The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Only the historical and genealogical data in this book, not covered by Vol. 1, or original records, wills etc in this volume were taken. These returns are very valuable as many show marriages by inference, approximate majority of orphans, change of residence of legatees etc which occurred after probate of wills and division of estates.

Page 15--ANTHONY, JOSEPH, dec'd. est. Anselm Anthony, excr. Paid expenses of Jos. C. Anthony in 1810 to Jasper Co., to bring back Thos. Williams as a witness to prove the will. May 3, 1819.

Page 54--ANGLIN, WILLIAM (ward) to Benj. Porter, gdn. Paid for draw in lottery and board for 1819.

Page 57--ARNOLD ELIZABETH & Polly, orphs. Joshua Starr, gdn. Returns show hire of slaves for 1819.

Page 210--ARNOLD, DANIEL, orphan. Joshua Starr gdn. Paid Joel P. Leverett 25c for draw in Land Lottery. Mar. 4, 1822.

Page 323--ANDREWS, MICHAEL, dec'd. est. Mary Andrews, admx. Sale of slaves Dec. 20, 1821. Wm. and Mary Andrews and Geo. Fuller purchasers.

Page 11--BARRETT, MARY, dec'd. minors of, John Spearman, gdn. Hire of slaves for 1818.

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Page 227--Paid Nancy, Permelia, Robt., and Lewis Barrett, minors of Mary Barrett, dec'd. their legacy as left by their grandfather Gabriel Toombs. John Spearman, gdn Mar. 25, 1822.

Page 17--BOND, EDNEY, minor, Wm. Johnson, gdn. Paid for clothes furnished slaves Joshua and Chloe "before they were taken off by Bond." Paid Oliver H. Prince for services in recovering the slaves May 3, 1819.

Page 27--BENTLEY, JEREMIAH, dec'd. est. Thos. Wootten, admr. Paid Abi Bentley for clothes for slaves before sale and div. Jul. 5, 1819.
Page 35--Cintha Bentley, minor Thos. Wootten, gdn. Paid Abi Bentley for board 1818.

Page 424--Thos. Wootten, Abi Bentley and Jos. Alexander, admrs. Paid Jos. Alexander, Willis Nunnally, Orman T. Nunnally, Elizabeth, Jeremiah and Wm. Bentley large sums. May 3, 1824.

Page 45__BURDINE, JOHN, dec'd. est. John D. Stroud, excr in right of his wife Margarett, late Margarett Burdine, excx. Paid Shaler Hillyer $100.00. Nov. 1, 1819.

Page 145--BURDINE, SOPHIA, Julia, George and Matilda, John D. Stroud, gdn. To board for 1819-1820.
Page 424--Return of Reuben Scott and Margaret his wife, excrs of John Burdine, dec'd. Paid Thos. B. Danforth in right of his wife Matilda certain slaves etc according to the will, and as gdn of Geo. M. Burdine, certain slaves etc. Paid Simco A. G. Nowell certain slaves in right of his wife (not named), cash including his claim in full of his part of the est of Matilda Burdine, dec'd. Paid Garnett Andrews, agt. for Clark Burdine, horse etc. Paid Richard Burdine No. 7 (lot or receipt) Signed Margarett T. Scott. Mar. 15, 1825.

Page 38--BALLARD, MATILDA, to Daniel Owens, gdn. To $4. paid for plat of land. To Thos. Smith, representative of Sophia Ballard, debtor to Daniel Owens, gdn, $711.49 from her fathers and grandfathers est. Signed Daniel Owen, gdn of Lucy, Sophia and Matilda, orphs of Jas. Ballard, dec'd. Sept. 6, 1819.
Page 222 "All money that has come into my hands 1813-1817." Cash for land sold in Pulaski and Wilkinson counties. Signed Daniel Owen, gdn as above.

Page 409--To board for Matilda 1722-23, clothes etc.

Page 481--Receipt of Fanny Gafford for Matilda's board 1824. Page 67--BOOKER, WILLIAM F., dec'd. est. Upon petition of Wm. F. Taylor, est is divided among the distributees, viz. Pernotto Elizabeth Taylor, Nancy H. Taylor, Marian and Thos. F. Booker. Jan. 7, 1818.
Page 71--Returns of Chas. R. Carter, one of the admrs. Land sold in 1817, 92 acres to David White, 512 acres to Wm. M. Booker, 300

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acres to Sterling Carter, all on Rocky creek Wilkes Co. Expenses to Greene and Morgan counties on business for the est. Repairs on house at Summerville. Paid for rail fence at Belfast tract. Received of Benajah Smith, soldiers bounty $424. Paid Wm. M. Booker his slaves and cash. Paid Elizabeth T. Booker before and since her marriage to Wm. F. Taylor, paid Nancy H. Booker before and since her marriage to Wm. S. Taylor, paid Mary A. Booker before and since her marriage to F. G. Hay, their slaves, cash etc. Paid Thos. F. Booker according to account rendered. Signed May 16, 1820.

Page 93--BROWN, WILLIAM, dec'd. Returns of Young Stokes, excr 1816-18, no data.
Page 472--Returns for 1824. Paid Elizabeth Brown several sums. (See will of Wm. Brown Vol. 1, p. 92)

Page 117--BLACK, EDWARD, dec'd. est. John W. Butler, excr. By hire of Betsey and children 1816-1820. Paid Dr. Wingfield 1816.

Page 153-155--BURROUGHS, AQUILLA, dec'd. Upon petition of Abraham M. Matthews one of the legatees, est is divided. Lot No. 1 drawn by Peggy Burroughs, wid. Lot No. 2 by Polly Burroughs, minor. Lot No. 3 by Abraham M. Matthews, in right of his wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Burroughs, slaves furniture etc each. Jan. 6, 1820.
Page 173--Returns 1817-20, by Bird Parks, admr. expenses to Jones Co. Court 1819.
Page 297--Returns of Abraham M. Matthews, gdn of Mary Burroughs for 1821, shows paid board and clothes.
Page 336--Returns for 1822 shows hire of her slaves, Joe, old Joe, Aaron, Nan and Delpha.
Page 435--Returns for 1823, no data.

Page 217--BORUM, BENJAMIN, dec'd est. Returns of John B. Lennard for 1821, no data.

Page 361--BALL, FREDERICK, dec'd. est. Eliza Ball, excx. Returns for 1820 family's expenses from Savannah to Washington $60., bill of Drs. Bartow and Waring. Paid for price of coffin Mar. 5, 1821, $10. Cash in Planters Bank and dividend from. Signed Jul. 7, 1823.
Page 445--Returns for 1824 show paid Joel Abbott, board etc for Dorick, Corinthia, Annulett, Frederick, Sarah and Cornelia Ball, 1823-24. Received rent of houses and lots in Savannah.

Page 465--BOSWELL, GEORGE, dec'd. est. Sarah Boswell, admx. Hire of slaves 1824.

Page 11--CHIVERS, THOMAS H., dec'd. est. Samuel Wingfield, excr. Paid Dr. John Wingfield and Dr. Joel Abbott 1818
Page 81--Returns for 1819. Paid Samuel Barnett, Treas. and N. Day tuition for Sidney and Jas. Chivers.

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Page 29--CHIVERS, JOEL, dec'd. est. Jas. Chivers, admr. Hire of slaves and rent of land Jul. 5, 1819.
Page 232--Return of Elizabeth Chivers, admx. Board and clothes for Nancy L., Henry T., Joel M. and Frances E. Chivers, orphs of said Joel, for 1819-21.

Page 23--CHAPMAN, GREENBERRY, dec'd. est. Jane Chapman, admx. Returns for 1818. Paid court fees. Cash from F. and Jemmima Wilkinson.

Page 62--CORBETT, JAMES, dec'd. est. Jos. W. Robinson, excr. Paid Harriett's tuition to S. Witt 1819. Paid Mrs. Corbett board 1820.
Page 131--Paid John C. Mason tuition and Gilbert Hay board 1820, sold gin house.
Page 260--Receipt of Hannah Jennett Corbett, dau of Jas., dec'd. to Jos. W. Robinson, acting excr for slave Fanny and child Jack given her in her fathers will. Receipt of Eleanor Corbett for slaves according to the will. Both signed Dec. 14, 1818.
Page 263--Slaves belonging to the minors delivered to them, viz, Amanda Taylor, Frank R. Corbett and Harriett L. Corbett. Dec. 8, 1818.
Page 261-263--Receipts of John L. Wingfield, Eleanor Corbett, wid, and David Taylor, Jr., for slaves agreeable to the will. Dec. 14, 1818.
Page 263--Division of slaves. Jennett Wingfield, Eleanor Corbett, wid., Mary Ann Corbett, and minors Amanda Taylor, Francis R., and Harriett L. Corbett distributees, Dec. 8, 1818.
Page 258--Dwelling house, slave Eve, carriage etc to Eleanor Corbett, wid. Slave Silvey and her children to Mary Ann Corbett. Slave Fanny and her children to John L. Wingfield who married Jennett H Corbett. Slave Maria delivered to David Taylor, Jr., who married Amanda Corbett. Jul. 3, 1822.
Page 259--100 acres on Chickasaw creek listed, and part of 490 acres where Susannah Thurmond lives, subject to the life est of Susannah which Jas. Corbett bought at Sheriffs sale. Jul. 3, 1822.
Page 380--Returns for 1829, paid H. Corbett's board. CORBETT, FRANCIS R., dec'd. est. John R. Anderson, admr. Paid Jos. Mosely for coffin 1823.
Page 502--Returns for 1824 shows rent of house and lot, hire of Peter and Manuel.

Page 117--CALLAWAY, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Joshua Callaway, excr. Paid Jesse and Jos. M. Callaway and John Boren, legatees. Nov. 6, 1820.

Page 134--CALLAWAY, JOS. H., dec'd. est. Slaves of said est hired by Edward and Susanna Callaway, admrs for 1820.
Page 189--Slaves hired for 1821 by Edward Callaway, admr for orphs of said dec'd.

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Page 301--To Susanna Callaway, excx to board and clothes for Unice Callaway, minor. Edward Callaway, gdn. 1819-20.
Page 382--Returns of Susanna Callaway, admx for board and clothes for Eunice, Ardicy, and Elizabeth Callaway daus of said Jos. dec'd for 1823.
Page 400--Return of Edward Callaway, gdn for 1823. Bought saddle for Eunice. Edward Callaway gdn of Ordica and Elizabeth Callaway hire of slaves for 1824.

Page 388--CALLAWAY, MARY orph of Jos. Calaway, dec'd. Jesse Callaway, gdn. Paid Samuel Barnett, Treas. Washington Academy, paid board Jan. to Sept. 1823.

Page 495--CALLAWAY, ELIZABETH, orph of Jos. Callaway, dec'd. Isaac Callaway, gdn. Returns for 1822 shows paid board etc.

Page 479--CALLAWAY, ELIZABETH, dec'd. Isaac Callaway, admr. Paid Woodson, Joshua, Luke J. and Jos. M. Callaway and John Boren $297.56 each. Signed Jan. 1, 1825.

Page 201--CALLAWAY, MARY, an insane person. Plantation rented and slaves hired by Job Callaway and Jeremiah Griffin, gdns. Dec. 26, 1821.
Page 295--Returns of Jere. Griffin, gdn for 1822, paid Mary Parks for board.

Page 287--CALLAWAY, FRANCES, orph of Isaac Callaway, dec'd. Thos. Gresham, gdn. Seven slaves received from the est. Paid for articles purchased. Winnefred Callaway's account $76. Dec. 18, 1823.

Page 291--CALLAWAY, ISAAC, dec'd. est. Absolom Jones, Henry Pope and Winnefred Callaway, admrs. Returns for 1822 show "articles furnished Frances, Nancy, Felix, Madison and Mary Anne Callaway.

Page 338--CALLAWAY, FELIX orph of Isaac. Absolom Jones, gdn. Returns 1822, no data.

Page 345--CALLAWAY, MARTHA HENRIETTA, minor orph of Isaac. Winnefred Callaway, gdn Receipt for seven slaves from est. Signed May 3, 1823.
Page 347--On petition of Absolom Jones and Henry Pope for division of personal property, it is granted Jan. 7, 1822. To Henry Pope a legatee, 200 acres adj Polly Parks, slaves etc. To Absolom Jones, a legatee, certain slaves etc already given to said Jones before the death of Isaac Callaway. To Winnifred Callaway, wid. 7 slaves. To Frances Callaway, 8 slaves. To Edward Jones, minor, legatee by his marriage to Nancy Callaway, 6 slaves. To Felix Callaway, legatee, 7 slaves. To Madison Callaway, legatee, 7 slaves. To Mary Ann Callaway, legatee, 6 slaves. To Martha Henrietta Callaway, legatee, 7 slaves.

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Page 385--CALLAWAY, JOB, Sr. dec'd. The commissioners app to divide the est in accordance with the will confirm certain slaves to Jacob Callaway, certain slaves to the heirs of Isaac Callaway, to Jos. and Job Callaway trustee for Mary Parks and her children certain slaves, and to Jos. and Job Callaway and Jere. Griffin certain slaves Dec. 1, 1823.

Page 319--COLLEY, JOHN dec'd. est. Francis Colley, excr. Returns for 1822. Received of Master in Equity, N. C. $480. Delivered to Mrs. Sarah Colley, wid of said dec'd her legacy in full according to the will.

Page 205--COLE, SARAH C., & WM. T., orphs of Rene Cole, dec'd. Rent of Lot No. 148, 14th Dist. Jasper Co., Lot No. 148, 19th. Dist. Jasper Co. Paid A. G. Main tuition for Wm. T., Mar. 4, 1822.

Page 266--CRUTCHER, HENRY, dec'd. est. John T. Graves, admr. Sorrel mare, saddle, saddle bags and watch all the est, sold Sept. 29, 1821.
Page 492--Returns of John T. Graves, admr. Mar. 1821 paid for citation, paid Dr. Sims for medical attention. $24 lent dec'd by Col. John Graves, one weeks board to Mr. Hackley of Ky. and four horses the dec'd agreed to buy. To one days traveling to John Gibson's to remove the goods of said dec'd. To two days traveling to Lincoln Co. in search of papers relative to the est. To postage on three letters from the heirs in Stafford Co. Va. Paid Dixon Brown's heirs $365. Account for keeping mare from Dec. 26, 1820 till day of sale. Signed May 2, 1825.

CRENSHAW, MILES, dec'd. est. Slaves hired to Thos. Guest, land rented to Martha Crenshaw. Thos. Guest, admr. Dec. 22, 1822.

Page 299--CHILDS, ANN W., Thos. Barnes, gdn. Paid for copy of papers from Elbert Co. List of notes received from Geo. Wynne, excr. John Wynne, former gdn. Jan. 6, 1823.

Page 13--DANIEL, RICHARD S., dec'd. est. Cunningham Daniel, admr. Returns for 1819 show hire of slaves to Thos. and Nancy Daniel.

Page 199--DOGGETT, MARY MARCIER WILLIAMSON, minor. Benj. Paul, gdn. Paid for clothes and tutiton 1821.
Page 393--Returns of 1823 calls her orph of Reuben Doggett. Paid for board, tuition and for taking out grant for Lot 36, 20th Dist. Early Co.

Page 388--DAWSON, ROBERT & THOMAS, minors. Thos. Formby, gdn slaves to each Jan. 12, 1824.
Page 501--Returns for 1825 as gdn for Thos. Dawson.

Page 240--DOSSEY, JARRETT, dec'd. est. Nancy and Thos. B. Dossey, excrs. Paid Dr. A. B. Linton, paid for draw in land lottery. Cash received for cotton in Augusta. May 13, 1822.

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Page 468--Nancy Lawson formerly Nancy Dossey, excx. Paid Shelton Lawson tuition. Sept. 23, 1824.
Page 475--Pleasant Lawson, excr in right of his wife Nancy Dossey. with will annexed. Returns for 1824, no data.

Page 133--EVANS, DAVID, dec'd. est. Arden Evans, admr. Paid John Bates, Jesse Evans, Andrew Bates, Elizabeth Evans, Wm. Evans, distributees $419. each Jan. 9, 1821.

Page 172--EVANS, STEPHEN, dec'd. est. Wm. Robinson and Benj. Atchison, admrs. Returns for 1820, no data.
Page 353--Paid for record from Greene Co. Paid Thos. Daniel for grant of land. Sale of slaves. May 30, 1823.
Page 425--Louisa, minor of Stephen Evans, dec'd. Benj Atchison, gdn. To clothes, board and tuition, and her portion for paling in the graveyard of Stephen Evans, dec'd by general consent of the heirs. Returns for 1822.

Page 470--EVANS, SOPHIA, dec'd. est. Benj. Atchison, admr. Am't. of sales. To Louisa Evans bed and slave Dilsy. To Benj. Atchison, crockery. Paid Sylvanus Gibson for preaching funeral sermon, 1823 and himself for board and tuition in 1822. Oct. 22, 1824.

Page 271--ELLINGTON, DAVID, dec'd. est. Jane Ellington, excx. Account of sale of personal property Mar. 5, 1821, slave each sold to Zachariah Durden, Chas. H., Mildred, Henry F., and Jane Ellington and Daniel Dupree.

Page 412--EDWARDS, JOHN of Wilkes Co., dec'd. Wm. Worrell, one of the admrs, with will annexed. Received in notes Dec. 1822, $1512. Paid Palatiah Stallings, legatee in right of his wife, paid Simeon D. Worrell, legatee in right of John Edwards, a legatee, paid Wm. Worrell in right of his wife, a legatee, paid Wm. Worrell in right of Ambrose Edwards, a legatee. Jan. 7, 1823.

Page 177--FANNING, JOHN, dec'd. est. Bird Parks, admr. Paid for dry goods for Patsy Fanning, and paid John W. Crutchfield for her board 1817, and part of 1818. Oct. 25, 1821.

Page 471--FINLEY, ISABELLA, gdn. Returns for 1823 show hire of slaves of Wm., David and Jane Finley, minors, tuition for David to John M. D. Bond
Page 495--Returns for 1824 as gdn of all three. Cash paid Thos. Green tuition for Wm. and David.

Page 40--GAMMAGE, SAMUEL, dec'd. est. Jas. Chivers, admr. Returns for 1818 shows $87. allowed Nancy Gammage for support of herself and children.
Page 81--Nancy Gammage, admx. Returns for 1818-19. Board and clothes for Mary Hines Gammage and Frances C. Gammage 1817-19.

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Page 48--GREEN, JAMES, dec'd. est. Thos. Green, excr. Sale of effects Nov. 28, 1818. One not given by excr Thos. Green to said Jas. dec'd. for $875.00., saddle, bridle, whip and lot of books. Cash received of est of Hiram Morton. One note given by said Jas. Green, dec'd to John H. Brandon of Roan C. N. C. for $50.
Page 377--Paid Willis Green $64. 1820, paid Thos. Green, Jr. $30., 1822, paid Bryan Fanning $570, 1822. Thos. Green, excr.

Page 104--GARTRELL, JOSEPH, dec'd. est. Carleton Wellborn, excr in right of his wife. Sold slave Stephen. Signed Jan. 4, 1820.

Page 179--GUNN, ANNE, dec'd. est. John Hendley, admr. Paid Richard Gunn $850. Paid Mary Dewberry $500. Signed Nov. 5, 1821.
Page 193--Returns for 1819-21 Paid Richard Gunn, Jr. for cheese, paid for three coffins. Paid John S. Harper on son Ichabod's account.

Page 343--GUNN, JOHN, dec'd, minors, John J. Harper, gdn. Returns for 1821 show paid A. B. Stephens tuition for Cicely Gunn and board for Geo. and Cicely Gunn.
Page 454--David Pool, admr. of John Gunn, dec'd in right of his wife, to boarding Cicely and Geo. 1822-23.

Page 249--GRIFFIN, JOHN, dec'd. Division of est by commissioners as directed in his will, but not assigned to heirs, his widow having married. May 7, 1822.

Page 334--GRESHAM, EDWARD, dec'd. est. Archibald Gresham, admr. Returns show he paid Wm. Jones and Henry Shorter distributees $632.37 each in full, retaining the remainder for himself, the third distributee. Jul. 25, 1822.

Page 368--GRIER, ROBERT, Sr., dec'd of Dallas Co. Ala. Robt. Jr., admr. with will annexed. Commr's app to make inventory. Two notes on Thos Akin, one on Edward D. Malone, all that is listed. Jul. 26, 1823.

Page 27--HUGULEY, JOB, dec'd. orphans. Ally Huguley, gdn. Hire of slaves of Amos, Nancy, Geo. Alley and Elizabeth 1818.
Page 85--Same for 1819.
Page 373--Same for 1822 as gdn for Geo., Elizabeth. Nancy and Ally, board, tuition and clothes. Paid tax for Amos.

Page 41--HENDERSON, JOHN, orph of Wm. Henderson. Hannah Henderson, gdn. Returns 1815-19 paid board and tuition.

Page 46--HILLYARD, RICHARD, dec'd. est. Wm. Hillyard, admr. Returns for 1817. 125 acres in Wilkes Co., slaves Spencer, Geo., Sarah, little Sarah, sold to R. Hillyard. Slave woman to Mary Hillyard in full of legacy.

Page 53--HOLMES, MARY, dec'd. Wm. Holmes, admr. Returns 1819 no data

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Page 152--Returns 1818-21, paid large sums to Andrew and Anderson (Arnold?) Zellner and Geo. W. Fuller.
Page 282--Paid A. Zellner distributee and Geo. W. Fuller, gdn 1822.
Page 357--Paid Geo. W. Fuller, gdn of the children (not named), and in his own right in full, 1822.

Page 65--HAMILTON, GEORGE, dec'd. est. Jas. Render, admr. Returns for 1819, show cash received for articles sold at sale. Paid John W. Cooper for John C. Hamilton and Mary and Jos. J. Hamilton $433 each. Delivered to Agnes Hamilton slaves Chas., Viney and Martha. To Elizabeth Murphy, Joshua, Simon and Sandy. To Mary Hamilton, Mark, Judah and Geo. To John W. Cooper, gdn of John C. Hamilton, slaves Will, Fanny, Judah and Isaac and as gdn of Jos. J. Hamilton, Ben, Rose and Matthew. Paid Agnes Hamilton $1000. Paid Chas. B. Hamilton $659., and slaves Anna and Jacob. (Agnes was the wid of Geo. dec'd.)
Page 129--Returns for 1819 shows delivered to Thos. Hamilton slaves Mary and Alfred. To Agnes Hamilton 400 acres of land. Sold 203 acres on Fishing creek, Wilkes Co. adj the wid. Todd and John Snelson to John Dyson which land Geo. Hamilton, dec'd bought of Jas. Sherer.
Page 224--Returns for 1821 shows "Paid myself, Jas. Render, admr, $45 to make equal my proportionate part of the slaves."
Page 55--John C. and Jos. J. Hamilton by John W. Cooper, gdn. Returns for 1819, no data.
Page 77--Guardian as above pays Reuben T. Battle board, tuition and lodging for 1819.
Page 170--Returns for 1820 shows hire of slaves etc.
Page 333--Returns for 1822, hire of slaves etc.
Page 428--Guardian as above. Returns on Jos. J. Hamilton only, hire of slaves, $273., paid to Jos. J., 1823.

Page 95--HOPKINS, WILLIAM, dec'd. orphans. Martha Hopkins, admr. Returns for 1819. Board, tuition, clothes for Martha, Mary, Caroline, Frances, William and Bedford Hopkins 1818-19. Paid S. M. Walker and Wylie Jones tuition. Paid Thos. Dickerson tuition for Wm. and Martha to learn to write.

Page 101--HAMRICK, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Wm. Saffold, admr. Returns 1819. Paid Mary Hamrick, $85., Geo. Hamrick's mortgage, $712.
Page 219--Returns for 1821, notes made payable to Geo., Jean, and Rebecca Hamrick. Samuel Espey, judgment from N. C. Demands against the firm of Pittman & Hamrick.

Page 139--HAMRICK, MARY, dec'd. est. Moses Hamrick, excr. (will not of record). Returns for 1820. Paid Willis Florence who married Polly Hamrick. Paid Reuben and Moses Hamrick their shares $675., apiece.

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Page 109--HANCOCK, RICHARD, dec'd. est. Wm. Brook, admr. Returns for 1819. Paid Robt. Moore for making coffin, paid Isaac Lambert for funeral expenses.
Page 140--Returns for 1820. Paid Henry Pope, admr of Isaac Callaway, $32.78.

Page 136--HANSON, MARY, dec'd. est. Walter L. Weems, excr. Returns for 1821, no data.
Page 264--Returns for 1821. Paid Jas. Lowery his legacy. Paid A. H. Gibson $1106, paid Geo. and Caroline Swain $1300, paid Walter H. Weems $733, paid Patience Irwin $1300.
Page 364--Paid Walter H. Weems legacy in full. Paid Geo. Swain. Jr. agt. for five youngest sisters of Mary Hanson, dec'd their legacy agreeable to her will. Paid John R. Golding, excr of John Hodge, $50., part of legacy. Signed Sept. 1, 1823.

Page 163--HARNSBERGER, ROBERT, minor. Adam Harnsberger, gdn. Notes on Adam and Francis Harnsberger and Allen P. Rice on Stephen Harnsberger all made 1820-21.

Page 166--HARNSBERGER, STEPHENS, dec'd. est. Allen P. Rice, admr. Paid several sums to Stephen Z. Harnsberger, Adam harnsberger, gdn of Robt. Harnsberger. Paid Adam, Mary, Frances Harnsberger large amounts. Paid Geo. W. Nolan $575. Aug. 7, 1821.

Page 321--HUFF, CHARLES, dec'd. est. Wm. Lackey, admr. Returns for 1822. Paid John S. Pool, Thos. Harris, William, Susannah, and Washington Huff, and Samuel Lackey in full, and myself, same amount.
Page 327--Minors of Chas. Huff, dec'd, Susanna, Chas., Ann and Fanny to Susanna Huff, gdn. Board and Clothes 1822. (Spelled Hoff in this record).

Page 358--HAY, GILBERT, dec'd. est. Felix G. Hay, excr. Returns 1822-23. Paid tuition for John and Chas. Hay. Paid Mrs. Hay part of her legacy.
Page 391--Returns for 1823. Paid tuition as above. Paid cost of excr. G. Hay vs Catherine Hay.

Page 413--HAMMONS, JACOB, dec'd. est. John Huguley, excr. Returns 1823-24. Paid Champion Allen $788.61, and paid as gdn four times the amount above. Paid for taking out a grant for the est $12, 1820.

Page 473--HAMMONS, JACOB, dec'd. orphans. Champion Allen, gdn. Returns for 1824. Board for Wm., Mary Anne, Barbara Anne, and Lucinda Hammons, and the hire of their slaves, and rent of land to C. Allen.

Page 399--HUGHES, ROBERT, dec'd. est. Division of 18 slaves agreeable to the will. (See Vol. 1, p. 95). Slaves Daniel and Phoebe to the heirs

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of the body of Mary Holmes, dec'd, viz, Elizabeth Fuller, Mary, Thos., and Jonathan Holmes and Rebecca Zellner. To Elinor Crawley mulatto 18 years old and Chas. To Simon Hughes, Richard and Peter. To Anne (Amey?) Moore, Squire and Mary. To Robt. Hughes, Jr., Winny and Seaborn. To Geo. H. Hughes, Dorcas and Tom. To Charlotte Roberts, Candas and $200. To Jane Hughes, Mary and Sally. To Polly Hughes, now Polly Turner, Rachel and Moses. Nov. 26, 1823.

Page 483--HARDWICK, RICHARD, dec'd. est. Lemuel Melear, admr. Notes, trunk, saddle, saddle bags and valise all est. Feb. 8, 1825.

Page 494--HUBBARD, BENJAMIN, dec'd. est. Wm. Hubbard, admr. Returns 1825. Division of slaves, Dec. 25, 1824. Simon to Woodson Hubbard, York to Jacob Hubbard, Beck to Wm. Hubbard, Sook to Frances Hubbard.

Page 137--JENKINS, STERLING, Jr., dec'd. est. Thos. Douglas, admr. Returns 1820 paid taxes.
Page 323--According to an agreement Mrs. Jenkins should board and clothe the children for the use of the slaves. Children, Willis, Sterling and Wm. Jenkins. Signed Thos. Douglas. Apr. 1823.

Page 244--JACKSON, JOHN, dec'd. Zachariah Wise, admr. Returns for 1822, no data.

Page 288--JOHNSON, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Richard J. Willis, excr. Returns for 1821-22. Money received from est of Col. Wm. Johnson, dec'd listed.

Page 421--JOHNSON, Col. Wm. Sr., dec'd. est. Richard J. Willis, excr. Paid Thos. P. Moore tuition for Stephen W., and Martha Johnson 1823, and tuition for them and Kitty or Catharine Johnson 1824 to B. W. Weatherby.
Page 424--Return of division of slaves to the children Dec. 27, 1823, John P. Johnson, Nancy H. Johnson's to Mrs. N. Johnson, Newton S. Armer, Jas. Crews, Jesse Spratlin, Stephen W., Martha and Catharine A. Johnson, Henry Spratlin, Wm. Philips, Wm. Brook, Mrs. N. Johnson, Jas. D. Willis, Robt. Parks, Richard J. Willis, Drury Cunningham, Joel Appling and John Wise, distributees. (See will).

Page 486--JOHNSON, NANCY H., minor, Richard J. Willis, gdn. Paid for letters of guardianship, paid Mrs. Nancy Johnson as per receipt 1822-24.

Page 295--JOHNSON, WILLIAM, Sr., dec'd. est. Henry Spratlin, excr, Returns for 1822, no data.

Page 73--KILLGORE, ROBERT, Sr., dec'd. est. Wm. Killgore and Jas. Curry, admrs. Paid Benajah Killgore $1300. May 1, 1820.

End of Page 182 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 183

Page 78--KILLGORE, JAMES, dec'd. est. Wm. Killgore, excr. To cash paid Benajah Killgore, May 1, 1820.

Page 365--KAIN, WILLIAM M., dec'd. Eugenia Kain, admx. Board paid E. Starr for Elizabeth and Amanda Kain, and tuition to Daniel Mercer. Tuition to Jas. Shirley for John, Wm., Patrick and Jane Cain in 1821. Paid Jas. Shirley tuition for Elizabeth, Amanda, John, Wm. and Patrick 1822. Board for all 1820-22.
Page 443--John Dyson, admr de bonis bon. Amount of sales of slaves, land on Rocky creek etc. Paid Wm. Robertson, gdn. Returns 1822-23.

Page 103--LEVERETT, ABSOLOM, dec'd. est. Ann Leverett, admx. Returns for 1819. Paid Abraham Leverett several large sums.

Page 44--LEVERETT, WILLIAM, dec'd. List of slaves taken by Marberry Steed, agt for Abraham Leverett, admr. Recorded Nov. 18, 1819.

Page 91--LONG, NICHOLAS, dec'd. est. Returns for 1820, Richard H. Long, admr. Amount of bill of Thos. Telfair, paid A. Telfair, excr $672. To Wm. G. Gilbert for support of wards, Sarah, Eliza and Eugenia Long. To Wm. Dearing for use of ward John J. Long.

Page 482--LONG, EUGENIA A., minor, John J. Long, gdn. Paid for letters of guardianship, board and tuition to Dr. E. Marks of Columbia, S. C. Returned Aug. 31, 1824.

Page 138--LANGHAM, DOROTHY, dec'd. est. Jos. B. Cofer, admr. Paid Simon Flournoy his distributive share Jun. 4, 1819.
Page 197--Receipt of Willoughby Slaton atty in fact for Mary Langham for her distributive share. Jos. B. Cofer's receipt in right of his wife Mary Langham in full of hers and my distributive shares. Returned Dec. 14, 1821.

Page 141--LAURENCE, GEORGE, dec'd. est. Receipt of Valentine Thrash, gdn of the orphs for hire of slave Lewis 1819 to Dabney A. Martin.
Page 205--Return of Valentine Thrash, gdn of Wm. and Enoch C. Laurence for 1820-21 shows board and tuition.
Page 411 Returns for Wm. H., and Enoch C. Laurence for 1823 paid Peter R. Gee and Jarvis Davis tuition.

Page 268--LEE, JAMES, dec'd. est. Daniel Lee and Wm. Robertson, admrs. Returns for 1821. Paid for citation. Paid John Lee, Sr. for hauling cotton to Augusta. Paid Benj. Starr for making coffin.
Page 369--Division of est. Dec. 24, 1821. John Lee, slaves Willis and Silvey. Peggy Lee slaves Jess and Jack. Wm. Lee slaves Geo. and Betty. Jos. Lee slaves Winny, Henry and Lewis. Hugh G. Lyle, slaves Chas. and Clary.

End of Page 183 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 184

Page 335--LEE, JAMES, dec'd. orphs, viz, Margaret and Jos., Hugh G. Lyle, gdn. Board and clothes for 1822. Paid Thos. Paxton tuition for Margaret.
Page 436--Returns of Hugh G. Lyle, gdn for 1822-23. Paid Wm. S. Foster, gdn of John B. and Wm. S. Lee. Paid Lyle same for Margaret and Jos. S. Lee, all minors of Jas. Lee, dec'd.
Page 455--John B. and Wm. S. Lee, minors, Wm. S. Foster, returns 1823-24. Paid Thos. Paxton tuition for both, Hugh G. Lyle board for both.

Page 333--MURPHEY, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. John W. Cooper, admr. Returns 1822. Paid Elizabeth Murphey her lagacy and as gdn of five of the orphs. Paid Samuel Flournoy in right of his wife.

Page 44--MORTON, HIRAM, dec'd. orphs. Jas. Shepherd, gdn in right of his wife, Nancy Morton. Board and clothes for Elizabeth, Clary Ann, Emily and Wm. Morton 1816-1817. Clary Ann for tuition 1817.
Page 49--Returns as gdn for 1819 board for all four and tuition for Clary Ann. Petition of Jas. Shepherd to divide the est Jan. 3, 1820. Granted, 2 slaves each for above orphs, Jas. Shepherd and Jos. W. Morton.

Page 465--Returns for 1819, returned 1824 by Wm. W. Brown, admr of Hiram Morton, dec'd. Several lawsuits listed.

Page 56--MILLER, JOHN P., dec'd. est. Joshua Starr, admr. Returns for 1820. Paid John and Elizabeth Miller, and Geo. Darder, gdn, and Daniel Shruptine, gdn of Hannah and Elizabeth Miller in part.
Page 207--Joshua Starr, gdn for Miller orphs. Paid tuition and paid Joel P. Leverett for a draw in the land lottery, 1821. Receipt of Daniel Shruptine, gdn of Hannah and Elizabeth for $300., in full of their legacy.
Page 378--Returns 1823 for Hannah and Elizabeth, no data.
Page 478--Nicholas, Jacob, and Lemuel Miller, John Miller, gdn paid Elizabeth board for Nicholas and Jacob 1822. Paid John M. D. Bond tuition.
Page 484--Daniel Shruptine, gdn of Hannah and Elizabeth, paid Elizabeth board 1824.

Page 329--McLENDON, LEWIS, dec'd. est. Nelson Powell, admr. Returns 1821-22. Paid Benjamin, Nelson and Mary Powell certain sums.
Page 450--Returns for 1823 Nelson Powell, admr. Paid Wm. Gilbert $321. Paid Simpson McLendon $228. William, Simpson and Cynthia McLendon hire slaves and rent the home farm.

Page 31--NOWLIN, JOHN, dec'd. est. Thos. Anderson, admr. Order to divide the property, $1.00. Jas. Ragsdales receipt for coffin, and Dr. G. Hay's account for services to Richmond. Jul. 6, 1819.

Page 265--NOWLIN, ANTHONY, orphan. Thos. Anderson, gdn. Paid for letters of guardianship, paid to the legatees your part on a slave.

End of Page 184 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 185

Paid for your grant. Returns 1818-21. Receipt of Anthony Jan. 1, 1822 in full of his legacy from his father, a slave Chas. (See Sterling Jenkins will).

Page 145--NORTHERN, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Caleb Simmons, admr. Paid Polly Northern as per receipt. Returns 1819-21.
Page 225--Returns for 1819-21. Part of plantation rented to Polly Northern 1819-21.
Page 356--Return of rent of plantation for 1823 to Hezekiah Ellington.

Page 168--NORMAN, LEWIS, dec'd. est. Returns for 1820, Wm. Saffold and Jas. Tole, admrs, no data.
Page 185--Division of property ordered Dec. 26, 1820. To Jas. Tole, Harris S., Amanda C. Elizabeth J., Jesse A., Teressar E., and Richard H. Norman certain slaves each.

Page 132--OWENS, DEMPSEY, C., dec'd. est. Francis Colley, admr. 1820, no data.
Page 197--List of all moneys received by admr 1821.

Page 306--Returns for 1822. Paid John Shearman, gdn of his children Mary Ann, Robt., Catharine, Owens, Fanny and Thos. Sharman, children of his late wife Jamima, formerly Miss Owens, $775.

Page 376--OWEN, URIAH, dec'd. est. Obadiah and Malachi Reeves, excrs. Account of money paid out 1820. Paid Frances, Sarah, Rhoda and Sally Owen their property willed them. Paid John Chaney for his wife. (See will)

Page 461--OGLETREE, DAVID, dec'd. est. Returns 1823. Wm. Robertson, admr. Paid John Ogletree, Jr., $88., John Trammell $108., Edmund Ogletree $80. and Pleasant Lawson $200.

Page 23--PEARMAN, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Robt, Pearman, excr. Returns for 1819. Paid Isabella Pearman, paid tuition for Weakley Pearman, paid their accounts with S. W. and R. Pearman.
Page 121--Returns for 1819-20. Paid S. W. Pearman and Robt. Pearman, excr, legatees. Paid board, tuition and clothes for Elizabeth and Weakley Pearman.
Page 156--Inv. of sale Feb. 6, 1821. Henry and Jas. Duke, Susannah H., Weakley J., and Robt. Pearman and Hiram Buckley purchased slaves. Sale on Feb. 10, after the death of the widow Isabella Pearman.

Page 429--POPE, WYLIE, dec'd. est. Lemuel Wootten, excr. Returns 1820 to 1824, no data. Lemuel Wootten as gdn of Sarah M. and Wiley Pope, minors. Returns 1822-24, paid B. Wootten for board for Sarah M., paid tuition for Wylie.

Page 40--POLLARD, WILLIAM, dec'd. orphs. Returns 1818. Board and clothes for Levisa, Sophia and Wm. Pollard and an idiot child Nancy 11 years old.

End of Page 185 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 186

Page 76--Returns for 1819. Wm. Robertson, admr. Paid Jos. Pollard $530., Polly Pollard 50c, John Bailey large sums, Daniel Mercer tuition.
Page 289--Returns 1820-22. Paid Thos. Pollard $271, Polly Pollard $35.
Page 360--Division of est Mar. 25, 1823. Polly Pollard, wid., Wm. Pollard, Jr., Thos. Pollard, Thos. Hightower, Louvisa, Sophia, Nancy, William, and Williamson Pollard, 2 slaves each. (Seems to be two Wm. Pollards).
Page 469--Paid Herman Mercer, gdn, Louisa or Louvisa, Williamson and Sophia Pollard, Elizabeth Hightower, and Thos. Pollard $833 each in 1823.

Page 435--POLLARD, WILLIAMSON, dec'd. Returns of Polly Pollard, gdn for 1821. Board, clothes, expenses in his last illness and funeral expenses.
Page 410--Returns of Herman Mercer, gdn 1823. Hire of slaves and and sale of slaves Cass and Lucy received from his fathers est.

Page 178--POLLARD, LOUIZA and SOPHIA, Herman Mercer, gdn. Hire of slaves and paid certain sums to Mary Pollard. Signed Nov. 5, 1821.
Page 425--Paid Mary Pollard board for both 1822-23.
Page 436--Returns as gdn of Louisa only for 1824, no data.

Page 449--PORTER, THOMAS, dec'd., minors. Lucy M., Martha H., and Solon W. Porter, Joshua Willis, gdn. Returns made Sept. 6, 1824. Paid John W. Willis $50. Paid Augusta Willis $75. (See will Vol. 1).

Page ??62--PRATHER, JOSEPH, dec'd. est. Jas. W. Prather, admr. Returns for 1821. Paid Anne Prather $275, Elizabeth Prather $27, John Burdett $101, Gideon Cooper $346, Richard Prather $104, Wyche Jackson $107, Augustin Cooper $126, myself, Jas. W. Prather, a legatee $275, Wm. W., and Benjah Prather $109 each.

Page 176--PHILLIPS DAVID, dec'd. est. Thos. Baber, excr. Paid Jesse Mercer for preaching funeral sermon. Paid Jonathan Phillips for himself and Edmond Shackleford, and paid Elisha Henderson in full of legacy. Signed Oct. 20, 1821.
Page 289--Returns for 1822. Paid Jonathan Phillips legacy in full, Matthew Phillips legacy in part.
Page 417--Returns for 1822 Paid Jesse Wootten, Wm. Phillips and Edmond Shackleford, legacies in full, Reuben Phillips legacy in part.
Page 472--Returns for 1823 Paid Reuben Phillips in full.

Page 119--PATTON, BENJAMIN, minor, receipt to Jas. Henderson, gdn in full of his share of est of Solomon Patton, dec'd. Apr. 12, 1819.

Page 208--PATTON, SOLOMON, dec'd. minors, Lydia Patton, gdn. Returns as such for Mary, Solomon, Sabry and Wilford Patton. Board and clothes 1819-21.

End of Page 186 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 187

Page 92--QUERNS, JOHN, dec'd. est. Thos. Talbot, excr. To six slaves, Hannah, Nancy and child, Isham, Jenny and Harriett delivered to Wm. H. Bonner, admr of Rebecca Bonner, in discharge of judgement obtained by them against Thos. Talbot May 1, 1820.
Page 194--Paid Jesse, Peggy and Lucy Russell, witnesses in case of Wm. and Samuel Arnett vs Thos. Talbot, excr in 1821.
Page 255--Returns 1822. State of Ala. Montgomery Co. Feb. 5, 1822. Mr. T. Talbot, Sir. You will please pay Edward Stephens, the bearer, my son, the amount, say fifty dollars which is the legacy specified to me in the will of Mr. John Querns, dec'd, my uncle, and you will oblige me, and this shall be your receipt in full for the same. Sir, yours etc. Mary Stephens. Receipt signed by Edward Stephens for mother. Feb. 20, 1822. (See will Vol. 1).
Page 271--Returns of Thos. Lasley, one of the excrs, blacksmith work for the free negroes for 1818-1821.

Page 427--ROBINSON, EDNEY, minor. Thos. Formby, gdn. Returns for 1823. Paid Margaret Robinson for board to date $150. Paid for sorrell mare for minor when going to Tenn., $75.

Page 458--RENDER, JOSHUA, Sr., and Susanna, dec'd. est. Jas. Render. one of the excrs. Paid Christopher Render, Elizabeth Render, himself, Jas. Render, Patsy Wellborn, Abner and Johnson Wellborn, Elizabeth Truitt, Nathan and Purnal Truitt, Nicholas Wylie, large sums each, and several slaves. Paid Christopher Render, for Jas. R. Callaway as per order $350. Payments extending from 1818 to 1824.

Page 383--RORIE, STEPTOE, dec'd. Wm. Rorie, admr. Returns for 1823, no data.
Page 450--Returns for 1824, no data.

Page 231--STARKE, P. J., dec'd. orphans. Bartholomew Johnson, gdn. Returns for 1821. Board and clothes for J. P. Stark, board, clothes and tuition for Leucy Stark. Paid for land grant.

Page 5--SEMMES, THOMAS, orph. of Roger Semmes. Thos. Semmes, gdn. Returns for 1818. Hire of slaves Jerry and Louisa.

Page 304--SEMMES, JOS. M., dec'd est. Ignatius Semmes, admr. Returns for 1821-22. Paid Samuel Torrence for coffin.

Page 10--SLAYTON (SLAYDEN), DANIEL, dec'd. est. Wm. Slayton and David Simpson, admrs. Sold two tracts of lands, Nov. 3, 1818., 342 acres and 345 acres by consent of the legatees.
Page 171--Returns 1820, by Wm. Slayton, admr. Paid Wm. Pounds, Edmond Rainey, Wm. Lee, Berry Arnold, Zachariah Slayton, Burrell Green, Jasper Haynes, Arthur Slaton and John Slaton, their legacies $2085 each.
Page 14--Sally Slayton, orph of Daniel Slayton, dec'd. Edmond

End of Page 187 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 188

Rainey, gdn. Paid board and clothes from Dec. 1, 1817 to Dec. 25, 1818.

Page 374--SLATON (SLAYDEN), SAMUEL, dec'd. est. Wm. Robertson, admr. Returns for 1822. Paid Thos. Green, Sr., for Willis Green's doctor bill, Wm. Combs money lent the wid. All accounts paid for support of family.
Page 485--Henry C., and Wm. A. Slaten, orphs of Samuel, dec'd. Wm. Combs, gdn. Board for 1824. Hire of slaves Handy and Esther.

Page 43--SHERRER, JAMES, dec'd. est. Wm. Sherrer, admr. Returns for 1817-18 no data.
Page 401--Returns 1823. Paid Jas. Moreman, Elijah Sherer, Allen Mabry, and Eve Ragland, certain sums.
Page 488--Wm. Sherrer and Jas. Rutledge, admrs. Expense of going to Jasper Co. Court, Feb. 1819-Feb. 1820. The excrs vs Elkanah Denson. Paid John Sherrer his note in part of his legacy, Apr. 27, 1825.

Page 51--SANSOM, WILLIAM, dec'd. John Burch, excr. Sold land adj Jones and Terrell and house and lot in Washington to the bank for $4000 in 1819. Paid Jas. Towns for a house and lot for Mrs. Sansom $2000.
Page 127--Returns for 1820. Cash received of Jinnings in Lincoln Co. $110. Paid Wm. C. Sansom, excr with myself, $1400.
Page 141--Division of slaves according to the will between Richard, Mary, Eliza and Patsy as they come of age or marry. Eliza having died and Richard is of age and married, due notice given other heirs. Four slaves, Armstead, Augustin, Amy and Mariah given to Richard D., he to pay the other heirs $275., Nov. 8, 1820.

Page 57--STARR, ASA D., dec'd. Richard C. Starr, orph. Samuel Starr, gdn. To cash received of Benj. Starr, $597, 1820.
Page 135--Returns for 1819-20. Board.
Page 199--Cash received of Benj. Starr by gdn $707.
Page 277--Expenses to Rabun Co. to see the land, 1823.
Page 410--Returns for 1824. Paid for plat and grant of land.
Page 477--Board and clothes for 1824.

Page 58--STALLINGS, SALLY, now Sally Sheats. Receipt of her husband Tarlton Sheats for $1142, and three slaves, her part of est of her father Jesse Stallings, dec'd. Guy Smith, gdn, Mar. 9, 1818.

Page 294--SMITH, JAS. B., minor of Nathan Smith. Samuel Rice, gdn. Returns for 1822, hire of slave, and clothes bought.
Page 411--Returns for 1823. Hire of slave, paid mdse accounts, and interest on $388.
Page 476--Returns for 1824. Paid for clothing and board. Hire of slave and interest on $338.

End of Page 188 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 189

Page 384--Receipt of Wm. B. Smith to his gdn Samuel Rice for $338 distributive share of my father Nathan Smith's est. Jan. 6, 1824.

Page 407--SLACK, JACOB, dec'd. est. Jesse Slack and Wm. Andrews, admrs. Paid John, Archibald and Jacob L. Slack their distributive shares, and Jacob L., as gdn of Jos. Slack, and John Bentley in right of his wife, a distributee. Jan. 10, 1824.

Page 466--SCOTT, JOHN, dec'd. est. Joshua Morgan, admr. Paid Gustavus Scott several sums, and paid Hugh Ward for tuition of Owen Scott, orph of said John. Jan. 1, 1824.

Page 418--STROUD, JOHN D., dec'd. est. Reuben Scott, admr. in right of his wife Margaret T. Scott, formerly Margaret T. Stroud. Rent of plantation and slaves 1823. Bills paid 1822-23.
Page 437--Returns of Margaret T. Scott, formerly Margaret Burdine and Reuben Scott, admr in right of his wife of John D. Stroud, no data. As gdn of Sophia, Julia and Geo. M. Burdine, orphs of John Burdine, dec'd. To board 1822-23.

Page 474--STOKES, ARMISTEAD E., dec'd. est. Sarah Stokes, admr. Returns for 1823-24 money advanced to A. T. Stokes, once to buy a book.

Page 502--STEVENS, EDWARD, dec'd. est. Geo. Tilley, John Rogers, excrs. Returns for 1824, paid debts and paid Lucretia Stevens legacy.

Page 23--TOOMBS, ROBERT, dec'd. est. Catharine Toombs, excx, Returns for 1818, debts paid.
Page 60--Returns for 1819. Cash to Sarah Ann Toombs.
Page 125--Returns for 1820 Cash to Sarah Ann.
Page 273--Returns for 1821. Paid Wm. Fanning, H. L. Shirley and Samuel Barnett tuition. Paid Elizabeth Huling and Henrietta Minton board for children.
Page 351--Returns for 1822. Paid J. F. Wallace tuition and board. Paid Samuel Barnett tuition. Paid C. Render tuition and board for Robt. Toombs in 1818. Paid Henry C. Dawson for dancing lessons for Sarah Ann Toombs 1819, and Penelope Terrell for three Greek books.
Page 463--Returns for 1821-24. Paid Samuel Barnett, Treas. Washington Academy tuition, bought combs for Sarah Ann, paid L. C. Toombs board of children, cash to son Gabriel.
Page 489--Returns 1824. Paid A. Hull, Treas. Franklin College tuition and L. C. Toombs expenses of Robt. to Athens, paid L. A. Irwin for board at Athens, Alfred Ruddle tuition for Jas. Henrietta Minton board for children 1825., John F. Wallis, cash. Paid Surgeon Dentist $9. Cash to Robt. for sundry expenses at College 1825. Combs for Sarah Ann. Catharine Toombs, excx.

Page 119--THORNTON, JOHN, dec'd. Jos. W. and Augustin Cooper, admrs. Returns for 1820, no data.

End of Page 189 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 190

Page 127--THORNTON, SAMUEL, minor. Matthew Talbot, gdn. Returns 1815-20. Paid Martin Thornton cash to buy shoes. Paid T. C. Dickerson for writing lessons. Board six months. To one gray gelding $104. Paid John Harris tuition six months.

Page 168--TRAMMELL, SUSAN and Elizabeth, minors. Jos. Alexander, gdn. Paid for letters of guardianship, making coffin for both, Boarding Susan Trammell and her nurse from Jun. 5, to Jul. 2, 1821. To boarding and nursing Elizabeth Trammell from Jun. 4, to Jul. 27, 1821, she being extremely sick for 37 days.

Page 301--TRAMMELL, THOMAS, dec'd. est. Jas. Echols, excr. Money received from sale, 1822.

Page 312--TRAMMELL, THOMAS, dec'd. orphans to Jos. Alexander gdn. Paid D. G. Campbell for services in prosecuting a negro boy for the murder of one of the orphs and trouble to secure witnesses against Trammell in the Inferior Court. Mar. 5, 1823.

Page 396--TRAMMELL, ELIZABETH, dec'd. Joshua Davis, admr. Returns for 1823 shows paid Pope & Brewer (Attys) $440.

Page 325--TERRELL, PETER B., dec'd. est. Wm. Jones, admr. Paid Samuel Barnett, Treas. (Washington Academy) tuition for Frances and Joel Terrell. Paid Peter Stubblefield tuition for Judy and P. Terrell. Signed Mar. 3, 1823.
Page 456--Returns for 1824. Paid Samuel Barnett and Andrew Ruddell tuition. Penelope Terrell's receipt for $400.

Page 381--TALLIAFERRO, BURKINHEAD, dec'd. est. Daniel Harvie, admr. Judgement in favor of Burton Talliaferro indorsee vs Henry Lyon. Returns 1821-24.

Page 418--TARVER, JACOB, dec'd. est. Benj. Tarver, excr. Children of Samuel Rowe, legatees of Jacob Tarver's last will, viz, Susanna, Jacob, Andrew, James, Samuel, Sarah and Benj. Rowe. House, furniture etc sold by executions against Samuel Rowe, and bought by Benj. Tarver, excr for the use of said children Also Lot No. 78, 4th Dist. Walton Co. Signed Jan. 5, 1824.

Page 432--TAYLOR, GEO. D., dec'd. est. Lemuel Wooten, excr. Paid Jas. Matthews for preaching funeral, $10. Paid for letters of guardianship and tuition 1822. Paid Elijah Norman tuition 1823. Paid Mrs. Gregory's school bill and Israel Keeth tuition 1822. Paid Lemuel Wootten board in 1822, 1823, $657. These items cover returns 1820-24.

Page 109--WATTS, RICHARD, dec'd. est. Wm H. Watts, admr. Paid for citation. Paid Rhoda Starr $699. Judoth Watts, $800, Judith B. Watts, $11, Thos. Watts, $1221, Elijah Starr $100. Wm. Watts gdn of Nancy S., and Richard H. Watts. Board and Clothes for 1819, $150. Signed Sep. 15, 1820.

End of Page 190 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 191

Page 412--WATTS, RICHARD HENRY, minor, Wm. H. Watts, gdn. Paid Daniel Mercer $9. (tuition?). Paid Armstead Atkinson $20. Returns for 1823.
Page 479--Paid gdn for board and clothes and H. T. Landrum, tuition 1823. Nancy S. Watts, minor, Wm. H. Watts, gdn. Paid Thos. Watts gdn in full, $1320, Mar. 22, 1824.

Page 123--WISE, SHERROD, dec'd. est. John and Sarah Wise, admrs. Paid Josiah Wise, $219. Z. Wise, $81, Z. Wise as admr of John Jackson, $154, Ruth Wise, $232, Mary Wise, $69. Nov. 6, 1820.

Page 143--WYNNE, JOHN, dec'd. est. Geo. Wynne, excr. Receipts of Jane Wynne for property given in fee simple and loaned agreeable to the will. Nov. 26, 1820.

Page 275--WINGFIELD, SAMUEL, dec'd. est. Chas. Wingfield, admr. Returns 1820, no data.
Page 309--Chas. Wingfield, admr. Paid Lavina Wingfield $829.25. Paid John Evans of S. C., for boarding mail carrier, $50. Jan. 14, 1823.

Page 277--WINGFIELD, JOHN, dec'd. est. John W. Butler and Chas. Wingfield, admrs. Paid John McCleskey for coffin 1821. Hire of slaves 1821.
Page 307--Returns for 1822, paid Mary W. Terrell, legacy $500. Paid Archibald S. Wingfield a watch valued at $85.

Page 413--WINGFIELD, Dr. JOHN, dec'd. est. Chas. Wingfield and John W. Butler, admrs. Cash to John W. Butler and John G. Colbert $1260. each. To A. S. Wingfield and Lavina Wingfield for herself and as gdn $89, each. To Wm. C. Wingfield $91. To Elizabeth Wingfield $59. Returns for 1823.

Page 313--WEBSTER, ABNER, dec'd. est. Elizabeth Webster, excx. Paid Daniel Gafford and John Rorie $90.20 each. Paid David Gafford $90., possibly legatees. Jan. 14, 1823.
Page 439--Commr's app to appr the est which consists of seven slaves, which will be $329., due each legatee (not named). Jan. 12, 1822.

Page 354--WILLIS, GEORGE, orphan of Geo. Willis, dec'd. David Allison, gdn. hire slaves for 1822.

Page 401--WILLIS, ELIZABETH, orphan. Joshua Willis, gdn. Paid E. W. Jones and Carl Z. Adams tuition, F. Porter board 1820-21-23.

Page 402--WILLIS, JAMES, orphan of Jas. Willis, dec'd. Joshua Willis, gdn. Same returns.

Page 402--WILLIS, FRANCIS, minor. Joshua Willis, gdn. Same returns.

Page 403--WILLIS, SARAH, orphan of Jas. Willis, dec'd. Joshua Willis, gdn. Same returns 1818-24.

End of Page 191 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 192

Page 404--WILLIS, NANCY, minor. Joshua Willis, gdn. Paid C. W. Collier board for 1820, paid myself board for 1822.

Page 404--WILLIS, JOSHUA, orphan of Jas. Willis, dec'd. Joshua Willis, gdn. Paid F. Porter board 1820-21-23.
(All above minors seem to be orphs of Jas. Willis, dec'd.)

Page 487--WILLIS, WM. B., dec'd est. Daniel Owen, admr. Paid for temp. letters of admr's in 1824. Travelling expenses to Twiggs Co. to carry the slaves. $215. to Fanny Gafford, legatee of Wm. B. Willis. $50. paid John C. Carter in right of his wife formerly Ann Willis heir of Jas. Willis, dec'd. Signed Mar. 28, 1825.

Page 375--WILKINS, LEROY, dec'd. est. Agnes Wilkins, gdn of John H. Wilkins. Paid E. Tracy and J. D. Witt tuition. Signed Jan. 12, 1824. Agnes Cade, formerly Agnes Wilkins, excr of Leroy Wilkins, dec'd.

Page 477--WILLIAMSON, CLAYBROOK, dec'd. est. Enoch Callaway, excr. Returns for 1824. Paid Abner Wellborn tuition, paid Dr. J. B. McJunkin medical bill.