Wilkes County, Georgia Obituary - Col. John A. Stephens

From the Atlanta (Ga.) Constitution, April 13.

Capt. A. G. Grier has received a telegram from Washington, Wilkes County, announcing the death of Col. John A. Stephens yesterday morning. His death was expected, as he had been ill for 45 days and had been sinking steadily of late in spite of all that could be done for him. Col. Stephens was an exceedingly popular man and numbered his friends by the hundred. He was a nephew of the Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, and was greatly loved by the Old Commoner. He was born in Hamilton, Harris County, in 1838. His father was the Hon. John L. Stephens, a lawyer of LaGrange, who practiced law in the courts of that section, meeting at the bar such men as the late Benjamin H. Hill. Col. Stephens was educated at Athens, took a law course in Virginia, and practiced law in Crawfordville. He served in the Confederate Army, rising to the rank of Captain. He was in prison at Camp Chase in 1864. At the Hampton Roads conference Vice-President Stephens mentioned to Mr. Lincoln that he had a nephew in Camp Chase. The facts were explained and an exchange was made. Col. Stephens was elected to the Constitutional Convention which met just after the war to repeal the ordinance of secession and to in other ways adjust the state to the new order of things. A short while afterward Col. Stephens married a daughter of the Hon. W. W. Simpson. Three children blessed their union, one daughter and two sons. They, together with his widow, survive him. For seven years after the war Col. Stephens was the law partners of Gen. L. J. Gartrell, of Atlanta. When the Hon. A. H. Stephens was elected Governor Col. Stephens was appointed Adjutant-General of the State. He occupied that position during the administration of Stephens, Boynton, and McDaniel. When Gov. Gordon went into office Col. Stephens was tendered an appointment, but declined it. His health was failing, and he retired to his home at Washington.

Col. John Alexander Stephens obituary, New York, New York, The New York Times, 24 April 1887. pg. 6.

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