf. of John 20-Feb-1920 6731-B
Standard John K. 28-Aug-1920 30126-B
Strother Jame 8-May-1920 16404-B
Thurmond John M. 11-Sep-1920 30131-B
Thurmond Susan M. 13-Apr-1920 13639-B
Towns Mack 3-Mar-1920 6739-B
Vaughans Inf. of J. C. 22-Oct-1920 30125-B
Wall Frank 7-Feb-1920 6735-B
Ware Leonard 20-Jul-1920 35760-B
West J. L. T. 7-Nov-1920 2706-B
Wheeler Inf. of Gordon 29-Jan-1920 35737-B
Wilkerson, Jr. Ebin J. 11-Feb-1920 6733-B
Wilkinson Mitchell T. 23-Feb-1920 30135-B
Wolf Henry J. 14-Mar-1920 10884-B
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