Wilkes County, Georgia 1860 Enhanced U.S. Census Index
The transcription of the Wilkes County, Georgia 1860 U.S. Census was performed by Larry R. Butler and Janice B. Turner.
The links below will take you to the actual transcription pages. You have two choices for format: by name, or by page.
Surnames: A Pages 769-778
Surnames: B Pages 789-798
Surnames: C Pages 799-808
Surnames: D-E Pages 809-818
Surnames: F-G Pages 819-828
Surnames: H-I Pages 829-838
Surnames: J-L Pages 839-848
Surnames: M-N Pages 849-857
Surnames: O-Q  
Surnames: R  
Surnames: S  
Surnames: T-V  
Surnames: W-Z  
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