The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


The land given out in this lottery was obtained from the Creek and Cherokee Indians by the United States in several treaties, one at Fort Jackson, Aug. 9, 1814, and one at the Cherokee Agency, July 8, 1817, and one at the Creek Agency on Flint river, Jan. 22, 1818, and included the original boundaries of Early, Irwin, Appling, Walton, Hall, Gwinnett, and Habersham counties. The land lots in Irwin and Appling counties contained 490 acres each, in the others 250 acres each. Those entitled to draw were every free white male eighteen years of age and upwards, being a citizen of the United States and an inhabitant of this state three years immediately preceding this act, and all who served as drafted men or volunteers in the late Indian War, provided they had resided and continue to reside in this state since said service was performed, one draw; all officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary War who are indigent or invalid, two draws in addition to those heretofore authorized by law; should they have been fortunate drawers in previous lotteries, one draw; every male person of like description having a wife or legitimate male child or children under eighteen years, or unmarried female child or children, two draws; all widows with like residence one draw; all widows or orphans of soldiers killed in the late wars with Great Britian and the Indians, one draw, in addition to those already allowed widows and orphans by this act; all families of orphans under twenty-one years old whose father is dead, one draw; all orphans whose father and mother are both dead, two draws. Any citizen of the state who was legally drafted in the late war against Great Britain and the Indians who refused to serve either in person or by substitute, or who evaded a draft by leaving the state or county in which they resided, were not entitled to draw.

This act was amended Dec. 21, 1819 to include territory acquired of the Cherokee Indians by a treaty held by John C. Calhoun at the City of Washington Feb. 27, 1819, which was the original Rabun county, the lots to contain 490 acres each.

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This seems to be a remuant.

38th. Batt. commanded by Abner Wellborn. 

Capt. Anderson Bates, District. 

Anderson James 2  
Alliston, Elias 2  
Anderson, Nancy wid. of Martin 1  
Anderson, Martin orphs. of 1  
Bates, Anderson 2  
Bell, Loyd minor 1  
Bell, Joseph 2  
Bell, Mary wid. of John 1  
Barnett, Patrick J. 1  
Beshell, John 2  
Bird, Margaret, wid. of Williamson 1  
Bird, Williamson, orphs. of 1  
Bailey, George 1  
Bailey, Russell 2  
Bailey, John 2  
Barnett, William, Sr., (Rev. Officer, Sol. and invalid 1  
Combs, Philip 1  
Combs, Philip, Rev. Sol and invalid 1  
Combs, Philip son of John 2  
Combs, Zachariah minor 1  
Combs, John, Rev. Sol., and indigent 1  
Combs, William minor 1  
Cambron, John M. 2  
Coats, Lucinda wid. of Nath'l 1  
Creswell, Samuel minor 1  
Coleman, John 1  
Dunn, John, orphs. of 1  
Eidson, Thos., son of John 2  
Eidson, James 1  
Eidson, John 1  
Eidson, John, orphs. of 1  
Finn, John, orphs. of 2  
Gresham, William 2  
Gresham, Benjamin 2  
Griffin, John, orphs. of 1  
Graves, Robert C. 2  
Garrard, Allen 1  
Hughes, Mary, wid. of Wm. 1  
Hughes, Bernard H. 2  
Hughes, William minor 1  
Hughes, Jane, orph. of Wm. 1  
Harris, Robert 2  
Harris, John 1  
Harris Stephen 1  
Harris, Archelaus minor 1  
Holtzclaw, Sarah wid. of Hosea 1  
Holtzclaw, Hosea, orphs. of 1  
Ivey, Charles 2  
Matthews, Mary, wid. of Jere. 1  
Morris, Esaac 2  
Morris, William 2  
McGinty, John A. 2  
McKenney, George 2  
McFerrin, William 1  
Martin, Ganaway 2  
Martin, Ganaway, Rev. Soldier and invalid 2  
Martin, Austin 2  
Marler, Laban 2  
Reviere, Dicey. wid. of Richard 1  
Reviere, Richard, orphs. of 1  
Reviere, Herbert B. 1  
Talbot, Matthew, Sr. 2  
Talbot, Thomas 2  
Talbot, Matthew, Jr. 1  
Talbot, James C. 1  
Triplett, William, Sr. 2  
Triplett, Hillary minor 1  
Triplett, Thomas T. 1  
Waters, Jane, wid. of Bradford 1  
Waters, Bradford, orphs. of 1  
West, John Q. minor 1  
West, Jacob, orphs. of 1  
Webster, John 2  
Webster, Martin 2  
Webster, Reuben 1  
Webster, Laban 1  
Webster, Elizabeth, wid of Abner 1  
Webster, Samuel, orph. of Abner 1  
Woodall, Williamson 2  

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Capt. Richard J. Holliday's District 

Arnett, William 2  
Arnett, John minor 1  
Arnett, Catharine, wid. of Edward Arnett 1  
Arnett, Edward, orphs. of 1  
Anderson, Gilbert 1  
Ashmore, Anne, wid. of Wm. 1  
Ayres, Thomas 2  
Blackburn, Nathan 2  
Blackburn, Nathan, Rev. Sol. and invalid 2  
Blackburn, Thomas 2  
Blackburn, Elijah 2  
Bailey, Rachel, Wid. of John 1  
Burdett, Margaret, wid. of Humphrey 1  
Burdett, Humphrey, orphs. of 1  
Burdett, William minor 1  
Brooks, Abraham S. 2  
Brooks, Christopher 2  
Brooks, Samuuel W., Jr., minor 1  
Brooks, Samuel, Sr. 2  
Booker, Richerson 2  
Booker, James S. 1  
Booker, Wm. M., Jr., minor 1  
Best, Mary, wid. of Wm. 1  
Best, William, orphs. of 1  
Bentley, James 2  
Balton, Thomas C. 2  
Carleton, Spencer 2  
Carter, John T. 1  
Cato, William 2  
Colston, Miriam wid. 1  
Florence, Willis 2  
Fraser, Stephen 1  
Gartrell, John 1  
Gartrell, William 1  
Gartrell, Milton 2  
Gartrell, Joseph 1  
Gartrell, Joseph, orphs. of 1  
Hammock, John, Jr. 2  
Hamrick, Moses 2  
Hamrick, Reuben 1  
Hamrick, Mary wid. 1  
Hudgens, William W. 2  
Hudgens, Bartlett 2  
Hudgens, John 2  
Hudgens, Wm., Rev. Sol. and invalid fortunate drawer 1  
Holliday, Richard Ivey 2  
Harris, James, Jr. minor 1  
Harris, Allen minor 1  
Harris, James, Sr. 2  
Harris, Ezekiel, Rev. Sol. and invalid, fortunate drawer 1  
Houghton, Elizabeth wid. 1  
Ivey, Josiah 2  
Johnston, Joseph B. 2  
Jones, John M. 2  
Leverett, Ann wid. 1  
Leverett, Absolom, orphs, of 1  
Mabry, Allen 2  
Mabry, Daniel 2  
Martin, William, Sr. 2  
Martin, William, Jr. 2  
Moreman, John 2  
Moreman, William 2  
Muncrief, Thomas 2  
Murphey, Lucy, wid. of Francis 1  
Murphey, Francis, orphs. of 1  
Murphey, James minor 1  
Murphey, Robert 2  
Murphey, John, Rev. Sol. and invalid, fortunate drawer 1  
McIntosh, James 2  
Musgrove, John, orphs. of Father and mother dead 1  
Musgrove, John minor 1  
Offutt, Letitia wid. 1  
Paschall, Samuel 2  
Paschall, Isaiah 2  
Paschall, Mary, wid. of Wm. 1  
Poss, John, Sr. 2  
Poss, George, Sr. 2  
Poss, George, Jr. 1  
Poss, William Minor 1  
Poss, Christopher, Rev. Sol. and invalid 1  

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Parkinson, Joseph minor 1  
Parkinson, John C. 1  
Robertson, David minor 1  
Russell, Mark 2  
Sturges, Joseph 1  
Sanders, Jeremiah 2  
Steed, Thos. W. M. 2  
Shearer, Elijah 1  
Shearer, Ann, wid. of James 1  
Trammell, Peter, Jr. 1  
Thornton, William 2  
Thornton, John 2  
Wall, John, Jr. 2  
Wall, John, Sr. 2  
Wade, Charles 1  
Wade, Moses 2  
Wade, Moses, Rev. Sol., and invalid 2  
Williams, Nancy wid. 1  
Williams, John 2  
White, Stephen 2  
Wellborn, Abner 2  

Capt. Benajah Killgore's District 

Allen, Sarah wid. 1  
Bell, Bailey 1  
Bell, John minor 1  
Bell, Bartholomew, Jr. 2  
Borom, Edward H. 1  
Beard, James 1  
Brewer, Sophia, orph. of Caleb 1  
Berry, William 2  
Baugh, Moses 2  
Bolton, Charles L. minor 1  
Bolton, Thomas W. 1  
Combs, Thomas E. 1  
Combs, John, minor son of Jas. 1  
Combs, Mildred, wid. of Jas. 1  
Combs, James, orphs. of 1  
Campbell, James A 2  
Carter, Thomas A. 1  
Cox, William 2  
Crim, William 2  
Crim, James 2  
Crim, Clarissa, wid. of Geo. 1  
Crim, George, orphs. of 1  
Coats, Drucilla, wid. of Lesley 1  
Cambron, William minor 1  
Cawthorn, Jesse 2  
Cooper, Gideon 1  
Cooper, Augustin 2  
Cooper, James minor 1  
Cooper, Joseph W. 1  
Cosby, Lucy wid. of Garland 1  
Cosby, Garland, orphs. of 1  
Danner, David 2  
Duke, Aristotle 2  
Duke, Chas. Cotesworth Pinckney, minor 1  
Eidson, Thomas R. 2  
Flournoy, Samuel 2  
Flournoy, Obadiah 2  
Fuller, George W. 2  
Farnesworth, James 2  
Huguley, Alley, wid. of Job, 1  
Huguley, Job, orphs. of 1  
Huguley, Zachariah 2  
Huguley, John, Jr. 2  
Hammand, Jacob 2  
Hammond, John 2  
Hopkins, John 2  
Hopkins, James 2  
Hopkins, Isaac 2  
Hopkins. Martha, wid. of Wm. 1  
Hopkins, William, orphs. of 1  
Holmes, William, minor 1  
Holmes, Mary, wid. of Benj. 1  
Holmes, Benjamin, orphs. of 1  
Hamilton, George W. 2  
Hamilton, George, orphs. of 1  
Hamilton, Chas. B. minor 1  
Hamilton, Agnes, wid. of Geo. 1  
Henley, Abner 1  
Henley, Margaret, orph. of John 1  
Heard, William 2  
Jackson, Wyche 2  

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Jewel, Diademma, orph. 1  
Jones, Wiley 1  
Kilgore, William 2  
Kilgore, Robert 2  
Kilgore, Benajah 1  
Kelly, John, Rev. Sol. & invalid 1  
Laughter, Robert 2  
Luker, Benjamin 2  
Mullikin, William 1  
Mullikin, Josiah 1  
McMekin, Nathaniel 2  
Meloy, Andrew 2  
Meloy, Andrew, Rev. Sol. & invalid 2  
Murphey, John S. minor 1  
Murphey, Elizabeth, wid. of Wm. 1  
Murphey, William, orphs. of 1  
Mosely, William 1  
Mosely, Nancy wid. of Wm 1  
Mosely, William orphs. of 1  
Marshall, John 2  
Owens, Mary, wid. of John 1  
Owens, Demcy C. 1  
Prather, Thomas 2  
Prather, Elizabeth, wid. of Jos. 1  
Prather, Joseph, orphs. of 1  
Prather, Benajah minor 1  
Prather, William W. minor 1  
Poder, Andrew 2  
Pettee, Simon 2  
Poss, John, son of Henry, minor 1  
Poss, Christopher, Jr. 2  
Poss, Adam 1  
Powel, Nelson 2  
Ridley, John, Jr. 1  
Ryland, Benjamin 2  
Rose, Henry 2  
Ridley, Henry 1  
Ridley, John, Sr. 2  
Ridley, John, Sr., Rev. Sol., an invalid 2  
Richardson, Morgan, Sr. 2  
Richardson, Morgan, Jr. 1  
Richardson, Hugh minor 1  
Roby, Archelaus 2  
Shank, Felix minor 1  
Shank, George 1  
Shank, Henry 2  
Shank, John, Jr 1  
Silvey, William 2  
Stamper, Mary, wid. of Powel 1  
Simpson, Lucy wid. 1  
Sansom, Elizabeth D. wid of William 1  
Sansom, William, orphs. of 1  
Sansom, William C. 1  
Sharman, John 2  
Sharman, John, Jr. minor 1  
Scott, Reuben 2  
Snelson, John 2  
Thomson, John 1  
Thornton, Rachel, wid. of John 1  
Thornton, John, orphs, of 1  
Tever, John, Jr. 1  
Van Allen, Caroline M. C. L. orph. of Peter L. Van Allen 1  
Walker, Sackfill M. 2  
Walker, Joseph 2  
Walker, David 1  
Walker, Nancy Allen, wid of Chas. 1  
Walker, Nancy Allen, orph. of Chas. 1  
Wellmaker, John 2  
Wellmaker, John, Jr. 1  
Wellmaker, Felix 1  
Walton, George, orphs. of 1  
Williams, John 2  
Williams, John, Rev. Sol., and invalid 2  
Wolfe, George 1  
Wolfe, Andrew, Jr. 2  
Wolfe, Andrew, Sr. 2  
Wolfe, Jacob 1  
Ware, Robert, Jr. 2  
Zimmerman, Simon 1  

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Anglin, David, orph. of David 1  
Borom, Thomas 2  
Bull, William 2  
Bull, John 1  
Booker, William M. 2  
Brinton, Mary wid. 1  
Bridwell, Moses 2  
Burgamy, John 2  
Carter, Elizabeth, wid. of Wm. 1  
Carter, William, orphs. of 1  
Carter, Sterling 1  
Carter, William G. minor 1  
Carter, Winnifred, wid. of John 1  
Carter, John, orphs. of 1  
Carter, Robert T. minor 1  
Cofer, Joseph B. 2  
Chivers, Robert 2  
Elliott, William 2  
Ellington, Henry 1  
Ellington, Charles H. 1  
Fares, Josiah 1  
Flint, George W. 1  
Flint, Nicholas P. 1  
Flint, Augustus W. minor 1  
Fouche, Sarah, wid. of Daniel 1  
Fouche, Daniel, orphs. of 1  
Garrard, Elizabeth, wid. of Anthony Garrard 1  
Garrard, Anthony, orphs. of 1  
Garrard, John 2  
Gilbert, Richard, minor 1  
Holmes, Joseph 2  
Hillyard, William 2  
Hillyard, Richard, orphs. of not named 1  
Hillyard, Jehu minor 1  
Hixon, Timothy 2  
Johnson, William, Jr. 2  
Kean, Robert. T. 1  
Little, Archibald 2  
Little, Sherrod 1  
Lee, James 2  
Marler, George 2  
Malone, Stith 1  
Mulkey, Littleberry 2  
Mabry, Woodford, orph. of 1  
McCoy Nathaniel 2  
Mackey, Littleton 2  
Mullikin. Benjamin 1  
Pearson, Frances, wid. of Henry, Sr. 1  
Pearson, Elizabeth, wid. of. Garland Pearson 1  
Pearson, Garland, orphs. of 1  
Pearson, Michael 1  
Pettus, Stephen G. 2  
Pettus, Charles 2  
Piggott, Abner 2  
Piggott, George minor 1  
Porter, Polly, wid. of Thos. 1  
Porter, Thomas, orphs. of 1  
Porter, Thomas C. 1  
Rogers, John minor 2  
Robertson, John. Sr. 2  
Robertson, John, Jr. 1  
Roberts, Isaiah 1  
Sessions, Robert 1  
Shepherd, Thomson 2  
Taylor, Jordan 1  
Taylor, William S. 2  
Terrell, John 2  
Willis, John W. 2  
Willis, George, orphs. of 1  
Willis, Paul T. 2  
Willis, Edney, wid. of Lewis 1  
Willis, Lewis, orphs. of 1  
Williams, Daniel 2  

Georgia, Wilkes Co.

We do certify that the foregoing list contains the names of applicants for draws in the contemplated Land Lottery with the number of draws annexed claimed by each applicant pursuant to an Act of the Assembly passed

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at Milledgeville the 15th. day of December last. Given under our hands this 13th day of March 1819.

                                              WILLIAM M. KAIN. 
                                              ABNER WELLBORN.