Wilkes County, Georgia - Zoah Church Cemetery
Zoah Church Cemetery (formerly Zoah Christian Methodist Episcopal)
organized in 1846
Amity Road, Wilkes County, GA

The transcription was made by Gloria Jean Tutt-Harris, Cyretta Lynn Holt, and Betty Lue Holloway.
UPDATED: September 19, 2005
Anderson, Leroy12/18/191307-07-1984  
Anderson, Thelmas W.??-???-1934??-???-1972  
Andrews, Lurene G.7/10/192211-21-1965  
Asbury, Connie F.7/24/192303-03-2004  
Booker, Clarence L.12/29/192609-13-1989  
Booker, Georgia2/25/192502-20-2001  
Booker, Henry11/11/191106-15-1995  
Booker, MaryNO DATE09-28-1965  
Booker, PatrickNO DATE10-20-1948  
Booker, Trina (Moore)NO DATENO DATEUNMARKED (sister of Leroy and William Moore)
Broadnax, Hattie10-Feb-189605-12-1965  
Broadnax, Roy Lee10/23/193203-06-1966Georgia SP4 U.S. Army
Broadnax, Willie1/9/190001-25-1932  
Broadnax, Willie23-Feb-189002-14-1984  
Clark, Mildred V. H. 1/24/193911-21-1965  
Cox, Lourine??-???-1906??-???-1993  
Cox, Maude05-Apr-189203-05-1967  
Cox, R. T.4/2/193903-27-2000  
Cullars, Elizah9/9/197201-17-1994  
Cullars, Milton??-???-191204-21-1990  
Ferrell, Cager Jr. ??-???-1917??-???-1970  
Ferrell, Hattie C. (Mother)??-???-1891??-???-1968  
Ford, Tina Z.4/20/195912-14-2002  
Frazier, Annie Lou09-Sep-188411-15-1964w/o Willie Boykin Frazier
Frazier, Willie Boykin08-Sep-188402-05-1977  
Frazier, Julia L.8/1/190007-19-1965  
Frazier, Lucious21-Oct-189007-29-1962  
Gartrell, Carrie. E.6/8/192202-18-1939  
Gartrell, Dock??-???-????02-18-1957  
Gartrell, Emma??-???-????01-10-1957  
Gartrell, F. E. ??-???-1869??-???-1955  
Gartrell, George10-Mar-186910-20-1922  
Gartrell, George01-Nov-189108-03-1964  
Gartrell, George ??-???-1886??-???-1957  
Gartrell, George C.3/26/193010-15-1985Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps. Korea
Gartrell, George Willis11/25/193502-20-2000AIC U.S. Air Force Korea/Vietnam
Gartrell, Harvey A.NO DATENO DATE  
Gartrell, Ida4/21/191608-15-1920Double headstone for Ida and Elnora
Gartrell, Elnora25-Sep-189506-19-1920  
Gartrell, John Duval24-Dec-189811-09-1981Double headstone for John and Sarah
Gartrell, Sarah B.25-Sep-187402-19-1949  
Gartrell, R.T.3/14/192101-19-1923  
Gartrell, Rev. C. L.??-???-1927??-???-1976  
Gartrell, Rosa E.??-???-1890??-???-1974  
Gartrell, Mattie M.3/19/1905  Double headstone for Mattie and Rufus
Gartrell, Rufus??-???-1900??-???-1959  
Gates, John8/15/199112-26-1970(Georgia) Pvt. U.S. Army WW1
Hampton, Newton12/25/191407-05-1979  
Hampton, Susie??-???-????10-06-1998  
Harris, Willie Ed.5/3/194108-10-1997  
Harris, Willie M.NO DATE02-04-1964  
Holloway, Willie6/17/191007-01-1978UNMARKED
Jones, Carrie Mae??-???-1921??-???-1975  
Jones, Charlie??-???-1915??-???-1979  
Jones, Ida Mae9/18/192801-23-1999  
Lee, Emmie L.11/28/190604-17-1930  
Mays, Sarah Cox2/5/191011-29-19975 unmarked graves to the right
Mercier, ZachariahNO DATE??-???-????  
Mercier, Zack7/2/190806-01-1977  
Mickens, MildredNO DATE10-06-1969  
Milton, Alma W.12/25/191804-11-1990  
Milton, George E.4/23/194105-25-2002  
Moore, Frances    w/o Leroy "Hut" Moore
Moore, Leroy5/16/191612-14-1968  
Moore, NellieMarch 188712-07-1942UNMARKED
Moore, William    UNMARKED (Leroy "Hut" Moore's brother)
Nash, Eula Pearl??-???-1908??-???-1987  
Norman, Louree F.??-???-1911??-???-1941  
Parks, Camille3/23/190506-03-1905  
Remson, John15-May-189602-13-1986Pvt. U.S. Army, WWI
Scott, Bennie5/12/192112-01-1937  
Steed, Annie L.??-???-189604-08-1956  
Weems, Eddie7/4/192502-08-1990  
Weems, Silas4/7/193108-16-1969PFC 933 AAA AW BN Korea
Wellmaker, Ressie7/5/191212-02-1988  
Williams, Henry??-???-????04-11-1951Age 60 yrs.
Williams, Lucia??-???-????05-14-1935Age 37
Williams, Mariah??-???-??????-???-????UNMARKED
Zellars, Ardee G.11-Sep-189403-17-1991  
Zellars, Gladys F.4/1/1923  Double grave for Gladys and John
Zellars, John G.5/11/192305-17-1992  
Zellars, Theodore12/24/194706-08-19682 unmarked graves to the right
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