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(these pages contain information obtained by the
Atlanta paper from Washington, Wilkes County.)

Mrs. T. B. WALTON is visiting relatives at Danburg.

Mrs. J. T. LINDSEY, and little son Willie, left for Gainesville Tuesday, to be gone several weeks.

Miss Susie MSITH is visiting relatives in Atlanta.

Miss Julia BURDETTE has returned from a visit to Thompson.

Miss Mary CHAPMAN is visiting relatives at LaGrange.

Miss Powena JONES has returned to Fairburn, after visiting Mrs. Dr. J. F. Jones.

Mrs. J. L. McWORTHER, of Stephens, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. George Cook.

Miss Kate BIRD, of Crawfordville, is expected this week. While here she will be the admired guest of Miss Rhetta JOHNSON.

Mrs. William POPE has returned from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Winter WIMBERLY, of Macon.

Miss Lillian HARRIS, of Atlanta, is here to attend the graduation exercises at St. Joseph's academy.

Mrs. Termer BARRETT has returned home after visiting relatives here.

Mrs. BEEKLEY, of Canton, O., is here at the convent. Her accomplished daughter,Miss Burdene BEEKLEY, graduates next Wednesday.

Mrs. Fannie WALTON has returned to her home at Danburg, after visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Tom WALTON.

Miss Lucy QUINN has returned home after spedning several weeks with her sister in Savannah.

Mrs. J. W. HOGAN, and her daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth, left for Atlanta Thursday, where they will reside in the future.

The following ladies visited Atlanta last week: Mrs. G. Y. LOWE, Miss Esther LOWE, Mrs. M. V. MOORE, Miss May WOOTEN, Mrs. A. C. WELCHER, Miss Ruth WOOTEN, Miss Katie SHELVERTON, Miss Lydia BINNS, Miss Newal SIMMS, Miss TULL, Miss CORDES, Miss Mayme PAYNE, Miss Clara BARNETT, Miss TUNISON, Mrs. W. M. SIMMS.

Miss May KENNEDY, of Macon, will spend July with Miss Mary Wood HILL here.

Miss Mattie HILL visited Atlanta last week.

Mrs. J. W. ARMSTRONG visited Atlanta Thursday and Friday.

Miss Lillian SIMMONS, of Atlanta, who had been the admired guest of Miss Mary Wood HILL at her pretty home on Main street, has returned home.

Mrs. T. M. FITZPATRICK and pretty little daughter, Marie, visited Misses Fitzpatrick and Mrs. STEWART, on West Peachtree last week.

Miss Bessie GREEN left for Atlanta Thursday to visit friends and relatives.

Mrs. Sam CROUCH, of Statesboro, is visiting here.

Miss Cornelia GREEN, is visiting Miss Julia ORME in Atlanta.

Mrs. M. P. Pilcher has returned to her home in Augusta, after a visit to relatives here.

Mrs. R. O. BASRKSDALE visited friends in Atlanta last week.

Mr. Walter HOLMES and Miss Ethel SPRATLIN were married in this county last Thursday.

Miss Mae TOMPKINS, of Atlanta, will spend a portion of the summer here with Mrs. Stephen PALMER. Miss TOMPKINS is a favorite here.

Miss GARDNER, of Wrightsboro, visited her brother here last week.

Atlanta, Georgia, The Atlanta Constitution, 22 June 1894, p. 8.






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