The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


FLYNT, JOHN dec'd. est. Sale of 345 acres on Little river, subject to dower of Sarah Flynt wid, Feb. 14, 1824.

FOUCHE, JONATHAN dec'd. Simpson Fouche app. admr. Jas. B. Simpson, Sec. Nov. 1, 1830.

FOUCHE, DANIEL dec'd est. Stephen G. Pettus and Jonathan Fouche, excrs. Returns for 1818 expenses of Jonathan Fouche to Va. Paid Thos-Fouche $500.00. Paid John McClesky for coffin for one of the children, not named. Final returns 1830, paid the wid and legatees in full their distributive shares of est of Isaac Fouche, dec'd, consisting of two slaves.

FOUCHE, GEORGE dec'd. Sale Mar. 19, 1826 Wm. Slaton, admr. Notes of George., Thos., and Daniel Fouche signed Jan. 1822 and paid by above admr, later. Fi fa of Thos. Pollard vs Thos., and Daniel Fouche and Thos. Freeman. Land on Little river, property of Thos. Freeman levied on 1825, paid by Wm. Slaton, admr. Returns for 1829, Paid Mary, Ann and Thos. Fouche, paid Thos. Freeman, paid Susannah Fouche all their distributive shares and Susannah the shares of Wm., and Geo. Fouche as their gdn.

FLUKER, MARY ANN dec'd est. John Johns, admr. Receipt of Jesse Evans to Jas. Gresham, gdn of orphs of Thos. Gresham, dec'd, pay for coffin for Mary Ann Fluker. (Mary Ann was the wid of Thos. Gresham).

FLUKER, ELIZABETH dec'd. est. Isaac Fluker, admr. Returns for 1825. Paid for coffin.

FINLEY, JAMES dec'd. Isabella Finley, wid. Writ of dower Feb. 27, 1821 in 777 acres whereon said Jas. Finley, dec'd formerly lived. Returns of Isabella as gdn 1821-22. Receipt of John T. Daniel for tuition for Wm., and David Finley, minors, Isabella Finley, gdn. Board for Jensey Finley, minor. Returns for 1823, paid tuition for the above boys and Jane.

FINLEY, ISABELLA dec'd. John Finley, admr. Returns for 1849 hire of slaves. Sale of land and slaves 1850.

FINNEY, SARAH, orph of Jas. Finney, dec'd. Wm. Melear app. gdn Jul. 1, 1811. Wiley Ogletree, Thos. Huston, Sec.

FOSTER, JOHN HARDIN dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jul. 27, 1801. David Meriwether, Hope Hull, Garland Wingfield, excrs.

FORD, JOSEPH dec'd. Wm. Ford, admr. Returns of sale Feb. 21, 1814. Ann Ford bought all personal estate.

FARGERSON, ABNER dec'd. Inv. Oct. 5, 1784. Miles Duncan, Wm. Traylor, John Banks, apprs. Notes on John Fluker to be paid in deer skins,

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notes of Christopher Lyner, Thos. Hitch, Sr. and Jr., John Banks and John Wise.

FERRINGTON, AARON dec'd. Enoch James, admr. Paid Dudley Milam board for Nancy and Amanda Ferrington orphs for 1807. Returns for 1809-11. Paid Jas. Pratt for boarding children of said dec'd 1806-11.

FANNING, JOHN dec'd. est. Bird Parks, admr. Paid Matthew Faver board for Patsy Fanning 1815 in returns for 1817-19. Receipt of John Faver, Jr. for tuition for Parks and Nancy Fanning son and dau of said dec'd for 1804. List of debts given in Sep. 15, 1804. "Discharges for 1074 days in Capt. Williamson's Co. Discharge from Lt. Col. Lee." Paper found with this est "On a settlement made between Aquilla Burroughs, Esqr. and myself, Capt. Fanning present, relative to the quantity of soldiers discharges belonging to Jas. Stalling's Co., there appeared to be in the hands of said Burroughs $4558.00 half of which said Burroughs became bound to deliver to a certain person for Stallings or the monies received thereon, the other half remained the property of said Burroughs and Capt. Fanning, say $1139.50 cents each. The above settlement was made 10th, June 1798. Signed Jas. Stallings, A. Burroughs. (Probably pay for soldiers of 1812 or service of above men).

FANNING, BRYAN dec'd. Welcome Fanning app temp admr. Nov. 23, 1829. Thos. Green and Welcome Fanning app. Jan. 4, 1830. Thos. Green app gdn of Jas. G., Elizabeth, Martha B., John T., and Mary Ann Fanning, orphs of Bryan Fanning dec'd. Nov. 5, 1830. Receipt of Darling Parham for tuition for Jas. G., 1833, of Jas. Y. Gardner, 1834, the same for John Thos. Fanning 1834, of T. R. Wilson, board for Mary Ann 1833.

FANNING, ELIZA dec'd. Thos. Green, Sr. app admr Jan. 3, 1831. Writ of partition of personal est of Bryan Fanning, dec'd, between the gdn of children of said dec'd and the admr of Eliza Fanning wid of said dec'd, all children under 21. The shares of the five orphs to remain in common, and the share of said Eliza, dec'd. set apart and divided to Thos. Green, admr of said Eliza, dec'd.

GAINES, DANIEL of Amberst Co. Va. Bonds to Walton Harris of Wilkes Co. Ga. Aug. 20, 1787. Henry Mounger, Sampson Harris, Joel Harris, Test. On the reverse receipts to Jas. Stewart for slaves Farthing and Moll, May 25, 1784; to Thos. Gilbert for $100.00 Aug 1, 1784; to Thos. Gilbert by Jacob Bankston L5, Sept. 19, 1785; to Chas. Sanders, Round O., S. C. L1; from Thos. Gilbert by Jacob Bankston 20s., Jun. 5, 1786; to Jas. Fountain L120, Feb. 10, 1787, "in part of within bond." All signed by Walton Harris.

Letter from Daniel Gaines, Va. Amherst Co., Dec. 29, 1783.
"The bearer hereof Jas. Stewart carries out my slaves to make a

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crop on the plantation I bought of you. I am disappointed in receiving money here to discharge the first payment for the land but expect Mr. Stewart will receive it in S. C. I have directed him if that Resource fails to let you have my negroes agreeable to what passed between us at Savannah. Mr. Thos. Gilbert who goes out with Mr. Stewart means immediately to become a citizen of Ga., and to follow the business of Surveyor. I would beg leave here to recommend him to your good offices as one worthy of your esteem He will show you a Petition to your Assembly signed by a number of respectable Gentlemen. Should your own sentiments coincide with the Prayer of the Petition, I shall hope you will support it with all your power. Please present my most respectful compliments to Mrs. Harris. I am Sir, your most Obedient Servant." Signed Dan Gaines. To the Hon. Walton Harris, near Wilkes Court House, Ga.

Letter from Daniel Gaines, Broad River, Nov. 6, 1787 to Walton Harris, protesting the settlement he wishes to make, and telling him the expense of going to Round O., he would pay, if the addressee went for that purpose only.

Testimony of Daniel Gaines, no date, that John and Jos. Hawkins were commissioners for supplying the troops in Va., during the Rev. War and for several years after how many he cannot remember. While the connection lasted Jos. Moreton acted for them, but whether he was a partner with or against the said Hawkins, the deponent does not know.

GREER, WILLIAM Letter to Wm. Graves of Wilkes Co. Jul. 14, 1791 in which he says he proceeded next A. M. after getting home to survey land. "If it was vacant at that time we have it secure." On the outside, Letter from Wm. Greer, Jul. 14, 1791, received Jul. 21, 1791. About survey of land of the Rocky Fork of Shoulderbone.

GADDY, DAVID, vs Francis Gaddy. David Gaddy caveats said Francis obtaining letters of admn on Jas. Gaddy, dec'd, because administration has been awarded Wm. Pate of Hanover Co. Va., and that Francis is not nearest of kin of said dec'd. Jul. 21, 1800.

GRESHAM, GEORGE, Sr, dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jan. 6, 1817. Wm. Oneal, John Gresham and Samuel Paschall, admrs. Sale Feb. 22, 1817. John Kaufman, Patsy and Benj. Gresham purchasers.

GILLIAM (GILLUM), PETER dec'd. Jesse Heard app. admr Jul. 15, 1794. Note of Wm. Maxwell and Wm. Cox for L10, 5s. signed Jan. 1, 1794. Receipts Oct. 8, 1800 to Jesse Heard, admr from Evan Price, Ewing Morrow, Anne, Patsy, and Chas. Gillum, and Jos. Morrow legacies in full.

GILLIAM, WILLIAM dec'd. Inv. Apr. 16, 1798. Slaves Edum, Gabriel, Jones, Cloe, Mary, Chas., Dick, Miner, Slivey and Tobey, and house-hold goods. John Gibson, Daniel Dupree, Alex. Davis, Apprs. Dr. Joel

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Abbott's account for visit at Mr. Ellis in Oglethorpe Co. 1796, attendance 40 hours. Salley Williamson, excx. Receipt of Deverix Gilliam, Jun. 5, 1798, of Richard Gilliam Dec. 19, 1799, of Chas., John, and Jarrett Gilliam Jan. 12, 1799, $380.00, shares in full. Receipt of Chas. Gilliam for $1044.00 which is in full of the shares that Archer Gilliam, Joice Hood, Polly Jennins, Betsy Hood and Polly Hood the children of Joice Hood are entitled to receive under the will of Wm. Gilliam, dec'd, which he binds himself to pay over to them and to get receipts and transmit to Ga., to said Sally Williamson, admx. Dec. 19, 1799. John Griffin witness to all receipts.

GRIFFIN, JOHN dec'd. Nathaniel Ragan, admr. Receipts of John Griffin and John Paxon, "heirs, legatees and distributees." Feb. 19, 1802.

GORDON, MOSES, dec'd. est. Geo. Hamilton, excr Receipts of Josiah Gordon 1801 and Jos. Gordon 1805 for part of their legacies. Palatiah Stallings app. gdn of Delila, Elizabeth and Isaac, orphs of Moses Gordon, dec'd. Jul. 10, 1799. Paid Daniel Wagnon for board for Elizabeth 1801. Paid Palatiah Stallings board for Elizabeth and Delila 1800. Paid Wm. Worrell for Nancy's board 1800. Paid Mrs. Ann Dawson, Betsy's board 1804. Paid Wm. Worrell board for Elizabeth 1807, shoes for Nancy. Returns for 1811 Paid Isaac Gordon for schooling Elizabeth Gordon 1811. Paid Palatiah Stallings. gdn of Delilah Gordon, paid John Dyson for schooling Elizabeth 1810. Receipt of Sampson Brown. husband of Nancy Gordon, for her legacy Nov. 13, 1809. Moses Gordon's distributive share in est of John Edwards, dec'd, L11. Moses bid off hogs etc at the sale of John Edwards est 1787.

GORDON, FRANCIS dec'd Inv. Jul. 10, 1801. Slaves Robin, Meriah, Reuben and Joe, 1 stage wagon.

GRAVES, HUMPHREY dec'd. est. Returns for 1794. Paid Chloe, Perry and Joshua Graves and Jas. Perry and Basil Magruder, legatees $320.00 each.

GRAVES, JOHN T., dec'd. Lawrence C. Toombs, admr, and gdn of Sally Dillard Graves, Catharine Anne Graves and Jas. Porterfield Graves, petition showing that he found upon assuming this admn that John T. Graves had made over by deed to his children the whole of his property excluding his wife Ann S. Graves and his creditors etc. No date. Walter H. Weems app. admr de bonis non Nov. 2, 1829, former admr Lawrence C. Toombs having died. Returns of John H. Dyson, gdn for 1836, expense of going to Salem, carriage to bring Catharine A. Graves home, pocket money furnished her at Salem. Receipt of F. Ficklen, Feb. 1839 to Simeon Hester for palings for enclosing the grave of Miss Catharine Graves. Affidavit of Alfred L. Boren Feb. 27, 1839 that he saw John H. Dyson deposit a letter in the P. O. at Washington containing $100.00 Bank of State of Ga.,

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payable at Mechanics Bank in New York to Wm. Taylor dated Savannah Feb. 6, 1835, letter directed to Jas. P. Graves, Boydtown, Va.

GRAY, JAMES dec'd est. Returns of Jos. Gray, one of the excrs, all his transactions with the est, signed Jul. 24, 1800, as found in the hands of the wid and excx of dec'd, who has since intermarried with one David Perreman (See will, page 48 Vol. 1).

GIDDENS, FRANCIS dec'd est. Elizabeth Giddens, admx with will annexed. Petition to divide real est so as to give to Edward Giddens one of the heirs, now of lawful age his part, Jan. 7, 1827. Her petition to sell 400 acres in Jackson Co., No date. Returns for 1827, paid Toliver Jones his legacy of the personal est.

GIDDENS (GIDDINS), WILLIAM, dec'd est. Francis Giddins, Sr., Admr. Nursing and boarding your child Francis in 1792, bill of Susannah Green for $20.00. Returns 1809, paid Roger Giddins $56.00, paid Jesse Everett $51.00. Receipt of John Moss for tuition for Francis Giddins 1807, Jacob M. Scudders for 1808. Returns for 1805, "tuition for the children" paid Fred Rainey. Returns for 1814, rent of plantation in Jackson Co. Receipt of Jos. Gray for $4.00 for making a coffin 1802.

GREEN, AMOS dec'd. Warrant of apprmt May 1, 1791. Hester Green, admx.

GREEN, PELEG and wife Freelove to Daniel Gaines, Lot No. 18, in the town of Washington, bounded N. by Elijah Clarkes lot, S. by Broad Street, W. by Lot 17. Aug. 19, 1791.

GREEN, WILLIAM dec'd est. Receipt of Dr. John H. Pope for pay for services rendered Mrs. Catharine Green, wid of said dec'd 1817. To Wm. Jones for coffin for Catharine 1817. Receipts Aug. 21, 1820 of Thos. Johnson and Elizabeth Green for their legacies, Receipt of Douglas Watson, gdn of Wm. Green, orph of said dec'd for his legacy same date. Samuel Cochran and Wright Scoggin, admrs. Receipt of Wm. Green for Lemon Green of Franklin Co. N. C., for $198.00 it being hire of a slave Will, to Wright Scroggins, admr.

GUNN, ANN, Mrs. dec'd. John Hundley, temp. admr. Inv. Nov. 9, 1819. Receipt of Solomon Perkins for making coffin 1819. Bill of John J. Harper for mdse by Ichabod Gunn, Ann's Agt. 1819.

GUNN, JOHN dec'd. Catharine Gunn, admx. Apprs. app. May 6, 1816 Returns for 1825, paid David Pool board for Geo., and Cicely Gunn for 1821-22, orphs of John Gunn, dec'd. Wm. Little, gdn.

GIBSON, WALTER dec'd est. Sylvanus Gibson and Griffin Hogan app. admrs Nov. 9, 1791. Receipt of Shadrack Hogan to Sylvanus

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Gibson and Griffin Hogan, excrs for what was willed to Elizabeth, dau of said Walter, and now the wife of said Shadrack, Feb. 6, 1792. Receipt of Nathaniel Davis for what was willed to Piety, dau of said Walter, now the wife of said Nathaniel, Aug. 2, 1792.

GIBSON, SPRINGER, appointed gdn to his dau Frances Gibson May 3, 1819.

GOODWYN, HARWOOD or HEROD, Sr., dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Dec. 2, 1793. John Griffin and Thos. Goodwyn, admrs. Slaves Bob Long, Bob Short, James, Rachel, Sylvia, Lyddy, Judy, Betty, Chas., woman called Frank, John and Hall. Return of sale of land, town tract bought by John Griffin. Capt. Jeter bought Log Dam tract, Thos. Goodwin, Kettle creek tract. Receipt of Elizabeth Goodwin relict of Herod Goodwyn, dec'd, a childs part of the real est. Dec. 30, 1796 Receipt of Robt. Goodwin for slaves Betty, Tom and Milly, in full of my share of Herod Goodwyns est. Jan. 27, 1795. Same date Herod Goodwyn legatee receipt. Returns of John Griffin, admr Jan. 20, 1795 paid Jordan Anderson, gdn of Jas. Goodwin, paid Robt., Harwood, Thos. and Matt Goodwin, paid Elizabeth Goodwin, wid., paid Boswell Bridgman, all their legacies. Says "Harwood Goodwin, dec'd." Receipt of H. Goodwin for Lylla, Judy and other slaves, 1795 "Herod Goodwyn, dec'd." Returns of Thos. Goodwyn, excr for 1797 paid expense to N. C. to recover a slave.

GOODWIN, GEORGE dec'd est. Inv. Nov. 14, 1821. Rebecca Goodwin and Samuel Brooks, excrs. Receipt of Roberson Goodwin to Rebecca Goodwin, excx Nov. 20, 1821 for his legacy.

GOOLSBY, PETER dec'd. Isaiah and Nancy Goolsby app. admrs Aug. 6, 1791. Daniel Saffold, Sec. Returns for 1797, "Received of Jas. East for clothes detained of the dec'd and recovered suit." Bond for title from Peter Goolsby, planter of Wilkes Co. Ga., to Waide Goolsby of Roan Co. N. C. Jan. 10, 1789, to 125 acres on Clouds creek being half of a tract Peter Goolsby bought of his father Jas. Goolsby and known as Walnut Grove. Drury Goolsby, John Crook, Test. Wade Goolsby assigns his right of the within bond to Jas. Goolsby, Nov. 22, 1797. Receipt of Jas. Goolsby to Isaiah Goolsby, excr Peter Goolsby, dec'd Apr. 3, 1798 for 2000 pounds of tobacco for above land. Wm. Pye, Test.

GOOLSBY, SABRA dec'd. Randall Goolsby app admr. Sept. 5, 1831.

GIBSON, JOHN, orph of Wm. Gibson, dec'd. Archibald Sheats gdn. Received of Walter Gibson, admr of Wm. Gibson, dec'd $400.00 1819. By expense of going to Wilkinson Co. to collect the above.

GAAR, MICHAEL, dec'd. Lewis and Adam Gaar app. admrs Dec. 20, 1790.

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GIRADEAU, JOHN B., affidavit that Benj. Turner and Jas. Lesley are justly indebted to him. Feb. 3, 1790.

GLASS, JOSHUA gdn of Ripper Robinson, free man of color vs Daniel Stalker. Interrogatories to be exhibited to Francis Prine of Pendleton, S. C., by Elisha Brown and Joshua Saxon, J. P. of Pendleton Co. Had he been acquainted with Ripper Robinson a long time, did he know his reputed mother Mima Robinson, was she a free woman, did he know that Ripper was bound to Thos. Carter of Burlington Co. N. J., were Ripper and Mima and her other children reputed free persons of color in N. J. etc. Answers not found.

GRANGER, JESSEY dec'd est. Etheldred Woods account for work done on a pair of millstones Feb. 12, 1791.

GRIFFIN, OWEN dec'd. Josiah Stovall's affidavit to execute the will No date, Richard Griffin, Test. Elizabeth Griffin, excx. Petition to sell No. 226, 11th Dist. originally Monroe now Upson Co. No date.

GRIFFIN, SARAH, wid of Buckner Griffin releases her dower and all her claim and that of her son Richard to one undivided third of 300 acres in Wilkes Co. on Mt. Fork of Soap creek, to Nathan Sims, admr of said Buckner Griffin, dec'd. Sep. 28, 1795. Robt. Mitchell, Meshack Overby, Leonard Sims, Test.

GAMMAGE, WILLIAM, Order to Hannah Kelly to pay Samuel Brown five shillings, May 22, 1791.

GAMMAGE, SAMUEL dec'd est. Nancy Gammage, admx. To board and clothes for Polly H. and Francis C. Gammage for 1816.

GUEST, THOMAS dec'd est. Receipts of Thos. Guest for himself, Isaac Perkins for himself, Isaac C. Perkins as trustee for Elizabeth Perkins, Sr., and Elizabeth Perkins (Jr?) for herself, 1811, all legatees, 1811. Wm. Anderson, admr.

GODING, WILKINSON, dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Oct. 12, 1791. John Milner, admr with will annexed. Geo. Gray, Philip Ballard, Nathan Ballard, Malachi Stallings and Wm. Baldwin, apprs. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 103.

GILBERT, THOMAS, bond to appear at Court Apr. 1794 to answer John Lindsays suit for damages. John M. Whitney, John F. Gardiner, Sec.

GRANT, DANIEL dec'd est. Thos. Grant, acting excr. Receipts of Stephen Gafford and Richard Davis in full of their legacies, Dec. 25, 1794; of John Owen Dec. 12, 1794; of Hazlewood Wilkinson, Jan. 9, 1795, for their legacies in full except a part of land on the Western waters and a balance for tobacco coming from Mr. Maury in England.

GRANT, WILLIAM dec'd est. Receipt to Thos. and Daniel Grant, excrs Dec. 25, 1827 of Wiley B. Ector for his interest in said est in right

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of his wife. Return of Wylie B. Ector, excr in right of his wife, Jan. 1, 1828, paid himself for board of the children. Wylie B. Ector's petition to be allowed to make his returns in Meriwether Co., having removed there, No date.

HALL, ASA dec'd. Inv. Sep. 7, 1820. Augustus H. Gibson, Lewis S. Brown and Constantine Church, admrs. Seals, keys, bracelets, watches, watch crystals etc listed and sundry articles in possession of Lorenza T. Hall. Power of atty from Mary Little Hall of Boston, Suffolk Co. Mass., single woman to Chas. Hall of Augusta, Ga., to receive her part of her father Asa Hall, dec'd est of Washington, Wilkes Co. Ga. Feb. 23, 1821. Amelia Edgeworth, Ann Twiner (?), Test. Stephen Codman, N. P. Duncan G. Campbell, atty of Chas. Hall, who is atty in fact of Mary L. Hall, receipt for $178.43 and a few articles of jewelry, Jun. 24, 1822. Order of Lorenzo T. Hall to the admrs to pay to Constantine Church his distributive share of above est. Dated Washington, Dec. 11, 1820. Constantine Church's receipt for above Jun. 24, 1822 $119.86. Lorenzo T. Hall's order on C. Church to pay R. H. Wilde $100.00 Nov. 11, 1820, which was done Apr. 22, 1822. Receipts of Chas. Hall to the admrs for $500.00 in part of Mary L. Hall's share, Augusta, Apr. 11, 1822. She is called one of the two heirs.

HEARD, GEORGE dec'd. Return of a sale, almost destroyed, Sep. 10, 1784. Susannah Heard, excx. She bought horses, cattle, household goods. Richard Heard and Wm. Allison also purchasers.

HEARD, GEORGE dec'd. Inv. Sep. 29, 1791. Chas. Dean, Peter Gillum, Edward Gresham, Apprs. Slaves Ben and Peg, cattle household goods etc. Warrant of apprmt. Sep. 20, 1791. Sale Dec. 11, 1793, Jesse Heard and John Ramey, admrs. Returns of J. Ramey, gdn of Elizabeth and Ann Heard 1796-99. Paid four years board for them and slaves Richard and Reuben, paid Thos. Wingfield tuition, hire of slave Peg and rent of plantation. Paid Wm. Jones tuition 1796. John Ramey's bond as admr. May 2, 1793, with Ann Heard now the wife of said Ramey, Wm. Ramey, Sec., to Jesse Heard and Jos. Heard all of Wilkes Co. Returns for 1796 paid tax for 1796, paid Dr. Lacey's bill. Returns of Jesse Heard, admr. Receipt from John Ramey, gdn of Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and Geo. Heard in full, also the whole transaction of Jesse Heard of said est to date Mar. 2, 1801. Receipt of John Ramey to Jesse Heard for himself as a legatee, and as gdn of Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and Geo. Heard, Apr. 10, 1799. Receipt of Wm. Heard also, being in full of my part of my father Geo. Heard's est. Samuel Millers receipt for tuition for Ann, Mary and Elizabeth Heard 1793-94. Receipt of Thos. Ogletree for 10s. for making a coffin. Receipt of Wm. Poss for Dr. L. Acee (Dr. Lacey) for L2. 1797, for services to Geo., dec'd and his niece 1792. Returns of gdn for 1800, board for Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and George.

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HEARD, JOHN, Sr., dec'd est. Bill of Geo. Walton from Dec. 1778 to Oct. 1785 for mdse, linen, calico, rum, shoe buckles, buttons etc. Petition of Geo. Walton, "late of Wilkes Co." to the justices of the Inferior Court of Wilkes Co., that Stephen Heard, Jos. Staten and Jesse Heard appear before the court to settle this debt, Served Jul. 27, 1790. (See will of John Heard, p. 48 Vol. 1) (This was not Geo. Walton the signer, but another who returned to Va., from Wilkes Co. before 1790).

HEARD, CHARLES dec'd est. John and Richard Heard, excrs. Receipt of Dr. Gilbert Hay Apr. 1, 1800, of Samuel Heard 1799-1800, legacy due me from est of Chas. Heard, and of Ann Owens Mar. 1800 for her legacy. Receipt of Stephen Heard, Sr., 1799 for brandy, cash lent etc. in 1794. Receipt of John Heard for corn 1787, money lent 1792.

HEARD, JESSE dec'd est. Ebenezer Smith, excr. Receipt of Peter Gibert of Abbeville Dist. S. C., "for teaching your son Jesse the French language, 7 months in 180??-1803." Returns of Ebenezer Smith, gdn of Susannah Heard, orph of Jesse, dec'd for 1804. Hire of slaves Sucky and Whitfield, paid ?? ??m for board. Bond of Ebenezer Smith as gdn for Elizabeth and Susannah Heard, minors of Jesse, dec'd. Aug. 2, 1803. John Walker and Richard Heard, Sec. Stephen Martin, gdn of Mary F. Heard vs Elizabeth Heard for a note returnable Feb. 16, 1805, payable to the excrs of Jesse Heard, dec'd, and the Justices allowed evidence to be given of a set off against Stephen Heard one of the excrs in his individual capacity.

HEARD, BARNARD dec'd. Receipt of Geo. Walker, atty for plaintiff to John Cessna, Sheriff of Greene Co., for L28. ??11s. in full of a judgementobtained by Geo. Walton for Stephen Heard vs John Heard, Jr., admr of Barnard Heard dec'd, May 21, 1791. Fi fa issued by H. Mounger.

HEARD, STEPHEN, petition to be admitted to practice law in this state. Mr. Solomon Van Allen, Mr. Griffin and Mr. Matthews to examine him. Oct. 28, 1799.

HEARD, STEPHEN dec'd. (son of Barnay) Nancy Heard, Jos. Staten, app. temp. admrs. Aug. 22, 1801. Baldwin Robertson and Gideon Brown, Sec.

HEARD, STEPHEN dec'd. John Heard app. admr Nov. 6, 1810. Jas. Render and Jas. Wootten, Sec. Note of hand to John Thurman, Jul. 9, 1810, paid by John Heard, admr Dec. 1813.

HEARD, JOHN, Sr., dec'd. Inv. Oct. 29, 1803. John Heard, Jr., admr. Amount of sales Dec. 31, 1803 John Dyson, John Heard, Jr. and Ephraim Heard, admrs.

HAMMONS, JACOB dec'd est. Petition to divide the slaves, Nov. Term

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1823 signed by John Huguley and Champion Allen. To Marion Hammonds, Mirick and Jinny. To Champion Allen, Charity and Emily, to Barbary Ann Hammonds, Dennis, to Wm. Hammonds, David to Lucinda Hammonds, Peggy. Jan. 3, 1824.

HAMMOCK, BENEDICK dec'd. Inv. Jul. 31, 1787. Left to his son Benedick slave Sary, feather bed etc. To dau Betsy Hammock slave Daffy, cotton wheel, cows etc. Geo. Gresham, Wm. Huckaby, Solomon Thornton, apprs.

HAMMOCK, HUGH dec'd. Inv. Sep. 11, 1783. The improvement (land?) valued at L14. household goods etc. Robt. Killgore, Jas. Yer??berry and P. Cunningham, apprs. Sale, Oct. 11, 1783, Robt. and Nancy Hammock purchasers. Thos. Connell, Arthur Smith and John Johnson, also.

HAMMOCK, THOMAS dec'd. Inv. Apr. 13, 1814. Jos. Henderson. admr.

HAMMOCK, ROBERT dec'd. Warrant of apprmt. Feb. 25, 1800. Millinor and Lewis Hammock, admx and admr.

HAMMOCK, WILLIAM dec'd. Inventory Mar. 16, 1808.

HAMMOCK, SARAH dec'd. Inv. May 30, 1827. Slaves Caty, Mary. Dianna, Sealey, Mariah, Nancy and Silvey all the est. John Thorington, admr. John Thornton, admr's petition leave to sell certain slaves for division, no date.

HOLLIDAY, THOMAS dec'd. Warrant of apprmt. Aug. 8, 1799 to appraise the goods etc, not administered by Martha Holliday, late admx, dec'd, as shown to you by John Graves and Francis Strother admrs de bonis non. Aug. 6, 1799. Jos. Gartrell, Nathaniel Ragan, John Bentley, apprs. Returns for 1800. Cash in the hands of Francis Strother legatee, and gdn of Polly Holliday, and cash in the hands of Hope Hull, gdn of John Holliday. Paid Andrew West for attending Martha Holliday in sickness. Receipt of Barbara West, excx, of Andrew West, dec'd. Mar. 5, 1801. Receipt of Dickerson Holliday "one of the legatees" for his part of the hire of slaves for 1803.

HENLEY, MARGARET dec'd. Petition of her heirs, viz, John, Philip, Edmond, Wm., Jas., Darby, Abijah, Micajah and Susannah Henley, saying they were possessed Sep. 14, 1806 of several slaves, which they lost the same day and they came into the hands of Mrs. Catharine Henley, who found them and who refuses to give them up, knowing they belonged to the heirs of Margaret Henley above named, she ordered to appear at court which she does and declares she has been in peaceful possession of said slaves four years etc. Nov. Term 1806.

HENLEY, JOHN dec'd est. Abner Henley, admr. Returns for 1822 paid Sarah Farnsworth $96.00, paid Jas. C. Henley $100.00, paid John Henley $120.00, paid Peggy and Polly Henley $326.00 each. Returns for 1823 paid Wm. Robinson, admr Abijah Henley, dec'd $492.00,

End of Page 234 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 235

paid Darby Henley per order and receipt of Thos. King, $220.00. Returns for 1818, paid Fanny, Peggy and Polly Henley certain sums.

HENLEY, JOHN, Sr., and wife Catharine to Thos. W. Guries (?) Lot No. 13 in town of Washington. Sept. 27, 1800.

HAMILTON, GEORGE dec'd. Jos. J. Hamilton, orph. Returns of John W. Cooper, gdn for 1824, paid orph in full. Div. of slaves, Feb. 3, 1819. Agnes Hamilton, wid of dec'd, Jas. Render in right of his wife Sarah, Thos. Hamilton, Nathan Benton, in right of his wife Lucy, Geo. W., Mary, Chas., Jos. J., and John C. Hamilton distributees. Returns of Jas. Render, admr 1828-30. Receipts of Mary R. Church and Elizabeth Murphy in full of all demands. Receipts of Jos. J. Hamilton, admr of John C. Hamilton in full of all demands. Jas. Render's receipt as legatee also. Receipts of Constantine Church Jul. 1822 and Apr. 1826 for his distributive share of said est.

HAMILTON, AGNES dec'd. Warrant of apprmt. Jan. 12, 1826. Constantine Church and Benj. Murphy, admrs. Returns of Benj. Murphy 1827 paid Jos. J. Hamilton and Nathan Benton large sums. Returns for 1830, paid Jos. J., G. W., and Thos. Hamilton, M. R. Church, Jas. Render, for himself and as admr, Constantine Church, L. Benton and E. Murphey.

HAY, CHARLES dec'd. Felix G. Hay app. admr, no date.

HAYES, WILLIAM, orph of David Hayes, dec'd. Wiley Pope, gdn. Matthew Talbot and wife, admrs of David Hayes, dec'd, Vs Wiley Pope, gdn of Wm. Hayes. Interrogatories of Jacob Bethany Oct. 29, 1796. Do you know Matthew Talbot who married the wid of David Hayes? Did said Matthew pay Benj. Sims money owing from said est? Did you pay Sims money due from the est mentioned on the bond given by Hayes in his life time to said Sims? G. Walker, atty for defts. (Wid of David Hayes married Matthew Talbot prior to 1783).

HENDRICKS, KITTY dec'd. Nancy McRae app. admx de bonis non will annexed Jan. 5, 1829. Kitty Hendricks deed of gift to niece Margaret McRae of Washington, Wilkes Co., slave Julia and her child Eliza. Dec. 28, 1813.

HENDRICKS, BENJAMIN dec'd. Judith and Anderson Hendricks app. admrs. Aug. 2, 1790. John Talbot, Sec. Inv. Aug. 14, 1790, Slave Peg listed. Returns of Judith, admx 1791-92. Paid Henry Ray tuition. paid Anderson and Wm. Hendricks and Wm. and Mary Smallwood heirs, paid John Talbot, gdn of Thos., Elizabeth, Moses, Micajah, Benj., and John Hendricks each in notes and bonds. Returns of Solomon Thornton, gdn of Benj., Micajah and John Hendricks for 1801, money received on notes. Returns for 1804. Receipts of Micajah and Benj., in full of shares. Benj. Hendricks bond to Benedict Hammock signed Dec. 8, 1785, due Apr. following. Gideon Anderson

End of Page 235 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 236

and Mary Hammock, test. Petition of Judith Hendricks, admx. and Anderson and Wm. Hendricks and Wm. Smallwood husband of Mary Hendricks, children who are of age, and John Talbot, gdn of Thos., Elizabeth, Moses, Micajah, Benj., and John Hendricks under age to lay off the third part to her. On viewing the 200 acres in Wilkes Co. and understanding that there was 350 acres in Elbert Co. claimed by said Benj., dec'd, it was decided that the wid take 100 acres in Wilkes Co. whereon the said wid. lives, on Rocky creek agreeable to the original grant to said Benj., dec'd. Feb. 20, 1791.

HENDRICK, WILLIAM dec'd est. Elizabeth Hendrick, admx. Receipt of Benj. Hendrick May 18, 1806 "the full content of $1125.00. Wm. Hendricks, calling himself of Rutherford Co. N. C., to Frederick F. Alley of the same, mortgage on three tracts of land, two on Shoal creek, one on Borens creek, a lot in the town formerly called Bunville, now called Erwinville and several slaves, to secure a debt of $1892.00 for which John C. Elliott of Rutherford Co., stood Sec. Signed July 15, 1818. Sold at Rutherford, N. C., Jun. 10, 1819.

HORN, JOHN dec'd est. Ellender and John Horn's receipts 1803 for their legacies in part. John Rainey's receipt Aug. 6, 1806 in full of his legacy in right of his wife Nancy. John Horn, gdn. of Hannah Horn. Returns 1806 no data. Wm. Horn's receipt for legacy 1807.

HUDSPETH, WILLIAM dec'd est. Geo. Hudspeth, excr. Returns for 1807 Paid Dr. Jas. Bradley, paid cost of law suit in Oglethorpe Co., paid for grant in Wayne Co.

HILLHOUSE, DAVID. Affidavit to deliver to Robt. Cochran at the port of Wilmington, N. C., 1500 gals. of merchantable New England rum, 1500 gals. molasses, and a slave Phillis about 17 years old, with no expense to Cochran except the cost of the barrels, 50c each. David acknowledges a debt to Cochran to be deducted from above articles. Dated at Middletown Conn., July 1784. On the third page of this document, same date, Robt. Cochran is called of Fayetteville, N. C. On Oct. 2, 1787, Wm. Cochran and John Ingram, admrs of Robt. Cochran declare David has never delivered the above articles or paid his debt. Suit against him in Wilkes Co. Settled in favor of plaintiffs.

HILLHOUSE, DAVID, Receipt to Capt. John Parks for publishing citation to admr on est of Wm. Rogers, late of Wilkes Co., dec'd. Jun. 18, 1801.

HILLHOUSE, SARAH, Receipt to Wm. Paschall Jul. 5, 1807 for publishing sale of property of Wm. Paschall. Same to Rev. Jesse Mercer, Jul. 2, 1805 for publishing a nine months notice of est of Silas Mercer, dec'd.

HOXEY, ASA dec'd est. Lewis S. Brown, excr. Returns for 1829 Paid

End of Page 236 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 237

Thos. Hoxey and Asa Hoxey in full, and Caroline E. Willey also. Retained my own share.

HAY, WILLIAM dec'd. John Talbot, debtor Mar. 18, 1795 for surveying 591 acres of land. Dr. Gilbert Hay testifies this account is on the books of Wm. Hay, dec'd. Mar. 1, 1802.

HILLYER, SHALER dec'd. Inv. May 1, 1820. Rebecca Hillyer, admx.

HOFF (HUFF), CHARLES dec'd. Inv. Sep. 4, 1820. Susannah Hoff, John S. Pool and Wm. Lackey, admrs. Writ of dower to widow Susannah Hoff, Apr. 23, 1821, in 330 acres on Clarks creek "that the said Chas. Hoff departed this life intestate sometime in June 1820."

HAMPTON, THOMAS dec'd. Mrs. Elizabeth Hampton, wid asks for a childs part in 225 acres of land in Wilkes Co., Dec. 20, 1791, she being past 70 years old, "said Thos. having made no mention of her in his will which was duly proved and recorded in my office." Edward Jones, R. P. (Recorded in Book "D D" folio 213).

HOWELL, JAMES dec'd. Inv. May 9, 1789. David Burk, Thos. Harkins and John Bracken, Apprs. Tools and household goods only.

HARROLL, WILSON dec'd. Johnson Wellborn's returns as gdn. of the four children, not named. Slaves hired out for the benefit of the wid Mary Harrold and her four children. Returns 1803-05.

HENDERSON, THOMAS and Noah Lee purchased the interest of Granville Hammock and Jas. L. Hammock in 490 acres on Beaverdam creek Feb. 7, 1826, then accupied by Mrs. Margaret Hammock which Richard J. Willis, Sheriff confirms to them.

HARPER, WILLIAM dec'd est. John Landrum, admr. Returns for 1808. Receipts in full of legatees, viz, Edward, Judith, Polly and Henry Harper, Joyce Parrack (?), John Johnson, John Campbell, Thos. Bibb's, and Joshua Glass's half share each for Jesse Bibb.

HARPER, PLEASANT dec'd. Wm. Harper, admr with will annexed. Receipt of John Foster, Coroner for fees for an inquisition held over the body of Pleasant Harper supposed to have been killed by the discharge of a gun in the hands of John Campbell, May 4, 1799.

HANSON, JOHN, letter to John King expressing his willingness to finish paying for land. Dated, Water of Long Creek, Nov. 1795.

HANSON, MARY dec'd est. Received of Walter H. Weems, admr of Wm. L. Weems, dec'd, late excr of Mary Hanson, dec'd $50.00 is being the balance of a legacy of $200.00 from Mary Hanson to Rev. John Hodge Sep. 8, 1827. Signed John Brown, excr est of John Hodge, dec'd.

HANSON, JOHN M. Fi fa of Grant & Turner, Feb. 23, 1827.

End of Page 237 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 238

HILL, HENRY dec'd. Theophilus Hill app. admr Mar. 15, 1804.

HILL, JAMES A., in right of his wife Amelia Emily Hill, heir and distributee of Thos. Hill of Oglethorpe Co., who died 1816, vs. Wiley Hill, admr. Thos. Hill left a wid and six children besides the wife of Jas. A. Hill petitioner.

HILL, HENRY & SARAH, dec'd. Petition of their children, viz. Wm. Johnson in right of his wife Nancy, Josiah Woods in right of his wife Sarah, Mary Josey and Christian Pope, being children of said Henry and Sarah Hill, dec'd, and Elizabeth, Nancy, Greenberry, Polly, Winny, Patsy and Harriett Hill, children of Theophilus Hill, dec'd, and grandchildren of said Henry and Sarah, dec'd, by their next friend Wm. Johnson. Previous to Mar. 25, 1805 said Henry Hill died, soon after the children above named and Theophilus, Henry, Jr., John and Abraham Hill, also children of said dec'd entered into an agreement that the property be left in possession of the wid Sarah for life, that Henry Hill, Jr. should pay to the other heirs a certain sum, which he failed to do. Said Sarah died Nov. 13, 1812. leaving a will which made no provision for above payment etc., said property should be equally divided and not according to the will. May 14, 1815.

HILL, JAMES dec'd. Apprmt of est no date. Horse, spurs, saddle bags etc. Values in pounds and shillings. Mordecai Baldwin and John and Wm. Kimbrough, apprs.

HOPKINS, WILLIAM dec'd. Petition of Martha Hopkins. wid Jan. 16, 1816, for dower in two tracts on Fishing creek, Wm., having died intestate leaving several minor children. Returns of Martha Hopkins, admx for 1818. Paid Wm. Heard in right of his wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Hopkins $574.00. Tuition paid S. M. Walker 1820 for Mary and Martha. Tuition paid Nelson Powell for Caroline and Frances for 1822. Board etc for Mary, Caroline and Frances for 1823. Receipt of John R. Heard Jan. 11, 1822 for his distributive share of personal est. Rent of slaves and land returned by Martha up to 1826.

HOPKINS, JILSON, property owned by him when he separated from his wife, Elizabeth Hopkins Oct. 18, 1822, 268 acres in Wilkes Co., ?? tracts in other counties. Bill of Dr. G. F. Buchanan for services to Mrs. Elizabeth Hopkins 1832 and Mar. 1833.

HILLYARD, RICHARD dec'd est. Wm. Hillyard. excr. Returns for 1816 board for five children viz, Richard, Elizabeth. Sarah, Nancy, and Jehu. Returns of Wm. Hillyard, gdn of Nancy and Sarah to 1820.

HILLYARD, MATILDA, orphan of Richard Hillyard, Jos. A. Carter appgdn. May 7, 1827.

HEATH-HEETH, RICHARD dec'd. Henry Hight app. admr Oct. 12, 1829. Nancy Heath app. gdn of Rebecca and Martha Heath Mar. 1, 1830.

End of Page 238 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 239

Order of David Cooper dated Wrightsboro Mar. 27, 1832 to Sheriff of Wilkes Co. In the event of an execution in his favor vs Richard Heath's est being presented to you at the sales of Heaths property Tuesday next you are not to pay the money to Mrs. Heath or any of her agents under any circumstances etc. Joshua Morgan surviving, excr of Jos. Cohron vs Richard Heath and vs Henry Hight, admr, of Richard Heath, dec'd. Interrogatories of Chas. Mills of Baldwin Co., from Superior court of Wilkinson Co. He knew the plantation where Jos. Cohron died, to which Richard Heath moved about 1824 and lived till his death, said Chas. was one of the partitioners to lay off Mrs. Cohron's dower. Richard Heath died the last of May or 1st of June 1829. Feb. 3, 1832. Interrogatories of John Livingston, certified by Chas. C. Mills, J. I. C., Jan. 22, 1831. He knows said land on which Jos. Cohron lived on Augusta road and Williams creek. He knew Richard Heath and knows Joshua Morgan. He heard a conversation between said Heath and Morgan about five or six years ago, a short time after David Allison left Wilkes Co., which originated from a suit of Seth Moore vs said Richard Heath, who sold Heath the land.

HARNSBERGER, STEPHEN dec'd. Sale Dec. 15, 1820. Allen P. Rice, and D. Simpson, admrs. Receipt of A. Harnsberger, gdn of Robt. Harnsberger for slaves Harriot and Bob. Receipt of A. Harnsberger for slave Eliza. of Mary Harnsberger for slaves Mary, Caty and her child; of Frances Harnsberger for slaves Emily and Jacob; of Thos. Freeman for slave Charlott; of Geo. W. Nolan for slaves Isaac, Sarena and Henry; of Stephen Z. Harnsberger for Combo and Leannah; of Allen P. Rice for Caroline and Billy. All signed Dec. 18, 1820.

HUGHS, THORP dec'd. Inv. Mar. 2, 1787, 1 sorrel horse, saddle, corn and tobacco. Richard Melear, Buckr. Harris, Jeffrey Early, apprs.

HARTSFIELD, GODFREY dec'd est. Receipt of Luke Williams for part of his wife's legacy Dec. 1815. Returns for 1820, paid Anderson Hartsfield as per order, Signed in Augusta Jan. 1, 1818. Paid Warren Hartsfield in full.

HARTSFIELD, ANDREW N., dec'd est. Returns for 1819. Paid Warren Hartsfield, paid $24.00 to Nicholas Sheats on order of Elizabeth Hartsfield wife of Anderson Hartsfield. Bill of Thos. Poulain, M. D. To visit at Mr. Holmes, Mar. 16, Bleeding, 12 Dovers powders. Bleeding again 18, and 19th. Bill dated Oglethorpe Co. May 30, 1816.

HUDGINS, BARTLEY or BARTLETT dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jun. 4, 1821. Richerson Booker, admr. Sale Jul. 26, 1821. Easter Hudgins, Wm. Hudgins, Sr., purchasers. Geo. McKinnie's bill for coffin 1820. Dr. Walter H. Weems bill Mar. 1821 Bleeding Mar. 3rd and 5th.

HOLMES, JOHN dec'd est. Josiah B., and John Holmes, excrs. Returns

End of Page 239 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 240

for 1804, paid Josiah B., John and James Holmes part of legacy. Bought saddle for Elizabeth Holmes. Receipt of Benj. Milner for $360.00 Feb. 28, 1806 in full of my part of said est.; of Jas. C. Holmes for $526.00 in full.

HOLMES, BENJAMIN dec'd. Inv. Jan. 6, 1817. Slaves Dick, Jerry, Joshua, Debby, Mary and Dilsey listed. Jos. Holmes, admr. Mary, Jos., and Benj. Holmes purchasers at sale. Receipts of Mary Holmes 1817, 1818, 1819; of Geo. Fuller 1817; of Andrew Zellner 1820, 1821; of Arnold Zellner 1818, 1819, 1820; of Wm. and Benj. Holmes 1818, 1820; of Geo. Fuller as gdn of Mary, Thos. and Jonathan Holmes 1821, all in part of their legacies.

HOLMES, MARY dec'd. Inv. Sept. 6, 1819, Wm. Holmes, admr. Account of John H. and Wm. H. Pope for medical attendance Jun. 1818 to Mar. 1819. Returns for 1822, paid Geo. W. Fuller's legacy in full, and paid him as gdn.

HUGULEY, ALLEY dec'd. Sale Jan. 27, 1848. Amos Huguley, admr. Returns rent of land in Ala. 1848, 1849, 1850. Bill of Columbus Enquirer for advertising sale of land in Lafayette, Ala. in 1850. Receipts of John, Zachariah and Geo. Huguley for their distributive shares except land in Early Co. Ga., Fla. and Ala. 1849. Receipt of Geo. Huguley as trustee for Sarah Walker; of Geo. F. Cooper; of Zachariah McKenney; of Geo. Huguley trustee for Nancy Cooper; of Benj. Tankersley; of Jas. Bafford, by their atty in fact, Job H. Ross, and of Job H. Ross for his distributive share, all signed 1849 in Wilkes Co. Ga. Tax receipts to Geo. Huguley, agt for Amos. Huguley for tax 1848-1850 in Chambers Co. Ala.

HOLDERNESS, JAMES M., son of McKinney Holderness, dec'd. Thos. W. Cobb's receipt to Nelson Powell, gdn and admr Lewis McClendon, dec'd. for $500.00, a note given by Lewis McClendon former gdn for defending said Holderness on an indictment for murder, 1822. (McKinney died in 1803, and Lewis McClendon married the wid Synthia before 1806) Receipt of S. & F. Grantland of Milledgeville, Jan. 25, 1814, to Lewis McLendon, admr. pay for advertising 600 acres in Washington Co.

HOLDERNESS, JAMES dec'd est, Lewis Irons and wife vs Lewis McLendon and wife Cynthia McLendon, admrs McKinney Holderness, dec'd. 1809 Interrogatories to be exhibited to Robt. Acton by John Evans and Jas. Davis, J. Ps of Stokes Co. N. C. Says he knew Lewis Irons, Jas. Holderness and his son McKinney Holderness, that James was his near neighbor until he moved away about 20 years ago, that James had only two children Charlotte and McKinney, Charlotte married Lewis Irons, that Lewis Irons told him that he intended selling where Jas. Holderness lived which he did and received payments, that James gave his dau Charlotte a slave Fanny and her

End of Page 240 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 241

four children when she married Lewis Irons and said Robt. Acton says that what they received was more than half of the whole estate of said Jas. Holderness. Feb. 14, 1809.

HOLDERNESS, McKINNEY dec'd. Lewis McLendon, admr. Receipt of Duncan G. Campbell for pay for services rendered Apr. 20, 1812.

HOLDERNESS, JAMES dec'd. Inv. Apr. 2, 1796. Drury Williams, Isaiah Scudder, Wm. Reeves, apprs.

HOLDERNESS, JAMES M., orph of McKinney Holderness. Nelson Powell app gdn Sept. 3, 1821. Petition of Lewis Irons saying that on Jan. 1, 1805 he was possessed of 33 slaves, stock, household goods etc., and were put in possession of Lewis McLendon and his wife Cynthia.

HARGROVE, DUDLEY in right of his wife Mary Hargrove, formerly Mary Coleman of Halifax Co. N. C., power of atty to Wm. Hargrove to secure his legacy in right of his wife in the est of her father Daniel Coleman, dec'd. May 7, 1794. Willis Alston, Stephen McCamey, J. Ps for Halifax Co. N. C.

HOGAN, SHADRACK dec'd. David Terrell, Ordy, Wilkes Co. appointed Wm. Hogan of Lincoln Co. temp admr. Dec. 6, 1800. Receipts of Shadrack Hogan, Jas. Hogan, Griffin Hogan, 1802, John Hogan, Wm. Wadsworth, Elizabeth Hogan, 1803 as legatees. Returns for 1804 shows paid Judgement of Wm. Johnson vs John Hopkins, security for Shadrack Hogan. From a paper from Montgomery Co. N. C. 1786, Geo. Davidson Clk of Court shows John Davidson was Clk of Court 1785 when Hogan gave his note to Wm. Johnson, John Hopkins, Sec. Settled Jan. 11, 1787. Jury: David Pennington, Rowland Harris, Richard Bell, West Harris, Valentine Vanhoose, John Randle, David Cato, Christopher Chappell, Andrew Bankston, Edmd Randle, Howell Parker and Drury Bennett.

HOPKINS, JOHN Receipt as agent for Jas. Gray, admr John Hopkins, dec'd. May 26, 1802.

HOOD, AVERY R., dec'd. Burwell Hood app admr Nov. 24, 1809. Stephen W. Hood, Sec.

HINTON, MICAJAH dec'd. Wm. Hinton and John Smith app admrs. Apr. 30, 1791. Henry Mounger, test.

HURLEY, WILLIAM dec'd. Sale Apr. 21, 1796 axes, books, sword etc. Jas. Hurley, admr. Account of A. Burroughs to Maj. Wm. Hurley, dec'd 1793-94, whiskey and rum.

HURLEY, HENRY dec'd. Fanny Hurley and John Lewis, admrs. Returns 1811 of sale, Jas. Hurley, Jr., purchaser.

HARRIS, FANNY dec'd. Archelaus Harris app admr. John Talbot, Sec. Aug. 22, 179--.

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HARRIS, ARCHELAUS dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Nov. 18, 1792. Inv. Nov. 27, 1792. Hickerson Cosby. admr. Geo. Gresham, Solomon Thornton, Richard Reviere, apprs. 3 vols. of Wesley's Notes, hymn and prayer book, Bible, bay mare etc. State of Va. At a court held for Louisa Co. Apr. 13, 1784 Edward Herndon, assignee of Thos. Wingfield vs Archelaus Harris. Judgement for 11000 pounds of tobacco Note given 1782. Note of Archelaus Harris to John Ferrill Mar. 5, 1792.

HARRIS, ARCHELAUS dec'd. Stephen Harris and Chas. Evans app. temp admrs Mar. 7, 1831. Permt May 2, 1831.

HARRIS, WALTON of Greene Co., affidavit that he was an inhabitant of Greene Co., Nov. 14, 1787, when he was served with a copy of a writ "Daniel Gaines vs Walton Harris" etc Nov. 4, 1788.

HARRIS, JOHN dec'd. Inv. Aug. 22, 1817. Jane Harris, admx. Returns of Thos. Douglas, admr in right of his wife formerly Jane Harris who was admx for 1819. Receipt of Simeon McLendon Jan. 1822 for his distributive share in right of his wife. Dr. John H. Pope's account. To worm powder 1811. July 1815 to July 1816. Receipts of Wm. H. Dent 1826, John Moss 1827 to Thos. Douglas, gdn for tuition of Peter J. Harris.

HARRIS, STEPHEN dec'd est. Writ of dower to the wid Mrs. Jane Harris in 421 acres on Rocky creek Sept. 10, 1834.

HARRIS, GEORGE E., a resident of Desoto Parish, La. app. gdn of his brother Wm. C. Harris, also residing in the Parish Dec. 22, 1839.

HIDE, JUDITH, minor, Wm. Pool, gdn. Returns for 1827 paid Wm. B. W. Dent tuition.

HUNT, HENRY dec'd. Lucinda Hunt and Reuben Sanders app admrs Jan. 5, 1829. Writ of dower in 210 acres on Little river Sept. 25, 1837.

HUBBARD, BENJAMIN dec'd est. Wm. Hubbard, admr. Returns for 1825, paid Frances Hubbard her distributive share in part. Receipt of Polly Hubbard, Wm. S. Wilson, 1825, Woodson, Sally, Jacob, and Vinson Hubbard, 1826, of Nathan Gunnels for himself and as gdn of Avis W. Gunnels for their distributive shares of est of Daniel Gunnels, dec'd. 1826.

HUGHES, GEORGE H., dec'd. Sale Jan. 12, 1827. Lemuel Wootten, admr. Hire of slave 1827, Anna and Wm. Hughes hired one each. Sarah Hughes orph of Geo. H., chooses Jilson Hopkins gdn. Jan. 5, 1829.

HUGHES, MRS. MARY dec'd. Barnard H. Hughes, admr. Returns for 1842, no data, seem to be the first.

IVEY, ALLAMA dec'd. Warrant of apprmt. Mar. 1, 1792. Anthony Ivey, admr. Jos. Jackson, Moses Herrin, John Williams, apprs. Returns

End of Page 242 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 243

for 1798 received of Jesse Lacy $40.00, paid tax for 1797. Returns for 1801, nothing since last return 1799. Returns' for 1802 received of Capt. Geo. Reed $6.00. Note from Wm. M. Kain dated Mar. 9, 1799 to Anthony Ivey, Oglethorpe Co., saying his school has dissolved and please send pay by Philip Huckaby. Receipt of Winney Ivey for $20.00, 1801 to buy cows for the children of said dec'd, and of Lucy Ivey, one of the legatees. Receipt of Thos. Atkinson, Feb. 22, 1804 for $9.00 for part of his wife's distributive share in her fathers est. Return of Jeremiah Ivey, admr Jan. 18, 1813, paid Josiah, Chas., Tempy, Dilly Ivey and John Jones $1.00 each. Settled with Wm. Cato, Winny Ivey and Thos. Atkinson. "Anthony Ivey was admr of Alama Ivey."

IRVIN, HANNAH dec'd. Inventory July 15, 1836.

JENNINGS, WILLIAM dec'd. est. Receipts of Wm., Jas., Henry, Thos., Robt., Jos., and Moody Jennings and of Garland and Oliver Jeter jointly and of Nancy Hicks for their legacies according to the will. All signed Nov. 25, 1795. Also Jas. Jennings receipt for the legacy of John Jennings of the state of Va., dec'd. Robt. Walton and Moody Jennings, excrs. Returned July 28, 1800.

JENNINGS, NELSON to James Jennings, both of Wilkes Co., 50 acres on Kettle creek, Sept. 3, 1807. Jeremiah and Elijah Evans, John Cargile, J. P., test.

JACKSON, DANIEL dec'd. est. Robt. Jackson and Jeremiah Reeves, excrs. Returns for 1795 paid Wm. Jackson L24. Paid Daniel Karr tuition Paid John McDermett board. Receipt of Thos. Hammock for his claim against the est. Returns for 1797 Paid Wm. Jackson one of the legatees. Paid Surveyor for dividing the land according to the will. Returns for 1798. receipts of Daniel and Gabriel Jackson in part of their legacies. Returns for 1799, paid Daniel and Joshua Jackson in part of their legacies. Receipts in full 1802 of Wm., John, Joshua and Daniel Jackson. Account of Jos. Echols for sundry goods, sworn to Dec. 18, 1789. Acct. of Robt. Jackson to the est of Daniel Jackson, dec'd., 1 ladies coat etc. Feb. 27, 1793.

JACKSON, JOSHUA dec'd. Harris C. Jackson app admr Nov. 13, 1829. Irvin Jackson, Sec. Harris C. Jackson app gdn of Edward, Serena, and Mary Ann Jackson orphs of Joshua Jackson, dec'd. Jan. 4, 1830. Irvin Jackson and John Wise, Sec. Writ of dower to Eleanor Jackson, wid of Joshua Jackson, dec'd Jul. 9, 1830 in 52 acres on Dry Fork of Long creek, part of orig grant to Daniel Jackson, Sr. 1784. Another 52 acres of orig grant 1784. adj the lot assigned to Robt. Jackson, one of the legatees of Daniel Jackson, dec'd., conveyed to said Joshua by Daniel Jackson and wife Sally 1805. 60 acres assigned to Wm. Jackson, legatee of Daniel Jackson, Sr. Also half an acre on Long

End of Page 243 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 244

creek whereon the ginhouse and barn are situated. Adjoiners in the plat are heirs of John Jackson, dec'd, Sarah and Jane Jackson.

JACKSON, SARAH dec'd. David Jackson app admr Dec. 6, 1831 Ephraim Jackson, Sec.

JACKSON, WILLIAM dec'd. Elender, Wm., Thos., and Jeremiah Jackson, bond as excrs of his last will, Mar. 12, 1791. Mark Jacksons note to John George for L5 signed Nov. 28, 1791.

JENKINS, STERLING, Jr., dec'd est. Thos. Douglas, admr. Acknowledgement of Sterling that he owed John Jenkins $400.00 when they dissolved partnership 1807. Note of Sterling, Sr. and Jr., to Hannah Reeves 1807 for $75.00. Note of Sterling and Francis Jenkins to Nelson Powell 1810. Receipt of Benj. Branham "Late Coroner" to Thos. Douglas, admr for $10.00 for holding an inquest over the body of said dec'd as Coroner Mar. 8, 1815.

JENKINS, WALTER A., chooses Clark R Jenkins, guardian Mar. 5, 1832.

JEFFRIES, WILLIAM dec'd. Esther Jeffries qualifies as excx. Booker Jeffries, Sec. Apr. 15, 1791.

JARRETT, ROBERT dec'd. Inv. Sept. 12, 1785. Thos. Scott, Christopher Clark, Jr., Phillip Matthews, apprs. Slaves Ben, Peggy, Drody, Hannah, Biner, Mary Ann and Tom. Recorded Apr. 10, 1786 Book "D D" folio 39.

JARRETT, FADDA dec'd. Atha Jarrett and Richard Sappington, admrs. Returns 1813 account of sale. Receipts 1816 from J. B. Jarrett in part of legacy and of Nathaniel Jarrett in part of legacy of heirs of Howell Jarrett, dec'd., Thos. Talbot, admr. Receipts of Mary Roan, Elizabeth Weaver, Sarah Partidge, J. B. Jarrett, Lewis Barrett, Nathaniel C. Jarrett, admr Howell Jarrett, dec'd who was a son of said Fadda, dec'd. All signed as legatees Mar. 1815.

JORDAN, BENJAMIN dec'd. Receipt of Daniel Terrondet, R. P., for pay for letters of administration to Josiah Jordan Apr. 15, 1789. Receipt of Benj. Jordan to Hezekiah Jordan for money in order to run land "if there be any had worth running," Jan. 1, 1787. Acct. of Josiah Jordan against Benj. Jordan for bacon etc, Va. currency Aug. 1783, equal to so much Ga. currency. Sanders Walker vs Elizabeth Jordan, admx of Benj. Jordan, dec'd. Elizabeth confesses judgement Nov. 4, 1788. Receipt of David Criswell to Josiah Jordan, admr for tax 1789. Bond of Josiah Jordan as gdn to Jas. Lucy, Elizabeth and Warren Jordan, minors of Benj. Jordan, dec'd. Jan. 23, 1792, Benj. Blake and Henry A. Pope, Sec. List of property of Jas. Jordan, from his grandfather Geo. Jordan, dec'd. received by Josiah Jordan gdn, Dec. 31, 1799, viz, slaves Jeffrey, and Ephraim. Receipt of Josiah as gdn to est of Benj. Jordan, dec'd. 24 slaves etc. Paid Jos. O'Neal tuition

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for all 1794. Returns for 1802 paid Henry Hill for Warren's board. Paid Jas. Echols for Warren going to singing school. Paid Dr. Jas. Bradley. Paid Theopilus Hill, Warren's board 1803, let Warren buy a horse. Paid Hope Hull 7 months board for Warren 1804. Paid Wm. Prince tuition. Receipt of Jas. Jordan Jan. 1, 1803 to Josiah Jordan, gdn for his legacy from the est of Benj. Jordan and two slaves left him by his grandfather Geo. Jordan. Receipt of Jas. Mitchell to Josiah Jordan, gdn for Betsy Jordans legacy. Receipt of Theophilus Hill for Polly Jordans legacy, same date.

JOSSEY, HENRY dec'd. Wm. Henderson, admr. Account of sale Feb. 27, 1800. Petition of Mary Jossey, gdn of Rowena Jossey, and Richard Willis in right of his wife Kitty, late Kitty Jossey for another division May 3, 1813.

JONES, SAMUEL dec'd. Jos. Prather, admr. Returns for 1792. Paid Jacob Hammons $115.00, only large payment. Paid tax for 1792.

JONES, NANCY dec'd. Inv. Jul. 27, 178..... Household goods, cows etc. Thos. Gilliland, Wm. Burgamy, Abraham Booth, apprs.

JONES, WILLIAM dec'd est. James and Sterling Jones, excrs. Received of Zadoc Roden rent of Polly Harpers lands 1795, bequeathed her by her grandfather. Receipt of Jas. Jones to Starling Jones for his part of Wm. Jones est., Feb. 1801.

JONES, HENRY, bond for Dionysius Oliver to keep a Ferry at the fork of Broad and Savannah rivers, where Thos. Carter formerly had a Ferry. Autograph signatures Nov. 7, 1784.

JONES, WYLIE B. Authority to any officer to secure from the est of Henry B. Hyde a debt with interest from Feb. 7, 1827, which was adjudged against his wife, at that time Cynthia McLendon, in favor of Lane & Sims. Mar. 15, 1831.

JOHNSON, JOSHUA dec'd. Allen and Clara Johnson son and dau Benj. Blake app. gdn Aug. 22, 1791, Henry A. Pope, Josiah Jordan, Sec.

JOHNSTON, ABRAHAM dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jun. 27, 1795. Jas. Kinman, Walter Perry, Thos. Cureton, apprs. Geo. Thrasher's account for sickness attendance and burial expenses of Mary Johnston wife of Abraham Johnston. Jan. 6, 1796.

JOHNSON, JAMES dec'd est. Jas. Rutledge and Glenn Owen, excrs Receipts of Betsy and Daniel Johnson in full of their legacies Mar. 1, 1804. Paid Mrs. Echols for board, clothes and tuition for Jas. Johnson 1803. Same for 1805. Receipt of James Nov. 1806 for $90.00 income of his estate.

JOHNSON, WILLIAM dec'd. Richard J. Willis, excr. Returns Mar. 1824 Paid Wm., Nancy and John P. Johnson and Thos. Formby, gdn money

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legacies. Returns 1822 Paid Thos. P. Moore tuition for Stephen W. and Martha Johnson. Paid B. W. Weatherby for these and Catharine Ann Johnson, minors of Col. Wm. Johnson, dec'd. Paid Nancy Johnson, wid for keeping a slave. Receipt of Benj. Wootten for boarding Nancy Johnson dau of said dec'd, Milledgeville Aug. 1822. Receipts of Wm. D. Martin, G. W. Chatfield, L. M. Hill, for himself and Elizabeth Cunningham, of O. P. Dark, of Thos. Faver gdn of John P. Johnson, minor, of Jas. H. Spratlin for their legacies from estates of Wm. Sr., and Jr. all signed 1843.

JOHNSON, JOHN dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jun 30, 1792. Sarah and Jos. Johnson, excrs.

JOHNSON, JOHN P., dec'd. Returns of Isaiah T. Irvin, admr, 1828. Paid Henry Spratlin $82.50. Receipt of Iverson L. Brooks for the distributive share of his wife Prudence E. Brooks 1828. Isaiah T. Irvin app gdn of John P. Johnson orph of John P. Johnson, dec'd. Jan. 20, 1829.

KIRGAN, BENJAMIN dec'd. Inv. Jun. 30, 1787. Geo. Hall, Edmond Daniel, Jos. Williams, apprs. Bay horse, shoe buckles, mans saddle etc. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 109.

KELLOG, DANIEL dec'd. Account of David Hillhouse 1789. Note of date May 5, 1788. Receipt of Asa Werthington, admr at the northward and heir at law, to David Hillhouse, in full Feb. 5, 1789.

KILLGORE, ROBERT dec'd est. Sale Dec. 21, 1804, Elizabeth Killgore, Wm. Killgore, Jr., Hannah Killgore, John Killgore and Wm. Killgore, Sr. purchasers. Returns 1807 James Curry, admr. Receipts of Allen Killgore Oct. 5, 1815 and Oct. 23, 1816 for his legacies in estates of Robt., John and Jas. Killgore, Receipt of John Killgore for his legacy in estates of Robt. and John Killgore Nov. 11, 1812.

KILLGORE, JOHN dec'd. Inv. Jan. 26, 1797. Catharine Killgore, admx. Warrant of apprmt Sept. 7, 1807., Wm. Killgore, admr. Returns Jul. 4, 1814 Paid Robt. Killgore, Francis Giddens, 1808. John W. Cooksey 1808 and Jas. Killgore 1812, over $200.00 each. Receipt in full of Jas. Curry legatee for his part of John Killgore's est. Aug 7, 1817. Receipt of Benajah S. Killgore May 1, 1820 for $400.00 etc agreeable to the will of Jas. Killgore, dec'd, also for $1300.00 from est of Robt. Killgore, dec'd, for $600.00 from est of John Killgore, dec'd. Letter to Mr. John H. Dyson, Washington, Ga., from R. Killgore, Perry Co. Ala. Aug 26, 1826.

KIMBALL, GEORGE WASHINGTON dec'd. Warrant of apprmnt Oct. 11, 1825 Allen Kimball and Walter H. Weems, admrs. Inv., household goods, books etc. State of N. C., Granville Co. Whereas Washington Kimball late of Wilkes Co. Ga., died sometime in the year 1820, intestate leaving his father Abington Kimball, bros. Bartholomew

End of Page 246 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 247

and Lunsford Kimball, his sister Nancy Kimball who has married Jerry M. Fleming, his sole heirs, know ye that we above mentioned for love etc of Allen Kimball another distributee give unto him all our interest in said Washington Kimball's est, believing he would have made said Allen sole legatee in his last illness if he had been able to make a will. July 28, 1827.

KAIN, WILLIAM M., dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Mar. 9, 1820. Eugenia Kain, admx. Returns for 1822. Sold 307 acres to Matthew Talbot. Paid Jas. Shirley tuition for Elizabeth, Amanda, John, William and Patrick Kain. Board and clothes for above 1820-22 and for Jane Kain, dec'd orph of Wm. M. Kain till Oct. 12, 1821. Order of Wm. M. Kain on anybody who will let John Lowry have $5.00 worth of loose tobacco Jul. 13, 1819.

KEELING, GEORGE dec'd. minors, Geo. F. Buchanan gdn. Receipt of Hanibal Malone May 20, 1845 for $2.50 for transportation on the Carolina Hack. Acct of J. Mayer & Bros for Nancy R. Keeling orph as above. Distributive share of Nancy R. in est on an equal division between the three legatees (not named) Jan. 1, 1846.

KELLEY, WILLIAM dec'd. Hannah Kelley app. admx Apr. 27, 1791. Moses Walker, Sec. Warrant of apprmt May 17, 1791. Samuel Harper, John Conner, Nathaniel Jackson, apprs. Note for L2. 10s. against Josiah Moncrief, cattle, hogs, household goods. Receipt of Josiah for above amount to Hannah Kelly, admx Oct. 27, 1791. Returns for 1791 paid Samuel Brown tuition for Wm. and Johney Kelly. Sale Dec. 7, 1795, Mrs. Hannah Kelly, Jas. Parker, Joshua, Robt. and John Hammock, David Haddaway, John Walker, Jos. Moran, Thos. Dorster, Henry Green, Joel and Bartley Towns, Robt. Gardner, John Clarke, Joshua Hale, Jane Jones, Peter Perkins, Edward Harrison, Solomon Gammage, John Ramey, purchasers. Returns for 1797 tuition for Jas. and Nancy Kelly. Hannah Jones late Hannah Kelly and her husband John Jones, admrs. John Jones app admr Sep. 6, 1800, because of his intermarriage with Hannah Kelly, admx and relict of Wm. Kelly, dec'd. Moses and John Walker, Sec. J. Battle, Reuben Lockett, Test, Receipt of Wm. Kelly for $173.00 part of his legacy Oct. 26, 1804. Receipt of Nancy Ray, formerly Nancy Kelly and her husband Usery Ray to her gdn John Walker for their share of personal est. Dec. 21, 1804. John Walker's acct for board for Jincy Kelly, 1802. John Walker's receipt for clothes for Wm. Kelly, Jr. for 1803. Moses Walker's receipt as gdn for John Kelly for $132.00 Jan. 1805. John Walker app admr. de bonis non of Wm. Kelly, dec'd. Jul. 27, 1801. Moses Walker, admr, 1807. Receipt of John Kelly to John Walker, admr Mar. 22, 1805, for his distributive share of personal est in full. Returns of John Walker, admr 1811, paid Moses Walker, gdn of Samuel and Jas. Kelly in 1804 part of legacy. Receipts of Edmund Dismukes and Jas. McFarland Jan. 1802 to John Walker, admr pay for board for Wm. Kelly. Receipt

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of Jos. Henderson for tuition for Nancy Kelly 1802. Returns of Moses Walker, gdn of Samuel and Jas. Kelly Mar. 1802, paid for letters of guardianship and for stamped paper. Receipt of Samuel Kelly to his gdn Moses Walker Aug. 30, 1805 for his legacy in full of his fathers and mothers estates. Received of Gustavus Hendricks Jan. 13, 1806, $80.00. Lent out to Rebecca Walker, $20.00. To Thos. Kent, $20.00 this in returns of Moses Walker, gdn. Moses receipt Sep. 1805 to John Walker, admr for Samuel and Jas. Kelly's shares in full. Receipt of Wiley Davis to John Walker, gdn for $231.00 in full of his distributive share, Jan. 29, 1807. Return of John as gdn for Jane Kelly 1811, says paid Wiley Davis $231.00.

KELLY, JANE dec'd. John McFarland app admr Mar. 6, 1791. Thomson Coleman, Sec.

KELLY, JAMES dec'd. Hannah and Pleasant Walker, excrs. Warrant of apprmt Jul. 28, 1801.

LENOIR, WILLIAM dec'd. John Pope, excr. Acct of sale Dec. 31, 1800 1 slave Osborn.

LAWLESS (LOYALLESS?), JAMES dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Oct. 1, 1792, Sally Lawless, now Sally Burkhalter, excx (See will, Vol. 1 p. 60) Mrs. Thos. Neal, Benj. Moore, Starling Gardner, apprs. Acct of sales sold by John Burkhalter now husband of the wid of the dec'd, excx. Dec. 20, 1792. Certified by Jas. McCormick, Clk and M. Hardin, Vendue master. John and Joshua Burkhalter and Martin Hardin purchasers. Returns 1795, 1796, 1800. tuition paid for the orphs, not named. Acct of Jos. Burson certified in Warren Co. 1801. Peter Hodo, J. P.

LACKEY, JANETT, widow and relict of Thos. Lackey, Sr.. dec'd. both of Wilkes Co., being aged, sick etc, "said Thos. having left all his property real and personal to me said Janett," one tract upon which she now lives and one tract in one of the lower counties upon which Jas. Bush now lives, which was drawn by Henry McCoy in one of the land lotteries. The land whereon I lived to be managed for the support of my dau Jane Boswell for life and her family, that is to say her husband Chas. Boswell and my two grandchildren Samuel James Bush and Jane Ellender Bush in trust of excrs, should the grandchildren continue to live with dau Janes Boswell. At Jane Boswell's death to be divided between two above named grandchildren. Should either marry or come of age before Jane's death, to share dividends of land. Excrs to purchase mares etc, from money she may be allowed for Indian depredations, for benefit of grandchildren. Johnson Welborn and Henry McCoy app excrs. P. S. Pay to Nancy and Betsy Owens $10.00 each. Signed Dec. 31, 1823 Probated Jul. 4, 1824. Eli Parks, Tempy Bush, Johnson Welborn, Test.

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LACKEY, THOMAS dec'd. Sale of personal property Dec. 23, 1826. Chas. Boswell and Wm. Lackey principal purchasers. Wm. Lackey debtor for $115.00 cash received from the Govt. in current Bank Notes. Sale signed by Wm. Lackey.

LAWSON, JOHN dec'd. Booker and Jos. S. Foster app temp admrs. Sept. 22, 1829. App. admrs with will annexed Nov. 2, 1829. Lewis Foster, Pleasant Lawson, Sec.

LACY, ELIZABETH dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Nov. 2, 1807. John Turner. admr. Received of David Ogletree, excr Mesheck Turner cash, part of a note of hand against said est Feb. 1811.

LYON, JOHN dec'd. Mary Lyon app admx Mar. 8, 1805. Wm. Partridge, Josiah B. Holmes, Sec. Inv. Apr. 15, 1805. Slave Easter all of the est.

LYON, JAMES dec'd Elizabeth Lyon app admx May 2, 1831 John T. Hawkins, Sec.

LUCKETT, JOSEPH W., dec'd. Hugh Ward app temp. admr. Dec. 13, 1831. Wm. R. Luckett app gdn of Patrick H., Robt. C., and Oliver C. Luckett orphs of Jos. W. Luckett Mar. 1, 1830.

LEWIS, WARNER dec'd. Inv. Slaves Harry, Selah and Jack, Rec. Nov. 1793. Return of Fanny Lyon (formerly Lewis), excx of Warner Lewis dec'd. and Jas. Lyon her present husband Apr. 9, 1795, paid tuition for the children. Note of Jas. Lyon of Edgefield Dist. S. C. to Warner Lewis of Wilkes Co. Ga., Signed Aug. 7, 1789, due Dec. 20, 1790. Jos. Tucker, John Lyon, Test. (Warner Lewis, Jr. went to Sumner Co. Tenn as shown by deed in Lincoln Co.)

LYBASS, DAVID of Rockingham Co. N. C. (Will) To beloved wife Elizabeth all est. real and personal for life, son Chas. Lybass to have half the land upon which I live, the other half to my dau Mary Lewellen for life, then to her children, also a slave Harriett. Samuel Lewellen to pay $100.00 to Octava Lybass' children. To dau Frances Black a slave Sall for life, final division among her children. Wife and friend Samuel Lewellen, excrs. Signed Jan. 10, 1837. Henry Baughn, Sr., P. O. Cardwell, Test. Codicil. Having fallen heir to property of late bro Chas. Lybass formerly of Wilkes Co., all to be given my wife Elizabeth for life, $1000.00 at her death to Samuel Lewellen, remainder for Elizabeth to dispose of as she sees fit. Peter A. Cardwell, excr to codicil Feb. 15, 1840. Probated Jun. 10, 1840, when Peter A. Cardwell qualifies as excr.

LINDSAY, JOHN dec'd. John Colley app admr Oct. 24, 1791, Richard Worsham, Sec.

LINDSAY, JOHN dec'd. Inv. Apr. 5, 1809 shows certain articles in the hands of John F. Gordon, John Lindsay's son-in-law.

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LANE, ARCHIBALD dec'd. Betsy or Elizabeth Lane app admx Mar. 30, 1791, Thos. Wootten, Sec.

LANE, JAMES dec'd. Petition of John Heard, saying said Lane died intestate possessed of 200 acres land on Fishing creek adj Jas. Anthony, Benj. Sherrod and others and leaving a widow Rachel Lane (who elects to take her dower), and five children, Betsy with whom the said John Heard has intermarried, and Mark, Micajah, William and Sally Lane all minors. Said John Heard asks for a division of the est. Jun. 10, 1811.

LAURENCE, GEORGE dec'd. orphans Enoch C. and Wm. H. Laurence. Enoch Callaway app gdn Jan. 7, 1828. Wm. H., over 14.

LONG, MISS FRANCES E. L. Debtor to Jas. Rembert, gdn. Paid her in full of her est. May 28, 1828.

LOW, SARAH dec'd. est. Thos. Douglas app admr with will annexed Nov. 2, 1829.

LEVERETT, WILLIAM dec'd est. Abraham Leverett, admr. Returns for 1817 paid Seley and John Leverett, Benj. Reason and Geo. Tucker, legatees. Returns for 1816, paid John and Thos. Leverett and Geo. Tucker legatees. Returns for 1819, paid Jordan Leverett, excr of Robt. Leverett, dec'd one of the legatees. Paid R. Booker for Anne Leverett, admx of Absolom Leverett, dec'd son of Wm., one of the legatees. Paid John Leverett legacy.

LEVERETT, ABSOLOM dec'd. Anna or Ann Leverett, admx. Receipt of Wm. and John Moreman for their share of the personal est, John in right of his wife formerly Anne Leverett in her fathers est. Division of slaves, Dec. 26, 1818. Anne Leverett, John Moreman in right of his wife formerly Anne Leverett, Wm. Moreman in right of his wife formerly Almeda Leverett, Louisa, Terressa, Adaline, Mary and Andrew Jackson Leverett distributees. Petition of Ann Leverett wid. for dower, saying Absolom died 1817, possessed of 600 acres on Little river. No date. Granted Oct. 13, 1819, 175 acres on Little river whereon the said dec'd lived, including the dwelling house. Receipts of John and Wm. Moreman in full of their shares of est, of Andrew Jackson Moreman Jan. 4, 1822. Anne Leverett app gdn of Louisa, Mary, Adaline, Terresa and Andrew Jackson Leverett, orphs of Absolom Leverett, dec'd. May 1, 1827. Richerson Booker, Sec.

LASLEY, THOMAS dec'd. Thos. Lasley, Jr. excr. Warrant of apprmt Feb. 26, 1800. Receipts of Lydia Lasley and Robt. M. Knight in right of his wife Mary. Jun. 20, 1800. Receipt of Abner Dyer in right of his wife Hannah Nov. 12, 1800, in part of their distributive shares.

LASLEY, THOMAS dec'd. Inv. Nov. 14, 1826 R. Booker and Catharine

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Lasley admrs. David Lasley app gdn of Thos. Medium, Felix and Mary Lasley, orphs of Thos. Lasley, dec'd Nov. 3, 1828. Returns for 1829 show slaves delivered to David as gdn and one slave Jere delivered to Catharine Reed. Returns for 1830 says Mary Lasley, now Bell.

LEONARD, NANCY app. gdn of Henry G. Leonard minor of Golden Leonard May 1, 1815.

LATHAM, SARAH dec'd est. Robt. Wilson, admr. Sale of old Stills in Boston $669.15 in 1832. Paid for coffin for Mrs. Latham in 1834. Paid J. Bryan, Miss Latham and R. Wilson and wife their part of proceeds of stills and paid Miss Latham for support of her father in 1835. Paid them in 1839 their shares of sale of land in Abbeville. Coffin for D. Latham in 1842. Letter from Jas. J. McAster or McAstin of Charleston, Feb. 1, 1843 to John H. Dyson, Washington, Ga. He enclosed a statement of Capt. Wilson of the est of Mrs. Latham upon which he based his letter of Dec. 6, or Mr. Bryan's rather to Dyson in Milledgeville, he has just returned from New York and finds no reply. Capt. Wilson is now an old man and is desirous of a settlement of this est. It is a question whether Daniel Latham was a legal heir of his wife, It appears that Mr. Bryan and Capt. Wilson maintained the Lathams and wish to be reimbursed "Tell aunt Mary Sneed and Grace that Mr. Bryan fully concurs in admitting Capt. Wilsons demand to be reimbursed for these losses of grandmothers est. You will greatly oblige me by an immediate reply."

LIPHAM, FRANCES A., Her petition stating that Aaron Lipham late of this county dec'd made a deed Oct. 18, 1816 to her of one third of a certain tract of land and one third part of 15 slaves, and one third to David Tinsley Lipham, his son, and at Aaron's death the other third to belong to said Frances A. Lipman and her heirs forever. On Dec. 6, 1818 he made his will, disposing of the property in a different manner. Frances protests the will, she has now in her possession two thirds of the property and will never relinquish her claim. In witness whereof she sets her hands and seal in open court the day of proving the will May 10, 1819. At July Term 1820 the court assigns to Frances A. Lipham, wid of said dec'd two thirds in her own right and one third as admx. of David T. Lipham, dec'd.

LISHMAN, EDWARD dec'd. Nancy Lishman, admx. Warrant of apprmt May 13, 1795. List of articles sold by Nancy Dec. 12, 1795, horse, cattle etc.

LOWRY, DAVID dec'd. Inv. Mar. 29, 1788. Daniel W. Easley, Vines: Collier, Abraham Hill, Benj. Blake, Thos. Duke, apprs. Slaves Pat, Til and Sam, queens chaney and Delf ware, buffet or corner cupboard, house, shop and joiners tools etc. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 133.

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LOYD, DANIEL dec'd. Inv. Sept. 5, 1804. Slaves Fedrick, Beck and child, Nathan, Lewis, Hagar and Tom, bay horse etc.

LYLE, JAMES dec'd. Jas. and John Finley, admrs. Warrant of apprmt Nov. 1, 1830. Writ of dower to Elizabeth Lyle, wid of Jas., Mar. 3, 1831 in 294 acres on Little river as set forth in a certain deed from Isabel Finley, admx and Samuel Finley, admr of Jas. Finley, dec'd. Dec. 13, 1824.

LEA, WILLIAM dec'd. est. Return of Jos. Henderson, excr Mar. 7, 1809. "In the lifetime of Aquilla Burroughs, (the other excr.), and after the death of Nancy Lea the wid of the testator, towit on 28th, day of Jan. 1809 a certain negro woman and her two children which by the will belonged to the wid for life, final division to two grandchildren, were exposed to public sale, Richard Peteet became the purchaser. He paid half the price to Aquilla Burroughs before his death and the other half belongs to said Richard as a legatec. Returns Mar. 1810 expenses to courts of Jackson and Clark counties for the est. Legacies paid Jonathan and Nancy Lea. Receipt of Nancy Lee Jan. 1, 1811, for her part of the land. Receipts of Philip and Wm. Jane or Janes (Gean?) Dec. 1811.....Jan. 1812 for their legacies in full. Amounts received for Solomon, Nancy and Noah Lee and Southey Littleton. Receipt of John Dyson, C. C. O. for pay for Noah Lee's bond as admr on est of Wm. Lee dec'd, Dec. 19, 1823. Returns 1825 Paid Solomon Lee a certain slave, his distributive share. Paid Mathias Mauck certain slaves in right of his wife Frances Mauck under the will of her grandfather Wm. Lea, dec'd. Letters dismissory granted Noah Lee Feb. 6, 1827. Wilkes Co. Inferior Court July 1799. A. Burroughs and Jos. Henderson, excrs. vs Thos. Lee. Thos. Lee on Jan. 1, 1793 was indebted to Wm. Lee for L30, and whereas Wm. Lee in his time before Jan. 1, 1793 paid one Frederick Sims in his life time L10. Said Thos. is possessed of a tract of land whereon he lives bought from said Wm. Lee in his life time and not paid for. Thomas ordered to appear at next term of court. July Term. 1799.

LEE, PHILIP dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Sept. 16, 1795 Elizabeth Lee, admx. Inv. made by Nathaniel Gunnells and John Abernathy. Returns of Elizabeth Jan. 4, 1799, paid a judgment obtained by Archibald Burton 1798.

LEE, MOSES dec'd. Wm. Lee, admr. First returns 1803, paid for said Moses to Josiah Holmes $23.00. Returned 1814. Returns 1809 paid for warrant of apprmt etc. Receipt of Jas. Gafford 1813 legatee for $110.00. Receipt of Archibald Tarpley as legatee and of both the above 1813 for $110.00 as gift from Jas. Lee one of the legatees. Receipt of Thos. Lee 1814 for same amount as one of the legatees.

LEE, NANNY (NANCY, ANNY), Returns of Jos. Henderson, gdn for

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1800, 1801, 1802, paid tax etc. Return of Christopher Irvin, gdn of Nanny Lee no date, for supplies.

LEE, JAMES dec'd. Petition for dower of Nancy Lisle, formerly Nancy Lee, wid. of said James, dec'd, for dower in two tracts on Little river, containing 300 acres each. Feb. 21, 1821. Bond of Jos. C. Foster as gdn for Wm. S. and John B. Lee, Nov. 2, 1829, both over 14 years old. Receipt of Henry B. Lee to Henry G. Lyle, gdn for $2650.00 in full of Margaret B. Lee's legacy in est of Jas. Lee, dec'd Oct. 4, 1829.

McCLENDON, JACOB dec'd. Martha McClendon, excx. Warrant of apprmt Apr. 23, 1793. Inv. May 24, 1793. Est. debtor to Dennis McClendon for $50.00 paid by Francis McClendon one of the excrs May 3, 1799. Account of Martha Douglas against the est for 5 bushels rye, 1799. Receipt of John Douglas Nov. 1, 1800. Jacob McClendon and Thos. Thurmond's note to Jas. and Philip Thurmond, admrs of Benj. Thurmond, dec'd for $50.00 Dec. 27, 1796. Judah Thurmond, test. Receipt of D. Terrell, C. C. O. for letters testamentary, recording will etc. of Jacob McClendon Aug. 15, 1799. Acct of Dr. Joel Abbott to Jacob McClendon, dec'd. Visits in Aug. 1798, Mar. 1799. Acct. of Felix Gilbert against Jacob McClendon, dec'd 1797, salt sugar etc. Travis McClendon bought hat, salt, linen etc. Order of Jacob McClendon to Archy Stokes Nov. 10, 1798 for 1 1/2 gals. molasses and 1 hdkf. Return of Azariah Bailey and Francis McClendon, excrs no date. Paid John Darracott tax for 1792, paid Dennis McClendon $50.00, paid Jas. and Philip Thurmond $52.00. Return of Francis McClendon one of the excrs made Mar. 1809 showing he paid Dennis McClendon $50.00. Stokes account, Martha Douglas, Joel Abbotts 1800, Gilberts acct. 1799. Simeon McLendon, caveator vs. Lewis McLendon, appellant for letters of admn on est of Jacob McLendon, Sr., dec'd May Term 1815, on the grounds that dec'd left a will which was duly probated many years ago.

McCLENDON, NANCY orph of Jacob McClendon. Theophilus Hill, gdn. Returns 1801, boarding from Monday till Friday 1800. Board and clothes 1805. Dry goods acct with Abraham Hill 1803-1805, bought by Mrs. Ame (Amy?) Hill. Receipt of Theophilus Hill to Francis McClendon for money 1805-06. Board from 1801-1806.

McLENDON, MEDAD dec'd. Div. of slaves Mar. 5, 1839. Mary F., Eldad, Moses J., and Lucinda McLendon and the wid. Mrs. Frances McLendon, distributees.

McLENDON, ELDAD dec'd. James Boatright app temp admr. Jan. 5, 1830, permanent May 1, 1830.

McCLENDON, DENNIS dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jan. 6, 1814. Robt. Ware, admr. Sale Feb. 14, 1814.

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McCLENDON, AMOS dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Nov. 6, 1792, Mary McClendon, admx. Richard and Jos. Heard, Ezeriah Bailey, Wm. Reaves and Wm. Gideans, apprs. Returns of Mary, admx 1795-97 paid tax etc. Acct of the sale "John Shareman who intermarried with the wid and admx of the dec'd Amos McClendon saith that the above amount of sales he found among the papers of said Mary his wife." Feb. 24, 1801. Simeon and Amos McClendon, orphs of Amos, dec'd. Azariah Bailey, gdn Returns 1802-08 board and clothes and tuition for both. Returns for 1809, tutition for Simeon. Receipt of Presley Rucker to Isaac McClendon for tuition for both 1808.

McCLENDON, FRANCIS app. admr of Isaac McClendon, dec'd and of Simpson and Martha McClendon, (does not say dec'd.) no date. Jas. Walker app admr of Isaac McLendon, no date. Wm. Deering's acct Dec. 16, 1824 for Master Simpson McClendon. Receipt to Francis McClendon, admr. (?) Lewis McClendon, dec'd. Return of Francis as gdn 1825, paid Wm. McClendon board and tuition. Asa Hall debtor to Francis McClendon for watch and chain 1820. Paid C. Church one of the admrs of Hall, 1821. Receipt of Lane & Sims for dry goods for Eliza McClendon, Francis McClendon, gdn. 1825.

McCLENDON, LEWIS dec'd. Returns of Nelson Powell, admr 1821 paid for citation etc. Receipt of John Marshall to Nelson Powell one of the admrs, tuition for Penina McClendon, one of the orphs for 1822. Receipt of Wm. McClendon for board of Wm. and Willis McLendon orphs of Lewis 1822. Receipt of S. M. Walker to Nelson Powell for tuition for July Ann McLendon for 1822. Receipt of Cynthia McLendon to Nelson Powell and Francis McLendon, admrs for board and clothes for Penelope and Martha McClendon 1822. Receipt of Benj. Powell for board and clothes for Isaac and Simpson McLendon for 1822. Nelson Powell's acct for board and clothes for July Ann McLendon, 1825. Receipt of Elijah Norman for tuition for Isaac and Simpson for 1822. Receipt of Cynthia McLendon to Nelson Powell and Francis McLendon for board and clothes for Eliza, Willis, Isaac, Simpson, Penina and Martha McLendon 1823. Receipts of Dr. Richard Bray and Dr. John Nichels services 1822. Wm. M. Booker's receipt for tuition of Willis, Isaac and Simpson for 1823. Nelson Powell's bill for cash furnished Wm., board and clothes July Ann 1827. Francis McLendon was guardian of all these children till 1826. On Feb. 6, 1826 Francis McLendon was app gdn of Isaac and Penelope McLendon. On Feb. 6, 1827 Francis was app gdn of July Ann, Simpson and Willis McLendon all orphs of Lewis. Thos. Douglas, Isaac McLendon, Nicholas G. Barksdale, Sec.

McCOY, DANIEL dec'd. Margarett McCoy app. admx. (???)25, 1791. John Erwin, Sec. Jas. Petterson, J. P. affidavit Oct. 28, 1802, Elisha Smallwood, Jas. Kinman and Walter Perry apprs. Sale Dec. 18, 1802. David McCoy app admr de bonis non Oct. 26, 1802.

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McCARTNEY, JAMES dec'd. Inv. Oct. 8, 1788, Robt. Holmes, Russell Jones, Joel Simms, apprs. Several horses, cattle etc. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 148.

McFARLAND, WILLIAM, Dr. dec'd. Benj. Thompson debtor for medicine July and Nov. 1777. Attested before I. Few, J. P. Richmond Co., Apr. 2, 1785. Robt. and Margaret Shields, admrs. Case tried before Stephen Heard in Wilkes Co.

McFARLAND, JAMES dec'd. Div. or real est, 714 acres in Wilkes Co., 200 acres on Little river orig grant to Jas. McFarland and 100 acres on Little river. Ann and John McFarland entitled to one fourth each. Thompson Coleman in right of his wife Elizabeth formerly Elizabeth McFarland one fourth, and the shares of John and Alex McDonald which he has purchased, and Elizabeth McDonalds share for whom Thompson Coleman is gdn, making the last fourth. It appears there were other heirs of Jane Branham, formerly Jane McFarland, their share is left in one tract to be held by them and their heirs jointly. (From the plat it seems the McDonalds were children of Jane McFarland probably by a first husband).

McKNIGHT, CHARLES dec'd. Warrant of apprmnt Feb. 1, 1794 Mary McKnight, admx. John Ringo, Sec. Returns of Mary McDowell 1797-98 tuition paid for children, Mary McDowell late Mary McKnight, admx of Chas. McKnight, dec'd. On a slip of paper "The raising and schooling of four children of Chas. McKnight, dec'd. to wit Sally who was ten, Nancy, eight, Betsy 6 and Chas., four years of age at the death of their father who died Oct. 1793. Returns for 1793-1799 Board and clothes and tuition for above children. "Nov. 17, 1792. John Hudgins come into this family much against our wills. Chas. McKnight said if she had John Hudgins he would never give her anything. He had nothing but debts and I paid his debts and boarded him and his family 11 months and his wife died and he stayed on to finish his crop. I furnished linen and made him a fine frilled shirt etc, the child three suits of clothes etc. Signed Mary McKnight, admx. Nov. 19, 1797." Chas. McKnight app admr de bonis non of Chas. McKnight, dec'd. Jun. 3, 1811.

McMILLAN, JAMES of Ireland arrived in S. C. in 1835, in Elbert Co. 1840, wants naturalization papers in Wilkes Co. 1845.

McKINNEY, ROBERT L., dec'd. Berry A. Arnett, admr. Warrant of apprmt Sept. 13, 1839. Execution of taxes issued Dec. 9, 1839 in Wilkes Co. Receipt of T. Farnsworth, T. C., to Berry A. Arnett, admr of Robt L. McKinney for 1788, county illegible. State of N. C. Rutherford Co. Greeting to the Sheriff thereof to take the bodies of John Cunningham and Elias Alexander, late of said county to come before the court of said county, second Monday in Oct. next to answer John

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McKinney of a plea of trespass. Signed by Felix Walker, Clk. of said Court, 2nd. Monday in July 1784.

McALPIN, ALEXANDER dec'd. Robt. McAlpin app admr Sept. 20, 1790. Acct of Wm. Speer for brandy, dry goods etc bought by Alex. and Mrs. Mary McAlpin Jan. .....Aug. 1785. Sworn to in Abbeville Co. S. C. Dec. 1791. Acct of Wm. Righley and John McGill for blacksmith work done in 1798. Sworn to Apr. 1795, Abbeville S. C. John McLeod of Wilkes Co. swears to an acct 1795 against the est made 1788. Alex. McAlpin's note Jun. 11, 1776 to Wm. Moore for L83. Randal Lockhart, test. Receipt of Mary McAlpin, Sr. and Chas. Coleman in right of his wife Mary McAlpin, Jr. Jan. 1799 for L25. to Mary, Sr. in full of Mary Jrs share. Receipts of Chas. Coleman for wife Mary and Jas. Kirkwood for wife Jenet for their part in their father Alex. McAlpins est; of Mary McAlpin, Sr. and Mark Thornton in right of his wife Sarah Feb. 1, 1801. Affidavit of W. Higginbotham, C. C. O. of Elbert Co., Feb. 13, 1801 that Wm. Moore is chosen gdn of Patsy McAlpin, and Solomon McAlpin is also app gdn of Ann McAlpin Feb. 13, 1801. Their receipts as gdns same date.

McDOWELL, THOMAS dec'd. Jane McDowell and John King app admrs Feb. 27, 1790. Levi Lile, test.

McDOWELL, JAMES dec'd est. Martha McDowell, admr. Returns for 1801 shows property not turned over to her by David Carson, temp. admr. Slaves Pompey and Sarah, bed etc. Martha mentions pay to Mrs. Winny Hill and Mrs. Anna Horton for their services to her in child bed. Returns of Jas. Cowen, admr in right of his wife Mar. 1, 1804. Paid David and Adam Carson gdns $377.00. David Carson's return as gdn of Thos., Jos., and Peggy McDowell for 1801 bought bed and cover. Their returns Mar. 11, 1805 mentions division made Aug. 5, 1803. Rent of plantation 1804. To slaves Pompey and Sarah in possession of Margaret Carson, wid of Thos. Carson, left by will to said Margaret for life, then the property of said orphans. By cash collected by S. Heard as atty who left the state without rendering an account.

McCLAIN-McLANE-McLEAN, MARINA dec'd. Dr. Joel Abbott's account from Aug. 1800 to Feb. 3, 1801. Apprmt of est Nov. 5, 1804. Slaves Daniel, Charlot and child, Aaron and Sealy, bed, trunk etc. Receipt of Jesse McLean Nov. 29, 1801 for part of legacy, Jesse Stallings, excr. Sally Stallings, admx of Jesse Stallings, dec'd who was excr of Marina McClain makes returns 1804. Receipts of Thos. A. Pratt for part of Sarah McLane's legacy and the hire of slave Charlot willed to her 1805-1806. Jesse McLane, admr de bonis non, returns Mar. 1808, paid John Ray board and Isaac Jones tuition for Jas. McLane, orph.

McLEAN, MARINEY, to Jesse, Sally and Jas. McClean, heirs of John

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McClean, dec'd., her part of 152 acres on Mill creek, at her death whereon she now lives. Sale Jan. 16, 1797.