Wilkes County, Georgia Slave Data Project
Estate Records of Francis POWELL (1838-39)
Wilkes County, Georgia Probate Court, Washington, Georgia; Inventories, Appraisements, Administration of Estates 1832-1839, pages 217-223

Date of inventory: January 6, 1838 (page 219)
one Negro man Adam     1000.00
one negro man Sam      1000.00
one negro man Stephen  1000.00
one negro man Matt      750.00
one negro man Clark    1000.00
one negro boy Ned       550.00
one negro boy John      500.00
one negro woman Lucy    200.00
one negro woman Eve     650.00
one negro woman Rena    800.00
one negro woman Jin     800.00
one negro woman Kate    800.00
one negro woman Thura   800.00
one negro boy Nathan    350.00
one negro boy William   250.00
one negro boy James     200.00
one negro girl Sugar    350.00
one negro girl Amanda   250.00
one negro child Harry   200.00
one negro child Leavy   100.00

Date of sale: March 22, 1839 (page 222)
Adam                 William WELLS         1000.00  son-in-law
Sam                  Thos. POWELL          1000.00  son
Clark                Z. WORTHAM             920.00  Zachariah, son-in-law
Stephen              B. POWELL              166.00  Benjamin, son
Matt                 Jos. COLEMAN           403.00
Eve                  Chas. KILGORE          355.00
Rena and child       Jos. BURDETT          1060.00  Joseph, son-in-law
Jinny and child      Samuel WORTHAM         980.00  son-in-law
Katy                 E. JACKSON             751.00  Edmond, son-in-law
Thura and child      Mary POWELL           1085.00  daughter
Lucy and old negro   Mrs. HYDE               25.00  daughter
Negro Ned            Jos. BURDETT            70.00  Joseph, son-in-law
John                 E. JACKSON             650.00  Edmond, son-in-law
Nathan               Wm. PETERSON           282.00
Harry a child        Mary POWELL            172.00  daughter
Susan a girl         Noah CALLOWAY          431.00
William              E. JACKSON             300.00  Edmond, son-in-law
Amanda               W. WELLS               325.00  William, son-in-law

(start page 223)

Matilda              William SIMPSON        580.00  g-dau.'s husband
Bessrish             Jno. G. GRANT          175.00

(NOTE: the three children listed as "and child" are James, 
Sugar, and Leavy, but which is which is a mystery.
Relationships to Francis Powell were added by transcriber and are
not listed on the source document.)
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