The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Found among original papers, compared with Marriage Book 1792-1832, and only those not recorded therein prior to Sept. 1, 1832 were taken. Arranged alphabetically as to mens names.

ANDERSON, John and Margarett Deerin, Mar. 31, 1796. Jas. Lackey, Sec. Acknowledged in Registers Office.
BILLINGSLEA, Francis and Jane Vardeman. Marriage contract all property to be divided among the heirs of each, and not to go to each other. Dec. 21, 1797. John Ringo, Stephen Evans and Winston Bennett, Sec.
BLALOCK, David and Peggy Florence, Mar. 11, 1796. Andrew Wells, Sec.
BALDWIN, John and Rachel Welborn, Jan. 25, 1796.
BROWN, Philip and Sarah Thurman, Mar. 24, 1796. Thos. Wootten, Sec.
BUCHANAN, David and Elizabeth Cunningham, Feb. 17, 1796. Elijah Reeves, Sec.
BREWER, Barrett and Melindy Pollard, Feb. 12, 1794. John Hammell, Sec.
BURROUGHS, Acquilla and Peggy Parks, Dec. 6, 1792, Joseph Echols, Sec.
BROWN, Charles M., and Betsy Tillory, Feb. 20, 1792. Jas. Rutledge, Sec.
CALLAWAY, Joshua and Salley Smith, Jan. 9, 1793. Jos. Callaway, Sec.
CLEMENT, John and Mrs. Jane Robertson, Jun. 22, 1792. Consent of Thomas Robertson for himself and wife.
DARDEN, Buckner and Maria Harper, Apr. 17, 1800. Copy from Judge of Probate of Pickering Co., Terr. of Miss.
GOODE, William and Elizabeth Conner, Jan. 18, 1796.
GUNNALS, Willis and Elizabeth Akins, Jan. (???)1800. Note of consent from her father Thos. Akins.
GENTRY, James of Lincoln Co. Ga., acknowledgement of his marriage to Elizabeth Chavis, only surviving heir of Elizabeth Chavis, late of

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Wilkes Co. dec'd. and to have in hand $130.00 received from Jas. McLain, Admr. Jul. 4, 1800. Philip Zimmerman and Stephen Harnsberger. Test.
GUISE, Peter and Polly Lewis, Dec. 31, 1794. John Crosson, Sec.
GRESHAM, John and Martha Williams Scott, Feb. 12, 1794. Jas. Gresham, Sec. Acknowledged in the Registers Office.
GEORGE, Travis and Diana Greere, Feb. 22, 1796.
GHOLSON, Dabney and Polly Bullock, Dec. 24, 1793. Wm. Pollard and Thos. Goodwin, Sec.
HURLEY, David and Mary Green, Jan. 29, 1800. Jas. Hurley, Sec.
HOLT, Richard and Sally Groce, Aug. 15, 1794. Sally testifies she is of age, and has no objection to marry Mr. Richard Holt.
HITCHCOCK, James and Nancy Davis. Note of consent from Jonathan Davis for Jas. Hitchcock to take out license to marry his dau Nancy Davis. Jul. 22, 1799.
HENDLEY, Darby and Sarah Slayden, Aug. 23, 1792. John Henley, Sec.
HICHE, Thomas and Winney Bugg, dau of John Bugg, Feb. 27, 1792. John Morgan, Sec.
HUDGENS, John and Peggy McNight, Sep. 29, 1792.
JINNINGS, Robert and Mary Phips, Sep. 4, 1794. Samuel Phar, Sec.
JORDAN, Fleming and Martha Gaines Moore, Jun. 12, 1792. Note of consent from her father John Moore.
LOVING, John note to Edwin Mounger, Clk. to send his marriage license by Maj. Ryan, brides name not given. Feb. 25, 1796.
LAYSON, James and Elizabeth Williams, Apr. 23, 1794. Oliver Layson, Sec. Acknowledged in Registers Office.
LINGO, William and Susannah Welcher, Jan. 16, 1796. Jos. Welcher, Sec.
NORRIS, William and Nancy Watkins dau of Rhease Watkins, Feb. 6, 1792. Needham Norris and Moses Watkins, Sec.
PEACOCK, Robert and Mary Paxton, Mar. 12, 1796. Note of consent from Mary's grandmother Ellenor Shannon.
PARKS, James and Pheby Hodge (This should be Hogue), Nov. 6, 1793. Jonathan Hodge, Sec.
RAY, Solomon and Jane Echols, Apr. 5, 1796. Lewis Hammock, Sec.
ROBINS, William and Pattey Johnson, May 1, 1794. John Wylie, Sec.
SHANNON, Owen and Margit Montgomery, order of John Montgomery to send license by bearer, Lewis Salmonds, Oct. 22, 1792.
SHAW, James and Sarah Tillory, Feb. 14, 1792. Samuel Jones and Jos. Prather, Sec.
TRAPP, Joseph and Winny Thornton, Feb. 2, 1792. Note of consent from Cornelius Cohron, calling Winny his dau-in-law.
TUCKER, Isaiah and Sarah Gibson, Oct. 5, 1793. John Gibson, Sec.
WADE, William and Elizabeth Harper, Mar. 7, 1796. Note of consent from Elizabeth's mother Judith Harper.
WILBORN, Ezekiel and Peggy Striblin, Nov. 5, 1792.

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Following marriages from 1806 to 1816 are certified and returned by the J. P. or minister who performed the ceremony. None of record except such as are so marked.

DUNCAN, William and Polly Moran, Sep. 5, 1809. John Lee, J. P.
NOLLEY, Barksdale and Tabitha Williams, Feb. 23, 1809. Thos. Anderson, J. P.
NELMS, James and Nancy Going, Nov. 22, 1810. Andrew B. Stephens, J. P.
OWENS, Thomas and Lucy Tool, Aug. 19, 1806. Mark Anthony, J. P.
OGLETREE, Edmond and Martha Sanders, Jun. 22, 1815. Wm. Simpson, J. P.
POUNDS, William and Nancy Slayden, Dec. 27, 1808, John Lee, J. P.
POSS, Christopher and Esther Phoenis, Sep. 26, 1808. Samuel Brooks, J. P.
PULLIN, Pleasant and Darcus Griffin, Oct. 6, 1808. Chas. Smith, J. P.
PULLIN, Joseph and Susannah Ford, Apr. 5, 1809. Chas. Smith, J. P.
PARKER, Stephen and Elizabeth Ridley, Jun. 20, 1809. Wm. M. Kain, J. P.
PULLIN, Jacob and Harriott Slack, Dec. 21, 1809. John G. Bailey, J. P.
PARKS, Lewis and Catherine Cooksey, Jan. 3, 1809. Thos. Anderson, J. P.
PULLIN, Abraham and Liddey Freeman, Aug. 15, 1810. Chas. Smith, J. P.
PASCHALL, Samuel and Fanny Gresham, Feb. 15, 1810. Thos. Lesley, J. P.
PULLIN, Thomas and Mary Woolbright, Oct. 11, 1810. Chas. Smith, J. P.
PERKINS, Isaac and Hannah Guest, Oct. 28, 1810. Wm. Jones, J. P.
PORDER (PODA), Andrew and Nancy Dudley, Apr. 9, 1815. Obadiah Flournoy, J. P.
PITTMAN, Michael and Frances Williams, Dec. 20, 1815. Arch'd. Gresham. J. P.
PETEET, Chenoth and Martha Evans, Mar, 23, 1815. Jesse Mercer.
POPE, Henry and Urany Callaway, May 6, 1816. Richard J. Willis, J. P.
PORTWOOD, Howard and Tempe Phillips, Sep. 7, 1815. Arch'd Gresham, J. P.
RENDER, Christopher and Elizabeth Wilkerson, Dec. 6, 1806. by John Robertson.
RUDDLE, Abraham and Harriett Montfort, Nov. 21, 1806, no date of marriage.
ROBERTS, Nelson and Betsey Johnson, Aug. 15, 1806. Chas. R. Carter, J. P.
ROREY, John and Nancy Webster, May 18, 1806. Solomon Thornton, J. P.
REYNOLDS, Matthew and Elizabeth Jarrell, Dec. 26, 1808. John Rumbley, J. P.
RUDDLE, Andrew and Lean Reviere, Dec. 18, 1808. Llewellen Evans.
RUSSELL, Benjamin and Elizabeth Curry, Jan. 26, 1809. Benj. Talliaferro, J. P.
RAINEY, William and Patsy Wilson, Oct. 9, 1809.
RUNNELLS, George and Rachel Johnson, Nov. 4, 1809. Shelton Wellborn, J. P.
RIDDLE, Anderson and Dorothy Pope, Feb. 15, 1809. Chas. Smith, J. P.
RICH, William and Sarah Barron, Dec. 10, 1810. Nicholas Sheats, J. P.

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RICHERSON, Abraham and Susannah Ogletree, Feb. 4, 1810. Edward Gresham, J. P.
RAMSEY, Noe and Elizabeth Dearing, Dec. 14, 1810. Jas. Render, J. P.
RODES, Allen and Mima Rodes, Nov. 30, 1810. Wm. Jones, J. P.
RANEY, Edmund and Phoebe Slayton, Mar. 26, 1812. Wm. Evans, J. P.
RAGLAND, Hudson and Priscilla Clower, Feb. 6, 1811. M. Newton, J. P.
Issued Jan. 24, 1811 by A. Wright, C. C. O., Jefferson Co. and copy certified by him Jul. 1, 1820.
ROBINSON, William and Betsy T. Anthony, May 3, 1814. Henry Reid, V. D. M.
RUCKER, Fielding and Louisa Stallings, Jul. 13, 1815. Bolling Anthony, J. P.
REEVES, William and Polly Hensey, Dec. 23, 1815. Jesse Mercer, V. D. M.
RUSSELL, Jesse and Lucinda Fin, Mar. 22, 1816. Thos. Lasley, J. P.
REEVES, Tyre and Elizabeth Harper, Apr. 25, 1816. Malachi Reeves, V. D. M.
RUDDELL, George and Fanny Foster, May 8, 1816. John Roberson.
TREWET (TRUITT?), John and Sarah Shorter, Issued by D. Terrell, Clk. Nov. 19, 1817. Returned Nov. 20, 1817, John Faver, J. P., he certifying he performed the marriage the latter date. Recorded in Book of Marriages 1806-34., by John Dyson, 1813, as having issued the license, and returned by John Faver above date.
WARD, Joseph and Sarah Petee, Marriage contract, Geo. Walton, trustee signed Feb. 6, 1810. Recorded in Clk. of Superior Court's office Book "B B B" pp. 241-244, Oct. 29, 1816.