The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.



The records of this book, which has no index, were carefully compared with Vol. 1, and original records in this volume, and only those taken not covered by either, with a few repetitions which gave data in detail not found elsewhere.

Page 213--AKIN, THOMAS, dec'd. est. Returns of Peter Stovall, excr. 1815-16. No data.
Page 251--Paid to Levy Wilder, gdn $55.00, Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 251--ANDERSON, JOHN R., dec'd. est. Jesse Williams, admr. Returns for 1816-17 show notes on Micajah Lane, Simpson McLendon and Chas. Marshall paid.
Page 327--Petition of Nelson Powell in right of his wife; Thos. Anderson and Jesse Williams, gdn of John and Edward Anderson, orphs of said dec'd to divide the est. Jan. 11, 1817. To Nelson Powell in right of his wife Nancy M. Anderson, slaves Caesar and Tom. To Edward Anderson, slaves Peter and Jenny. To John Anderson, Milly and Phil, they being the only distributees of said est. Jan. 11, 1819. Returns of Jesse Williams, gdn of Edward Anderson, and of Thos. Anderson, gdn of John Anderson shows paid Nelson Powell board and tuition 1816-18.

Page 282--ARNOLD, ELIZABETH and Polly, orphs of Joshua Arnold, returns May 4, 1818. No data.

Page 307--ANDREWS, MICHAEL, dec'd. est. Wm. and Mary Andrews,

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admrs. Board paid Mary Andrews for John, Adam, Mary and Gracy Andrews six years, $91.50. Paid taxes 1812-18. Slave Linda and her two children hired by Mary 1814-18.

Page 131--BANKSTON, SUSANNA, her receipt for her part of the est of Arthur Slayden, to Samuel Jones, one of the excrs. Mar. 5, 1810.

Page 63--BEASLEY, RICHARD, dec'd est. Nathan Holtzclaw, admr. Paid Thos. Blakey for coffin. Paid Royland Beasley, Nancy Rucker and Jincy Beasley, the wid, part of their distributive shares. May 4, 1812.
Page 259--Royland Beasley, admr. "Sundries as per receipt to Nathan Holtzclaw, former admr. received by me as part of my distributive share." Sold two tracts of land in Wilkes Co., and slave Frank to Royland Beasley, 1818. Sold slave Peter, same time to Arden Rucker. Paid the legatees, not named, as per receipt. Paid Jense Holtzclaw one of the legatees, Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 207--BALLARD, JAMES, dec'd. est. Thos. Grant, admr. Paid Daniel Owen, gdn, $150.00. Received in full of a note on Dunwoody Harrison, $134.50. To amount of judgment vs Fanny Gafford, admr in favor of J. Ballard, dec'd, $1270.24. Sept. 1, 1817.
Page 221--Returns of Daniel Owen, gdn of Lucy, Sophia and Matilda Ballard, orphs of Jas. Ballard, dec'd. Paid Benj. Hill legal representative of Lucy Ballard, now Lucy Hill, $750.00, Feb. 15, 1817. Clothes, side saddle etc bought for Sophia and Matilda, Jan. 6, 1818.

Page 209--BURROUGHS, AQUILLA, dec'd. est. Bird Parks, admr. To Michael Williams in right of his wife, Oct. 18, 1815, $400.00. Signed Sept. 1, 1817.

Page 212--BURDINE, JOHN, dec'd. est. Margaret Stroud, excr. Returns for 1811, no data. (Will signed Dec. 1815 see Vol. 1).

Page 219--BUTLER, EDWARD, dec'd. est. John and David Butler, excrs. Paid Jesse Mercer $50.00 in full of subscription to Mount Enon, Jul. 7, 1817.

Page 219--BRAMBLETT, AMBROSE, dec'd. est. John H. Bramblett, admr. Paid Elizabeth Bramblett various sums. Paid L. M. Bramblett, agent for Jas. Mitchell in right of his wife and paid Jas. Mitchell in right of his wife. Sept. 1, 1817. Signed Jesse H. Bramblett, excr.

Page 313--BINNS, BURWELL, dec'd. est. Jos. Anthony, admr. Paid Betsy Binns for clothing etc for five children (not named), 1817. Sale of land Jan. 1, 1819.

Page 247--BENTLEY, JERE., dec'd. Division of slaves by Hartwell Jackson, Wm. W. Smith and Lemuel Wootten, commissioners, among the legatees as follows: To Abi Bentley, wid of said dec'd; Jesse Norman in right of his wife Mary, Jos. Alexander in right of his wife Sally, Betsy, William, Jeremiah, Cynthia and Jas. Bentley, Wm. Nunnaly and wife Patsy, Osman Nunnally and wife Ada. Dec. 29, 1817.

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Page 225--COLLEY, JOHN, dec'd. est. Returns of Francis Colley, excr for 1817, no date.

Page 269-274--CREIGHTON, ANDREW, dec'd. est. Christopher and Jonathan Orr, excrs. Lot No. 121, 8th Dist. Wilkinson Co., and Lot No. 363, 31st. Dist. Wilkinson, now Pulaski Co., to be sold if clear titles can be given, the latter disputed by Chenoth Peteet. Sept. 1, 1817. Expense of riding 12 days to Telfair Co., in 1815, to Twiggs, Pulaski, Telfair and Wayne 14 days in 1816, to Twiggs and Telfair 12 days in 1816, to Pulaski, 9 days in 1816. Georgia, Wayne Co. Sold Lot 249, 3rd. Dist. to Frederick Roberson. Lots No. 335 and 97, 1st Dist. to Jonathan Orr. Bond for title to Christopher Orr for Lot 201, 20th. Dist. Pulaski Co., 202 1/2 acres. Several tracts in Twiggs Co. mentioned. Andrew Creighton debtor to Christopher Orr for nursing him eight days in his last illness, $16.00, for burying clothes etc. $18.00. Nov. 5, 1816.

Page 305--CHIVERS, THOMAS, dec'd. est. Samuel Wingfield, excr. "By cash received from Augusta being there at the time deceased." $182.25. Sept. 1, 1818.

Page 250--CATCHING, BENJAMIN, dec'd. est. Spencer Carlton, admr. Paid Silas Catching $600.00 Apr. 15, 1810. Paid Jas. Catching $183.00, and Jonathan Catching $184.00 Nov. 29, 1817. Signed Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 259--DAVIS, JONATHAN, dec'd. est. Wm. Davis, excr. (Will not of record). Amount of sales returned Jan. 25, 1817, $3237.63. Paid Jesse and Zachariah Phillips, Jos. T. Duke in right of his wife, John....., Samuel Simmons in right of his wife, Jesse H. Goss, atty in fact for Susannah Goss, Jas. Hitchcock and William Goodall, atty in fact for Lucy Goodall, all in full of legacies Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 211--EVANS, SUSANNAH, dec'd. est. Petition of Samuel Slaton, admr with will annexed, May 5, 1817, to divide the slaves. Elisha Slaton, Samuel Slaton, Wm. Robinson, gdn of the orphs of Philip J. Starke, distributees. May 6, 1817.

Page 293--EVANS, JAMES, Wm. Evans, gdn, paid three months board and for clothing, bought saddle and bridle, 1816. Returned May 4, 1818.

Page 241--EDWARDS, JOHN, dec'd. est. Wm. H. Crenshaw and Precious Edwards, admrs. Paid Wm. H. Crenshaw $25.00 Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 213--FANNING, JOHN dec'd. est. Bird Parks, admr. Paid Inchabod Hood tuition. Bought wool hat, saddle and bridle for Wm. Fanning. Sept. 1, 1817.

Page 205--GAMMAGE, SAMUEL, dec'd. est. Nancy Gammage, admx. To boarding and clothing Polly H. and Francis C. Gammage, $60.00 Jul. 7, 1817.
Page 313--Nancy Gammage and Jas. Chivers, admrs. Nancy rented the plantation 1817. Nov. 2, 1818.

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Page 217--GRESHAM, JAMES D., gdn of Thos. W. Gresham. Paid John H. Gresham board 1816, paid Wilson Whatley tuition 1815, paid Jas. Chivers two months board. Cash received from est in Va., Jul. 7, 1817.

Page 215--HAMMOCK, THOMAS, dec'd. est. Money received and paid out by Jos. Henderson, admr Feb. 7, 1817.
Page 277--Edward Eckles, admr. "Received of the payment of the U. S. $20.31 1/4." Paid for citation etc May 4, 1818.

Page 217--HOLTZCLAW, TIMOTHY, dec'd. est. Returns of Henry and Elijah Holtzclaw, admrs shows paid Joel Abbott for two visits etc. Sept. 1, 1817.

Page 253--HOLDERNESS, McKINNEY, dec'd. est. Louis or Lewis McLendon, admr in right of his wife. Sale of 400 acres in Washington Co. 1814, 525 acres on Fishing creek Wilkes Co., 1817, whereon said Lewis now lives.

Page 255--HOLDERNESS, JAS. McK., orph of McKinney Holderness, Lewis McLendon, gdn. Hire of 25 slaves, bought clothes etc. Mar. 1818.

Page 283--HOPKINS, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Martha Hopkins, admx. Hire of slaves Jack, Dick and Lucy and rent of 6 acres of land to Martha Hopkins, admx. 1817. Paid Nelson Powell tuition for William, Bedford, Martha and Mary Hopkins. Clothes and board for six children, the above and Caroline and Frances Hopkins. Paid John Dyson tuition for Wm. Bedford, Martha, Mary and Caroline, minors of said dec'd, for 1817. Paid Wm. Heard in right of his wife Elizabeth formerly Elizabeth Hopkins, his distributive share of personal est. Signed May 4, 1818.

Page 287--HUGULEY, ALLCY, gdn. of Nancy, Amos, George, Betsy, and Allcy Huguley, orphs of Job Huguley, dec'd. Returns for 1817 hire of their slaves.

Page 267--HARTSFIELD, ANDREW N., dec'd. est. Josiah B. Holmes, admr. Paid Sarah Hartsfield, Luke Williams, Anderson and Warren Hartsfield, legatees. Paid Alsey Hartsfield, excx. all in 1816. Signed Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 267--HARTSFIELD, GODFREY, dec'd. est. Josiah B. Holmes, excr. Paid Luke Williams and Warren Hartsfield, legatees in 1816. Signed Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 3--IVEY, ALMA, dec'd. Returns by Jeremiah Ivey, admr of Anthony Ivy, dec'd. Paid Jos., Chas., Tempy and Dolly Ivey and John Jones $9.00 each. Settled with Wm. Catoe, Winney Ivey and Thos. Atkerson. Jan. 18, 1813.

Pages 1, 2, 3--JOSSEY, MARY, gdn of Kitty and Rowena Josey, to board etc for 1810-1812. Receipt of Richard Willis for slaves Britian and

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Patience to Mary Josey, gdn. Kitty Josey now Kitty Willis. Sept. 2, 1814.

Page 5--JARRETT, FADDA, dec'd. est. Returns of Richard Sappington, admr. Paid Mary Roan, $666.87. Paid Elizabeth Weaver, $651.06. Paid Sarah Partridge, $704.50. Paid B. Jarrett, $309.00. Paid Lewis Barrett, $713.87. Paid J. Barrett, $119.00. Paid John Holliday $119.50. Above amounts seem to indicate all were legatees. Dec. 31, 1814.

Page 7--JOHNSON, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Gilbert Hay, admr. Paid Peggy Johnson part of legacy 1817, paid for taking out grant of land 1809 Expense to Jasper Co. 1810 to sell land.

Page 299--JENKINS, STERLING, Jr., dec'd. est. Returns of Thos. Douglas, admr. Jul. 6, 1818, show paid Gilbert Hay.

Page 303--JOHNSON, GEORGE, dec'd. est. Wm. Johnson, admr. Paid Dr. John Nichols, Sept. 9, 1818.

Page 9--KELLY, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. John Walker, admr de bonis non. Paid Wm., and John Kelly and Moses Walker, gdn of Samuel and Jas. Kelly $225.00 each Nov. 5, 1811.

Page 11--KILLGORE, JOHN, dec'd. est. Wm. Killgore, admr. Paid Robt. Killgore, Francis Giddins, John W. Cooksey and Jas. Killgore, legatees. Jul. 4, 1814.

Page 13--KILLGORE, ROBERT, John and James, dec'd. Wm. Killgore, admr. Paid Allen Killgore, legatee of all three estates, legacy in full. May 5, 1817.

Page 13--LANE, JAMES, dec'd. est. Returns of Churchill Blakey and Mary Anthony, admrs by Mark Anthony for all three. No data. Mar. 4, 1812.

Page 15--LINDSAY, JOHN, dec'd. Returns of Clarissa Lindsay, gdn of Matilda, Fanny, John, Benj. and Sally Lindsay, orphs of John, board and clothes for 1813. Sept. 5, 1814.

Page 15--LINDSAY, ELIJAH, dec'd. John Lindsay, admr. Returns for 1815, no data.

Page 19--LEVERETT, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Abraham Leverett, admr. Notes of Wm. Leverett, Jr., 1806 of Thos. T. Leverett, 1811, of Henry, Thos., and Abraham Leverett and Peter Ashmore, 1805. Returned Jul. 3, 1815. Abraham Leverett, admr makes returns for hire of slaves 1816.

Page 21--LIPSCOMB, BAKER, orphan. Richard J. Willis, gdn. To one note on Geo. Willis, $378.50, May 6, 1810. Received of Geo. Willis, security for Geo. D. Willis former gdn of Baker Lipscomb, the above amount, being his part of the est in the hands of his former gdn. Signed Richard J. Willis. Received of Geo. Willis, Sr., security for Geo. D. Willis, my late gdn same amount. Signed Rebecca Lipscomb Sept. 12, 1815.

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Page 27--MINOR, JOHN M., dec'd. est. John Griffin, admr. Receipt of Thos. W. Cobb, atty for Wm. M. Kain, pltff vs the est. $188.00. Apr. 5, 1813.

Page 29--MONTGOMERY, DAVID dec'd. est. Benj. Todd, admr. Received of Mrs. Montgomery pay for 13 acres land. Mar. 1, 1813.

Page 29--MERCER, SILAS, dec'd. est. Jesse Mercer, admr. "Cash arising from the sale of a paper on the est. viz soldiers bounty, $218.75." Mothers dower paid etc. May 23, 1812.

Page 32--MORGAN, THOMAS, dec'd. est. Harmon Mercer, admr. "I have received his wages from the U. S., Joshua Clark paymaster, $12.81." Sept. 2, 1816.

Page 33--MURRY (MURRAY), THOMAS, dec'd. est. Robinson Hendon and Sarah Johnson, admr. Paid Wm. Murray price of slave and land, paid Benj. Turner in right of his wife, and Thos. Murray "their parts in full." Mar. 1, 1813.

Page 36--MASON, MARY, receipt to Jas. Kinman, her gdn in full of all legacy of personal est. Sept. 5, 1814.

Page 39--MILLS, JOHN, dec'd. est. Wm. Grant, A. Simons, Matthew Talbot, excrs. Paid Jos. Gartrell, Paul T. Willis, Chas. C. Mills, Wm. Grant, Lucy Moore, Sally A. Mills, Thos. Porter, gdn of children of Mrs. Polly Porter their distributive shares. May 5, 1812. (See will Vol. 1. p. 86).

Page 244--MORTON, HIRAM, dec'd. est. Nancy Morton, admx. Orphs Marion, Emily, Jos. W., and Elizabeth Morton to board and clothes 1816-17. Signed Nancy Shepherd. Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 45--NELSON, JOHN & CHARLES, orphs of Wm. Nelson, dec'd. David Simpson, gdn. Returns Nov. 2, 1812, paid for letters of guardianship, and paid M. Waddle tuition.
Page 47--Samuel B. Head, gdn of Chas. and John Nelson returns for 1815, board and clothes.

Page 50--NIGHTINGALE, JOHN C., dec'd. est. Jos. Bevan, admr. Expenses to New York and to see Yazoo Commr's in Washington City, advice of Seaborn Jones, expenses to Philadelphia and Washington City to receive Yazoo Stock from Comm's, expenses to St. Mary's and Jefferson (Co.?), expenses in Savannah, from Savannah to Augusta, from there to Washington (Ga) to attend court of Ordinary. Stock to R. Mitchell, John Y. Nowell, Daniel Boardman, John Forsyth, and Oliver Prince for professional services. Returns from 1812 to 1816.

Page 53-56--NOWLEN, JOHN, dec'd. est. Thos. Anderson, admr. Returns 1805-1816. Paid Sterling Jenkins, Sr., board for children 1808-10, and Clark E. Bird tuition. Paid Wm. and Caty Nowland and Meredith Brown certain sums, 1810. (seem to be legatees).
Page 59-60--Paid Daniel C. Heard and Harris Fish tuition 1813;

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Burwell York and Lewis McLendon tuition 1815; paid Sterling Jenkins board 1814-15. paid Nelson Powell tuition 1817.

Page 311--Paid accounts for Jency, Anthony and Jos. Nowlen, and Dorothy Striblings account. Paid Sterling Jenkins account. Slaves hired by Sterling Jenkins, Wm. Heard and Jos. Wheatley. Nov. 2, 1818.

Page 65-72--PASCHAL, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Mary and Wm. Paschall, admrs. Slaves hired to Mary and Geo. Paschall and Kuffman Gresham 1807. Rent of plantations in 1811, one each to Mary, William and Thos. Paschall, and Moses Wade. Slaves hired to Mary, Samuel and Thos. Paschal, Christopher Brooks, Wm. Wellborn and Andrew Elliott. Plantations rented 1814-15 to Mary Paschall, to Wm. Paschall "whereon he lives." Thos. Paschall "on the river," Abner Wellborn one near Thos. Dennis and Samuel Paschal, Andrew Elliott, Chas. Hammock, Arnold Zellner, and Jas. McCorial (?) hire slaves.

Page 73--PATTON, SOLOMON, dec'd. Polly, Solomon, Saberry and Wilfred Patton, his children, to their gdn. Lydia Patton board etc for two years. Jan. 6, 1817.
Page 77--Christopher Orr, admr. Paid Geo., Jas., and Jacob Patton, legatees. Paid Drury Stovall, Jr., gdn of David Patton, paid Philip Orr gdn of Lydia Patton, paid Lydia Patton legatee and gdn of four of the orphs, paid Jas. Henderson, gdn of Benj. Patton, and paid Wm. Phillips gdn of Matthew Patton. May 5, 1817.

Page 79--PATTERSON, JOHN A., dec'd. est. John W. Cooper, admr. "Received of Henry Ruddle for U. S. services done by John A. Patterson, $313.75." Mar. 4, 1816.
Page 235--Returns Mar. 2, 1818, John W. Cooper, admr. Received of the est of Isabella Patterson $67.00. Paid Drs. Pope and Abbott. Paid Isabella Patterson $35.00. Page 234--PATTERSON, ISABELLA, dec'd. Sale of 250 acres of land to Nelson Powell, he being the highest bidder. Aug. 5, 1817.

Page 77--POPE, NATHANIEL J., dec'd. Inv. Ludwell Fullilove, and Nicholas Sheats, admrs. Slaves, watch and books all the est. May 6, 1816.

Page 287--PEARMAN, WILLIAM, dec'd. est. Robt. Pearman excr. Paid Isaac Williams for coffin. Paid the wid. Isabella slave Lucy etc., paid Susannah H., and Samuel W. Pearman bed etc, according to the will. Furnished clothes etc for Weakly Pearman according to accounts rendered by S. W. Pearman. Signed by S. W., Wm., Susannah H., Elizabeth and Samuel W. Pearman as legatees in Morgan Co. Ga. May 1, 1818. Signed by Robt. Pearman and Simeon Walker in Wilkes Co. May 4, 1818.

Page 91--RUCKER, BEASLEY, dec'd. Elizabeth Rucker admx. Inv. Jan. 8, 1816.

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Page 101--RYAN, JOSEPH, dec'd. est. Felix H. Gilbert admr. Paid Gilley Lewis $1811.50 Apr. 9, 1813.

Page 101--STALLINGS, SALLY, gdn of Jesse, Jeremiah W., Louisa V., Sally and Simeon Stallings, orphs of Jesse Stallings. Returns for 1812, 1813, and as admx of Jesse Stallings, dec'd. no data.
Page 107--Returns of Guy Smith as gdn of above children in right of his wife Sally and as admr of Jesse Stallings dec'd. Paid Jesse, James and Simeon Stallings large amounts 1814-15, and his own expenses to Wilkinson Co. in 1815 on business for the est.

Page 110--SHORTER, JACOB, dec'd. orphs of. Receipt of D. Terrell, Clk. to Isaiah Irvin, gdn of Sally and Alfred Shorter for recording bond Jan. 18, 1812.
Page 111--Sally Shorter, admr of Jacob Shorter, dec'd. Returns of board, clothes etc for Selina M., Eliza B., and Henry A. Shorter, Jan. 18, 1812. Henry Shorter, admr, returns Apr. 5, 1813, paid Dr. John H. Pope.

Page 112--Paid Joshua Branham, agent for Elizabeth Branham $100.00 May 1, 1815.

Page 114--STARKE, THOMAS, dec'd. est. Alexander Cummins, excr. Paid Richard Hillyard and Thos. and Jones Starke legacies, Mar. 6, 1809.

Page 115--STARKE, ELIZABETH, dec'd. est. Alexander Cummins, excr. Paid certain sums to Jones Starke and Richard Hillyard, Mar. 5, 1810. On the same day Alex. swears that none of the est of said dec'd has ever come into his possession. On Mar. 5, 1800 Wm. Starke one of excrs of Thos. Starke, dec'd, gives a list of debts, and says the balance of the est is in the hands of the wid as per will of dec'd.

Page 317--STARK, PHILIP J., dec'd. est. Wm. Robertson, admr. Division of est $456.66 each to Mary, Wm., Thos., John, Sarah, Mary, (dau), Phoeby, Louisa and Philip J. Stark, Mar. 13, 1818.
Page 253--WM. ROBERTSON, admr. Sold all slaves by order of court Dec. 29, 1817. Slave Rachel belonging to Anna Stark, dec'd sold to Chineth Peteet. Sold 105 acres land on Kettle creek to Richard Henderson. Signed Mar. 2, 1818.

Page 123--SMALLWOOD, ELISHA, dec'd. est. Mark Smallwood, admr. Paid $7.75 each to Elisha and M. Smallwood, Elizabeth Hendrick and Jas. Johnson, all say "as my share of said est." Apr. 26, 1815.

Page 123--SUTTON, MOSES, gdn of Nancy Sutton. Paid Nancy $227.97. May 3, 1817.

Page 123--SAXON, DAVIS, dec'd. est. Polly Saxon, admx. Returns for 1808 no data.

Page 125--SEMMES, THOMAS, gdn of Thomas, minor of Roger Semmes, dec'd. Paid board Aug. 1809 to Mar. 1811.

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Page 127--Paid board Mar. 1811 to Mar. 1813. Paid for assessing land in Wayne Co. 1816.

Page 125--SIMS, WILLIAM, guardian of Emily P. Sims. Paid Mrs. Combs board 1813.
Page 127--Guardian of Frederick Sims, minor, paid Mrs. Combs and Wm. G. Grimes for board Jul. 4, 1814.

Page 129--SIMPSON, JAMES, dec'd. John N. Simpson, admr. Paid John Smith for coffin, Dr. Joel Abbott for services. Paid Lucy Simpson, Lucy Murphy, John Lockhart, Jonathan Fouche, Easter Simpson and Richardson Booker their parts of est and paid myself my part. Jul. 5, 1813.

Page 285--SHERRER, ELIJAH, gdn of Anna Steel. Paid Jas. Moreman $45.00 in right of his wife Anna. Jan. 6, 1818.

Page 301--SHERRER, JAMES, dec'd,. est. Wm. Sherrer and Jas. Rutledge, excrs. Paid Elijah Sherrer and Allen Mabry their legacies. Jul. 15, 1818.

Page 161--THOMPSON, JOSEPH, dec'd. est. Henry B. Thompson, excr. Receipts of William, Elizabeth, and Jas. B. Thompson, John Tarver and Andrew G. Semmes for their legacies. Nov. 5, 1810.

Page 153--TYSON, ISAAC, dec'd. est. Elizabeth Tyson, Admx. Paid Chas. Stewart, gdn of William, Aaron and Clary Tyson $190.00, Nov. 1, 1811.
Page 155--Paid Elizabeth Tyson, admx, board for Semantha, Eason, Patsy and Moses Tyson, 1809, 1810, 1816.

Page 161--TOLES, JAMES, Sr., dec'd. est. Jas. Toles, Jr., admr. Paid Rebecca and Mary Toles and John Hamilton $26.40 each. May 5, 1817.

Page 169--WILLIS, JAMES, dec'd. est. Jones Kendrick, excr. Paid Jenny and Joshua Willis, admrs Jas. Willis (Jr.?) $604.12. Mar. 3, 1817.

Page 175--WYNNE, OBEDIAH, dec'd. est. Wm. Booker, admr. Paid Martha M. Booker, $30.00, Nov. 4, 1811.

Page 179--WHITE, ROBERT, dec'd. est. John and Zachariah Williams swear to an account Mar. 7, 1819.

Page 185--WILDER, DRED, dec'd. est. Amount of money etc delivered to the heirs; To Jesse Cody legacy to his wife Fanny and son Dred; to Sampson Wilder and to Wm. Bullard for Jesse Bullard all legacies in full. Henry Champion, excr. Aug. 31, 1811.

Page 311--WALKER, JESSE, dec'd. est. David Glaze, admr. Paid Peter Strozier, gdn of Lettice Walker, paid Thos. Formby by order and power of atty from Polly Walker, paid Jos. and Samuel Walker, all called distributees. Nov. 2, 1818.

Page 181--WILLIAMS, DRURY, dec'd. est. Jonathan Webster, excr. Paid

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Jesse Williams for his mother (not named) and paid John Williams, admr of est of Geo. Williams, part of legacies. Jun. 2, 1810.

Page 183--WINGFIELD, JOHN, Jr., dec'd. est. Mary Wingfield, excx. Paid Robt. B. Washington tuition for three children 1803. Paid Wm. Prince tuition for Patsy, Garland and John, 1805. Mar. 7, 1809.

Page 236--WINGFIELD, JOHN, dec'd. est. Wm. Simpson, admr. Sold 200 acres on Rocky creek Wilkes Co., to Wm. McMikin. Sold 1000 acres on Apalachee river Clarke Co. Sold 405 acres on Barbers creek, Clarke Co., to Aaron Tilghman, proceeds to be divided among eight legatees. Paid David Sims, Dep. Surveyor of Clarke Co. Paid legacies to John Terrell, gdn of John L., Sarah G., Ann O., and Overton Wingfield 1815-16. Paid Elizabeth, Garland, Frances, John L. and Sarah Wingfield legatees 1817-18. Paid Lucius Dyampert, legatee and myself legatee in right of my wife. All signed Mar. 2, 1818.