The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 1--Mar. 3, 1817. Luke Watson, dec'd. Time given Mary Ann Watson to complete inventory. Petition of John Fletcher for letters of administration de bonis non, with will annexed, of Patrick Shannon, whose wife Mary Thomas was made sole Excx, for life. She having married, Edward Short was appointed Excr., which letters were revoked Nov. 1816. John Fletcher appointed.

Page 1--Mar. 3, 1817. Jonathan Davis, dec'd. Will proven by the oaths of William Philips and Jonathan Davis, Jr. William Davis and George Wynne, Excrs named therein qualify. (not of record.)

Page 2--Thomas Maxwell, dec'd. Henry Hill appointed Admr.

Susannah Evans, dec'd. Samuel Staten appointed Admr., with will annexed. (not of record).

Page 3--Nathaniel Twining, dec'd. Will proved by the oath of Luke Turner and Matthew Talbot qualifies as Excr. Petition of Thomas Hudspeth and Russell Bailey Admrs. John Bailey, dec'd., to sell 100 acres on Rocky creek, adj. Wm. M. Kain and John Twining, dec'd. Petition of Matthew Talbot, Excr., John Twining, dec'd., to sell two slaves John and Betty. Petition of William Smallwood to have a bond for title made Jan. 14, 1811 by Elisha Smallwood, dec'd., to 203 acres in Elbert Co., part of it on Mill Shoal creek.

Page 4--Ignatius Dodson, dec'd., will probated. Chloe Dodson qualifies as Excx.

Page 5--May 5, 1817. Petition of William Davis, Excr., Jonathan Davis dec'd., to sell the personal estate. (not of record). Richard Watts, dec'd., Elizabeth Watts, Asa D. Starr and William H. Watts appointed Admrs. Mrs. Elizabeth Watts wife of Richard, dec'd, chooses her dower and a child's part of the personal estate. Petition of Samuel Staton, Admr. with will annexed of Susanna Evans, dec'd., to divide the estate.

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Page 7--Petition of Joshua Starr acting Admr., John P. Miller, to sell real estate.

Page 8--Petition of James McDonald to complete a bond for title given Sept. 13, 1798 by John Webster in his lifetime for 200 acres on Broad river called Webster's Millshoal.

Page 9--Barnaba Woolbright appointed guardian of John Floyd, orphan of William Floyd. Pheraba Burnett appointed guardian of Lucinda, Isma, Simma and Abba, orphans of Silas Burnett, dec'd.

Page 10--William Robertson appointed guardian of Thomas M., Sarah E., Mary M., John W., and Phebe L. Stark, orphans of Philip J. Stark, dec'd. Joshua Starr appointed guardian of Polly and Betsey Arnold, orphans of Daniel Arnold, dec'd. Philip Orr, security for Lydia Patton, guardian of Polly, Saberry, Solomon and Wilfred Patton, resigns, "and also Elizabeth Patton do consent," and Henry Henderson is appointed in his place.

Page 11--William H. Vadon appointed guardian of John Mosely, son of Polly Mosely.

Page 13--July 7, 1817. Petition of Clarissa Lindsey, Admx., John Lindsey, dec'd. to sell all the real estate. Jeremiah Bentley, dec'd. Thomas Wootten, Joseph Alexander and Abi Bently appointed Admrs. Petition of Royland Beasley, Admr., Richard Beasley, dec'd. to sell the real estate 350 acres on Newford creek. Petition of John G. Butler of Chatham Co., planter, one of the distributees of John Butler of Chatham Co., dec'd and by consent of Joseph Armstrong, Admr, in right of his wife and by consent of the court of Ordinary of Chatham Co., where administration of said estate was granted, to divide that part of the personal estate in Wilkes Co.

Page 15--Mary Holmes, widow of Benjamin Holmes, dec'd. chooses her thirds.

Page 16--John Harris, dec'd. Jane Harris appointed Admx. John N. Simpson, Security. William A. Grant appointed guardian of Arianner Twining, orphan of Nathaniel Twining, dec'd.

Page 18--Petition of William Robertson, Admr., Philip J. Stark to sell slaves Peter, Nan, Jenny, Charles and Ned. His petition as guardian of the orphans of Anna Stark to sell their slaves.

Page 19--Sept. 1, 1817. John Heard and George Crain, Admrs., estate of James Darden, dec'd., to sell all real estate 295 acres land. Elizabeth, William, Mary, Thomas, and Rebecca Holmes orphans of Benjamin Holmes, dec'd. choose their mother, Mary Holmes guardian and she is appointed guardian of Jonathan Holmes. John Wingfield and John Cooper, Security.

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Page 20--Bartholomew Johnson appointed guardian of Louisa J., and Philip J. Stark, orphans of Philip J. Stark, dec'd.

Petition of Joseph Holmes, Admr. Benjamin Holmes, dec'd. to sell all the slaves. Matthew Favor appointed guardian of Welcome Fanning, orphan of John Fanning, dec'd.

Petition of William Shearer and James Rutledge, Excrs., James Shearer, dec'd. to sell land on Loyds creek in Wilkes Co., and 202 1/2 acres in Wilkinson Co. Martha Stroud, dec'd, will proven by the oaths of Dabney A. Martin and James Arnold, sole Excr., qualified. (see will).

Page 23--Petition of David Allison guardian of Owen, John and George Willis and of Mildred Willis, minors of George Willis, dec'd. to sell personal estate. Petition of Nancy and Edward Echols, Admrs. Thomas Hancock, dec'd. to sell 50 acres the real estate of said dec'd.

Page 24--Petition of William Stark guardian of Mary Hillyard one of the legatees of Richard Hillyer, dec'd, and assessee of the distributive share of Leonard Hillyard, another distributee, to divide the estate. Petition of Asenath Cochran to divide the estate of Parmenas Cochran. Petition of Thomas Wootten, Joseph Alexander and Abi Bently, Admrs., Jeremiah Bently, dec'd, to divide the slaves.

Asenath Cochran appointed guardian of Asenath Cochran, orphan of Parmenas Cochran, dec'd.

Page 24--Thomas Wootten appointed guardian of Cynthia and James Bentley, orphans of Jeremiah Bentley, dec'd. Wm. A. Bentley appointed guardian of Jeremiah Bently, orphan of Jeremiah Bently, dec'd. William Cole, Security. Petition of Jesse H. Bramblett guardian of William Bramblett a lunatic to sell the real estate.

Page 30--Oct. 7, 1817. Elizabeth Cunningham, dec'd. John Flynt appointed Admr.

Nov. 3, 1817. Absolom Leverett, dec'd. Ann Leverett and Silas Catching appointed Admrs.

James Graves, dec'd. Robert C., and Sarah Graves appointed Admrs.

Nov. 17, 1817. Daniel Slayden, dec'd, Daniel Simpson appointed Admr. William Simpson, Security.

Page 31--Dec. 6, 1817. Richard S. Daniel, dec'd, Josiah Ellington and Cunningham Daniel appointed Admrs.

Dec. 8, 1817. William Greene, dec'd, Samuel Cochran and Right Scroging appointed Admrs. Chas. Mattocks and David A. Whatley Security. Dec. 22, 1817. Albert Parker, dec'd. Chelsia Johnson appointed Admr. Oct. 3, 1818. Richard G. Foster, dec'd. George Ruddle appointed Admr. Andrew Ruddle, Security.

Page 33--Mar. 4, 1822. (seems to be quite a gap in these records). Petition of Chas. R. Carter and Winnifred Carter, Excrs. of John Carter dec'd. to sell personal estate. Petition of Jane Ellington, Excx. of David

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Ellington dec'd, to sell real estate. Chas. F. Sherburn, late Admr. in right of his wife of the estate of Thomas W. Sims, dec'd, for himself and for Mary Sims now Mary Sherburne, former Admx of said Sims, for letters dismissory. Petition of Andrew G. Semmes, Security for John Robinson one of the Admrs., with will annexed of John Robinson, dec'd to resign as such. Will of John Farrell probated. Catherine Farrell Excx. qualifies. Will of John Allison probated. David Allison qualifies as Excr.

Page 33--Apr. 2, 1822. Richard Sappington and Thomas Talbot, Admrs. Fadda Jarrett, granted letters dismissory. Will of Walter Perry probated.

Apr. 30, 1822. Sarah Burton, dec'd, Walter H. Weems appointed temporary Admr. Samuel Barnett, Security.

Burton Talliaferro, dec'd. Daniel Harvie appointed temporary admr.

Page 36--May 6, 1822. Petition of Ignatius Semmes, Admr. of Joseph M. Semmes, dec'd. to sell 232 acres on Hardins creek.

Petition of Anselm Anthony one of the Excrs. of Joseph Anthony to have an error corrected in his returns.

Page 37--Petition of William Robertson and Benjamin Atkinson, Admrs. Steven Evans, dec'd. to divide personal estate.

George Cunningham, dec'd. John T. Daniel appointed Admr.

Page 38--Petition of James Dorough and Elbert Smith, Excrs. Nathan Smith to sell a slave Cyrus, drawn by the children of Charles Phillips which children are to have a share of estate as they come of age. Petition of James Toles, guardian of orphans of Lewis Norman, dec'd. to sell their real estate. Petition of J. J. Hooper to resign as guardian of the minors of John Gunn, dec'd, as said Hooper intends to leave the county and the property is ordered returned to the estate of Ann Gunn, dec'd.

Page 39--Burkinhead Talliaferro, dec'd. Daniel Harvie appointed Admr. William Evans appointed Admr. to ..... Cunningham, infant daughter of James A. Cunningham, dec'd. Petition of Josiah Perry, Excr. Walter Perry, Sr., dec'd, to divide the personal estate.

Page 40--Petition of Arden Evans, Security for Elizabeth Jackson, late Elizabeth Evans, guardian of the orphans of Stephen Evans, dec'd. to resign as such. Mary D. Mason, dec'd. David Mason appointed Admr. Letters dismissory granted Augustus H. Gibson, Constantine Church and Lucy S. Brown, Admrs. Asa Hall, dec'd.

Page 41--Petition of Robert Moore and William Worrell, Admrs., John Edwards, dec'd., with will annexed, to sell 661/2 acres on Fishing creek. Jeremiah Jackson qualified in Greene Co. as guardian of Stephen and Jennett Evans, orphans of Stephen Evans, dec'd., and all returns of

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Elizabeth Evans now Elizabeth Jackson ordered transmitted to Greene Co.

Page 42--Petition of Drury Cunningham to have bond for title from William Johnson, Sr., dec'd. given in 1818 for 128 1/2 acres renewed.

Page 43--Benjamin D. Sims having been appointed heretofore guardian of the orphans of Thomas Sims, dec'd. the mother refusing to give up the two youngest ones, Benjamin D., is appointed guardian of Catharine P., the eldest. John Spearman, guardian of Benjamin Barrett, minor orphan having removed from the county, Silas Reynolds is appointed guardian.

Page 44--Affidavit of Ebenezer Torrence, Ordinary of Greene Co. that Jeremiah Jackson was appointed guardian of Stephen, Louisa and Jennett Evans, orphans of Stephen Evans, dec'd. Jan. 31, 1822.

Page 45--May 14, 1822. Samuel Barnett, Security for Eugenia Kain, Admx., William Kain, resigns. Edward M. Burton chooses Samuel Barnett, guardian. Walter L. Weems, Security.

Elizabeth Tarver, dec'd., Will probated. William Tarver one of the Excrs., resigns.

Page 46--Thomas Eidson, Security for Christian Bolton, guardian of her own children, resigns. Andrew G. Semmes, Security for John Robertson, Admr. of John Robertson, Sr., dec'd. resigns.

Page 47--Charles F. Sherburne appointed guardian of Benjamin D., and Thomas W., orphans of Thomas W. Sims, dec'd.

Page 47--Petition of William Arnett to direct John Parks and Gannaway Martin to make clear titles to a certain tract of land given by William Martin, Sr., dec'd.

Page 50--May 21, 1822. John Minton, dec'd. Will probated. Johnson Wellborn, Excr. qualified.

Page 51--July 1, 1822. Petition of Samuel and Isabella Finley, Admrs. James Finley, dec'd, to sell the real estate consisting of 588 acres on Little river where said deceased lived. Sarah Burton, dec'd. Walter L. Weems appointed Admr., and his petition to sell two slaves.

Page 52--Bond of William Holmes, Admr. Mary Holmes, dec'd. delivered to Duncan G. Campbell for prosecution.

Page 53--July 27, 1822. Thomas Semmes, Sr., dec'd. Ignatus Semmes appointed Admr.

July 18, 1822. Williamson Pollard, dec'd., minor of William Pollard, dec'd. Herman Mercer appointed Admr.

Jacob Tarver, dec'd. Will probated. Letters dismissory granted James W Jack and Patrick J. Barnett, Admrs. Gannaway Martin, dec'd.

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Spencer Carlton, dec'd. Milly Carlton and Benjamin Catching appointed Admr.

Page 54--Sept. 2, 1822. Excrs of Leroy Wilkins vs Agnes Wilkins caveatrix. Admitted to probate. Wm. and Agnes Wilkins allowed to qualify as Excrs., Thos. Wooten declining to serve.

Page 55--Lawrence G. Toombs appointed guardian of Benjamin Barrett. Estates of James A. and George W. Cunningham ordered to be divided. John D. Stroud, dec'd. Elizabeth Stroud, widow, appointed Admx.

Page 56--Dr. Gilbert Hay, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 57--Elijah Sherrer and James Miller, caveators vs. Elizabeth Cain, applicant for probate of will of Jacob Cain, dec'd. Will set aside. Administrators William Martin, dec'd, allowed to sell slaves for division. Gannaway Martin appointed guardian of Lucinda, John and Henry Martin.

Page 58--Agnes Wilkins appointed guardian of John H. Wilkins. Polly Northern appointed guardian of Frances, Elizabeth, Polly and Wellborn Northern. Petition of Walter H. Weems and Samuel Barnett guardians of Edmond Burton to divide estate of Sarah Burton, dec'd.

Page 59--Petition of Admrs. James A. and George W. Cunningham to sell slaves for division. Petition of William Jones, Admr. Peter B. Terrell, dec'd, to sell slaves. Excx., Jacob Cain, dec'd, presents two wills, ordered that the one made 1820 be probated. John Ogletree, dec'd, will probated. Jesse Smith, dec'd. will probated.

Page 60--Mary Poda (Pody), dec'd. Will probated.

Sept. 2, 1822. Amanda C. Norman, dec'd., James Toles appointed temporary Admr. Margaret T. Stroud appointed permanent Admr. John D. Stroud, dec'd.

Page 61--Sept. 23, 1822. Elizabeth Wilson chooses a child's part of real estate of John Wilson, dec'd. instead of dower. Elizabeth Callaway, dec'd. Jesse Callaway appointed temporary Admr.

Oct. 11, 1822. David C. Patterson, dec'd. Josiah Perry appointed temporary Admr.

Oct. 21, 1822. Moses Collins, dec'd. Gibson Collins and Nicholas Barksdale appointed Admrs. Stephen Rorie, dec'd. William Rorie appointed Admr. Abner Webster, dec'd. John Rorie appointed Admr., with will annexed. William Barker, dec'd. Philip Orr appointed Admr.

Page 62--Nov. 4, 1822. Petition of William Jones, Admr Peter B. Terrell to sell all the real estate, several tracts, one of 700 acres on Dry Fork of Long creek whereon he lived at his decease which was purchased of John Milner.

Page 63--Petition of Nathan Formby, Excr. George Thompson, dec'd. to

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divide the personal estate. Jacob Miller (?) and Nicholas Milner, chooses John Milner guardian, Joshua Starr their former guardian being dead. Petition of William Andres and Jesse Slack, Admrs., Jacob Slack, dec'd. to sell the real estate, 200 acres on Pistol creek and the slaves for division.

Page 64--Petition of Matthew Talbot to have clear titles made to 307 acres adjoining himself, by John Dyson present Admr., William M. Kain. dec'd., bond for title having been given by Eugenia Kain former Admx. Petition of James Brown, Excr of James Huling, dec'd to sell 250 acres on Beaverdam creek.

Page 65--Verbal will of Samuel Wellborn established, the widow being willing. Petition of Sally Binns and Dudley Stinson, Admrs., Christopher Binns, dec'd. to sell the real estate. 161 1/2 acres. Felix G. Hay appointed guardian of James F. Hay orphan of Gilbert Hay, dec'd.

Page 66--Petition of William Arnold, Excr. Joshua Arnold, dec'd. to sell three slaves. Petition of Holland Revier, Excr. Richard Revier, dec'd. to sell 270 acres whereon said Richard lived, and which was devised to the widow in his will, and she is now dead, and also several slaves for division.

Page 67--Augustin Cooper, dec'd. Joseph W. Cooper appointed Admr. Mary M. Dent, dec'd. Will probated. Joshua Starr, dec'd. Will probated. Sarah Partridge, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 68--Judith Bowles, dec'd. Will probated. William Evans, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 69--Nov. 5, 1822. Joseph Dent, dec'd. Michael L. Dent appointed Admr. Elizabeth Tarver, dec'd. George Gibson appointed Admr. with will annexed. Samuel Wellborn, dec'd. Mary and Alfred Wellborn appointed Admrs. with will annexed.

Nov. 9, 1822. John Scott, dec'd. Joshua Morgan and Gustavus Scott appointed temporary Admrs. Pauncy Bunch, dec'd. David Bunch appointed Admr. David Ogletree, dec'd. Rebecca Ogletree and William Robertson appointed Admrs.

Nov. 26, 1822. Mount M. Mercer, dec'd. Herman Mercer appointed Admr. John Glass, dec'd. Thomas Glass appointed Admr. Epps Duke, Security.

Page 70--Dec. 22, 1822. Robert Wilson, minor, dec'd. Charles Gresham appointed Admr.

Dec. 18, 1822. Francis R. Corbett, dec'd. John R. Anderson appointed Admr. Patience Crenshaw, dec'd. Henry B. Thompson appointed Admr. Jan. 6, 1823. David C. Patterson, dec'd. Josiah Perry appointed Admr.

Page 71--Petition of Herman Mercer, Admr. William Pollard, dec'd. to sell

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two slaves, all belonging to the estate, for division among the eight legatees.

Page 72--Thomas Glass, Admr. John Glass, dec'd. allowed to make returns in Morgan Co., now being a resident of said county. David Butler, dec'd. having been security in his life time for Frances A. Lipham, Admx. David Lipham, dec'd. Dr. James Tinsley is appointed.

Page 73--Benjamin Osborn, dec'd. of Wilkes Co. John Shackleford of Morgan Co. appointed guardian of Benjamin, Mary, and Lavina Osborn orphans of said Benjamin. James Evans appointed guardian of Susannah Cunningham. James Matthews appointed guardian of Martha Pope, minor.

Page 73--Petition of James W. Jack, guardian of the orphans of Edmond Arnett to sell three slaves. Letters dismissory granted to Richard Sappington and Thomas Talbot as Admrs. Fadda Jarrett, dec'd.

Page 74--Benjamin Starr, Daniel Lee, Joel Leverettt, Ben Wallis, John Thomas Dawson and Robert Dawson, minors choose Thomas Formby guardian.

Petition of Nelson Powell, Admr. John Williams, dec'd. to sell 116 1/2 acres adjoining Lewis McClendon, dec'd. Lavina Wingfield appointed guardian of Francis A. Wingfield orphan of Samuel Wingfield instead of Charles Wingfield resigned. Petition of John Favor, Admr. Richard Mattox, dec'd. to sell 200 acres on Kettle creek.

James Wootten, dec'd. Will probated. Isaac Callaway, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 76--Francis Gideon, dec'd. Will probated. John Terrell, dec'd. Will probated. Stephen Rorie, dec'd. William Rorie appointed Admr. Frances E. Long chooses James Rembert guardian. Petition of Luke J., Joseph M., Joshua and Woodson Callaway and John Boren, heirs and distributees of Elizabeth Callaway, dec'd., that Jesse Callaway Admr. sell slaves for division. On the complaint of John Rorie, one of the heirs of Abner Webster, dec'd, Elizabeth Webster, Excx, ordered to appear in court. Charles Matthews, William F. Hay and John Brown ordered to divide the property of Nicholas Long, dec'd. between Sarah R. Long, now Sarah R. Rembert, Eliza L. Long and Eugenia A. Long agreeable to the will.

Page 78--Henry Josey appointed guardian of Wylie and Rowena Pope, minors. Abijah Henley, dec'd. William Robertson appointed Admr.

Page 79--Jan. 7, 1823. Letters dismissory granted Lewis S. Brown, Constantine Church and Augustus H. Gibson, Admrs. Asa Hall, dec'd.

Page 80--Jan. 14, 1823. Petition of Elizabeth Huling, Catherine Toombs, Eliza Huling and Isham Branham to divide the personal estate of James Huling, dec'd. according to his will. Mrs. Frances G. Albert,

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guardian of the three children of Thomas H. Chivers, towit, Algernon S., James M., and Jane A. Chivers makes returns of board and tuition, calling them her children. Excr. of Thomas H. Crivers, dec'd. towit, Robert Chivers, ordered to pay.

Page 81-83--Josiah W. Pope, dec'd. Lemuel Wootten and Abraham Hill, Sr., appointed Admrs.

Jan. 14, 1823. Personally appeared Joseph Hurley, aged 66 years to make declaration for pension according to Acts of Congress Mar. 18, 1818 and May 1, 1820. He declares he enlisted July 1, 1782 in North Carolina in the Company commanded by Capt. Elijah Moore, first captain, Alex, Brevard, second and Capt. Rhodes, third in the First N. C. Regiment commanded by Lt. Corben Archibold Lyttle under the command of Gen. Nathaniel Greene in the tour of the state of N. C., on Continental establishment; that he served till July 1, 1783, when he was discharged in Charleston, S. C., that he was in the Battle of Waupoocet (?) and that he has no other proof of said service, that he was a citizen of the United States Mar. 18, 1818, that he had not sold or given away property, which property consists of six school books and two books of Divinity, that he has no family residing with him, his occupation heretofore being teacher, his sight now failing he fears dependence. Affidavit Nov. 2, 1822 of William Littleton that Joseph Hurley was a soldier in the Continental Line and served as Orderly and 1st. Sergt., in the First N. C. Regiment "while I was 1st Sergt. and served faithfully till the declaration of Peace at the close of the War." Sworn to before William Robertson and Samuel Rice, J. P., of Wilkes Co.

Page 83--Petition of Elizabeth Branham, Admr. Spencer Branham, dec'd. to sell the slaves for division.

Page 84--John Cooper, Sr., Security for Ally Huguley, guardian of her children, minor orphans of Job Huguley, dec'd. resigns.

Page 85--Jan. 21, 1823. Sterling Jenkins, dec'd. Will probated Jan. 28, 1823. Washington Huff, dec'd. Solomon Arnold and Harriett Huff appointed Admrs.

Page 86--Feb. 4, 1823. Benjamin Talliaferro, dec'd. Joseph A. Green appointed Admr., as far as the real estate.

Feb. 20. 1823. Jacob McClendon, dec'd. James Walker appointed temporary Admr.

March Term 1823. Petition of John Cantrell for clear titles to Lot No. 48, 1st Dist. Habersham Co., bond for title given 1821 by John Pope, dec'd.

Page 89--Petition of John and Gabriel Spearman, guardians of Anne and Mary Dawson, to make returns to the court of Jasper Co., granted

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Petition of Josiah Perry, Admr. David C. Patterson, dec'd. to remove the estate to Newton Co. Granted.

Page 90--Sophia Evans, dec'd. Benjamin Atcherson appointed Admr.

Page 91--Petition of Thomas and Robert Dawson by their guardian Thomas Formby that they are equally interested in eleven slaves with Anne and Mary Dawson, and ask a division.

Page 92--Petition of Joseph Alexander guardian of the orphans of Thomas Trammell, dec'd. to be paid for two prosecutions for the murder of said orphans, the estate to which they were entitled never coming into his hands. Letters dismissory granted Archibald Gresham, Admr. Edward Gresham, dec'd.

Page 93--John Cooper, Sr., appointed guardian of Augustine, child of Nathaniel and Elizabeth McMeekin. Joseph W. Cooper appointed guardian of Mary Ann and Nathaniel McMeekin orphans of Nathaniel and Elizabeth McMeekin. Isham Chaffin, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 94--Edward Stevens, dec'd. Will probated.

Mar. 25, 1823. Consent of Sarah Fouche to sell four slaves belonging to the estate of her husband, Daniel Fouche, dec'd. Petition of Joshua Morgan surviving Excr., Joseph Cohron, dec'd., to sell the real estate for division.

Eugenia A. Long chooses John J. Long guardian. Bond for $35,000.00.

Page 97--April 5, 1823. Kizziah Morgan, dec'd., Joshua Morgan appointed Admr.

May 5, 1823. Benjamin Atchison, Admr. Sophia Evans, dec'd. allowed to sell slaves. Petition of William Robertson, Admr. Abijah Henley, dec'd. to sell slaves for distribution, notice having been given all distributees that can be found in Ga.

Page 98--Patience Crenshaw, dec'd. Thomas Guest appointed Admr. and he is appointed guardian of William, Susan and Harvey Crenshaw, orphans of Miles Crenshaw, dec'd.

Page 99--William Staton appointed Admr. with William Robertson on estate of Samuel Staton dec'd. in place of William Evans one of the Admrs dec'd.

Page 100--May 8, 1823. Thomas Trammell, dec'd. James Echols and Joshua Davis appointed Admrs.

June 3, 1823. Robert Greer, dec'd. of Dallas Co. Ala. Robert Greer appointed Admr. with will annexed, so far as relates to the estate in Georgia. William Robertson, Jr., dec'd. John R. Anderson appointed Admr. Joel T. Smith, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 101--William Johnson, dec'd. Will probated. Thomas Echols, dec'd. Will probated.

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Page 102--Petition of J. T. Irvin, Excr., Joshua Starr, dec'd., who was Security of Bartholomew Johnson, guardian of minors of Philip J. Stark, dec'd to be released.

Page 102--Anselm B. Leigh and John Hinton, Security for William Robertson, guardian of William A. Anthony resign. Petition of Reuben Scott, Excr. in right of his wife of estate of John Burdine, dec'd. to sell slaves for division.

Page 103--Petition of Lewis Peters, Excr. Mary Pody, dec'd. to sell real estate.

Page 104--Petition of Thomas Guest, Admr. of Patience Crenshaw, dec'd. to divide perishable property.

Page 105--John Murphy, dec'd. Will probated, William Murphy sworn Excr.

Page 106--John Lyon, dec'd. Will probated. Woodard Trammell, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 107--Sept. 1, 1823. Bond for title to 300 acres on Kettle creek made 1816 by John H., and Alex Pope to Samuel Staton, now dec'd. ordered clear titles given.

Page 108--Humphrey B. Reid, dec'd., Humphrey Tomlinson appointed Admr. Petition of Pope & Brewer Attys. for Joseph Watkins and Jesse Pittman that bond of William Safford, Admr. of William Hamrick be turned over to them for prosecution.

Page 109--Petition of Richard Woodroof for clear titles to 35 acres adjoining said Richard, bond for title given by Washington Huff, dec'd.

Page 110--Bird Saffold appointed guardian of Mary Barnett, insane. Young Stokes one of the Excrs. of the will of William Brown who died 1816, ordered to furnish Security for his executorship.

Robert Cade, dec'd. Dicy Cade appointed Admx.

Page 111--Thomas Eidson appointed guardian of Sarah, minor of John Eidson, dec'd. Sarah being above 14. Petition of Joshua Davis and James Echols, Excrs. of Thomas Trammell, dec'd. to remove Robert Williams, guardian of James Brown idiot, for whom Trammell was Security.

Page 112--On the complaint of Robert Killgore that Dudley Stinson and Sally Binns. Admrs. of Christopher Binns, dec'd. they are ordered to appear.

Page 112--Benjamin Hale asking that clear titles be given to land on Oconee river in Baldwin Co., by Felix Hay and Richard H. Long, Excrs of Gilbert Hay, dec'd.

Page 113--Sept. 8, 1823. James Lee, dec'd. William Robertson and Daniel

End of Page 204 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 205

Lee appointed Admrs. Elizabeth Fluker, dec'd. Isaac Fluker appointed Admx.

Sept. 15, 1823. Armstead E. Stokes, dec'd. Sarah Stokes appointed Admx.

Sept. 18, 1823. Ethelbert F. Semmes, dec'd. Joseph W. Lucket appointed Admr. David Butler, dec'd. Francis W. Butler appointed Admx. William Walker, dec'd. Thomas Wootten appointed Admr.

Page 114--Oct. 24, 1823. Silas Dixon, dec'd. James A. Graves appointed Admr. de bonis non.

Oct. 29, 1823. Charles Wittich, dec'd. Frederick Wittich, appointed Admr.

Page 115--Nov. 3, 1823. Petition of William Arnold, Excr. of Joshua Arnold, dec'd. to sell 360 acres on Kettle creek. Thomas Formby appointed guardian of Edny Robertson, orphan of Peggy Robertson, dec'd. John and Stephen Pettus, Wm. Simpson, Isaac Landon and Thomas Freeman appointed to divide the slaves of Edward Butler, dec'd.

Page 116--Dianah Cade appointed Admx. of Robert Cade, dec'd. Bond for $70,000.00. Sarah Stokes appointed Admx. of Armstead E. Stokes, dec'd. Micajah T. Anthony and William A. Stokes, Security. Bond for $60,000.

Page 117--Abraham Hill, Admr. of Josiah W. Pope, dec'd. allowed to sell two slaves. Petition of William Robertson, Excr. of John Ogletree, dec'd. to divide the estate. Petition of John Huguley and Champion Allen to divide the estate of Jacob Hammons, dec'd.

Page 118--Joseph W. Luckett appointed Admr. with will annexed of Etheldred F. Semmes. John Rorie one of the heirs of Abner Webster, dec'd. complains mismanagement of Elizabeth Webster, Excx. Estate of Robert Hughes, dec'd. ordered to be divided.

Page 119--Henry Pope, Absolom Janes or Jones and Winnifred Callaway, Admrs. of Isaac Callaway, dec'd. allowed to sell real estate. George W. Carter chooses A. Lane guardian.

Page 120--Nov. 17, 1823. Silas Dixon, dec'd. Charles R. Carter appointed Admr. Jesse M. Chaudoian, dec'd. Anderson Riddle and Zimri W. Tate appointed Admrs. Allen R. Wootten, dec'd. Richard B. Wootten appointed Admr. Francis Gideon, dec'd. Elizabeth Gideon appointed Admx. with will annexed.

Dec. 10, 1823. James Perry, dec'd. Josiah Perry appointed Admr. Ludwell Fullilove, dec'd. Elizabeth and Willis Fullilove appointed Admrs.

Page 121--Dec. 19, 1823. Polly Paxton, dec'd. Milton Paxton appointed Admr.

Dec. 24, 1823. Jubal Early, dec'd. Duncan G. Campbell appointed Admr.

End of Page 205 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 206

Robert W. Sessions, dec'd. Joshua Willis appointed Admr. Charles Wittich, dec'd. Earness C. Wittich appointed Admr.

Jan. 5, 1824. George W. Burdine chooses Thomas B. Danforth guardian.

Page 122--William Stayton appointed guardian of Henry C. and Wm. A. Stayton orphans of Samuel Stayton, dec'd. Petition of William Robertson and Rebecca Ogletree, Admrs. of David Ogletree, dec'd. to sell slaves.

Page 123--Petition of Alfred Wellborn for titles to land which Washington Huff, dec'd. might draw in the lottery authorized by the Act of 1821. It appears he drew two lots, one in the 11th. Dist. of Monroe Co., which is in dispute. Wellborn having paid for the land asks that Solomon Arnold and Harriett Huff, Admrs. make deeds. Petition of Philip Orr. Admr. of William Baker, dec'd. to sell Lot No. 11, 14th. Dist. Monroe Co. Reuben Scott appointed guardian of Gaines Stroud orphan of John D. Stroud, dec'd.

Page 124--Champion Allen appointed guardian of Mary Ann, William, Lucinda and Barbara Ann Hammond, orphans of Jacob Hammond, dec'd.

Page 125--Petition of William Robertson and William Staton. Admrs. of Samuel Staton, dec'd. to divide the estate.

Page 126--Petition of Isaac Fluker, Admr. of Elizabeth Fluker, dec'd. to sell a slave, Fanny. William Cade chooses his mother Dianah Cade guardian and she is appointed guardian of her children James Guilford and Eliza Cade. Felix G. Hay appointed guardian of John W. and Charles L. Hay, minors.

Page 127--Petition of James Matthews that Mary Wellborn, Admx. with will annexed of Samuel Wellborn, dec'd. make titles to 50 acres on Clark's creek adjoining Matthews. Anselm B. Leigh and John Hinton relieved as Security for William Robinson, guardian of William A. Anthony, said Robinson having eloped, and William Andrews is appointed guardian. Benjamin Powell, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 128--Jan 12, 1824. Petition of James Echols one of the Excrs. of Thomas Trammell, dec'd. for letters dismissory.

Page 129--Alex. Pope ordered to pay Joseph Hurley tuition for Dorcas Bailey's illegitimate child, Almeda.

Page 130--Petition of Thomas Guest, Admr. of Patience Crenshaw for a division of the slaves of Miles Crenshaw, dec'd so as to give Patience Crenshaw her distributive share.

Page 131--Levica Pollard chooses Thomas Greene guardian.

Page 132--Henry Pope appointed guardian of Mary Ann and Martha Henrietta

End of Page 206 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 207

Callaway at the request of their former guardian Winnifred Callaway.

Page 132-135--Jan. 12, 1824. Affidavit of Joseph Payne Johnson that he served in the Revolutionary Army and that he is the same person to whom the following certificate was originally granted. War Dept. Revolutionary Claims. I certify that in conformity with the law of the U. S. of the 18th of March 1818, Joseph Payne Johnson late a private in the Army of the Revolution is inscribed on the Pension List Roll of the Ga. Agency at the rate of $8.00 per month to commence on the 7th day of May 1818. Given at the War office of the U. S. this twelfth day of Oct. 1818. Signed J. C. Calhoun, Sec. of War. Joseph Payne Johnson further declares that he has not disposed of any property by trust or sale, and gives this inventory of his estate; 162 acres of poor third quality land, 1 blind mare, 1 sow and pigs, two beds, 1 cow and calf and considerable household effects not worth over $10.00. He is a farmer and from great age and infirmity unable to work, has a wife equally as old and feeble. Jan. 12, 1824.

Page 135--Seth Moore appointed guardian of Joseph A. Cohron, orphan of Joseph Cohron, dec'd. Petition of Joseph A. Green, Admr. of Benjamin Talliaferro to sell the real estate.

Marshall Martin, James Matthews, Ansel B. Lee, Powhatan B. Thurmond and Isaac Goolsby appointed to divide the estate of Robert Cade, dec'd. Caveat having been filed against the pretended will of John Langdon, Daniel Owen, Francis Billingslea, Henry B. Gibson and Charles Davis appointed to investigate the grounds.

Page 137--Resignation of Robert Killgore as Security for Dudley Stinson and Sally Binns, Admrs. of Christopher Binns, dec'd. Joseph Heard, Security for James Toles, guardian of the orphans of Lewis Norman reports mismanagement.

Page 139--Thomas Lackey, dec'd. Will probated.