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From the Washington, (Ga.) Gazette.

The residence and lands of the late Gen. Robert TOOMBS had been advertised to be sold at Executor's sale on the first Tuesday in this month, and a great interest was felt in the sale. The residence, with the lot fronting 194 feet and comprising a fraction less than nine acres of land, was put up, and the bidding soon reached $4,000, which was made by the heirs. The bid was withdrawn, though, and the property knocked down to the Hon. F. H. COLLEY at $3,750. This was considered quite low for this splendid house and lot. The lots on each side of the residence were cut into two each, and put up one at [a] time. The first one, above the Presbyterian church, with a frontage of 113 feet, and running back 732 feet, was sold to Mr. Gabriel TOOMBS for $1,000. The next lot, with the same frontage and depth, lying alongside the residence lot, was sold to Mr. R. Toombs DuBOSE at $1,005. The lot just beyond the residence, with a frontage of 138 feet and a depth of 454 feet was sold to the Hon. Dudley DuBOSE [Jr.] at $850. The next and last lot, lying alongside the Hon. Samuel BARTLETT's, 138 by 454 feet, was sold to Mr. J. W. SANDERS for $1,000. Adjoining this property is a plantation of 300 acres lying in the edge of town. A tract of land 146 acres was bidden in at $2,250, another of 80 acres at $1,200, and another of 73 acres at $1,000. We learn since that Mr. James A. BENSON has bought the tract of 146 acres at the figures at which it was bidden off. This completed the sales of the TOOMBS property. In all, it aggregated $12,033, which was very little above the figures at which the appraisers valued it, their valuation having been $11,700. New York, New York, New York Times, 18 December 1887, p. 11.

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