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Dr. Pope Had Been Troubled with a Weak Heart

Dr. Davies COXE of 120 West Forty-fifth Street, reported at the Coroner's office yesterday that Dr. Alexander POPE of 129 West Forty-fifth Street had died under peculiar circumstances. He had been found lying dead in bed at midnight, and it was thought that he had been dead eight or nine hours. His head was buried in the pillows and there were appearances of distortion about the body and features which indicated that the unfortunate man had died in agony.

Dr. COXE was a particular friend of Dr. POPE. He is satisfied that his death was due to heart failure, as it was known that his heart had been weak for some time.

Dr. POPE was thirty-five years old and belonged to a well-known family in Washington, Ga. He was graduated from the University of Athens, and also studied at the University of Virginia. He came to New York ten years ago and was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons. He then practiced in Bellevue Hospital for a while. He owned considerable property in Georgia, and was well situated financially. He had been connected with the Polyclinic in East Thirty-fourth Street, the Vanderbilt Clinic, and St. John's Guild. Several years ago, while treating children, he contracted diptheria and scarlet fever and had a long illness, which left him with a weak heart. He was an inveterate cigarette smoker, too.

New York, New York, New York Times, 13 June 1895, p. 9.

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