Wilkes County, Georgia 1791 Tax List
Compiled and formatted by Keith Gideon
Acre, Isaac Simmons
Acre, John Gresham
Acre, William Ragan
Akins, Samuel Collier
Alexander, John Ragan
Alexander, Samuel Simmons
Alford, Isham Ragan
Alford, Teryl Ragan
Allison, Theophilus Ragan
Anderson, James Ragan
Andrews, Alexander Mccormack
Andrews, John Gresham
Armstrong, James Clay
Armstrong, Jesse Pruet
Armstrong, John Collier
Armstrong, Robert Clay
Askew, William Gresham
Atkins, Armstead Gresham
Atkins, Asa Mccormack
Atkins, Lemuel Gresham
Atkins, Nathan Gresham
Atkins, Thomas Gresham
Azragg, Silas Collier
Babb, William Clay
Baker, John Collier
Baker, Mary Clay
Baker, William Collier
Ball, John Pruet
Bandy, Lewis Pruet
Bankson, John Collier
Barnet, John Gresham
Barron, Thomas Pruet
Bass, Alexander Simmons
Bass, Reddick Pruet
Bass, William Simmons
Baughan, John Gresham
Bays, Joseph Ragan
Bays, Moses Ragan
Bays, Zachariah Ragan
Bearden, John Collier
Bearden, Richard Collier
Beavers, Robert Clay
Bedell, Abner Gresham
Bedell, Absalon Gresham
Bedell, Isaac Gresham
Bell, Arthur Simmons
Bell, Henry Clay
Bentley, Jesse Gresham
Billingsley, Francis Mccormack
Billingsley, Walter Mccormack
Billingsley, William Mccormack
Billinsley, Samuel Mccormack
Blankenship, Benjamin Gresham
Blankes, James Ragan
Bolen, Archibald Collier
Boman, William Pruet
Bonner, Henry Collier
Bostwick, John Ragan
Bounds, William Pruet
Bowdrie, Edmund Collier
Bowdrie, Richard Collier
Bowls, Jesse Gresham
Bowls, John Gresham
Bowman, Moses Pruet
Boyd, Robert Clay
Bracking, James Collier
Bracking, John Collier
Branham, Harris Pruet
Brannon, Thomas Pruet
Brantley, Lewis Pruet
Bredelove, Nathan Pruet
Breed, Avery Pruet
Breed, Joseph Pruet
Brewer, George Pruet
Brews, Daniel Gresham
Bridges, Benjamin Clay
Bridges, Shadrach Gresham
Brooks, Peter Gresham
Brooks, Preston Gresham
Brooks, Roger Collier
Brown, Edmund Simmons
Brown, Elijah Collier
Brown, James Collier
Brown, John Gresham
Brown, John Simmons
Brown, William Gresham
Bryan, David Simmons
Buckhannon, Joseph Clay
Buis, John Pruet
Bunkley, Jesse Simmons
Burk, Charles Ragan
Burk, Julius Ragan
Burks, David Collier
Burloson, Pattey Pruet
Burnley, Stephen Simmons
Bush, John Simmons
Butler, Richard Collier
Byram, Henry Simmons
Byram, William Simmons
Byrd, Job Mccormack
Byrd, Philimon Mccormack
Cain, Jacob Ragan
Callier, John Collier
Calliham, Edward Clay
Calliham, William Clay
Camel, Samuel Collier
Cammel, James Collier
Cammell, John Collier
Carleton, Gabriel Collier
Carleton, Henry Collier
Carson, D. Ragan
Carson, Thomas Ragan
Carter, Josiah Simmons
Carter, Richard Pruet
Cary, Robert Collier
Catchings, Seamore Gresham
Cavanis, George Clay
Chaddocks, Richard Clay
Chaddox, Isaac Clay
Chandler, John Clay
Chapmore, Deberry Collier
Chissler, John Gresham
Christmast, Robert Collier
Clark, John Collier
Clay, Jesse Clay
Clay, Ryal Clay
Clements, Henry Collier
Coan, James Ragan
Coan, Richard Ragan
Cockran, John Gresham
Colbert, John Simmons
Cole, John Clay
Cole, John Clay
Combs, John Clay
Conner, John Collier
Cox, Bartley Collier
Crasmas, Nathaniel Collier
Creef, Samuel Collier
Creef, Maxey Mccormack
Crenshaw, Jesse Collier
Crews, Etheldred Mccormack
Culpepper, Daniel Pruet
Cummings, Alexander Clay
Cureton, Thomas Collier
Daffin, Joseph Gresham
Daniel, Edmund Ragan
Daniell, William Gresham
Dansby, Jacob Sea Islands
Darden, Jacob Collier
Davidson, Joseph Pruet
Davis, Bartley Collier
Davis, John Pruet
Davis, Lewis Collier
Davis, Peter Pruet
Davis, Thomas Collier
Davis, William Pruet
Davison, James Pruet
Day, Nathaniel Mccormack
Dean, Burket Mccormack
Dean, Charles Mccormack
Dean, Charles Mccormack
Dean, George Mccormack
Dean, John Mccormack
Dean, Nathaniel Mccormack
Dennard, John Collier
Digbys, William Collier
Diggins, Jeremiah Clay
Diskil, Jeremiah Collier
Dismuck, Edmund Simmons
Dismuck, Fenney Simmons
Dismuck, John Simmons
Dismuck, Peter Simmons
Dismuck, William Simmons
Dixon, Abraham Collier
Dixon, Henry Collier
Dixon, Silas Collier
Doss, John Ragan
Dossey, Caleb Gresham
Doster, Jonathan Collier
Dunn, Gatewood Clay
Dunn, William Ragan
Durden, Elisha Collier
Durden, Josiah Collier
Durden, Moses Collier
Dysart, John Pruet
Ealam, Martin Collier
Ealy, William Clay
Earby, Abraham Gresham
Earl, William Collier
Edge, Nehemiah Collier
Edmondson, Richard Clay
Edmonson, Humphrey Clay
Edmonson, Philemon Clay
Edwards, Peter Simmons
Edwards, Reuben Ragan
Ellerson, John Collier
Ellison, William Mccormack
Emberson, James Clay
English, Parmenus Clay
Ervin, William Collier
Evens, William Ragan
Farmbrough, Anderson Gresham
Farmer, Gideon Simmons
Finley, Howard Collier
Finney, James Collier
Fitzpatrick, Samuel Collier
Flemmon, Samuel Collier
Fletcher, Richard Pruet
Flinn, Thomas Pruet
Flint, John Mccormack
Flint, Stephen Mccormack
Flournoy, Jacob Mccormack
Fluker, John Clay
French, James Collier
Fulsom, Nathaniel Pruet
Gammage, Thomas Simmons
Gammage, William Collier
Garland, Henry Mccormack
Garner, Robert Mccormack
Garrot, Henry Clay
Garrot, John Clay
Garrot, Thomas Clay
Gibson, Henry Collier
Gibson, John Pruet
Gilmore, Uriah Ragan
Going, James Simmons
Goode, William Mccormack
Graham, James Simmons
Gray, William Ragan
Greathouse, Jacob Pruet
Green, Collier
Green, George Clay
Green, Henry Pruet
Green, James Gresham
Green, William Gresham
Greene, Henry Pruet
Greene, James Pruet
Greer, Aaron Collier
Greer, Henry Gresham
Greer, Moses Collier
Greer, Thomas Collier
Greer, Uriah Clay
Greeson, Collier
Greeson, Abraham Collier
Gresham, Edward Mccormack
Guest, Thomas Mccormack
Haddaway, David Mccormack
Hail, Jessee Simmons
Hall, Henry Simmons
Hall, John Simmons
Hammack, Joshua Simmons
Hammack, Lewis Simmons
Hammack, Robert Collier
Hammock, Lewis Collier
Hammock, Robert Simmons
Hanes, Elias Mccormack
Harden, Henry Pruet
Harden, James Pruet
Harden, Mark Pruet
Harden, Martin Pruet
Hardy, Isaac Mccormack
Harkens, John Collier
Harkens, Thomas Collier
Harkens, William Collier
Harper, Alexander Collier
Harper, George Mccormack
Harper, Robert Mccormack
Harper, Robert Collier
Harper, Samuel Collier
Harra, George Ragan
Harris, George Collier
Harris, John Gresham
Harris, Pearce Clay
Harris, William Mccormack
Harthorn, John Pruet
Hatcher, Josiah Clay
Hawk, Andrew Mccormack
Hawk, Peter Mccormack
Haynes, Henry Clay
Haynes, Henry Gresham
Haynes, John Gresham
Haynes, Parmenas Clay
Haynes, Phelps Gresham
Haynes, Thomas Clay
Heard, George Mccormack
Heard, Stephen Ragan
Heath, Joel Pruet
Heath, Richard Collier
Heath, Royster Pruet
Henderson, James Simmons
Henderson, Joseph Ragan
Herrin, Moses Gresham
Hewett, John Collier
Hill, Edward Pruet
Hill, John Simmons
Hill, Joseph Pruet
Hill, Richard Pruet
Hill, Robert Collier
Hill, Sarah Simmons
Hill, Thomas Clay
Hill, Thomas Collier
Hilton, Peter Collier
Hobbs, Thomas Clay
Hodge, Stephen Collier
Holland, John Gresham
Holland, Thomas Gresham
Horton, Prossor Pruet
Houghton, James Gresham
Howell, Elizabeth Collier
Hubbard, Benjamin Mccormack
Hudons, Lamech Collier
Huggans, Joseph Mccormack
Hunt, George Clay
Hunt, Iven Pruet
Hunt, William Clay
Hunt, William Pruet
Hunter, Elisha Gresham
Hunter, Solomon Gresham
Hurt, Elisha Pruet
Hurt, Joel Clay
Hurt, Joel Pruet
Hurt, William Pruet
Ingram, William Clay
Irwin, David Collier
Irwin, John Collier
Ivey, Anthony Gresham
Ivy, Alamy Ragan
Ivy, Charles Gresham
Jacks, John Clay
Jacks, Richard Clay
Jackson, John Gresham
Jackson, John Warren Pruet
Jackson, Joseph Gresham
Jackson, Nathaniel Mccormack
Jeffers, Esther Mccormack
Jinkens, Robert Collier
Jinkins, John Collier
Johnson, William Simmons
Johnston, Caleb Collier
Johnston, John Clay
Johnston, Thomas Gresham
Jones, James Pruet
Jones, John Pruet
Jones, Matthew Collier
Justice, Ragan
Justice, Demsey Ragan
Kelley, Daniel Simmons
Jekkey, James Collier
Kelley, John Pruet
Kelley, John Simmons
Kelley, Robert Simmons
Kelly, Hannah Mccormack
Kenman, James Collier
Kenman, Levi Collier
Kenman, William Collier
King, David Collier
King, Ephraim Pruet
King, Joel Pruet
King, Richard Simmons
Kinman, Mary Collier
Lack, John Pruet
Lacy, Jesse Gresham
Laneer, Isham Collier
Langdon, John Mccormack
Lanier, Nathaniel Mccormack
Lawrence, Stephen Simmons
Ledsom, Ann Ragan
Leeth, Peter Pruet
Lett, James Collier
Leviston, Samuel Collier
Lewis, David Collier
Lewis, Jacob Collier
Linsey, John Mccormack
Little, Abraham Ragan
Little, Micajah Mccormack
Littleton, William Mccormack
Locket, David Simmons
Locket, Solomon Collier
Locket, Thomas Simmons
Logan, Philip Pruet
Logue, Charles Pruet
Logue, William Pruet
Lowrey, John Mccormack
Lowry, Benjamin Clay
Maddox, Claban Gresham
Martin, Joshua Clay
Matthews, Joseph Collier
Matthews, Nathaniel Pruet
Matthews, Oliver Collier
Matthews, Robert Collier
Matthews, Walter Collier
Mattox, Charles Mccormack
Maxey, Walter Clay
Mcbride, Andrew Gresham
Mccain, Alexander Mccormack
Mccain, Hugh Mccormack
Mcclain, John Clay
Mcclain, Thomas Clay
Mcclain, William Clay
Mccormack, Benjamin Mccormack
Mccormack, John Simmons
Mccormack, Thomas Mccormack
Mccoy, Margaret Collier
Mcdowl, James Ragan
Mcfarling, James H. Simmons
Mcginty, John Collier
Mcginty, Robert Mccormack
Mcguire, James Ragan
Mcholton, Abraham Mccormack
Mcloughan, John Collier
Meadows, Isham Gresham
Melton, James Collier
Mendinghall, Hannah Collier
Mendinghall, Marmaduke Collier
Merger, Jacob Mccormack
Merger, Jesse Mccormack
Merger, Silas Mccormack
Merick, Nathaniel Pruet
Miller, Lewis Mccormack
Miller, Samuel Mccormack
Mims, John Pruet
Mims, Mary Pruet
Mims, William Pruet
Mirack, John Pruet
Mirick, John Pruet
Moncreaf, Josiah Mccormack
Moncreaf, Thomas Mccormack
Monk, Silas Pruet
Monk, William Pruet
Moore, Joseph Collier
Moore, William Collier
Moran, Baredel Mccormack
Moran, Joseph Mccormack
Morrais, Daniel Ragan
Mosely, William Pruet
Muckleshaus, James Pruet
Mulkey, John Mccormack
Murphey, James Gresham
Musgrove, Harrison Gresham
Myars, John Collier
Myricks, Owen Pruet
Nelms, Neal Ragan
Nelms, Thomas Gresham
Newman, Samuel Pruet
Newmon, Walter Pruet
Newson, Holliday Clay
Nichols, George Collier
Nichols, James Collier
Nichols, Pleasant Collier
Nickson, John Pruet
Norris, Alexander Mccormack
Norton, James Collier
Ogeltree, William Mccormack
Ogletree, John Ragan
Ogletree, Thomas Mccormack
Ogletree, William Mccormack
Oneal, John Ragan
Oneal, Nathaniel Ragan
Parker, Aaron Simmons
Parker, Daniel Collier
Parker, John Collier
Parker, William Mccormack
Parkerson, Jacob Ragan
Parks, Ezekiel Gresham
Parks, James Gresham
Parrum, Haddon Pruet
Patterson, James Collier
Patterson, Robert Collier
Pearce, Randolph Collier
Peoples, Henry Pruet
Peoples, William Simmons
Perret, Agnes Pruet
Perret, William Pruet
Perrie, Lewis Clay
Perry, Burnet Collier
Perry, Burrel Gresham
Perry, Joshua Gresham
Perry, Willia Collier
Person, Josiah Pruet
Persons, Amos Pruet
Persons, Turner Pruet
Pettigrew, Haney Collier
Pew, Alexander Collier
Pew, Elijah Mccormack
Pew, Jehu Collier
Pew, Jesse Collier
Pinkard, John Collier
Pinkerton, William Ragan
Pinkston, Ragan
Poor, Thomas Simmons
Porter, Richard Pruet
Posey, Bennett Gresham
Powell, Benjamin Simmons
Powell, Cader Simmons
Powell, Lewis Simmons
Powell, Moses Simmons
Price, Ephriam Gresham
Prier, Edward Clay
Prier, John Clay
Prier, Obadiah Clay
Pruet, Lemuel Pruet
Pruett, Bird Pruet
Pruett, Levi Pruet
Pruit, Elisha Pruet
Purkins, Abraham Pruet
Purkins, Jesse Simmons
Purkins, John Pruet
Purkins, Peter Pruet
Pye, John Gresham
Raden, Benjamin Gresham
Ramey, Absalom Mccormack
Ramey, John Mccormack
Ramey, Presley Mccormack
Ramey, William Mccormack
Ray, Andrew Collier
Ray, David Collier
Ray, Jacob Collier
Ray, John Collier
Ray, Sanders Collier
Richards, William Clay
Richardson, William Ragan
Roberts, Daniel Gresham
Roberts, Harrod Gresham
Roberts, Joseph Gresham
Roberts, Joseph Gresham
Robertson, Robert Collier
Robertson, Thomas Clay
Robertson, Zachariah Gresham
Roden, Zadock Pruet
Rogers, Drury Simmons
Rogers, John Collier
Rogers, Reuben Collier
Rogers, Tabitha Simmons
Runnels, Charles Simmons
Russel, Robert Clay
Russell, David Mccormack
Rutledge, George Ragan
Ryan, Nathan Clay
Sampler, Thomas Pruet
Sanford, Henry Mccormack
Sanford, John Gresham
Sanford, Robert Simmons
Sanford, William Pruet
Sawyers, John Collier
Sawyers, Stephen Simmons
Saxon, Davis Collier
Saxon, Samuel Collier
Saxon, Solomon Collier
Scott, James Simmons
Sewell, Lewis Gresham
Seybald, John Collier
Shaw, John Pruet
Sheffield, Zachariah Simmons
Shropshire, John Clay
Shropshire, Joshua Clay
Shropshire, William Clay
Shropshire, Winkfield Clay
Simmons, Benjamin Simmons
Simonton, Thomas Ragan
Simpson, Archibald Mccormack
Slaughter, Solomon Pruet
Smith, David Collier
Smith, David Gresham
Smith, James Gresham
Smith, John Collier
Smith, John Mccormack
Smith, Richard Gresham
Smith, Susannah Gresham
Smith, William Collier
Smith, William Collier
Sorrel, George Clay
Sorrel, Green Clay
Spence, Insel Mccormack
Springer, Benjamin Collier
Squibner, Thomas Mccormack
Starkey, Aquilla Clay
Starkey, Jesse Clay
Starkey, John Clay
Stephens, Edward Simmons
Stephens, Moses Ragan
Steward, George Mccormack
Stewart, Amos Collier
Stewart, Gravenor Mccormack
Stewart, Isaac Collier
Stewart, Thomas Simmons
Stokes, John Simmons
Stone, Marvel Ragan
Stone, Micajah Collier
Stone, William Ragan
Stringfellow, Benjamin Clay
Strowder, Alexander Ragan
Strowder, Isabel Ragan
Strowder, Thomas Ragan
Swan, John Simmons
Swanson, Nathan Clay
Talbert, Jesse Mccormack
Tatum, Howell Clay
Tatum, Peter Clay
Thomas, Spencer Ragan
Thompson, Alexander Ragan
Thompson, Henry Ragan
Thompson, Zachariah Gresham
Thornton, Joshua Gresham
Thornton, Samuel Gresham
Thornton, Yancey Mccormack
Thresher, George Collier
Tinch, William Pruet
Torrence, Adam Clay
Townsend, John Gresham
Trawick, Francis Gresham
Traywick, Lunsford Mccormack
Toggle, George Gresham
Turner, Abednego Mccormack
Turner, James Mccormack
Turner, John Mccormack
Turner, Meshack Mccormack
Tylor, William Ragan
Underwood, Joseph Clay
Veazey, William Clay
Wagnon, Thomas Gresham
Walker, James Clay
Walker, Joel Pruet
Walker, John Mccormack
Walker, Moses Mccormack
Walker, Pleasant Mccormack
Wallace, George Pruet
Washbourn, Reuben Collier
Watson, William Gresham
Watts, Richard Gresham
Watts, Thomas Gresham
Weakley, Thomas Pruet
Weatherby, George Pruet
Weaver, David Gresham
Webb, Charles Pruet
Webb, Elisha Ragan
Wells, John Jordan Pruet
Wester, John Clay
Wethersby, Septimus Pruet
Whatley, Archibald Clay
Whatley, Lucy Clay
Whatley, Michael Gresham
Whatley, Ornan Gresham
Whatley, Richard Pruet
Whatley, Samuel Mccormack
Whatley, Thomas Gresham
Whatley, Wharten Clay
Whealous, Leon Simmons
Whitaker, Samuel Mccormack
White, John Simmons
White, Joseph Collier
White, Joseph Pruet
Whiteside, James Clay
Wilder, Dread Pruet
Wilder, Malachi Pruet
Wilder, Nathaniel Pruet
Wiley, Allen Simmons
Wilkerson, Thomas Gresham
Williams, Aaron Gresham
Williams, Browning Clay
Williams, Christopher Pruet
Williams, Edward Gresham
Williams, Frederick Gresham
Williams, George Mccormack
Williams, Isaac Mccormack
Williams, John Gresham
Williams, John Mccormack
Williams, John Pruet
Williams, Morgan Clay
Williams, Nathaniel Pruet
Williams, Silas Gresham
Williamson, Micajah Collier
Wilson, Andrew Collier
Wilson, Robert Collier
Winkfield, Thomas Mccormack
Winn, Benjamin Simmons
Winn, Clemmons Simmons
Winn, Peter Simmons
Winn, Robert Simmons
Winne, John Simmons
Wist, Gresham
Wommak, Mannel Simmons
Woodall, John Gresham
Woodall, John Ragan
Woodall, Joseph Gresham
Woodall, Robert Ragan
Woodcock, Thomas Ragan
Woodson, John Collier
Wooten, Jeremiah Clay
Wootten, Faith Simmons
Worrel, William Gresham
Wright, Amos Pruet
Wright, Bazil Pruet
Wright, Elisha Pruet
Wright, Jesse Pruet
Wright, Lewis Pruet
Young, William Ragan
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