The Friend and Monitor - Washington, Georgia
Volume I, Number 8. Friday, February 24, 1815 - page 1

On Monday evening last, my Negroe man, Hope-Whoever will bring him back , shall be liberally rewarded. JAS. CORBETT. Washington, Feby 21, 1815.

A Notice.
Those persons who are indebted to me are desired to make payment to Mrs. SARAH HILLHOUSE, who has my books in possession during my absence, and whose receipts will in every instance be valid. DVID P. HILLHOUSE. Washington, 15th February 1815.

Volume I, Number 8. Friday, February 24, 1815 - page 3

JOHN DICKEN requests his friends and those who are indebted to him to come forward and liquidate or settle their accounts, for by so doing they will save expense and trouble. Jany. 1, 1815.

Negroes to hire.
Will be hired to the highest bidder on the first Tuesday in March next, at the Market House in Washington, one Negro man said to be one of the best in the county at any kind of work; also a woman said to be one of the best of House wenches; and a girl about 12 or 14 years of age. They will be hired for ten months only. JOHN SMITH.

The subscriber has for sale a good horse Gigg, with plated harness, which he will sell low for cash or produce-enquire at the Subscriber's, Anthony's Mill, in Wilkes county. WILLIAM ROBERTSON, February 13, 1815.

Volume I, Number 8. Friday, February 24, 1815 - page 4

The subscriber having erected a Fulling Mill at his residence on Little River wishes to purchase fine woollen, or cotton and wool cloth, not less than a yard wide, for which a liberal price will b given; he informs his friends that he will be in readiness to receive , full and dye any cloth that may be committed to his care after the first of March next, and makes no doubt but he will give general satisfaction. Feb. 10, 1815. S. MARSHALL.

Georgia. Wilkes County, By DAVID TERRELL, Clerk of the Court of Ordinary, for said county.
Whereas ABSALOM MONTGOMERY applies for letters of Administration on the estate of JONATHAN MONTGOMERY, dec'd. These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said dec'd to be and appear at the next court of Ordinary, to be held in and for the county aforesaid, then and there to show cause (if any they have) why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand this 17th day of February 1815. D. TERRELL, C. C. O.

Whereas CHARLES A. HILL of Laurence county, hath presented a most fraudulent account against me and obtained surreptitiously a settlement of the same with my friend BENJAMIN SHERROD, Esq. to whom I am under many obligations-This is to give notice to all persons that though I am satisfied Mr. SHERROD acted from the most friendly motives in giving, on or about the 18th inst. his note of hand as my agent to the said HILL for 660 dollars, 53 cents and an half, I am constrained in justiced to myself to declare the fact; that I have never authorised Mr. SHERROD by any power of attorney to make this settlement, and that I consider the said note of hand as not obligatory to me. JOHN H. M'INTOSH. Washington, Feb. 21st 1815.