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John A. CAMPBELL, ex-Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and Assistant Confederate Secretary of War died at his home in Baltimore yesterday afternoon, aged nearly 78. His death was the end of a long illness resulting from old age. He was born near Washington, Wilkes County, Ga., and was graduated from the University of the State at the age of 15 with first honors, and afterward went to West Point.

He was admitted to the practice of law in Florida. He practiced law in Montgomery, Ala., and there married Miss Anna E. GOLDTHWAITE. He went to Mobile, Ala., where he settled almost all the land titles which were complicated at that time by reason of the obscurity of the Spanish grants. In 1836 he was elected a member of the State Legislature.

In 1858 he was nominated to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court by President Pierce and was unanimously confirmed by the Senate. He entered upon his duties at the age of 42. In the Spring of 1861 he resigned his position and became the Assistant Secretary of War of the Confederacy. He himself regarded his success in the great "State" case, as it is called—the States of New-York and New-Hampshire against Louisiana—as the triumph of his legal life, as it established his view of the rights of the States under the Constitution. Referring to his arguments in that case, Chief-Justice WAITE said: "That is the greatest legal argument that I have ever heard."; and Justice MILLER said: "I concur in that opinion." The historian BANCROFT wrote that it was a profound study of the Constitution.

New York, New York, New York Times, 13 March 1889, p. 2.

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