The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


McLEAN, BETSEY dec'd. Apprmt of est May 20, 1803, Jesse Stallings, admr. Slave Silvey sold to Jesse Stallings, is all. Returns 1804 paid Jesse McLean his legacy in full.

McCLEAN, JAMES, dec'd. John McClean, excr. Returns Mar. 1805 paid Robt. Stamps and Jas. Ware's legacies. Receipt of Jas. Ware for slave Priscilla and her child Nicholas left to my wife Mary by the will Jan. 1805. Wm. G. Gilbert app temp admr Dec. 29, 1810, permt. Mar. 4, 1811.

McLENDON, LEWIS dec'd. Petition of Lewis Irons, admr of Jas. Holderness, dec'd Mar. 28, 1805 that he has sustained damage of Lewis McLendon and Cynthia his wife, formerly Cynthia Holderness relict of McKinney Holderness, dec'd. Interrogatories to be submitted to John Pratt, Richard Vernon and Turbefield Barnes. Richard Vernon of Rockingham Co. N. C. said he knew Jas. Holderness from 1771 till he left N. C., knew he had only two children, McKinney Holderness and a dau Charlotte who married Lewis Irons, given Oct. 20, 1808. John May and Alex. Sneed, J. P.s of Rockingham Co. N. C. declare Oct. 20, 1808 that Turbeville Barnes has left the county. (See Holderness).

McLENDON, ISAAC dec'd. Inv. and sale Jan. 8, 1829, Jas. Walker, admr. Francis Simpson, Wm. Willis, Medad McClendon purchasers.

MITCHELL, THOMAS dec'd. Inv. Apr. 25, 1788, horse, household goods. Geo. Dooly, Thos. Bibb, Jas. Hughes, apprs. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 140-141.

MILLIGAN, JOSEPH dec'd. John Milligan app temp admr de bonis non Oct. 15, 1799. Evans Long and John Parks, Sec.

MILLIGAN, BAPTIST dec'd. Jane and Wm. Milligan, admrs. Warrant of apprmt Aug. 3, 1803.

MINOR, JOHN M., dec'd Warrant of apprmt Aug. 3, 1807, Joel Abbott, temp admr. Returns of sale May 7, 1810, bay horse, saddle and wearing apparel. John Griffin, admr. Returns 1812 settlement of judgments obtained.

MUSE, GEORGE dec'd. Elizabeth Muse app admx Nov. .....1809. Wyche Jackson, Sec. Inv. Jan. 10, 1810, slaves Judy and Solomon listed. Presley Ruckers acct for tuition for one pupil 1809. Sale of above named slaves by order of court Dec. 4, 1810, both bought by Elizabeth.

MENDENGHALL, MARMADUKE dec'd. Warrant of apprmt May 1, 1797, Alce Mendenghall, admx. Warrant of apprmt Feb. 22, 1798 Jos. Evans

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and Wm. Berry, admrs. Receipt of Ignatius Semmes, M. D. for services to Mrs. Elce Mendenghall, dec'd, Dec. 2, 3 and 4th, 1797. Paid doctors bill for dec'd wid, nursing the young child. Receipt signed Nov. 7, 1798. Jos. Evans, admr. Returns for 1799, paid Cam Thomas, gdn $213.00, paid Nathan Stubbs, gdn $213.00. 850 acres rented for benefit of family. Bond of Jos. Evans as gdn of John, James, Marmaduke and Hannah Mendenghall orphs of Marmaduke Mendenghall, dec'd. Jul. 9, 1799. Bond of Nathan Stubbs, gdn of Elijah Mendenghall Jul. 9, 1799. Elijah Mendenghall's receipt Dec. 15, 1805 for money as gdn of John, James and Marmaduke Mendenghall, orphs of Marmaduke Mendenghall, dec'd.

MOSELY, BENJAMIN dec'd. Winny Mosely, excx. Receipts of Jonathan Mosely and Edward Coodey Jan. 10, 1797 to Wm. and Winny Mosely, excrs.

MULIEDAY, THOMAS dec'd est. Division of slaves Apr. 16, 1829. Thos., Patrick and Jas. Turley distributees.

MERCER, SILAS dec'd est. Jesse Mercer, admr. Returns for 1805 paid Herman Mercer legatee, paid Dorcas Mercer dower. Returns for 1806 paid Dorcas and Daniel Mercer legatees. Receipts in full of Dorcas, Daniel, Hermon and Morier Mercer and Wm. Robertson in right of his wife Ann, legatees 1808. Receipt of Thos. Grant, Jan. 1799 in part of his store account with me it being in part of the est of Silas Mercer, dec'd. Receipt of Joshua Mercer in full for his legacy Oct. 22, 1810.

MURRAY, THOMAS dec'd. Sarah Murray and Robinson Hendon app admrs. Feb. 16, 1792. Richard Hartsfield, Sec. Warrant of apprmt same date. Nathaniel Bridges, Godfrey Hartsfield, Anthony Olive, Isham, Thos. and Wm. Hendon, apprs. Warrant of apprmt. Oct. 27, 1797, Wm. Langham, admr. Francis Godin, John M., John and Robt. Carter, Benj. Branham, Bernard Kelly, Wm. Macklin and Ambrose Carmon, apprs. Receipt of Wm. Murray Dec. 29, 1806 to Sarah Murray and Robinson Hendon, admrs for $239.75 "my own sister Lucy Freeman, and sister Sally Hendon's part as legatees being the price of a slave Edmond, and balance of the land whereon I now live." Also $198.00 paid of the proceeds of sale of the above land. Receipt of Thos. Murray Dec. 2, 1811 to Sarah Murray and Robinson Hendon, admrs for his share in full. Receipt of Benj. Turner Mar. 22, 1799 in right of his wife Elizabeth to Robinson Hendon, admr of Thos. Murray, dec'd for his part of the est of Sarah Murray wid of Thos. dec'd. Receipt of John Murray Sept. 21, 1812 to Sarah Johnson late Sarah Murray and Robinson Hendon in full of his distributive share. Returns for 1804 of Sarah Murray, admx, land sold to Absolom Grainger for $90.00. Paid Sarah Murray her third, $30.00 and each legatees part $10.00. Receipt of Sarah Murray for $10.00 and for $70.75 "in full of my right in the est." Receipt of Wm. Murray for $10.00 and

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of Elizabeth Turner for $10.00, all as their part of land sold, signed Mar. 11, 1803.

MURRAY, DAVID, Sr. dec'd. Wm. Murray app admr Jul. 24, 1797, John Talbot, Sec. Warrant of apprmt same date. Felix Gilbert, Thos. And Matthew Talbot, Evans Long and Jos. Nicholson, apprs. Inv. Aug. 10, 1797. Dr. Joel Abnott's bill for visits Jun. 6 & 7, 1797. Note of David Murray, Sr. and Wm. Murray to Felix Gilbert made Jan. 1, 1793. Note of David Murray and Hugh Middleton of Ga. and S. C. to Henry Ware, Sr. and Jr.,, excrs of John Garrott, dec'd signed Jan. 17, 1785 due Feb. 1786 for L8. Paid his proportionate part by Wm. Murray, admr 1798. Paid Jos. Nicholson $3.00 for coffin.

MURRAY, ISAAC vs Carlton Welborn. Georgia Lincoln Co. By virtue of a commission from Superior Court of Wilkes Co., we have caused Margaret Jeter and Frances Gartrell to come before us to answer interrogatories in above case Aug. 16, 1825. Margaret Jeter says she was present at the marriage of Isaac Murray and Matilda Gartrell, she heard Jos. Gartrell father of Matilda Murray give Matilda slaves Martha, Davy and Ned a few weeks after their marriage, the day that Isaac Murray moved from the house of his father-in-law Jos. Gartrell, and my father Francis Gartrell, my first husband Jere. Gartrell, Jos. and John Gartrell were present as witnesses. Jos. Gartrell the father asked that Martha and Ned be left with him till he paid a debt to Abram Simons, and Davy as long as Jos. lived. I remember Isaac Murray did receive from his father-in-law Jos. Gartrell three slaves, a woman and her two children about the time he started to move to Tenn., may be the same day, sometime in July 1814. I was present, but heard no conditions that said slaves were to be returned at any time. Francis Gartrell says he (or she) was present and called on by my brother Jos. Gartrell to witness the gift of three slaves, Martha and her two boys Ned and Davy, that he wished to keep the first two till he paid Abram Simons and Davy may be during his life as a mill boy. This was soon after the marriage of Isaac Murray and Matilda Gartrell and the day they started to Tenn. in June 1814. Joseph gave them three slaves independent of the above named and no conditions of returns made.

MOUNGER, HENRY dec'd. Edwin Mounger, Nathaniel Willis and Benj. Catching app admrs Apr. 9, 1795. Warrant of apprmt same date, Jas. Borin, West Harris, Wm. Morgan, Gilbert Hay, Peter Terrell and Jas. Wright, apprs. Gilbert Hay's medical account. Visiting Mrs. Mounger, Thos. Betsy, Lucy, Nancy and Jenny 1790. Visiting these and Miss Sydney Mounger 1791, 1792, 1793, Edwin 1793 all these and James 1794. Sworn to 1798, receipt given 1800. Receipts Mrs. Kirkwood for blacksmiths work in blacksmiths shop in Washington, 1794, of Peter Ware for cooperage 1794, Jonathan Downey for carpenter work 1793-94, Robt. Hammock for taking up a stray steer 1798. John

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Colley's receipt for burning 13000 brick and making small stack of chimneys for the office and one large outside chimney and brick oven 1792. Mrs. Rhody Rakestraw's bill of shoes 1793. Account of John Hoskins Dec. 27, 1800 for looking up a tract of land in Hancock Co., property of said est. Account of Henry Mounger to est of Peter Stubblefield, dec'd Mar. 3, 1789, "To part of a Mason Supper and drink and candles, 9s. 4d." Paid to E. Long, Apr. 26, 1796. Return of Thos. Mounger, gdn of Henry Harris Mounger, minor, one negro girl 12 years old, notes of David Terrell for hire 1800. Account of property of Lucy Mounger in hands of David Terrell, gdn, one negro woman Chloe and child Charlot. Hire for 1799 due from John Hunton. Returns of Edwin Mounger, admr for 1795-96. His expenses to N. C. and cost of suit in Montgomery Co. N. C., paying surveyor etc. David Murray, Jr's. affidavit that Henry Mounger, dec'd owes him $3.00 Aug. 6, 1795, Thos. Murray, test. Paid the above to David Murray of Lincoln Co.

MAXWELL, THOMAS dec'd. Henry Hill, admr. Returns for 1817, paid for citation etc. Petition of Betsy Maxwell, wid, William, James, Margaret, Catharine and Elizabeth Maxwell, sons and daus to divide 425 acres on Long creek July 1818. Also signed by Henry Hill, admr of Wiley Maxwell, dec'd, and Anderson Estes. Receipt of Elizabeth Maxwell wid of Thos. Maxwell, dec'd for her part of cash and lands of the est; of Elizabeth, Margaret, James, William and Catharine Maxwell sons and daus of said dec'd Oct. 30, 1819, all received over $500.00.

MAXWELL, MARGARET dec'd. Thos. Maxwell app gdn of Wylie Maxwell orph of Margaret Sept. 2, 1816.

MAXWELL, WYLIE dec'd. Inv. Jan. 15, 1835 Eliza Maxwell, admx. Sale Jan. 11, 1836, Jas. Arnold, admr. Returns Jas. Arnold gave his note to N. C. Maxwell for $4870.00 which was in full of distributive share Jan. 1, 1852. Div. of slaves Jan. 11, 1836 several to Jas. Arnold in right of his wife Eliza Maxwell now Eliza Arnold, several to Nancy Callaway Maxwell, only distributees mentioned. Returns Jas. Arnold, gdn of Nancy C. Maxwell board for 1836-40. To cash from est W. Maxwell $3420.97.

MORRIS. WILLIAM, guardian of Jacob Edwards son of John Edwards, dec'd, receipt to Sanders Walker, excr for $90.00 Mar. 7, 1803.

MORRIS, ESAAC dec'd. Wm. Gresham app admr Mar. 7, 1831.

MATTHEWS, WILLIAM dec'd. Inv. Oct. 13, 1804. Household goods and cattle.

MATTHEWS, ROBERT dec'd. Polly and Solomon Matthews app admrs Mar. 5, 1805. Timothy Matthews and Elisha Smallwood, Sec. Inv. shows slaves Willis, Toney, Fed and several not named, household goods etc.

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MATTHEWS, MARY dec'd. Timothy Matthews app admr Mar. 5, 1805. Solomon and Polly Matthews, Sec. Inv. Mar. 17, 1803, 1 slave man, 1 horse and a note for $500.00.

MATTHEWS, GEORGE W., dec'd. Bedford Cade, admr. Inv. Dec. 1, 1834. Half of a stock of goods on hand.

MASON, JOHN dec'd. Nancy Mason, app admx Feb. 4, 1799. Daniel Evans and Patrick Shannon, Sec. Inv. next day, horse, saddle, household goods. Receipt of David Mason to his gdn Jas. Kinman for $124.00 "from my fathers est."

MASON, MARY D., dec'd. David E. Mason, admr. Warrant of apprmt May 6, 1822.

MAHONEY, WILLIAM dec'd. Mary Mahoney app admx Dec. 11, 1795. Geo. Mahoney, and Lott House, Sec. Sale Nov. 16, 1802 Mary Mahoney, excx. Mary, Jas., and Geo. Mahoney purchasers.

MADDOX, RICHARD J., dec'd. John Favor, admr. Returns for 1822 paid for citation. Returns for 1823 paid Sheriff for writ of partition, not found.

MATTOX, CHARLES dec'd. Amelia C. Mattox app admx Mar. 9, 1830. Robt. Thompson, Jesse Clark, Jas. H. Flynt and Jas. Morgan, Sec. Returns 1831 paid John Mattox and Sarah Ray distributees. Land sold 1831, $90.00. Land in Marion Co., Dec. 1831, $10.00

MARTAINE, BETSY dec'd. Inv. Oct. 27, 1784, trunk, mare etc. Ambrose Downs, John Herenton, Thos. Harinton, apprs. On the outside "Geo. Martins Inv. Recorded in Book B. folio 22."

MARTIN, BENJAMIN dec'd est. Stephen Martin, admr. Returns 1803 "paid my expenses to Va. on business for the est." Stephen Martin, gdn of Yearby Martin, returns for 1804 hire of slave Milly, paid tuition and board. Beverly Martin to Stephen Martin his part of a tract of land on which Benj. Martin lived at his decease, about 120 acres for $360.00, 1805.

MARTIN, WILLIAM dec'd. Inv. Jan. 16, 1822. Acct of sales 1822 John Parks, admr. Returns of Lewis Parks, excr of John Parks, dec'd of papers not returned by John Parks in his life time from 1823 to 1827, returned 1829. Paid James, Wm., Ganaway and Phoeby Martin their legacies. Paid John Gresham and Jas. Anderson their wives legacies. Paid Wm. Martin, gdn of Eliza Martin her legacy, paid Martin Webster, gdn of John Martin his legacy. Receipt of Jos. Bell to Ganaway Martin, admr of Wm. Martin, Sr. dec'd $50.00 for board of Lucinda Martin for 1822. Receipt of John Dozier to John Parks and Ganaway Martin, admrs of Wm. dec'd for John Martin's board 1822.

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MARTIN, GANAWAY, dec'd. Samuel Webster app admr with will annexed Mar. 7, 1831.

MILLER, JOHN P. dec'd. est Joshua Starr, admr. Receipts of John Miller, and Elizabeth Miller for part of their legacies and of Geo. Darden, gdn of Stephen Miller for his legacy Dec. 11, 1818. Receipt in full of Stephen Miller to Geo. Darden, gdn Nov. 4, 1821. Receipt of Elizabeth Miller, gdn of Lemuel Miller to John Miller, gdn for board 1825. Receipts of Elizabeth, John and Samuel Miller in full of their legacies 1820. Returns for 1820 sold Lot 57, 7th Dist. Jones Co. Returns of Daniel Shruptine gdn of Betsy Miller for 1825, hats etc paid for. John Miller, gdn of Nicholas Miller, paid Elizabeth Miller for his board 1826. Paid Elizabeth 1822 for attendance on him with white swelling. Receipt of Nicholas to John in full for his distributive share Feb. 5, 1828. Return of John Miller, gdn of Jacob Miller, board 1822-23. Receipt of Jacob Miller to John Miller, gdn Mar. 22, 1827 for $983.00 his part in full of his fathers est. Returns of John Miller, gdn of Lemuel Miller for 1822-24 26-28 clothes etc.

MILLER, SAMUEL of Greene Co., to Lewis Miller of Wilkes Co. 250 acres on Little river. Apr. 15, 1805. John Hendrick, Samuel Miller, Test.

MILLER, SEABORN R., dec'd. John Lee app admr Nov. 16, 1830.

MALLORY, JOHN W., dec'd. Geo. H. and Stephen S. Mallory sons of dec'd bound to Stephen H. Mallory. No date or test.

MALLORY, WILLIAM dec'd. Thos. P. Mallory excr. Mary Mallory representing herself to be the wid of said dec'd, asking for division. Thos. P. admits that Wm. Mallory died Jul. 18, 1825, but denies he left a wid. by the name of Mary. That he qualified as excr Oct. 25, 1825. That slaves bequeathed for life to the then wife Lucy, now wid. he turned over to her, she giving bond, otherwise they might be removed etc, that he has already paid Lucy her legacies in full as shown by her receipts.

MILNER, WILLIS dec'd est. Receipt of Dr. Wm. G. Gilbert for attendance in 1790-91. Order of court to sell 250 acres in Oglethorpe Co. no date. Receipt of Salley Williams to John and Pitt Milner for 14 hogs for the purpose of raising the children of Willis Milner, dec'd. Return of John Milner, gdn of Simeon and John Milner July 1800, board for both for 7 years. Board tuition and clothes for 1800, $29.00, interest on their estates the same. Receipt in full of Simeon Milner Mar. 29, 1801; of Jack Milner Apr. 6, 1811 for their legacies. Jas. Ballard, John H. Milner, Test.

MURPHEY, FRANCIS dec'd. Richerson Booker, admr. Returns for 1815 paid Wiley A. B. Maughan for tuition, paid Lucy Murphey wid of dec'd $40.00. Returns 1817 paid Armstead and Lucy Murphy large sums. Richerson Booker, gdn of minors, paid Lucy Murphy board and

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clothes 1817-1821. The widow Lucy Murphy, his children Armstead, Wm., John and Almeda Murphy and Tabitha Poss, wife of Wm. Poss, vs Richerson Booker for a division. That Lucy, Francis and Frances are now of age and join the above suit Jun. 1, 1831.

MURPHEY, WILLIAM dec'd. John W Cooper and Obediah Flournoy appadmrs. Jul. 6, 1819. Return of sale of slaves Mar. 8, 1821 Eaton and Lucy to Elizabeth Murphey, Amy to Fanny Murphey, Paul to Samuel Flournoy. Petition of Elizabeth Murphey wid of Wm., dec'd for dower in 257 acres adj Wm. Todd upon which said Wm., dec'd resided, Apr. 10, 1821. 80 acres including the houses etc allotted to her.

MOSS, ALEXANDER dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Apr. 15, 1800. Philip Moss, temp admr. Inv. May 12, 1800 Slaves Ned, Hannah, Doll and Pen listed. Warrant of apprmt Aug. 1, 1800, Philip Moss, admr. Warrant of apprmt Aug. 1, 1800, John Moss and Garland Lane two of the admrs of Alex. Moss, dec'd. Copy of a note Alex. Moss and John Moss, Jr., of Fluvana Co. Va. to John Ware of Goochland Co. Va., 1565 pounds of tobacco for a loan of L31., Jun. 24, 1784. Thos. Massa, Jr., Jos. Lowry, Edmund Davis, Test. Paid Oct. 25, 1785 all except L6, which is paid Feb. 25, 1802 by John Moss one of the admrs of Alex. Moss, dec'd. Caveat of John Moss and Garland Lane July 1800 because Philip has wasted the est as temp admr and that they be app by request of other heirs and legatees.

MOSS, FLEMING dec'd. Alex. Moss, admr. Paid Mrs. Betty Rorie 1797 for a note made Nov. 3, 1795.

MOSS, PHILIP dec'd est. Sally Moss, admx. Note of Philip and Alex. Moss and Garland Lane to Philip Thurmond, admr of Benj Thurmond, dec'd for $1276.00 signed Dec. 27, 1796. Philip Moss obliges himself to the legatees of Benj. Thurmond that in case Samuel Bentley heir of Elizabeth Bentley, wife of Benj. Thurmond dies under age that his part of the est shall be returned back to be divided as it was bestowed to him Dec. 31, 1796. P. Moss receipt to Francis McLendon Jan. 25, 1799 in part of the tenth part of his wife's legacy of Benj. Thurmond's est. Receipt of Francis McLendon Aug. 2, 1803 "for the within sum of money on account of my wife's part of the within legacy."

MOSS, HENRY dec'd. David Allison, admr. Returns for 1816 Received of U. S. as per Joshua Clark, Paymaster, $31.48, also some clothing sold in service to the amount of $5.00.

MURPHY, WILLIAM dec'd. Elizabeth Murphy app gdn of Geo. B., Benj. W., Frances B., Thos. H., and Mary H. Murphy, his orphans.

MURPHEY, JOHN dec'd. Jas. and Martha Murphey, excrs. Warrant of apprmt Jul. 7, 1823.

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MONTFORT, JOHN dec'd. Jas. Montfort, admr. Pair of shoes bought for dau Mary Ann 1804. Jas. Montfort app. temp admr Dec. 4, 1804.

MORRISON, THOMAS dec'd. Frances Morrison app admx. Aug. 25, 1790. Jas. Morrison, Sec.

MAYO, VALENTINE, dec'd. Ann Mayo and Valentine Mayo, excrs. Warrant of apprmt Feb. 6, 1793. Jos. Morton, Thos. Hill, Thos. Reynolds, Burwell Brewer, Benj. Crowley, apprs.
(Note) In abstracting the recorded documents for Vol. 1 great pains were taken to have every name correct. The copyist who recorded this record took particular pain to put S instead of O. Please correct as above. See Vol. 1, p. 61)

MAY, JAMES dec'd. Lydia May app admx Dec. 14, 1789. Demsey Toler, Jos. Davidson, Sec.

MAYS, JOHN dec'd. Solomon Newsom, admr. Warrant of apprmt Sept. 5, 1785. Robt. Mosses, Jas. McCormack, Thos. Niel, Jos. McMath, John McDonald, apprs. Inv. Jul. 8, 1786 as shown to us by Capt. Solomon Newsom, admr. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 26.

MAYSE, PETER dec'd. Robt. Cogbill Burton app admr. Nov. 11, 1791. Thos. Shannon, Sec.

MARKS, JOHN dec'd. Lucy Marks, Nicholas Johnson and John Gilmer excrs. ordered to court to account for not making returns Mar. 5 1800.

MONTGOMERY, DAVID dec'd. David and Jas. Montgomery and John Heard app excrs Aug. 20, 1791.

MONTGOMERY, DAVID dec'd. Mary Montgomery, admx. Warrant of apprmt May 27, 1796. Returns Jan. 9, 1797. Paid subcription to the meeting house, paid Miles Beavers for finishing the dwelling house begun in David's lifetime, paid to get Ga. specie for the use of the family, paid for rails to fence the peach orchard. Receipt of Wm. Goode to Molly Montgomery for making coffin for her husband. Paid Sally Montgomery legacy $20.00. Paid six months tuition for the children, not named. Final settlement Dec. 22, 1797. Paid John L. Dunkin $75.00, paid Sally Montgomery legacy $20.00, Widows third $240.61, 6 children $80.20 each, not named.

MONTGOMERY, DAVID dec'd. Benj. Todd app admr May 7, 1810. John Ray and Robt. Deering, Sec. Inv. May 19, 1810. One black horse, saddle and bridle, one sword all the est. Stephen G. Heard bought the sword. Dr. Joel Abbott's bill for visits and medicine Nov. & Dec. 1809. Receipts of John Ray for settlement of notes given by David A. and John S. Montgomery to Benj. Todd, admr of David A. Montgomery, Paid poll tax of dec'd.

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MONTGOMERY, JONATHAN K., orphan of David Montgomery. Absolom Montgomery app gdn Jul. 5, 1813. Mary and David Montgomery, Sec. Bond of Absolom Montgomery on est of Jonathan Montgomery May 1, 1815. Returns 1815, receipts of Jas. White, Eli Robertson, Mary, Nancy and David Montgomery for their distributive shares of said estate.

MONTGOMERY, JAMES dec'd. Rebecca and David Montgomery app admrs Nov. 10, 1794. Thos. Brown and Caleb Todd, Sec. Inv. Slave Jack, one gun, household goods etc. John Abernethie, Stephen Heard, Peter Hoff, Epps Cheatham, apprs. Returns for 1795 tuition paid Thos. Hughes for two pupils 10 months in 1794. Received of est of David Montgomery, dec'd, L35 in 1795. Dr. Thompson Bird's account Sept.-Oct. 1794. Receipt of John Stewart for L12.-9s for James Montgomery's part of Class hire of him as a substitute in Capt. Brown's Co. 1794. Returns Aug. 2, 1797, one third of est paid the wid, the other two thirds to eleven legatees, not named. Returns Feb. 23, 1802, receipts of Edward B. Thomas and Hugh Lee for their distributive shares Feb. 1798. Receipts of Rebecca, Ester, Jas. and John S. Montgomery and Jency Minton for their distributive share in full. Rebecca Montgomery, admx.

MONTGOMERY, REBECCA dec'd. Michael L. Dent, admr. Warrant of apprmt Jan. 7, 1828. Returns for 1828. Paid Jas. Montgomery in part of his legacy. Paid E. B. Thomas and Wm. Murphey large sums 1829. Paid H. B. Montgomery on note. Returns for 1829 sold land in Dec. 1828 to Jane Minton, slave Jinny to Wm. Murphy. Paid S. A. Montgomery $15.00 in 1830.

MONTGOMERY, JOHN S., dec'd est. Jane Montgomery, admx. Returns for 1813, receipt of Gilbert Hay for part of a note said dec'd made to Prather, endorsed by Stephen Minton, Jr. by said Stephen to me 1812.

MOREMAN, THOMAS dec'd. John Moreman, excr (See will) Account of Jefferson Moreman for services rendered Jan.-Oct. 1835. Receipts of John B. Hammock, William, Rachel, Thos., Starns and Elijah Moreman, Jeremiah Frazer, John Sherrer for their legacies in full 1835. Receipts of C. W. and Jas. C. Moreman and John Michael for their legacies in full 1836. Receipt of Jefferson Moreman Dec. 1840 for his legacy in full except his part of a Gold lot in Cherokee Co. Returns for 1841 shows paid for dry goods etc for Miss Malinda Frances Moreman by John Moreman, excr. Wilkes Co. 177th, Dist. Wm. and John Moreman's affidavit that Joshua Burdett on May 17, 1827 did commit the act of bestiality on them between Lewis Crooks field and a pond. Joshua ordered to court.

MORGAN, THOMAS dec'd. Harmon Mercer app admr. Sept. 4, 1815.

MORGAN, LEMUEL H., dec'd. Sale Jun. 13, 1816.

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MADDIN, DENNIS dec'd. Richard Maddin app admr Nov. 24, 1798. JasDorough, Wm. Ashmore, Sec. Francis Billingslea, Sr., Spencer Branham, apprs. Slaves Sarah, Dinan, Nelly, Salley, Peter, Moses, Dilcey, Daniel and Cudjo. Returns for 1801, paid David Madden his legacy 1799. Paid Meredith Catchings his legacy (Anestacy Catchings just above his signature blotted). Paid Meredith Catchings atty for Isaac Wilkins his legacy. Paid Richard Maddin, admr his part $334.00 each. Receipt of Jeremiah Fletcher Aug. 1801 for his legacy in full.

MAUCK, JEPTHA orphan of Rachel Mauck, dec'd. Noah Lee app guardian. Jul. 1, 1811.

MAUCK, BARBARA now Barbara Hindley wid of Mathias Mauck, Sr. dec'd. to Mathias Mauck, Jr., her dower in 193 acres on Kettle creek whereon she and her dec'd husband resided, which land Mathias, Sr., conveyed to Elijah Deering Jul. 7, 1813. Signed by Jacob and Barbara Hindley.

MOORE, JONAS dec'd est. Receipts of Jas. Moore 1807. Asa Moore 1805-07, receipt of Etheldred Wood 1808 for his part of the personal est; of Jas. Briden for his wife's part 1807.

MOORE, JOHN dec'd. Mary Moore app admx Aug. 23, 1791, Elijah Christian, Sec. Inv. Sept. 11, 1791, Benj. Baldwin, Wm. Gray, Jas. Gresham, apprs. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 107.

MOORE, JOSEPH dec'd. Inv. no date. Slaves Frank and Sue, household goods. Wm. G. Gilbert, Lewis C. Davis, Robt. Killgore, apprs. Receipt of Chas. Crowley for his legacy in right of his wife Sarah, dau of said dec'd. Nov. 10, 1800. Receipt of Francis Gidden for his legacy by my intermarriage with the wid of said dec'd, no date, but returned Feb. 3, 1801. Receipt of Gipson Moore, legatee Jan. 12, 1802. Wm. Moore, admr.

MOORE, JOHN of Oglethorpe Co. Note to Francis Gordon for L22, Feb. 10, 1794. John Matthews, Test.

MOORE, WILLIAM, Deed of gift to his dau Sarah Corneilson of 116 acres adj John Routon, feather beds, horses, cattle, remainder of household furniture, dwelling house etc. If she died without heirs to return to said Moore. May 4, 1797. John Routon, Laban Rowden, Test. Account of Daniel Terondet to Col. Wm. Moore Jan. 1794 to Oct. 1795, "To sundries to Mrs. Rebertson per your order." Lodging for himself and horse and much whiskey and brandy.

MOORE, ELIZABETH late Elizabeth Cohron, petition of her and her husband Seth Moore for dower in the land of Jos. Cohron late of this county, dec'd. Dec. 16, 1822.

MOORE, JOHN dec'd est. Elizabeth Moore, admr. Paid Jacob Ray and Jas. Taylor large amounts, 1826. Receipt of Hugh Ward for tuition

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for Henry Moore 1825; of John W. Yancy for Hiram, Elizabeth, Tillman and Henry Moore 1827; of Robt. M. Williams for tuition for Jackson and Nancy Moore 1829.

MOORE, BARNARD dec'd. Augustus H. Gibson app admr Dec. 1, 1829.

MOORE, HILL dec'd. Dr. Waters McJunkin and John H. Moore app admrs Mar. 1, 1830. Elizabeth Moore bought most of household goods. John and Jas. Moore purchasers. Elizabeth Moore app gdn of Geo., Wm., and Isaac Moore orphs of Hill Moore, dec'd, Mar. 7, 1831. John H. and Jas. Moore, Sec.

NEWSOM, SOLOMON dec'd. John Newsom and Robt. Moses, planters app admrs Oct. 4, 1790.

NORTHERN, WILLIAM, dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Sept. 6, 1819. Caleb Simmons, admr.

NEWBY, JESSE, dec'd. Abner Tatom app admr Jan. 17, 1791. John Tatom, Sec. Wm. Tatom, Test.

NIGHTINGALE, JOHN, dec'd of Camden Co. Warrant of apprmt Jul. 4, 1808. Jas. Seagroves, Asa Holton, Chas. Floyd, apprs testify that Jos. Bevan, admr has not produced any property, nor do we know of any in this Co. (Camden)

NICHOLSON, BENJAMIN dec'd. Adam Jones and Arthur Fort, excrs of will, bond as admrs, Wm. West, Sec. (???)1790. Inv. Oct. 16, 1790, Wm. West, Thos. Jones, Timothy Lee, apprs. Horse, saddle, cattle, hogs and household goods. Recorded in Book "L L" page 13. Listed in Index as Ben. Nicholls.

NOLAND, GEORGE dec'd est. Walter Billingslea, admr. Receipt of Avery Noland in full of my share of my father Geo. Noland's est. Nov. 1810. Receipt of Pearce Noland in full of his share Dec. 1810.

NELSON, ELEANOR dec'd. Thompson Coleman app admr Mar. 7, 1831. Jas. R. Kendrick, Sec. John Coleman app admr de bonis non Mar. 5, 1832. Receipt of Wm. West, excr of John M. West, dec'd, for the amount due my father John M. West from said est Apr. 29, 1834. Receipt of John Wilson in full of legacy of his mother Lucy Wilson per Jas. C. Key, Apr. 28, 1834. A note from him to Mr. Coleman asking that he send his mother's (Lucy Wilson est) from the est of Grandmother Nelson by Jas. Key who will show you a copy of the will of my mother which will be more satisfactory, Apr. 26, 1834. Signed John Wilson, excr of Lucy Wilson, dec'd. Place of residence not given.

NELSON, JOHN, orphan of Wm. Nelson, dec'd. Samuel B. Head app gdn May 4, 1812.

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NORMAN, ELIJAH dec'd. Sale Jun. 25, 1827 Mrs. Eleanor Norman principal purchaser. Wm. B. Norman, admr.

NORMAN, HUGH dec'd. Lewis Norman, admr. Receipt of Jas. Hinton; of John Hinton and wife Betsy Hinton; of Jesse Norman for himself and for Norman Pope's distributive shares, 1803-1804. Receipts of Wm. Baird, 1801, of Jas. Mosely, 1802, of John Landrum, 1802 for tuition of Norman Pope, and of Peter Curry for his board 1802, of John H. Foster for his tax 1799, all to Jesse Norman. Receipt of Edwin Mounger 1798 for letters of guardianship to Jesse Norman, orph not named.

NORMAN, LEWIS dec'd est. Inv. Jan. 4, 1819 Isabella Norman and Wm. Saffold, admrs. John Perry's receipt for tuition 1819. Account of Dr. Daniel Bruckner for nine months attendance to Oct. 1819. Division of est Dec. 27, 1820 on a petition of Wm. Saffold and Jas. Tole, admrs.

NORMAN, TERRESE E., and Richard H. Norman, John D. Hinton, gdn allowed to make returns to Coweta Co. court having taken out letters of guardianship. No date, but after 1827.

OXFORD, EDWARD dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Mar. 5, 1795. Jonathan Oxford sworn excr of last will of said dec'd. Returns Sept. 1, 1800, nothing paid out or taken in, and that the est remains in his hands and his mothers (not named) except the legacies paid Moses Wade, Elizabeth and Edward Oxford, as per receipts herewith, (not found).

O'NEAL, JOHN dec'd. Inv. Dec. 8, 1794. Jas. McLean, admr, Stern Simmons, Sec. Inv. Jul. 26, 1800 of articles sold by Jas. McLean, admr. Receipt of John O'Neal Dec. 2, 1791 to Jesse Cox in part of a judgement obtained against Mary Aycock, $15.00 acknowledged to be paid to the said O'Neal by Burwell Aycock. Nathan O'Neal to John O'Neal 1794 to one gelding. John O'Neal proves this account before Noyal Nelms, J. P., Dec. 30, 1800, John indorses it to Wootten O'Neal Jan. 1, 1800, John Sr., orders it paid to Edmond O'Neal Mar. 15, 1803, and Edmond signs receipt to Wm. Stevens Oct. 5, 1803 for the amount.

O'NEAL, NATHAN dec'd est. Acct of John Hester for smith work in 1800, sworn to in Hancock Co. Nov. 1800. Receipt of Ewing Moore, J. P., Feb. 1804 to Wm. Wilson, excr for a judgment obtained against him by Ruth O'Neal. Acct. of Dempsey Jordan for groceries 1800, sworn to by him in Greene Co., Feb. 1800 and paid by Wm. Stevens, excr.

OWEN, URIAH dec'd est. Receipts of Sarah Owen, Sarah Owen, Jr. and Rhoda Owen in part of legacies Jan. 15, 1823. Receipt of Frances Owen for all legacy except interest in the Land Lottery Nov. 17, 1820.

OWEN, GARLAND dec'd, orphans, Jacob Woolbright gdn. Returns show expense of grant in Early Co. 1822 drawn by the orphs. Going there

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1825-1827. Amounts paid Sinthy, Delila, Cordelia, John and Jacob J. Owen, 1822, 23, 27, 28.

OWEN, DEMPSEY C., dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Sept. 6, 1820. Mary Owens, Francis Colly, admrs. Drs. John H. and Wm. H. Pope's acct Jul. 1819 to June 1820.

OWEN, MARY, dec'd. Francis Colly, excr Returns for 1837 paid O. C. and Thos. S. Sharman $100.00 each, legacy in full.

OWEN, JOHN dec'd. Francis Colly, admr with will annexed. Apprmt Mar. 6, 1837. Division of est also ordered. Lot No. 1. to Owen C. and Thos. Sharman, Lot No. 2 to Francis Colly.

ORR, CHRISTOPHER dec'd. Sylvanus Gibson app temp admr Oct. 23, 1830.

ORR, WILLIAM F., orphan of John Orr, dec'd. Jacob Reid app gdn Jan. 3, 1831. Returns to 1838. Division of est of John Orr Jan. 7, 1831. Equal division to Wm. F. Orr minor, and Jacob Reid, husband of the wid.

OGLETREE, JOHN dec'd est. Receipts of Wm. Duncan, 1824, Hope Ogletree, 1823, Samuel Ogletree, 1823, Allen Duncan 1824, Nathaniel and Chesley Ray for themselves and Chesley for Chesley, Jr., 1825, Jas. Ray, 1825, Samuel H. Ray 1823, of Francis and John G. Ogletree jointly 1823, of Seaborn C. Whatley in right of his wife, 1824, of Benj. S. Ogletree for himself and as gdn of Nancy Ogletree, 1822, and as atty for Jas. C. Ogletree 1824, of Miles Duncan 1824, of Abraham Rickerson for his wife Susanna 1823. Wm. Robertson, excr.

OGLETREE, DAVID dec'd est. Wm. Robertson, admr. Receipt of Pleasant Lawson for $200.00 balance of his share of Meshack Turner's est. May 27, 1824. David Ogletree's note to John and Daniel Lee, managers of est of John Lee, dec'd Jan. 2, 1822. Jas. T. Hackney app gdn of Eliza Ogletree, minor of David Ogletree Jan. 1, 1827. Wm. Pollard app gdn of America Ogletree, orph of David Sept. 1, 1828. Receipts of John Ogletree for his share and America Ogletree's share 1825, of Jas. Hackney for Eliza Ogletree's share, of Benj. Portwood for Rebecca Ogletree now Portwood's legacy 1825, of David Ogletree, 1826, of Wm. Ogletree 1825, of Chas. Kursey in right of his wife, not named, 1825, of Turner Ogletree, of Wm. Pollard for his own legacy, 1825, of Jas. Crews, no date, all their full shares.

OGLETREE, JOHN, guardian of Polly H. Phillips. Returns 1801-1806 Rent of land etc. Receipts of Lovick P., 1832, Francis, 1827, Absolom and Thos. Ogletree, 1832 to their gdn John G. Ogletree for legacy from their grandfather John Ogletree. Return of Jas. T. Hackney, gdn of Eliza Ogletree, now Eliza Campbell Jan. 13, 1831. Paid John P. Campbell in full of her est.

PERRY, JAMES dec'd. Josiah Perry, admr. Paid Jos. Brook, Elizabeth

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Perry, Hezekiah Ellington in part of their legacies 1824, $1496.25 each. Rent of house and lot in Monticello for 1825.

PASCHALL, WILLIAM dec'd est. Returns of Wm. and Mary Paschall for 1808. Plantations rented to a widow Mary, Isaac Wellbourn, Wm., and Thos. Paschall. Slaves hired to Mary and Wm. Paschall and John Hammock. Cash received of Elijah Hammock. Return for 1810, rent of home plantation to Mary Paschall, to one in Lincoln Co. to Wm. Paschall, to two on Little river to Thos. Paschall and Isaac Welbourn. Receipt of W. Harper, C. C. O. Aug. 16, 1808 for writing a petition for titles for land from the excrs of John Sudduth, dec'd to the heirs and representatives of Wm. Paschall, Sr. dec'd.

PASCHALL, SAMUEL app constable of 177th, Dist. Mar. 25, 1823.

PINKSTON, SHADRACK dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jul. 18, 1795, Athalia Pinkston app admx same day. Inv. Slave Liddy and child Rose, slave Patience. Acct of sale Oct. 25, 1799, Fanny, Salley and Charlotte Pinkston purchasers. Returns of Athalia Pinkston for 1795 paid John Ridley tuition. By cash in 1796 from Va. for pay for a slave. Fadda Jarretts bill to John C. Pinkston, no date. A note at the bottom says that Mr. Jarrett is to have all the cotton and flax in his possession because "the old gentleman" says he will not charge the girls for board." Return Jan. 1801 by Fadda Jarrett and wife, admrs, tuition paid for Charlotte 1799 to Thos. D. McLaughlin. Returns of Thos. Talbot gdn of Charlotte and Sally Pinkston, orphs 1801-02, cash received of Wm. Triplett. Returns for 1818. Returns as gdn of Charlotte, now Charlotte Starr and receipt of Benj Starr 1806 for her legacy. As gdn of Sally Pinkston now Hurley and receipt of Jas. Hurley, Jr. 1803 for her legacy. Receipt of Thos. Talbot gdn as above Jan. 1, 1802 to Fadda Jarrett and wife Alathia late Alathia Pinkston for their legacies. Receipt of Peter Bennett for his legacy Feb. 1804. Receipt of Wm. M. Kain, admr of John C. Pinkston Oct. 1806, of Greenberry Pinkston Feb. 1804, all to Fadda Jarrett and wife Alathia, admrs.
Petition for division of that part of his estate assigned to his wid Athaliza or Atha, who married Fadda Jarrett 1797, and he became admr in her right, and since his death in 1813 she has not turned over their part of this property to the petitioners, viz, Peter Bennett and wife Frances formerly Frances Pinkston dau of said dec's: Greenberry Pinkston son of said dec'd; Jas. Hurley and wife Sally formerly Sally Pinkston dau of said dec'd; Benj. Starr and wife Charlotte formerly Charlotte Pinkston; Silas Starr and wife Elizabeth wid of John C. Pinkston, dec'd son of said Shadrick, dec'd; and Greenberry Pinkston, Jr., son of said John C. Pinkston, dec'd by his next friend Silas Starr. (Silas Starr and wife Elizabeth and Greenberry Pinkston, Jr. the only legal heirs of John C. Pinkston,

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dec'd.) Atha Jarrett, Thos. Talbot and Richard Sappington, admrs of Fadda Jarrett, dec'd ordered to appear in court Sep. 6, 1816.

PINKSTON, GREENBERRY dec'd. Shadrack Pinkston app temp admr Nov. 22, 1828. App. permt admr Jan. 5, 1829. Petition of Ann Pinkston wid of Greenberry, dec'd for dower in various tracts on Rocky creek, one of 64 acres on which John C. Pinkston, dec'd lived, conveyed by the admrs of John C. to Greenberry 1808. 140 acres allotted to her, being part of the old tract on which said Greenberry lived.

PINKSTON, GREENBERRY, Wm. H. Kain gdn. Paid Silas Starr board and clothes 1810, 1811. Rent received of Silas Starr for Lot No. 55, 14th Dist. Baldwin Co. 1812 Returns for 1813 paid Jesse McIntosh and Samuel Lester tuition. Returns 1814 paid Samuel Lester tuition. Land in Baldwin Co. rented to Pleasant White. Returns 1816 paid tuition to Gilbert Robertson.

PINKSTON, JOHN C., dec'd. Wm. M. Kain app temp admr Mar. 13, 1804. Wm. M. Kain and Elizabeth Pinkston app admrs Aug. 7, 1804. John Kain and Jere. Matthews, Sec. Dr. Joel Abbots account Feb. 27, to Mar. 5, 1804. Division of est Sept. 5, 1808. List of debts due est. Receipt of Mark, Jesse and Elizabeth Russell to Wm. M. Kain, admr of John C. Pinkston for all demands in favor of the est of John Russell, dec'd legatees of said John Russell, Nov. 1803.

PATTERSON, JOHN A., dec'd. Jos. W. Cooper, admr. John A. Patterson to Jos. W. Cooper to services done for said Patterson 1813 while in the army, $5.00. Est to Isabella Patterson 1 bay horse loaned and not returned. Receipts of Margaret Patterson in full; of Henry Laughter in full for their legacies Jan. 1818. Also receipts of Wm. and Jas. Walker in full of their legacies, of Ann Arnold, Samuel Walker, Jas. P. Caulk agent for Jacob Caulk in right of his wife Abigail, same date.

PATTERSON, JAMES dec'd. Isabel Patterson and John Ash Patterson app admrs Nov. 16, 1795. Wm. Ash, David Dickson, Sec. Returns for 1794 received of Samuel Patterson of Va. on account of certificate L18, 5 Va. currency. Paid Felix Gilbert for collecting it. Ann Patterson returned a loan. Paid John Talbot, collector, subscription for the use of Rev. John Springer for 1795. Returns of Isabella Patterson, admx for 1795-96 part of the price of a slave David appropriated by Jas. Patterson, dec'd which belonged to his children by his wife Isabella, being left them by her fathers last will, not named, and which we hold for them. Last returns 1799 no data. Return of sale of land by order of Inferior Court of Wilkes Co. Real estate of Isabella Patterson, dec'd Aug. 5, 1817 bought by Nelson Powell. Two lots in Wilkinson Co., sold in Washington to Henry Laughter.

PATTERSON, JOSIAH, Sr. J. P., Abbeville, S. C. His affidavit Apr. 17,

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1806 that Robt. Rafferty, son of Malcom Rafferty late of Wilkes Co., but now of Ky., came to his house from Augusta Feb. 25th. last, and I left him there when I returned Mar. 2, I found him fighting fire to prevent our plantations from burning. So he could not be guilty of murdering a Mr. Barclay in Wilkes Co., about Mar. 1, last, according to a report to that effect. Will McGough, John Patterson, Robt. Carson also testify. to his being with them on these dates.

PETERS, ELIZABETH dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Dec. 2, 1795. Robt. Killgore, admr. Receipts of Wm. Hopkins for his legacy Feb. 17, 1797. Account of Patsy Hopkins against Elizabeth Peters for a cow and calf which she has never been paid for, sworn to before Philip Zimmerman, J. P. Apr. 13, 1796. Account of Lewis Peters for a boy Gidden, L7., Wm. Peters testifies to his value. Robt. Killgore, admr of John Peters, dec'd. final settlement Oct. 21, 1801. Receipts of Charity, Jemima, and Lewis Peters, John Burton and wife Elizabeth, William Hopkins and wife Patsy and Wm. G. Gilbert, gdn of Sally Peters, all in full.

PETERSON, CHRISTIAN, interrogatories. She says she knows Newell Walton and Edward Keating and saw Newell Walton give a mare to said Keating as payment on a note, price twenty pounds. Jul. 28, 1794.

POGUE, ROBERT dec'd. Adam Simmons app admr Dec. 20, 1793. Wm. and Asa Simmons, sec.

PEARMAN, WILLIAM dec'd est. Receipt of Josiah B. Holmes for six months tuition for one scholar 1817. Receipt of Isbel Pearman to Robt. Pearman, excr for her legacy in full. Signed at Madison, May 1, 1818. Susanna H. Pearman, test.

PATTON, MATTHEW dec'd est. Receipts of Thos., Samuel and Solomon Patton and Rebekah Wimpee (Winfrey in will), for their legacies in full Dec. 12, 1806.

PATTON, JANE, wid. indebted to Elisha Carter Smart L61., she to appear at the courthouse first Mon. in Nov. next to show cause etc. Jul. 30, 1778, it being part of a crop said Smart made with said Jane.

PATTON, MARY dec'd. Returns of Lydia Patton, gdn. Paid Geo., David, Jacob, Benj., Samuel, Silas, Matthew and Jas. Patton their legacies 1826.

PATTON, SOLOMON dec'd. Christopher Orr, admr. Returns for 1815, paid tax for 1813 etc. Returns for 1816, paid Jacob, Jas., and Geo. Patton, legatees. Lydia Patton's receipt Jan. 1817 for her legacy and as gdn.

POTTS, ISABELLA dec'd. Wm. Potts app admr Aug. 23, 1791. Robt. Thompson, Sec.

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POTTS, MOSES dec'd est. Receipts of Elizabeth Potts for herself and as gdn of Samuel Potts, and of Stephen and Moses Potts, Oct. 1793. Wm. Potts, excr. Return of Henry Potts, excr for 1795, shows receipts of above, and of Wm. and Jas. Potts, Theophilus Simonton, Samuel Irvin for Mary Irvin and John Stewart for Margaret Stewart. Receipt of Margaret Phinizy for L2 for funeral expenses 1796. Returns for 1797, acct of Dr. John T. Sankey for visits Feb. 24, and Mar. 6, 1793, certified in Oglethorpe Co. Receipt of Thos. Simonton, admr of Robt. Simonton for a debt due from the est certified in Oglethorpe Co. 1799.

PETTUS, CHARLES dec'd Stephen G. and John Pettus pp admrs. Sep. 6, 1831.

PETTUS, JOHN, Chas., and Stephen sons of Stephen Pettus late of Hanover Co. Va., dec'd. Garland Wingfield app gdn Sept. 5, 1789. John Wingfield, Sec. H. Mounger, Test. Bond made to the Gov.

PHOENIS, CHRISTOPHER dec'd. Frederick Kiesler app admr Sept. 5, 1795. Gilbert Hay, Sec. Bond for 800 Spanish milled dollars. Inv. Capt. John Talbot, Thos. Talbot and Felix Gilbert, apprs. Acct. of sales says Christian Phoenis and David Terrell, Clk. renders bill for citation etc for Christian Phoenis. An obligation to Jas. Shearer Feb. 27, 1795, signed Christian Fenis, not by mark.

PHAIR, EDWARD dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jan. 24, 1795. Samuel and Edward Phair, excrs. Moses Tully, Wm. May, Samuel Thompson, John Crown, apprs.

PODA, MARY dec'd est. Receipts in full of Andrew Poda, Benj. Royland, Fanny Green, Sept. 8, 1823.

POULAIN, ANTHONY, Dr. dec'd Sarah G. Poulain app admx Dec. 1, 1794. Thos. and John Wingfield, Sec. Warrant of apprmt same date. Sarah Garland Poullain, admx. G. Hay, Thos. Terrell, Barnard Kelly, Jas. Bowen, apprs. List of debts, showing his patients: John Grimes, Micajah Anthony, Wm. Hammett, Richard Gilbert, Richard Devenport, John Rory, Geo. Dooly, Robt. McCree, Dr. Samuel and David Criswell, John Wingfield, Sr., Micajah Williamson, Sr., Philip Bird, Buckner Harris, Col. Jas. Williams, John Chisholm, Benj. Porter, Wm. Williamson, David Sidwell, Nicholas Long, Wm. Macklin, John Smith, Jr., L. McCulloch, Jos. B. Jones, Jesse Heard, Esqr., Leonard Bowman, Nathaniel Coats, John Sims, Jos. Wheelwright, John Carter, Sr., Capt. Carson, Laurence Smith, Jos. Cook, Milly Mann, Anthony Seal, Benj. Wilson, Col. Stephen Heard, Capt. Stewart, Capt. Branham, Jos. Smith, Matthew Talbot, Chas. Heard, Peter Williamson, Sr., Major Gilbert, Wm. Stubblefield, Daniel Young, Daniel Gaines, Wm. Terrell, John Houton, Thos. Napier, Absolom Jackson, Francis Smith, John Wilkinson. Sarah Poulain, admx of Dr. Anthony Poulain, dec'd. vs

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Eliza Williams, admx of. Col. Jas. Williams, dec'd. Said Jas. Williams indebted on Aug. 7, 1793, in his life time to said Dr. Poulain for medicine for himself and for his family previous to that. Eliza ordered to appear at court first Tuesday in April next, Feb. 23, 1795. Returns of Sarah G. Poullain, admx Jul. 20, 1800 says her bro John Wingfield has transacted the business of the est and she has not received any moneys etc.

POULLAIN, Dr. ANTHONY, dec'd. Debtor to Gilbert Hay. List of drugs, ipecac, assafoetida, quicksilver, arsenic, red bark etc. 1791-92. Mrs. Poullain debtor in 1794 for red bark for herself and brother.

POULLAIN, THOS. NOEL, orphan. John R. Wingfield, gdn. Returns July 1800. Paid J. H. Ray tuition. Hire of slaves Partlett and Fillis. Returns made Mar. 1806, paid Richard Worsham tuition 1801, paid Ebenezer Cummins and Wm. Crocker tuition 1801, bought Latin Book Sallust. Paid Wm. Prince tuition, Richard Worsham board and the Rector Isaac Jones of Washington Academy 1802. Bought Latin dictionary, Virgil and Ceasar 1804. Paid Rev. Francis Cummins tuition, and me for board 1805.

POOL, DUDLEY, dec'd Wm. Pool app admr with will annexed May 1, 1826.

POOL, STOVALL, gdn of Bonetta Pool, receipt to Samuel Gooding, excr of Absolom Tatum, dec'd for $160.00 Jan. 7, 1809.

POOL, ELIZABETH, Deed of gift to son David Hide, sorrell mare, cows, all household goods, her part of the land where she lives, her interest in the est of Dudley Pool, dec'd, yet in the hands of Wm. Pool, excr, provided said David Hide supports her for life. May 26, 1826.

POWELL, NELSON dec'd est. John H. Dyson, excr. Receipt of Mosely and Bruckner for raised top coffin, 1825. Returns for 1828, excrs expenses to Walton Co to sell land. Receipt of Zach. Williams to excr for prosecuting an action in Richmond Co., in the name of Peter Lamar, gdn of Gains J. Stroud vs Griffin Edmondson to recover slaves for which the said est is security for Reuben Scott, gdn Gains J. Stroud. Apr. 7, 1831. Edmond Jackson, gdn of Lewis Williams, receipt for money on a note Nelson Powell held against Jesse Williams, Feb. 1827. Fi fa issued against 202 1/2 acres Lot. No. 21, 24th Dist. originally Wilkinson, now Twiggs Co. Bond of Jos. Powell, Jr., and Nelson Powell to the Gov. that said Jos. Jr., must appear in court today and every day etc in the trial of Jas. M. Holderness for murder Jul. 16, 1822.

POWELL, MARY dec'd. Samuel Rice, excr. Receipt of Shadrack Pinkston for slaves etc, his claim agreeable to the will. Also Elbert Smith for himself and his children and John G. Ogletree and Chas. Lybass. Nov. 23, 1825.

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POLLARD, WILLIAM dec'd est. Thos. and Jos. Pollard and Wm. Robertson, admrs. Div. of est Dec. 16, 1819. Polly Pollard, wid of said dec'd Wm. and Thos. Pollard, Thos. Hightower, Leauvisa, Sophia, Nancy and Williamson Pollard, heirs. Receipt of Thos., Jane, Wm., Alcey, and Polly Pollard for rent of a plantation in Oglethorpe Co. July 22, 1824. Receipt of Elizabeth Hightower in full Mar. 1823. Receipt of Mary Pollard 1828 to Herman Mercer, gdn of Sophia and Lavisa for board, tuition for Sophia. Receipt of Herman Mercer, gdn of Louvisa and Williamson Pollard for distributive shares 1823. Board and clothes allowed by the court for 1819 for Levisa, Sophia, Wm., Nancy an idiot about 11 years old and a child 15 months old. Receipt of Thos. Green, gdn of Levicy Pollard from Herman Mercer, former gdn before 1824 as Thos. makes returns that year. His delivery to Owen Arnold of the slaves as he has married Louvica Pollard. Signed Dec. 25, 1828.

POLLARD, WILLIAMSON dec'd. Inv. Feb. 1, 1823, Herman Mercer, admr. Returns 1824. paid Polly Pollard her legacy and as gdn of Wm., and Nancy Pollard. Paid Jos. Pollard for himself and as gdn of heirs of Wm. Pollard, Jr. Paid Thos. Pollard his legacy and paid himself as gdn of Louvisa and Sophia Pollard. Wm. Pollard's note to Thos. Daniel for 2500 weight of tobacco 1786.

PARKS, LUCY dec'd. John B. Parks app admr Feb. 5, 1798. John Fanning, John Favor, Sec. Apprmt Feb. 8, 1798. Slave boy Kinchen 7 years old, saddle and trunk entire est.

PARKER, WILLIAM dec'd. Delila, Nancy and Jesse Parker, orphs. Return of gdn Jas. Mulkey. His receipt to John Trice, admr for $279.00 Apr. 1, 1805.

PARKER, JESSE dec'd. Apprmt of est Oct. 27, 1816. Jacob Ray, admr. Sale gives Mrs. Parker principal purchaser.

PATRICK, JOHN dec'd. Hugh Patrick, admr. Notice to Sheriff of Columbia Co. that Geo. Boswell for the use of John Patrick issued a writ of debt against Wylie Jones returnable to Feb. Court 1818, before which John Patrick died.

PHILIPS, JOEL dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Oct. 3, 1792. Elizabeth and Wm. Phillips, admrs. Inv. Oct. 22, 1792. Slaves Sanders, Betty and Rose, 830 acres of land.

PHILLIPS, WILLIAM dec'd. Piety Phillips and John Ogletree app admrs Jan. 7, 1795. Joel Phillips and Jesse Brantley, Sec. Inv. Jan. 28, 1795. John Langdon, Alex. Norris and Samuel Billingslea, apprs. One discharge for 64 days service in Capt. Norris troop of horse. One discharge served by Jas. Wyatt 64 days in same. Accts against Joshua and Jesse Brantley, Samuel Whitaker and the est of Joel Phillips on acct of Wm. Powell. Amount of sale Jan. 30, 1796, John Ogletree,

End of Page 275 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 276

admr and wife, Piety, Zacheus, Joel and Whitmell Phillips purchasers.

PHILLIPS, DAVID dec'd est. Returns of Thos. Baber, excr for 1820. Paid Rev. Jesse Mercer for preaching funeral $5.00. Pd. Rev. Wm. Davis, $5. Paid Matthew Philips for Edmund Shackleford $90.00. Paid Elisha Henderson in full of legacy. Returns for 1822, paid Jonathan Phillips legacy in full, Matthew Phillips' in part. Returns Dec. 1823, paid Jesse Wootten, Wm. and Reuben Phillips and Edmund Shackleford legacies in full. Returns for 1824, paid Thos. Baber legacy in full. Returns Dec. 1826 paid Nathan Philips legacy in full.

PICKRELL, JAMES dec'd. Mary Pickrell app admx Apr. 7, 1795. Jane Pattee and Daniel Terrondet, Sec.

PANNILL, JOSEPH and Micajah Anthony of Henry Co. Va., to Wm. Mills of Hanover Co. Va., their note for 40 bbls corn for rent of a plantation on Matry creek Dec. 1, 1781. Petition of Bolling Anthony, admr of Micajah Anthony, dec'd to the Inferior Court of Wilkes Co., that Jos. Pannill asked Micajah Anthony to relinquish to him his part of the plantation which he did, but said Micajah was obliged to pay the rent, case against the said Pannill in consequence. Signed Mar. 11, 1794 (Original note filed with this paper).

PRITCHEN, BENJAMIN, Sr. dec'd. Account of Wm. Murray Mar. 29, 1798.

PRATHER, JOSEPH dec'd est. Jas. W. Prather, admr. Receipts of Benajah and Wm. Prather for their services in the crop of 1816. Receipt of Elizabeth Prather for herself and as gdn of Wm. and Benajah. Receipts of Thos. and Richard Prather, Augustin Cooper and John Burditt in part of their legacies. Return of Elizabeth Prather, gdn of Benj. and Wm. W., paid them in full Sep. 3, 1821.

PERTEET, RICHARD, dec'd. Parker Callaway and wife et al vs Chenoth and Simeon Petteet, excrs. Land given to Simeon in question which John declares his father made deed to the day he died and was in his right mind etc. These sons also serve as excrs to a later will, filed with these papers, and declare there was no issue by their fathers second marriage and the wife died in 1827. Abstract of said will: Wife Susanna to have all est I received by my marriage with her. Four other slaves to be hers for widowhood, to go to the child she is now pregnant with if it lives to majority, if not slaves to return to est. Signed Aug. 9, 1827.

PORTER, NICHOLAS dec'd. Chas. Porter app admr Dec. 16, 1793. Benj. Porter, Sec. Nicholas Porter debtor to Jos. Porter to tax on 401 acres, 1777 and 1786. Hugh Walker signs affidavit Mar. 20, 1793 that Nicholas Porter gave a bond when said Walker lived at John Adams in Orange Co. Va., in 1786 to above land and another deed in 1786,

End of Page 276 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 277

and said Walker had paid certain sums, that Jos. Porter was sec. and the bond is lost. Jos. pays the indebtedness same day. Account of Nicholas, Jr., to Nicholas, Sr. 1773 for cash paid Whitehead Coleman and Wm. Grimes for hauling tobacco to Fredericksburg. Sworn to in Botetout Co. Va. Oct. 28, 1794. Returns of Chas. Porter, admr for 1798, slave Cato delivered to Benj. Porter, slave Morris delivered to Chas. Porter, legatees. Paid Peggy Hill for attendance in last illness. Duncan G. Campbell vs Cecelia Porter and Mrs. Sally Flynt. Notified them that he is entitled to the real estate which was devised to Thos. C. Porter in his fathers will and to produce in court the deeds to 3500 acres on Rocky creek bought by said Benj. in 1784 from Commissers of Confiscated estates, no date. Campbell's petition for division of 1250 acres upon which said Benj. Porter lived, that Thos. C. Porters one third was levied on and sold 1st. Tues in Feb last, which said Campbell bought and Cecelia refuses to vacate Sept. 7, 1824. Petition of Dorothy Randolph, excx and legatee under the will of Richard Randolph, dec'd for a writ of partition to issue to set apart that portion of a certain tract of land upon which Benj Porter lived at the time of his death to which Cecelia Porter, wid of Benj. was entitled as dower during her life time and assign it to said Dorothy, and upon which said Cecelia lived till her death. No date,

POPE, JOHN dec'd. est. Div of slaves Jan. 1822. Henry Jossey, Jas. Matthews, Augustin B. Pope, Wiley Pope, Patsy and Rowena Pope, distributees.

POPE, WILLIS dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Dec. 8, 1795. Mary and John Pope, admrs. Nathaniel Bradford and Wylie Pope, Sec. Writ of partition of 550 acres on Chickasaw creek and 400 acres on Clarks creek on the petition of Ludwell Fillilove, Henry Pope, David Hayes, Malinda, Nathaniel and Peninah Pope, distributees, April Term 1801. Receipt of Henry Pope for slaves Peter and Silvy Jan. 6, 1801, and of David Hays in right of his wife Winnia for a slave Nancy etc. same date.

POPE, PENINAH dec'd. John Pope, admr. Returns for 1803 paid for coffin, paid Ludwell Fullilove, Henry Pope, David Hayes legatees, and retained as gdn of Nathaniel and Melinda Pope, and for Mary Paxton, mother of said dec'd, their shares.

POPE, JOHN dec'd. Margaret and John H. Pope app admrs Aug. 3, 1805. Nicholas Long, G. Hay, Sec. List of debts. Bond of Benj. Pope (Kentucky) for 2000 acres in Jefferson Co. Ky. bearing date Jan. 29, 1785. Dr. Gilbert Hay's acct 1802, visiting Alex, visiting family at Reviere's, visiting self and family at Mrs. Springers, bleeding John, visiting Alex. at Mrs. McRaes, visiting John at home, visiting Henry at Mrs. Springers, extracting a tooth for Clara. Receipt of John Jos. Long for pay for visit to son Henry Oct. 1802.

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POPE, JOHN dec'd. (Not the one above) Div. of slaves Dec. 1815. Mrs. Kidda Pope, the wid., Anderson Ruddle a slave in addition to those received in the lifetime of the dec'd. Wm. Walker the same, Henry, Nancy, Willis, Thos., and Tabitha Pope distributees. Thos. Wootten, admr. Returns for 1818 paid Christian Pope for boarding the partitioners to lay off the land 1817. Receipt of Guilford Cade for $500.00 and 6 slaves assigned to his wife, Nancy Cade, late Nancy Pope, Oct. 1818. Receipts of Christian Pope to Thos. Wootten gdn for board 1817. Receipt of Ludwell Fullilove for his board 1816. Christian Pope paid Wiley Maughon tuition 1816 and bought dry goods. Paid Isaac Jones tuition 1816-17. Christian Pope's receipt for board and clothes for Thos. Pope 1816. Her receipt for Sarah Pope's board, clothes and tuition 1816-18. Paid John Radcliffe tuition 1818. All receipts to Thos. Wootten and Wm. Walker, gdns, all orphs of John Pope. Receipt of Wm. Thurmand to Thos. Wootten, admr John Pope, dec'd and gdn of Tabitha Pope now Tabitha Thurmand for $600.00 in part of her legacy Jan. 6, 1829.

POPE, NATHANIEL dec'd. Ludwell Fullilove and Nicholas Sheats app admrs Jan. 6, 1814. Thos. Wootten, Anderson Riddle, Sec.

QUIGLEY, CHARLES dec'd. Wills all est to wife for life, not named. Final division to five daus (not named) and sons Chas. M. and Wm. A., to be held by them for life to their children at their death. Chas. M. and R. Quigley, excrs. No date of signature. Probated Oct. 15, 1845.

REID, HUMPHREY B., dec'd est. Humphrey Tomlinson, admr. Receipts of Wm. Summers and Ross Lazenby by the hands of Levin Summers Tomlinson, for their legacies Jul. 23, 1825. Receipt of Andrew Reid for five shares of est Jan. 14, 1825. Receipt of John F. Tomlinson for keeping books for the blacksmiths shop 1822-23. Receipt of Dr. J. B. McJunkin for visits July and Aug. 1823.

RHODES-RODES, BENJAMIN dec'd Warrant of apprmt Nov. 6, 1820 John Rhodes, admr. Receipts of Celia, Allen, Sarah, Wm., and Redden Rhodes for their distributive shares, and for Redden as gdn of Ruth and Wiley Rhodes, all in 1823. Receipt of Henry Perkins for tuition of Rutha Rhodes 1820. Acct of Collin Alford against Benj. Rhodes for mdse 1812. Sworn to in Green Co. 1822. Celia Rhodes, wid writ of dower in 191 acres on Ogeechee river whereon said Benj. lived Feb. 20, 1821.

RAKESTRAW, A. S. Letter to J. H. Dyson saying Mr. Rakestraw speaks of taking James to Mt. Zion, he needs pantaloons etc. No date. A long letter saying Sarah Hester has told her that Dyson will give Mr. Hester the guardianship of Catharine Graves "but you are willing to keep Jas." She seriously objects to Mr. Hester and Sarah managing her children, and if Dyson will not keep the guardianship, then Mr. Rakestraw must take it. A beautifully written letter. (No

End of Page 278 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 279

date, but after 1832 as Ann S. Graves married Gainham Rakestraw Dec. 1832)

ROBERTSON, ELIJAH dec'd. Inv. Jan. 6, 1789. Horse, saddle, Duffle blanket, wearing apparel. Samuel Thornton, Edmund Daniel, Little-berry Bostick, apprs

RASBURY, PHILIP dec'd. Martha Rasbury bond as excx Dec. 2, 1791. Henry Wells, Christopher Denman, Sec. Warrant of apprmt same date. Jos. Edmunds, Joshua Wellborn, Henry Woodward, Jacob McClendon, Jr. and Samuel McClendon, apprs. and Inv. Dec. 9, Recorded in Book "D D" folio 111.

RENDER, JOSHUA, Sr., dec'd. Chirstopher, Jas., and Joshua Render, excrs. James rendered receipts for all legacies. (See Vol. 1 p. 98, will of Joshua, Sr., died 1818). Account of A. H. Gibson for wine and nutmegs against Susannah Render Feb. 16, 1820. Receipt signed May 1822. Order of Jas. R. Callaway to Jas. Render Feb. 13, 1822 to pay to Christopher Render $350.00 "out of my grandmothers Susannah Render's est." Receipts of Johnson Wellborn, Purnal Truitt, in right of his wife Nancy, of Nathan Truitt in right of his wife, all in 1821, of the property left by Joshua Render, Sr. to his wife Susannah. Of Abner Wellborn, Joshua and Christopher Render and Nicholas Wylie, 1822 as above, and of Elizabeth Render of her part of est of Joshua Render, Sr. dec'd, 1818-1819.

RENDER, JOSHUA, Jr. dec'd. Jas. Render, admr with will annexed. Returns for 1828 paid himself as legatee, paid admr of Christopher Render, dec'd for the orphs. Paid Nathan Truitt, Nicholas Wylie, Abner Wellborn and Purnal Truitt.

RENDER, CHRISTOPHER dec'd. est. Jas. Render, admr. Account of Thos. A. Pasteur Oct. 1828 for advertising for leave to sell real estate at Newtown (Newton Co?), and Lot 44, 2nd. Dist. 24th Sec. Muscogee Co. Receipt of D. Bruckner Jan. 2, 1827 for 50c for entering two draws in the present contemplated land lottery for 4 orphs. Receipt of Mary B. Church for Frances D's board 1828. Frances D. charged with bureau, bed, saddle etc. Jan.-Feb. 1828 and articles at the time of her marriage. Receipt of Wiley P. Burks Dec. 30, 1828 for 8 slaves in full of his distributive share in right of his wife Frances D. Burks. Receipt of Nathan Truitt for Frances D's board 1827. Nathan Truitts receipt for Martha E. and Mary W. Render's board 1828. Martha and Mary's tuition at Washington Academy paid for 1828-29. Martha and Mary's bill to Susan D. Render for sewing. Robt. L. Renders acount with Susan Render for clothes and sewing 1829. Board to Jas. Render 1829.

RICHARDSON, JOEL, dec'd. Thos. Terrell app admr Jan. 8, 1799. Isham Richardson, Sec. Sale Feb. 28, 1799, Isham and Phoebe Richardson

End of Page 279 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 280

purchasers. Account of sale of slaves Apr. 1801. Spencer Branham bought Patience and three children, Pearce Lewis bought Peter, Wm. Gammage bought Tom, Abraham Simons bought Michael. Benj. and Mary Richardson orphs of Joel dec'd. Thos. Terrell, gdn. Paid Pearce Lewis for board and clothes 1801-1814. Tuition 1806-1815, Jos. Baggett, Elisha Crockett, D. L. White teachers. Paid 18 months schooling in Wilkes 1808. Paid L. Trainum, Morgan Co. 1809. Bond of Joel Richardson to Thos. Haynes of Greene Co., made Jul. 6, 1797 to a bounty of land in Greene Co. on Fishing creek. Petition of Thos. Haynes that Thos. Terrell, admr make clear titles.

RICHARDSON, ISHAM dec'd. Richmond Wynne, Pierce A. Lewis, gdn of Benj. Richardson, Elizabeth and Isham Branham applicants for proof of Isham Richardsons will. Interrogatories to Thos. Terrell who lives out of the county: Do you know the parties in this case? Do you know anything relating to the last will of Isham Richardson? Have you heard Mrs. Elizabeth Branham the applicant acknowledge she procured the making of the will by undue influence? Alex. Pope atty for the caveators. John Burch atty for the applicants waves the usual ten days and asks that the case be called at once Dec. 26, 1810.

RIDDLE, ANDERSON dec'd. Sarah Y. Riddle, admx. Inv. Jan. 10, 1829. Petition of Sarah Y. Riddle for dower Aug. 9, 1830 in 735 acres on Newfork creek, 62 acres on Newford creek, including a mill whereon John R. Heard formerly lived and another tract on Newford creek described in a deed from Seaborn Aycock to Anderson Riddle 1822. Sarah Y. Riddle app gdn of Nathaniel W., Zimri O., Anderson J., Thos. F., and Archibald A. Riddle, Jan. 11, 1831, all orphs of Anderson Riddle, dec'd. Division of slaves, no date, among the above heirs. Those to Thos. J., Archibald A., Nathaniel W., Zimri O., and Anderson J., to be hereafter divided among them at majority. Returns of Sarah Y. Riddle Apr. 1, 1830 tuition for Alex., Archibald and Wootten Riddle, and paid Dr. Augustin D. Statham's acct. On application of A. Johnson for letters of administration de bonis non on above est, saying Sarah Y. Riddle had intermarried and could no longer serve, no date, after 1830.

RIDDLE, ARCHIBALD dec'd est. Thos. Wootten and Anderson Riddle, admrs. Inv. Oct. 31, 1826. Division of slaves Jan. 6, 1827. Elizabeth Riddle, wid, Parmelia E., and Fanny Riddle daus. Anderson Riddle, son and Levi Parks in right of his wife Martha B., dau of said dec'd. Anderson Riddle's bond as gdn of Parmelia E. and Fanny Riddle Jan. 7, 1828. Thos. Wootten surviving admr order to deliver to Levi Parks slaves belonging to the above orphs, he having been app their gdn in Monroe Co., (no date).

RIDDLE, LEWIS dec'd. Sally Riddle and Jas. Heard app admrs Mar. 27, 1794. Wm. Hurley and John Burdine, Sec. Returns of Sally for 1795 paid expenses to Va. and return. John Matthews bill for advice to

End of Page 280 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 281

Mrs. Sally Riddle on the will of Simon Powell. John C. Royston and wife Sallie, late Sally Riddle, admx of est of Lewis Riddle, dec'd. to appear in court to say why they have not made returns, Mar. 5, 1800. On the outside, "No such man as John C. Rouston in Greene Co. this 4th, July 1800. R. Patrick, Sheriff."

de ROCHEFEUILLE, DUGAR, to Mr. P. V. Dugas, bill of sale for slave Rose. Nov. 26, 1807. Louis Picquet, test.

RODDY, JAMES dec'd. James, Robt. C. J., and Octavia Ann, orphs. Augustus H. Gibson app gdn Feb. 18, 1830.

ROGERS, DRURY dec'd. Tabitha Rogers, wid and Brittian Rogers app admrs Feb. 15, 1791.

ROGERS, TABITHA dec'd. Returns of Brittian Rogers, excr Jul. 6, 1797, Paid Samuel (???)one of the representatives of said est. Paid John R (???)one of the representatives of est. (torn) Receipts say Samuel Stokes, John Rimes. Receipt of Thos. Criddle for tuition for Michael Rogers 1796.

ROGERS, CHARITY dec'd. Wm. Rogers app admr May 11, 1792. Josiah Cole, Sec.

ROGERS, WILLIAM dec'd. John Rogers app admr Aug. 7, 1794. Wm. Triplett, Wm. Moore, Sec. Sale Dec. 5, 1801. John Parks bought five slaves, Molly and her four children, Mary Rogers, Chas. Porter, purchasers.

ROGERS, RICHARD dec'd. Wm. Sansom app temp admr Jan. 16, 1801. RICE, NATHANIEL dec'd. John and Samuel Rice app admrs Mar. 5, 1799. Jas. Dorough and Peter B. Terrell, Sec. Same app admrs Sept. 30, 1799, Casey Askew and Peter B. Terrell, Sec. Inv. Mar. 5, 1799. Isham Chafin, Thos. and Richmond Terrell, Nathan Smith and Casey Askew, apprs. Receipt of Barnard Kelly Jan. 16, 1799 for balance due on Nathaniel Rice's newspapers. Receipt of Dr. Abbott to Samuel Rice in full of his father Nathaniel Rice's account.

RICE, SAMUEL dec'd est. Shadrack Pinkston admr. Returns 1827 paid Frances Rice her distributive share of slaves, value $892.00, paid Wm. Robertson, gdn of Benj. Rice slaves value $702.00 and for David Rice slaves value $565.00. Shadrack Pinkston app. gdn of Benj Rice Nov. 3, 1828, Benj. Starr, Sec.

REYNOLDS, RICHARD dec'd. Thos. Reynolds app admr with will annexed Feb. 14, 1793. Spencer Reynolds, Sec. Inv. Sept. 30, 89, slaves Flora, Jude, General and Ned. Account of Thos. Reynolds from Feb. 20, 1788 to Oct. 1., salt, corn etc. Returns Jan. 1795 paid George, Jos., Richard, Betsy, John, Benj., Spencer Reynolds and Jacob Reigor (?), all say "as bequeathed to me by the last will of Richard Reyonlds, dec'd." Returns for 1802 paid Dolly Reynolds and Thos. Matthews cash, and

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both received one slave, Mary Reynolds cash, all in part of legacies. Matthew Runnels, orph of Richard, dec'd. Return of Thos. Reynolds Mar. 2, 1802, received a slave Ceasar, $75.00, cash $125.00. Return of Jos. Henderson, admr Apr. 1803. Receipt of Richard Runnels 1803 for a slave and $100.00 part of legacy. Receipt of Polly Reynolds for slave and $100.00, Dec. 1800. Thos. Mathews in part of his legacy.

REYNOLDS, GEORGE, dec'd est. Jos. Henderson, Jr., excr. Sale Aug. 18, 1813. Geo. Reynolds to his loving wife Rachel deed of gift half of all property at his death, and if they can not live together as man and wife "I bind myself to divide one half the est with her." Mar. 8, 1811. Elizar Jeter, Lucy Eastridge, Test. Returns of Jos. Henderson, excr Sept. 1816, receipts of Jacob Awtry, 1816, of Rachel Bailey, 1815, of Hambleton Reynolds 1814, of John Dicken, of Hugh and Thos. Reynolds 1816, in part of their legacies.

RUNNELLS, FREDERICK dec'd. Inv. Mar. 1, 1786, cow, calf, saw etc. Geo. Bagby, Daniel Bankston, Wm. Ellis, apprs. Recorded in Book " D D" folio 43.

RUSSELL, JOHN dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Dec. 10, 1807. Nathaniel Blackburn and Geo. Moreland, admrs. Returns, paid Jesse Russell 1808, paid John Combs and Mark Russell $28.00 each 1809. Receipts of Elizabeth Jones 1816, wife of Gabriel Jones in full of her legacy "he being my father." Receipt of Jesse Russell, of John Combs in right of his wife Milly, of Mark Russell, of Rachel Runnels all in full of their legacies 1816. Receipt of Seaton Grantland of Milledgeville Dec. 1812 for advertising sale of land in Laurens Co. Account of Mrs. Elizabeth Russell to Jesse Russell for rent of his plantation and house 1807. His receipt to Nathaniel Blackburn 1808. Elizabeth Russell debtor to Wm. Triplett. Paid Russell Shorter per son Mark by her request $19.00 in 1805. Paid Richard Cargham (?), $10.00, 1806. Paid Abraham Ruddell for coffin Dec. 23, 1807. Wm. Triplett paid by Nathaniel Blackburn. admr.

RUSSELL, HILLORY dec'd. Wm. Smallwood, Jr. app admr Nov. 2, 1829.

RAGLAND, HUDSON dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Sept. 4, 1820. Eve Ragland, admx. Jas. O. Ragland caveats the application of Eve Ragland on est of Hudson Ragland, dec'd, because Eve Steel, otherwise called Ragland is not the next of kin to the dec'd, but the said caveator is. That Eve has never been legally married to said Ragland. Granted to Eve after hearing, whereupon Jas. O. Ragland appeals to the Superior Court. Copied by John Dyson from the minutes Jul. 8, 1820.

RAY, JOHN dec'd est. E. G. Harris, excr. Inv. Jan. 17, 1829.

RAY, MARY, widow. Deed of gift to dau Amanda M. F. Bailey, wife of

End of Page 282 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 283

Ephraim Bailey, slave Levey and her child Milly, for life and to her children at her death. Sept. 11, 1834.

ROBY, HENLEY dec'd est. Marcus Roby, admr. Returns Mar. 1816 received of Capt. Simons $45.00, of Richard Hudspeth and Marcus Roby $35.00. Money from Md. received by Williamson Roby and still in his hands. Returns 1817 received of Nathan Roby $8.00. Receipt of Robt. Higginbetham Nov. 26, 1817 for his legacy in right of his wife, not named.

RAMEY, PRESLEY dec'd. Judith Ramey app admx Sept. 15, 1794. Wm. Pollard, Joshua Hightower, Sec. Judith and John Ramey app admrs July 17, 1793. Wm. Ramey, Chas. Deens, Sec. Returns of Absolom Ramey, gdn of Ann, Sarah, Daniel, Edmond and Frances Ramey, Jan. 1800 to four years board each 1796-99. Returns for 1800, board and tuition for all. Returns for 1802, board, tuition for Sarah, Fanny, Daniel and Edmond.

REVIERE, WYATT dec'd est. Account of est of Jos. Ryan, dec'd, for one coffin, Nov. 14, 1803. Leannah Reviere, admx. Div of est 1811. To Leanna Ruddle, 8 slaves, walnut bed etc $2490.00. To John Charlton 7 slaves, piano, bed etc. To Wm. Reviere 7 slaves, bookcase, bureau, sideboard, bed etc value to the same amount. Writ of partition Feb. 7, 1810 of Andrew Ruddle in right of his wife, Wm. Reviere by his gdn Peter B. Terrell and John Charlton in right of his wife in 400 acres on Fishing creek, est of Wyatt Reviere, dec'd, whose heirs they are.

REVIERE, RICHARD dec'd est. Dysa and Holland Reviere, excrs. Returns Jan. 1818 paid John H. Reviere for making Richards coffin and a coffin for Cordelia Reviere, one of the legatees. Paid Harbert Reviere for a colt. Returns Sept. 1819 paid Holland and Harbert B. Reviere $381.00 each, "my proportionate share," receipts in full of proceeds of last inv and sale. Receipt of Thos. Anderson to Jas. Thompson in right of his wife Dicy Reviere, admx of Richard Reviere, dec'd. tax for 1819. Return of Holland Reviere, excr rec. 1827. Paid Jas. Thomson a slave Sealy.

ROBERTSON, JOHN, Sr., dec'd. Writ of partition to divide 466 acres on Little river between John and Abner P. Robinson according to the will. John the elder son drew Lot 1, Abner Lot 2, Apr. 9, 1823. Receipts in full to John Robinson, admr from R. B. Bradshaw, John Robinson, A. G. Semmes, gdn of Abner P. Robertson and of Frances Robertson for their distributive shares in personal est, which division was ordered by the court. All signed Dec. 1821. Receipt of Abner P. Robertson to his gdn A. G. Semmes in full of his legacy June 1823, signed at Augusta.

ROBERTSON, FRANCES dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Nov. 17, 1828. Abner P. Robertson, admr. Slave Joe, bed etc.

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ROBERTSON, THOMAS dec'd. Wm. Robertson, admr. Receipts of David Russell, Margaret Robertson, John Robertson, John Lawson, John Evans, Wm. Robertson, David Welborn, Sanders Welborn, Winright Lawson in full of their distributive shares. All signed Jan. 16, 1812. By sale of 202 1/2 acres in Randolph Co., to David Russell.

ROBERTSON, PEGGY, her receipt to Thos Formby, gdn of Edney Robertson a sorrel mare "which said Edney is to have control of this day" Nov. 11, 1823. Receipt of Tapley M. Lightfoot to Thos. Formby, gdn of Edney Robertson, now Edney Lightfoot $1858.00 in full of all demands Feb. 26, 1825.

RUDDLE, ANDREW dec'd. Inv. rec. Oct. 26, 1829. Isaac N. Matthews, admr. Andrew Ruddle and wife Leannah formerly Leannah Reviere, admrs of Wyatt Reviere, dec'd, to John Griffin, Lot No. 10 in the town of Washington, a corner lot adj said Griffin E & S. formerly the property of said Wyatt Reviere, dec'd, now occupied by Thos. Gilbert.

RUSTON, J. B. note "Sixty days after date I promise to pay Brice & Hepburn or order, twenty eight pounds, twelve shillings and eight pence for value received of them at Philadelphia Oct. 16, 1787. On the outside, Brice & Hepburn, John Baine.

REED, PAUL dec'd. Inv. Mar. 31, 1827. Shotgun, grey mare, cotton, corn, tobacco etc. Thos. L. Gilmer, admr.

REEVES, ABNER dec'd est. Sarah Reeves and John Wright, admrs, Receipt of Wm. Routon Nov. 6, 1809 legacy in right of his wife for a slave, his part of personal est after the widows thirds were taken out.

REEVES, WILLIAM dec'd est. Receipts Cinthia C., Elijah, Hezekiah, Jeremiah and Judith Reeves, Robt. Graham, Thos. Roberts for himself and John Reeves, Jos. Wheatley who married Sally Reeves, all in full of their legacies, Feb. 12, 1827. Eustis H. Rhodes, excr. (See will Vol. 1 p. 98).

REEVES, JEREMIAH dec'd Inv. Sept. 13, 1806. Malachi Reeves, excr. Isaac Eason, Pitt Milner, Geo. Willis, apprs. Final returns 1820, receipt of Ichabod, John, James, Jonathan and Jeremiah Reeves, Jos. Adams, Wyatt T. Heard atty for Avery Reeves, John Hood, Wm. S. Lenty atty for Mrs. Millicent Rowden, Jesse Brazell, and Burwell Hood for Rhoda Reeves insane dau of said dec'd for her maintenance for life, all legatees. Receipt of Lewis Barrett for medical attendance on said dec'd, 1807.

RAGAN, JONATHAN. Plat of 200 acres survey Nov. 10, 1783, executed Nov. 15, 1783 by Sanders Walker, D. S. 100 acres survey Apr. 27, 1784, executed Jul. 7, 1784 by Peter Smith, Asst. Sur.

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SHEPHERD, ANDREW dec'd. Mrs. Mary Shepherd excx. Account of Jos. Mosely for coffin Sept. 1, 1828, one for dau Dec. 3, 1828. Receipt of Reynolds Chapman, excr Wm. Shepherd to Mrs. Mary Shepherd of Wilkes Co. Ga. excx through her son A. H. Shepherd $500.00 in part of a bond given by said Andrew Shepherd to Jas. Shepherd and myself excrs of Wm. Shepherd, dec'd. Anthony Buck, Sec. Orange Court House, Va., Oct. 22, 1828. Receipt of Wm. Terrell for board for M. F. Shepherd 1828-29. Receipt of Samuel Barnett, Treas. for tutition of the children in Female Academy 1828-29. Thos. S. Twigs receipt, no date, for tuition in Sparta Female Academy for M. F. Shepherd, mineralogy and chemistry extra. Receipt of Mrs. Julia P. Warne for tuition of M. F. Shepherd in botany and chemistry, Sparta, Nov. 27, 1828. Returns Aug 1829 paid Albert H. Shepherds expenses to and from Philadelphia and to Augusta and Sparta. Paid Felixina Shepherd's expenses while at Sparta. Receipt in full of John H. Winder to Mrs. Mary Shepherd, excx for his share as a legatee, and as gdn of his son Wm. Winder Jan. (???)1831.

SHELTON, THOMAS dec'd. Inv. Dec. 31, 1785. Cattle, 1 Land Warrant, feather bed etc. John Grantham, Jas. Bishop, Thos. Kemp, apprs. Recorded in Book 'D D" folio 25.

STROZIER, PETER, minor. Peter Strozier, gdn. Returns for 1830. Board and clothes, expense of said minor to Jasper Co., bay horse bought to carry him.

STROZIER, REUBEN orphan of John Strozier, dec'd. John Strozier app gdn Sept. 3, 1826. John Chaney, Sr. app gdn Jan. 7, 1828. Returns Sept. 1830 paid John W. Strozier board. Received $100.00 of Peter Strozier, admr of John Strozier. Paid John W. Strozier board 1831.

STROZIER, BENNETT, minor, Peter Strozier, gdn. Paid board 1827.

STROZIER, ANN minor, Peter Strozier gdn. Hire of slaves 1827.

SIMONTON, MARGARET dec'd. Adam Simonton app admr May 17, 1791. John Carson, Sec. Receipts of Theophilus Simonton and Theophilus Allison 1793 for their legacies in part. Receipt of Wm. Tyler for coffin Apr. 27, 1791. Account of Edmond Daniel for "burying liquors," Apr. 4, 1791. Returns Jan. 1795, acct of Thos. Simonton for hat and blanket Sept. 1788 proved in Greene Co. Ga. 1792. Receipt of Thos. Simonton Jun. 10, 1794 for cash, part of the legacy of Robt., and Margaret Irwin by power of atty from their gdn Wm. Simonton. Receipt of Robt. Allison, Feb. 1794 for part of his legacy. Account of Theophilus Allison Jun. 1790, dry goods, rum. Apr. 2, 1791 fine sheet and funeral expenses. Returns made 1796 Dr. J. Lacie for visit 1791 in her last illness, proved in Greene Co. 1795. Receipt of John Griffin as atty for removing the case of Adam Simonton, admr, vs Thos. Simonton, admr of Robt. Simonton from Wilkes to Oglethorpe

End of Page 285 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 286

Co. Receipt of Florence Sullivan for advice, dated Greensborough, Aug. 11, 1791. Receipts of Robt. Gaston and Geo. and Jean Reid for their legacies in part May 23, 1796, Abner Simonton, test. Wm. Erwin's receipt as heir Oct. 6, 1799. Thos. Simonton, test.

SHORTER, HENRY dec'd. Inv. Dec. 19, 1808. Slaves Abraham, Daniel, and Dangerfield. Sworn to by Jas. Shorter, admr. Jacob Shorter bought Daniel and Abraham, Henry Shorter and Wm. Strozier bought land, Burwell Kannon bought Dangerfield. Russell Shorter to Reuben C. Shorter slave Ruth, bill of sale Mar. 22, 1804. Roland Williams, Jr., vs. admrs of Jacob Shorter, dec'd. 1812, Henry Shorter one of the admrs paid debt April 1813.

STUBBLEFIELD, PETER dec'd. Evans Long and Wm. Walton, excrs. Defendants, vs Peter Stubblefield complainant. They admit Peter Stubblefield made a will in Columbia Co. Oct. 17, 1794, and died the next day, in which he devised his est to his wife Margaret, to his nephew Peter Stubblefield, Complainant, and his niece Miss Peggy H. Long. The valuable land which was left to the wife Margaret in Columbia Co., was sold for debt etc. They claim the Complainants legacy can not be paid etc Aug. 25, 1801.

SCOTT, BENJAMIN dec'd. John Ogletree and Jos. Scott bond as excrs of last will May 19, 1791.

SCOTT, JOHN dec'd. Elizabeth Scott and John Gresham app admrs Apr. 21, 1794. Jas. and Thos. Gresham, Sec. Inv. May 9, 1794. Several slaves, 400 acres of land on Kettle creek adj Jas. and Thos. Gresham, tobacco, corn, household goods etc. L200 Continental money due 1777 from Jas. Gatewood. John Burdine, Chas. Tuggle, John Wright, apprs. Richard Worsham, Jesse Heard and B. Smith, note of hand to John Gresham, admr and John Haynes in behalf of his wife and admx for $750.00. Sept. 1, 1801.

SCOTT, A. H. of Salem, Ga. to John H. Dyson, Washington, Ga., saying Mrs. Ann Graves had left her son James with him, and his tuition etc would be the same as he had paid Ann. Apr. 18, 1832.

SIMMONS, WILLIAM, deed of gift to his children Jun. 5, 1798. To five sons, Willis, Solomon, John, Henry and Asa Simmons, 200 acres on Clarks creek, horses, hogs, tools etc. To four daus, Polly, Nancy, Rachel and Celinda, cows, beds, household and kitchen furniture.

SALE, JANE, deed of gift to son Levy Sale of Wilkes Co. Ga., and dau. Nancy D. Sale of Madison Co. Miss. Terr. To Levy two thirds of all that may fall to her from the est of her father Jos. Dawson of Amherst Co. Va., one third to Nancy D. Sale. Son Levy to have the expense of collecting it whether before or after the decease of my father Jos. Dawson. Apr. 6, 1816.

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SMALLWOOD, ELISHA dec'd. Mark Smallwood, excr. Warrant of apprmt May 2, 1814. Receipt of Elisha Smallwood in full of his legacy. Receipt of Elizabeth Hendrick for her legacy 1815. "Paid my share" (Mark's) of est 1815. Whereas a caveat is now pending against the will of my father Elisha Smallwood, dec'd. Elisha Smallwood sells his claim to Robt. Chivers, no date. (Will not of record).

STEWART, MARGARET dec'd. est. Returns of Amos Stewart, excr Jan. 1, 1794. Receipt of John Seybold for drugs and attendance, of John Flint for a coffin, of Hannah Brooks, Elizabeth Pugh, of Isaac and Gravener Stewart for their legacies. Jesse Pugh's account for funeral expenses. Receipt of Martha Brooks for bed Jul. 18, 1808.

STEWART, JOHN dec'd est. Chas. Stewart, admr. Returns made Jan. 1800. Sundries purchased for the family nineteen months from the death of dec'd till the apprmt Aug. 1784. Paid tax 1796-99. Chas's acct against John 1784, to mans saddle, bacon etc. Jun. 6, 1787, received of Chas. Stewart county surveyor's fees on a tract of 518 acres for John Stewart, for a duplicate for 202 acres for Jas. Stewart in Franklin Co. Signed J. Gorham, Surveyor, Franklin Co. Returns made 1801, John McLroy's receipt Oct. 23, 1792 in full of Offutt's judgment against John Stewart, dec'd.

SLADE, NICHOLAS dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Mar. 15, 1803. Polly Slade and Maulden Amos, admrs with will annexed.

STARNES, EBENEZER dec'd. est. Returns for 1793. Receipts of Chas. Starnes for making three saddles and mdse. of which he makes a gift to the orphs of Ebenezer Starnes of Richmond Co. Dec. 29, 1793; of Johnson Wright for making two hats; of Sarah Burton for attendance on wife at child birth 1792; of John Eady for building a chimney 1793; of Martain Goza or Gozee for paying Thos. Bohannon for making a hunting saddle for Mrs. Starnes, wid. All signed Columbia Co. Ga. Also John E. Anderson's bill for medical attendance 1793 which he transfers to Wm. Phearis. Returns Jan. 1795 Daniel Hogan's receipt for work done, signed in Columbia Co. 1794. John E. Smiths receipt for advertising in his paper. Affidavit of Anthony Carroll, before Jas. McCormick, Warren Co. Ga., that whereas Ebenezer Starnes died about the month of April 1793 and left in his will to his dau Elizabeth Starnes a mare called Pleasure, which Wm. Pharis who has since married Elizabeth demands and to which he has a right as it was known when the est was appraised that the mare was in fole etc., Apr. 21, 1794. (See will Vol. 1, p. 64).

SHEILDS, ANDREW dec'd. Warrant of apprmt May 28, 1791. Gerard Banks, gent. also of Wilkes Co., admr. Gerard signs affidavit that no personal property is to be found in the county.

SPENCER, PETER dec'd. Francis Billingslea app admr Mar. 11, 1794.

End of Page 287 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 288

Inv. Sundry debts due the est in Washington, Burke and Wilkes counties. Francis Billingslea's account Jun 1793, to 1 beaver hat, and 3 gals whiskey. Returns 1795, an arithmetic claimed by Wm. Hurley, another book by Major M. Williamson, gent. Correspondence in regard to land claimed by Peter Spencer. Letter from Thos. and Wm. Spencer to Edwin Mounger in Louisville, Dec. 23, 1800 saying it appears from a plat of land that Mr. Absolom Eilands had with him that it covers a part of a survey made by Sanders Walker to John T. Spencer and conveyed by him to us. "Please see Mr. Walker and have the matter settled etc." Benj. Catchings writes that he and Mr. Eilands went in search of the land, later Mr. Eilands went alone and found people in possession and cultivating it, Mr. Eilands writes that he wants 10 guineas for his trouble. (These letters are originals, written by the men themselves).

SUTTON, WILLIAM dec'd. Elizabeth Sutton and Stephen Gafford app admrs Jun. 5, 1798, Jonathan Webster and John Heard, Sec. Return of sale, no date, Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton principal purchaser. "Divided into four shares, each part is $194.88." Returns 1799 Elizabeth Sutton's receipt for $194.88 in full. Wm. Beazley, test. "Paid for writing a deed of trust and recording same." Receipt of Ann Jackson to Stephen Gafford, admr for $584.00, it being the distributive share of Moses, John and Nancy Sutton of the est of their dec'd father Wm. Sutton, no date.

SHANNON, THOMAS, Sr., dec'd. Inv. Feb. 10, 1794. Slaves Peter, Jane, Thos., Joe, and Stephens, three sleighs, rifle gun, bullet molds, quantity of wearing apparel, spurs, silver knee buckles and cuff buttons, waxed thread, mans steel thimble etc. John Moss, John and Jas. Moore, apprs. A long list of debts due the est. Returns Feb. 1795, receipt of John Salmons and Matthias Ward for Lewis Salmons and my wife Elizabeth Ward to Thos. and Owen Shannon, excrs May 14, 1794 for their legacy in will of Thos. Shannon, Sr., dec'd and also for all their shares in their father Lewis Salmons, dec'd, which was in care of Thos. Shannon, Sr. dec'd. Thos. Owens, test. Paid Thos. Paxton legacy also. Account of Thos. Shannon, Jr. for keeping the books of Thos. Sr., from May 2, 1784 to May 1791, and for making the family's shoes, same dates. To L9 auditors certificate 1784 and ten years interest. To 1 large gold ring, with turtleshell stone in it, Nov. 6, 1793. Roger Casey's affidavit that about the last of June 1789 Thos. Shannon, Sr. called on him to witness a bargain between himself and son Owen Shannon in exchange of two horses for a slave Peter, which Thos. had bought. Returns Jan. 1797, receipt of Dr. Benj. Gantt for medicine for your father 1793. Paid Owen Shannon slave Peter etc. Paid one mare colt to Mary Peacock. J. Hardin Foster's receipt for tax 1795 to Thos. and Eleanor Shannon, excrs. Returns Jan. 1798, "Sold by the old lady," hogs, feather bed etc.

End of Page 288 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County