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Short Talks With the Scribes of the Country Press

Several Wilkes county gentlemen have joined the women's missionary society. Rev. W. D. ANDERSON has also been made a life member of the society.

The first seminary in Georgia was located five miles north of Washington on the place now owned by Mr. W. W. HUGULEY.

Washington Gazette: Mr. M. P. REESE was appointed by the Chicago convention as one of the committee to notify Governor Cleveland of his nomination for the presidency, and will leave for New York to-day to meet the other members of the committee, consisting of one from each state, for the purpose of visiting Governor Cleveland in person, and discharging the duty imposed by the convention. This is a compliment to Mr. REESE which his friends will appreciate, and we are pleased to make it public.

An infant child of Mr. ALBES in Wilkes county ten months old, fell from bed last Friday morning and received injuries from which it died in a short while. The fall occurred about daylight and caused the child to cry, when its mother picked it up and let it nurse till it became quiet. She thought nothing of the fall, and got up at the usual time to see about breakfast, leaving the child in bed. In an hour or two she came back to find the child a corpse. The cause of the death was concussion of the rear part of the head. There was a large spot that was perfectly black with coagulated blood.

Mr. Noah HINTON was found dead in the road near Danburg. He was going to Danburg with his ox team, he walking along. When found, he had his walking stick in his hand. Heart disease was supposed to be the cause of his death.

Atlanta, Georgia, The Atlanta Constitution, 27 July 1884, p. 4.

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