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Augusta, Ga., Oct. 16.—The death of L. M. HILL, of Wilkes County, removes a prominent figure in Georgia business circles. Wilkes County is remarkable as the home of thrifty farmers who have grown rich by agriculture. It is the home of Gen. TOOMBS, who with his brother Gabriel, have between them a fortune of a million, made principally out of the soil. Mr. HILL was a companion in early life of these men, having all his life clung to agriculture, investing his money in banking and railroad stocks until he had accumulated $700,000. He held 700 shares of Georgia Railroad stock and 600 in Central, in both of which he was a Director. He worked 5,000 acres and made annually 600 bales of cotton. He leaves 11 children. His widow, a second wife, receives $50,000. He was buried quietly, the village preacher said prayers, his sons were pall-bearers, and his grandsons placed flowers on the grave.

New York, New York, New York Times, 17 October 1883, p. 4.



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