The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 1--Sept. 2, 1811. William Moon, dec'd. Christopher Brooks appointed Admr. Petition of James Henderson Legatee of William Henderson, dec'd to divide estate.

Page 2--Nathaniel Bailey being of age, asks release from his indenture.

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Petition of Mark Anthony, Admr. of James Lane, dec'd. to divide the slaves.

Page 3--Nov. 4, 1811. Wiley Ogletree appointed guardian of Cemanthe, Eason, Patsy and Moses Tyson, orphans of Isaac Tyson, dce'd. Petition of William Lee, Admr. of Moses Lee to sell slaves.

Page 4--Leroy Wilder, orphan of James Wilder bound to George Wynne, planter. Jacob Shorter, dec'd. Henry and Sally Shorter appointed Admrs.

Page 5--William Towns, dec'd. Nehemiah Edge and Rebecca Towns appointed Admrs. Wiley Ogletree and Henry Shorter, Security. William G. Gilbert, Admr. of John McLane ordered to report.

Betsy Anthony widow of Joseph C. Anthony, dec'd. vs. Excrs. of Joseph C. Ordered to be probated.

Page 7--Nov. 5, 1811. Micajah Anthony appointed Excr. of Joseph C. Anthony, dec'd.

Page 9--Feb. 3, 1812. Willis Atkins, orphan of Asa Atkins, chooses Simeon Walker guardian.

Page 10--Mark Anthony, Admr. of James Low, dec'd. asks extension of time.

Page 11--Feb. 4, 1812. Benjamin Porter appointed guardian of William Anglin, son of David Anglin.

Page 12--Petition of Hazlewood, Samuel, Pleasant and Nathaniel Wilkinson and George Melone, Vincent Harrison and Joseph Johnson, legatees of John Wilkinson, for division of estate.

Page 13--John and Charles Nelson orphans of William Nelson, dec'd. choose David Simpson guardian. Isaiah Irvin appointed guardian of Sally Shorter, orphan of Jacob Shorter, dec'd.

Page 14--Isiah Irvin appointed guardian of Alfred Shorter, orphan of Jacob Shorter, dec'd.

Page 15--Feb. 7, 1812. Peter Strozier, Security for Thomas Bond, guardian of the children of Mrs. Peggy Robertson resigns.

James Simpson, dec'd. John N. Simpson appointed Admr.

Page 16--Sterling Jenkins, dec'd. Thomas Douglas and Martha Jenkins appointed Admrs.

Page 17--Mar. 2, 1812. Petition of Henry and Sally Shorter, Admrs. of Jacob Shorter, dec'd to sell slaves.

Page 18--Apr. 29, 1812. John Hendrick, dec'd. William Smallwood appointed temporary Admr.

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Page 19--May 4, 1812. Joel Terrell appointed guardian of his children, Polly and Fanny Terrell, to receive their legacy from Thomas Chivers, dec'd.

Page 20--Henry Shorter, Security for Nehemiah Edge one of the Admrs. of William Towns, dec'd. states Edge is insolvent. Petition of Thomas Porter to be appointed guardian to his children to be trustee for a legacy mentioned in the will of John Mills. William Grant and Abram Simons appointed by said Mills refusing to serve.

Page 21--John T., Sarah and Ann Wingfield, orphans of John Wingfield, dec'd. chocse John Terrell, guardian and he is appointed guardian of Overton Wingfield, orphan of John.

Page 22--David Simpson guardian of John Nelson, exoncrated and dismissed.

Page 23--William Simpson guardian of Chas. Nelson, exonerated and dismissed. Stephen Minton, dec'd. Stephen Minton appointed Admr.

Page 24--John Nelson chooses Samuel B. Head guardian.

Page 25--Dudley Sale asks to be appointed guardian of Eliza, illegitimate daughter of Margaret or Peggy Heard, of whom said Dudley is the reputed father. Granted.

Page 26--Joseph Bevan granted letters dismissory as Admr. of John C. Nightingale, dec'd.

Page 27--Petition of William and Stephen Evans, Admrs. of William Evans, dec'd. to divide the estate. Jincy Haddaway, orphan of Jesse Haddaway about 10 years old, bound to Thomas Haddaway. Thomas Jett (?) 7 years old last May, son of Patsy, bound to Uriah Owen, farmer. William Thompson, dec'd. James Thompson appointed temporary Admr.

Page 28--Polly Muckleroy, 11 years old, orphan of William Muckleroy, bound to Richard Hudspeth till 18. Lettis, orphan of Jesse Walker, dec'd. chooses Peter Strozier guardian.

Francis Murphy, dec'd. William Booker appointed Admr.

Thomas Robertson, dec'd. John and Wm. Robertson appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 29--Nehemiah Edge removed as joint Admr. of William Towns, dec'd. and Rebecca Towns qualifies with Pleasant Towns, Security.

Page 30--William Johnson appointed guardian of Edney Bond orphan of Thomas Bond, dec'd. Elizabeth Head, formerly Elizabeth Nelson Admx. and David Simpson, Admr. of John and William Nelson, dec'd. failing to appear, their security is released and the said David Simpson is discharged unless Samuel R. Head in right of his wife gives new and satisfactory security.

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Page 31--Sept. 11, 1812 Charles, orphan of William Nelson, dec'd. chooses Samuel B. Head, guardian.

Page 32--Oct. 2, 1812. Murray Hart, dec'd. Greenberry Adamson appointed temporary Admr.

Nov. 2, 1812. Enoch Callaway who has married Patsy Reeves, one of the heirs and distributees of Abner Reeves, dec'd. asks for a division of the personal estate.

Page 33--William Wood asks that two bonds for title to land given by John Freeman be consummated and the Admr. is so instructed. Rhoda, orphan of David Evans chooses her mother Mary Evans, guardian. Sarah and Elizabeth Woodward, orphans of Henry Woodward, dec'd., choose William Gill guardian.

Page 35--Charles R. Carter, one of the Excrs. of Elisha Smallwood, produced his will, whereupon William Smallwood caveated.

Page 37--Jan. 18, 1813. Cader Melone, dec'd. William Evans appointed Admr. John P. Miller, dec'd. William Evans and Elizabeth Miller appointed temporary Admrs. Elizabeth widow allowed the use of all estate for the year as compensation for maintaining the children of the deceased.

Page 38--Peter Bennett and Weaver Cotton, Security for Micajah Bennett, guardian of James Evans, ask to withdraw.

Page 39--Mar. 1, 1813. William Davidson, dec'd. Daniel Stalker appointed Admr. Letters dismissory granted John Robertson, Admr. Thomas Robertson, dec'd.

Page 40--James Pearre, caveator, vs. Greenberry Adamson for letters of administration on estate of Murray Hart. Issued to Greenberry. Michael Andrews, dec'd. Mary and William Andrews appointed Admrs.

Page 41--William G. Gilbert, Admr. of John McLane, dec'd. allowed to sell two slaves.

Page 42--Edward Bond, Caveator vs. Thomas Formby, Excr. Thomas Bond, dec'd. Letters testamentary issued to Thomas Formby. Petition of Sarah Wright, guardian of James B., Stephen and Bethia C. Smith, minors, heirs of John Smith, dec'd. to divide the estate.

Page 43--Henry Shorter, Admr. of Jacob Shorter, dec'd. produced a note of the deceased to said Henry for $1200.00 and asked to retain it. The court orders ten days notice given the widow and other kin.

Page 45--April 5, 1813. Clerk ordered to attend on Felix Gilbert and receive his returns as Admr. of Joseph Ryand and Abraham Tyson, the said Felix being sick. Frederick and Emily Sims, orphans of John Sims, dec'd., choose their brother William Sims guardian.

Page 46--Abraham Montgomery appointed guardian of Elizabeth and Polly

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Arnold, orphans of Daniel Arnold, dec'd. Rebecca Montgomery and Peter Bennett, Security. Samuel B. Head, Admr. de bonis non of estates of John and William Nelson, dec'd. asks that appraisers be appointed. Robert Chivers guardian of Lucy, Sophia and Matilda Ballard, orphans of James Ballard, dec'd., resigns, his guardianship, whereupon Lucy chooses Daniell Owens guardian and he is appointed by the court for Sophia and Matilda.

Page 47--Micajah Bennett, guardian of James Evans dismissed and Stephen Evans is appointed. Charles Hansford appointed guardian of his children, George, James, and Nancy, to receive their portion of the estate of James Willis, late of Wilkes Co., dec'd., according to the will.

Page 48--May 3, 1813. William Evans appointed guardian of James Evans all parties agreeing. Joseph Bevan, Admr. of John C. Nightingale states no property of the deceased has come into his possession and he is allowed to resign.

Page 49--George Lawrence, dec'd. will admitted to probate as far as a slave to his wife is concerned, it being a non-cupative will.

Page 50--James White appointed guardian of Betsy and Polly Arnold, orphans of Daniel Arnold, dec'd. Petition of Mary Josey, guardian of Rowena Josey, and Richard Willis in right of his wife Kitty, late Kitty Josey, that another division be made.

Page 53--July 5, 1813. Caveat of William Smallwood vs. Chas. R. Carter and Mark Smallwood, Excrs. of Elisha Smallwood, dec'd. dismissed, whereupon Stephen Ruff caveated the same. Upon information of Andrew G. Semmes that Purdy Sexton, a minor of 7 years, is about to become a charge on the county, he is bound to the managers of the Wilkes Mfg. Co.

Page 53--Petition of John Wingfield, Excr. of John Sims, dec'd. to divide the property. Jonathan K. Montgomery, orphan of David Montgomery, dec'd., chooses his brother Absolom guardian. Mary and David Montgomery, Security.

Page 54--John Williams, Jr., dec'd. Nelson Powell appointed Admr. July 10, 1813. John Ogletree asks for letters dismissory on estate of William Phillips, dec'd.

Page 56--Sept. 6, 1813. Petition of Reuben Favor to divide the estate of John Fanning, dec'd.

Page 57--Nancy W. Barrett, 21 years old, orphan of Mary Barrett, dec'd. petition to have laid out to her, her part of mother's estate. Robert Dawson, one of the guardians of the children of Mary Barrett, dec'd. being about to remove from the state, resigns and Robert Toombs is appointed to serve with John Spearman, the other guardian.

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Page 58--Elizabeth Miller and Joshua Starr appointed Admrs. of John P. Miller, dec'd. Samuel Jones and Daniel Shrubtine, Security. Job Huguley, dec'd. George and Alla Huguley appointed Admrs. Nathaniel McMekin, John Huguley and Peter Gullatt, Security. Reported that Thomas Formby, Excr. Thomas Bond has been unable to return an inventory, because no property has come into his possession.

Page 59--Nov. 20, 1813. Fadda Jarrett, dec'd. Arthur Jarrett and Richard Sappington appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 60--Jan. 5, 1814. Petition of James Stallings to divide the estate of Jesse Stallings.

Page 61--Francis Smith, dec'd. Will produced for probate, William and Ebenezer Smith caveated the probate. Catharine Hendley, caveatrix vs John Henley, applicant. Application for letters of administration on estate of John Chamberlayne, dec'd. John Henley asking for letters of administration with the will annexed. Granted. Major Henderson and Thomas Talbot, Security. (Will not of record).

Page 62--Catherine Thornton chooses Elisha Reed guardian. Matthew Talbot appointed guardian of Samuel Thornton, orphan of Solomon Thornton, dec'd. Petition of the distributees of Solomon Thornton, dec'd. to divide slaves, granted.

Page 63--Dennis McLendon, dec'd., Robert Ware appointed Admr. Nathaniel J. Pope, dec'd., Ludwell Fullilove and Nicholas Sheets appointed Admrs. John R. Anderson, dec'd., Thomas Anderson and Jesse Williams appointed Admrs. Richard Sappington and Arthur Jarrett appointed Admrs. of Fadda Jarrett, dec'd. Solomon Patton, dec'd., Christopher Orr appointed Admr.

Page 64--Theoderick Montford appointed guardian of Jeptha Mauck, only child of Rachel Mauck, dec'd. Stephen Rorie orphan of John Rorie, dec'd. bound to his brother William Rorie, carpenter. John Huguley chooses George Hamilton, guardian and Zachariah Huguley chooses John W. Cooper guardian, both orphans of Job Huguley, dec'd. Alcy Huguley appointed guardian of her children, Amos, Sally, Nancy, George, Alcy and Betsy, orphans of Job Huguley, dec'd. Petition of George and Alcy Huguley, Admrs. Job Huguley, dec'd. to divide the personal estate and it is ordered to be divided between the widow Alcy, Etheldred Ross in right of his wife Polly formerly Polly Huguley, and to the guardians of the above mentioned children.

Page 66--Jan. 25, 1814. Susannah Staten, dec'd. Elisha and Samuel Staten appointed temporary Admrs. with will annexed. (Will not of record).

Page 67--Mar. 7, 1814. David Patton orphan of Solomon Patton, dec'd. chooses Drury Stovall, guardian. Peter Stovall, Security. Thomas Bolton, one of the Excrs. of John Bolton, dec'd. being 21 years old was

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sworn in as such. Pleasant Wade, dec'd. Sarah and James Wade and William Saffold appointed temporary Admrs. Thomas Holliday orphan of Thomas Holliday, dec'd., chooses his brother John Holliday guardian.

Page 67--Elizabeth Cummins, orphan of Alex. Cummins, dec'd. chooses William Triplett guardian and he is appointed guardian of Jenny and Robert Cummins orphans of said deceased.

Mary Hilliard orphan of Richard Hilliard, dec'd., chooses her uncle William Stark, guardian.

Page 69--Benjamin Patton chooses James Henderson, guardian. Josiah Henderson, dec'd., John Heard appointed Admr. Thomas Henderson, dec'd., John Heard appointed Admr. Benjamin Stovall asks for letters dismissory as Admr. of William Henderson, dec'd.

Page 70--Mar. 28, 1814. Jesse Jeans, dec'd., Peter Strozier appointed temporary Admr., William Strozier, Security.

Mar. 29, 1814. Wilson Haddaway, dec'd. Thomas Heard appointed temporary Admr.

Page 71--Apr. 4, 1814. Stephen Ruff vs. Excr. of Elisha Smallwood, dec'd. Caveat continued. Thomas Hammock, dec'd., Joseph Henderson appointed Admr. Daniel Slayden, Jr., dec'd., John Slayden appointed temporary Admr. Jeptha Mauck, orphan of Rachel Mauck bound to Theodrick Montfort, shoemaker and tanner.

Page 73--May 2, 1814. Burwell Bins, dec'd., Joseph Anthony appointed Admr. Edward Wise, dec'd., Sherwood Wise appointed Admr., William Johnson, Security. John Pope, dec'd., Thomas Wootten and William Johnson appointed Admrs.

Page 74--Hannah Henderson, dec'd., Hannah Henderson appointed Admx. Benajah Killgore chooses William Killgore guardian.

Presley Rucker, dec'd., Elizabeth Rucker appointed Admx.

Page 75--Elisha Slayden and others applicants for the probate of the will of Susanna Evans vs Arden Evans caveator. Admitted to probate and ordered recorded. (not of record) Stephen Ruff, caveator vs Chas. R. Carter and Mark Smallwood, Excrs. of Elisha Smallwood, dec'd. Mark sworn as Excr. Admitted to probate and ordered recorded. (not of record).

Page 76--May 3, 1814. William Johnson et al caveators, vs Excrs. Sarah Hill, dec'd., admitted to probate and ordered recorded. John and Abraham Hill, Excrs. named in the will, qualify. (not of record).

Page 77--Ambrose Beasley, dec'd. Royland Beasley appointed Admr. Betsy T. Anthony and John Hill applicants for letters of administration on estate of Joseph C. Anthony, dec'd. vs Micajah Anthony. Betsy T. Anthony and John Hill appointed Admrs. Abraham Hill and John Colley, Security.

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Page 78--Bond for John Peteet, Majors Henderson and Stephen Irvin for the maintenance of the illegitimate child of Betsy Jarrell delivered to Alex. Pope, Atty. appointed by the Court to prosecute their violation. Elisha Slayden et al applicants for probate of will of Susannah Evans, dec'd., vs Arden Evans caveator who prayed an appeal, William Evans, Security (will not of record).

Page 79--July 4, 1814. Edward Jordan, dec'd. Augustus H. Gibson appointed Admr. "Erased by order of the Court."

James Tole, dec'd., James and Priscilla Tole appointed Admrs. with will annexed. Nathaniel D. Runnells, dec'd., Terry Runnels appointed Admr.

Page 80--Thomas Finley, dec'd., James Finley appointed Admr. Daniel Staton, Jr., dec'd., John Staton appointed Admr. Alex. Pope appointed attorney to prosecute Mark Bond and William G. Gilbert, temporary Admrs. Thomas Bond, dec'd. Lydia Patton appointed guardian of Solomon, Wilfred, Sabry and Polly Patton. William Phillips for Matthew Patton, Phillip Orr for Silas Patton, Samuel Patton, Jr., Security.

Page 81--Ephriam Bailey, 17 years old, orphan of Nathaniel Bailey, dec'd., bound to Nathaniel Bailey, tanner. Francis Smith, dec'd. will probated. Aug. 1, 1814. Samuel Patton appointed guardian of Samuel Patton, orphan of Solomon Patton, dec'd.

Page 82--Sept. 5, 1814. John Heard, Admr. of Josiah and Thomas Henderson, dec'd., requests a sale of slaves for division, Granted.

Page 83--Hannah Henderson, Admx. of Hannah Henderson, dec'd. petition to sell and divide slaves, granted. Micajah Anthony, temporary Admr. Joseph C. Anthony, dec'd., ordered to deliver estate to Admrs. appointed. John Pope, dec'd. Kiddy Pope sworn as Admx.

Page 85--Charity McRae ordered to appear at next court to show cause why her children should not be bound to some other person for maintenance and good raising. Williamson Bird. Excr. Philemon Bird, dec'd., given permission to sell certain slaves.

Page 86--Bryant Fanning orphan of John Fanning, dec'd., chooses Reuben Favor, guardian. Petition of Christopher Orr, Admr. Solomon Patton to sell slaves for a division, granted, they to be sold at Mrs. Henderson's. Petition of William and Stephen Evans, Admrs. William Evans. dec'd. for letters dismissory, granted.

Page 87--Will of Samuel Jack produced, proof of its having been examined, and none of the Excrs. having qualified within 12 months from his death, John Hodge is appointed Admr. with the will annexed. James Jack and William Barnett, Security. Francis Strother, Admr. Thomas Holliday permitted to sell five slaves to divide among the seven children.

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Page 88--Nancy and Jehugh, orphans of Richard Hillyard, dec'd. choose William Hillyard guardian. Richard Reviere and Richard Hillyard, Security.

Page 90--Nov. 7, 1814. Rhoda and Susannah Evans choose Arden Evans guardian. John Evans, Security. Reuben Favers guardian of Bryan Fanning, orphan of John Fanning, dec'd., petition to divide the personal estate of said deceased so said Bryan may have his share.

Page 91--Charles B. Marlor, dec'd., George Marlor appointed Admr. Robert C. Graves and John Wynne, Security.

Nathan Holtzclaw, dec'd. Will offered for probate. Excrs. refuse to serve, and Jincy Holtzclaw the widow granted letters of administration.

Page 92--William Bryant, dec'd. John H. Pope appointed Admr. Elizabeth Hillyard appointed guardian of Matilda Hillyard orphan of Richard Hillyard, dec'd.

Page 93--The court is informed that Jeptha Mauck, bound heretofore to Thomas Montford, has a father in life, and suggests he be given into the custody of his father Noah Lee.

Page 94--Nov. 15, 1814. Petition of Richard Sappington, Admr. of Fadda Jarrett, dec'd. to sell slaves for division granted.

Page 95--Jan. 2, 1815. Jeremiah Stallings bound to Leroy Sales, carpenter, at the request of the guardian Sally Smith.

Thomas Wade, dec'd. Moses Wade appointed Admr.

Page 96--William Leverett, dec'd. Abraham Leverett appointed Admr. Silas Catching and William Ashmore, Security. Ezekiel B. Parks, dec'd. Robert Parks appointed Admr. Alsey Hartsfield, Security. Jincy Holtzclaw appointed permanent Admx. Nathan Holtzclaw, dec'd. Henry and Elijah Holtzclaw and Leroy Sales Security. Petition of Ludwell Fullilove, Admr. to sell the slaves of Nathaniel J. Pope, dec'd., for division.

Page 97--John A. Patterson, dec'd. John W. Cooper appointed Admr. Sally Hillyard orphan of Richard Hillyard chooses her brother William Hillyard guardian. Richard Floyd, dec'd. Peggy Floyd appointed Admx. Nicholas Sheets, Security. William T. Trammell, dec'd. Thomas Trammell appointed Admr. Joshua Davis, Security.

Page 100--Feb. 6, 1814. Ordered that the bond given by Drusilla Randolph and Anderson Bates, Admrs. Daniel Bates, dec'd. with William Grant, Thomas Porter and Edward Jordan, be delivered to Alex Pope to institute suits for violation.

Mar. 6, 1815. Bennett White, dec'd. Martha White appointed Admx. James White, Security.

Page 101--John Wingfield, dec'd. William Simpson appointed Admr. Daniel Simpson, Security. Nancy Sutton orphan of William Sutton, dec'd.

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chooses Moses Sutton, guardian. Wyche Jackson, Security. Matthew Bradshaw 18 years old bound to John Colly, bricklayer.

Page 102--April 4, 1815. David Douglas, dec'd. John Douglas appointed temporary Admr. Joshua Chaffin, Security "Citation also granted for common letters for said John Chaffin." May 1, 1815. The bond given by Wingfield Hamner, Rebecca Walker and William Arthur (since dec'd.,) and Benajah Smith, Admrs. Pleasant Walker, dec'd., ordered delivered to Alex. Pope, Atty. for prosecution.

Page 103--Nancy Leonard appointed guardian for Henry G., John G., and Frances E. Leonard, orphans of Golden Leonard, dec'd. Joel and Thomas Chivers, Security. Jonathan Montgomery, dec'd. Absolom Montgomery appointed Admr. Eli Robinson and James White, Security. Louisa and Jeremiah Stallings choose Guy Smith guardian and the court appoints him guardian of Sarah Stallings, all orphans of Jesse Stallings, dec'd. William Hopkins, dec'd. Martha Hopkins appointed Admx. Lewis Peters and William Killgore, Security. Parmenas Cochran, dec'd. Stephen and Asenath Cochran appointed Admrs.

Elijah Lindsey dec'd. John Lindsey appointed Admr. Thomas Reeves and Jacob Lindsey, Security.

Page 104--William Triplett, guardian of Elizabeth Cummins, orphan of Alex Cummins, resigns and whereupon the said Jane being of proper age chooses Francis Darracott.

Page 105--July 3, 1815. Petition of heirs and distributees of Lesley Coats, dec'd. by their attorney Oliver Prince that the bond of the Admrs., ??hn Coats be delivered to said Prince for prosecution. Dennis Paschall one of the heirs of William Paschall chooses William Paschall guardian. Petition of William and Mary Paschall, Admrs. William Paschall, dec'd. to sell slaves.

Page 107--Sept. 4, 1815. John H. Triplett, dec'd. William Triplett appointed Admr. Petition of Richardson Booker, Admr. of Francis Murphy, dec'd. to sell slaves.

Page 108--Rebecca Boner, dec'd. William Boner and Joseph Watson, appointed Admrs. Archibald Simpson, Security.

George D. Willis, dec'd. Richard G. Foster appointed Admr. Richard Willis, Security.

Thomas Morgan, dec'd. Harmon Mercer appointed Admr. Joshua Morgan, Security.

Henry Moss, dec'd. Daniel Allison appointed Admr.

Baker Lipscomb orphan of Barnabas Lipscomb, dec'd., chooses Richard J. Willis guardian.

Andrew N. Hartsfield, dec'd. Josiah B. Holmes appointed Admr.

Distributees of estate of John Weaver, dec'd., having received notice, Admr. allowed to sell slaves.

Nancy Parker appointed guardian to her children by a former husband, Ephraim

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Dismukes, towit, Cinthia, Andrew, Cinderilla, Cemith and Moriah Dismukes.

Page 110--Thomas Hancock, dec'd. Nancy Hancock and Edward Echols appointed Admr. Josiah B. Holmes and Nicholas Jarrett, Security. William Hillyard, Excr. Richard Hillyard, dec'd. ordered to appear at next court. France Colly appointed temporary Admr. John Colly, dec'd. pending the caveat of Gabriel Colly.

Page 111--Petition of Lewis McLendon, Admr. in right of his wife, on estate of McKinney Holderness and one of the distributees to divide the slaves. Petition of Hannah Henderson and Benjamin Stovall, Admrs. William Henderson, dec'd. for letters dismissory.

Page 112--Nov. 6, 1815. Petition of William Booker one of the distributees of William F. Booker, dec'd., to be given his share.

Page 113--Petition of Guy Smith guardian of Louisa, Jeremiah and Sarah Stallings orphans of Jesse Stallings, dec'd. to divide estate. Petition of Jeremiah Burdine, a creditor of the estate of David Bates, dec'd., stating mismanagement, the bond given by Randolph Anderson and Drusilla Bates ordered to be delivered to Duncan G. Campbell for prosecution.

Page 115--Petition of William Hillyard, Admr. Richard Hillyard, dec'd. to divide the slaves. Hendley Roby, dec'd. Marcus Roby appointed Admr. William Boren, Security.

Page 116--Daniel Gunnells, dec'd. Benjamin Hubbard appointed Admr. George Huguley, Admr. Job Huguley, dec'd., ordered to make returns. Petition of Thomas Wootten, William Johnson and Kiddy Pope, Admrs. John Pope, dec'd., to divide the personal estate.

Page 117--Henry Pope orphan of John Pope, dec'd., chooses Richard J. Willis guardian. Willis Pope chooses Thomas Wootten guardian. Nancy Pope chooses William Walker guardian and both are appointed guardians for Thomas, Tabitha and Sarah Pope, all orphans of John Pope, dec'd.

Page 118--John A. Hopkins, orphan of William Hopkins, chooses his mother Martha Hopkins guardian. Sarah Johnson, dec'd., William Johnson appointed Admr.

Nov. 7, 1815. John Bailey, dec'd. Thomas Hudspeth and Russell Bailey appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 119--Nov. 27, 1815. Thomas Talbot and Thomas Lesley appointed temporary Admrs. of John Quearns, dec'd., pending a caveat.

Page 121--Petition of Daniel Owen, guardian of orphans of James Ballard, to sell slaves for division. Hyram Bankston, dec'd. Samuel Jones and Susanna Bankston appointed Admrs.

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Page 122--Samuel B. Head guardian of Charles and John Nelson, brothers, exonerated from his guardianship and Charles chooses John guardian. John Spear and Nancy Anderson, caveators vs John Wingfield, Thomas Talbot and Thomas Lesley, Excrs., John Quearns, dec'd., withdrawn.

Page 123--Robert Snelson, dec'd. Nathaniel Snelson appointed Admr., James Corbett, Security. Pending caveat of Charles Duke and Allen Maberry. James Rutledge and William Shearer appointed temporary Admrs., James Shearer, dec'd. Luke Turner, orphan of William Turner, dec'd., chooses Matthew Talbot guardian.

Page 124--Clerk ordered to qualify Mrs. Catherine Toombs and Thomas W. Cobb as Excrs. of Robert Toombs in his office or the house of the parties. Jan. 24, 1816. Philip Jones Stark, dec'd., William Robertson appointed temporary Admr. Isaac Fluker, Security.

Page 125--Feb. 21, 1816. William L. Steel, dec'd., Evy Steel appointed Admx. William Sherrer, Security.

Mar. 4, 1816. Samuel Gammage, dec'd., James Chivers and Nancy Gammage appointed Admrs. Joel Chivers, Security.

Page 126--Dennis Kent, dec'd. Peter Kent appointed Admr.

Page 127--Petition of Josiah B. Holmes, Admr., Andrew B. Hartsfield, dec'd. to sell slaves. Jesse Parker, dec'd., Jacob Ray appointed Admr.

Page 128--Hiram Morton, dec'd., William W. Brown and Nancy Morton appointed Admrs.

Mar. 6, 1816. Samuel Marlow, dec'd., William Williams and George W. Freeman appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 129--May 6, 1816. John Rorie, son and Admr. of John Rorie, dec'd. appointed many years ago and no returns made, ordered to appear at court.

Page 130--John Gunn, dec'd., Catherine Gunn appointed Admx. Edward Hammock and John Bryant, Security. Joseph Watson resigns as joint Admr. with William H. Bonner on estate of Rebeccah Bonner, dec'd.

Page 131--Joseph Prather, dec'd., James W. Prather appointed Admr. Thomas Prather and James Burdit, Security. Garland Pearson, dec'd. Elizabeth and Michael Pearson appointed Admrs. Charles R. Carter, Security. Raphael Wheeler, dec'd John Dyson and Susannah Wheeler appointed Admrs.

Page 132--Sally Milligan, dec'd., Robert Parks appointed Admr., with will annexed. Robert Akins and Simeon Wilder, Admrs., of James Wilder, dec'd. ordered to divide the estate at the request of Levi Wilder one of the distributees.

Page 132--Sarah Wise, applicant vs Erwin Wise, caveator to set aside will of Sherwood Wise, dec'd. Probate refused.

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Page 134--July 1, 1816. Joseph Ford, dec'd., William Ford appointed Admr.

Page 136--William W. and Benajah Prather orphans of Joseph Prather, dec'd., choose Elizabeth Prather guardian. Thomas, Job W., and Richard Prather, Security.

Page 137--Sherwood Wise, dec'd., Sarah and John Wise appointed Admrs. Joshua Jackson and Thomas Maxwell, Security. Catherine Freeman widow of John Freeman, dec'd., chooses child's part in lieu of dower, Shaler Hillyer who intermarried with the only child of said deceased giving his consent. Richard Beasley, dec'd., Royland Beasley appointed Admr., de bonis non.

Ann Steel, orphan of William Steel, chooses Elijah Sherer guardian.

Page 139--July 15, 1816. Petition of William Robertson to divide the estate of Joseph C. Anthony, granted, and he is appointed guardian of William Augustin Anthony orphan of said deceased.

Page 140--Aug. 6, 1816. Richard Rhodes, dec'd., Thomas W. Kent appointed temporary Admr. William Sanford, Security.

Aug. 7, 1816--William Lybass, dec'd., Charles Lybass appointed Admr., Samuel Rice and Elbert Smith, Security.

Page 141--Sept. 2, 1816. Jesse Norman, dec'd., Lewis Norman and James Hinton appointed Admrs. Petition of John W. Cooper, Admr. of John A. Patterson, dec'd. to sell a slave.

Page 142--Richard Sappington, Admr. of John Weaver, dec'd., asks for division of estate. Petition of James W. Prather, Admr. of Joseph Prather to sell slaves.

Page 143--Nimrod Waller and Jesse Slack ask to be relieved of their securityship of Mary and William Andrews, Admrs. of Michael Andrews, dec'd. Wylie Maxwell orphan of Margaret Maxwell, dec'd., chooses Thomas Maxwell guardian.

Page 144--Nov. 5, 1816. John Fletcher, guardian of Evans and Polly Shannon, orphans of Patrick Shannon, dec'd., praying the court to revoke the order appointing Edward Short, Excr., as he was not named as such in the will.

Page 145--Gilford Gibson orphan of William Gibson, dec'd., chooses John Gibson guardian. George Willis, dec'd., Milly Willis and George Allison appointed Admrs.

Page 146--Will of Robert Hughes, Sr., probated and George H. Hughes surviving Excr. qualifies. Russell Bailey appointed guardian of Betsy Dunn orphan of John Dunn, dec'd., Thomas Hudspeth, Security.

Page 147--Nov. 12, 1816. George Johnson, dec'd., William Johnson appointed Admr.

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Page 148--Pleasant Wilkinson, dec'd., Jemima and John Wilkinson appointed Admrs.

Nov. 25, 1816. Edward Gresham, dec'd., Archibald Gresham appointed temporary Admr., Henry Shorter and William Whatley, Security.

John McLuskey, dec'd., William Whatley appointed temporary Admr.

Page 149--Jan. 6, 1817. Will of John Edwards probated, Precious Edwards and William H. Crenshaw appointed Admrs. Petition of Robert, Permelia and Nancy W. Barrett to receive the property left in the hands of trustees by their grandfather, Gabriel Toombs "we having arrived at the age to claim it." Division ordered.

Page 150--Benjamin Holmes, dec'd., Mary and Joseph Holmes appointed Admrs.

Page 151--Jan. 7, 1817. Petition of Archibald Gresham, Admr. of Edward Gresham to divide the estate.

Page 152--Sharman Parks orphan of William Parks, dec'd., bound to Henry T. Anthony, carpenter, said Sharman bound formerly to James Alexander.

Page 153--Petition of David Meriwether, Excr., of John H. Foster to divide the estate the legatees being of age to receive their property. Thomas Anderson appointed guardian of John Anderson orphan of John R. Anderson, dec'd., and Jesse Williams appointed guardian of Edward Anderson. Petition of Charles R. and Winnifred Carter, Excrs. of John Carter, dec'd. to sell slaves to pay debts. Wylie Bohannon, 14 years old and Buddy Bohannon 4 years old orphans of William Bohannon, dec'd. bound to John D. Overstreet, farmer. Levi Wilder appointed guardian of Seaborn Wilder son of Jerry and Jeny Wilder, dec'd.

Page 155--Lewis R. Beeman appointed guardian of Bennett, George W., Thomas J., Seabert, Robert and Andrew Wheeler, orphans of Raphael Wheeler, dec'd. Bond $36,000.00. Petition of John Dyson and Lewis R. Beeman, Admrs., of Raphael Wheeler to divide the slaves. Petition of Nelson Powell in right of his wife, Thomas Anderson and Jesse Williams, guardians of orphans of John R. Anderson, dec'd. to divide the slaves and perishable property.

Page 156--Petition of Gilbert Hay and William G. Gilbert, Security for Hannah Boren, guardian of Alfred, Hannah, Polly, Sally, and Joseph Boren to be relieved "the first named Hannah having married William Banks". It is reported to the court that Leroy Sale, carpenter to whom Jeremiah Stallings was bound has violated his contract, ordered to appear in court.

Page 157--Clark Burdine chooses Shaler Hillyer guardian.

Martin Thornton appointed guardian of Samuel Thornton in the room of Matthew Talbot resigned.

End of Page 193 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 194

Page 158--Richard Wynne and Pierce A. Lewis, guardians of Benjamin Richardson, vs Elizabeth Branham, applicant for probate of Isham Richardson's will. Admitted to record.

Page 158--Jan. 14, 1817. John, William, Tabitha and Fanny Murphey, choose Richardson Booker guardian and he is appointed guardian of Francis, Neal, Lucy, Almeda and Martha, all orphans of Francis Murphey, dec'd.

Page 159--Petition of William Robinson, Admr. of Philip Jones Stark to sell 105 acres, part of the real estate.