Lincoln County, Georgia Wills Index 1796-1805

Lincoln County was formed 1796 from Wilkes County and in its faraway Court House at Lincolnton, are to be found many items concerning the early settlers of Wilkes. In the old brick Court House the records are better preserved than in many of the up-to-date-fire-proof buidlings, where they are handled oftener and with less care. About half a dozen of the oldest books are kept in a safe while the others are on shelves in the office. The deeds are intact from 1796 to 1812, then two books "G" and "J" are missing. All are recorded in a Duplex Index.

The old wills are in three books, from 1796 to 1869, each having a separate index and the writing is very good.

The first of marriage books, 1806 to 1829, is alphabetical as to names of the men, and later ones are indexed.

Ayres, William
Adcock, Emanuel
Avera, Isaac
Adcock, Edmund
Bussey, Hezekiah
Brown, Robert
Blanton, Christopher
Bostick, John
Bradley, Abraham
Blanton, Charles
Blalock, David
Clayton, Alexander
Clark, Elijah
Cameron, Alexander
Carter, William
Crawford, Robert
Conner, Henry
Davis, Samuel
Edger, Hugh
Florence, William
Graves, James
Griffin, Richard
Grove, Jared
Glaze, Thomas
Gamble, John
Griffin, Richard
Hammock, Samuel
Harris, James
Hester, James
Hunter, Job
Hunter, Samuel
House, William
Hammons, Jacob
Hambrick, John
Hambrick, Charles
Hughs, Thomas
Hogan, Shadrack
Hughs, James
Hammock, Samuel
Hix, John
Hogan, William
Jones, Henry
Jones, William
Johnson, Alexander
Jeter, Oliver
Jemison, Robert
Ingram, Isaac
Jones, Henry W.
Hughs, James
Jourdan, Henry
Jones, Aaron
Jeter, Garland
Jones, Henry
Kelly, William
Kinnon, William
Kinnebrew, William
Lankford, John
Loften, Daniel
Leverett, Robert
Lay, Emanuel
Lott, Reuben
Lankford, Milly
Lankford, Amelia
Lamar, Basil
Loflin, George
Lamar, Jacob
Lancaster, William
Lay, Vincent
Lyon, John
Mosely, Benjamin
Mann, John
M'Kenny, Travis
M'Cord, John
Matthews, Moses
Mahoney, George
M'Donald, Agnes
Maddox, Jane
M'Cormick, Joseph
Mitchell, John D.
Nail, Aquilla
Owens, Thomas
Pendall, Sarah
Perkins, David
Ratliff, Robert
Reed, Jesse
Russell, William
Ratliff, Robert
Sudduth, John
Sanders, Robert
Stovall, Josiah
Steel, John
Spires, Zachariah
Spinks, John
Sudduth, James
Sturdevant, Matthew
Standard, Kimbro
Sudduth, James
Tatum, Abel
Tomlinson, David
Towler, James
Thurmond, Felix
Tatum, Isaac
Tatum, Jane
Tatum, John
Warren, Lott
West, Andrew
Webb, Leonard
Ware, Henry
Wallace, William
Walker, John
West, Henry
Wyatt, Peyton
Winn, John
Williams, William
Ware, Henry
Webb, Leonard
Walton, Thomas, Sr.
Zimmerman, Philip

SOURCE: Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution; Publisher: C.P. Byrd, state printer, 1926. (A book in the Public Domain)

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