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Dr. Francis T. Willis, of Richmond, Falls Victim to Pneumonia.

Special to the Post.
Richmond, Va., Jan. 15.—Dr. Francis T. WILLIS, one of the most wealthy men in Richmond, died late to-night after an illness of only a few days. He was eighty-two years old and had pneumonia. Dr. WILLIS was a native of Washington, Ga., where he lived until 1868 when he came to Richmond. He left a library in that city dedicated to his daughter, Mary WILLIS JONES, whose husband, Capt. Pembroke JONES, was in the Confederate Navy. Dr. WILLIS was a Union man, but his only son was a Confederate Brigadier, and having been killed in battle, was buried here. Deceased was formerly President of what is now the Central Railroad of Georgia.

Washington, District of Columbia, The Washington Post, 16 January 1898, p. 1.



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