The Friend and Monitor - Washington, Georgia
Volume I, Number 17. Friday, April 28, 1815 - page 3


All persons are notified that I consider myself released from the co-partnership, which has for sometime existed between THEODERICK HARRISON and myself. Any contract entered into hereafter by said Harrison in the name of the firm will be disavowed by me.-His conduct warrants me in issuing this notification. ROT. CHIVERS. April 22, 1815.

The cause of the dissolution of the co-partnership between ROB. CHIVERS and myself is rascality and illegal proceedings by ROBERT CHIVERS. Also, I do hereby forewarn any person or persons whatsoever from paying him any money on the Book of HARRISON and CHIVERS for the year 1814. THEOD'K HARRISON. April 25, 1815.


Will be sold, on the first Tuesday in July next, at the Court House in Wilkes county, between the hours of ten and three o'clock, the following property-viz: one Negro girl named NANCY; taken as the property of MARY CURL, dec'd, to satisfy an execution in favor of GILBERT HAY, on the foreclosure of a mortgage. Pointed out by plaintiff.
THO'S WOOTTEN, D. S. April 28, 1815.


Nine months after date, application will be made to the honorable the Judges of the Inferior Court of Warren county for leave to sell the Real Estate of JAMES B. THOMPSON, dec'd, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said dec'd.
HENRY B. THOMPSON, Adm'r With Will Annexed. April 7, 1815.

Volume I, Number 17. Friday, April 28, 1815 - page 4


Is hereby given, that on the first day of April next, or immediately thereafter, the assistant assessors within this district, will proceed throughout the same, for the purpose of taking lists of the lands, lots of ground, with their improvements, dwelling houses and slaves, subject to the United States Direct Tax, and for valuing and assessing the same; and also lists of the value of household furniture, and of the number of gold and silver watches, subject to duty, within the said district.
All persons owning, possessing, or having the charge or management of property of any of the above descriptions, are required by law to deliver to the assistant assessors, written lists, containing a true and accurate description of the same, and are hereby notified and warned to be prepared on the first day of April, or immediately thereafter, to deliver the same, under the penalty provided by law for neglects or refusal in this respect.
BEN TALIAFERRO, Principal Assessor, 4th District, Geo. March 31, 1815.

News! News!

All persons who have just demands against me, are invited to call and receive the money. Also, I inform my customers and the public, that I have still a small assortment of Goods and Groceries, which I willsell on very reasonable terms for cash. I also inform them, that as soon as sufficient supplies can be had, that I intend to present them with a fresh assortment of fancy and other goods and groceries suitable for the seasons. WM. GRANT. Washington, April 13, 1815.

I intend moving to Savannah next fall-Therefore offer for sale the plantation on which I reside, containing about 500 acres, about 350 of which is open and in good order for cropping, and within two miles of Washington-Also , a small tract of wood land adjoining. The situation is healthy, the water excellent-the neighborhood good and buildings very convenient and comfortable. Also, an excellent cotton gin for sale. The terms of the above property will be very accomodating-to suit those who wish to purchase; possession given 1st January next. ANDREW G. SEMMES. Washington, April 11, 1815.

Georgia. Oglethorpe county. By MATTHEW RAINEY, Clerk of the Court of Ordinary for said county,
Whereas CHARLES KENT and ELIAS ALLISTON applies for letters of Administration on the Estate of JOHN KENT, dec'd. These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said dec'd to be and appear at the next court of Ordinary to be held in and for the county aforesaid, to show cause (if any they have) why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand this 17th day of April, 1815. MATTHEW RAINEY. C. C. O.

Having again commenced the Tayloring Business in his former stand, opposite the Public Square and fronting Main street, offers his service to the public with expedition and despatch, having suitable workmen and as many as are for business now necessary. Washington, April 21, 1815.