Wilkes County, Georgia - War of 1812 - Theophilus Johnson
Transcription by Kim Lee
Source:National Archives
War Record:War of 1812: Widow's Pension Claim, No. 10663; Mary Ann Johnson
Soldier:Theopolis Johnson
Served in:Capt. John E. Little's Co., Georgia Militia
Enlisted at: Wilkes County, Georgia
Report:Above W(idow) to Theophilus Johnson, for service under Capt. Little, Ga M(ilitia). Name not on roll, Capt. Parks and a pvt. testify that clt belonged to said Company and served therein for 6 months, as near as they can determine service of---- 26 Aug. 1813 to 09 Mar. 1814. J.D--------
Transcriber's Note: The file also contains info about his marriage to Mary Ann Christian. It gives the marriage date, but the place is listed as: 'her father's house'. Ugh!
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