The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.

Armstrong, James
Ailison, Rebecca
Appling, Joel
Anthony, Micajah T.
Anthony, Ann
Armor, Amanda E.
Anthony, M. R.
Anderson, Thomas
Arnold, Allen J.
Arnett, S. A.
Adams, Zelotas
Arnold, Moses
Blakey, Churchwell
Booker, William, Sr.
Barnett, Samuel
Baird, William
Bankston, Lawrence
Branham, Francis
Bradley, William D.
Bell, John
Booker, Richeson
Benson, William
Bradley, W. D.
Barnett, Eliza W.
Booker, Richerson
Brown, L. S.
Bailey, Russell, Sr.
Booker, Esther
Burns, Samuel T.
Blakey, Judith C.
Brown, Sarah A.
Bailey, George
Barnett, P. J.
Bufford, W. D.
Branham, M. W.
Barrett, Robt. T.
Crews, Benedictine
Cofer, John
Corbet, Eleanor
Carter, Reuben
Collins, Gibson
Chivers, James A.
Callaway, Woodson
Callaway, Enoch
Cox, William R.
Cade, James
Callaway, Chenoth
Callaway, Seaborn
Colly, Francis
Colly, Henry F.
Chase, John D.

End of Page 161 - Start of Page 162

Colly, Demsy C.
Cleveland, A. A.
Colley, Spain
Callaway, S. W.
Callaway, Parker
Callaway, Mary Ann
Cofer, J. B.
Dozier, James
Dodson, John
Danner, David
Dozier, Elizabeth
Daniel, Jane E.
Dye, William
Dunaway, Samuel
Dearing, Elijah
Ellington, Thos. J.
Ellington, Henry T.
Edmonds, Sarah R.
Eidson, John
Evens, Arden, Sr.
Formby, Nancy
Ficklin, Fielding
Fouche, Daniel
Frazier, Nancy
Gresham, William
Garrard, John
Graves, Catharine
Gullatt, Nancy
Gullatt, Peter
Gresham, C. W.
Gresham, Kaufman
Gresham, George
Gresham, Mary W.
Hatchett, Edward
Huguley Rebecca
Howson, Elizabeth
Henderson, Joseph
Holliday, Allen
Hill, Wiley
Hinton, James
Huguley, Alley
Hillhouse, David P.
Henderson, Helen B.
Harris, Mary
Hopkins, Isaac
Heard, Jesse
Hubbard, Mary Ann
Hill, Wiley P.
Henry, Dexter
Hunter, Thomas T.
Heard, Isaac (col'd)
Harty, Mary
Irvin, I. T. Sr.
Jones, Thomas
Jones Samuel
Johnson, Jacob
Jarrett, Johnson T.
Jordan, John
Jackson, Sarah
Jones, Mary A.
Killgore, William
King, Mary
Kendrick, Jones
Killgore, Mary T.
Kappell, Diana M.
Lindsey, James