The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


The people of Wilkes county and all descendants of the early settlers of the county, whether residents of our own Empire State of the South, the crowded centers of the north and east, the fertile deltas of the Mississippi, in sight of the snow capped Rocky Mountains, midst the golden orange groves of California, or beyond the domain of our beloved America, owe a debt of gratitude to Sarah Quinn Smith, herself a scion of the very cream of the pioneers of this historic area, who with no thought of renumeration, actuated by a passionate desire to preserve the history of her beloved state and county, rescued these priceless original papers from further loss, and made them available for publication. To her only is due the credit for their restoration and preservation.

The following abstracts were made from these original papers, stored in utmost confusion in attic and cellar of both the old and new courthouses. No doubt thousands were lost, destroyed by vermin, burned as trash, and stolen by vandals. Nothing we can do now could possibly replace them for the use and instruction of present and future generations. We can only register their loss as a tragedy with similar losses in many other old counties of Georgia.

Wilkes county was the scene of stirring events. The few records touching the Revolutionary period give us reason to believe there were others in existence. If such papers had been preserved, they would have made a wonderful contribution to the glorious history of Georgia.

The authenticity of these documents can not be questioned. The returns of administrators, executors, guardians etc are the identical papers returned to the Register of Probate for record, in the older papers the actual receipts

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of heirs, legatees and wards in their own handwriting. To a modern doctor, the accounts of the doctors of that day would give an insight into their methods of treatment probably not found elsewhere, certainly not in published history. Little of this material was recorded in books, which still further enhances its value. No price could possibly be placed on these original papers. Nothing short of their being carefully arranged, and placed in the fire proof vault of the Judge of Court of Ordinary should be considered for a moment, regardless of expense. They fairly scintillate with the forgotten history of the past. No modern fiction excels them in tales of human interest. They are all that is left to tangibly link us with the pioneers whose ashes have made sacred this historic ground, and whose descendants, legion in number, are scattered to the ends of the earth.

ATKINS, ASA, dec'd. est. Arnold Atkins, admr. Receipt of John Simpson for tuition for two children 11 mos. in 1798. Jun. 15, 1799. Receipt of F. Billingslea, gdn of John Billingslea for cash, part of John's leg. Sep. 10, 1799. Receipt of John Billingslea to Arnold Atkins, admr for store account, corn, feather bed, notes of hand etc as part of his legacy. Feb. 23, 1799. Inv. Mar. 16, 1799 lists one authorized certificate bearing date of Jan. 19, 1799, No. 360 for service done by Wm. Shuffle (Sheffield?) in the State Troops 1st. Regt. 4th Co., commanded by Capt. Robert Raines. "Bounty Warrant" interlined, and authorized certificate substituted. Receipt of Jesse Mercer for tuition for Asa Atkins for 1800. Receipt of John Hendrick, gdn to Arnold Atkins, admr for a bounty warrant of the State Troops for 64 acres land for the heirs. Jan. 23, 1803. Receipt of John Leverett to John Hendrick excr, of est of Widow Atkins, dec'd, her subscription for building a meeting house at Phillips Mill. Feb. 19, 1803. John Lee, J. P. Receipt of Jeremiah Atkins in full of his distributive share of his fathers est to his gdn Jere. Miles who succeeded John Billingslea, dec'd as gdn. Signed Feb. 20, 1811 in Morgan Co. E. Greenlee's acct for medical attendance on Mrs. Atkins in Hancock Co. 1801, and upon her return to Wilkes.

ASHMORE, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Anne Ashmore, excx. Receipt of legatees, Samuel Arnett, Marbrey Steed, and Isaiah Paschal for their distributive shares, Dec. 22, 1819. Receipts of Allender Ashmore and Geo. Terry for their shares of est of Claranner (Clary) Ashmore, 1801 and 1798 respectively. Also Richard Madden 1801.

ASKINS, FREDERICK, dec'd. est. Returns of Jas. Echols. admr for 1827. Paid Wm. and Nancy Askin as per receipt.

AYLOR, JOHN, dec'd, est. John Aylor, admr. Expenses of fetching the wagon from N. C. and burial expenses. Returns for 1805.

AYCOCK, RICHARD, dec'd est. Inv. and appr'mt Sep. 16, 1786. Thos. Wootten, Burwell Pope, John Freeman apprs as recorded in Book

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"D D" folio 51. Matthew Talbot, Surveyor of Wilkes Co., receipt to Jesse Cox, admr. $1.00 for a duplicate plat of Richard Aycock's 275 acres on the waters of Chickasaw and Newford creeks. Sep. 6, 1790. Inv. Jun. 1783 also. Mary Aycock's note to Thos. Walton Nov. 12, 1785, due Aug. 6, 1790.

Receipt of John Oneal to Mrs. Mary Aycock payment of note Mar. 1, 1791. Taxes paid by Jesse Cox 1792-98. Acct of Z. Lamar against Richard Aycock, Apr. 28, 1784. Richard Aycock's bond to Edward Jones, R. P. for marriage license Jun. 21, 1790, no mention of bride. Wiley Pope's bond as gdn of Henry, Joel, Rebecca, Richard and Winney Aycock, Sep. 1, 1791. Mar. 4, 1800 he swears he has never received any of their property as gdn. Same date same affidavit as gdn of Winnefred Pope. On Feb. 26, 1800 Burwell Aycock gdn of Sarah Aycock dec'd makes affidavit that none of her property ever came into his hands.

ANDERSON, JOHN, dec'd. Non-cupative will. Ezekiel Miller swears that in 1778 he saw John Anderson "of this state" sign etc an instrument of writing as his last will, in his presence and in the presence of three other witnesses, towit, Thos. Roe, Michael Thomas and Richard Landsdale, who also signed it, that the said will was made in the time of the British Usurpation in the said State, and was delivered into the care of Jos. Mattock of the said state, that said Mattock says he lost it with other papers in the troublesome times. That the said deponent was well acquainted with the contents of the will, and was present when such copy was delivered to Barnard Heard, Esqr. to be recorded. The said deponent says that after bequeathing 18 shillings each to his eight children by a former wife, he gave the residue to be divided into three equal shares between his widow Honor Anderson, and his two sons by her, Wm. and Jonathan Anderson. Honor to hold hers only for widowhood. In case of her marriage the property consisting partly of slaves to revert to the two above named sons. Proved and approved Oct. 22, 1790. Edward Jones, R. P. Wm. and Jonathan took out letters of admn Oct. 22, 1790. Ezekiel Benbrook, Daniel Runnels, Martin Armstrong, apprs. Recorded in Book "D D" page 78. Slaves Gabriel, Isaac and Dinah.

ALLISON, Col. JOHN, dec'd. est. Gilbert Hay, excr. Paid Jas. Reynold Nov. 25, 1805 for making a coffin for Mrs. Allison's son. Tuition paid for Robt. and Wm., 1806-1808. Returns for 1810, paid F. D. Cummins tuition. Paid Mrs Allison per her son Robt., cash. Returns for 1806, cash to pay for two lottery tickets for my sons. Returns for 1812, paid Ezra Fisk tuition for Wm. Allison. In 1815 Robt. M. Allison signs deed confirming sale to John Pray of Byron Co., by Dr. Gilbert Hay and my mother Rebecca Allison. Plat and deeds in these papers. Affidavit of John Dyson that Wm. C. Allison of this county died during the present year intestate and that Rebecca Allison his mother is his only heir. May 7, 1832.

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ALLISON, WILLIAM B (or C.), dec'd, est. to John Allison debtor. Board for 1811-1816 and from Mar 1816 to Mar. 1817. Signed by John Allison Jan. 18, 1819. Receipt of John Allison to David Allison, admr Wm. B. Allison.

ARMSTRONG, JOHN, Sr., dec'd. Inv. Apr. 7, 1788. Signed by Thos. Morris, Jems Howell and Thos. Harkens, as "appraised by us the subscribers, of the est of said dec'd." Recorded in Book "D D" folio 138.

APPLING, THOMAS, dec'd. est. Returns of Joel Appling shows receipts of Nathaniel Harris, of Thos. Green and of Thos. and John Appling for their part of their father David Appling, dec'd, share, Susanna Brannan for her part of her mother, Elizabeth Laurence's legacy, and Green Lackey for his part of his father David Appling, dec'd, share, all call themselves legatees. Returns for 1804 shows receipts of Walter Christian for Thos. Appling, Owen and Mary Appling for their part of their father David Appling, dec'd share, of Jos. and Geo. Burch for their part of the est "left our mother Elizabeth Laurence."

ANDREWS, ABISHA, dec'd. Affidavit of Mrs. Agnes Thornton that the book accounts of her later husband Abisha Andrews shows the est of Benj. Jordan owes 10s 6d. Dec. 14, 1789.

ABBOTT, JOEL, dec'd. est. John Billups, admr. Returns for 1830 shows paid accounts for Miss Abbott.

ACREE, WILLIAM dec'd. est. John Acree, excr. Returns for 1799 paid John Dismukes legacy in part.

ALEXANDER, JOSEPH, dec'd. Sarah Alexander app. admx. Feb. 1, 1791. Jas. Kenny, sec.

ANGLIN, WILLIAM, minor, Benj. Porter, gdn. Receipt of David Anglin for his board and clothes 1821. Returns for 1804, Mrs. Sarah Anglin's account for dry goods paid.

AKINS, THOMAS, Sr., dec'd. est. Peter Stovall excr. Returns for 1810, receipts of Stephen Gunnells, Frances Akins and Robt. Akins for part of their leg. Returns for 1814, receipts of above and John Hathcock, Thos. Akin and Willis Gunnells, Nancy Wilder. Returns for 1816, Receipts of Polly Floyd, Wm. Hill, Levi Wilder, Fanny Leggett, Wm. Coleman, Jas. Webb in part of their legacies, John and Clement Floyd, John Bridges, Benj. Hubbard. Returns 1818, paid Levi Wilder, gdn of Seaborn Wilder. Returns for 1818 shows paid Alex. Akin, per Joel Akin whose heir he is. Paid Peneah Floyd, Patsy Floyd, Thos., Richard and Robt. Floyd and Benj. Hubbard, admr of Daniel Gunnels for his part.

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ADAMS, RICHARD, minor, petitions court to appoint Wm. Gresham gdn. Nov. 2, 1830. Granted.

ANTHONY, MICAJAH, dec'd est. Bolling Anthony, admr. Returns Jan. 1795 shows sundry articles purchased for the est from Apr. to Jun. 1793. Oct. 1793 to Feb. 1794 and paid Dr. Dysart. Saddle, bridle etc purchased by Micajah from Bolling Anthony in 1787. Returns 1793 show sold bay horse to A. Manin in Richmond Co. 1787, a black horse sold Pussau 1789. Sundry goods of Geo. Hairston 1786 to be paid for by Va. currency. Receipt of D. Price for Sarah Anthony's tax 1793. Receipt of Humphrey Ballard for 40s 10d. which was subscribed by Micajah for building a meeting house 1794. Micajah's acknowledgement of debt to Felix Gilbert 1792. Return of sale Nov. 11, 1793, Sally Anthony bought bed, trunk, stage wagon etc. Bill 1787 to Alex. Moss for 1 gal. of brandy. Returns for 1806. sold 200 acres in Warren Co. to Gray Andrews.

ANTHONY, JOSEPH C., dec'd Division of slaves Dec. 1818. Lot No. 1 to Wm. Robertson, gdn of the child Wm. Robertson. Lot No. 2 to Wm. A. Anthony. Micajah Anthony vs. The Court of Ordinary of Wilkes Co., John Hill, Wm. Robertson and Elizabeth T. Robinson, Feb. Term 1819. Showing that Elizabeth T. Anthony caveated the will of Jos. C. in 1810, Micajah was appointed temp. admr., Anselm Anthony, Sec. Soon after Elizabeth T. Anthony and John Hill obtain temp. letters and they now claim mismanagement by Micajah (He was the bro. of Jos. C., and son of Jos. Sr.)

State vs. Betsy T. Anthony wid. of Clarke Anthony, dec'd. Jas. Aycock her bro, both of Lincoln Co., and Geo. Rebertson of Wilkes Co., for assaulting Roderick Easley of Wilkes Co. Feb. 15, 1811. John Burdine, J. P. Examination of Roderick Easley, Jr., who says the excrs. of Clark Anthony, dec'd had put in his hands part of the property for safe keeping among which was fodder, that on the morning of the 15th, inst. Betsy T. Anthony wid. of said Clark Anthony, dec'd, Jas. Aycock her bro. and one Geo. Robinson of Lincoln Co., came and tried to forcibly seize said fodder. In his defense he was knocked down, beaten etc. Feb. 15, 1811.

Petition of Wm. Robinson in right of his wife Elizabeth T. Robinson, formerly Elizabeth T. Anthony for one half of 540 acres on Broad river, adj Benj. Talliaferro, Armstead E. Stokes and Robt. Thompson, which Jos. C. Anthony former husband of Elizabeth T. Robinson owned, and whereon he died 1810 or 1811 intestate. Granted, no date.

ANTHONY, JOSEPH, dec'd. est. Anselm and Micajah Anthony excrs. Returns for 1811 show paid various notes, acct of Mary Williams or Winn. Returns for 1811 shows paid Roderick Easley for attendance of court in the case of excr. vs Geo. Robertson. Receipt of Betty Anthony for beds, sheets, chairs sheep etc. for her use Apr. 10, 1811 (See wills of Jos. and Jos. C. Vol. 1)

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ANTHONY, MARK, dec'd of Lincoln Co. Petition of wid. Elizabeth Anthony that her dower be laid off out of 800 acres on Newford creek Wilkes Co., Aug. 14, 1843. A most beautiful hand colored plat of said dower by Caleb Sappington, Surveyor of Wilkes Co. accompanies this document.

ALBERT, JOSEPH, dec'd, est. Daniel Carrington, excr. Returns for 1811 shows paid John H. Pope medical services. Promissory note to Wm. Albert, Dec. 1815 from Elisha Thomas. Receipt of Thos. Albert, excr 1818 for cash. Excr. receives letters dismissory Jun. 4, 1821.

ARNOLD, JOSHUA, dec'd, est. Returns for Joel P. Leverett, atty for Wm. Arnold, excr shows paid Benj. Starr for making coffin for Priscilla Arnold Dec. 6, 1822.

ARNOLD, DANIEL, dec'd. orphans. Returns of Jas. White, gdn, of Elizabeth and Mary or Polly for 1813, received of Priscilla Arnold $140.00 hire of slave Lucy, paid Elisha Staton tuition, board for two years. For 1817, bought side saddle for Betsy Arnold. Receipt of Wm. Slaton Agt for Elizabeth and Polly Arnold to Josiah T. Irvin, excr Joshua Starr dec'd for $316.00 and a note of hand on the est. of Joshua Arnold, dec'd, dated Feb. 26, 1807, which is in full of all money in the hands of Joshua Starr, dec'd as gdn. Jun. 30, 1823. Returns of Joshua Starr, gdn for 1819-20 shows paid for a draw for the orphs.

ARNOLD, MOSES, dec'd est. Stephen Arnold excr. Receipts of Elizabeth Arnold dau of Moses, Apr. and May 1805, Mar. 1806. Receipt of Reuben Faver, Nov. 4, 1806 for part of his legacy $203.00, and of Elizabeth Arnold. Receipt of Stephen Arnold, Jr., 1811 to Stephen and Wm. Arnold, Srs. for his legacy in full, except a slave Ned now in possession of John Faver, Sr. Receipt of Stephen Arnold 1810 in full of his legacy except the slave Ned, the property of John Faver during the life of his wife, who is the wid of Moses Arnold, dec'd. 1810.

ARNETT, WILLIAM, dec'd est. Wm. Florence app. temp. admr. Oct. 15, 1831. he and Berry A. Arnett permanent admrs. Jan. 1832. Dower of two tracts of land laid off to the wid Sarah Arnett Oct. 10, 1832. Berry A. Arnett gdn of orphs of said William to amount paid distributive shares for Wm., Mitchell, Winfry, Jane, Albert W., and Bradford Arnett, 1834. Wm. Florence admr paid Samuel J. Arnett, Berry A. Arnett and Thos. Dallis their shares Jan. 8, 1834. Paid Wm. Corneilson his share in right of his wife, a dau of said dec'd. Paid Ben. Cartledge in right of his wife. Paid Berry A. Arnett, agt for John Q. Arnett his distributive share $1153.45 each.

ARNETT, EDWARD, dec'd. est. Catharine Arnett, admx. Returns for 1812 paid Wm. Hunt tuition. Jas. W. Jack gdn of the heirs, Kitty, Felix and Martha Anne Arnett. Returns 1821 paid for letters of

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guardianship, for two draws in the Land Lottery, 1 years tuition for Felix. Petition of Jas. W. Jack, gdn of Felix Arnett to divide 100 acres on Uptons creek between said Felix and his bro. John. Aug. 23, 1822.

ARNETT, ANN, app. admr of Mildred Catching, dec'd and admr. de bonis non of Benj. Catching, dec'd. Nov. Term 1840.

BROWNFIELD, JOHN, dec'd. est. Inv. Mar. 10, 1786. John King and Sarah Brownfield, admrs. Slaves Silvia, Peter, Harriett, Cloea, smooth bore gun, shoe buckles, bonds of Geo. McFall, Jas. McCammon and one on Thos. Greer for lands in the back parts of N. C. Geo. Calhoun, Edward Mosewell, Moses Milligan apprs. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 129-134.

BONNER, WILLIAM, dec'd. Return of part of the est. which was not apprd at the first one made by Ruth Bonner, admx. One audited certificate for L2, dated Dec. 5, 1784, one dated Jan. 25, 1785 (These certificates were probably for pay for service in the Revolutionary War. GGD) Wm. Downs, John Querns, Elisha Smallwood, apprs. Additional inv. returned by Ruth Harper, late Ruth Bonner No (?) 33, L10 audited certificate at 1/3, L11.3.4 Paper settled by the scale of depreciation, 2.13.8. L13.17.0. equal to $59.30. Probably pay for military service. Given by Ruth Harper Mar. 1, 1804.

BONNER, REBECCA, dec'd. Wm. Bonner and Jos. Watson app. admrs. Archibald Simpson, Sec.

BURDINE, CLARK, orph of John Burdine, dec'd. Wm. R. Smith's receipt signed at Augusta, Apr. 22, 1819 to Shaler Hillyer gdn for a draft for $130.00 on Lawrence Ripley & Co., New York in favor of Clark Burdine, cadet at West Point. Division of stock of John Burdine, dec'd to John D. Stroud in right of his wife Margaret Burdine, one third assigned her, Jan. 10, 1818. Returns of John Stroud, gdn for 1819 shows paid Clark Burdine part of his legacy. Receipt Jun. 6, 1821 of Bolling Anthony, gdn of Clark Burdine the legacy willed him by his father. Receipt of Shaler Hillyer for $100.00 for Reuben Burdine Jul. 4, 1819 under his fathers will.

BUTLER, EDWARD, dec'd. Div. of slaves Dec. 30, 1823 according to the will: Legatees, Kitty G. Terrell, Zacheus Butler, Frances W. Butler, Wm. Turner, John W. Butler, Elizabeth Wingfield, Joel H. Terrell, Nancy W. Butler. Returns of excrs. John and David Butler 1812. $50.00 to Jesse Mercer, subscription to Mt. Enon Institution.

BUTLER, JOHN W., excr of Edward Butler, dec'd who was excr of Edward Black, dec'd. Receipt of Edward Black for himself, legacy of $972.00 in full, "left me by the said Edward Black, dec'd and as atty for $193.00 left Jean Black now Jean Williams." Jan 14, 1812.

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BUTLER, DAVID dec'd est. Frances W. Butler, admx, in account with the minors for 1824, viz, Frances A. Butler, for tuition, board and clothes, David E. B. Butler, board and clothes, Elizabeth S. W. Butler, same. Tuition to Samuel Barnett, Treas. of Washington Academy for Frances and David. Petition to admx to sell a house on the plantation May 7, 1827. Returns for 1828 show John W. Butler admr. Paid tuition at Washington Academy for all three children.

BUTLER, JOHN W., gdn of Chas. Ann Catharine Wingfield and Mary S. Wingfield for 1829. Receipt of P. C. Guin for advertising land to Mrs. F. W. Butler, admx of David Butler, dec'd. Oct. 2, 1824.

BINNS, CHRISTOPHER, dec'd. Dudley Stinson and Sally Binns, admrs. Inv. Dec. 30, 1818. Dudley Stinson app gdn. of Geo., Susanna, David, Phoebe and Christopher Binns, minors of Christopher Binns, dec'd., Sep. 3, 1821. Receipts of Hartwell Jackson 1818 and Robt. Armor for tuition 1821. Div of personal est. Apr. 30, 1822. Sarah Binns, wid. of said dec'd, Lewis Irons in right of his wife Lucy Irons, Geo. S., Susanna, Christopher and Phoebe Binns, distributees.

BINNS, SARAH dec'd. Inv. Dec. 14, 1853.

BINNS, WILLIAM dec'd. Inv. Jan. 19, 1814. John B. Lennard, admr. Dr. Joel Abbotts bill for 1808 and 1812 for bleeding 50c, vermifuge, plasters etc.

BINNS, BURRELL, dec'd. Sale Nov. 3, 1814, Jos. Anthony, admr. Elizabeth Binns rented plantation and slaves. Returns for 1818, paid Betsy Binns board and clothes for five children. Returns for 1819, paid board etc for Sally, Betsy, Ann and Burrell Binns. Receipt of Asa Pye Jan. 10, 1820 to Jos. Anthony, admr for part of his legacy in right of his wife Catharine Binns now Catharine Pye. Notice served Elizabeth Binns by Jos. Anthony, admr, Oct. 11, 1819 that he will petition the court for a div. of slaves. Receipt May 30, 1821 to admr for their shares of the est. of Burrell Binns, dec'd., Signed, Jas. Pye for himself and wife and as gdn. of Sally, Burrell and Betsy Binns, Asa Pye for himself and wife and as gdn. of Christopher Binns.

BROOK, JERVEY dec'd. Peter Brook app. admr. Jul. 25, 1791. Jere. Dicken, Sec.

BUNCH, POUNCY dec'd. Inv. shows he owned half of a tanyard. David Bunch, admr. Receipt of John A. Bunch, admr. to David Bunch for $5.00, part of a bond said David and Pouncy owed the est of John Bunch, dec'd. Gideon B. and Hannah C. Bunch one under and one over 14 years old, choose Jas. Boatright gdn. No date.

BRIDGEMAN, BOSWELL dec'd. Ann Bridgeman, admx. required to appear at next term of court Apr. 5, 1796 to answer the demands of

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Alex. Gordon for an action for debt which process was served Mar. 19, 1796. Since which time said Ann has married one Thos. Loyd, he to appear also, Feb. 15, 1798, the defendant living out of the county.

BRIDGES, THOMAS dec'd. Susannah Bridges app. admx. Wiseman and Jonathan Bridges, Sec. Mar. 4, 1790. Drury Cade, test.

BRIDGES, DAVID dec'd. Nathaniel Bridges app. admr. Jan. 26, 1790. Jas. Bridges and Drury Cade, Sec. Inv. Feb. 18, 1790, Adam Simmons, Robinson Hendon, Thos. Embry, apprs. Receipts of Berry T. Bridges Jun. 15, 1797, of Bayns Bridges Jul. 15, 1798, of Merrell Bridges Jul. 20, 1799, of Nancy Bridges Jan. 15, 1800 and of Jesse Bridges Oct. 26, 1801, calling themselves legal heirs.

BRAMBLETT, JANE, gdn of Wm., Mary Ann and Elizabeth Bramblett, orphs of Ambrose Bramblett, dec'd. Returns show board for 1804-1807. Returns of Jesse H. Bramblett, admr for 1805-1806 show paid Lydia Jones and Meredith L. Bramblett, and paid for grant of land drawn by Ambrose Bramblett, dec'd. Receipts of Jacob Shorter, John and Lunsford Bramblett for their legacies in full. Receipts of Eliza Bramblett for mdse paid for as part of her legacy, 1811 to John Bramblett. Receipt of L. M. Bramblett for Jas. Mitchell in 1813, and in 1815 from Jas. Mitchell himself in right of his wife as her legacy.

BARRETT, NANCY W., now 21 years old, asks for a div of her mother Mary Barrett, dec'd est to which said Mary became entitled by the last will of her father Gabriel Toombs Aug. 3, 1813. John Spearman, Robt. Dawson, gdns. Lewis Barrett's board bill for 1810 for Robt., Lewis, Erasmus and Benj. Barrett (Lewis Sr. was their father). Board for 1808-09 for Milley, Pamela, Robt., Lewis and Erasmus paid to Lewis Barrett. Receipts of Robt. Barrett, Parmelia and Nancy Barrett in full of their legacies from their grandfather, and all other money handled by John Spearman, gdn. Jan. 12, 1817.

BURKS, JOSEPH dec'd. John Burks, admr. Inv. Jan. 10, 1828. John Burks app. gdn of Chas. S. Burks orph of Jos. Burks, dec'd Jan. 7, 1828 Wiley P. Burks, Sec.

BURNLEY, ISRAEL dec'd. Receipts of John Barkesdale, Geo. Smith, Harry Burnley, John Colbert and Ann Terrell Burnley to Stephen Burnley, excr, for their distributive shares in full Mar. 15, 1793.

BARNETT, NATHAN dec'd. Warrant of appraisement Nov. 9, 1795. Receipt of Jesse Evans, gdn of Elizabeth, Nancy and John Barnett, legatees for their part of Nathan Barnett's est to Nathan Barnett, admr of his father Nathan Barnett, dec'd, Dec. 15, 1798. Receipt of Susannah Barnett to Nathan Barnett for her part of her fathers est. Feb. 17, 1801.

BARNETT, SAMUEL appointed gdn of Jane A., and Wm. J. Barnett his

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own children in order to dispose of their stock in the Planters Bank, Jan. 7, 1828.

BLAKE, BENJAMIN appointed gdn of Nancy Blake, orph Dec. 26, 1786 Burwell and Henry Pope, Sec.

BLAKE, BENJAMIN dec'd. Sarah Blake, henry and Abraham Hill, excrs. Christopher Irvin and John rogers bond to them for so much tobacco to be delivered in Augusta, Jan. 1, 1799.

BLOUNT, WILLIAM of Knoxville, Knox Co. Tenn. Power of atty to John P. Kennerly of Jackson Co. to sell any land in Ga., which he may possess or have title to. Sep. 3, 1799. John Strother, Thos. Kennerly and Samuel Chunn, test. On Nov. 12, 1802 John Strother swears he proved the said document before Col. B. Harris in Jackson Co. and delivered it to him for record. B. Harris swears he delivered it to Samuel Gardner who claims he lost it, which Gardner swears to.

BATES, JOHN dec'd. Inv. date torn off. Jas. Cummings receipt to Fleming Bates, admr of John Bates dec'd, 1803 and 1804, for his distributive share in full.

BURROUGHS, AQUILLA dec'd. Josiah Jordan and Bird Parks appointed admrs Nov. 7, 1808. Returns of Bird Parks, admr for 1813 shows paid Harrison Smith for moving the family of A. Burroughs from Wilkes into Oglethorpe Co. Paid Geo. Phillips for medicine and attendance for Mrs. Peggy Burroughs. Returns for 1814, paid Geo. Mealor for coffin for Jas. P. Burroughs $2.00. Paid D. Dunn medical service for Jas. Burroughs, dec'd. Returns for 1816 paid J. H. Pope for medical services. Receipt of Michael Henderson to Bird Parks, admr Aquilla Burroughs, dec'd $400.00 in full from est of Wm. Lea, dec'd in right of Michael's wife. Receipt of Jos. M. Molloy, Asst. Assignor to Bird Parks for receiving two lists of land, one in 11th Dist. Baldwin Co., the other in 2nd Dist of Wayne Co. Dated Oglethorpe Co. Ga. May 27, 1815. Receipt of John Landrum, Surveyor for surveying Burroughs claim of land in Wilkes Co., on Long creek and Broad river 1816.

BILLINGSLEA, FRANCIS dec'd. est. Returns of Samuel and Jas. Billingslea, excrs for 1805 show receipts of John, Walter, Jas., Francis, and Cyrus Billingslea, Thos. Norris (in right of his wife Sarah Billingslea), David White's first receipt signed Feb. 25, 1804 for Polly Billingslea's part, in full Jan. 19, 1805. (See will of Francis Billingslea Vol. 1, p. 53). Receipt of Wm. Billingslea Mar. 7, 1799. John Billingslea orph of Francis, dec'd asks the court to app Wm. Billingslea his gdn Feb. 25, 1800. Returns of Thos. Norris, gdn for Polly Billingslea 1799 to 1804. Receipt of Joel Casey (no title given) for $4.05 from Samuel Billingslea, excr as above for Stamped Paper. Mar. 9, 1799.

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BILLINGSLEA, JOHN dec'd. Jas. Billingslea and Asa Atkins app admrs. Returns of Asa Atkins, admr for 1807 shows paid W. Walker board, paid for grant of land drawn in the last Lottery, Lot No. 3, 21st. Dist. Wilkinson Co. Returns for 1807, receipt of J. T. Sankey for attendance and medicine, Dec. 15th to 21st, 1806. Receipt of Jere. Miles for legacy from his father paid by Jas. Billingslea, admr, John Billingslea who was gdn of Jere. Miles, 1808. Receipt of Coalman Brown for Unicy Atkins, same as above. Returns for 1810 paid Jere. Miles for board and clothes for John Billingslea's children (not named)

BILLINGSLEA, SAMUEL dec'd. est. Cyrus Billingslea, admr. Receipts of Matthew Billingslea 1808 and 1809 for his third of the rent of the plantation, and for board and clothes for Charity and Winston Billingslea, "heirs of said dec'd". Receipts of Francis Billingslea for 1808 and 1809 for board and clothes for John and Polly Billingslea, heir of the dec'd.

BILLINGSLEA, CLEM and HOWELL, Jas. Billingslea, gdn. Returns for 1800 to 1809, still minors. Samuel Miller's receipt 1800 for Clement and Howell's tuition.

BILLINGSLEA, CLEMENT one of the legatees of Jas. Lane (late of the county of Wilkes), in right of his wife Sarah A. Billingslea, formerly Sarah A. Lane, to Micajah A. Lane, also heir of said James, dec'd, all his claim on said est for $470.00. Feb. 13, 1821.

BOWEN, JABEZ dec'd. Sale Apr. . . . 1784. Horses, cattle, boiling pot etc. Total $38.18. Charity Bowen, relict.

BOREN, BENJAMIN dec'd. Peggy Boren wid asks for a dower in 427 acres on Little river, Jul. 10, 1822.

BOREN, JAMES dec'd. Hannah Boren app. gdn of Sally, Joseph, and Polly orphs of said dec'd. Mar. 4, 1811. Wm. Boren app gdn of Nancy and David Boren same date. His returns for Nancy 1812, "By L20 Va. money, being a legacy left the said Nancy in the will of Edward Browning, dec'd. By $300.00 and two slaves, left by her fathers will. Receipts of John Heard, Jeremiah Walker and John Boren, Sep. 6, 1812 in part as legatees of residue of said est. Receipts of Jesse McClain, Annis Boren, Jeremiah Walker and wife Elizabeth, Jas. Boren, John Boren for himself and as gdn of David and Hannah Boren, Dec. 31, 1811, for their part of the land on Fishing creek whereon said dec'd lived, slaves etc agreeable to the will. Wm. C. Boren, excr.

BURTON, MRS. SARAH dec'd. Account to Wm. Dearing 1819-22. Walter Weems, admr.

BOYNTON, AMOS est. Stoddard Boynton signature to sale which has no date.

End of Page 202 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 203

BAYES, JOSEPH dec'd. John Bush and Zachariah Bayes, excrs. Bond to Edward Jones, R. P. no date. Warrant of appraisement issued by David Terrell, R. P., Feb. 12, 1795. Moses Bays, admr. Returns Jan. 11, 1796, paid Wm. Street L2. Received of Thos. Nelms $17.00. Inv. of est Jun. 2, 1790. Dutch plows, Dutch oven, Presbyterian Confession of Faith, pewter etc, Zachariah Bays and John Bush, excrs. (Will or est of Jos. Bayes supposed to be recorded in Book "D D", burned years ago in a lawyers office)

BOWEN, JOHN dec'd. Bond of Christopher Clark, Jr., and John Matthews as admrs Dec. 6, 1790.

BLALOCK, JOHN dec'd. Warrant of appraisement Dec. 14, 1795. David Blalock and John Wallace sworn excrs. Returns for 1800, paid John Hamilton for a bond due Geo. Alston Dec. 25, 1788, for L45 Va. currency. The copy of note says. "I John Blalock of Surry Co. N. C. oblige myself to pay Geo. Alston of Granville Co. N. C. etc". John Brown, test. This was settled with a slave boy Harry. Receipt of Kimbro Standard, John Blalock and Gibson Blalock Mar 7, 1803, and of Thos. Barrett Jan. 28, 1803 in full of their legacies, John Wallace, excr.

BOLTON, ISAAC dec'd. Manoah Bolton, excr. Returns 1820 no data.

BLACKBURN, JESSE dec'd. John Groves in right of his wife Mary Ann Blackburn gives notice Jul. 1, 1842 to Martha Jane Blackburn, John Blackburn, admr said Jesse Blackburn and Martha Blackburn, wid of said Jesse, dec'd that he will apply for a partition to get his part of the real estate.

BOSWELL, GEORGE dec'd. est. Sarah Boswell, admx. Receipt of Wm. Cunea, Apr. 14, 1820 for making coffin for dec'd. Returns 1825, board and clothes for Elizabeth, Sarah, Johnson, Jas. H., and Frances C., minors.

BENTLEY, WILLIAM dec'd. est. Jane Bentley, Peter Smith and Benj. Ballard, excrs notified to appear at court 4th Monday in July next to explain why they have not made returns. Receipts of John Bentley and Daniel Tomlinson 1802 to Robt. Shaw, excr.

BENTLEY, JEREMIAH dec'd. Petition of Abi Bentley, wid for division of 359 acres on Fishing creek. Acknowledgement signed Jun. 24, 1818 by the heirs: Willis Nunnelee, Wm. A. Bentley, Elizabeth Bentley, Anderson T. Nunnelee and Jesse Norman.

BEASLEY, RICHARD dec'd. est. Nathan Holtzclaw, admr. Paid Royland Beasley, Nancy Rucker and Jinsey Beasley, the wid, part of their distributive shares Dec. 29, 1810. Royland Beasley app. admr, de bonis non, July. 1, 1816.

End of Page 203 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 204

BEASLEY, AMBROSE dec'd. Apprs. app May 2, 1814. Royland Beasley, admr. Returns for 1814, cost of administration in Jones Co. paid to Wm. Butler.

BOND, THOMAS dec'd. est. Thos. Formby excr. Edward Bond caveats Mar. 1, 1813.

BLACK, EDWARD dec'd est. Edward Butler, excr. Receipt of John Black for board for five children 1797. Same for 1798, 1799, 1800, 1801, 1803. Returns for 1798 shows property of John Black sold by execution and bought for the children. Returns for 1803, paid for draw for orphans in Lottery for Oconee land. Returns for 1805 paid Edward Black expense of his board and clothes and his sister Jean Black. For 1806 and 1807 paid Pleasant Wilkinson for board etc for above children. Paid Edward Black for himself and Jean 1809. Returns 1820-1823 John W. Butler, excr. Paid Dr. T. G. DeLisle, and mileage to W. Black.

BALLARD, NATHAN dec'd est. John Dyson, excr. Receipt of Chas. Duke for Mary and Nancy Ballards part of the real estate Jan. 18, 1806. In 1806 he signs as gdn of Nancy. Returns for 1812 paid Chas. Duke in right of his wife Mary and as gdn of Nancy Ballard. Paid Lewis C. Davis, gdn of Edny Ballard, legatee. Paid Pitt Milner, gdn of Jas. and John Ballard 1810-11. Pitt Milner app. gdn of Jas. and John Mar. 7, 1808.

BALLARD, LOUISA, Lucy and Sophia, orphans of Jas. Ballard, dec'd. Returns of Robt. Chivers, gdn for 1811-12. Paid Leonard Pearson tuition and Fanny Gafford board.

BAILEY, JESSE dec'd est. Wm. Bailey, admr. Paid for letters of admrn 1802. Inv. 1802.

BAILEY, JOHN dec'd. Thos. Hudspeth and Russell Bailey, admrs. Receipts of Rachel and Fanny Bailey, Jesse Russell and Hosea Holtzclaw for their legacies in full 1816-1817.

BAXTER, SUSANNAH dec'd. Inv. Dec. 11, 1789, apprs Geo. Whitsell and Wm. Gibson who made affidavit before J. George, J. P. Greene Co.

BROUGHTON, SALLEY, minor of Nancy Broughton. Josiah Jordan, gdn $214.25 to be paid at the age of 14. no date. (He was app. gdn 1792).

BELL, JOSEPH dec'd. Mary H. Bell wid asks for dower in real estate Oct. 5, 1829. Bowling W. Stark and Mary Bell, admrs.

BANKSTON, LAWRENCE, Deed of gift of certain slaves to his daus., Isabella Irvin, Priscilla Mathis, Elizabeth Mozley and Martha Sappington. Jul. 31, 1830.

End of Page 204 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 205

BAIRD, FRANCES ELIZABETH of Autauga Co. Ala., formerly Frances Elizabeth Daniel of Ga., who married Chas. Baird, who died in the Prov. of Tex. leaving no will, "Whereas I am a distributee of my uncle Thos. Daniel, formerly of Wilkes Co. Ga., my husband Chas. Baird never came into possession of said legacy, I appoint Burrell Rogers, atty to collect it. Jul. 13, 1837.

BEALL, FANNY, now Fanny Payne wife of Randolph Payne of Autauga Co. Ala., power of atty to John Dyson of Wilkes Co. Ga., to sell to Wm. Berry a certain tract of land on Fishing creek, which was sold by Elizabeth Beall, admx, and Wm. Murphey, admr of Wm. Beall, dec'd of Wilkes Co. to said Wm. Berry, Fanny Payne being a dau of said Wm. Beall, dec'd. Aug. 15, 1823.

BURDETT, JOHN dec'd. Deborah and Jas Burdett appointed excrs Jun. 5, 1832. Receipt of Ross Bird, teacher for tuition for Benajah and Reese Burdett, Dec. 10, 1835, to Jas. O. Burdett, excr. Returns of John H. Dyson, gdn of J. D. Burdett, 1847, blacksmiths bill. Returns of Jas. O. Burdett, excr for 1839, paid Malindy Burdett's share, $300.00. Deborah Burdett, deed of gift to her dau. Malinda Burdett slaves Jane and Rilla, Jane to remain in her possession till her death. Feb. 24, 1837.

BIBBS JESSE of Adams Co. Miss., power of atty to Joshua Glass, formerly of Oglethorpe Co. Ga., to recover from John Landrum of Wilkes Co. Ga., a certain legacy left said Jesse Bibbs by the last will of Wm. Harper of Wilkes Co., dec'd. Sworn to before John Henderson, N. P. of the city of Natchez, Miss., Aug. 24, 1807.

BURNS, ANDREW and Rhesa Howard both of Richmond Co., to Archibald Comer of Prince Edward Co. Va., promise to pay for 358 bushels of corn September next. Signed Dec. 17, 1785. W. Rogers, test.

BREWER, CALEB, dec'd. Powell and Polly Stamper appointed admrs. Feb. 1, 1808.

BALDWIN, FRANCIS, to Jacob Miller due bill for $90.00 Mar. 22, 1799.

BARNETT, P. J., commission as J. P., from Gov. Troup Jan. 19, 1825.

BROWN, Dr. GEO. A., His bill for bleeding, cathartic etc., but does not say for whom. Aug. 10, 1806.

CHIVERS, THOMAS dec'd. Francis West and wife and other legatees, vs. Robt. Chivers surviving excr. Interrogatories: Hezekiah Ellington of Talliaferro Co. He heard Thos. Chivers say the land known as Long Bluff was for Robt. Chivers or intended for him in the presence of Thos. H. and Lewis Chivers and Rebecca Ellington. He married one of the daus of Thos. Chivers, dec'd and was much with the family. He and Jas. Chivers exchanged land. There was no titles to any of land given his sons by Thos. Chivers. Feb. 18, 1831. Interrogatories

End of Page 205 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 206

of Wm. Kemp of Wilkinson Co. Jul. 30, 1830 He has known the land since 1784 or 1785 when he had it run, when it contained 575 acres, does not remember when he deeded the land to Thos. Chivers, but acted as agent for several years. John Mercer of Washington Co. rented the land before Thos. Chivers death, after which Robt. Chivers rented to Uriah Mitchell. John Lawlion of Washington Co., says he surveyed land granted himself which he conveyed to Robt. Chivers, and it adjoins Long Bluff, Feb. 14, 1831. Interrogatories of Seaborn Jones, Dep. Shff, Washington Co., He does not remember selling land for Robt. Chivers as excr, but he may have sold it in the fall of 1830. Interrogatories to Nancy Hinson residing outside Wilkes Co., but no answers. Interrogatories of Jos. E. Plummer of Laurens Co. Ga., Jul. 31, 1830. In 1823 he bargained with Robt. Chivers for land on Deep creek Washington Co. and when he went to pay for it Robt. said it had been sold by the excrs of his fathers estate and he had to purchase it. Frederick Metz also of Laurens Co. says Robt. Chivers sold Fort & Wells 675 acres on Oconee. The deeds were in the hands of Francis West and John Mercer of Greene Co. the last I heard of them. Interrogatories of Sarah Chivers of Talliaferro Co., saying she had heard Thos. Chivers say above land was Robt. Chivers, no date. Algernon S., Jas. M., and Jane A. T. Chivers, by their gdn Archibald Gresham vs. Robt. Chivers surviving excr of Thos. Chivers, dec'd. Interrogatories of Nathaniel Harris of Walton Co. He says the Long Bluff tract was the property of Robt. Chivers etc. Jun. 17, 1831. Sarah E. Chivers of Wilkes Co., says she married a bro of Robt. Chivers and has known him about 25 years. She heard Jas. Chivers tell his father in the fall before he died, that his land was not worth as much as the other sons land. Thos. replied that because Joel married first he had to give him the improved farm, and as Robt. was the oldest he gave him the Long Bluff tract, and as Thos. was the youngest he would give him the tract whereon he then lived as he expected to live with him the rest of his life. Mar. 3, 1831. (Hezekiah Ellington's Interrogatories go with the childrens).

CHIVERS, THOMAS dec'd. Division of slaves by mutual agreement of the heirs. No date. Signed by: Thos. H. Chivers, Samuel Wingfield, Robt. Chivers, Francis West, Jas. Chivers, John Mercer, Joel Chivers, Pleasant Wilkinson. Voucher from Pleasant Wilkinson for slave Primas in the list. Signed Jul. 21, 1810.

CRUTCHER, HENRY dec'd. est. Returns of John T. Graves, admr. 6 pieces of gold, 2 for $5.00, 4 for $4.25. A note of hand on Timothy Walton of Ala., which was traded to Lemuel Wootten etc. No date. Recorded Apr. 1827. Receipt of Ignatius Semmes, M. D., for visit at night to Mr. Gibsons, 1820.

End of Page 206 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 207

CHAUDION, JESSE M. dec'd. Abner Wise app admr de bonis non. Sep. 6, 1830.

COSBY, LUCY orph of Garland Cosby. David Cosby app. gdn Jan. 4, 1830.

CHRISTMAS, ROBERT dec'd. Maria Felixina Christmas and Wm. G. Gilbert app admrs Jul. 9, 1799. F. H. Gilbert, Sec. Wm. G. Gilbert gdn of Robt. Christmas board and tuition for 1813. Hire of slaves Len, Lindsay and Dixon. Received of the est of John Christmas, willed by him to Robt. Christmas, dec'd and now held as the property of Robt. Chirstmas, Jr., above slaves.

CALHOON, DAVID dec'd. Inv. May 29, 1787. Slave Poll, 200 acres within three miles of Washington Town and 36 acres within two miles, 1 pr. silver knee buckles, 2 fur hats, tailors goose, bodkin, sheers and thimble. John Brownfield, Edward and Wm. Maxwell, apprs. Book "D D" folio 100 Recorded Jun. 20, 1787. Daniel Terondet, R. P.

COHORN, CORNELIUS. Plat of grant for 400 acres on Little river adj Findleys and John Howards land. Warrant Feb. 7, 1785, executed Feb. 10, 1785 by Ignatius Few, D. S.

COHRON, JOSEPH dec'd. Joshua Morgan surviving excr. Returns for Jun. 16, 1825, paid Buford Bird, Jesse Cohron, Jacob Hogue, Richard Heath, Jas. Cohron, James as atty for John Cohron, all as per receipts (not found), paid myself by retaining the same, $1145.24 each. Returns for 1833. Sale of tract of land in Wilkes Co. 1824, $500.00. Receipt of Henry Hight, admr Richard Heath, dec'd for Richard's distributive share of proceeds of land. Receipt of Elizabeth and Seth Moore, May 7, 1822 for slaves Ralph and Mary, horse, beds etc "the personal est willed me by my husband Jos. Cohron, dec'd." Joshua Morgan and John Scott, excrs. Seth and wife Elizabeth Moore protest the dower set aside by order of court Dec. 16, 1822.

COHRON, JOSEPH orph of Joseph, dec'd. Returns for 1824-26-27-28-29 and 1830 show paid Seth Moore for board and clothes. Buford Bird, gdn. Returns for 1831 shows paid Wm. Belk for making coffin $14.00, Paid Joshua Morgan, admr of est of Jos. Cohron, minor, dec'd. $1111.89 Mar. 15, 1832.

CREWS, JAMES dec'd. Benedictine Crews app. admx. Richard J. Willis app admr Dec. 6, 1831. Writ of dower in 236 acres on Clarks creek. Mrs. Benedictine Crews, wid of Jas. Crews, dec'd Mar. 24, 1824. John T. Crews, Richard J. Willis, gdn. Returns, paid board 1832, paid Mrs. B. Crews board 1833, and Jos. T. McLaughlin tuition. To money advanced him at Sardis, 1834. To half the amount of sale of land 1834 Pulaski Co. Returns of R. J. Willis gdn of the orphs for 1833. To expense of sale of a tract of land in Harris Co. May 1833 which was drawn by said orphs. Paid Stephen W. Barkwell husband

End of Page 207 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 208

of Susan Crews, Thos. N. Heard husband of Emily Crews, S. H. Willis husband of Nancy Crews, Benedictine Crews, wid of Jas. Crews, dec'd their distributive shares of above land and perishable property of the est all in 1833.

CREWS, STANLEY dec'd. Warrant of appraisement Feb. 7, 1793. Petition of heirs Nov. 1800 for div of 570 acres on Clarks creek. viz; Martin Crews, Agnes Crews, wid., for herself and as gdn of Betsy and Francis Crews, minors; Simon Hughes in right of his wife Patsy; Benajah Smith in right of Clayton Talbot who intermarried with Polly Crews; Susannah, James, and John Crews, and the heirs of Nancy Crews.

CREWS, AGNES, dec'd. Petition of Chas. Morton in right of his wife Fanny late Fanny Crews, with Elizabeth Crews "yet an infant" to divide the land now held in co-partnership with said Elizabeth, Jul. 3, 1804, 28 1/2 acres surveyed for Chas. Morton and Betsy Crews each, being the real estate of said Agnes Crews, dec'd. Dec. 21, 1804.

CALLAWAY, JOB, Sr., receipt for pay for five pounds feathers bought by Harris Coleman Nov. 30, 1791.

COCHRAN, PARMENAS dec'd est. Division of slaves Oct. 9, 1817. To wid Asenath slave Darcus and to her dau Asenath, Darcus' two children Harrison and Alex. Stephens Evans, admr. Asenath Cochran, gdn of Asenath Cochran, orph board for 1818. Return of Thos. Booles, gdn for 1819-20 board and clothes.

CORBETT, JAMES dec'd. Jos. W. Robinson, excr. Receipt of Orson Douglas for Harriett's tuition in advance to Washington Academy Jan. 5, 1818. Receipt of J. Ingraham for tuition for Amanda in music and first class and from Beaty Thompson for board for 1818 at Powelton Academy. Receipts of John R. Anderson for $526.00 and his part of the 283 acres adj Washington, and of Andrew Rembert for $500.00 from sale of slave Nancy, specifically willed to Harriett L. Corbett by her father, sentenced to death for arson, sold out of the county, and his proportionate share of above land. Jan. 3, 1826. Returns for 1826, paid Andrew Rembert, David Taylor, Eleanor Corbett and John R. Anderson $815.00 each. Final returns of John R. Anderson, admr Francis Corbett.

CORBETT, MRS. ELEANOR dec'd. G. G. Norman admr with will annexed, Jan. 18, 1849. Paid Nicholas Wylie for making coffin 1848.

COATS, DRUSILLA dec'd. est. John B. Lennard, admr. Returns for 1827 paid for plat and grant of land in Lee Co. and 12 days expenses to see about it. Returns for 1830. To sale of Lot No. 14, 20th Dst Lee Co.

COATS, ALEXANDER, Henry, Lesley and John, minors of Lesley Coats,

End of Page 208 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 209

dec'd. Thos. R. Eidson app gdn. Mar. 1, 1830. Returns for 1831 for Henry and John, paid three months tuition for Henry, board for both. Paid Jos. Moseley for coffin for Alex.

COWAN, WILLIAM dec'd Sarah and Jas. Cowan app. admrs Apr. 4, 1791. Geo. Cowan, test. Called "Excrs of last will and testament of Wm. Cowan, dec'd"., they are ordered to appear at next term of court to say why they have not made returns. Signed Mar. 5, 1800. Bond of Robt. Jenkins to admr est of Wm. Cowan, dec'd Mar. 1, 1791. Benj. Allen, Sec. Martin Nalls, test. Returns of Jas. Cowan, admr in 1800. Paid sundry debts for the est but had lost some of the vouchers during the troublous times with the Indians. Received of Matthew Stewart $125.00, balance of cash on hand from sale of crops etc. James says his mother is so old and infirm she is not able to attend court. Notes of Wm. Cowan to Wm. McCree dated 1785, 1787 to be paid in corn, tobacco, cattle etc. Returns for 1801, nothing received or paid out.

COCHRAN, SAMUEL dec'd. Mary and John Cochran and John Muckleroy, admrs bond, Jul. 25, 1791. (See will Vol. 1).

COLBERTSON, JOHN dec'd. Martin and John Colbertson, excrs of last will, bond to Edward Jones, R. P., Mar. 26, 1791. Thos. Colbert, test.

CAMPBELL, JOHN dec'd. Robt. Campbell's bond as admr Jul. 25, 1791. Wm. Laurence, Sec.

CAMPBELL, DUNCAN G., dec'd Jas. Meriwether app admr Apr. 4, 1829. Francis Meriwether, Asbury and Henry Hull, Jos. J. Singleton, Thos. Mitchell by his atty Elizur L. Newton, Sec. Note from Henry Hull of Clarke Co., giving power of atty to Asbury Hull to sign for him Apr. 2, 1829. List of notes due the est all to be found.

COLSON, NANCY dau of Jacob Colson late of Wilkes Co., dec'd. Bond of Zachariah Lamar gdn Nov. 2, 1786. Reuben Allen, Burwell Pope, Sec. Benj. Catching, Clk. CORBIN, JOHN dec'd. Apprs app Oct. 16, 1795. Inv. Oct. 24, 1795. Nathaniel Bradford, Burwell and Jas. Aycock, Apprs. Notes on Nathaniel Bradford, Richard Floyd, for Wood of Petersburgh, and on Anderson Hartsfield all due Dec. 1792. Elizabeth Corbin makes returns Jan. 9, 1798. Paid Winnifred Wilder's note of $12.00. Paid Godfrey Hartsfield's account $1.22.

COOKSEY, HEZEKIAH dec'd. Apprs app Mar. 29, 1829. Returns for 1829 Paid Henry Thompson's expenses to Ala. on business of the est.

COLE, WILLIAM, Sr., dec'd. est. Jarvis Brook and Robt. Armor, admrs. Returns for 1833 paid Jane Smith, Robt. Armor, Wm. Edminds, Sr., David R. Hay, John Pratt, Sr., distributees $177.00 each and retained the same, being the share of Mrs. Brooks. By sale of land in Wilkes

End of Page 209 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 210

Co., and amount received of the est of Wm. Cole, Jr. Retained for Robt. Armor and Jarvis Brook their distributive shares. Returns for 1834, expenses to Marion Co. to sell land of the est, to Pike Co., to settle a case vs Jas. Walker.

COLE, SARAH C., dec'd. Wm. Cole app admr May 7, 1827. Paid tuition to Francis M. Thompson 1823-24, Elijah Norman 1825, Caleb Sappington 1826. Paid for his part of plat Lot No. 192, 12th Dist. Henry Co. Rent of land in Jasper Co. 1825-26. Same return for Sarah C. Cole, ward. Caleb Sappington's receipt for tuition for Wm. T. Cole 1826. Paid Wm. T. Cole his distributive share 1838.

CHURCH, CONSTANTINE dec'd. est. Returns for 1830, paid Mary R. Church for two years board and clothing for Agnes E. Church, orph. Mary R., rented house and lot in Washington, harness shop and lot and plantation on Fishing creek rented. Receipts of Mary R. Church 1827 and later for her distributive share. Receipts 1834 from Thos. Hamilton, gdn to Jas. Render, admr for Agnes E. Church's distributive share. Est. of Constantine Charch debtor to New Bedford Mercury, 1813-18. Account certified in New Bedford, Mass. by Benj. Lindsey. Note from C. Church trustee to Mrs. Susan Whitley to receive Jas. Cob and Ann Charlton into her school 1826.

COMBS, PAMELIA, Jane and Mary Ann and Pamelia Combs gdn of Franklin Combs. Putman Co. Ga., power of atty to Wm. Combs of this state to receive from Philip Combs, admr of Phillip Combs, Sr. dec'd of Wilkes Co., all we are due as legatees Mar. 24, 1838. Another paper, Pamelia Combs of Putman Co., gdn of Francis Combs, orph in right of his father, Jas. Combs, dec'd, power of atty to Wm. Combs for the same purpose for said orph Francis, son of Jas. Combs, dec'd Apr. 2, 1838. Receipt of Wm. Hammock and Daniel Lee to Philip Combs for $42.00 for the heirs of Nancy Hammock Aug. 8, 1838. Receipt of Wm., Jane and Nancy Hammock and Martha Combs of Wilkes Co. for their share, except part of land in Telfair Co., Feb. 26, 1838. Receipt of Daniel C. Jackson for Martha Jackson's share Mar. 8, 1838. Martha Jackson's receipt for money, walnut chest etc collected from Robt. B. Washington as part of her share, Dec. 6, 1836. Jas. Woodroofs receipt for his distributive share, Jun. 5, 1838. Wm. Hammock's receipt for his share, Aug. 8, 1838.

COMBS, THOMAS EUDALY, dec'd. Jas. Dorough app admr, Jan. 11, 1831. Returns for 1831, paid Margaret Combs $30.00.

COMBS, ZACHARIAH dec'd. Henry Rose app. admr, Jan. 1, 1831.

CRANE, GLOVER dec'd orphans of, Wm. Owen, gdn. Receipt for two notes on Pleasant & Carronton in the state of Va., for $790.00 due the est of Glover Crane, May 17, 1802.

CUNNINGHAM, ALEXANDER and John, orphs of Patrick Cunningham,

End of Page 210 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 211

dec'd. Robt. Cunningham, gdn. Receipt of M. Waddle for their classical tuition at the Vienna Academy, May 25, 1802. Returns 1800, travelling expenses to Columbia and Charleston, S. C. on business and to Columbia to rent the Congaree lands. Paid for copy of Thos. Browns will. Order of David Cunningham to pay note to Felix Gilbert and sons in 1790 out of his part of the est. Paid Jos. Gray his share of the cotton. Receipt of David Cunningham for $145.00, Jan. 1804, Eugunia Cunningham, test. Travelling expenses of Wm. McClung one of the admrs to Columbia to get an order for sale of the Congaree land in 1805. Rent of above land collected in 1807.

CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET orph of Patrick Cunningham, dec'd. Returns of Wm. McClung, gdn tuition 1802-1804.

CUNNINGHAM, JOHN, debtor, to R. Worsham order to seize any and all goods to satisfy a judgment of Harris Coleman Nov. 15, 1790.

COLLEY, JOHN dec'd. est. Francis Colley, excr. Receipt of Sarah Colley, wid for her part in full Jan. 6, 1823. Receipt of Welcome Fanning for his wife, formerly Louisa Colley for horse etc left by the will. No date. Receipt of Jas. V. Brown for his wife formerly Mary Colley for $100.00 left by said John Colley in his will to his dau Polly, Nov. 29, 1816. Returns for 1835, paid the above and John Peteet, and excr retained his own share.

COLLEY, SARAH dec'. Inv and sale Mar. 12, 1834. Francis Colley, admr. Returns for 1835 paid Spain Colley, Welcome Fanning, John Perteet and the excrs own share.

COX, ANN CLARK dec'd. Warrant of appraisement, Jan. 15, 1794.

COX, MARY dec'd. Warrant of appraisement Dec. 5, 1794. Susannah Cox, excr. Wm. Gillam, Jas. Burns, Wm. Puryear, apprs.

COX, PLEASANT dec'd. Warrant of appraisement Jan. 15, 1794. Susannah. Cox and David Ellington, admrs. Returns Jul. 23, 1800, John Billups and Susannah his wife, late Susannah Cox, admrs. The whole est in their hands agreeable to the appraisement.

COX, JESSE, admr in right of his wife late wid of Richard Aycock, dec'd, Receipt of Richard Aycock, Jr. "one of the heirs of said dec'd," for $52.00, Jul. 20, 1801.

COX, ABRAHAM of Fauquir Co. Va. (Copy of will) Desirous to leave my fortune which God has blessed me with in as much peace as may be and that I may have nothing of this world to encumber my thoughts on eternity, I make this my last will etc. To dau Mary Winn and dau-in-law Elizabeth Cox the upper part of my land adj John Bridwell and Leven French, and slaves Lucy and Nancy. Final division to their children. To dau. Winn slaves Fanny and Rachel. To son Zachariah and Ann Cox the other part of the land at death of my wife.

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To son Zachariah slaves Dick, Simon and Sally. To dau Ann slaves Hannah and Jarrard. Whichever dies first, if without heirs, Zach or Ann, the other to inherit their share, if both die without heirs, then to sons Thos. and Wm. and the children of Mary Winn. To wife Elizabeth slaves Harry, Jinney, and Rose, stock etc and that part of land for life left to Zachariah and Ann Cox. Son Wm. to have one of the slaves devised to wife Elizabeth. Wife Elizabeth, son Zachariah and grandson Jas. Cox, excrs. Feb. 1, 1803. Jas. Cowles, Enoch O'Rear, Jos. Dilley, Test.
Proved by all three at a court held for Fauquier Co. Jul. 25, 1803 A true copy, John A. W. Smith, Clerk.

Georgia Putman Co. By virtue of a commission issuing from Wilkes Co., interrogatories made to Frances Wright. Only the answers given: She says she knows Wm. Cox, Andrew Ruddle and Robt. Flournoy, but neither of the others. She knew a negro woman Hannah in possession of Nancy Cox, which she came possessed of under the will of her father Abraham Cox. Nancy brought Hannah from Va., upwards of 30 years ago, and sold her to Andrew Ruddle about 1804. Before the sale was made Wm. Cox notified Ruddle that Nancy had only a life est in the negro and my father then exhibited to the said Ruddle a copy of said Abraham Cox's will. Ruddle said he would give just as much for the slave regardless of the will. He knew when he bought her the exact circumstances. Nancy also had a slave Jarrett, the last time I saw Hannah she was in possession of Andrew Ruddle and the last time I saw Jarrett he was in possession of said Nancy. If Nancy had any other slaves I do not know it. I have never heard it disputed that Nancy has been dead two years. Feb. 1, 1828. Irby Hudson, J. I. C.

CRATON, JOHN dec'd est. Mary Ann and Sylvester Craton, excrs. Lewis R. Beaman, one of the heirs in right of his wife Susannah, formerly Susannah Craton, claims not all the property was appraised and demands another inv. No date. Receipt of Elizabeth M. Wilkinson for $100.00 which was left her in her fathers will, Apr. 27, 1827. Receipt of Lewis W Beaman same amount and date. Div. of seven slaves among the eight legatees agreeable to the will, viz: the eight oldest grandchildren, Bennett, Jefferson, Washington, and John J. Wheeler, Julian Bray, Richard H., and John C. Stokes and John Walton. Sep. 4, 1832. Dr. A. D. Stathams receipt 1827. Letter from Dr. Jas. Cullinan to Mrs. Craton in regard to his bill, dated Tarvers Mills, Apr. 12, 1827. Jos. Moseley's receipt for one mahogany coffin, $70.00, 1827.

CREIGHTON, ANDREW dec'd. est. Land sold on conditions of securing titles, Lots 298 and 121, 14th Dist. Wilkinson now Telfair Co., and No. 263, 21st. Dist. Wilkinson now Telfair Co., sale forbid by Chenoth

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Peteet. Returns for 1817, Christopher Orr, excr. Expenses of Jonathan Orr to Telfair, Pulaski, Twiggs and Wayne counties 1816.

CHANEY, GREENBERRY dec'd est. Henry Karr, admr. Returns 1791. Paid 2273 paper dollars in 1779 to Wm. Moore.

CATCHING, BENJAMIN dec'd. Apprs. app Sep. 17, 1798, Milly and Benj. Catching, admrs. Inv. shows slaves Jinny given to Wm. Ashmore; Sharper to Benj. Catching; Geo. to Seymore Catching, bay filly to Philip Catching. Div of est Jan. 8, 1801, the wid Milly Catching for herself and gdn of Jos., Jonathan and Silas Catching; Benj, Philip, and Seymore Catching and Wm. Ashmore, distributees. Receipt of Jos. Catching to Mildred Catching, admx for $327.00 in 1804. Receipts Joseph, Seymore, Jonathan and Philip Catching to Spencer and Mildred Carleton, admrs, Jun. 1806, Jan. 1807, of Silas Catching 1810.

CLEMMONS, JAMES dec'd est. Wm. B. Clemmons, admr. Returns 1833 paid for citation etc., admrs expenses to Cass Co. to sell land. Dr. C. J. Ward transfers his account to Mrs. Nancy Clemmons. Receipt of Nancy Clemmons for 66c, it being her dower in 40 acres of land in Cass Co., drawn by Jas. Clemmons. Signed Apr. 8, 1835.

CARTER, JOHN dec'd est. Chas. R. Carter, excr. Division of slaves Mar. 9, 1822. Lot No. 1 to G. W. Carter, Lot No. 2 to Jos. A. Carter, Lot No. 3 to Jas. Carter, Lot No. 4 to John C. Carter.

CARTER, JAMES dec'd. Warrant of appraisement Nov. 29, 1797. John M. Carter, admr. Inv. shows slaves Jinney, Anney, Webb, Tom, Harry, Cook, Bob and Zimony, bay horse, portmanteau etc. Receipt of Alex. McLaws of Augusta for board, horse feed and wine 1798. Returns 1800, from 1797 paid Mrs. Lettice Winn $378.00, paid Stokely Morgan $100.00.

CARTER, ISAIAH & EDWARD, minors, heirs of Isaiah Carter late of Burke Co. dec'd. Application and appointment of Wm. Stone gdn Nov. Term 1817, Burke Co. Ga. App gdn of Edward in Wilkes Co. Nov. 1828. Paid Samuel Barnett, Treas. Washington Academy tuition 1828. Affidavit of Samuel Sturges, Ordy of Burke Co. that the within (not found) contains all proceedings of Wm. Stone as gdn of Edward Carter, Jan. 10, 1829. Last return for Edward 1830, paid Samuel Barnett tuition. No mention made of Isaiah Carter, minor in any of these papers.

CARLETON, ROBERT dec'd est. Jacob Carleton and Jas. Matthews, excrs. Returns Feb. 6, 1800, from 1796. Property willed to Robt. Carleton, Jr., Jacob Carleton, Lucy Carleton, John Freeman, Jas. Matthews and the est of Henry Carleton, dec'd all delivered. Petition of John Bradford, Jr. for titles to 380 acres of land on Broad river,

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bond for title having been given Jan. 10, 1805 by Robt. and Jacob Carleton, Jacob having died since.

CARLETON, ISAAC dec'd. Warrant of appraisement Feb. 16, 1797. Robt. Carleton, admr. Receipt Mar. 10, 1801 for a balance of $35.00 in the hands of the admr of Isaac Carleton, dec'd, of John Freeman, Jas. Matthews, Jacob, Robt. and Lucy Carleton "heirs of said dec'd."

CARLETON, ISHAM dec'd est. Stephen Carleton, admr. To Robt. Carleton 1797, 1 beaver skin. Bill of Robt. Thompson of Petersburg for mdse, 1798.

CARLETON, HENRY dec'd. Lucy Carleton app admx Jan. (???)Stephen Carleton, Sec. Returns for 1792 Paid Nathaniel Rossiter. To $232.00 received of Jacob Carleton and Jas. Matthews, excrs Robt. Carleton, Jr. Returns of sale Feb. 22, 1817, Henry, Clevises, Stephen, Joshua and Lucy Carleton principal purchasers. "Mrs. Carleton is not sure but what she has made above returns, but as she is going away she makes this one".

CARLETON, MILDRED dec'd. est. Ann Arnett, admx. Bills for mdse 1840-42 found.

COLEMAN, HARRIS, his receipt to John Walker, admr of John Smith, dec'd for $20.00 "it being part of a legacy due me". Mar. 19, 1802.

COLEMAN, DANIEL dec'd est. Harris Coleman, admr. Commissioners to adjust amounts between the estates of Daniel Coleman and Geo. Osborne, report Aug. 15, 1795. Est. of Daniel Coleman, dec'd to est of Geo. Osborne, dec' Jan. 17, 1787, to the purchase of sundry articles and interest, one third of which is mentioned as Mrs. Coleman's dower, later in the account she takes dower of what remains of Daniel Coleman's est after paying Osborne's est their claim. No admr or excr or heirs mentioned of Osborne. Receipts of Philip Brantley and John Harris for cash for getting out two grants of land in 1784 from Surveyor Generals office. Signed 1787. Commissioners of Washington vs Harris Coleman, excr and interest on the same from Oct. 4, 1784 (Probably town lots). Receipts of Gilbert Hay and Thompson Bird 1794 for attending Miss Catharine Coleman (both doctors). Receipt of Nicholas Long, Feb. 19, 1793 for L4--4s, which he has paid to Howell Harris of Va. to whom this est owed the above amount. Articles of agreement between Mrs. Susannah Coleman and Harris Coleman Feb. 8, 1789, "In case any accounts come up against the est of Daniel Coleman, dec'd or Geo. Roseborough, dec'd, we are bound to settle them as such accounts have heretofore been settled by us." H. Mounger, Wm. Roseborough, Test. Affidavit of Harris Coleman May 7, 1803 that he obtained from John King of Camden Co. Ga. Nov. 1795 an order on John Hanson of Wilkes Co. for L126 which King said was in payment for land sold John Hanson

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in Wilkes Co., that said order was taken to Columbia Co. as testimony in a case and is lost. Lyman Hall, Gov. vs Daniel Coleman and John Hill for L37. . 2s. Nathan Brownson in 1781 then Gov. of Ga., and which they have refused to pay. Verdict in favor of state. No date.

CHAMBERLAYNE, JOHN dec'd Warrant of appraisement Nov. 26, 1814. John Henley, admr, 4 slaves.

CADE, ROBERT dec'd est. Diannah Cade, admx. Receipt of John Holiday, Clk for $1.25 for a warrant for 2000 acres in her name for the heirs of Robt. Cade, dec'd Nov. 2, 1823. Commr's met at late residence of Robt. Cade, Jr. Dec. 22, 1828 to divide the personal est of Robt. Cade, Sr., dec'd among the heirs and distributees of said est. 8 slaves each allotted to Eliza, James, Wm., and Guilford Cade and T. Pullen. Drury B. Cade was gdn of Eliza, Jas. and Guilford Cade 1830. Diannah Cade was gdn of Eliza, Wm., Guilford and Jas., in 1823. Div. of slaves of Robt. Cade, Sr. dec'd. Diannah Cade, admx Jan. 21, 1824. One lot each to Bird Saffold in right of his wife Matilda dau of said dec'd, one each to Drury B., and Robt. Cade sons of said dec'd. The rest left in the hands of the admx for future distribution between herself and the other children, namely Wm., Jas., and Guilford and Eliza, children of the dec'd. Dower to wid Diannah Cade, remainder to Robt., Drury B., Wm., Jas., Guilford and Eliza Cade and Bird Safford in right of his wife Matilda Apr. 8, 1824.

CADE, JAMES, Sr. dec'd est. General division ordered Dec. 7, 1847. Nine distributees; Bedford, Robt., Lemuel W., and Jas. Cade, Wm. Irons, Winnifred Burks, Reuben Carter and the heirs of Argyle Norman, Wm. Baird and the heirs of Hatch Dent, dec'd and the representatives of Guilford Cade, dec'd

DICKEN, JOSEPH dec'd est. Richard Dicken, admr. Receipts of Sarah Dicken, John Dicken, Jos. Dicken and of John as gdn of Absolom Dicken, their shares of their fathers est. All in 1803.

DICKEN, CATHARINE, orph of Jos. Dicken, dec'd John dicken, Jr. gdn. Returns for 1809 cost of letters of guardianship 1810, paid for grant of land. Received of Richard Dicken in 1809 $60.00 for her use.

DAVIS, WILLIAM to Jordan W., son of his friend and neighbor Jordan Kinnebrew (minor 8 or 9 years old), both of 177th. Dist Wilkes Co., 2 1/2 acres on east bank of Little river. Deed of gift Feb. 12, 1830.

DENNIS, JOHN, Note to Foulis Thompson & Co., for 18 pounds received at New Glasgow, Dec. 6, 1773.

DOUGLAS, GEORGE. Note of hand to Thos. Harford, Aug. 5, 1783. John Williams, Elijah Wasden, test.

DOWNS, WILLIAM, Receipt to Jas. Mendinghall for surveying 250 acres on Reedy creek for Elizabeth Kirk. Jun. 2, 1777.

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DOOLY, GEORGE vs. Daniel Johnson, attachment. Jury finds for the pltff L60 with interest from Mar. 1, 1784 till paid. Wm. Greaves, Foreman. John Clarke, Sheriff levies on 200 acres on Mill creek, Jul. 28, 1790, property of said Johnson.

DOOLEY, JOHN M., petition to be admitted to the Bar, having studied under John Matthews, Esqr. Nov. 2, 1796.

DENT, HATCH of Morengo Co. Ala., vs Geo. D. Taylor for cash lent 1819. Signed July 1821.

DENT, JOSEPH M., to Michael L. Dent for $100.00 all his interest in the est of Jos. M. Dent, late of the state of Md., dec'd, and of Mary M. Dent, late of Ga. dec'd. Mar. 15, 1824.

DEERING, THOMAS dec'd. est. Robt. Deering, admr. Debts paid by Mary Deering mentioned in returns 1811.

DICKINSON, FRANCIS B. dec'd. Gainham L. Rakestraw app. gdn. (of orphs?). Sep. 1, 1834.

DOOLY, JOHN dec'd. Warrant of appraisement Feb. 20, 1794. Edwin Mounger's receipt to Stern Simmons for a note of John Dooly to Ebn Smith and certf by Wm. Coats, Esqr respecting the sale of a tract of land, Jan. 2, 1798. To Stern Simmons for three months board while he was going to school. To 4 mos. and 13 days board and attendance in his last illness, to coffin etc, total $14.00. This was in 1790, returned 1796. Sale May 15, 1794, Stern Simmons bought a gold ring and studs, silk hdkf, linen shirts etc.

DUNCAN, MILES dec'd. Warrant of apprmt. Apr. 18, 1791. John Ogletree and Ann Duncan excrs. Receipt of Jas. Finley 1793 for surveying land Sep. 1784. Inv. Apr. 23, 1791, shows 60 acres on Kettle creek adj John Cargile and John Edwards. Acct of John Ogletree against Nancy Ray from 1789 to 1793 for corn etc. Signed Nov. 28, 1793 by Chesley and Nancy Ray. Wm. Young's acct against John Ogletree 1784-86 for mdse and blacksmith work, and against Miles Duncan for stocking gun 1783. John Ogletree, Chesley Ray and Nancy his wife, late Nancy Duncan, excrs declare to D. Terrell, R. P. that they have paid all debts and the last two acknowledge they have received the est agreeable to the will, Jul. 21, 1800.

DUNCAN, JOHN TAPLEY dec'd. Warrant of apprmt, Feb. 25, 1799. Betsy Duncan, admx.

DUGAS, LEWIS dec'd. Sale Apr. 22, 1808. Acct of Louis Picquet paid by Mrs. V. Dugas, admx.

DAWSEY, JARRETT dec'd est. Return of Pleasant Lawson in right of his wife Nancy Dawsey, excx. Jan. 1825 Paid notes etc.

DUHEM, PETER of Welch (Wilkes Co.) Ga., planter but now in the

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Island of Port Au Prince Saint Domingo, bond to Geo. Murray and Jas. McHardy under the firm name of Murray & McHardy of the Province, merchant, for 340 Spanish milled dollars. Dec. 22, 1794. Lucien Lackey, Test. The petition says Peter Duhem, otherwise called Peter Duhem de Montrony. Mr. DuBois files at Jeremie or Geremie power to collect.

DOUGLAS, WILLIAM dec'd. Geo. Douglas and Samuel Keith app admrs. Dec. 15, 1791. Warrant of apprmt same date, 1 slave Dick. Warrant of apprmt Oct. 18, 1797, Martha and Samuel Douglas, admrs. Returns 1800, received of Jas. McCammon $5.00. Receipts of Wm., Francis and Thos. Douglas, Sterling Jenkins and John Shearman in 1810 to Samuel and Martha Douglas, admrs. $511.79 each in full of their legacies. Receipts of all these and of Francis Jenkins for their shares of the real estate 40 1/2 acres each, 1811. Samuel Douglas gives receipt for his legacy of money and land 1811. Francis Jenkins gives his receipt for $511.79 Mar. 3, 1817 to Samuel Douglas, admr.

DAVIDSON, WILLIAM dec'd. Inv. Apr. 13, 1813, 1 horse, silver watch gold ring, knee buckles, gold locket, several Latin books, 8 vols of Spectator, 2 maps of France and Scotland etc.

DAY, DAVID dec'd. Inv. Apr. 23, 1790. Feather bed, pewter dishes, chest, joiners tools, 1 mare and colt, 6 cows and calves all the est. Receipt of Daniel Terondet, R. P., Dec. 20, 1789 to Nathaniel Jackson for 25 shillings for letters of admn. Recorded in Book "D D" p. 14.

DARRACOTT, THOMAS dec'd. est. Wm., and John Darracott, excrs. Receipt of Elizabeth Darracott Nov. 20, 1795, for L4. 10s Va. currency it being part of the money collected for the est of Thos. Darracott. Returns for 1796, paid John Dabney in Va., L5.

DUNISON, DARBY dec'd est. Apprmnt Dec. 6, 1782 by Thos. McSwain, Benj. Moseley and Chas. Parks.

DAWSON, ROBERT dec'd. Inv. by John Smith, Henry B. Gibson and Harris Coleman. No date. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 85.

DUKE, HENRY dec'd. Apprs app Nov. 9, 1790, Jas. Rutledge, Wm. Duke, and Glenn Owen. Recorded in Book "D D" page 15.

DUKE, CHARLES dec'd est. Dolly Williams, admr. Returns for 1814 show receipts of Rebeckah, Leviney and Aristotle G. Duke and Wm. Killgore for their legacies (Dorothy was wid of Chas. and signed Dorothy Duke up to 1807)

DAVIS, JOHN dec'd Wm. Davis app. admr. Jul. 26, 1791. Jas. Bishop, Sec.

DAVIS, BENJAMIN dec'd. Bird Booker Tindall, excr. Warrant of apprmt Nov. 19, 1792. John Griffeth, Isaac David and John Barnett, apprs

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swear before Thos. B. Scott in Elbert Co., Nov. 27, 1792 they have carried out their commission.

DAVIS, AUGUSTIN dec'd. Inv. Oct. 25, 1785. Absolom Davis, Aquilla Nail and Samuel Musgrove, apprs., 200 acres of improved land, 200 acres of surveyed land, 96 acres of surveyed land all adjoining, a man slave, woman Abby, girl Rose. Recorded in Book "D D" folio 30.

DAVIS. JOSHUA of Mecklenburg Co. Va., note of hand to Geo. Lumpkin of Wilkes Co. Ga., $1222.00, for value received Feb. 25, 1785. John Lumpkin, Vines Collier, Test.

DAVIS, JONATHAN dec'd ext. Returns of Wm. Davis, excr 1818. Paid legacies of Jesse and Zachariah Phillips sons of Milly Phillips, paid Jos. T. Duke in right of his wife, paid John Davis, paid Samuel S. Simmons in right of his wife, paid Jesse H. Goss, atty for Susanna Goss, paid Jas. Hitchcock, paid Wm. Goodall atty for Lucy Goodall.

DAVIS, DARDEN dec'd. est. Returns of Samuel Brooks, admr. for 1827 shows paid for repairing gig which Davis broke when he got killed. Returns for 1826 expenses of admr "going where Davis was killed, collecting up his property and bringing it to my house." Two days expenses going to S. C., to bring some slaves to be appraised and taking them back to finish work begun.

DOSSEY, JARRETT dec'd est. Nancy and Thos. B. Dossey, excrs. Returns for 1821 paid for land grant for wid and orphs. Returns for 1823, Nancy Lawson, excx, formerly Nancy Dossey.

DODSON, IGNATIUS and CHLOE, dec'd. Chas. Dodson, admr. Thos. J. Dodson, orph Richard May appd gdn Jan. 5, 1829. Board and tuition for 1829. Returns for 1832 board for 7 months, bought horse and saddle. Chloe Ann Dodson, now Chloe Ann Arnold. Returns of R. J. Willis, gdn received her slaves, Hezekiah, Rhoda and Geo. and her part of sale of lands 1825-26.

DuBOSE, WILLIAM E. petition to Wm. H. Crawford, Judge of Superior Courts of Northern Circuit saying Ezekiel DuBose of Lincoln Co., died (???)intestate leaving a widow, Margaret E. DuBose, Mary Anthony, Harriett S., Louisa M., Julia Ann, Edwin E., Jas. R., Caleb S., and Wm. E. DuBose, your orator his only heirs and distributees; that Micajah T. Anthony was app. admr. (???) (???)and Laurence G. Toombs of Wilkes Co. was app gdn of your orator then a minor under 21, and as such Micajah T. Anthony delivered the slaves to him. Subsequently, Dec. 18, 1824 had a settlement with said Toombs as gdn. Later the land of Ezekiel DuBose, dec'd was sold, and Micajah T. Anthony turned over your orators share to said Toombs, gdn. Later said Toombs died and Wm. H. Pope was app. admr., since which time your orator has arrived at majority. Said Pope refuses to turn over to said orator his inheritance. Whereas it is decreed by the

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Court that the complainant recover $2119.00 with interest from Jul. 25, 1832.

DuBOSE, EZEKIEL, Dr. dec'd of Lincoln Co. Inv. Jan. 18, 1820 Div. of slaves May 3, 1821. Lot No. 1 Edwin E. DuBose, Lot No. 2 Jas. R. DuBose, Lot No. 3 Margaret E. DuBose, Lot No. 4 Wm. E. DuBose, Lot No. 5 Harriett E. DuBose, Lot No. 6 Martha Julian DuBose, Lot No. 7 Caleb Sidney DuBose, Lot No. 8 Jos. W. Bibb in right of his wife.

DYSON, JOHN dec'd. John H. Dyson app. admr. Nov. 3, 1829. Mortgage to 407 acres on Fishing and Uptons creeks whereon said Dyson lives. John Dyson to Sanders W. Ray Jan. 5, 1827.

DANIEL, WILLIAM dec'd. Mercy or Marcy Daniel app excx. Jos. Echols, excr Apr. 7, 1791. Jos. Echols hire of two young slaves till 1799, Nance and Joe willed to Daniel Tibs by Wm. Daniel, dec'd. Returns of Jos. Echols and John Tarver, excrs 1802 hire of two young slaves.

DANIEL, THOMAS dec'd. Petition of Henry F. Daniel and Jas. A. Daniel an infant under 21 years, by his gdn. Zacheus Wright, John T. Daniel, Amanda F. Daniel by her natural gdn, Mary Daniel saying that in 1825 Thos. Daniel late of said county died intestate leaving a large est of houses, lands, stock in trade, slaves etc to the amount of $20,000.00, died without issue and unmarried leaving the following legal heirs and distributees, towit, Cunningham Daniel of Wilkes Co., John T. Daniel of Talliaferro Co., David and Jane Daniel, brothers and sisters of said dec'd each entitled to one ninth. Also Jas. Daniel, since dec'd as his legal heirs; Margaret Sankey wife of Wm. Sankey, formerly Margaret Daniel, Mary Watts wife of (???)Watts formerly Mary Daniel and Sarah Daniel now the wife of Wm. Daniel. Also a sister Sarah Ellington, wife of Josiah Ellington formerly Sarah Daniel both of whom are now dec'd, leaving as their representatives Simeon, William, Thos., Elizabeth and Jane Ellington. Also Wm. Daniel since dec'd leaving Elizabeth and Wm. Daniel as his represen-tatives. Also Richard Daniel, since dec'd leaving one heir unknown to your orator. Also Samuel Daniel, his brother who died previous to the death of said Thos. Daniel, leaving your orators and oratrix his children his legal heirs and representatives making in all nine shares which should be divided according to law. We further show that in 1825 Cunningham and John T. Daniel were app admrs, that they returned an inv. of the est. and sold part of the est including slaves, as shown be records from the office of Ordinary, which they believe does not cover the est but they have used for themselves. Orders to admrs Jan. 21, 1831 to appear at court in Feb.

DANIEL, RICHARD S., dec'd est. Petition of Cunningham Daniel, admr. to divide the est Jan. 1, 1821. For Wm. S. Morgan slaves Reddick, Aggy and Spencer and $200.00. To Frances E. Daniel slaves Scott,

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Berry and Flora. Returns for 1820 show sold Lot 51, 26th Dist., Twiggs Co. Returns for 1829 paid Wm. S. Morgan in full. Returns as gdn of Frances E. Daniel paid Wm. S. Morgan board and clothes 1828-29.

EVANS, DAVID dec'd est. Petition for div. Aug. 5, 1811 signed by Wm., Jesse, Arden and Mary Evans and Anderson Bates.

EVANS, ELIZABETH wid. of Stephen Evans, dec'd. Petition for dower of land on Kettle creek conveyed to said Stephen by the admrs of Wm. Evans, dec'd. Feb. Term 1821.

EVANS, WILLIAM dec'd. est. Susannah Cunningham, minor of Wm., and wid. of Jas. Cunningham, dec'd. Inv. of her property Mar. 15, 1823 as returned by Jas. Evans, gdn. Receipt of Daniel Lee to Jas. Evans, excr of Wm. Evans, dec'd for $200.00 in part of his legacy Apr. 10, 1828.

EVANS, SUSANNAH (Original will not recorded). To sons John C., Stephen, Wm., and Arden Evans $1.00 each "they being my several son's part of my est after my death." To dau Ann Stark for life slave Jinny upon her paying 12 months after my death two thirds of her value to Susannah Slaton and Sarah Slaton to make the three daus. equal, final div to heirs of Ann Stark. To daus Susannah and Sarah Slaton a slave Rachel one to pay the other half her value. final div to their children. Bed etc to each of above named daus. John Evans, sole excr. Dec. 29, 1807. Daniel Sladen, Samuel Johns, Test. Caveat. Daniel Slaton, Arden Evans and others vs Elisha and Samuel Slayton, for application of letters of administration. Because they intend to embezzle the est. and have already done so, and because they are not next of kin to Susannah and not entitled to letters of admn. Probated Dec. 29, 1807, both declaring they were present and saw Susannah acknowledge etc.

EVANS, SUSANNAH dec'd. Personal est divided May 6, 1817 on petition of Samuel Slaton, admr with will annexed. Elisha Slaton, Samuel Slaton and Wm. Robinson, gdn of the orphs of Philip J. Stark, dec'd. drew certain slaves each, which appeared to be the whole of the est.

EDDWINGTON or ETHERINGTON, JAMES dec'd. Returns of Cyrus Billingslea for 1800 shows he married the wid. Elizabeth.

ERWIN, JOHN dec'd. est. John Erwin, admr. Returns for 1807 shows receipts of Margaret, Josiah, Mary and Rachel Erwin, and Obediah and Jas. Edge in full of their shares of said est. Mar. 9, 1807.

EARLY, ELIZABETH, Her receipt to excrs of her father Jacob Early's est for her share of slaves, a horse, bed etc. Jan. 10, 1795. Polly Early, Test. Returns of Jesse Heard and wife, excrs, paid tax 1796 sold 100 acres on Long creek. Petition of Elizabeth C. Branham to

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May Term of Court 1809 to have accepted a copy of a deed made 1804 by Buckner Harris and Elizabeth Early, excrs of Jacob Early, dec'd. for 100 acres on Beaverdam creek whereon Buckner Harris had built a mill, which tract was advertised as property-of Jacob Early was sold Jun. 3, 1800 when David Hillhouse bought it for Mrs. Elizabeth C. Branham. Petition granted.

EELLS, ROGER dec'd. David Hillhouse and John Henly app. admrs. Oct. 27, 1790. Edward Jones, R. P. Receipt of Dr. Gilbert Hay for medicine and attendance in his last illness. Returns no date, show several notes of hand, received of Geo. Walker and Jos. Huntington for books, paid Dr. Poland, paid Jos. Huntington for clothes.

EUDALY, THOMAS dec'd. Thos. R. Combs app. admr. Jan. 5, 1829. Jas. Dorough app admr debonis non Mar. 7, 1831. Returns for 1831 paid Dr. John L. Wingfield and Dr. Jas. T. Hay. Tuition of Wm. Eudaly, minor paid Darling Parham 1831.

EDWARDS, JOHN dec'd est. Note of hand to Thos. Payne Dec. 6, 1785 for L12 to be paid by 1200 pounds of tobacco at Augusta. Bill of John Milner 1785-86 for mdse. Bill of Wm. Douglas for tobacco 1787. 7s. loaned him 1787 by Robt. Shearman. Return of Sanders Walker, one of the excrs 1795. Paid John Palmer, Robt. Moore, Wm. Worrell, legatees. Paid Rutto and Thos. Nelms for books and tuition. Paid tax for 1787. Receipts of Ambrose Edwards 1799-1800, of Robt. Moore as part of the est given by John Edwards to his dau. Betsy, 1794, of Sier Stallings 1792, of Green Edwards, 1801, of Wm. Morris 1802 as gdn of Jacob Edwards, of John Palmer for his wife Sarah, formerly Sarah Edwards, 1790, of Benj. Edwards 1799. Receipt of Moses Gordon 1794 on account of Wm. Worrell for part of John Edwards est due his dau Dilly Edwards now Worrell. Affidavit of Geo. Gray, Jul. 23, 1800, one of the excrs that he has never had any of the est in his possession. Return of Sanders Walker, excr for 1800, paid Rebecca Hogan, one of the legatees. Account of Ruth Nelms for tuition and books for Green and Jacob Edwards 1798, signed by Ruth Edwards mother of above children and also for doctors bill and coffin for her son Wm. Edwards. Receipt of Dr. Anthony Poullain to Ambrose Edwards for visits etc to his brother John in 1787. Affidavit of John Milner Jul. 15, 1800 one of the excrs that he has rendered an account of all his transactions to Sanders Walker, excr. State of N. C., Montgomery Co. Oct. 3, 1790. Nathaniel Edwards affidavit that an order given by Rebecca Edwards and John Edwards on Walker, Milner and R. Nelms, excrs of his fathers est in Ga., was returned to him and he paid the said order to John Baker Oct. 3, 1798. John Lightfoot, J. P. On the back of this, receipt of John and Rebecca Hogan for $60.00 cash and 800 pounds tobacco about 8 years ago due Rebecca from the est of John Edwards, dec'd. Sanders Walker, excr. No date. George Bledsoe, test. Mark Allen of Montgomery Co.

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N. C., swears to an acct of mdse bought by John Edwards 1787. Returns of Robt. Moore, one of the excrs of John Edwards, dec'd of Wilkes Co., made 1830. Amount of sale collected by him and Wm. Worrell $2969.50. Paid John, Jacob, Green, Ambrose and Jared S. Edwards and Wm. Worrell, legatees. Paid advertising sale of slaves and land, legal notice to the legatees, all done in 1821.

EDWARDS, JAMES dec'd est. John Hill, admr. Paid expenses to Elbert Co, and Abbeville 1810.

ELLINGTON, JOSIAH, Jr., dec'd. Cunningham and John T. Daniel, admrs. Returns 1820, paid for letters of admn. Paid Daniel Owen tuition. Writ of dower to Sarah Ellington, wid, in 930 acres on Hardens creek Aug. 13, 1819. Returns for 1825 paid Daniel Mercer tuition for Wm. B. Ellington, paid Wm. Daniel for board for Wm., and Simeon Ellington. Bond of David C. Daniel as gdn of Thos. P. Ellington, of Simeon C. Ellington as gdn of Sarah J. Ellington both orphs of Josiah Ellington, Jr. Mar. 7, 1831.

ELLINGTON, DAVID dec'd est. Returns of Daniel Dupree, excr 1828. Receipts of John Ellington by his atty Lewis Lay and of Josiah Ellington, "heirs." Receipt of Zachariah Darden 1830 in part of his legacy. Cash paid Geo. M. Hanson atty for the heirs of N. Ellington, 1834. Paid John Moore, atty for share of Frances Ellington and Frances Hambton (Hamilton?) of Va. 1834.

ELLINGTON, JANE dec'd est. H. F. Ellington, admr. Inv. Jan. 4, 1827. Returns for 1827 paid Francis Ellington, agt for heirs of Nathan Ellington, dec'd. Paid Geo. M. Hanson agt for same in 1823. Paid Josiah Ellington 1824, paid Daniel Dupree agt for John Ellington 1822. Paid Jordan Mabry, Chas. H. and Milly Ellington, Wm. Ellington, agt for Josiah Ellington, H. F. Ellington, and Zachariah Darden, all called legatees. These come in returns of Jane Ellington as paid by her.

ECKLES, THOMAS dec'd., minors of. Paid Burwell Hood for 11 months board for Elijah Eckles 1833. Paid Thos. Hartsfield tuition. Paid Thos. Nash for board for Sarah Eckles. Returns for 1828, bought leghorn bonnet for Sophia, shoes for Sallie. Abraham M. Mathews, excr states to the court that the income from Sarah's est is not sufficient for her needs, and asks she be bound to Abraham Hill. Sarah's tax for 1838 not paid, fi fa issued. Medical bill of Wm. Gillam for riding ten miles to Thos., and his two daus during the epidemic fever and 22 hours attendance, Mar. 13, 1823. In a remnant of return for 1837 it appears there was a dau who married Nelson Vaughn, a son Clarke Eckles, a son Elijah, daus Elizabeth and Sophia and Sarah also appears.

ELSBERRY, BENJAMIN dec'd. Francina Elsberry qualifies as excx,

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Benj. Elsberry, Jr., as excr Aug. 29, 1792. Final settlement, Benj. Elsberry, excr. Receipt of Needham Norris and Absolom Sparkes in full, Jun. 4, 1818. Of Nathan Sparkes, Jan. 22, 1818. Of John Goodman Dec. 29, 1808 and of Jeremiah Nisbit Jan. 17, 1818 in full of both personal and real est. (All of these may have been signed 1808), as they were sworn to by Benj. Elsberry, excr, Nov. 5, 1810).

ELSBERRY, MICHAEL dec'd. Warrant of apprmt, no date. Return of Ann Elsberry, admx 1800. Receipt of Benj. Elsberry for L30, Nov. 27, 1794, of Luke Johnson and wife Elizabeth, of Peter Smith and wife Hannah in full of their shares, Nov. 20 and Nov. 22, 1794. Thos. Johnson and Wm. Smith, Test.

EIDSON, JOHN dec'd. Inv. Apr. 20, 1816 Thos. Eidson, admr. John, Thos., and Jas. Eidson and Thos. Staples for Eliza Staples, legatees of John Eidson, dec'd, who have married at lawful age, ask that two slaves be sold for division, Jan. 8, 1818. Returns 1819, paid John and Jas. Eidson part of legacies. Paid Wm. Eidson, legatee part of legacy 1823. Paid Wm. Cox tuition for Sarah Eidson, dau of said dec'd. Sold Samuel Barnett 215 acres on Uptons creek 1821. Receipt of Samuel Johnson, gdn of David C. Eidson his distributive share Jun. 29, 1821. Receipt of Anderson Bates for board of David Eidson for 1821.

EIDSON, JUDITH dec'd. Acct of Jas. Wingfield for mdse 1818, paid by Thos. Eidson, admr. 1820.

FREEMAN, WILLIAM dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jul. 6, 1796. Sarah and John Freeman, admrs. Inv. Sep. 24, 1796, slaves Venice, Wm., and Sall. Returns for 1803 shows paid Jos. Watkins for cambric, gloves, pink shawl etc for Miss Anne Freeman. Receipt of L. Wilson, Petersburg, Dec. 12,1803 for saddle and bridle for Miss Anne Freeman. Paid for provisions, cash for the wid Sarah Freeman. "The negro Sally is dead."

FREEMAN, GEORGE dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Apr. 26, 1796. Frances Freeman and John Taylor, admrs. Legacy to John Freeman, $203.00 in 1800. Writ of partition Feb. 2, 1803, between Frances Freeman, admx, wid and gdn of Allen, Westly, Alsley, Labourn and Henry Freeman minors, and John, Wm., and Jos. Freeman representatives of Geo. Freeman, dec'd. of land, 250 acres on Chickasaw creek which was granted Jas. Freeman 1784; 400 acres in Franklin Co., granted George 1786; 350 acres granted John Freeman 1787 conveyed to Geo., by deed 1795, all these lands held by them in common. Land on Chickasaw creek partitioned to Frances, Jas., and John Freeman adj Holman Freeman, Richard and Henry Aycock and Mathew Talbot. 50 acres each to the minors, adj. Mathew Talbot, Henry Aycock, Sally Freeman and Edward Harper.

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FAVER, JOHN dec'd. Matthew Faver app. admr. Aug. 17, 1829. John Cheney, Sec. Writ of dower to the wid. Sarah Faver Jan. 6, 1830. 187 acres on Kettle creek, leaving 582 acres for the heirs. Mary (?) Faver app. gdn of Sanders and Henry Faver, Feb. 1, 1819, orphs of John Faver, dec'd. Allen J. Arnold and Daniel Carrington, Sec. Petition of John Faver to be app. gdn., and Thos. Faver chooses him gdn., no date.

FAVOR, THOMAS, Henry and Sanders W., Vs Matthew Favor and John Wynne, admrs. Their petition says that John Favor, Sr. father of petitioners died 1820, intestate leaving a wid, Mary Favor and besides the orators, the following children: Wm. Favor of Ala., Sarah Favor of Wilkes Co., married to Daniel Jackson who is dead without admr or excr., Matthew Favor of Wilkes Co., Reuben Favor of Monroe Co., John Favor, Jr. of Wilkes Co., since dec'd., also a dau Elizabeth who before the death of her father said John Favor, dec'd, married Nathan Echols, now dec'd and died herself leaving children, Edward Echols of Ala., Wm. Echols, Delilah Echols married to Joel Appling, also of Ala., Van Allen Echols of Wilkes Co., Mary Echols who married John Hammett of Gwinnett Co., and Nathan Echols of Talliaferro Co. all heirs of John Favor, Sr., dec'd. That John, Sr. was gdn in his life time of your orators. That the wid Mary has since died intestate and your orator Thos. Favor has administered on her est. That John Favor, Jr. managed principally the adm'n of John Favor, Sr's est., that John Jr. has since died, and Matthew Favor and John Wynne of Oglethorpe Co. have administered on the est of John Jr. Petition to have said admrs pay over their legacies in property and the income from it.

FULSOM, BENJAMIN dec'd. Inv. Dec. 26, 1785, 400 acres of land, pewter plates etc. Jas. Bishop, Thos. Kemp, Jas. Thomas, Apprs.

FLING, JOHN dec'd est. Jos. Henderson and John Boren, excrs. Receipt of Welcome Fanning 1820 for tuition for Thos. Fling, Returns 1820-1822 paid Geo. W. Johnson tuition for Catharine, Thos., John and Daniel Fling, Chas. Smith, gdn. Receipt of Chas. Smith for $1000.00 in right of his wife, not named, Feb. 5, 1822. Final div. Abner Reeves receipt for tuition of Thos., John and Daniel 1825. Stephen W. Hoods receipt for tuition for Thos., John, Daniel and Jasper Fling, 1826. Joshua R. Crains receipt for John and Jasper, 1824. Returns for 1822 paid Chas. Smith $1000.00 proceeds of sale of land whereon said dec'd lived, sold to Clement Sharman. Warren Sims Hudspeth debtor to the est for household goods etc. Feb. 3, 1826, which Catharine or Kitty Bird and Chas. Smith swear he received as part of his legacy. Sale of 202 1/2 acres Lot No. 40, 13th Dist. Houston Co., Nov. 4, 1828. Signed Chas. Smith, gdn. Bond of Chas. Smith, gdn of Jasper Fling, Jul. 6, 1830.

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