The Friend and Monitor - Washington, Georgia
Volume I, Number 11. Friday, March 17, 1815 - page 3

Will be sold, on the first Tuesday in April next, at the Court-house in Oglethorpe county, between the hours of ten and three o'clock, the following property-viz:
One Negro boy by the name of REUBIN, levied on as the property of WILLIAM MANLEY, at the instance of LITTLEBERRY JACKSON Indorsee of BOOTTH M. WARREN.
ALSO, one feather bed and stead and cord, four Chairs, one Trunk, one pine Table, one Loom, one Saw, and three Shoats; one Cow and Yearling and three year old Heifer, one large iron Pot; levied on as the property of WILLIAM SMITH at the instance of JOHN T. LAWRENCE.
ALSO, 280 acres of land whereon the defendant lives, joins ROBERT MAXWELL and others; levied on as the property of WILLIAM COLLIER at the instance of RANDOL JONES.
ALSO, one Negro woman, by the name of JINNEY, levied on as the property of ROGER BELL, at the instance of MARY and JOHN FLEMING.
ALSO, twenty acres of land more or less, adj. THOS. STEPHENS in Oglethorpe county; levied on as the property of JAMES MARR, at the instance of ROBERT THOMPSON, pointed out by the defendant, and returned to me by THOS. STEPHENS, Const.
Conditions-Cash. P. COMPTON, Sheriff. March 3d, 1815.