Wilkes County, Georgia - Willis Family Cemetery
Transcription by Larry R. Butler and Janice B. Turner
LASTFIRSTDate of BirthDate of DeathRemarks/Notes
Wade Mollie 12 Jan 1856 24 Nov 185?  
Willis George ?? Oct 1754 19 Apr 1827  
Willis Susannah 24 Aug 1757 30 Apr 1843  
Willis Susan Johnson 06 Aug 1826 30 Nov 1830  
Willis William Anderson 02 Feb 1830 26 Sep 1831  
Willis George 11 May 1844 02 May 1845  
Willis James D. 21 Oct 1793 18 Feb 1861?  
Willis Nancy T. 04 Dec 1799 13 Aug 1868  
Willis Mattie B. A. 15 Apr 1855 25 Mar 1857 d/o T. R., and E. F. WILLIS
Willis Wilson Lumpkin 30 Jul 1833 25 Mar 1838  
Willis James Anderson 04 Apr 1838 09 Sep 1858  
Copied and contributed by Mr. Homer C, Cooper, 145 Pendleton Drive, Athens, Ga. 30606

This cemetery is NOT marked on the Georgia Highway Department's Wilkes County map nor is it included in the publication of Newsorn, WILKES COUNTY CEMETERIES. The only date on a stone that was difficult to read was the death date for James Dabney Willis; someone felled a huge pine within the cemetery enclosure which apparently fell on top of James' tomb. The marble slab was broken directly across the line with his date of death.

The George Willis family cemetery is located in Georgia Militia District 168 in .Wilkes County. In addition to the following enumerated graves, there are also 10 or 12 additional unmarked graves. The farm is known in 1972 as the 'The Sam Richardson place' and is owned by two of his sons. Mr. Richardson is deceased; some of the land is leased to Mr. Dolph Callaway, son of Mr. Richardson's sister, Mrs. John Allen Callaway.

The cemetery was discovered on a hunting trip by Dr. C. E. (Gene) Pollock, of Washington, Ga., who guided the Coopers to he spot. The plot is enclosed in a substantial stone wall which varied from 3 to 5 feet in height. A large oak about 3 feet in diameter at the base serves as a landmark for anyone searching for this cemetery in the surrounding pine forest.

10 or 12 additional graves, unmarked within the fence
GEORGE WILLIS (l754-1827) was a Revo1utionary War soldier who came from King William County, Va, to Wilkes Co., Ga. in 1784. SUSANNAH WILLIS (1757-1843) was Susannah BAKER before her marriage to George Willis, names of her parents and her birthplace are not known. George and Susannah were parents of the following seven children:

STEPHEN WILLIS (1778-1801) married MARY HARTSFJELD GEORGE DABNEY WILLIS (1780- ) married 1807 SUSANNAH B. BARKWELL. He may also have been the George D. Willis who married in 1811 CATHERINE FOSTER. WILLIAM WILLIS (1784-1793) JQHN CRUTCHFIELD WILLIS (1787- ) married REBECCA BARKWELL RICHARD JEFFERSON WILLIS (1789-1866) married first 1812 CHRISTIANA (Kitty) JOSSEY (1793-1847) daughter of HENRY ,JOSSEY and wife MARY HILL (1758-4831);

R.J. Willis married second 1848 SARAH ELIZABETH FOSTER. Richard had plantations in Wilkes and Greene Counties, Ga. He was Sheriff of Wilkes Cc. 1818-19 and 1826-27, and represented the county in the General Assembly in the House in 1828-31 and Senate 1832, 1834-36 of Georgia.

JAMES DABNEY WILLIS (1793-1861?) married first in 1822 SUSAN M. JOHNSON, daughter of WILLIAM JOHNSON (died 1821) and wife NANCY HILL (1770-1839); married second 1824 to NANCY TATE ANDERSON (1799-1868) daughter of THOMAS ANDERSON (died 1860) James settled on the George Willis farm and he and many of his family are buried near Susannah and George Willis. James represented Wilkes County in the General Assembly as Senator in 1841.

ELIZABETH DABNEY WILLIS (1796-1855) married 1814 I~EV. JOHN HOLMES MILNER (1792-1857), son of PITT MILNER (1769-1839) arid his wife APSILLA HOLMES (l770-1854> John and Elizabeth Milner settled in Pike Co., Ga.




JAMES ANDERSON WILLIS (1838-1858) and GEORGE WILLIS (1844-1845) were children of James Dabney Willis and Nancy Hill.

MATTIE B.A. WILLIS (1855-1857) was a daughter of Thomas Richard Willis (1827- ) and his wife Elizabeth F. Marsha11~ and granddaughter of James D. Willis and Nancy Hill.

Who was MOLLEY WADE (1856-1857)? Where are the George Willis and James Dabney Willis family Bibles today, asks Mr. Cooper. "Please let us know!"
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