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Trouble in Washington, Ga., Between Populists and Democrats.

WASHINGTON, Ga., July 19.—There is a great excitement here over a threatened outbreak and possible riot which is expected to take place to-morrow.

It is the old fight between Democrats and Populists growing out of last Fall's bitter Congressional campaign, and, as usual, Tom WATSON is the central figure.

So serious is the outlook that Gov. Northen has issued secret orders to Col. LEVY of the First Georgia Regiment putting all companies of that regiment under arms, ready to be sent here at a moment's notice.

This county is Democratic, but is surrounded on all sides by the strongest Populist counties in the State. There was the bitterest possible feeling toward this county and town in last Fall's campaign, which was intensified by Mr. WATSON's visit and his statement that he had been unfairly treated. His Populist followers, who fairly worship the "Little Giant," swore vengeance, and for some weeks have been working up parties from outside counties to come here to-morrow and "stand by WATSON if necessary to wade through blood."

Large of armed Populists are reported to be camping near here and are expected early in the morning. It was knowledge of this that caused the request for the militia to be sent to the Governor.

Members of Irvin Guards, a local company, and other companies of the First Regiment are sleeping on their arms to-night. Conservative citizens says that there will be no trouble, but the town and county are full of hot heads and they will be here in force to-morrow.

New York, New York, New York Times, 20 July 1893, p. 2.

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