The Friend and Monitor - Washington, Georgia
Volume I, Number 2. Friday, January 20, 1815 - page 3
Will be sold, on Wednesday, the first day of January next, at the late residence of JAMES RUSSELL, dec'd, in Lincoln county-All the personal property of said dec'd, consisting of Horses, Cattle, Hogs, and Sheep, household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools, a quantity of wheat, with sundry other articles too tedious to mention. Also two Negroes will be hired for the ensuing year. The terms will be made known on the day of sale.
SARAH RUSSELL, Adm'x. BENJAMIN RUSSELL, Adm'r. January 20, 1815.

Will be sold, on Wednesday, the 22nd day of February next, at the subscriber's house in Oglethorpe county, the personal property of ROBERT PHELPS, dec'd, consisting of two likely Negroes, by order of the honorable Court of Ordinary of said county.
R. O. HAYNES, Adm'r. January 20, 1814.

A Negro fellow who says his name is TOM, and that he belongs to Mr. DAYS of Columbia county-the owner is requested to come forward, comply with the law and take him away. POWELL STAMPER, Jailor. January 20, 1815.

Volume I, Number 2. Friday, January 20, 1815 - page 4

Will be sold, on the first Tuesday in February next, at the Court-house in Wilkes county, between the hours of ten and three o'clock, the following property-viz. 100 acres of land, more or less, in Wilkes county, on the waters of Long creek, adj. JOSEPH ADAMS and others; whereon SOUTHEY LITTLETON lived at the time of the levy, taken as the property of ANDREW CRAYTON, to satisfy sundry executions from the Justices court-executed and returned to THOMAS WOOTTEN former Sheriff, by REUBEN FAVOR, constable, and by him returned to me as his successor in office. Conditions-Cash.
JOHN DYSON, Sheriff. January 6, 1815.