Wilkes County, Georgia 1880 Enhanced U.S. Census Index
The transcription of the Wilkes County, Georgia 1880 U.S. Census was performed by Keith Giddeon.
The links below will take you to the actual transcription pages. You have two choices for format: by name, or by page.
Surnames: A Pages 167-171
Surnames: B-Bins Pages 172-176
Surnames: Bird-Bradey Pages 177-181
Surnames: Bradford-Butter Pages 182-186
Surnames: C-Class Pages 187-191
Surnames: Cleavlan-Culyer Pages 192-196
Surnames: D Pages 197-201
Surnames: E Pages 202-206
Surnames: F Pages 207-211
Surnames: G-Granade Pages 212-216
Surnames: Grant-Guy Pages 217-221
Surnames: H-Hays Pages 222-226
Surnames: Heard-Hill Pages 227-231
Surnames: Hilliard-Hynes Pages 232-236
Surnames: I-J Pages 237-241
Surnames: K-L Pages 242-246
Surnames: M-McLindon Pages 247-251
Surnames: McMekin-Muse Pages 252-256
Surnames: N-O Pages 257-261
Surnames: P-Q Pages 262-266
Surnames: R Pages 267-271
Surnames: S-Sims Pages 272-276
Surnames: Simson-Spencer Pages 277-281
Surnames: Spratlin-Sybert Pages 282-286
Surnames: T Pages 287-291
Surnames: U-Waters Pages 292-296
Surnames: Watkins-Williamson Pages 297-301
Surnames: Willighan-Wolfe Pages 302-306
Surnames: Wood-Z Pages 307-311
  Pages 312-316
  Pages 317-321
  Pages 322-326
  Pages 327-331
  Pages 332-333
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