Wilkes County, Georgia - Danburg Baptist Church Cemetery
Danburg Baptist Church lies on the north side of Bradford Road,
about 1/4 mile west of Hwy 44, at the Danburg crossroad.

The transcription was made by Larry R. Butler and Janice B. Turner. Additions and photos by Keith Giddeon.

** = entries are supposed to be there from prior sources but were not found.
‡ = new data as of Jan. 16, 2003. (Gathered from online obituaries.)
Underlined names are links to pictures of that person's grave marker.
NAMEDate of BirthDate of DeathRemarks/Notes
Anderson, Alexander Stephen 24-Jun-1900 9-Mar-1971 h/o Evelyn Ham
Anderson, Evelyn Ham 19-Jan-1904 7-Mar-1993 Evelyn Ham w/o Alexander S. Anderson
Anderson, Robert Elam 16-May-1930 11-Nov-1978 s/o Alexander S. & Evelyn Ham Anderson
Andrews, William M. ??-???-1839 ??-???-1924 Pvt Co C 1st Regt Ga Mil CSA
Aycock, Drewry J. NO DATE NO DATE Co A. 15th Ga Inf CSA
Aycock**, Annie W. UNMARKED UNMARKED Could be wife Annie W. Anderson-beside Drewry
Barbarino, Marie R. ??-???-1893 ??-???-1984  
Barbarino, Salvatore ??-???-1886 ??-???-1960  
Barnett, Gus S. 20-Mar-1894 10-Jun-1950  
Bellows, Allene R. 01-May-1889 12-Apr-1968  
Bellows, Charles C. ??-???-1875 ??-???-1956  
Bellows, Emma Jane ??-???-1858 ??-???-1933 Emma Jane Standard w/o James W. Bellows
Bellows, James S. ??-???-1894 ??-???-1979 WW II, h/o Margaret E. "Maggie" Knox
Bellows, James William ??-???-1842 ??-???-1917 h/o Emma Jane Standard
Bellows, Lucy J. ??-???-1891 ??-???-1961  
Bellows, Margaret E. "Maggie" ??-???-1888 ??-???-1985 Margaret E. Knox w/o James S. Bellows
Bellows, Margaret Graves ??-???-1923 ??-???-1991 Margaret Graves w/o Robert P. Bellows
Bellows, Mary Lois ??-???-1868 ??-???-1931 Buried with James W. & Emma Jane Bellows
Bellows, Rembert Pressley ??-???-1921 24-Jun-1999 WW II, h/o Margaret Graves
Bellows, William R. ??-???-1897 ??-???-1956  
Blackmon, Benjamin Z. ??-???-1900 ??-???-1965  
Blackmon, Clara Rhodes 12-Aug-1897 21-Mar-1989 Clara Belle Rhodes w/o Lannie L. Blackmon
Blackmon, Dempie Arnold 27-Sep-1875 26-Jul-1958 Dempie Arnold w/o Floyd Fletcher Blackmon
Blackmon, Floyd Fletcher 07-Feb-1869 2-Jan-1959 h/o Dempie Arnold
Blackmon, George Muse 19-Jun-1901 14-Sep-1936 h/o Annette Marie Kellar
Blackmon, Infant Daughter 3-Dec-1924 3-Dec-1924 Inf d/o Mr & Mrs L. L. Blackmon
Blackmon, Lannie L. 06-Jan-1895 17-Jun-1959 h/o Clara Belle Rhodes
Blackmon, William L. 16-Apr-1909 23-Apr-1909 s/o F. F. & D. E. Blackmon
Blakey, Henry Moss 21-Mar-1897 21-Aug-1980 h/o Lucy Estelle Wheatley
Blakey, Infant Daughter NO DATE NO DATE Inf d/o Mr & Mrs H. M. Blakey
Blakey, Lucy Estelle "Sweet" 12-Apr-1899 25-Oct-1975 Lucy Estelle Wheatley w/o Henry M. Blakey
Blakey, Twin Sons 15-Feb-1933 15-Feb-1933 Twin sons of Mr & Mrs H. M. Blakey
Booker, George W. NO DATE NO DATE Co K. 4 Ga Inf CSA
Booker, Josie Shipp 20-Sep-1855 8-Sep-1926  
Bradford, Bitha Dunaway 18-Jul-1884 10-Dec-1977 Bitha Dunaway, w/o Claude Warren Bradford
Bradford, Claude Warren 16-Dec-1879 29-Jul-1965 h/o Bitha Dunaway
Bradford, Harry Thomas 28-Jan-1914   h/o Janie Johnson,married May 27 1939
Bradford, Janie Johnson 23-Jul-1921 11-Aug-1981 Janie Johnson w/o Harry T. Bradford
Bradford, Kimberly Lynn 14-Feb-1974 5-Feb-1975 d/o Mr & Mrs Charles Bradford
Bunch, Benjamin Harris 13-Aug-1890 25-Mar-1973 h/o Martha Sutton
Bunch, Martha Sutton 05-Feb-1893 27-Feb-1989 Martha Sutton w/o Benjamin H. Bunch
Carr, Mary Emma Smith 22-Jun-1898 24-Feb-1981  
Craft, Pearl F. Hinton 06-Jun-1882 4-Feb-1920 Mother
Currie, Cora Christian 15-May-1876 17-Feb-1943  
Currie, George Christian 19-Feb-1911 9-Jun-1992  
Danner, Benjamin Walter 24-Oct-1915 22-Feb-1986 h/o Ina Louise Weber of Polk County Georgia-USA WW II
Danner, Louise W. 14-Feb-1921   Ina Louise Weber w/o Benjamin W. Danner
Freeman, Julia Huguley 2-Jun-1918 14-Nov-199 Julia Huguley w/o William Howard Freeman
Freeman, William Howard 14-Dec-1910 29-Apr-1989 h/o Julia Huguley
Guin, Annie 28-Sep-1870 22-Apr-1943 Annie A. Thurmond w/o William T. Guin
Guin, William T. 16-Aug-1870 11-Dec-1954 h/o Annie A. Thurmond
Hamilton, Elizabeth Ramsey ??-???-1884 ??-???-1971 Buried with Salvatore & Marie R. Barbarino
Harper, Mrs Paul ??-???-1918 ??-???-1946 Mildred Barnett w/o Paul Harper
Huff, Tim NO DATE NO DATE Beside Vernon C. Huff Sr
Huff, Vernon C. Sr ??-???-1907 ??-???-1954  
Huguley, Burwell Edwin ??-???-1884 ??-???-1930 h/o Sarah Elizabeth Stribling
Huguley, Charlie Lothair 21-Aug-1876 21-May-1925 b/w George F. & Julia Thurmond Huguley
Huguley, Emma Cora Wynn 27-Oct-1878 25-May-1947 Emma Cora Wynn w/o Walter T. Huguley
Huguley, George F. 30-Jun-1852 18-Nov-1917 h/o Julia M. Thurmond
Huguley, John Thomas NO DATE NO DATE Co C. GA Mil CSA, b/w Mrs J. T. Huguley
Huguley, Julia T. NO DATE ??-???-1920 Julia M. Thurmond w/o George F. Huguley
Huguley, Mrs J. T. ??-???-1857 ??-???-1935 (Martha L. Thurmond w/o John T. Huguley???
Huguley, Sarah Elizabeth ??-???-1885 ??-???-1949 Sarah E. Stribling w/o Burwell E. Huguley
Huguley, Walter Thomas 13-May-1877 5-Sep-1914 h/o Emma Cora Wynn
Kelley, Fannie A. 17-May-1880 23-Feb-1923 (Fannie A. Newby) ??? Possibility
Kelley, J. H. NO DATE NO DATE  
Kelley, Mary Lee ??-???-1873 ??-???-1928  
Kelley, Wife of J. H. NO DATE NO DATE  
Lindsey, George Willie 4-May-1913 7-Dec-1960 s/o James A. & Lillian E. Lindsey
Lindsey, James Arch 10-Oct-1886 9-Jun-1985  
Lindsey, Lillian Estelle 16-Feb-1896 14-Sep-1993  
Major, John Allen 04-Aug-1898 4-Dec-1984 h/o Nell Walton
Major, Nell Walton 23-Feb-1898 6-Jun-1973 Nell Walton w/o John Allen Major
Martin, Essie S. ??-???-1898 ??-???-1979  
Martin, Howard ??-???-1901 ??-???-1982  
Matthews, Ethel Hamilton 13-Oct-1905 27-Jun-1990 Ethel Hamilton w/o Wayne D. Matthews
Matthews, Maude Norman 21-Jan-1876 18-Jan-1958 Maude Norman w/o Walter C. Matthews
Matthews, Ruth Reed 17-Apr-1903 9-Oct-1996 Ruth Reed w/o Walter Chennault Matthews Jr.
Matthews, Tempe Elizabeth 4-Nov-1943 21-Feb-1944 d/o John & Margaret Matthews
Matthews, Walter Chennault 03-Dec-1869 3-Mar-1933 h/o Maude Norman
Matthews, Walter Chennault Jr 12-Sep-1904 30-May-1976 h/o Ruth Reed
Matthews, Wayne D. 11-Sep-1906 13-Feb-1997 h/o Ethel Hamilton
Moss, Christine 4-Jun-1938   
Moss, Harris Edward 23-Oct-1926 12-May-1993 SP 5 US Army Korea
Moss, Helen K. 4-Jun-1918   
Moss, Kittie B. 20-Mar-1894 25-May-1983 Kittie Ed Barnett w/o Quinton W. Moss
Moss, Quinton W. ??-Nov-1885 ??-Nov-1938 h/o Kittie Ed Barnett
Moss, Robert A. 27-Mar-1929 9-May-1995  
Norman, Lizzie Booth 31-Oct-1912 28-May-2002 Lizzie Booth w/o Nathan A. Norman
Norman, Nathan Alexander 28-Jul-1907 21-Sep-1984 h/o Lizzie Booth
Norman, Nathan Burch 2-Sep-1933 3-Dec-2002 s/o Nathan A. & Lizzie Booth Norman
Porter, Grace Huguley 21-Aug-1909 20-Jun-1933 b/w Walter T. & Emma C. Wynn Huguley
Saggus, Euel C. 14-May-1902 14-Oct-1987 h/o Florine H. ?
Saggus, Florine H. 4-May-1900 9-May-1980 Florine H. ? w/o Euel C. Saggus
Saggus, James Ezra 22-Jun-1897 11-May-1970 h/o Mary Wynn Sutton
Saggus, Mary Wynn Sutton 12-Aug-1895 18-Nov-1987 Mary Wynn Sutton w/o James Ezra Saggus
Saggus, Roy David 19-Dec-1939 25-Jun-1951  
Saggus, Sara E. 23-Dec-1874 20-Jun-1957 Mother
Scott, James T. 16-Mar-1878 18-Apr-1963 h/o Susan A. ?
Scott, Susan A. 14-Feb-1891 21-Aug-1953 Susan A. ? w/o James T. Scott
Smith, Alice Thurmond ??-???-1875 ??-???-1961 Alice Thurmond w/o J. Marshall Smith
Smith, J. Marshall ??-???-1871 ??-???-1943 h/o Alice Thurmond
Standard, Anderson 29-Aug-1923   h/o Elizabeth Lee "Betty" 'O'hara
Standard, Elizabeth Lee 10-Dec-1929   Elizabeth Lee "Betty" O'hara w/o Anderson Standard
Standard, George Harvey ??-???-1899 ??-???-1955 h/o Louise Sutton
Standard, Louise S. ??-???-1900 ??-???-1968 Louise Sutton w/o George H. Standard
Standard, Margaret Thurmond 4-Feb-1912 18-Jan-1990 Buried on Thurmond plot
Stribling, Alex B. 1-Apr-1931 16-Jan-1970  
Stribling, Clarence ??-???-1921 ??-???-1957  
Stribling, Clyde 16-Jul-1899 2-May-1966 h/o Susie V. Thurmond
Stribling, Mattie H. 13-Jan-1870 24-Oct-1951 Mattie Hinton w/o Rainey K. Stribling
Stribling, Nora J. 24-Mar-1893 25-Nov-1954 Buried with Mattie & Rainey K. Stribling
Stribling, Rainey K. 29-Jul-1866 29-May-1945 h/o Mattie Hinton
Stribling, Susie V. 12-Jan-1900 20-Feb-1950 Susie V. Thurmond w/o Clyde Stribling
Sutton, Cora Frances 27-Jun-1905 23-May-1918 d/o Mr & Mrs W. L. Sutton
Sutton, Hattie L. 04-Mar-1867 27-Jul-1923 Hattie Lou Wynn w/o Walter Lee Sutton
Sutton, Jessie Estelle 10-Apr-1902 28-Jan-1971 d/o Mr & Mrs W. L. Sutton
Sutton, Nell 08-Jan-1898 3-Jun-1988 d/o Mr & Mrs W. L. Sutton
Sutton, Walter Lee 15-Aug-1863 4-Apr-1947 h/o Hattie Lou Wynn
Thurmond, Annie S. ??-???-1892 ??-???-1959  
Thurmond, Belle Knox 07-Nov-1885 25-Jan-1969 Belle Knox w/o James C. Thurmond
Thurmond, Bessie T. ??-???-1878 ??-???-1929 Bessie Turner w/o J. Ben Thurmond
Thurmond, Clem ??-???-1921 ??-???-1973  
Thurmond, Eddie 16-Jan-1894 15-Jun-1971  
Thurmond, Emma M. 10-May-1922   
Thurmond, Estelle J. ??-???-1921   
Thurmond, Frances W. ??-???-1889 ??-???-1975 Frances "Fannie" Walton w/o Robert L. Thurmond
Thurmond, Infant Son ??-???-1913 ??-???-1913 Inf s/o Mr & Mrs R. L. Thurmond
Thurmond, Isabella F. 28-Nov-1906 28-Apr-1986 Isabella F. ? w/o Robert Thurmond
Thurmond, J. Ben ??-???-1867 ??-???-1946 h/o Bessie Turner
Thurmond, James Cordon 21-Mar-1882 12-Mar-1961 h/o Belle Knox
Thurmond, John Knox 19-Mar-1910 14-Jun-1971 s/o James C. & Belle Knox Thurmond
Thurmond, Ralph ??-???-1929 ??-???-1947  
Thurmond, Robert 12-Feb-1900   h/o Isabella F. ?
Thurmond, Robert Lee ??-???-1885 ??-???-1932 h/o Frances "Fannie" Walton
Thurmond, Susan M. 04-Jan-1839 12-Apr-1920 Susan R. Moon w/o W. A. Thurmond
Thurmond, W. A. 25-Sep-1839 14-Mar-1924 h/o Susan R. Moon
Thurmond, William "Tot" 10-Nov-1905 11-May-1988  
Tuggle, Hubert A. 16-Mar-1922 29-Jun-1972 s/o Ethel H. Matthews
Walton, Benjamin M. ??-???-1864 ??-???-1921 h/o Georgia A. Guin
Walton, Geogia G. ??-???-1869 ??-???-1950 Georgia A. Guin w/o Benjamin M. Walton
Walton, Nell A. ??-???-1898 ??-???-1981  
Walton, Thomas B. ??-???-1891 ??-???-1976  
Wheatley, John Sanders Jr 16-Oct-1888 1-Dec-1917 s/o John S. & Sarah J. Danner Wheatley Sr
Wheatley, Lucy J. ??-???-1926 ??-???-1929 d/o B. C. & L. M. Wheatley
Wheatley, Sarah 22-Jul-1854 17-Jan-1918 Sarah J. Danner w/o John Sanders Wheatley Sr
Wolfe, Johnnie C. 1-May-1918 30-Jul-1990 h/o 'Mazel L. ?
Wolfe, Mazel L. 23-Sep-1926   Mazel L. ? w/o Johnnie C. Wolfe
Wolfe, Samuel B. 20-Mar-1879 18-Sep-1934 h/o Zoie L. Aycock
Wolfe, Zoie L. 21-Oct-1880 23-Apr-1927 Zoie L. Aycock w/o Samuel B. Wolfe
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