The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 3--Mar. 2, 1807. Sally Stallings and John Ray appointed guardians of Simeon, Jesse, Jeremiah, Louisa and Sally Stallings, orphans of Jesse Stallings. Sanders and James Stallings choose their mother Sally, guardian, Bolling Anthony and Jonathan Webster, Security.

Page 4--Micajah Barrett appointed guardian of James Evans, orphan of James Evans. Joseph Echols appointed guardian of Sarah, Joshua, Patsy and Polly Crane, orphans of Glover Crane, James Corbett and Aquilla Burroughs, Security.

Jonathan Webster appointed guardian of James and Henry Josey, orphans of Henry Josey.

Page 5--Mary Josey appointed guardian of Kitty and Rosina Josey, orphans of Henry Josey, Jesse Cox and Stovall Pool, Security.

Page 6--Petition of William Berry, Admr of Marmaduke Mendinghall to sell 600 acres on Williams and Little Briar creeks.

Page 7--Mar. 3, 1807. Petition of James Gresham, Admr of Thomas Gresham to sell the whole of the real estate.

Page 8--Admrs. of John Chisholm allowed to sell house and lot in Washington known as No. 19.

Page 14--Mary Smallwood appointed guardian of Littleberry Mulkey, James Patterson and Major Henderson, Security.

Page 16--Mar. 4, 1807. Nancy, orphan of Richard Godwin, chooses Joel Abbott guardian. John Griffin, Security.

Page 19--Daniel Johnson appointed guardian of Wiley Maxwell, William Johnson, Security. Francis McClendon appointed guardian of Benjamin Thurmond, orphan of Benjamin Thurmond, by his own choice. Dennis and Stephen McClendon, Security.

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Page 20--Petition of Mildred Combs, Admx of John Sims, dec'd to sell 404 acres on Rocky creek. Robert Chivers and John Robertson appointed guardians of orphans of James Ballard, dec'd.

Page 24--Mar. 5, 1807. Petition of Solomon Matthews and Moses Alexander, Admrs of Robert Matthews, to sell 200 acres on Williams creek, the whole of the real estate of said dec'd.

Page 34--Aug. 3, 1807. John Peteet appointed guardian of Sarah Jane Peteet (?).

Page 36--Aug. 3, 1807. Sarah Wright appointed guardian of James Bonner Smith, Stephen and Bitha Castelo Smith, orphans of John Smith. James Petterson and William Stone, Security.

Petition of Elizabeth Cohorn, Excx of Job Cohorn to sell 175 acres on Williams creek.

Page 43--Aug. 4, 1807. John Gresham orphan of Thomas Gresham bound to Thomas Gresham to learn wagon making. John Sherman and Henry Dawson appointed guardians of Nancy W., Permelia, Robert, Lewis, Erasmus and Benjamin Dawson orphans of Polly Barnett, dec'd, (or Barrett?) John Graham and George Smith, Security.

Page 49--Robert Hughes appointed guardian of Mary Ann Minton, daughter of Tabitha Minton. Felix H. Gilbert and Major Henderson, Security.

Page 50--Aug. 5, 1807. Beniah Bevil bound to James Patterson and Ishmael Bevil bound to William Stone to learn to farm; both sons of Delilah Bevil.

Page 51--William Sims chooses Sterling Combs guardian and he is appointed guardian of Zilnot (?) and Emily Sims, orphans of John Sims. John Wingfield and Thomas Terrell, Security.

Page 52--John Tarver (?) Jr., appointed guardian of Paschal Echols. Petition of Meredith Catching, Admr of Meredith Catching, dec'd, to sell Lot No. 32, 5th Dist. Baldwin Co., granted to said dec'd.

Page 56--Bazil Lamar, plaintiff vs Francis Billingslea, claimant. Francis came forward and produced a plat of land which was granted and gave Cyrus and James Billingslea, Security. Autograph signatures.

Page 70--Mar. 7, 1808. Mary, orphan of Micajah Williamson, chooses John Griffin guardian. Benjamin Porter and Johnson Wilbourn, Security. Abraham Ruddle appointed guardian of John Hubbard, orphan of James Hubbard. James Corbet, Security.

Southey Littleton appointed guardian of Lindsey Mannin, orphan of Mary Mannin, dec'd, Solomon Stephens, Security.

Page 71--John and James Ballard, orphans of Nathan Ballard, choose Pitt

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Milner guardian. William Springer, orphan of John Springer, chooses Ann Springer guardian and she was appointed guardian of Kitty and Lucinda Springer, all orphans of John Springer, dec'd. Richmond Terrell and John Ray, Security.

Page 72--Gabriel Gunn, orphan of Thomas Gunn, chooses Johnson Wilburn guardian. Wm. Johnson, Security. John Gibson appointed guardian of Joel Gibson, orphan of Sylvanus Gibson, dec'd.

Page 76--Mar. 8, 1808. Fielding Rucker, orphan of Willis Rucker, 16 years old Aug. 5, last, bound to Thomas Wootten to learn farming.

Page 82--Petition of Jeremiah Terry, Admr of Moses Terry, dec'd to sell 100 acres on Kettle creek adj Cyrus Billingslea. Petition of Stephen and Wm. Evans, Admrs. of Wm. Evans, dec'd to sell 340 acres on Kettle creek.

Page 86--Matthew Talbot appointed guardian of Thomas Jones, orphan of Samuel Jones, dec'd and to take into his possession a slave Jerry now in possession of Thomas Talbot.

Page 91--Mar. 10, 1808. Petition of Thomas Grant, Admr de bonis non of John Wilkenson, to sell 200 acres adj. said Grant and David Ellington.

Page 92--Nathaniel Greene Wilkenson, orphan of Reuben Wilkenson of Washington Co., dec'd chooses Nicholas Long guardian.

Page 98--Elizabeth Gammage, orphan of Wm. Gammage, chooses her mother Charity Gammage, guardian. Alscy and Samuel Gammage, Security. Nancy Gammage, orphan of William, chooses her brother Nathaniel Gammage guardian, same security.
Page 100--Lidia Gammage, orphan of William, chooses her brother Samuel Gammage, guardian, same security.

Page 105--Mar. 11, 1808. John Wynne, Drury Stovall and Ansel Cunningham appointed Commissioners to lay out a road from Drury Stovall's on Clarks creek to Benjamin Hubbards on Long creek.

Page 107--Mar. 11, 1808. Nathaniel, 16 years old and Ephraim, 11 years old last Aug., orphans of Nathaniel Bailey, dec'd, bound to Christopher Brooks.

Page 108--John Landrum petition to have renewed a note on Josiah Walton.

Page 120--Aug. 1, 1808. Daniel Slayden appointed guardian of Nancy, William, John, Arthur, Daniel, Pheby, Elizabeth, Zacharias, Lucy, Sally and Susannah Slayden, "they being his children" for the purpose of receiving their property as heirs of William Isbell (?) Sr., dec'd of Goochland Co. Va., in right of their mother Sally Slayden, dec'd. William Evans, Security.

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Page 122--Jeremiah - - - - - be appointed guardian of Jeremiah Atkins, orphan of Asa Atkins dec'd. Wm. M. Rain appointed guardian of Greenberry, orphan of John C. Pinkston, dec'd, Silas Starr and Greenberry Pinkston, Security.

Page 123--Petition of John and Mary Stewart, Admrs of George Stewart, dec'd to sell 165 acres adj. Wm. Stone and Jacob Lewis. Petition of Wm. W. Rain and Silas Starr, Admrs of John C. Pinkston, dec'd to sell 64 acres adj. Benjamin Holmes and Greenberry Pinkston.

Page 125--Petition of Jonathan Webster acting Excr of Drury Williams, dec'd to sell 144 acres adj. Holman Freeman and Wm. Mallory and land in Franklin Co. on Nelsons creek.

Page 136--Feb. 28, 1809. Oath of John Coats to support the Constitution of this State and the United States and faithfully discharge the duties of Capt. in the 164th Military or Militia District of Ga. Oath of Maurice Ruddell as Lt., and of Russell Porter as Ensign.

Page 139--Mar. 6, 1809. Benjamin Wootten chooses John Pope guardian. He is appointed guardian of Anna Wooten. James Wooten is appointed guardian of Allen and Richard Wootten, all orphans of Richard Wootten, dec'd.

Page 140--Jincy Staples chooses Ezekiel Alexander guardian and he is appointed guardian of Frankey, Suckey or Leckey, Lucy and Judy Staples, orphans of Stephen Staples, dec'd. Owen Holliday and Elisha Smallwood, Security, Seaborn Aycock, orphan of James Aycock, chooses James Hinton guardian.

Page 141--Julia, orphan of Stephen Staples, chooses William Dodson guarian. Richard Hillyar, Security. Jincy and Sally Erwin, orphans of John Erwin, choose Thomas Hutchins guardian.

Jeremiah Miles appointed guardian of Samuel and Asa Billingslea, orphans of John Billingslea, dec'd. Richard Peteet, Security.

Page 142--Mar. 7, 1809. James Cowen, Admr of James McDowell petition to sell the real estate, a tract of land.

Page 145--It appearing that Aquilla Burroughs and Joseph Henderson, Sr. Excrs of William Lea, dec'd, had applied for leave to sell 150 acres on Kettle creek, Joseph Henderson, surviving Excr granted permission.