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Gov. Candler Bestows Commission Upon Mrs. Legare Hill Bowles.

Special to the Washington Post.
Atlanta, Ga., July. 16.—Mrs. Legare Hill BOWLES, a beautiful woman of Washington, Ga., undoubtedly holds the most distinguished military role of any one of her sex in the South. Gov. CANDLER to-day made her a major general in the State volunteer service, in acknowledgement of distinguished courtesies which he had received at her hands while visiting the camp of the Third Georgia Infantry, situated in the suburbs of the little Georgia town. His excellency had completed about half his journey to Washington when a welcoming committee from the regiment, headed by Mrs. BOWLES, entered the train, and she wished him a royally graceful welcome. The governor was entranced by the beauty and grace of the fair Georgian, and later, when she had so skillfully engineered all of the lavish hospitalities showered on him, he demonstrated his appreciation by designating her a major general of State troops.

Mrs. BOWLES is a strikingly beautiful woman, and she is the sponsor of the regiment. Her father, the late Joshua HILL, was its original commander. She is immensely popular with the citizen soldiers, and there was a picturesque celebration over her appointment by the governor.

Washington, District of Columbia, The Washington Post, 16 July 1901, p. 1.






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