Wilkes County, Georgia 1864 Militia Census
A statewide census of all white males between the ages of 16 and 60 who were not at the time in the service of the Confederate States of America, but were able to serve in local militia companies and perform homefront duties.
Transcription by Keith Giddeon.
District (GMD)Last and First NamesAgeOccupationPlace of BirthRemarks/Notes
179thAGIE, C. C.50y 5mOverseerGADisability
180thANDERSON, E. W.52y 10mPlanterGAJustice of Peace
178thANDERSON, J. L.34y 11mPostmasterGADisability
180thANDERSON, James B.16y 1mSchool boyGA 
179thANDERSON, Wm. T., Jr.16y 9mSchool boyGAJoined at Augusta
166thARMER, C.21y 8mPlanterGALame arm
165thARMISTEAD, R. A.17y 3mOverseerGA 
179thARMSTRONG, F. C.54y 5mPlanterGADeafness
175thARNETT, B. A.54y 3mPlanterGADisability
166thARNOLD, James53y 9mPlanterGADisability
178thARSHALL, T. C.54y 3mPlanterGADisability
180thASHMORE, A. J.48y 10mPlanterGADisability
165thAYCOCK, D. C.16y 5mPlanterGADisability
165thAYCOCK, W. R.16y 3mPlanterGA 
179thBAILEY, Josiah27y 3mOverseerGATuberculosis, Discharged
174thBAILEY, S.35yPlanterGASore leg
164thBARNETT, W. H.16y 10mnot givenGA 
166thBARRETT, R. G.17y 2mOverseerGA 
174thBELL, B. S.52y 9mPlanterGA 
171stBENTLEY, J. E.54y 6mTannerGA 
166thBINNS, C.52y 9mPlanterGADisability
180thBINNS, Felix18y 6mSchool boyGADisability
180thBINNS, J. W.54y 11mBlacksmithGAVaricose veins
180thBLAKEY, B. C.41y 2mPlanterGAOverseer, Paid overseer tax
179thBLAKEY, C. S.36yOverseerGADischarged, Disability
166thBOATWRIGHT, R. M.42yTannerGA 
166thBOLTON, G.16y 5mPlanterGA 
167thBOLTON. G. W.16y 5mOverseerGA 
164thBONDURANT, Frank17y 6mPlanterAL 
178thBOOKER, J. M.49y 7mPlanterGAGeneral Disability
177thBOOKER, J. R.34y 11mPlanterGARheumatism
164thBOOKER, Oscar E.32y 9mBaggage masteGABaggage master
178thBOOKER, W. A.16ySchool boyGA 
164thBOWDRE, B. T.48y 9mPlanterGAGov't Contractor
165thBRADFORD, W. P.33y 3mTeacherGADischarged, disability
176thBRANHAM, John T.44yPlanterGADeafness
180thBRIANT, G. T.16y 1mSchool boyGA 
175thBROOK, T. H.36y 6mMillerGAMiller
175thBROWN, W. M.44y 5mPlanterSCOverseer, paid exemption fee
168thBRYANT, R.16y 9mOverseerGA 
181stBUFFORD, Wm. D.53y 9mPlanterGADisability
175thBUNCH, S. J.25y 11mMillerGASore foot
175thBURDETT, J. T.53yPlanterGA 
164thBURDETT, James38y 3mQuartermasterGAGA Q M DepL
174thBURDETT, T. P.58y 11mPlanterGADisability
166thBURKHALTER, W. A.33y 11mOverseerSCLame hand
165thBURNS, Samuel27yPlanterGAInsane
181stBUTLER, T. J.23y 8mOverseerKYDisability
181stCADE, Wm.54y 10mPlanterGALame hand
178thCALDWELL, A. H.54yMechanicGAGeneral Disability
164thCALLAWAY, John W.16y 11mnot givenGAJoined Company at Augusta since enrollment
164thCALLAWAY, S. W.30y 2mnot givenGA 
179thCALLAWAY, W. J.27y 9mPlanterGA 
165thCALLOWAY. M. S.16y 5mOverseerGA 
177thCAMPBELL, D.52yPlanterNCDisability
164thCHAFIN, Jesse M.53y 2mPlanterGAKidney infection
180thCHUNAULT, John N.37y 2mPlanterGADischarged, disability
180thCLARK, J. R.26y 10mOverseerSCDischarged C.S., Lame arm
175thCOLLEY, Z. D.32y 4mPlanterGARight eye out
174thCOMBS, J. R.58y 11mPlanterGASpasms
174thCOMBS. P. F.52y 11mPlanterGA 
175thCOOPER, T. H.37y 6mPlanterGAOverseer, paid exemption fee
166thCOPER. H. J.18y 8mOverseerGAOverseer, paid exemption fee
164thCORBIN, T.52yExpress AgentGAExpress Agent
169thCOSBY, David57y 6mPlanterGA 
164thCOTTING, D. G.51y 5mGov't. Tax CoMADisease of lungs
175thCOX, J.16y 8mPlanterGA 
175thCOX, T. J.46y 9mPlanterGADeafness, discharged C.S.
164thCOZART, Green P.59y 2mMerchantNCSpinal infection
164thCRENSHAW, S. H.47y 1mMerchantVASpinal infection
177thCROOK, N.38yPlanterGASpasms
169thDANIEL, Samuel E.52yPlanterGA 
175thDANNER, G.53y 9mPlanterGA 
169thDAVIS, Jonathan58yOverseerGARheumatism
164thDICKENS, Isaac47y 7mShoemakerGAWhite swelling
164thDICKERS, R. H.49y 6mMerchantNC 
164thDODD, Charles S.23y 8mTeacherGAHeart Disease
164thDuBOSE, J. R.56y 2mPlanterSCKidney infection
180thDUNAWAY, Benj.58y 3mPlanterGADisability
180thDUNAWAY, G. T.16y 1mSchool boyGA 
180thDUNAWAY, Joseph G.17y 11mPlanterGA 
180thDUNAWAY, W. L.16y 8mSchool boyGA 
164thDYSON, George48y 10mBank officerGA 
168thECKLES, W. L.17yPlanterGAGeneral disability
168thECKLES. Me.32y 1 moOverseerGADisability discharge by Board Physicians
168thECKLES. V. A.59y 11mPlanterGAGeneral disability
171stEDMONDS, J. M.40y 11mPlanterGAGeneral Disability, rejected by Physicians
164thEDMONDSON, Tuck17y 4mClerkGA 
164thEDMONDSON, W. L.52y 9mConductorGAConductor
171stELKINS, Wm.57y 2mShoemakerSCDisability
181stELLENBURG, John47yOverseerSCDisability
164thELLINGTON, S. C.55y 8mPlanterGA 
171stEVANS, John H.16yPlanterGALameness
168thFAVER, L. D.30y 9mPlanterGAHeart disease
174thFLORENCE, 0. W.51y 1mPlanterGA 
181stFORTSON, B. W.55y 5mPlanterGA 
176thFOUCHE, D. H.27y 11mOverseerGALame arm
176thFOUCHE, Daniel52y 9mPlanterGA 
176thFOUCHE, W. P.17y 2mnot givenGA 
171stGARRARD, G. A.35y 7mOverseerGADisability, rejected by Physicians
177thGARTRELL, J. B.32y 11mPlanterGAChronic rheumatism
176thGILBERT, James M.16y 10mPlanterGA 
181stGILL, T. Y.50y 10mPlanterGADeafness
164thGOLUKE, E.36y 5mCooper PrussiaGov't. Contract
167thGOODMAN, Joshua58y 3mShoemakerSCRheumatism
177thGRAVES, B.17y 5mPlanterGA 
177thGRAY, R.33yPlanterGASore leg
164thGREEN, T. M.17y 8mClerkGAJoined Company at Augusta since enrollment
171stGREEN, W. M.29y 11mPhysicianGAGen. disability, discharged from C.S.
169thHACKNEY, E. B.44y 11mPlanterGADeafness
164thHAMPTON, W.55y 10mOverseerGA 
171stHARDEN, B. B.52y 7mPlanterGA 
171stHARDY, Wm. D.48yOverseerVA 
174thHARNSBERGER, R. N.43y 4mPlanterGAEpilepsy
177thHARPER, H. Q.34y 11mPhysicianGAKidney effection (sic)
174thHARRIS, J.52y 9mPlanterGA 
169thHARRIS, J. T.26y 6mPlanterGALame arm
164thHARTY, W. J.40y 6mnot givenSCDetailed Gov't Contractor
167thHAWKINS, James M.47y 3mPlanterGADisability
179thHEARD, J. A.53y 3mPlanterGA 
179thHEARD, John D.17y 10mPlanterGA 
179thHEARD, T. A.51y 8mPlanterGA 
164thHESTER, Simeon58y 2mPlanterGA 
167thHIGGINBOTHAM, John L.16yPlanterGA 
165thHILL, W. P.44y 5mPlanterGADisability discharge from State Serv.
171stHILLIARD, Benjamin35y GAHelplessness
180thHINTON, J. R.59y 8mPlanterGA 
178thHINTON, Noah54y 5mPlanterGABroken arm
181stHINTON, T. H.56yShoemakerGACancer
164thHOGAN, John57y 9mBootmaker IrelandDeafness
174thHOPKINS, T. N.39y 9mPlanterGADisability exemption by Board Physiciani
169thHOPKINS, W. W.45y 6mOverseerGAHernia & cramp
166thHUBBARD, C.50yPlanterGA 
176thHUFF, L. W.41y 7mPlanterGAHeart disease
175thHUGULEY, Wm.59y 8mPlanterGARemarks: Died since enrollment
174thIVEY, J. M.41y 11mPlanterGADischarged disability from C.S.
168thJACKSON, J. A.41y 2mWagon makerGADisability discharge
166thJACKSON, J. F.57yPlanterGADisability
166thJACKSON. Irvin57y 11mPlanterGA 
178thJOHNSON, J. W. M.47y 7mOverseerGA 
179thJONES,m E.16yNo OccupationGANo mind, non-compismentis
166thJORDAN, W. M.54y 11mPlanterGA 
171stKEMP, W. W.57yOverseerSC 
178thKENDALL, Levy48y 3mOverseerMADischarged from C.S. "-
164thLANE, J. H.41y 9mPhysicianGA 
169thLAWSON, John T.45y 7mOverseerGAHernia & Rheumatism
178thLINDSEY, G. W.17y 7mSchool boyGA 
178thLINDSEY, J. M.51y 10mPlanterGADisability
171stLUNCEPORD, W. R.16y 11mPlanterGA 
166thLUNSFORD, W.50y 10mPlanterGADisability
178thMAHONEY, C. 0.57yPlanterGADyspeptic
178thMAHONEY, H. F.58ySchool teacheGADischarged from C.S.
175thMANSFIELD, P.17y 3mPlanterSC 
177thMARSHALL, D.50y 2mPlanterGA 
178thMARSHALL, J. W.20y 11mOverseerGADisability discharge '? M
171stMATHIS, Griffin54yPlanterOA 
171stMATHIS, Lewis16y 11mPlanterGA 
168thMATTOX, J. W.54y 2mPlanterGAGeneral Disability
164thMAXWELL, G. M.16y 4mnot givenAL 
171stMAXWELL, J. J.27y 5mPlanterGAHeart disease
171stMAXWELL, Robert50y 8mPlanterGADeafness
176thMAXWELL, W.16y 2mPlanterGA 
177thMcCORKLE. S. C.25y 8mPlanterGABroken back
181stMcLENDON. J. A.45y 3mPlanterGADisability
174thMcMEKIN, N. L.47y 5mPlanterGAMinister - no regular church
167thMOON, W. H.59y 8mOverseerGADisability
166thMOORE, G. W.47y 5mPlanterGA 
164thMOORE, John S.34yTown MarshallGAVaricose veins
167thMOORE, John W.27y 7mPlanterGADischarged from C.S., Weak mind
171stMOORE, W. V.50y 1mPlanterGAGeneral disability
169thMOSS, James16y 6mPlanterGA 
175thMULLIKIN, J.37yPlanterGANo Mind
175thMURPHEY, A. J37y 3mPlanterGANear sighted
177thMURPHEY, H.32yPlanterGANear sighted
178thMURPHEY, W. J.42y 5mOverseerGAEyesight not good
175thMURRAY, G. A.38y 10mPlanterGAOverseer, Paid exemption fee
178thMUSE, G. W.35y 3mClerkGADischarged Rheumatism
180thMUSE, J. W.30y 11mPlanterGADischarged from C.S., disability
169thNELMS, J. A.38yOverseerGABroken Ankle
171stNEWMAN, N.52y 2mPlanterGA 
175thNEWSOM, J. C.16y 9mPlanterGA 
181stNORMAN, E. B.34y 2mPlanterGADisability
181stNORMAN, J. L.28y 3mPlanterGADischarged, disability
166thNORMAN. Johnson54y 9mPlanterGAHip injury
179thOGLESBY, Rufus49y 1mOverseerGADischarged disability
181stOSLEY, Thomas53y 11mPlanterGADisability
181stOWENS, G. G.23y 9mPlanterGADischarged, disability
180thOWENS, T.m52y 11mMillerGADisability
177thPASCHAL, A. J.49y 4mPlanterGASpasms
177thPERKINS, E.38y 7mPlanterGAOverseer, paid exemption fee
164thPERKINS, W. M.30y 5mFiremanGAFireman
166thPERTEET, J. C.17y 10mPlanterGADisability
164thPETTUS, S. G.42yPlanterGAMaking Nitre for Gov't.
165thPOOLE, J. S.44y 10mPlanterGADisability, Justice of Peace
166thPOPE, J. B.17y 7mOverseerGAJoined Company at Augusta
164thPOPE, W. A.28y 4mPlanterGADisability, rejected by Board of Physicians
174thPOPHAM, Thomas40y 4mPlanter EnglandRheumatism, discharged from CS.
177thPOSS, E.55yPlanterGA 
166thPOSS, J. M.45y 11mOverseerGANear sighted
171stPRATT, Stephen40ynot givenGADeafness
177thQUARLES, R. W.32y 2mPhysicianSCPhysician
181stQUINN, B. J.47y 1mPlanterGARheumatism
180thQUINN, W. D.45y 5mPhysicianGAJustice of Peace
179thQUISENBURY, J. L.40y 11mOverseerGADischarged, hepatitis
168thRAY, R.50y 11mOverseerSC 
180thRHODES, J. W.43yOverseerGAOverseer, Paid overseer tax
169thRICE, G.37y 8mPlanterGALameness
169thRICE, S. S.45yOverseerGADeafness
164thROBERT, M. G.40y 10mPlanterSCLameness
171stROBERTS, Benj.16y 4mPlanterGA 
171stROBERTS, James55yPlanterOA 
164thROBERTSON, J. J.43y 1mBank officerSCParalysis
178thSALE, G. C.42y 1mOverseerGABroken arm, Paid overseer tax
179thSALE, R. C.35y 1mOverseerGADischarged from C.S.. disability
164thSALE, T. A.51y 11mDentistNC 
171stSCHMIDT, D. W.35yPlanterSCParalysis
171stSDLVEY, D. H.54y 4mPlanterGAGeneral Disability
164thSHELVERTON, W. E.36y 9mEngineer EnglandEngineer
168thSHEPHARD, Joseph41y 10mOverseerGADisability by Board Physicians
171stSHERRER, T. P.46yPlanterGA 
166thSHORT, 0. M. I).17y 6mPlanterGADisability
165thSIMS, R.46y 3mPlanterGADisability
171stSISSON, Thomas A.16y 11mPlanterGASole dependence of family
180thSLACK, Jacob49y 5mPlanterGADyspeptic
169thSLATON, Frank P.22y 3mOverseerGAPaid Exemption Fee
177thSMITH, J. B.47y 11mMillerNHPostmaster
164thSMITH, J., David53y 4mHotel keeperGA 
164thSMITH, James55y 4mPlanterGABloody piles
179thSMITH, Reuben53y 1mPlanterGASpasms
164thSMITH, Robert W.48y 9mRR AgentSCRR Agent
164thSMITH, Thomas E.29y 11mOverseerGAPaid exemption fee
165thSNELSON, 1. H.39y 11mPlanterGAUnsound mind
165thSNELSON, A. N.19y 8mOverseerGAUnsound mind
166thSPRATL1N, W. J.24y 3mOverseerGAC.S.Discharge, Dislocated shoulder
168thSPRATUN, H.48y 4mPlanterGA 
178thSTANDARD, D. H.46yPlanterGA 
178thSTANDARD, W. L.48y 5mOverseerGA 
164thSTREET, J. T.28y 7mTrack raiserGATrack raiser
180thSTRIBLING, J.m17y 3mSchool boyGA 
180thSTRIBLING, John A.34y 11mMechanicGABlind
177thSTROTHER. T. H.47y 4mPlanterGABroken limbs
180thSUTTON, Wm.52yPlanterGAMinister - no church
178thTALLEY, W.m.16y 6mClerkGA 
168thTHAXTON, T.40y 4mOverseerGAPaid Exemption Fee
164thTHOMPSON, Bradford51y 4mPlanterGABladder & kidney infection
164thTHOMPSON, H. G.49y 11mPlanterGABroken ankle
178thTHURMOND, Benj.46y 7mPlanterGADeafness
178thTHURMOND, J. B.16y 5mPlanterGA 
164thTOOMBS, Gabriel50y 9mPlanterGA 
168thTUCK, B. W.55y 5mPlanterGAPalsy
178thTURNER, G. A.16yPlanterGACrooked neck
177thUNDERWOOD, J. F.57yPlanterGA 
171stWALL, Edwin16y 2mnot givenGAGeneral Disability
171stWALL, Thomas53y 7mPlanterGAGeneral Disability
174thWALLER, N.58yPlanterGA 
181stWALTON, E. S.33y 2mPlanterGADischarged, disability
178thWALTON, J. H.39y 3mPlanterGAPhysician
178thWALTON, R. T.46ymPlanterGACancer
167thWALTON, T. M. C. D.37yOverseerNCDisability discharge from State Service
181stWALTON, W. D.34y 2mPhysicianGALameness
175thWARE. N. C.52y 4mPlanterGAMinister - no church
177thWELLMAKER. E.51y 9mPlanterGA 
180thWHEATLEY, Simeon32y 2mPlanterGAOne arm
165thWILLIAMSON, John C.46y 9mPlanterGADisability
166thWILLIAMSON. J. C.51y 3mMechanicGADisability
165thWILLIS, F. B.31y 5mPlanterGADisability discharge from C.S.
181stWILLIS, R. J.33y 10mOverseerGADischarged from C.S.
181stWILLIS, R.m37y 6mPlanterGADischarged, disability
181stWILLIS, W. R.16ySchool boyGA 
179thWINGFIELD. P. G.48y 3mPlanterGAGov't. Agent purchasing provisions
175thWOOLF, T16y 8mPlanterGA 
179thWOOTEN, R. W.40y 5mPlanterGADeafness
167thWOOTEN, W. L.50y 10mPlanterGAAsst. Methodist Minister
167thWORTHEN. John L.16ySchool boyGA 
168thWRIGHT, J. D.33y 8mPlanterGADeaf& Dumb
167thWRIGHT, James C.53y 3mPlanterGADyspeptic
181stWRIGHT, L. D.53y 3mMechanicGA 
179thWRIGHT, T. S.37y 6mPlanterVAMinister, Refugee from MS
167thWYNN, John L.52y 9mPlanterGALame hand
167thWYNN, Samuel W.47y 5mPlanterGADisability
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