Wilkes County, Georgia Probate Court Records

(Effective Jan. 1, 2009)
Thomas Charping, Probate Judge
Connie Zello, Clerk

Wilkes County, GA
23 East Court Street
Room 442
Washington, GA 30673
Phone: 706-678-2523

1. Your driver's license will be copied.
2. Copies will be made by staff ONLY and paid for according to the posted schedule.
3. Please do not take books apart or remove books from the vault area.
4. Kindly return books to where you found them.
5. Please only one person or group at time in the vault.

(Fees are subject to change without notice. This Web site is NOT OFFICIALLY associated with Wilkes County government.)


Wills: 1777-Present (except Will Book DD, destroyed in fire. Index to Book "DD" is in "The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County")
Marriages: 1806-Present (a few prior to 1806 are entered into this book)
Birth and Death: 1927-Present
(Birth records are NOT public. Limited availability. Contact the court to inquire.)


Search fee per name:$3.00
Inventory and Sales:$6.00
Bonds and Letters:$4.00
Marriage licenses:$4.00
Land grants:$4.00
Death (pulled for information only, no copy): $1.00
Add $5.00 for certified copies of any of the above records, and ALWAYS include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with your request. ($1 will be added if a SASE is not included.)
All requests, within reason, are handled "As Time Permits."
All Original Wilkes County Probate court papers are also available at the Georgia State Archives in Atlanta.

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