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(these pages contain information obtained by the
Atlanta paper from Washington, Wilkes County.)

Miss Pink ANDERSON, of Danburg, was the guest of Miss Reba IRVIN Thursday and Friday.

The EPWORTH LEAGUE held its regular business, literary and social meeting Friday evening at the residence of Mrs. J. E. TUNISON.

Miss Cora TOOMBS is the guest of Miss Mary Belle WALKER in Augusta.

Mrs. John Q. ADAMS returned Friday from a protracted stay in Florida.

The FRANK WILLIS LITERARY CLUB was elegantly entertained Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. F. H. COLLEY.

Colonel and Mrs. J. E. SHUMATE, of Dalton, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. Mott Smith this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel BARNETT, of Atlanta are expected this week from Atlanta.

Miss Sarah Elizabeth IRVIN returned Thursday from a short stay in Augusta.

Mrs. STEPHENS, of Atlanta, arrived Tuesday evening and is the guest of Dr. R. A. Simpson.

Mr. and Mrs. T. E. MASSENGALE returned to Thomson Thursday after a short stay in Washington.

Mrs. T. M. Fitzpatrick gave a dining to a few selected friends Wednesday at Hotel Fitzpatrick, in honor of Miss Lillian SIMMONS of Atlanta. Those who enjoyed the occasion were Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Misses SIMMONS, Mary Wood HILL, and Norina GUERRY.

Miss Louise ROSSER has returned after a week's stay in Washington.

Mrs. J. C. SANDERS is visiting in Atlanta.

Mrs. N. D. ARNOLD, of Lexington, has returned after a week's stay with relatives.

Miss Mamie CORDES is visiting relatives in Atlanta.

Miss Lucy SIMPSON entertained at tea Thursday in honor of Colonel and Mrs. J. E. SHUMATE, of Dalton.

Miss Leslie Jordan was the guest of Miss Mary COZART in Augusta during Merrymakers' festivities.

Miss Nina EDMUNDSON, of Thomson, spent a portion of this week in Washington.

Misses Martha and Mattie SIMPSON were among the visitors to Washington this week.

Atlanta, Georgia, The Atlanta Constitution, 30 April 1900, p. 8.


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