The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 82--ALLISON, JOHN, to wife, not named, all property for life, final division to two sons Alex. and Wm. To wife slaves Patty, Judy and her three children, Phillis, Harriett and Tom. To son Alex. a slave Ben, to son Wm., a slave Tom. To daus. Mary and Nancy bed $25.00 etc. when est is settled. To wife Lot No. 336, 16th, Dist. Irwin Co. Sons David and Alex. Excrs. Signed Jan. 10, 1822. Probated Mar. 4, 1822. Chas. R. Carter, John Nesbit, E. W. McLaughlin, Test.

Page 201--ANDERSON, MARY, all children living at her death to share equally in all property, also grandau. Elizabeth Heard, wife of John Heard, children of daus. Sally Davis, dec'd, of Jane Heard, dec'd, grandsons Edward and John Anderson, sons of son John R. Anderson, dec'd. "Whereas I am entitled to two draws in the contemplated land lottery, one as citizens widow, one as widow of Revolutionary soldier, I give the draws to my son Thos. Anderson." Signed May 29, 1826. Probated Nov. 10, 1826. Jas. Baird, Caleb Sappington, Wm. Muse, Test.

Page 390--ARNETT, SAMUEL, To son Henry W. Arnett's children certain slaves and cash, to son Seaborn, slaves, to dau. Nancy, wife of Wm. Gloze certain slaves already received, to dau. Polly Newman wife of Wm., slaves, to wife, not named the home farm, stock, implements etc to go to son Oliver C. Arnett at her death. To Mildred Steed and Patience Paschal $100.00 each, relationship not given. Wife Ann, sole excx. Signed Mar. 27, 1834. Probated May 2, 1836. Richardson Booker, J. J. West, John Coleman, J. P., R. J. Holliday, Test.

Page 114--BOWLES, JUDITH, All property in Ga. and Va. to be equally divided between Gideon Boles Bunch and Hannah Crews Bunch, orphs. of Pouncey Bunch, late of Wilkes Co. dec'd, and his wife Sarah Bunch, who has in her possession several slaves. Property in Va., consists of 350 acres in Goochland Co. and five slaves. David Bunch of Wilkes Co. and Thos. Hughes of Fluvanna Co. Va., Excrs. Signed Aug. 21, 1822. Probated Nov. 4, 1822. Benj. Wootten, Lemuel Wootten, Powhatan B. Thurmond, Test.

Page 208--BRADFORD, SAMUEL. All property to beloved wife Elizabeth, to dispose of as she thinks proper, she to be sole Excx. Signed Jan. 21, 1826. Probated Jan. 1, 1827. Henry Jossey, Geo. Wynne, John Nickels, Test.

Page 234--BUTLER, FRANCIS W. All estate to John W. Butler and Stephen G. Pettus' in trust for my three children, Frances A. S. Butler, David E. B. Butler and Elizabeth S. W. Butler, all under age, all to be

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educated. Signed Jul. 13, 1826. Probated Sept. 3, 1827. John B. Lennard, Lewis S. Brown, Osborn Stone, Test.

Page 333--BURDETT, JOHN. To dau. Elizabeth Bell Mullikin the tract of land on which she and her husband Benj. Mullikin live. To dau. Sally Woodruff, slave Lucy and what she has already received. To dau. Nancy Wright, slave Maria and what she has already received. All to be kept together till death of wife for her support and education of minor children, not named. Signed Dec. 3, 1828. Probated Jun. 5, 1832. Richardson Booker, Benajah Prather, Wm. W. Prather, Test.

Page 337--BESHEL, JOHN. All property to be equally divided amongst wife and children, not named. Wife Martha O. Beshel and Silas M. Echols, Excrs. Signed Apr. 6, 1833. Probated Jun. 4, 1833. Caleb Sappington, Thos. Favor, Chas. W. McKnight, Test.

Page 339--BURROUGHS, PEGGY. To dau. Elizabeth Mathews slave Reuben etc. To dau. Mary Burroughs four slaves etc. To grandsons Jas. B. and Aquilla B. Matthews all silver on hand. Abraham Mathews, Excr. Signed Oct. 2, 1824. Probated Jul. 1, 1833. Josiah Tuck, Isaac Eason, Test.

Page 345--BOROM, PEGGY, To dau. Elizabeth O. D. Borom, slave Federick, To dau. Mary H. Borom slave Sim. To dau. Margaret D. Carter slave Manuel. To son Benj. F. Borom slaves Eliza, Harriett and Abraham. To son Jas. B. Borom slaves Geo. and Henry. To son Thos. D., $100.00 Benj. F. and Elizabeth O. D. Borom, Excrs. Signed Mar. 19, 1830. Probated Nov. 5, 1832. John B. Lennard, Mary Lennard, Test.

Page 356--BREWER, HOPKINS W. All estate to wife Margaret J. Brewer except $300.00 in trust of brother Thos. Brewer to be paid to his son Edmund B. Brewer at majority, and the same for his dau Adeline Brewer to be given her at marriage or majority, wife Margaret J. to superintend the education of said niece and nephew. To brother Edmund B. Brewer my gold watch. All my interest in Gold Lots to be managed as excr sees fit. Wife Margaret J., sole Excx, to be assisted by Alex. Pope and Augustus H. Gibson. Signed Jul. 10, 1833. Probated Mar. 3, 1834. Garnett Andrews, Robt. R. Randolph, Daniel Chandler, Test.

Page 363--BENSON, WILLIAM. All property to wife Sally to manage as she sees fit. The two Gold Lots drawn in the late Land Lottery to be sold, the proceeds to belong to wife Sally, wife to render all assistance to daus during life, property to be equally divided among our several children at her death. Wife Sally and N. G. Barksdale, Excrs. Signed Mar. 17, 1834. Probated Sept. 1, 1836. Sarah Seal, John B. McLean, Test.

Page 379--BARRETT, LEWIS. Plantation where I live, stock etc., to wife Patsy for life, at her death land to son Richard Lucy Barrett. To dau Polly H. Barrett, bed etc. To son John P., Volly Callaway, Nancy

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Reynolds, Robt., and Erasmus Barrett, $1.00 each. Wife Patsy and Josiah Tuck, Excrs. Signed Oct. 18, 1828. Luke Turner, Wm. O. Rutledge, Nathan Brazill, Chas. Smith, J. P., Test.
Codicil. Having given in two draws in the Lottery of the Gold region and two in the Land Lottery of the Cherokee Country, I bequeath the same to wife Patsy and dau Volly H. Barrett. Signed Jan. 26, 1832. Probated Mar. 2, 1835. Luke Turner, Lewis B. Callaway, Jas. D. Willis, J. P., Test.

Page 1--CALLAWAY, WILLIAM. To brothers and sisters, Joseph, Joshua, Luke and Jesse Callaway and Lydia Boren equal share of all estate. Signed Apr. 25, 1816. Probated May 3, 1819. Jas. Cooper, Wm. Cooper, Preston Brooks, Test.

Page 60--CALLAWAY, JOHN. To wife Bethany for life, one third of plantation whereon I now live, stock, slaves, etc. To son Job a debt of $600.00. To son John certain slaves. To son Isaac 100 acres in Madison county adj. Geo. Jarrett (?). To son Enoch slave and two-thirds of the home plantation. To daus. Nancy Carrington, Bethany Talbot, Betsy Jarrell, Pheby Strozier, Mary Thrash, Lydia Thrash and Adda Milner, certain slaves each. To grandchildren, Jacob Whittaker, Isaac and Arnold Whittaker (?) horse at majority. Sons John and Enoch, Excrs. Signed Apr. 13, 1819. Probated Sept. 3, 1821. Thos. D. McLaughlin, Theopilus Warthen, Mary H. Warthen, Test.

Page 77--COHRON, JOSEPH. To wife Elizabeth slaves, horse, household goods etc. all other property to be equally divided amongst "my children," not named. John Scott to act as Excr. with Joshua Morgan, until son Jesse reaches majority. Signed Jan. 20, 1821. Probated Jun. 4, 1821. Ignatius Semmes, Cornelius Cohron, Sr., Mary Hillyard, Test.

Page 120--CALLAWAY, ISAAC. To eldest dau. Elizabeth R. Callaway, wife of Emesa Callaway certain property already received. Residue to wife Polly for life or widowhood, to be equally divided amongst my children not named, at her death. Wife Polly, friends John Barret and Josiah B. Holmes, Excrs. Signed Sept. 24, 1822. Probated Jan. 6, 1823. Reuben Echols, Silas Reynolds, Lewis Barrett, Test.

Page 124--CHAFFIN, ISHAM. To wife Patience household goods, horses, stock etc for life or widowhood, final division to all her children. To son John, slave Cezar etc. To dau. Catherine Phillips slave Biddy etc. To dau. Patsy Malone, slave Nite etc. To son Lemuel, Lot No. 156, Morgan Co., whereon he lives and slave Willis. To son Thos. land whereon I now live on Kettle creek adj Geo. Smith and others, slave Martin. To dau. Elizabeth Malone slave Jenny etc. To dau. Nancy Montgomery slave Rose. To dau. Rebecca Chaffin slave Nancy. To dau. Alatha Chaffin slave Lucy. To dau. Harriett slave Sally etc. Slaves Kitt, Milly and Anthony to be in charge of son Thos. for benefit of his mother for life, final division to all daus. Some of children by last

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wife unmarried. Sons Lemuel and Thos., Excrs. Signed May 23, 1822. Probated Mar. 3, 1823. Wm. Evans, Thos. Daniel, Joel P. Leverett, Test.

Page 156--CAIN, JACOB. To daus. Lucy Wyatt Harrison, Sally Lockett Cain, Betsy Pride Cain, Patsy Wyatt Cain, son Jas. Battle Cain, certain sums, one, two, three, four and five years after his death. To four daus above mentioned 490 acres in Wayne Co. which he drew. To wife Elizabeth Lamar Cain land where I live, stock etc, for life or widowhood final division to following children, Jacob Newton Lamar Cain, Hardy Whitfield Cain, Caroline Frances Cain, and John Milton Cain, all slaves to remain on plantation till son Jacob Newton Lamar Cain reaches majority, then to be given the last named children as they come of age. Signed Aug. 28, 1816. Isaac Jones, Ludwell Fullilove, Elizabeth Fullilove, Test.

Page 158--CAIN, JACOB. To wife Elizabeth L., the plantation on which I live for life, final division to her children, Jacob N. L., Hardy W., Caroline, John M., and Miriam Matilda Ann Cain, certain slaves, household furniture etc. Land on Little river on which I formerly lived to be sold for the education of the above named five children. 490 acres on St. Illa river, Wayne Co., to children Jas. B. Cain, Lucy W. Harrison, Sarah O. Kain, Elizabeth P. Miller, and Patsy J. Sherrer. To five younger children remaining slaves at majority of Jacob N. L. Cain. Wife Elizabeth L. and Michael Martin, Excrs. Signed Feb. 23, 1820. Thos. L. Gilmer, Ann L. Gilmer, Test.
Caveat, Elijah Sherrer and wife, Jas. Miller and wife, vs. Mrs. Elizabeth L. Cain. First will set up as to real estate, last will set up as to personal estate. Aug. 24, 1824.

Page 184--CRAWFORD, WILLIAM L. of Columbia Co., atty in fact for Oliver Williams of Lewiston (?) Co. Ala., appointed Sept. 10, 1823. To John Cliett, 62 acres on Kemps creek Wilkes Co., sold to said Owen Williams by Wm. Steel May 20, 1806. Mar. 3, 1825. Littleberry Clanton, Joseph Ware, Test. Sworn to in Columbia Co. by Jos. Ware.

Page 203--CADE, ROBERT. Estate to be equally divided between wife Rodah H. and my four children, Louisa, Reuben S., Anderson J., and Wm. R., to be kept together till children reach majority. Wife Rodah H., and Marshall Martin, Excrs. Signed Apr. 13, 1826. Probated Jan. 1, 1827. Jas. Cade, Jr., Jos. A. Green, Henderson G. Wade, Test.

Page 204--CRATON, JOHN. To wife Mary Ann certain slaves to be disposed of as she sees fit, land whereon we live with all appurtenances for life, to son Sylvester at her death, with a number of slaves. If he dies without heirs to go to all grandchildren. To grandsons, Richard H. and John C. Stokes, bed, furniture etc. To three daus. Susannah, Elizabeth Matilda and Eliza Sophia, $100.00 each. Certain slaves to all my grandchildren when the youngest comes of age, viz, Bennett Wheeler, Jefferson Wheeler, Washington Wheeler, John S. Wheeler,

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Julian Bray, Richard H. Stokes, John C. Stokes, and John Walton. To the trustees of the Roman Catholic Chapel in Warren Co., to help to stock the lot of land given by Jos. Thompson, dec'd for the use of the citizens of said place, $100.00. Wife and son Silvester, Excrs. Signed Feb. 3, 1826. Probated Jan. 1, 1827. Bolling Anthony, Jos. Wheatley, Peter W. Pullin, Test.

Page 211--COOKSEY, JOHN W. To wife Hannah land whereon I live, several slaves etc. for life, final division to all children. Residue to be paid to each child as they reach majority, not named. Wife Hannah and friend Henry Nalls and Wm. Kilgore, Excrs. Signed Dec. 6, 1825 Probated May 7, 1827. John N. Simpson, Vincent B. Lowe, Lewis Parks, Test.

Page 244--CURRY, PETER. To son Jacob, slave Solomon, to son Peter M., slave Elisha, to dau Elizabeth Russell slave Nelson, to son Henry slave Isaac, to son Willis slave Samuel, to dau Jane Burton land whereon I now live, to son Wylie slave Abram. Willis and Wiley Curry, Excrs. Signed Nov. 2, 1827. Probated Mar. 3, 1828. Jas. Matthews, Jr., Michael L. Anderson, John Landrum, Test.

Page 325--COLEMAN, THOMPSON. To wife Sarah all estate to be divided at her death amongst sons John and Jas., and daus. Sarah and Nancy. Daus. and son Jas. to be supported out of the estate. Wife Sarah and sons John and Jas., Excrs. Signed Jul. 31, 1823. Probated Dec. 17, 1831. Benj. F. Ward, Lucinda D. Coleman, Frances Ward, Test.

Page 48--DORSEY, JARRAT or JARED. 600 acres whereon I live, adj. John Lawson on Little river, slave Jacob etc to be sold, and a pair of cart wheels at Nancy Dawsey's. To Lemuel, Seaborn, Rebecca, Eliza, Benj. and Wm. Dawsey $100.00 each. Residue to be left in the hands of excrs. till all my children come of age, then equal division. Signed Nov. 18, 1820. Probated Jan. 1, 1821. Wife Nancy & bro. Thos. Excrs. Thos. G. Janes, Shelton Lawson, Wm. Robertson, J. P., Test.

Page 74--DANIEL, JAMES of Oglethorpe Co. To the heirs of son Jas. Daniel, dec'd, the land where the widow now lives, slaves and $200.00 which I paid bro. Wm. Daniel for son Jas. To son Cunningham Daniel the land whereon he now lives, slaves etc. To son John the land whereon he now lives, slaves etc. The plantation whereon my son Wm. Daniel, dec'd lived to his little dau. Elizabeth Wm. Daniel. To son Williams widow and his dau. Elizabeth W. Daniel above named certain slaves. To daughter Jane Daniel slaves, $1000.00, bed etc for life. To daughter Sarah Ellington and her children by Josiah Ellington, 3 slaves. To son-in-law John Colbert a slave. To son Samuel that part of a tract on Fishing creek next to Jos. Watsons, and slaves. To son Thos. the remainder of above tract on Fishing creek and Oconee river. To Nancy Daniel, late consort of Richard Daniel, dec'd and their child Frances, the 100 acres whereon he lived at his death, $800.00 etc. To son David the plantation whereon I live, slaves etc. Daughter Jane Daniel to

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continue to use the two rooms and closet in the east end of my dwelling for life or marriage. In either case, the whole house to belong to son David. Sons Cunningham, John and Samuel, Excrs. Signed Sept. 28, 1819. Probated Nov. 5, 1821. Jas. A. Cunningham, Garnett Andrews, Test.

Page 104--DENT, MARY M. To son Jos. M., Lot No. 264, 18th, Dist. Henry Co., drawn by me in the late Land Lottery. To son John T., $100.00. Residue to be equally divided among my five children, towit; Michael L., John T., Jos. M. Sarah and Pricy Dent. Son John T. Dent, Excr. Signed Jul 5, 1822. Probated Nov. 4, 1822. Joshua Render, Wm. Murphey, Hezekiah Montgomery, Test.

Page 225--DEARING, ASA of Lawrence Co. Ala. To nephew John Thos. Dearing son of Wm. Dearing, certain slaves. To niece Eliza Margaret Ann Dearing dau. of Wm., $3900.00 now on interest and my portrait. To Thos. A. Pasture (relationship not given), my horse, saddle and bridle. To brother Anson Dearing of Culpepper Co. Va., all property in Va., provided he pays my debts in Va. To brother Wm. Dearing, he paying all debts against me in the state, all he owes me and the house and lot in Courtland. Brother Wm., sole Excr. Signed Sept. 21, 1826. Gideon G. Williams, Test. Probated at Moulton, Lawrence Co. Ala. Wednesday after the first Monday in Mar. 1827, on the application of Thos. A. Pasture, it appearing to the court that Asa Dearing had no relatives in Ala. Recorded in Book "B" pp. 178, 179.

Page 242--DOUGLAS, MARTHA. All property to son Thos. Douglas, consisting of a slave Patsy, cattle, household furniture etc. Son Thos. and Robt. Pearman, Excrs. Signed Sept. 2, 1827. Wm. Pearman, Susannah H. Pearman, Test. At a court held Dec. 11, 1827, interrogatories were ordered sent to Susannah Pearman, to be taken by Simeon Walker and W. J. Pearman, which was done in Morgan Co., Dec. 20, 1827 and the will admitted to probate.

Page 271--DARRACOTT, GARLAND W. To wife Mary, a bed, coverlet and pair of sheets. To my two children Francis and Rebecca Darracott, both minors, residue of all real and personal estate. Thos. Jones of Elbert Co., Herbert Darracott of S. C., and Jas. Wingfield and Thos. Terrell of this county, Excrs. Signed Nov. 1, 1827. Probated Jun. 18, 1829. Thos. Terrell, Edward Ballard, Jas. Wingfield, Test.

Page 321--DAVIS, WILLIAM. To wife Nancy for life land and plantation whereon I now live, supplies, eleven slaves etc. except a bed to dau. Nancy E. Davis. To dau Elizabeth Orr slave Amy and $800.00. To dau. Elizabeth wife of Wm. Henderson slave Agg and money already paid Jonathan Davis on Wm's note. To son Wm., slaves and land already given him, and more land adj. Jonathan Philips. To son Jonathan several slaves already in his possession. To dau. Nancy E. Davis six slaves etc. To son Jeptha V., to son Isaac N., to son James and to son

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Jesse, slaves already in their possession. To dau. Tabitha C. Stephens slaves already in her possession. Property given to wife for life to be sold at her death and all children to be made equal with son Wm. Grandsons Robt. and Wm. Orr to have $250.00 each. Sons Jeptha V. and Isaac N., Excrs. Signed Mar. 1, 1831. Probated Nov. 7, 1831. Jonathan Phelps, Edward D. Little, Abner Reeves, Test.

Page 370--DOUGLAS, THOMAS, noncupative. Died Dec. 20, 1832 at the home of Jas. Huling. Gives all property to brother Berry Douglas. Proved by oaths of Jas. Huling and Thos. L. Wootten, Dec. 26, 1832.

Page 27--ELLINGTON, DAVID. To wife Jane the plantation whereon I now live, purchased of Stephen Gafford, plantation tools, stock etc., final division to all children, except John Hendrick, Daniel Dupree, John Biggers and Wm. Ellington, who have received $400.00 each. After the rest of the children (not named) receive this amount, the above named to share equally. Jane Ellington and Chas. R. Carter, Excrs. Signed Sept. 17, 1812. Probated Mar. 6, 1821. John Moore, Wm. Grant, Test.

Page 109--EVANS, WILLIAM. To wife Elizabeth all that part of my land upon which I now live on the east side of the road from the French Store to Chinath Peteet's, with such furniture as she needs, 15 slaves etc., for life or widowhood, final division when youngest child is of age, in case of death or marriage of wife. To son Jas. the land whereon he lives, slaves etc. To son-in-law Chinath Peteet land whereon he lives etc already received. To dau. Susannah, slaves etc, the above three children to be made equal. Rest of slaves to be used on land mentioned for the benefit of my younger children, all minors (not named), except son Wm., who must have a liberal education in surveying, languages, etc. Jas. Evans, Wm. Robertson, and John T. Daniel, Excrs. Signed Sept. 3, 1822. Probated Nov. 4, 1822. Joel P. Leverett, Thos. Daniel, Cunningham Daniel, David Ogletree, Test.

Page 129--ECKLES, THOMAS. All debts to be paid, final division of residue among all legal heirs as they come of age, except youngest child Caroline to be reared by sister-in-law Peggy Eckles, wife of Elijah Eckles, a slave Hagar to be sent with her for her support till 16, then to be hired out till Caroline is 21. A. M. Matthews and Joel Hood, Excrs. Signed Mar. 13, 1823. Probated May 5, 1823. John Moore, Isaac Eason, Joel Eckles, Test.

Page 282--ECKLES, EDWARD, Sr. Land whereon I live to be sold, one-fourth of proceeds to Mary Morgan's children, one part to dau. Nancy Cowden, one part to dau. Jemima Wheatley's three daughters, Epoly, Polly Ann, and Esther Wheatley at marriage or majority, one part to dau. Rebecca Carouth. To children of son Thos. Eckles, dec'd, $95.00 at marriage or majority. Residue to be equally divided between son Nathan Eckles, dau. Nancy Morgan's children and dau. Rebecca

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Carouth. Signed Aug. 15, 1829. Probated Nov. 17, 1829. Son Nathan Eckles, Excr. Thos. Faver, Sebron Moore, Nathan Eckles, Jr., Test.

Page 310--EASON, ISAAC. To wife Elizabeth, slaves, furniture, cattle etc for life, to belong to son Parker Eason at her death. To Abraham M. Matthews $5.00. To grandson Geo. W. Matthews four slaves. If he dies before majority, to be equally divided between my son Parker Eason and Abraham Matthews. Son Parker and wife Elizabeth, Excrs. Signed Dec. 18, 1825. Probated Sept. 1, 1830. John Wise, Jas. Beveridge, Test.

Page 38--FLYNT, JOHN. Two tracts of land, one whereon I now live in Wilkes Co. and one in Jasper Co. to be sold. To wife Sally one-third of estate, final division to surviving children and grandchildren, not named. Confirms former gifts to my several children, and gives to sons Augustus W. and Geo. slaves, residue to be divided among all children, Nicholas Flynt excepted. Sally Flynt and Jones Kendrick, Excrs. Signed Sept. 15, 1820. Probated Nov. 6, 1820. Benj. Porter, Michael Pearson, Wm. Albert, Test.

Page 86--FARRAL, JOHN, Sr. To wife Catherine all property for life to be distributed among the children as she sees fit, the land at her death to son Alfred and his three sisters, unless Alfred should draw land as his two brothers did, in that event, the three sisters to have the land. Catherine Farroll, Excx. Signed Feb. 6, 1822. Probated Mar. 4, 1822. Jas. Goodwin, John W. Poyner, J. P. Test.

Page 278--FOSTER, WILLIAM S. To wife Susanna certain slaves, cattle, horses and such kitchen and household furniture as she chooses, and the house and land on which I live for life, provided my son Jos. S. Foster be allowed to live on said land, said land to be his in fee simple at death of my wife Susanna. All other property to be sold for division among all lawful heirs, except dau. Nancy shall draw out her part in proportion to the number of her children, balance to be put in possession of Jas. Lee's children, or their guardian. Mitchell Henderson having received two slaves, and his wife my dau. being dead, he is further excluded, but to his sons Jos. and Thos. Henderson one distributive share at majority. Son-in-law Lemuel Melear excluded from further share in estate, but to be used for Patsy Melear and her children. Jos. S. Foster and Robt Simpson, Excrs. Signed Sept. 4, 1828. Probated Nov. 2, 1829. Alex. Huson, Robt. Simpson, John Rice, Sr. Test.

Page 20--FLUKER, OWEN. To son Isaac the land whereon I live, slave Isham, still and large Bible. To son John $5.00. To dau. Lucy Ashmore slave Harry. To dau. Betty Fluker slave Fanny, household goods etc. To heirs of dau. Susannah Morgan $500.00. To dau. Mary Jackson $385.00. To Patience Varner's son Jas. feather bed. To grandson Owen T. Fluker, son of Isaac my saddle. Residue to be divided among four daughters above mentioned. Son Isaac and Wm. Robertson, Sr., Excrs.

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Signed Aug. 8, 1815. Probated Nov. 1, 1819. Bartholomew Johnson, Henry Walker, Sarah Johnson, Wm. Walker, Test.

Page 64--GOODWIN, GEORGE. To son Robinson Goodwin in N. C., $10.00. Plantation whereon I live to be sold at death of wife Rebecca and half the proceeds to go to dau. Patsy Harris, and slave Eliza. To dau. Amelia Palmer slave Phillis, her increase to be divided amongst Geo. Wilson and Hezekiah Palmer, sons of Amelia at her death. To dau. Amy Alston slave Taliaferro. To dau. Elizabeth Stewart slave Jenny. To dau. Catherine Harris slave Enia, final division to their children. To son Henry slaves Anthony and Judy. To son Wm., $1.00. To dau. Rebecca one fourth of proceeds of plantation at death of wife, dau Catherine one fourth. Wife Rebecca and Samuel Brooks, Excrs. Signed Aug. 8, 1819. Probated Aug. 10, 1821. John Wellmaker, Geo. Poss, Sr., Samuel Brooks, Test.

Page 119--GIDDINGS, FRANCIS. To wife Elizabeth all estate for life or widowhood, one third in event of marriage, which is to be equally divided among all children (not named) at her death, she to give each a childs part at marriage or majority. John Dyson, Henry Gibson, Excrs. Signed Feb. 27, 1819. Probated Jan. Term 1823. Peter Gullatt, Robt. W. Collier, J. P., Benajah S. Killgore, Test.

Page 131--GRIER (GREER), ROBERT, Sr, of Dallas Co. Ala. To wife Margaret the land whereon I live, stock, slaves etc. To son Robt., slave Daphne. To dau Mary Johnson slave John. To dau Betsy Grier slave Ben. To dau Peggy Key slave Pratt in her possession. To granddaughter Margaret Grier, dau of Robt. and Betsy a slave Sarah. To granddaughter Margaret Grier, dau of Robt. and Mary three slaves, Keziah, Jemmima and Hilary. To granddaughter Margaret Key slave Cecelia. At the death of wife, all property sold and to grandson Robt. Grier Johnson $500.00. To grandson Robt. Calvin Grier $500.00. To granddaughter Margaret Johnson $400.00. Granddaughter Margaret Grier who lives with me to draw her slaves at marriage. Sons Isaac and Robt., Excrs. Signed Apr. 6, 1822. Proven in Dallas Co. Ala., Dec. 4, 1822, on oaths of John Kuykendall, Henry Beard, Isaac Davidson, Barnhard Johnson, Test.

Page 173--GRANT, WILLIAM. To be buried near his two children at a place formerly belonging to my father, at this time to Mr. Pettus. Advises sale of house and lot in Washington, now occupied by the family, too large for a private family, and if agreeable to wife and all concerned, a farm purchased and slaves given him by his father to cultivate it till their service expires agreeable to an Act of Legislature, and the will of his grandfather Daniel Grant, women at 28 years men at 31 years. All property to be kept by wife for support of herself and children, equal division upon her death or marriage. Having given his dau Nancy Richardson Grant a family Bible which cost $30.00, gives son Thos. his set of Clarks Commentary, later issues to be bound to

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match, and each of the other children, viz; Augustin and Eliza Jane, "and any others I may have," to be made equal in gifts of religious books, particularly Wesley's Life and Sermons, each to have a Bible, these books to be selected by elders or ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and given to the children at the age of 15 years as gifts from an affectionate father, urging them to read and profit by them. Then follows pages of advice as to conduct, honesty in their chosen profession, avoidance of holding public office, kindness to servants and all with whom they come in contact, not to become security in any financial obligation, to associate with only decent temperate people, and to give marriage most serious consideration. Then follows scripture quotations, and finally he appoints his wife Ketturah C. Grant and brothers Daniel and Thos., Excrs. Signed Feb. 23, 1825, Probated Jul. 5, 1825. Samuel Barnett, Jas. Wingfield, Jas. A. Groves, Test.

Page 187--GARDNER, VERLINDA. To friends Gasaway Davis, Peter Crawford and Robt. W. Williams, Excrs, hereinafter named, Lot No. 11, 11th. Dist. Houston Co., 202 1/2 acres granted in my own name, several slaves, five feather beds, horses, cattle, household goods etc, in trust to be equally divided amongst the heirs of my dau Rachel A. Davis at marriage or majority. Mentions debt of Son-in-law Wm. Davis, secured by mortgage on slaves, which she disposes of likewise. Signed May 8, 1824. Probated Mar. 6, 1826. Lewellen Evans, Jr., Lewellen Evans, Sr., Ann E. O. Hawes, Test.
(Note) Verlinda was the second wife of Lewis Gardner, Sr. of Richmond and Columbia counties.

Page 299--GRIFFIN, OWEN. All property to wife Elizabeth for life or widowhood, final division to her and my two children John W. Griffin and Sarah Ann Frances Griffin. Wife Elizabeth and Thos. Blakey, Excrs. Signed Dec. 21, 1828. Probated Sept. 6, 1830. John S. Walker, Amos Chunn, Jr., Thos. Anderson, Test.

Page 223--GIBSON, JOHN. To wife Mildred for life, final division to her children, plantation where I live and 17 slaves, my four wheel carriage, match horses etc, my gold watch, mill and ten acres around it. A slave Henry for life, at her death to grandson Owen Willis. To the children of Thornton Gibson $300.00. To dau Mildred Bull three slaves, at her death to her children. To son Benj. the tract of land on which he lives, excepting 10 acres adj the mill. To son Geo. $500.00. Residue to be divided into six equal parts, one each to beloved wife, to son-in-law Jacob Lewis' children, to daughters Matilda Allison, Mildred Bull, Lucinda Maddox, and Sarah Sims, to son Benj. Debt of Gilbert & Gibson now under suit in the name of David Allison, if recovered to be equally divided amongst my wife's children. N. Lewis and David Allison, Excrs. Signed Apr. 11, 1826. Probated Feb. 6, 1827. Fielding Ficklen, M. D., John Dewberry, Robt. Allison, Test.

End of Page 134 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 135

Page 312--GOODWIN, JAMES. All estate to wife Joannah for life or widowhood, to dispose of as she thinks proper, including all my interest in two draws in the Land Lottery. Wife Joannah and son Hector T. Goodwin, Excrs. Signed Aug. 4, 1826. Probated Jan. 3, 1831. Thos Ferrel, Washington Woolbright, Geo. W. Johnson, J. P., Test.

Page 346--GRANT, WILLIAM A. Mentions a deed of trust of several slaves to Thos. Beng. and Mark A. Lane for the sole use of his dau. Eugenia A. Griffin for life, to her children at her death, of several slaves which is one third of his estate. One third to wife (not named), one third to dau. Amelia Ann Grant. Thos. Beng and Edmund B. Cobb, Excrs Signed Feb. 15, 1833. Probated Sept. 27, 1833. Albert Rees, Elbert G. Harris, Hopkins W. Brewer, Test.

Page 56--GRAVES, SARAH. To dau. Gracey Harper, slave Peggy and her child Phillis, best bed and clothing. To dau. Elenor Bird, one bed and clothing. To son Robt. C. Graves $1.00. To son-in-law John Nesbit residue of household and kitchen furniture. To grandau Sarah Bird slave Isabella. To grandson John Bird my draw in the Land Lottery To grandchildren Jas., Tom, Sarah, Ellinor, Harriett, Hannah, John and Wm. Davidson $1.00 each. John Bird and John Nisbet, Excrs. Signed Sept. 23, 1820. Probated Jul. 2, 1821. Wm. Booker, Paul T. Willis, J. W. Willis, Test.

Page 3--HANCOCK, JAMES. To beloved mother Tabitha Hancock all estate real and personal for life, final division to sisters Elender and Martha Hancock. Mother sole Excx. Signed Nov. 22, 1818. Probated May 3, 1819. John Todd, Nancy Todd, Mary Short, Test.

Page 15--HANSON, MARY. Property to be valued by disinterested persons, so my mother, brothers and sisters may receive one third of my personal estate, it being the special request of my deceased husband, John Hanson. To my mother Mrs. Caroline Swain for life one fourth of one third part of my personal estate, final division to her seven youngest children, Cynthia Coleman, Caroline, Matilda, Althea, Polly, Geo. and David Lowery Swain. To sister Patience Irwin, one fourth of said one third for life, at death to her children. To my brother Jas. Lowrey one fourth of said one third, and remaining one fourth of said one third to my five youngest sisters, Cynthia Coleman, Caroline, Matilda, Althea and Polly Swain, to be paid in three annual installments. To my niece Mrs. Elizabeth Wems (Weems) my carriage and horses. To nephew Walter Hanson Weems $2000.00. To niece Sarah Ann Weems $1000.00. To nieces Polly Ann and Elinor Smoot $1000.00 To Rev. John Hodge $200.00. To nephew Wm. Lock Weems all estate, he to pay the above legacies. Above legacies are all mentioned by my husband in his life time, saying he had done as much for other relatives as he intended, except his nephew John M. Hanson who has received from me a deed of gift for what my husband wished him to have. Nephew Wm. Lock

End of Page 135 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 136

Weems sole Excr. Signed May 26, 1817. Martha Burns, David Terrell, Theodrick Montford, David Terrell, Jr. Test.
Codicil: In case of my death before my nephew Walter Hanson Weems completes his education, necessary expenses up to $2000.00 must be paid before a division. Signed Jul. 9, 1817. Mary Hudspeth, Marcus Roby, Richard H. Long, Test. Will probated Nov. 4, 1819. Codicil May Term 1820.

Page 39--HAMMONS, JACOB. To wife Rachel all estate for life or widowhood, final division to my children, Mary Anne, Wm., and Lucinda Hammons and child in esse. If she marries wife to have childs part. Abraham Hammons, Zachariah and John Huguley, Excrs. Signed Jul. 10, 1820. Probated Nov. 6, 1820. John Huguley, Benj. Mullikin, John W: Cooper, J. P., Test.

Page 92--HILL, SARAH, Slave Eliza to be sold, $200.00 of which to son John Hill, horse etc., and a young bay mare to his son Jas. Henry Hill. To son Abram slave Dinah, still, household goods, crops etc. To children of dec'd son Theophilus Hill balance of proceeds of sale of slave Eliza at marriage or majority, feather bed etc to his dau Elizabeth Hill, one bay filly to his son Greenberry Hill. To dau. Nancy Johnson a safe and arm chair. To her dau. Sarah a trunk. To dau. Mary Jossey equal part of clothes, and to her son Henry Jossey a buffet, a bed to Kiddy Jossey. To son Henry Hill 20 shillings. To Sarah Woods, John Hill, Abram Hill, Kiddy Pope, Mary Jossey, Nancy Johnson, residue of wearing apparel, household furniture etc. Sons John and Abram, Excrs. Signed Nov. 13, 1812. Probated May 3, 1814. Jacob G. Matthews, Nathaniel Bailey, Augustine Edwards. Test.

Page 95--HAY, GILBERT. Before any division wife Catherine to have a pair of carriage horses, carriage, driver and $1000.00 cash, and always to be amply provided for. To son Wm. F. Hay an island in the Tenn. river, state of Ala., called Slew Island. Youngest sons John and Chas. to have an academic education, if they go to college, expense to be deducted from their share. All charges for medical or personal attention and common school education to be stricken from accounts he has kept against his children. Equal division among all my children; Nancy, Felix G., Wm., Maria, Jas., Chas., and John. Francis B. Dickinson to be free from paying sums for which he stood security, and releases to him all claim to a wharf lot below Savannah at a place called Dephford. Son Felix G., and son-in-law Richard H. Long, Excrs. Signed Aug. 21, 1822. Probated Sept. 2, 1822. Duncan G. Campbell, Wm. Jones, Archibald H. Sneed, Test.

Page 163--HAMILTON, ANN, of Savannah, Chatham Co. Ga. Lot or one half lot on Johnson Square, Savannah brick building to be sold, with 34 shares in the Bank of Ga., to pay debts. $100.00 each to Emelia and Eugenia Grant daus. of Wm. A. Grant, and Mary Grant the widow. Residue to be equally divided between Wm. Gale, Eliza Gale and Hetty

End of Page 136 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 137

Gale, plate and furniture to Hetty Gale. Wm. A. Grant, Worthington Gale, Excrs Signed Oct. ...., 1824. Probated Jan. 3, 1825. John Wingfield, Sr., Thos. Wingfield, Richard W. Worsham, Test.

Page 168--HOXEY, ASA. To Lewis S. Brown in trust for sole and separate use of my dau. Caroline Willey, four slaves, household goods, etc. Residue to be divided into four lots, to dau. Sarah Browning, Lot No. 1, to son Asa Lot No. 2, to son Thos. Lot No. 3. Lot No. 4 in trust as above for dau. Caroline Willey. As wife Sarah is old and infirm all property to be kept together for her use for her natural life. Signed Sept. 8, 1824. Probated Mar. 5, 1825. Lewis S. Brown and James Willey, Excrs. Wm. Jones, Thos. Eudaley, Margaret Eudaley, Test.

Page 170--HENDRICKS, KITTY. To niece Margarette McRae slaves Wm. and Austin. To niece Mrs. Rebecca Allison slave Jane. Slave Theresa to be sold and money paid to niece Keziah H. Russell. To niece Rebecca Durkey proceeds of sale of slaves. To niece Margarett McRae that lot of land in the town of Washington including the improvements where I now live adj J. H. Pope. Certain slaves to be sold, proceeds equally divided into six shares, one each to six nieces, Mrs. Rebecca Allison, Margaret McRae, Nancy McRae, Keziah H. Russell, Kitty R. Durkey and Mrs. Nancy E. Demerest. Duncan G. Campbell, Samuel Barnett and Wm. Dearing, Excrs. Signed Sept. 6, 1824. Probated May 2, 1825. Royland Beasley, Andrew Ruddell, John B. Lennard, J. I. C., Test.

Page 186--HAYS, ARCHIBALD. Half of property to wife Louisa Hays, the other half to son Archibald Simpson Hays, infant, viz; my lands in Ky. and rights, credits etc in the state of Ky. Should son Archibald S. Hays die without issue, lands in Ky. to brother John Hays. Residue to wife Louisa in fee simple. Wife Louisa, Excx. Signed Feb. 15, 1822. Probated Jan. 2, 1825. Robt. Simpson, Wm. C. Wingfield, Hester Simpson, Test.

Page 209--HINDSMAN, MICHAEL. To son Israel 350 acres on Kettle creek whereon I now live. To grand-son-in-law John Welch Lot No. 140, 2nd. Dist. Early Co., 250 acres. To son-in-law Robt. Melear $1.00. To grandsons John, Peter, Israel, Wm., Elisha and Michael Hindsman, Lot No. 460, 3rd. Dist. Appling Co. Grandsons John and Peter Hindsman, Excrs. Signed Dec. 28, 1826. Probated Mar. 5, 1827. Richmond Dorough, Miles T. Dorough, Geo. W. Johnson, J. P. Test. Abstract of letter to Ordinary: Grantville, Ga. Mar. 26, 1864. I desire a copy of the will of an old Hindsman who died in Wilkes Co., 40 or more years ago. He is supposed to have left only two children, Peter and a daughter Judy or Judah. I am a grandaughter and wish the facts. (Signed) Anne Welch.

Page 213--HOOD, JOHN. To wife Rebecca the land whereon I live, stock, household furniture etc for life or widowhood. To eldest son Wm. $50.00. To son Joel $5.00. To son Ichabod $50.00. To son Stephen W.,

End of Page 137 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 138

Lot No. 234, 13th Dist. Henry Co., 202 1/2 acres. To son Avery B. Lot No. 184, 12th Dist. Houston Co., 202 1/2 acres. Avery B. to take care of my wife Rebecca. To two oldest daus. Nancy Crain and Patsy Crain $5.00 each. To two younger daus. Lucy and Polly Hood feather bed, $100.00 each. Enoch Callaway and Tyre Reeves, Excrs. Signed ...., 1822. Probated Jul. 2, 1827. John Harper, Jos. Adams, Banister Harper, Test.

Page 270--HUBBARD, WOODSON. All estate to wife Mary Hubbard, household goods, slaves etc. A slave Simon for life only, at her death to my brother Jacob and his heirs. Signed Apr. 1, 1829. Probated Nov. 2, 1829. Jas. Matthews, Richard Hoff, Vinson Hubbard, Test.

Page 297--HUGULEY, JOHN. To dear and loving wife Rebecca five slaves, 412 acres land, cattle etc. for life. Having given slaves and money to daus. Rachel Allen, Nancy Walker, Elizabeth Hogan, Rebecca Thornton they to have no more as long as his wife lives. Now gives to sons Wm. and John slaves, horses etc, they to have no more till after the death of his wife, then sons to have 262 acres adj. Wyche Jackson and "my old tract of 150 acres which I purchased when I came to Ga., to be sold and equally divided among all my children above mentioned and dau Polly." Sons William and John, Excrs. Signed Oct. 13, 1828. Probated Jul. 13, 1830. Peter Gullatt, Sr., Wm. Gullatt, Catherine Moloy, Test.

Page 329--HILLHOUSE, SARAH. Georgia, Wilkes Co. I Sarah Hillhouse of the county and state aforesaid being of sound mind and memory and desirous of securing the inheritance of my property in justice and equity, do make and ordain this my last will and testament as follows: As I have already given my son the greater part of my property, I presume he will not expect any addition at my death although my unabated maternal affection would induce me to do more, could it be done in justice to his sister. And having been repeatedly solicited by my son-in-law Felix Gilbert not to give his daughter Sarah Alexander any part of my estate because of the large property he should leave her. In justice therefore to my daughter Mary Shepherd and her family I feel it my duty to comply with his oft repeated request, I give and bequeath the whole of my property of every description personal and real for her own individual use and benefit and behoof. I do hereby give and fully grant unto her the right and privilege of selling, exchanging or any way altering the property real or personal that I may leave in whatever manner she may think best, the same to her children at her death. It is particularly my wish as my daughter has the management of the property coming to her children from their father's estate and also of my own that they should be perfectly satisfied with whatever may be done by her or by her consent in the management of their property in either estate, and as I have perfect confidence in the equitable manner in which she has already and will continue to manage their property and though it may not be in strict compliance with the letter of the law with a view therefore to prevent any difficulty between my daughter and her children or

End of Page 138 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 139

between the children themselves it is particularly my wish and direction that in case any of her children, their heirs or representatives should ever demur to or contend for anything different than she may have done or directed to be done or may hereafter do in the management either of their fathers or my property, that one or those thus contending shall be and are by my last will entirely excluded from all part, share or benefit of my property of every kind otherwise left them through their mother. I request my daughter Mary Shepherd to act as my executor of this my last will and testament in this most liberal intent and meaning, feeling the most unbounded confidence in her justice and maternal affection. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this first of February Eighteen hundred and thirty one. (Signed) Sarah Hillhouse. Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of: Wm. W. Smyth, Leann Ruddle, Frances A. Lipham. Probated Feb. 7, 1832.

(Mrs. Hillhouse was the widow of David Hillhouse who came from Conn. to Wilkes Co. She was the first woman editor in Ga., and in her shop were printed the "Early Laws of Georgia," by order of the Legislature. One of her daughters married Felix H. Gilbert. See Vol. 1, p. 83).

Page 304--HARRIS, ROBERT. To son Stephen 200 acres at the lower end of my land whereon said Stephen lives. To son Archelaus all my land on a certain branch of Rocky creek. To beloved wife Mary remainder of my land containing 550 acres whereon I now live for life or widowhood, final division to sons Robt. and Jas., they to occupy it at majority. To dau. Frances Harris slave Milly, to dau. Nancy Harris slave Davy and $160.00 cash each. To dau. Mary Watkins slave Matilda and $200.00 cash. To dau. Huldah Harris slave Mariah and $360.00 cash. To dau. Caroline Harris $560.00 cash. Two tracts of land in Early Co. to be disposed of by excrs. wife Mary, sons Stephen and Archelaus and Matthew Talbot. Signed Jul. 12, 1821. Probated Sept. 7, 1830. Patrick J. Barnett, Jos. W. Jack, Matthew Talbot, Test.

Page 327--HAY, CATHARINE. To dau. Ann S. Graves in trust of excrs; the home wherein I now reside, furniture, clothing etc. Ann to live in the house or receive the rent, to be inherited by her children. To Ann Hay, wife of my son John W. Hay slaves Hastings, Hannah and Sally for life in trust of excrs. to be inherited by children of son John W. Hay if he has any, if not to belong to John W., in fee simple. To Ann S. Dickinson, dau. of my son Francis B. Dickinson $400.00 to be put at interest and paid to her at majority or marriage. Mark A. Lane and Jas. T. Hay, Excrs. Signed Nov. 28, 1831. Probated Feb. 7, 1832. John H. Pope, Jas. T. Hay, Samuel Flournoy, G. Andrews, Test.

Page 66--JOHNSON, WILLIAM, Sr. To dau. Elizabeth Cunningham and her heirs, 175 acres on Clarks creek adj Richard Hudspeth, Dabney A. Martin and Joel Appling whereon she and her husband Drury Cunningham now live, slaves household goods, etc. now in her

End of Page 139 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 140

possession. To dau Mary Spratling, slaves, furniture, etc., now in her possession. To dau Susan M. Johnson four slaves. To sons Wm., John P., and dau Nancy H. Johnson, slaves and money. To three youngest children, Stephen W., Martha and Catherine A. Johnson certain slaves at majority or marriage. To Wm. Norman, who married an illegitimate dau of mine, slaves and furniture now in their possession. To wife Nancy for life the land known as McLendon's Place and also the tract whereon I live adj C. Orr, slaves, stock etc., she to support my dau Sarah Johnson for life. If wife dies first to be put in hands of Henry Spratling. Mentions owning land outside Wilkes Co. Sylvanus Gibson, Henry Spratling and Richard J. Willis, Excrs. Signed Jul. 11, 1821. Probated Sept. 3, 1821. Daniel Carrington, Robt. H. Moore, Martin Andrews, Test.

Page 123--JENKINS, STERLING. To wife Catherine for life all estate to rear and educater five sons; Horace M., Clark R., Walter A., Thos., and Leavy Jenkins. All my interest in the estate of John Anderson late of Wilkes Co., dec'd by virtue of my marriage with Catherine Nowland as expressed in the will of said Anderson, to be equally divided between Wm. Nowland, Sally Brown (late Sally Nowland) Jos., Mary, Anthony and Jane Nowland, children of wife Catherine before my marriage to her, and above Jenkins children (hers) as expressed in a deed of trust made to Thos. Anderson for their use. Robt. W. Collier, Thos. Anderson and Thos. Wootten, Excrs. Signed Oct. 2, 1819. Probated Jan. 21, 1823. E. McLendon, Nich. G. Barksdale, Jas. Walker, Test.

Page 139--JOHNSON, WILLIAM, Jr. To mother Nancy Johnson all estate for life, consisting of land owned with John P. Johnson, and a tract in Dooly Co., which I drew in the late Land Lottery, six slaves, stock, etc, at her death to be equally divided among my brothers' and sisters (not named). Richard J. Willis, Excr. Signed May 3, 1823. Probated Jul. 7, 1823. Henry Spratling, Wm. Norman, Drury Cunningham, Test.

Page 275--JACKSON, JOHN. All property at the disposal of executors during wife's widowhood, to be equally divided among wife and children as they come of age. Wife Cynthia, father Wyche Jackson and friend John Frazor, Excrs. Signed Dec. 6, 1828. Probated Jan. 5, 1829. John Danner, Abraham Danner, Jas. Ware, Test.

Page 287--JOHNS, JOHN. To wife Ann all estate for life or widowhood, 235 acres whereon I now live, with stock, furniture, slaves etc. 202 1/2 acres in DeKalb Co. formerly Henry, final division to all children, viz; daus. Orry G., Nancy G., and Elizabeth W. Johns, sons John B., and Gustavus G. Johns. Tract in Dooly Co. drawn by me to be sold. John B. Johns, Isaiah T. Irvin and Lewis L. Davis, Excrs. Signed Mar. 26, 1827. Probated Jan. 4, 1830. John Chaney, Arden Evans, Actor Nash, Test.

Page 2--LIPHAM, AARON. To wife (not named), the use of half my land and fifteen slaves for life. To son David T., when of age, the other

End of Page 140 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 141

half and the proceeds of sale of house and lot in Washington. If he dies without heirs, certain slaves to be inherited by my sisters children (not named). Wife, Daniel Stone and David Butler, Excrs. Signed Dec. 6, 1817. Codicil. Slaves obtained by a bill of sale from brother Moses Lipham to be taken out of their hands, to be inherited by son David T. Lipham. If he dies without heirs to sisters children. Signed Dec. 6, 1817. Samuel Whatley, Isaac Langdon, Bolling Anthony, Test. Recorded May 12, 1819.

Page 7--LONG, NICHOLAS, "in declining health." Confirms to dau Margaret Telfair land whereon she now resides, on the Elbert road, and a tract called "Groochland" on Fishing creek where her slaves are now at work, several slaves, and one-fifth part of his Tenn. lands. Confirms to son Richard H. Long gift of tract whereon said Richard now resides, according to a deed from John Bolton, and a tract on Oconee river called Long's Bluff, including the improvements made by Chas. A. Hill, one-fifth his land in Tenn., several slaves. To son John Junius Long all my lands in Williamson's swamp, including the mills and gin, and several slaves when he reaches majority. To dau Sarah R. Long, the land whereon I live, adj land of my dau Margaret Telfair, son Richard H. Long and Dr. Hays, dec'd, all household goods, stock etc., half the plantation tools etc belonging to my two plantations "Wingfield" and "Belmont," a number of slaves, at marriage or majority. To dau. Eliza L. Long my Belmont plantation including the mill, half the stock, tools etc. of both plantations, a number of slaves at marriage or majority. To dau Eugenia A. Long my Bucky tract on Oconee river adj land bequeathed to son Richard H., and including the old plantation where Wilkinson and Jas. M. Taylor formerly lived, half the tools of Williamson Swamp Plantation a number of slaves, furniture etc. Remainder of Tenn. lands to be equally divided between my four youngest children; John J., Sarah R., Eliza L., and Eugenia A. Long, all under age. Special bequests of sword and lever watch to son Richard H., pistols and plain watch to son John J., to dau Sarah R., carriage and horses, to grandson Nicholas Long all his claim in the present Land Lottery of Ga. Lot at Madison Springs to dau Margaret Telfair. To Mrs. Elizabeth Tarver a house to be built on his lot for her of lumber hauled from his mills, built by his slave carpenters, corn, pork etc, and a slave till Eugenia returns from school two years hence. Requests Wm. Gilbert to be guardian of his three youngest daus. and Wm. Dearing to be guardian of son John J. Long, that he be put in a mercantile house in Augusta or Savannah. Son Richard H. Long, friends James Wingfield, John Broughton and Henry Gibson, Excrs. Signed Apr. 14, 1817. Probated Aug. 24, 1819. Jos. W. Robinson, Benj. D. Sims, Thos. D. Gordon, Test.

Page 89--LYON, ELIZABETH. To Martha Bailey Nix (dau. of Chas. Nix), slave Phebe. To Eliza Rutledge (dau. of Wm. Rutledge), slave Alcy. To Lucinda Anne Rutledge, (dau. of Wm), bed, furniture and chest.

End of Page 141 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 142

To John Partidge, the land whereon I live for four years after my death, then to belong to Dudley Atkin Rutledge (son of Wm.) and a slave Aaron. Residue to niece Elizabeth Rutledge. John Partidge and Wm. Rutledge, Excrs. Signed Feb. 4, 1822. Probated May 6, 1822. Josiah B. Holmes, Isaac Callaway, Moses Arnold, Test.

Page 136--LYON, JOHN. To wife all tools, stock, household goods, several slaves etc for life. To son John S. Lyon several slaves and half above life estate at majority. To son Josiah several slaves. To dau Eliza Burns, wife of Samuel Burns, $400.00 within two years after my death. Wife Jane S., and son Josiah M. Lyon, Excrs. Signed Apr. 29, 1823. Probated Jul. 7, 1823. John Favor, Josiah T. Irvin, Purnal Truitt, Thos. Greene, Test.

Page 143--LACKEY, THOMAS. To wife Janett all property for life. Son-in-law Henry McCoy and friend Johnson Wellborn, Excrs. Signed Jan. 16, 1822. Wm. J. Wellborn, Johnson Wellborn, Solomon Arnold, Test. Codicil: Having kept above will several years etc. Excrs to take slave Jenny now in possession of Wm. Owens who married my dau. Margaret and hire her for benefit of said dau. and her children. Signed Feb. 13, 1822. Probated Jan. 12, 1822. Witt Lackey, Samuel Lackey, Johnson Wellborn, Test.

Page 193--LOW, SALLY. To grandchildren, sons and daughters of my son Vincent B. Low, land where I now live and several slaves, said Vincent B., to be supported out of the proceeds for life. To grandaughter Barthenia McLendon, wife of Simpson McLendon, several slaves. To dau Judith Simpson several slaves. To dau Jane Douglas slaves, with the express condition that Peter Harris, son of my dau inherit them. To grandson Peter Harris several slaves at majority. Friends John Dyson, John T. Graves and Robt. W. Collier, Excrs. Signed Nov. 13, 1822. Probated Jul. 3, 1826. Robt. W. Collier, Jas. Curry, Jas. Sherman, Test.

Page 229--LEE, MARGARETTE. To son Daniel Lee slaves Chas. and Jordan. To son John, slave Ben, and the money due me as a legacy from the sale of my husbands estate, not named. Residue to be divided equally between above named sons, in case of the death of either or both, to their heirs. Slave Esther to have her choice of a home with one of above named sons. Sons Daniel and John, Excrs. Signed Apr. 30, 1825. Probated Aug. 13, 1827. Samuel Hurst, Joel P. Leverett, Test.

Page 246--LANDRUM, NANCY. To sister Mary Wright slave Phillip and land whereon I reside for life, final division to her children. To nephew Burton Wright, horses etc. To brother John Landrum, half stock of cows, household furniture etc. Certain personalty to the children of brother Samuel Landrum in Ala. Brother John Landrum, Excr. Signed Jul. 23, 1827. Probated Mar. 3, 1828. Jas. F. Watkins, Jas. Matthews, Jr., Wm. Norman, Test.

Page 263--LePRESTRE, NICHOLAS. To Euphrosine, who seems to be a

End of Page 142 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 143

dau, for her faithful services to him and his daughters since the death of his wife, household goods, horses, cattle etc, and the use of the house where Mr. Simpson lives, for life, to be inherited by his daus Louisa wife of Robt. Simpson, and Emily unmarried. To both special bequests of slaves etc. Robt. Simpson to take particular care of Alex. Husson, who seems to be overseer of his farm. White Plains, Wilkes Co. Ga. Mr. Robert Simpson, Excr. Signed Aug. 28, 1824. Probated Jan. 5, 1829. Alex. Husson, Jos. S. Foster Wm. Foster, Test.

Page 277--LAWSON, JOHN, Sr. To John Wilbourn, son of my dau. Elizabeth Wilbourn, balance of her part of my estate. If he dies before majority, it shall be returned to my own children. To Jonathan Lawson a slave etc under same conditions. Signed Jun. 13, 1821. Probated Nov. 2, 1829. John T. Daniel, Thos. Daniel, Pleasant Lawson, Test.

Page 318--LENNARD, JOHN B. All property to be kept together till son Thos. Flemming reaches majority, or marriage of wife Mary, then to be divided among all children except Wm. P. Lennard and Catherine Beasley. Dau. Catherine to use slave Sally, dau Elizabeth Greene to use slave Charlotty, son John B. to occupy the house and lot where he lives, till final division among all heirs. Wife Mary, son John B. and son-in-law John B. Green, Excrs. Signed Aug. 9, 1831. Probated Sept. 5, 1831. Alex. Pope, Wm. C. Allison, Archibald S. Wingfield, Test.

Page 44--MORRIS, WILLIAM. To wife Ruth all estate for life, final division to Jacob Edwards, Wylie Acree, Matthew W. Vandivere and Sarah Nelms. Wife Ruth, Excx. Signed Dec. 3, 1820. Probated Jan. 9, 1821. John Rhodes, Redden Rhodes, Arch'd. Gresham, Test.

Page 49--MINTON, JOHN. To wife Jane in fee simple, half my personal property. "Whereas the Country has thought proper to allow in consideration of services in the late Revolutionary War four draws in the present Land Lottery, should I draw lands" Excrs to have full management for benefit of wife and legatees, wife to have half the proceeds for life, half to grandau, Mary Minton, reputed dau of Geo. H. Hughs, other half to son Wm. Minton if he is living, but not subject to his debts. Stovall Pool and John Wilkins, Excrs. Signed Aug. 2, 1820. Codicil: Jas. Montgomery and Johnson Wellborn appointed Excrs. Signed Nov. 4, 1820. Probated Jun. 4, 1821. Jas. Render, Johnson Welborn, Purnall Truitt, Henry Pope, Wm. Lackey, Test.

Page 180--MALLORY, WILLIAM, To wife Lucy for life, Lot No. 164, 11th Dist. Henry Co., slaves, horses etc., final division to children, Thos. P., Lucindy, Mary Ann and Geo. W. Mallory all minors. To son John H., two slaves, already received. To son Wm. H., $100.00. To dau Rebecca Fields a slave Mima. Thos. P. Mallory and Richard J. Willis, Excrs. Signed Jun. 3, 1824. Probated Sept. 5, 1825. Lemuel Wootten, Seaborn J. Mays, John D. Hinton, Test.

Page 138--MURPHEY, JOHN. To wife Martha all estate for life, she to

End of Page 143 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 144

pay the following legacies: To son Wm., to dau Mary Shepherd, to son Robt., to dau Sarah Murphey, $5.00 each. At the death of wife tract of land whereon I now live to be given sons Jas. and John. Residue of estate to four children: Jane, Jas., Rebecca and John Murphey. Wife Martha, Excx. Signer Jun. 6, 1820. Probated Jul. 7, 1823. J. McIntosh, Allen Holiday, Wm. Murphey, Test.

Page 207--MULIEDAY, THOMAS. I have deposited in the Planters and Mechanics Bank of Charleston, $10,000.00. To wife Elizabeth $6,000.00, to my child by her (if any) $4,000.00. Plantation and slaves to be divided between my three nephews, Patrick Turley and his cousins, Thos. and Jas. Turley. In Sumter Dist. S. C., I have bonds and notes $4,000.00 of which I bequeath to sister Eleanor. To Rev. Patrick O'Sullivan out of the Sumter estate $500.00 for the benefit of the Roman Catholic Church at Locust Grove. Residue of property in Sumter Dist. to my brother-in-law Turley (at present in Ireland), his wife and children. Rev. Patrick O'Sullivan and nephew Patrick Turley, Excrs. Signed Oct. 5, 1826. Probated Jan. 1, 1827. Jas. Cullenan, Bernard O'Cavanaugh, Leroy Hops, Test.

Page 254--MATTHEWS, JAMES. To wife Rebecca plantation whereon I live and its appurtenances, slaves etc for life, final division to all children. To sons Abraham, Jas., Philip and Isaac Newton Matthews, certain slaves, bed etc each. To sons Abraham, Jacob and Jas., certain slaves in trust for my daus Mary, Martha and Rebecca. For ten years annually $5.00 to the pastor of Fishing creek church for missions and $5.00 for education of Baptist ministers. Abraham M., Jacob G., and Jas. Matthews, Excrs. Signed Nov. 2, 1822. Probated Aug. 26, 1828. Jas. Armstrong, Stovall Pool, John Slack, Test.

Page 308--MILNER, JOHN B. To wife Adah for life or widowhood all estate, 450 acres where I now live, 250 acres in Oglethorpe Co., nine slaves, etc. Final division to her seven children: Martha, Bethany, Simeon R., Wm. A., Uriel R., John C., and Adah Milner, all minors. Reuben Strozier and Adah Milner, Excrs. No date. Probated Nov. 1, 1830. Enoch Callaway, Jonathan Colley, Jos. Adams, Test.

Page 348--MURPHY, MARTHA. To daus Jane and Rebecca, and to John and Jas. Hubbard (sons of my dau Sally Hubbard), equal parts of following lots: Lot No. 125, 7th Dist. 1st Sec., recently drawn and Lot No. 277, 17th Dist. 5th Sec, in the Gold Region. Son John, Excr. Signed Aug. 10, 1833. Probated Sept. 2, 1833. Geo. F. Buchanan, Thos. Holliday, Allen Holliday, Test.

Page 354--MURPHEY, FRANCES. All estate to beloved mother, not named, for life, final division to sisters, not named, except bed and furniture to niece Lucy Poss. Brother Wm. Murphey, Excr. Signed Sept. 15, 1833. Probated Mar. 3, 1834. Geo. F. Buchanan, Henry Shank, John Frazer, Test.

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Page 382--MOSELY, JOSEPH, Sr. To son Matthew Francis Mosely $200.00, bed, hogs, etc, a special legacy because he is lame. Storehouse on acre of ground, gin and gin house, blacksmith shop at Mallorysville to be sold. Son Matthew F., given privilege of buying the farm joining Mallorysville. If he does not the proceeds to be divided among all my children, viz, Parmelia Robertson, Martha P. Jones, Mary R. Watkins, Lucinda Ann Baker, Jos. Mosely, Frances B. Douglas and Matthew F. Mosely. Son Jos. and Matthew F., Excrs. Signed Feb. ...., 1834. Probated Jul. 6, 1835. Wm. L. Harris, Jos. Jones, John Jesse, Test.

Page 384--MOREMAN, THOMAS. To son-in-law Champion Marrable $1.00, having given him 200 acres in Lincoln Co., the deed of which Marrable burned. He then requested a second deed be made to Thos. Trammell, Sr., which I did. To son-in-law Meredith Trammell, $1.00 he having received his share. Mentions former gifts of money to all married children. To wife Rachel slaves, money and the plantation where we live, final division to following children: John Moreman, Rebecca Sherrer, Jas. Moreman, Wm. Moreman, Nancy Michael, Sarah Frazer, Louisa Hammock, Thos. Moreman, Starnes Moreman, Elijah Moreman, Chas. Madison Moreman, Henry Jefferson Moreman, and Belinda Frances Moreman, the last three under age. Wife Rachel, sons John and Thos., Excrs. Signed Dec. 22, 1834. Probated Jun. 6, 1835. Richard J. Holliday, Wm. P. Carter, Wm. R. Heart, Test.

Page 164--NORMAN, ELIZABETH. To Richard B. Wootten, who married my grandau Martha Hinton, slave Tener with her child Adaline, he to pay my grandson Henry N. Pope $350.00. Residue to sons-in-law John Hinton and James, and the children of my dec'd son Lewis Norman. Richard B. Wootten and John Hinton, Excrs. Signed Jan. 15, 1821. Probated Sept. 6, 1824. Wm. Saffold, Wm. S. Muse, Test.

Page 36--OWEN, URIAH. To son Obadiah, 45 acres whereon he now lives. To wife Sarah the land whereon I live for her support and that of my three daus, Franky, Rhoda and Sally. Above land at death of wife to son Wm., grandson Coleman (son of Brice Owen), and heirs of son Benj. To sons Brice and Benj., and heirs of son Garland $2.00 each. I am entitled to two draws in the Land Lottery in Ga., all of which I give to my four daus, Franky, Rhoda, Sally and Lucy Chany. Son Obadiah and friend Malachi Reeves, Excrs. Signed Aug. 23, 1820. Probated Nov. 6, 1820. Geo. Willis, Samuel G. Mozley, Malachi Reeves, Test.

Page 98--OGLETREE, JOHN. To wife Piety, one third of plantation etc., a slave Peter for widowhood. To son Edmond and wife Patsy, one third and slave Joe. To Jas. Hackney and his wife Patsy Brantley the other third and a slave Nance. To Chesley Ray $5.00 "for legacy," to his children the land whereon he now lives. To son Wiley Ogletree $5.00, to his wife Nancy $100.00. To Richard Ogletree, son of Wiley $50.00. To Susannah Rickason dau of son Wiley $50.00. To son David, $200.00.

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To son Absolom, $5.00, and to his children the plantation on which he lives. To my deceased son's child Nancy $100.00 and to Benj. and Jos., $50.00 each. Residue to be equally divided between Wm. and Littleton Ogletree, Nancy Ogletree's children so that Nancy Ray's children get one fourth. One fourth to Absolom Ogletree's children. Wm. Robertson, Joshua Starr and David Simpson, Excrs. Signed May 5, 1820. Probated Sept. 2, 1822. Nathaniel G. Rice, Samuel Gray, John Rice, Test.

Page 151--OGLETREE, REBECCA. To dau Nancy my red chest. To dau Eliza, trunk, bed etc. To dau America, one turned bedstead etc. Stock of hogs etc to remain together for benefit of above daus as long as they live together. To dau Febecca Ogletree, $50.00. Joel P. Leverett and John Ogletree, Excrs. Signed Apr. 22, 1824. Probated Jul. 5, 1824. Rebecca Ogletree, Nathaniel G. Rice, Test.

Page 335--OWEN, SARAH. To grandson Coleman P. Owen a cow. All other property equally divided between dau Rebecca Owen and Thos. H. Jefers (Jafes?), Brother Travis Everet, Excr. Signed Jul. 27, 1828. Probated Jul. 2, 1832. Allen J. Arnold, Eunice Arnold, Hardeman Bullock, Test.

Page 5--POPE, WYLIE. All property to be equally divided between wife Polly and children Josiah Woods Pope, John Clarl Pope, Sally Mary Ann Pope and Wylie Hill Pope, when son Josiah W., reaches majority. Friends Lemuel and Thos. Wootten, Wylie Hill and Jas. Jordan, Excrs. Signed May 24, 1819. Probated Sept. 5, 1819. Thos. D. McLaughlin, Richard Sale, Tarlton Sheets, John Pope, Test.

Page 28--PETEE, JANE. 100 acres purchased of Moses Harris to be sold, and $400.00 of proceeds to grandson Henry Richardson, remainder to son Benj. Petee. Balance of land to son Simon Petee. To daus., Elizabeth Mercer, Susan Graham, Mary Bolland, Celia Wootten and Sary Ward, certain slaves to give to their children as they see fit. To grandau Caroline, dau of son Benj. Petee, slave Fannie, if she dies without heirs to other children of said Benj. Thos. and Matthew Talbot and Jas. Wingfield, Excrs. Signed Jan. 1, 1818. Probated Jul. 3, 1818. Henry T. Smith, David Baker, Obediah Flournoy, Test.

Page 57--PORTER, BENJAMIN. To wife Cecelia, slave John and all property received by my marriage to her, and one third of all estate, as well as dower. Residue to son Thos. Claiborne Porter. To three sons of Abner Piggot viz, Geo. P., Wm. L., and Abner all my lands in Jackson Co. To Rebecca C. Piggot $300.00. To Susannah Piggot and her heirs, land on Kemp creek purchased of Jos. Callaway, $50.00 a year, slaves etc. That the graveyard be enclosed with a stone wall and never sold at any price. If sister Sally Flynt ever needs it, to live on my land, and have support out of legacy to Thos. C. Porter. To Amelia Flynt dau of John Flynt, dec'd $300.00. Wife Cecelia, Wm. Dearing, John

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H. Pope and Jas. Wingfield, Excrs. Signed Apr. 12, 1821. Probated Sept. 3, 1821. Oliver H. Prince, A. H. Sneed, Wm. H. Pope, Test.

Page 71--POPE, JOHN. To wife Elizabeth the plantation whereon I live, five slaves, stock, provisions etc for life or marriage, dau Louisa Pope to be supported out of it, besides slaves etc in fee simple. To daus Huldah Jossey, Keturah Matthews and Mary Henderson, certain slaves, final division to their children. To son Wylie Pope $1100.00 in slaves at majority. Two youngest daus Martha and Rosanna Pope to be made equal with other children, son Augustine B. Pope to have equal share in all residue. Henry Jossey, Jas. Matthews and Augustine B. Pope, Excrs. No date. Probated Oct. 16, 1821. Baker Lipscomb, Joice Davis, Jas. Davis, Test.

Page 87--PERRY, WALTER, Sr. To son Josiah 150 acres where he lives, slaves etc. To dau Sarah Brooke the land on which her husband lives in Jasper Co., 101 1/4 acres, several slaves etc. To dau Nancy Ellington several slaves. To son Jas. the land known as the Howell tract on west side of Reedy creek, slaves etc. To dau Elizabeth Perry, slaves, stock, furniture etc. To son Walter the land on which I live on east side of Reedy creek, slaves, furniture etc. To grandchildren: Walter Brooke. Walter Ellington, Walter Perry, son of Josiah, $100.00 each. Sons Josiah and James, Excrs. Signed Oct. 4, 1821. Probated Apr. 2, 1822. Joel Abbott, Thos. G. Janes, Robt. Grier, Test.

Page 101--PODY, MARY. All property to be equally divided between my son Andrew Pody, dau Susannah Royland, wife of Benj. Royland, and the heirs of my dau Fanny Green, wife of Harmon Green. Lewis Peters and Benj. Royland, Excrs. Signed Jul. 13, 1822. Probated Sept. 2, 1822. Andrew Wolf, Harmon Green, John W. Cooper, Test.

Page 106--PARTRIDGE, SARAH. To dau Martha Billingslea and dau ..... Evans, $1.00 each. All residue to dau Rebecca Coats, Nicholas Partridge and dau Sarah Partridge. Richard Sappington, Excr. Signed Sept. 20, 1822. Probated Nov. 4, 1822. Jos. Hurley, Nicholas Jarratt, Purnal Truitt, Test.

Page 140--POWELL, BENJAMIN. All estate to wife Mary to her and her heirs forever. To brothers Moses and Lewis, and heirs of brother Cader Powell, $1.00 each. To the heirs of sisters Henelephy Lamar and Charity Harvy, $1.00 each. Wife sole Excx. Signed Dec. 9, 1823. Probated Jan. 5, 1824. Elbert Smith, Samuel and David Rice, Test.

Page 150--PROCTOR, WILLIAM. To wife Frances certain slaves for life, at death to son Beder Proctor. To dau Nancy Proctor, slaves, having already given my eldest son Wm., and my dau Fetnah Cooksey their share. Henry F. Ellington and Owen Holliday, Excrs. Signed Mar. 6, 1824. Probated Jul. 5, 1824. Robt. T. Kean, Joshua Willis, test.

Page 166--POWELL, NELSON. To wife Nancy for life or widowhood, land

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whereon I live, several slaves, to be equally divided at her death between children, Sarah Ann, Willis and Tabitha Powell, all minors, all to be educated. Brother Benj. Powell, bro-in-law Jesse Williams, friends John H. Dyson and John W. Cooper, Excrs. Signed Feb. 22, 1825. Probated Mar. 15, 1825. Jos. W. Cooper, John W. Cooper, Jas. Burdett, Test.

Page 178--POWELL, MARY. To brother Chas. Lybas land whereon I live, slaves etc for life, final division to children of my sisters, Fanny Rice and Elizabeth Smith. To niece Susan Pinkston, to nephew David Rice, nephew Benj. Rice, to Nancy Ogletree, dau of Samuel Rice, to Jas. Rice's children, to nephew Jonathan Smith, nephew Wm. F. Smith, nephew Jas. Smith, nephew Elbert Smith, slaves etc. To brother David Lybass $300.00, to half brother John Barker, $250.00. Samuel Rice, Excr. Signed Jul. 30, 1825. Probated Sept. 5, 1825. Isaac Langdon, Geo. Smith, Richard Robinson, Chastain Gibson, Test.

Page 191--POOL, DUDLEY. To wife Elizabeth plantation whereon I now live, final division to legal heirs. To Judith Hide bed etc, $350.00 which Wm. Pool owes me, he to be guardian of Judith Hide. To grandchildren John S., Wm. J., and Alfred C. Pool, my four draws in the approaching Land Lottery. No Excr. named. Signed Feb. 17, 1826. Probated May 1, 1826. Sanford Pullin, Thos. Reeves, Simpson McLendon, Test.

Page 215--PRAY, ANN of Bryan Co. To niece Ann Pray Law dau of Nathaniel and Sarah M. Law, in trust of Jas. Law, Sr., and Samuel Law of Liberty Co., my lot with improvements fronting Bull Street, Johnson Square, Savannah. In case of death of said Ann before 18 years old, to go to niece Sarah E. Mell, wife of Wm. H. Mell, Martha A. Law and Edmund L. Law, children of Nathaniel and Sarah M. Law. To niece Ann M. Hynes, wife of Lewis Hynes another lot on Johnson square. To sister Sarah M. Law in trust as above, 20 shares of U. S. Stock for life, at her death to her children, Martha A. and Edmund L. Law. In case of their death to Sarah E. M. M. and Ann Pray Law. To sister Frances Charlton in trust of A. G. Semmes and M. Talbot, Sr., 20 shares of U. S. Stock. To nephew Jas. M. Charlton, five shares. To nieces Sarah and Mary Pray Charlton, five shares in trust of Jas. M. Charlton and M. Talbot. After a final division of my estate, one third of my horned cattle in Bryan Co., to the children of my brother Thos. Mann by his present wife, one third to the children of my brother Luke Mann, one third to John Pray Hynes, son of Lewis. My household furniture in Bryan Co., to my sister Mary Sleigh and Harriett H. Mann, wife of Thos. Mann. To sister Frances Charlton and Sarah E. Mell, all horned cattle in Wilkes Co., in trust of M. Talbot, Sr. and L. C. Toombs. To niece Sarah E. Mell, wife of Wm. H. Mell all my furniture in Wilkes Co., in trust of L. C. Toombs. To sister Frances Charlton, wife of A. M. Charlton and niece Sarah E. Mell, wife of Wm. H. Mell, carts, wagons, plantation tools etc in Wilkes Co. To my particular friends Mrs. Ann Bond and Mrs. Rebecca Knox, all household

End of Page 148 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 149

and kitchen furniture in Savannah except my plate. To niece Ann Maria Hynes, wife of Lewis Hynes, for love and affection, certain silver coffee pot, cream pots etc in Savannah, the remainder to friend Mary E. E. Bond. Carriage and horses to Mrs. Ann Bond. To niece Sarah E. Mell a slave, carpenter Tom. To John Pray Maxwell, son of John J. Maxwell, slave Sally, provided after three days reflection they do not wish to go where I intend to send my other slaves. To brothers Thos. and Luke Mann all horses, wagons etc in Bryan Co. The 19th, Item not recorded because it directed the emancipation of slaves, which was against the laws of Georgia. "Whereas I possess in my own right 90 slaves, working in two gangs in Bryan and Wilkes Counties" executor to have them appraised, one fourth of proceeds to be given to American Board of Commission to send the gospel to the heathen, particularly the Indians of this Continent, one fourth for the support of a permanent minister for a meeting house on the road near Hardwick, Bryan Co.; $1500.00 to the children of my niece Sarah E. Mell, balance of this fourth to the children of my sister Frances Charlton; remaining fourth equally divided between Martha A., and Edmund L. Law, children of my sister Sarah M. Law, and the children of my brother Luke Mann, in trust of Lewis Hynes of Bryan Co. Ann Pray Law to be sent to female academy till 17 years old out of the income from the lot on Bull Street, Savannah. Wm. B. Bulloch of Savannah, John J. Maxwell, Lewis Hines and Geo. M. Waters all of Bryan Co., Excrs. Signed Sept. 20, 1826. Probated Jul. 2, 1827. Lawrence C. Toombs, Jas. Brown, Benj. Crabb, Test.

Page 235--PETEET, RICHARD. To wife Delpha all lands, horses, slaves, furniture etc, all of her own choice, for life or widowhood. One third of real estate and childs part of personal estate if she marries. Having given daus Elizabeth Newman, Susan Callaway, Unica Arnold and Delpha Callaway certain slaves, they must pay my sons Simeon, John and Chenoth Peteet certain sums to make them equal before a division. Sons Chenoth and Simeon, Excrs. Signed Sept. 7, 1823. Probated Sept. 3, 1827. Elizabeth Arnold, Sarah Ann S. Wellborn, John G. Wellborn, Johnson Wellborn, Test.

Page 258--PRATHER, THOMAS. To Toliver Wells, 200 acres of land I gave him, on which he lives, he to return slaves to the estate. All slaves to be distributed by lot to my five legatees; Toliver Wells, Elias S. Prather, Delilah C. Prather, Anderson T. Prather, and Thos. F. Prather. All real estate except land given Toliver Wells to be equally distributed among four youngest children; Elias S., Delilah C., Anderson T. and Thos. F. Prather, all under age and unmarried. Mason Jones and Toliver Wells, Excrs. Signed Nov. 7, 1828. Probated Nov. 18, 1828. John Moss, Vincent B. Low, Wm. M. Lamkin, Judah Jackson, Test.

Page 290--PORTER, CECELIA. All property to be divided into three parts, and in trust of Augustus H. Gibson for my three daus: Virginia

End of Page 149 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 150

Wilkinson wife of Wm. L. Wilkinson, Frances Wellborn, wife of John G. Wellborn and Eleanor Walton. Mentions a claim in the court against the guardian of Thos. C. Porter. If secured to go to her estate. Augustus H. Gibson, Excr and testamentary guardian. Signed Jan. 14, 1830. Wm. C. Allison, John Ballard, Walter H. Weems, Test.
Codicil. If all daus mentioned die without heirs, trustee to deliver to Caroline Echols, wife of Simeon Echols the entire estate. Signed Jan. 14, 1830. Probated Apr. 6, 1830.

Page 24--PHILIPS, DAVID. Mentions land, slaves etc given son James Phillips, and directs that other children viz; Elizabeth Baber, Wm. Phillips, Polly Wootten, Mildred Shacklegford, Jonathan Phillips, Matthew Phillips, Nancy Henderson, Reuben Phillips and Nathan Phillips be made equal to James before a general division. Residue to wife Mary for life or widowhood. Wife Mary, Thos. Baber and Matthew Phillips, Excrs. Signed Oct. 3, 1819. Probated Jan. 3, 1820. Wm. Davis, Jonathan Davis, Nancy Davis, Test.

Page 30--ROBERTSON, JOHN. To wife Frances all property till the youngest child Maria Robertson is 18. The land whereon I live, in two tracts of 200 and 260 acres to be drawn by sons John and Abner, wife Frances to hold jointly with the one drawing the lot with the houses, during widowhood. To my sons and daus viz, John, Abner, Mary and Maria all personal estate, the sons to pay the daus certain sums to make them equal, all under 18 years. The burying ground of one-quarter acre reserved for that purpose. Andrew Shepherd and Frances Robertson, Excrs. Signed May 6, 1811. Probated Jul. 3, 1820. G. Woodruff, Jordan Mabry, Chas. Ellington, Test.

Page 142--ROBERTS, ISAIAH. To Elizabeth Roberts dau of Nelson Roberts all estate, consisting of 202 1/2 acres in Houston Co., drawn by me in the last Land Lottery, corn, household goods etc. John H. Pope, Excr. Signed May 6, 1823. Probated Mar. 1, 1824. Thos. Talbot, Hillery Triplett, Wm. Triplett, Test.

Page 145--RUTLEDGE, JAMES, Sr. To wife Ann whole estate for life. To son Joseph $200.00 extra of an equal division. To dau Nancy Echols a slave Meriah, which if valued above her part of the estate she must make the other legatees equal. Balance of estate equally divided between seven of my children, viz. Thos., Dudley, James, Jr., Joseph and Wm. Rutledge, Sally Echols and Jane Glass, and the heirs of my eldest son John Rutledge. Three youngest sons James, Joseph and William, Excrs. Signed Jul. 26, 1822. Probated May 3, 1824. Josiah B. Holmes, Wm. North, A. M. Hill, Test.

Page 153--RENDER, JOSHUA. All estate to be equally divided among my brothers and sisters Christopher and Jas. Render, Susan Wellborn, Patsy Wellborn, Elizabeth Truitt and Nancy Wylie. No excr named. Signed Mar. 11, 1824. Isaac Jones, Ed B. Thomas, H. B. Montgomery, Test.

End of Page 150 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 151

Caveat May Term 1824. Jas. R. Callaway and Purnal Truitt vs. Jas. Render appellant for probate. Alex. Pope and Hopkins W. Brewer Attys for caveators. Admitted to probate Jul. 5, 1824.

Page 172--RIDLEY, JOHN, Sr. All property to wife Jane for life or widowhood. In case of marriage to be divided among all my children, not named. Signed Dec. 8, 1825. Probated May 11, 1824. Date of probate is correct. Stephen G. Pettus, Jos. A. Carter, Test. Col. Wm. Triplett and Jas. Wingfield, Excrs.

Page 241--RORIE, WILLIAM. Such estate as wife Margaret McRae Rorie shall point out to be sold to pay debts. Residue to be kept together till youngest son Andrew reaches majority, then equal division between wife and my three sons; George, William and Andrew. Wife Margaret, Excx. Signed Oct. 12, 1826. Probated Jan. 7, 1828. Wm. Owen, Geo. Smith, Cornelius Slaton, Test.

Page 249--RANDOLPH, RICHARD. To wife Dolly, 480 acres on Beaverdam creek about two miles from Washington on the Greensborough road, adj Goode Butler, where we now live, and 16 acres adj above tract. After debts are paid, slaves to be divided into five lots, wife to have first choice, the other four drawn by my three daus Martha P., Maria J., and Dolly Randolph, and my son Edmund. Residue to be shared by above children, except half the stock on my plantation in Columbia Co. which belongs to my son Thos. P. Randolph. Wife Dolly, sole Excx. and guardian of two youngest children, Edmund and Dolly. No date. Probated May 5, 1828. Samuel Barnett, Jas. A. Graves, Oliver H. Prince, Test.

Page 260--RAY, JOHN. To wife Mary one third the land whereon Elbert G. Harris now lives including the house, such slaves etc as she needs. My dau Emily Harris to care for my afflicted son Jas. for which she is to use certain slaves. To son Jeremiah W. Ray, $10.00 besides what he has received. To son Sanders W. Ray, two shares of the residue. To daus Amanda Bailey and Amity Harris certain slaves. To grandson John A. Ray, equal share. Son Sanders W. Ray, Ephraim Bailey and E. G. Harris, Excrs. Signed Oct. 3, 1828. Probated Jan. 5, 1829. Thos. Wootten, Thos. Harris, Henry P. Wootten, Test.

Page 62--STRIBLING, DOROTHY. To dau Peggy Wellborn slaves Simon, Robin and Fanny. To son Taliafero Stribling slave Squire. To son Thos., feather bed. Slave Betty to be sold and proceeds equally divided between sons Thos. and Anthony Stribling, after following sums are taken out; To sons-in-law Isaac McLendon, Moses Collins and dau Frances Willis, $10.00 each. Sons Thos. and Anthony, Excrs. Signed Feb. 1, 1820. Probated Aug. 7, 1821. John G. Bailey, Mary Bailey, John G. Slack, Test.

Page 84--SMITH, LUCY. To grandson Thos. Early, slave Tom. All slaves not otherwise disposed of to be equally divided among my five children:

End of Page 151 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 152

Ebenezer, Wm. W., Thos. A., and Reuben Smith and Ann A. Sherwood. To sons Ebenezer and Wm. W., and dau Ann A. Sherwood, all household goods, carriage and horses, cattle etc. To son Ebenezer slaves Roger and Catty and the land I drew in late Land Lottery in Henry Co. To grandau Lucy Ann Smith all money and debts. Sons Ebenezer and Wm. W., Excrs. Signed Feb. 3, 1822. Probated Mar. 4, 1822. John Walker, Jane Hughes, Thos. Wootten, Test.

Page 100--SMITH, JESSE. All estate to mother Phoebe for life, final division to three sisters: Jane, Susannah and Violet. Joshua Starr, Excr. Signed Aug. 26, 1822.
Codicil. Confirms estate to sisters as above and includes his father Chas. Smith. Probated Sept. 2, 1822. Jas. Dorough, Purnal Truitt, John Truitt, Test.

Page 107--STARR, JOSHUA. To wife Fenta Starr for life or widowhood, 123 acres whereon I now live, stock etc. At death or marriage to be sold and equally divided among all my children, not named. Wife and Isaiah T. Irvin, Excrs. Signed Oct. 18, 1822. Probated Nov. 4, 1822. Jas. Dorough, John Favor, Barsheba Wright, Test.

Page 127--STEVENS, EDWARD. To wife Lucretia, bed, corn and $200.00. Residue to be divided between children: Elijah, John W., Silas, and Stephen Stevens, Ruth Black and Lucy Stevens. John Rogers and Geo. Tilley, Excrs. Signed Jan. 10, 1823. Probated Mar. 3, 1823. John E. Little, Wm. Little, Test.

Page 128--SMITH, JOEL T. To wife Elizabeth part of stock etc and the use of the land until two oldest children reach majority, the land and slaves to be sold and equally divided among my eight children: Frances, Geo., Nancy, Martha, Henry, Amelia, Maria and Margaret. Wife Elizabeth, father Geo. Smith and friend Wm. Rorie, Excrs. Signed Jan. 11, 1823. No date of probate. Thos. Chaffin, Samuel Rice, G. G. Stubblefield, Test.

Page 141--SEMMES, ETHELBERT F. All property to be sold, and after debts are paid $68.00 to the Roman Catholic Church in Warren Co. Residue to Rev. Francis O. Donoghoo, present pastor. Thos. H., and Wm. R. Luckett, Excrs. Signed May 26, 1823. Probated Dec. 2, 1824. Robt. Grier, Hamilton Goss, Henrietta Luckett, Test.

Page 147--SEMMES, THOMAS. To the infant dau of my dec'd son Jas. R. Semmes by his lawful wife in the island of Cuba, $2500.00 when she is 18. To Andrew and Albert Semmes, two oldest sons of my son Andrew G. Semmes, $1000.00 each. To Thos. Semmes, Jr., only child of Roger Semmes, dec'd, $1000.00. If any or all of above legatees die without heirs, all to go to son Andrew G. Semmes, who is Excr. Signed May 3, 1821. Probated May 3, 1823. Jos. Gray, Andrew Miller, Absolom Gray, David Allison, Test.

End of Page 152 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 153

Page 160--SIMONS, ABRAHAM, To stepson Owen Holliday, $1700.00. To the children of Wm. Grant of Washington, $15,000.00 as follows: To Nancy Richardson Grant, $5000.00. To Augustin and Thos. Grant. $5000.00 each, in trust of their father till majority. To beloved wife Nancy all residue. Wife Nancy, Matthew Talbot and Wm. Grant, Excrs. Signed Dec. 21, 1820. Caveat, Mar 4, 1824. Christopher Brooks and wife Elizabeth Vs. Nancy Simons and Wm. Grant. Claiming the testator was unduly influenced, that he did not see the will till it was given to him to sign, that said Elizabeth the wife of said Christopher Brooks is the dau of said testator and entitled to half the property. John Dyson, Luke Turner and John Holliday, witnesses, testify that the testator was of sound mind, and that also saw Levi H. Echols, since dec'd, sign as witness. Admitted to probate Mar. 10, 1825.
(Note) Abraham Simons was a Jew and a Revolutionary soldier. He lived six miles from Washington, his house still standing and occupied. According to his expressed desire he was buried in an erect position. The widow, Nancy Mills Simons married Jesse Mercer in 1827, and the fortune of her first husband the Colonial Jew, helped to build Mercer University, and later contributions laid the foundation for its present prosperity and usefulness.

Page 190--SIMPSON, HESTER. After debts are paid, $80.00 to Hopewell Presbytery, $30.00 to the Theological Seminary at Princeton, N. J. $30.00 to American Bible Society. Half the residue to Louisa Hays, other half to William, Robt., and James Simpson, all of Wilkes Co. Wm. and Robt. Simpson and Archibald Hays, Excrs. Signed Jan. 23, 1822. Probated May 1, 1826. John Lee, Walter L. Campbell, Test.

Page 197--SIMPSON, LUCY. To dau Mary Lockhart, slave Nanny and her son Ned for life, at her death to be divided among my four children: John N. Simpson, Lucy Murphey, Tabitha Fouche, and Esther Booker. To Chas. Simpson, son of John N., a slave Delia. To children of Elizabeth Booker, dec'd, slave Daniel. To dau Tabitha Fouche, slave Rose for life, at her death to Simpson Fouche, son of said Tabitha and Jonathan Fouche. To dau Ester Booker, wife of Richardson Booker, slave Ann. Son John N. Simpson and son-in-law Richardson Booker, Excrs. Signed Jun. 15, 1825. John Dyson, Geo. W. Hamilton, Jas. Cooper, Test.
Codicil. Mar. 22, 1826, changing the conditions of legacy to Simpson Fouche. Probated Oct. 24, 1826. Lewis Peeters, Wm. Hopkins, John Dyson, Test.

Page 267--SHEPHERD, ANDREW. To wife Mary, one dwelling and different lots in the town of Washington and adj, also slave Dangerfield his wife and eight children, and a childs part of all other property. "It is my particular wish that Mrs. Hillhouse, my mother-in-law always be a member of my household." Any property coming to the family by their grandmother Mrs. Hillhouse, be considered in the final division as the children of my present wife draw an equal share of all my estate.

End of Page 153 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 154

Mentions $4000.00 received by Elizabeth Winder from her uncle Felix Gilbert. Geo. Gilmore of Lexington, Wm. A. Grant of the neighborhood, Alex. Pope, Atty, and wife Mary, Excrs. Signed Oct. 31, 1825. Probated Jan. 5, 1829. Philip C. Guinn, Wm. F. Hay, John O. Mara, Test. Philip C. Guinn signs probate in Baldwin Co.

Page 286--STONE, OSBORN. All estate to wife Nancy for maintaining and educating the children (not named), they to get such portions at majority or marriage as she sees fit. John W. Butler, Stephen G. Pettus, Samuel Barnett and Jesse Mercer, Excrs. Signed Sept. 18, 1829. Probated Jan. 4, 1830. Chas. Wingfield, Wm. Jones, Stephen G. Pettus, Test.

Page 301--SMITH, GUY. To wife Sally half of all personal estate according to our marriage contract in the hands of Col. Thos. Wootten. To son John slave Cornelia, to dau Nancy Jennings $100.00, to dau Mary Bailey a slave, to son Wm. slave Rachel, to son Guy a slave, to son Thos., $400.00, to dau Sarah Goldsby $100.00, to son Henry slave Daniel, "my eight children." The interest of Jesse Stallings, Jr. in his fathers estate which I bought to wife Sally. Thos. Wootten, and Thos. Anderson, Excrs. Signed Aug. 15, 1830. Probated Sept. 6, 1830. Joshua Kelley, Wm. M. Binns, Bolling Bryant, Test.

Page 307--SIMPSON, JUDA. All estate to be equally divided among my children: Jas. B., Wm. L., Chas. N., John N., Felix G., and Thos. P. Simpson. Thos. Douglas, Excr. Signed Mar. 17, 1830. Recorded Dec. 20, 1830. Wm. Killgore, Edward Giddens, Hannah Cooksey, Test.

Page 314--SLACK, JESSE. To wife Susannah all estate for widowhood. If she marries to be divided equally between her and the children (not named), except dau Rhoda Wheety (?) unto whom I give $150.00. Two sons Thos. and John Slack, Excrs. Signed Jan. 31, 1831. Probated May 2, 1831. Chas. Statham, A. D. Statham, Test.

Page 316--STATHAM, JANE. To son Augustin D. Statham slave Jerry. To him in trust for my son Richard W. Statham slave Alfred. If he marries to be vested in his children. To dau Susan Harriet Statham certain slaves. If she marries and dies without issue to revert to my estate and be divided among my children generally (not named). Tract of land in Carroll Co. also. To dau Rhoda Quin all residue. Son Augustin D., and John T. Dent, Excrs. Signed Jan. 20, 1831. Probated Jul. 15, 1831. Jos. H. Burks, John D. Hinton, Clifton O. Mahoney, Test.

Page 341--SEMMES, THOMAS of Charles Co. Md. To son James that part of the plantation whereon I now live, on the east side of Port Tobacco, and slave Tom. To son Edward the land I hold on Wheeles Branch in Charles Co., one-third of a tract called the Heater and slave Ralph. To son Jos. Milburn Semmes the other half of the land on which I live including the dwelling, one-third of the tract called the Heater and slave Jerry. To son Ignatius remainder of tract where I live, one-third

End of Page 154 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 155

of the tract called the Heater, a slave Winmerz. To dau Henrietta Scott three slaves, Anthony, Aaron and Bett now in her possession. To daus Anne, Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth and Martha Semmes three slaves each. Dau. Ann Semmes, Excx. Signed Sept. 14, 1785. Samuel Hanson, Jr., Zalph. Turner, Thos. Jenkins, Leonard Hamilton, Test. In the back of foregoing will is Charles Co. Md., Jul. 13, 1827. Wm. Hamilton swears he was formerly well acquainted with Samuel Hanson, Jr., Zaphaniah Turner and Leonard Hamilton, and with their handwriting and that the foregoing signatures are genuine. John Bames of Charles Co. Md. testifies to the signature of Samuel Hanson, Jr., and Zephaniah Turner, (both now dec'd) Admitted to record Charles Co. Md. May 29, 1832. Recorded Jan. 1, 1834.

Page 349--SEMMES, ANDREW G. Executor to pay certain legacies of record in certain books, as the children come of age. $300.00 each to my youngest children: Sarah, Mary and Alex. Webster, with interest from Jan. 1, 1825, to make them equal with my daus Frances and Caroline, and my sons Paul, John, and Jos., who received legacies of this amount from my father. To oldest son Andrew, $3496.00 with interest from Jan. 1, last, having given him land etc. To son Albert lot and improvements in Washington, adj Jos. W. Robinson, and 253 acres in Abbeville Co. S. C., and $3900.00. To son-in-law Wm. G. Harris my brick house and slave Ellen. To wife Mary and my seven youngest children, (to wit), Paul, John, Caroline, Joseph, Sarah, Mary and Alex. Webster, all residue real and personal until Paul attains majority, when he receives his part, and the other children likewise. Mentions a possibility of another child. Wife Mary, Excx. Signed Dec. 1, 1832. Archibald S. Wingfield, Thos. Semmes, Wm. Jones, Test.
Codicil. Jul. 27, 1833, changing legacy to Wm. G. Harris. B. Paul, J. W. Robinson, Test. Probated Dec. 30, 1833.

Page 359--STANDARD, KIMBRO. All estate to wife Elizabeth for life. Final division to the whole number of my children, viz, Martha Hardy, Frances Mary Dunn, Elizabeth Danner, Ruth, Wm. L., and Daniel H. Standard. Wife and Mason Jones, Excrs. Signed Feb. 12, 1834. Probated May 5, 1834. Mason Jones, Medad McLendon, Wm. M. Lampkin, Test.

Page 360--SEMMES, IGNATIUS. To wife Mary in fee simple, slaves, carriage, household goods, for widowhood or until sons Francis and Jehu arrive at majority, land and appurtenances. To dau Nancy Ward slave Nelly. To dau Henrietta O'Leary, the Failer Judgment and all notes against M. O'Leary. To Wm. T. Quinlan in trust for my dau Elizabeth Turley, wife of Thos. Turley several slaves. To dau Catherine Semmes, slaves. Wife, Geo. Hargraves, Thos. Semmes and H. B. Thompson, Excrs. Signed Jul. 27, 1832. Probated Sept. 1, 1834. H. B. Thompson, Margaret O'Reiley, Elizabeth Parks, Test.

Page 365--SMITH, GEORGE. For the protection of my wife Mary Smith and my young son Geo. Blakey Smith I relinquish to her all the interest

End of Page 155 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 156

in the estate of her father John Menzies, late of Rockingham Co. N. C., consisting of slaves Jenkins and Jerry, as well as other slaves etc, 275 acres of land whereon we live including the dwelling, adj Chas. Lybas, Elbert Smith and land formerly belonging to the estate of Col. Pray, dec'd. Stephen G. Burnley and Micajah Bedell appointed gdn of son Geo. B. Smith, to be reared in their homes. To grandson Daniel Roberts son of my dau Amelia Roberts formerly Smith, slave Hezekiah. To Elizabeth J. Smith, wife of Joel T. Smith, dec'd, slave Milly, To grandson George son of Joel T. Smith $50.00. To Henry B. Smith and Geo. Sanford $25.00 each. After debts are paid residue to Margaret Burnley, wife of Stephen G. Burnley, the children of my dec'd son Joel T. Smith, including my great-grandau Frances Louisa Thompson, and the children of my dau Frances, wife of Jas. Sanford. Stephen G. Burnley, Andrew Huling and Micajah Bedell, Excrs. Signed Dec. 1, 1831. Probated May 5, 1834. Jos. W. Robinson, Mark A. Lane, John H. Dyson, Test.

Page 388--SPRINGER, ANN. To Eli Baxter of Hancock Co., in trust for son Wm. G. Springer and his wife and children, one third of my land in S. C., several slaves. To Osborn Stone, Jas. Wingfield, Bolling Anthony and Wm. Dunlap all other property in this and other states, in trust for my dau Lucinda T. Garvin and her husband Robt. M. Garvin and their children. Having given dau Catherine her share, nothing to her now. Son Wm. G. Springer, Excr. Signed May 28, 1827. Probated May 2, 1836. Samuel Barnett, Walter H. Weems, John R. Anderson, Test.

Page 401--STINSON, PHEBE. To dau Sarah Binns, slave Selma. To grand-children, children of my son Dudley Stinson, dec'd, that he had by wife Susan, slaves Betsy and Harry. To dau Patsy wife of Robt. Killgore $100.00. To dau Susan Stinson slave Amy. To dau Jane Groce, wife of Ellison Groce, slave Frank. To dau Polly Jones, wife of Edward Jones, slave Sarah and her child Emily. To dau Phebe Stinson, slaves Hannah and Cyrus. Residue to daus Elizabeth Anthony, wife of Mark Anthony, Nancy Boatright, wife of Jas. Boatright and Berthena Reeves, wife of Thos. Reeves., final division to their children. Nicholas G. Barksdale, Thos. Douglas and Wm. Q. Anderson, Excrs. Signed Oct. 8, 1831. Probated Sept. 6, 1836. Wm. Q. Anderson, Test.

Page 54--TRAMMELL, THOMAS. All property to be sold by Jan. 1, except slaves Scott, Isaac, Allen and Lonza and my curtained bed, which I have this day given my two youngest daus Susannah and Elizabeth Trammell, daus of my late wife Elizabeth, dec'd, and $2000.00. Residue to be divided between my three oldest children, Polly Darden, Woodward Trammell and Patsy Davis. Joshua Davis, Thos. Wootten and Jas. Echols, Excrs. Signed Mar. 28, 1821. Probated Jun. 4, 1821. Isaac Furgeson, Geo. Varner, Isaac Williamson, Test.

Page 91--TARVER, ELIZABETH. To sister Nancy, wife of Geo. Gibson

End of Page 156 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 157

my trunk and clothes. To Geo. Gibson, above, the note I hold against him. Income from residue to educate Wm. Nichols, Alfred Augustus, Sarah Elizabeth and Frances Anne Gibson, children of Geo. and Nancy Gibson. Springer Gibson and Wm. Dearing, Excrs. No date Probated May 14, 1822 John H. Pope, Avice Minton, E. C. Parks, Test.

Page 103--TARVER, JACOB. To son Jacob Tarver and dau Sally Roe, $1.00 each. To dau Elizabeth Pittman $300.00 in notes on my son Benj. To son Andrew slave Abraham. To son Benj. slaves Rose, Franky and Tom, on his paying for maintenance and education of Samuel Roe's children, to the amount of $500.00, viz, Susannah, Jacob, Andrew, James, Samuel, Sally and Benj. Roe. Son Benj. Excr. Signed Apr. 29, 1822. Probated Aug. 6, 1822. Josiah Perry, David C. Patterson, Jas. Perry, Test.

Page 117--TERRELL, JOHN. All estate to be divided into two lots, one to be chosen by wife Elizabeth Overton Terrell, in fee simple, the other lot a life estate, final division to sister Fanny Branham and her children, and brother Henry Terrell's children living at the time. At wife's death the land including the mills be sold and divided between nephews John Branham, son of my sister, and John Terrell, son of H. Terrell. Henry Terrell, Garland Wingfield, Jr., and Thos. Terrell, Excrs. Signed May 3, 1821. Probated Oct. 7, 1822. John Dyson, John L. Wingfield, Overton Wingfield, Test.

Page 135--TRAMMELL, WOODWARD. "I Woodward Trammell of state and county aforesaid now in the common jail of said county under sentence of death on the 16th, May next, but of sound and disposing mind" etc. To wife Rebecca Sessoms Trammell all estate for life, final division to my lawful heirs, viz, Vicena Sessoms Trammell, Rebecca Ann Trammell, and Oncy Garner Trammell. Wife, John Johns and John Favor, Excrs. Signed Apr. 8, 1823. Probated Jul. 7, 1823. John Dyson, Richard H. Long, Richard J. Willis, Test.
Codicil. Appointing Burch Darden, Excr. instead of John Favor.

Page 43--TAYLOR, GEORGE D. All property to be divided between my four infant children, viz, John M.D., Orra E., Mary and Noah W. Taylor. John Hinton, John Hill and Lemuel Wootten, all of Wilkes Co., Excrs. Signed Dec. 31, 1819. Probated Nov. 6, 1820. Mark Daniel Clark, Jas. LeSeuer, Davenport Taylor, Test.
(Note: Geo. D. Taylor married dau of Thos. Walton, Sr. of Lincoln Co.)

Page 182--TURNER, JOHN of Columbia Co. Ga. To son Stephen 101 1/4 acres on Sandy creek, Morgan Co., slave Sarah etc. To dau Sarah Billingslea, slaves Nancy and Joe. To grandau Martha Rebecca Coleman slaves Esther and Abraham, if she dies without issue to return to two youngest daus Eliza and Martha. To sons Jas. S., John, Wm. H., and D. Coleman Turner, to daus Eliza M. and Martha Turner and beloved wife Patsy all residue of estate. Son Jas. and son-in-law Francis

End of Page 157 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 158

Billingslea, Excrs. Signed Nov. 4, 1820. Probated Jan. 3, 1825. Thos. White, John Parks, Robt. Johns, Test.

Page 195--TRIPLETT, WILLIAM. All estate to be divided equally between my wife Polly and all my children, viz, Wm., Thos., Nancy, Eliza, Hillary, Mary and Manah, except Wm. and Thos., who have received their share. Some of them minors. Son Hillary and friend Matthew Talbot, Sr., Excrs. Signed Apr. 14, 1822. Probated Sept. 4, 1826. John Dyson, Test.

Page 276--TATE, THOMAS J., of Elbert Co. Ga. To sister Katharine D. Tate, and brother Lawrence P. P. Tate $100.00 each. Residue to eldest brother Zimri W. Tate, who is Excr. Signed Oct. 22, 1823. Probated Nov. 2, 1829. Enos Tate, A. Hammond, Richmond Rich, Test.

Page 45--WINGFIELD, THOMAS. To sons Edward B., to daus. Chas. A. C., Virginia N., Sophia H., Elizabeth N. B., Mary S., and Patsy Wade Wingfield, all minors, two slaves each, also a tract of land in Wilkinson Co. To wife Elizabeth for life 10 slaves, the land upon which we live, stock and furniture, final division to children. Requests brother Chas. Wingfield to live with his family as long as he's unmarried to take care of the children. Chas. and Samuel Wingfield, David and John Butler, Excrs. Signed Jan. 17, 1820. Probated Jan. 9, 1821. Joel H. Terrell, Chas. Wingfield, Wm. Wingfield, Test.

Page 33--WYNN, JOHN. To wife Jane for life or widowhood land whereon I live etc. Balance of estate to be sold and equally divided among my children, viz, Keturah Apperson, Geo. Wynn, Nancy Sims, Sally Amis, Lucy Stewart and the surviving children of my dau Polly Jones, dec'd, to be paid as they come of age, father Robt. Jones having received his share. Son George and friend Wm. Davis, Excrs. Signed Mar. 31, 1816. Probated Sept. 4, 1820. Nicholas Sheats, Malinda Sheats, Edmond Stone, Test.

Page 94--WILKINS, LEROY. To Leroy Parris, son of P. O. Parris of Warrenton $100.00 with interest at majority, in trust of my uncle Wm. Wilkins. If Leroy should die, the money to be paid to the children of my mother, Thankful Kendrick, viz, Elizabeth, Zylpha, Sarah and Richmond Kendrick. To son John H. Wilkins slave Spencer and half of all other estate. The other half to wife Agnes, final division to son John H., if he dies before majority or marriage to go to the three oldest children of my brother-in-law John Harris, viz, David, Martha and Leroy. Slaves loaned wife to be set free after her death, my nephew Wm. F. Wilkins to be their guardian. Wife Agnes, Thos. Wootten and uncle Wm. Wilkins, Excrs. Signed Sept. 14, 1818. Recorded Sept. 6, 1820. Dennis Dent, Wm. F. Wilkins, Wm. Wilkins, Test.

Page 116--WELLBORN, SAMUEL. non-cupative. To Alfred Wellborn $2000.00 to be raised out of the crops on the plantation where I live. All estate to be kept together under the control of wife Mary until she

End of Page 158 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 159

marries or my two children by her, (not named) reach majority. Reduced to writing by one of the undersigned the fourth day after the death of said Samuel. Sept. 30, 1822. Probated Nov. 4, 1822. Thos. D. McLaughlin, Christian McLaughlin, Elias Wellborn, Test.

Page 121--WOOTTEN, JAMES. All estate to be left in hands of wife Polly for her support and to better educate my children that may be under age, (not named). Thos., Lemuel and John T. Wootten, Excrs. Signed Sept. 23, 1820. Probated Jan. 6, 1823. Samuel A. Wellborn, Israel Keith, John Pope, Talton Sheats, Geo. H. Hughes, Test.

Page 146--WILLIAMSON, CLAYBROOK. To wife Mary plantation, slaves etc for life. At her death to be equally divided among all my children, (not named). Josiah Chatham, and Enoch Callaway, Excrs. Signed Nov. 27, 1823. Probated May 3, 1824. Reuben Strozier, Thos. Henderson, Test.

Page 152--WINGFIELD, GARLAND, Sr. To Stephen G. Pettus the land whereon I live. To Chas. Pettus for life, the land whereon he lives, final division to his children. To John Pettus the land bought of John Wingfield with certain reservations. All slaves to above legatees, except negroes I received by my wife, which are to go to her son Thos. N. Poulain. Signed Jun. 8, 1824. Probated Sept. 6, 1824. Wm. Jones, Richard Randolph, John McCleskey, Test. Nephews John, Chas. and Stephen G. Pettus, and Thos. N. Poullain, Excrs.

Page 166--WILKINSON, ANN. To son John Wilkinson the land I received of the estate of Joshua Render. To grandson Jesse Heard my gray horse. My three daus, (not named) to have the residue, towit, one still, a bed, a mare and $500.00. Son John Wilkinson, Excr. Signed Aug. 23, 1824. Probated Mar. 15, 1825. Jos. M. Dent, Adaline Dodson, Augustain Thomas, Test.

Page 231--WILLIS, GEORGE. To wife Susan for life the land whereon I live, 11 slaves, household goods etc. To grandau Aseneth Jos. Willis a slave Hannah at majority, to be managed by Richard J. Willis. To her brother Wm. C. Willis certain slaves in the same manner. To son John C. Willis what I have already given him. To son Richard J., slaves and one half the land loaned to my wife. To son Jas. D. the land on which I live except that loaned to wife, all to be inherited at wife's death. To dau Elizabeth D. Milner what she has received. Sons Richard J., and Jas. D., Excrs. Signed Mar 12, 1824. Probated Sept. 3, 1827. Lewis Barrett, Luke Turner, Thos. Pullin, Test.

Page 247--WALKER, JOSEPH, Sr. All estate to remain in possession of wife Elizabeth for the purpose of supporting herself and her two children, Jos. and Jane. Having given property to the children who have married, others to receive the same. At wife's death all to be sold and divided among all the children, except John Walker who married my dau Mary, their heirs to inherit, also John and Jos. Walker sons of

End of Page 159 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 160

Isaiah C. Walker to have childs part. Sons David and James, Excrs. No date. Probated Mar. 11, 1828. S. J. Mays, John Dyson, Jas. M. Anderson, Test.

Page 273--WINGFIELD, EDWARD B., To Chas. Ann C. Wingfield a note on Chas. Wingfield. To Sophia H., Elizabeth N. B., Mary S., Patsy W., and Chas. Ann C. Wingfield a tract of land in Irwin Co., number unknown. Chas. Wingfield, Excr. No date. Probated Sept. 7, 1829. Zelatus Adams, Chas. Wingfield, Elizabeth Wingfield, Test.

Page 284--WISE, RUTH. To brother John Wise a note against him for $300.00. To sister Jane Jackson all the furniture I have had at my brother John Wise's, and my chest and spinning wheel. To brother Josiah Wise 20 acres of land whereon my father died, and allotted to me as my part of his estate, according to the division of record in the Clerks office. Brother John Wise, Excr. Signed Jul. 3, 1827. Probated Jan. 4, 1830. A. M. Matthews, John Nickles, Early Jackson, Test.

Page 295--WEST, JOHN M. Confirms gifts of slaves and money to son Wm. West, dau Jane Harris, Dec. 29, 1825, to son John West Dec. 27, 1827. To wife Mary Ann 150 acres the land whereon I live, bought of Jas. W. Jack, the balance of said tract to son Chas. P. West at majority. Two slaves to wife Mary Ann, the residue to be divided among my four children: Lucy, Eliza, Nancy C., and Chas. P. West. Sons Wm. and John, Excrs. Signed Oct. 12, 1827. Probated Jul. 5, 1830. Richardson Booker, Geo. McKinney, Patrick J. Barnett, Test.

Page 331--WEBSTER, ELIZA. $1000.00 to be paid the sisters and brothers of my late husband Alex. H. Webster. Residue to my mother and father for life, equal division to brothers Isaac and Abner and sister Harriett, surname not given. Brother Abner W. Henderson, Excr. Signed Apr. 5, 1831. Probated Mar. 5, 1832. Cordelia Charlton, E. M. Gibson, Andrew G. Semmes, Test.

Page 232--WEBSTER, ALEX. H. All estate to wife Eliza for her sole use forever, she to be sole Excx. Signed Oct. ....., 1827. Probated Mar. 5, 1832. Duncan G. Campbell, Felix G. Hay, Andrew G. Semmes, Test.

Page 313--WRIGHT, JOHN, Sr. To wife Bathsheba for life, 340 acres adj Purnal Truitt, where I now reside, slaves, stock etc, not to be under the control of any future husband. At her death to son Jas. Wright, also land he may receive in the contemplated lottery. Signed Dec. 2, 1830. Recorded Jun. 17, 1831. Chas. Smith, Richmond Dorough, Jas. Dorough, Test. Wife Barsheba and Isaiah T. Irvin, Excrs.

Page 340--WOOD, JOHN. To grandson Geo. Wood all estate encluding all my right and interest in the contemplated lottery of the Gold Region. Said George to be sole Excr. Signed Aug. 6, 1832. Probated Jan. 7, 1833. Chester Gibson, Thos. F. Marler, S. Flournoy, J. P., Test.

End of Page 160 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 161

Page 377--WINGFIELD, JOHN L. To wife Caroline the residence in Washington, all furniture, carriage and horses and slaves that came by her. All residue to be equally divided between my two children, minors, not named. Mentions possibility of another child. Brother Garland Wingfield, Excr. Signed Feb. 28, 1835. Probated May 5, 1835. John H. Pope, Wm. G. Driver, Stephen G. Pettus, Test.

Page 47--WINGFIELD, JOHN. In the name of God Amen. I, John Wingfield being in a low state of health, but sound in mind and memory do make this my last will and testament. Item, I give my watch to Archibald S. Wingfield. Item, I give to Polly Terrell five hundred dollars. Item, The balance of my estate I leave to be equally divided between my brothers and sisters after my just debts are paid. It is further my desire that Samuel and Thomas Wingfield be my lawful executors. In witness whereof I set my hand and seal at this 11th day of Nov. 1821. John W. Butler, Test. Proved Jan. 1st. 1821 on the oath of John W. Butler.

Page 79--ZIMMERMAN, BARNARD, of Wilkes Co. To son Philip $1.00. To son John $100.00. To son Simon 300 acres including the plantation where I now live. To grandau Lary or Sara Benson slaves Joe and Mary, feather bed etc. To grandau Susan Gilmore $100.00 and to her two children Ruthy and Mary a slave Amy. To son Simon, dau Elizabeth Guise and grandson Wm. Guise 5 slaves. Residue to be divided among grandchildren, children of sons Philip and John Zimmerman and dau Elizabeth Guise, except Wm. Guise and Susan Gilmore. Leonard Sims and Peter Gullatt, Excrs. Signed May 22, 1820. Probated Mar. 4, 1822. Allen P. Rice, Jos. Griffin, Jacob Zellner, Test.