The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 226--Sept. 3, 1810. Joseph Anthony. Last will proved by the oaths of Thomas Williams in open court, and Griffith Spencer by interrogatories returned in due form, whereupon letters testamentary and warrant of appraisement were issued to Anselm Anthony and Micajah Anthony, Esqr.

Page 237--Feb. 28, 1811. Joseph C. Anthony, dec'd. Betsy T. Anthony, Richard Aycock and Augustine Edwards appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 4--July 27, 1801. Asa Atkins, orphan of Asa Atkins, dec'd., chooses John Hendrick guardian.

Page 69--Mar. 5, 1804. Jeremiah Atkins, orphan of Asa, John Billingslea appointed guardian.
Page 100--Nicey Atkins, orphan of Asa chooses John Billingslea guardian. John Hendrick former guardian resigning.

Page 21--Mar. 11, 1802. James Aycock, estate. Roland Taylor, Admr., ordered to come into court and give security as he intermarried with the widow who was joint Excr with William Aycock.

Page 27--Aug. 2, 1802. Micajah Anthony orphan of Micajah. Armstead E. Stokes appointed guardian.

Page 37--Mar. 7, 1803. James Anderson chooses Solomon Thornton guardian.

Page 107--Mar. 14, 1805. Peter L. Van Allen, gave bond for title in his life time for land in the Reserve fork of the Oconee in Greene Co., to Benajah Smith, who asks for clear titles.

Page 49--Apr. 31, 1803, William Andrews, dec'd. Pitt Milner appointed Admr.

Page 54--Aug. 1, 1803. Daniel Arnold, dec'd. Sally Arnold appointed Admx Joshua and William Arnold, Security.

Page 66--Nov. 30, 1803. John Ailer, dec'd. John Ailer appointed Admr.

Page 234--Jan. 7, 1811. Edward Arnett, dec'd. Catharine Arnett appointed Admx.

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Page 241--May 7, 1811. William Arthur, dec'd. Jane Arthur and Timothy Roby appointed temporary Admrs. Luke John Callaway and Richard Hudspeth, Security.

Page 24--April 6, 1802. Jesse Bailey, dec'd. William Bailey appointed temporary Admr.

Page 33--Dec. 16, 1802. Jesse Broughton, dec'd. James Broughton appointed temporary Admr.

Page 52--Aug. 1, 1803. Edny Ballard, orphan of Nathan Ballard, Lewis C. Davis appointed guardian.

Page 49--April 6, 1803. John Bates dec'd. Flemon Bates appointed Admr.

Page 50--May 21, 1803. John Brown, dec'd. Luke John Morgan appointed temporary Admr.
Page 55--Granted. Burwell Green and Stokely Morgan, Security.

Page 72--Mar. 5, 1804. Luke John Morgan appointed guardian of Lewis Brown, orphan of John Brown, dec'd.

Page 50--June 11, 1803. Spencer Branham, dec'd. Elizabeth Branham appointed temporary Admx.
Page 61--Granted. Isham Richardson, Security.

Page 71--Mar. 5, 1804. Jane Bramblett appointed guardian of Mary Ann, William and Elizabeth Bramblett orphans of Ambrose Bramblett, dec'd. Jesse Bramblett appointed guardian of Meredith Bramblett orphan of above.

Page 71--Sarah Boyinton, dec'd. Amos Boyinton appointed Admr. William Gammage and Benjamin Chapman, Security.

Page 77--Mar. 4, 1804. Christopher Brooks, dec'd. Abraham Simons appointed temporary Admr.

Page 97--Feb. 17, 1805. John Barton, dec'd. Elizabeth Barton appointed temporary Admx.

Page 230--Nov. 5, 1810. Amos Boynton, dec'd. Stodard Boynton appointed Admr., Williamson Bird, William Macklin, Security.

Page 232--Nov. 5, 1810. Richard Beasley, dec'd. Nathan Holtzclaw appointed Admr. Timothy and James Shorter, Security.

Page 100--May 4, 1805. Susanna and Sally Bradley, orphans of Anderson Bradley, choose John Dyson, guardian. John Harris and James Wootten, Security.

Page 110--May 4, 1805. Anderson Bradley, dec'd. Lewis Suddeth appointed Admr.

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Page 102--Mar. 5, 1805. Francis Billingslea, estate. Samuel and James Billingslea make final returns.

Page 154--Mar. 2, 1807. John Billingslea, dec'd. Asa Atkins and James Billingslea appointed Admrs.

Page 7--July 28, 1801. Isaac Carleton, dec'd. Robert Carleton, Admr. produced receipt in full from legatees. (not named).

Page 9--Feb. 10, 1801. Benjamin Catchings, estate. Elisha Moran, Admr. granted permission to sell land.

Page 15--Mar. 8, 1802. Drury Cade, dec'd. Robert Cade appointed Admr.

Page 33--Jan. 12, 1803. William Coates, dec'd. Patsy Coats, Howell and Nicholas Jarrett appointed Admrs.
Page 44--Granted. Aquilla Burroughs, Security.

Page 47--Mar. 15, 1803. Robert Carr, dec'd. Robert Carr appointed Admr. John Graham, Stokely Morgan, Security.

Page 86--June 5, 1804. John Callaway, Jr., dec'd. William Callaway appointed temporary Admr.

Page 91--Aug. 7, 1804. Agnes Crews, dec'd. Chas. L. Morton appointed Admr. Peter B. Terrell, Security.

Page 122--Jan. 21, 1806. Meredith Catching, Sr., dec'd. Meredith Catching appointed temporary Admr.

Page 135--Lucy Carleton, Admx. of Henry Carleton, dec'd., petition to divide estate.

Page 154--Mar. 2, 1807. John Clements, dec'd. (son of Jacob) John Clements, Jr., appointed temporary Admr.

Page 160--Anestasa Catching, dec'd. Will proved and Meredith Catching appointed Admr.

Page 177--Feb. 1, 1808. Charles Covington, dec'd. George Gresham appointed Admr.

Page 188--July 4, 1808. Lesley Coats, dec'd. Drucilla and John Coats appointed Admrs. William G. Gibbons, Peter Harris and John Leonard, Security.

Page 233--Jan. 7, 1811. Sally and Fanny Coats choose Benjamin Sherod guardian.

Page 230--Nov. 5, 1810. Peter Harris petition to divide the personal estate of Lesley Coats. Benjamin Sherod, William Jones, Thomas Terrell and Garland Wingfield appointed to divide into seven shares.

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Page 231--Robert Carrell, dec'd. William Jones appointed Admr. de bonis non with will annexed.

Page 235--Jan. 7, 1811. Aris Cox, dec'd. Matthis Huff and Robert Cox appointed Admrs. William Saffold and Robert Dearing, Security.

Page 12--Dec. 24, 1801. James Darden, dec'd. Susannah Darden appointed temporary Admx.

Page 22--Mar. 12, 1802. Nancy Darden and John Heard (son of Stephen) appointed Admrs.

Page 113--Aug. 5, 1805. "George Crane who has intermarried with Susannah Darden widow and Admx. of James Darden, dec'd."

Page 38--Mar. 7, 1803. Martha Douglas, Admx. of William Douglas, dec'd. returns, no data.

Page 66--Jan. 23, 1803. Walter Doss, dec'd. Mary Doss appointed temporary Admx.

Page 67--Feb. 14, 1804. Mary Doss requests her application be withdrawn and John Heard (son of Stephen) is appointed. Simon Hughes and William Doss, Security.

Page 72--Francis Darracott chooses John Darracott guardian, former guardian William Darracott having left Wilkes Co.

Page 111--July 9, 1805. Charles Duke, dec'd. Dolly Duke appointed Admx.

Page 111--Aug. 2, 1805. William Davenport, dec'd. Nicholas Long appointed Admr.
Silas Dixon, dec'd. Silas Grigg appointed temporary Admr.

Page 134--Mar. Term 1806. Enoch Dixon and James Patterson, vs Silas Grigg. After hearing the case, James Patterson and Enoch Dixon appointed Admrs. William Johnson and John Davis Security.

Page 199--Mar. 6, 1809. John Dunn, dec'd. Thomas Talbot appointed Admr.

Page 207--Sept. 5, 1809. Thomas Deering, dec'd. Mary and Robert Deering appointed Admrs.

Page 213--Nov. 6, 1809. Thomas Dooly, dec'd. Sally S. Bibb, Excx of William Bibb, dec'd Admr. On motion of John D. Bibb the receipt of John M. Dooly and Edward Bond, heirs of said Thomas Dooly is recorded.

Page 12--Jan. 28, 1802. David Ellington, Jr., dec'd. David Ellington, Sr., appointed Admr. Thomas Grant, Security.

Page 31--Aug. 16, 1802. John Ervin, dec'd. Elizabeth and John Ervin appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 38--Granted. William Morris and David McCoy, Security.

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Page 55--Aug. 1, 1803. John S. Edwington, orphan of James Edwington, dec'd. Thomas W. Scott appointed guardian.

Page 57--Aug. 2, 1803. John Edwards, dec'd. Sanders Walker one of Excrs. final returns, but not given.
(This will recorded in lost Book "DD").

Page 149--Nov. 3, 1806. William Evans, dec'd. Stephen and William Evans appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 197--July 2, 1809. Petition of William and Stephen Evans that Micajah Bennett, guardian of James, minor of Wm. Evans, dec'd., be summoned to account for his neglect as such.

Page 176--Feb. 1, 1808. James Edwards, dec'd late of Va. John Hill appointed Admr with will annexed. Richard Aycock, Security. (No record of this will).

Page 185--May 2, 1808. David Evans, dec'd. Mary and Arden Evans appointed Admrs. John E. Evans and John Henley, Security.

Page 23--Mar. 14, 1802. Holman Freeman asking for clear titles to 800 acres whereon said Hollman now lives, bond for which was given by William Freeman, dec'd in his life time.

Page 65--Aug. 31, 1803. John Fanning, dec'd. Josiah Jordan and Bird Parks appointed Admrs.
Page 196--July 2, 1809. Petition of Admrs. to divide estate.

Page 107--Mar. 12, 1805. Mary Ann Fluker, dec'd. John Johns and Archibald Simpson appointed Admrs.

Page 109--Nov. 8, 1805. Aaron Ferrington, dec'd. Enoch James appointed Admr.

Page 145--Sept. 1, 1806. John Freeman, dec'd. Catharine Freeman and Shaler Hillyer appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 151--Jan. 5, 1807. Shaler appointed Admr. Holman Freeman Security.

Page 163--June 1, 1807. Petition of Absolom Killgore for clear titles to 930 acres in Jackson Co., bond for title to which John Freeman gave Peter Killgore in his life time.

Page 9--July 29, 1801. Francis Gordon, dec'd. Thomas Terrell, Mary Gordon and James Bulgin, temporary Admrs make returns and Thomas Terrell, Mary Gordon and John Matthews appointed permanent Admrs.

Page 12--Jan. 28, 1802. Robert A. Gordon, dec'd. Louis Prudhomme appointed temporary Admr.
Jan. 29. John Darracott appointed admr.

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Page 19--Mar. 11, 1802. Reuben Gafford, dec'd. Stephen Gafford appointed Admr.

Page 20--Mar. 11, 1802. Thomas Gresham, dec'd, orphans of. William Fluker appointed guardian he having married the widow of the said Thomas.

Page 63--Aug. 3, 1803. Former guardian having died, James, John and Charles Gresham appointed guardians of James, Elizabeth, John, Jane, Sinthy and Thomas, orphans of Thomas Gresham, dec'd.

Page 64--Mary Ann Gresham, Admx of Thomas Gresham, dec'd. ordered to attend next court.

Page 107--Mar. 12, 1805. James, John, and Charles Gresham appointed Admrs of Thomas Gresham, dec'd, instead of Mary Ann Fluker, late Mary Ann Gresham.

Page 218--Mar. 8, 1810. Petition of John and James D. Gresham, guardians of orphans of Thomas Gresham, dec'd. to divide estate.

Page 32--Oct. 6, 1802. Elisha Gunn, dec'd. Daniel Gunn appointed Admr.

Page 39--Dabney Gholson appointed guardian of his own children, Nancy, Zachariah and Benjamin Gholson, heirs of Thomas Pullin, dec'd in Carolina.

Page 118--Aug. 27, 1805. Sylvanus Gibson, Sr., dec'd. John Gibson appointed Admr., Christopher Orr and Sylvanus Gibson, Jr., Security.

Page 150--Jan. 2, 1807. William Gammage, dec'd. Charity and Alsy Gammage appointed Admrs.
Page 153--Jan. 25, 1807. They relinquish their appointment and John Hendrick and George Harper are appointed.

Page 171--Nov. 2, 1807. John Hendrick's petition to sell real estate.

Page 176--Feb. 1, 1808. Nathaniel Gordon, dec'd. Lunsford M. Bramblet appointed Admr.

Page 187--May 2, 1808. Thomas Gafford, dec'd. Fanny Gafford appointed Admx.

Page 208--Aug. 7, 1809. Gabriel Gunn orphan of Thomas Gunn, dec'd. Johnson Wibourn, guardian, petition for division of estate into two parts, one being delivered to said guardian. Only two distributees.

Page 228--Nov. 5, 1810. Mary Gordon, dec'd. William Wilkins appointed Admr.

Page 71--Mar. 5, 1804. John Horne appointed guardian of Edward, and Hannah Horne, orphans of John Horne, dec'd. Purnal Truitt and John Lyon, Security.

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Page 11--Aug. 22, 1801. Stephen Heard, dec'd. (son of Barnaba) Nancy Heard and Joseph Staten appointed Admrs.
Page 15--Granted, John Horn and Thomas Lee, Security.

Page 226--Aug. 31, 1810. Stephen Heard, dec'd. John Heard appointed temporary Admr.
Page 229--Granted. James Render and James Wootten, Security.

Page 231--Nov. 5, 1810. Petition of John Heard, Admr of Stephen Heard dec'd., and William Doss, Charles Heard, George Crain, Allen Martin, Henry C. Dawson, Elizabeth Heard, Stephen Heard, and Eliza Heard, legatees and representatives of said dec'd to sell three slaves.

Page 14--Mar. 8, 1802. Peter Huff, dec'd. Will probated.

Page 20--Mar. 11, 1802. James Hammett, guardian of James Hammett produced a discharge from the ward in full of his estate.

Page 40--Mar. 18, 1803. Catherine Hendley appointed Admx of John Hendley, dec'd. with will annexed.
Page 138--June 3, 1806. John Hendley, Jr., appointed temporary Admr.

Page 32--Oct. 6, 1802. William Harper, dec'd. Judith Harper appointed temporary Admx.
Page 45--Mar. 14, 1803. John Landrum and Judith appointed Admrs. John at Judith's request.

Page 34--Feb. 22, 1803. McKinney Holdiness, dec'd. Sinthy Holdiness appointed Admx.
Page 81--Mar. 15, 1804. Cinthy appointed guardian of James McKinney Holdiness orphan of McKinney Holdiness, dec'd. Isaac McClendon and Francis Powell, Security.

Page 57--Aug. 2, 1803. Jesse Heard, orphan of Jesse Heard, dec'd. Peter B. Terrell appointed guardian.

Page 58--Mary Heard orphan of Jesse Heard, dec'd. chooses Stephen Martin guardian. Ebenezer Smith appointed guardian of Elizabeth and Susannah Heard, John Walker and Richard Heard, Security.

Page 59--Jesse Heard, dec'd. Ebenezer Smith duly sworn as Excr.

Page 46--Mar. 15, 1803. Barnard Heard, dec'd., John Heard, Admr. ordered to bring papers belonging to the county, in possession of Barnard Heard, late R. P.

Page 49--Apr. 6, 1803. David Hillhouse, dec'd. Sarah Hillhouse appointed Admx.

Page 54--Aug. 1, 1803. John Heard, dec'd. John Heard, Jr., Ephriam Heard and John Dyson appointed Admrs.

End of Page 164 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 165

Page 65--Aug. 31, 1803. James Holdiness, dec'd. Lewis Irions appointed temporary Admr. de bonis non.
Page 91--Aug. 7, 1804. Granted, saying estate of James Holdiness was unadministered by McKinney Holdiness, also dec'd., former Admr., and that Thomas Brown and Archibald Riddle, Security, opposed by the court.

Page 70--Mar. 5, 1804. Ivey Holloday, orphan of Thomas Holloday, Francis Strother appointed guardian, Dickerson Holloday appointed guardian of Allen Holloday instead of Hope Hull resigned.

Page 66--Jan. 30, 1804. Henry Hill, Sr., dec'd. Theo. Hill and John Pope appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 98--May 4, 1805. Asa Hooks, dec'd. Agatha Hooks appointed Admx. Jilson Hopkins and John Hooks appointed Admrs.

Page 101--Mar. 5, 1805. Elizabeth Hendricks vs Silas Hopkins, temporary Admr, of Wm. Hendrick, dec'd. Caveat. Elizabeth widow of said dec'd appointed Admx.

Page 116--Aug. 8, 1805. Silas Hopkins asks for clear titles to land on Little river, bond for title given by Wm. Hendrick, dec'd.

Page 61--Aug. 3, 1803. Wilson Harroll absconded the state, leaving his wife and children in a distressed condition, and whereas there is considerable property in possession of the wife, willed to the children by their grandfather, which is going to waste, Johnson Wilborne and Major Henderson appointed guardians.

Page 117--Aug. 9, 1805. Johnson Wilborne prays dismissal from his guardianship, the mother of said children removing to N. C.

Page 179--Mar. 7, 1808. Benjamin Hendrick, dec'd. William Smallwood appointed temporary Admr.

Page 194--Aug. 7, 1808. Daniel Harvie, dec'd. Sally Harvie, widow chooses childs part in lieu of dower.

Page 17--Mar. 9, 1802. Nathaniel Jackson, dec'd. John Jackson appointed temporary Admr.

Page 171--Samuel Jones, dec'd. John Prather one of the Excrs. reports wasting of estate by John Ousley and Dorcus his wife formerly Dorcus Jones. It is ordered they appear at next court and give security.

Page 189--William Johnson, dec'd. Gilbert Hay appointed Admr., William Johnson and James Corbett, Security.

Page 189--John P. Jones, dec'd. David Locket and John Hendrick appointed Admrs., John being added by request.

End of Page 165 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 166

Page 4--July 27, 1801. William Kelly, dec'd. John Walker appointed Admr. de bonis non instead of Hannah Kelly, Admx, dec'd. John Hendrick and William Anderson, Security.

Page 6--July 28, 1801. James Kelly, dec'd., will probated, Hannah Kelly and Pleasant Walker appointed Excrs.

Page 49--Apr. 20, 1803. John Knox, dec'd., James and Elizabeth Knox appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 86--May 13, 1804. Robert Killgore, dec'd., William Killgore and James Curry appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 166--July 11, 1807. John Killgore, dec'd. William Killgore appointed temporary Admr. Francis Giddins, Security.

Page 18--Nancy Lee, lunatic, Jonathan Lee appointed guardian in place of Joseph Henderson and Christopher Irwin resigned, Thomas Lee and Richard Dukins, Security.

Page 143--Aug. 7, 1806. Ann Lee, petition that Aquilla Burroughs and Joseph Henderson attend court and render an account as Excrs of William Lee, dec'd.
Page 152--Jan. 5, 1807. Thomas Lee same petition.

Page 157--Mar. 3, 1807. Excrs made returns and gave security.

Page 103--Mar. 5, 1805. John Lyon, dec'd. Mary Lyon appointed Admx. William Partridge and Joshua Holmes, Security.

Page 124--Mar. 3, 1806. Thomas Low, dec'd Stith Barksdale and Sarah Low petition to divide the estate.

Page 172--Nov. 2, 1807. Elizabeth Lasey, dec'd John Turner appointed Admr.

Page 194--Oct. 22, 1808. John Lindsey, dec'd John F. Gordon and Claricy Lindsey appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 199--Mar. 5, 1809. James Corbett and Claricy Lindsey appointed Admrs.

Page 206--Sept. 5, 1809. John Lindsey, last will probated on the oath of James Montfort one of the witnesses. Letters testamentary issued to Gen. John Clarke, James Corbett, Ebenezer H. Cummins, surviving Excrs and Clarissy Lindsey, Excx, and Seaborn Jones, Excr.
Page 209--Oct. 11, 1809. Clarissy Lindsey sworn as Excx.

Page 222--Alex Norris asks for clear titles to 50 acres in Jones old survey bond for title by John Lindsey.

Page 206--Sept. 5, 1809. Moses Lee, dec'd. Wm. Lee appointed Admr.

Page 209--Nov. 6, 1809. Micajah Little, dec'd. Littleberry, John E., and William Little appointed temporary Admrs.

End of Page 166 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 167

Page 214--Mar. 6, 1810 John E. Little and John Bethune appointed Admrs. Joshua Bedle and Thomas W. Kent, Security.

Page 233--Dec. 4, 1810 John Bethune sworn as Admr.

Page 234--Jan. 7, 1811. John E. Little, Admr petition to sell slaves to liquidate debts.

Page 11--Sept. 4, 1801. Joseph Morris, dec'd. Elizabeth Morris appointed temporary Admx.

Page 43--Mar. 9, 1803. Jacob McClendon, dec'd. Azariah Bailey, Excr., letters dismissory, having finished.

Page 26--Aug. 2, 1802. Mary and David Mason, orphans of John Mason, dec'd James Kinman appointed guardian, David Kinman and James Patterson, Security.

Page 28--Aug. 2, 1802. Robert McAlpin, Excr of Alex McAlpin, letters dismissory.

Page 29--Phillip Moss, dec'd, Sally Moss appointed Admx, William G. Gilbert and Chas. Stovall, Security.

Page 39--Mar. 8, 1803. Petition of Dennis McClendon, assignee of Travis McClendon that titles be executed to 124 acres land original grant to Jona. Goolsby bond for title to Travis from Philip Moss.

Page 32--Oct. 11, 1802. Daniel McCoy, dec'd. David McCoy appointed Admr de bonis non.
Page 72--Mar. 5, 1804 David appointed guardian of William McCoy orphan of Daniel McCoy, dec'd, James Edge and Wm. Thompson, Security.

Page 34--Feb. 25, 1803. Benjamin Martin, dec'd. Stephen and Beverley Martin appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 48--Mar. 16, 1803 Stephen appointed guardian of Bartlett and Yearby Martin orphans of Benjamin, dec'd.

Page 34--Feb. 15, 1803. Mary Matthews, dec'd, Robert Matthews appointed temporary Admr.
Page 45--Granted. Solomon Matthews and James Patterson, Security.

Page 87--Oct. 18, 1804. Solomon and Polly Mathews, Admrs of Robert Matthews, dec'd. Timothy Matthews appointed temporary Admr. of Mary Matthews, dec'd.
Page 101--Mar. 5, 1805 Timothy Matthews appointed Admr. de bonis non of Mary Matthews, dec'd, unadministered by Robert Matthews former Admr dec'd. Solomon and Polly Matthews, Security.

Page 50--June 11, 1803. Baptist Milligan, dec'd, Jane Milligan appointed temporary Admx.

End of Page 167 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 168

Page 63--Aug. 3, 1803. Jane and William Milligan appointed Admrs, Samuel Wilbourne and Michael Rafferty, Security.

Page 63--Elijah Mendinghall, appointed guardian of John, James and Marmaduke Mendinghall orphans of Marmaduke Mendinghall, dec'd. Isaac Hart and Joseph Cochran, Security.

Page 65--Dec. 6, 1803. Samuel Montcrief, dec'd. Martha Montcrief appointed Admx. Page 70--Granted. John Hendrick and Lewis Hammock, Security.

Page 68--Mar. 5, 1804. Silas Mercer, bond for title in his life time to Thomas Cartright for 287 1/2 acres in Greene Co. on Richland creek original survey to William Green.

Page 86--May 29, 1804. Marina and Elizabeth McLean, dec'd. Jesse McLean applies for letters de bonis non on both estates.
Page 90--Aug. 7, 1804 Issued to Jesse on Elizabeth, unadministered by Jesse Stallings "since also dec'd."

Page 216--Mar. 7, 1810. Lindsay Morris "a poor orphan boy", Solomon Stephens resigns as security for his guardian Southey Littleton.

Page 239--Mar. 4, 1811. John McLane, dec'd. William G. Gilbert appointed Admr.

Page 237--Feb. 4, 1811. William Moon, dec'd. Christopher Brooks appointed Admr. Richerson Booker, Security.

Page 241--Apr. 11, 1811. Mary McDowell, dec'd. Chas. McKnight appointed temporary Admr.

Page 36--Mar. 7, 1803. Hugh Norman, dec'd. Lewis Norman appointed Admr. Jesse Norman and William Johnson, Security.

Page 66--Dec. 7, 1803. John Nowland, dec'd. Caty Nowland and Thomas Anderson appointed temporary Admrs. Page 73--Granted. Joseph Heard and John Anderson, Security.

Page 187--July 4, 1808. John C. Nightingale, dec'd, Joseph Bevin appointed Admr.

Page 241--May 10, 1811. John and William Nelson, dec'd. Elizabeth Nelson and David Simpson appointed Admrs.

Page 74--Mar. 6, 1804. George, William, Patsy and Susannah Osborne, George Hughes appointed guardian and Smithy Hughes chooses him guardian. Pleasant Walker, Wm. Johnson and Wm. Arthur, Security.

Page 147--Nov. 3, 1806. Mildred Owen, dec'd. will probated and Seth Moore sworn as Excr. Page 150--Thomas Moore caveats said will saying it is not her will.

End of Page 168 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 169

Subpoenas issued to Alex. and Rebecca Norris, David Owen, Wm. Simpson, Hazlewood Wilkinson, Richard Davis, Stephen Gafford and Henry Hurley. (This may not apply to this case)

Page 185--May 2, 1808. Clabourn Ogletree, dec'd. Elizabeth Ogletree and David Lockett appointed Admrs.

Page 14--Mar. 8, 1802. Peninah Pope, dec'd. John Pope appointed Admr.

Page 50--May 18, 1803. John Pope, dec'd Margaret and John H. Pope appointed Admrs.

Page 77--Mar. 13, 1804. John C. Pinkston, dec'd Wm. M. Kain appointed Admr. Page 91--Aug. 7, 1804. Elizabeth Pinkston and Wm. M. Kain appointed Admrs. John Cain and Jere Matthews, Security.

Page 193--Sept. 5, 1808 Robt. Cunningham, John Wingfield and William Triplett appointed to divide the estate.

Page 78--Mar. 15, 1804. Stovall Pool appointed guardian of his daughter Bonetta Pool.

Page 84--Mar. 26, 1804. John and Elizabeth Peters, dec'd. Robert Killgore, Admr, letters dismissory, having finished.

Page 103--Mar. 5, 1805. Delila, Nancy and Jesse Parker, orphans of William Parker, dec'd choose James Mulkey guardian.

Page 140--July 24, 1806. Raphael Parrish, dec'd, Augustin Edwards appointed temporary Admr.
Page 147--Nov. 3, 1806. Appointed permanent Admr of Ralph Parrish.

Page 142--Nancy Palmer, orphan, Milner Echols guardian ordered to appear at next court.

Page 159--Mar. 4, 1807. William Paskel, Sr., dec'd. Mary and William Paskel appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 165--July 6,, 1807 Granted. spelled Paschall.

Page 4--July 27, 1801. William Rogers, dec'd., John Parkes and Mary Rogers appointed Admrs, de bonis non.

Page 66--Nov. 26, 1803. Joseph Ryan, dec'd, Martin Ryan and Felix H. Gilbert appointed Admrs.

Page 66--Jan. 31, 1803. Wyatt Reviere, dec'd, Leanna Reviere appointed Admx.
Page 196--Jan. 2, 1809 Petition of Leanna Ruddle (late Leanna Reviere), Admr. above to divide the personal estate.

Page 202--Mar. 9, 1809--Henry L. Reviere petition to perfect titles to 200 acres on Little river, given by Wyatt Reviere, dec'd.

End of Page 169 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 170

Page 89--Aug. 6, 1804. George Runnals appointed guardian of George Washington Runnals orphan of Phebe Runnals. Richard Sappington and Joseph Henderson, Security.

Page 104--Mar. 5, 1805. John Rorey appointed guardian of Steptoe Rorey, orphan of John Rorey, dec'd.

Page 145--Aug. 26, 1806. John Roarie, dec'd, Bernard Kelly appointed Admr.
Page 156--Mar. 3, 1807. John Roarie, Jr., applies for letters of administration.
Page 160--Apr. 6, 1807. Granted, James Corbett and Andrew Ruddle, Security.

Page 106--John Ryan, dec'd. John Loving appointed Admr.
Page 113--Aug. 5, 1805 Granted. Andrew Ruddle and Samuel Walker Security.

Page 158--Mar. 4, 1807. John Richardson resigns as Excr of William Richardson dec'd.
Page 159--William Richardson appointed Admr.

Page 162--May 14, 1807. George Ruddell, dec'd. Andrew Ruddle appointed temporary Admr.

Page 173--Dec. 10, 1807. John Russell, dec'd. Nathan Blackburn appointed Admr.
Page 181--Mar. 8, 1808 Nathan Blackburn and George Moreland appointed Admrs.

Page 190--Aug. 1, 1808. Thomas Robertson, dec'd, John and William Robertson appointed Admrs.

Page 191--Aug. 1, 1808. Joel Richardson, dec'd. Admrs. ordered to make clear titles to Thomas Haynes to a bounty of land in Greene Co.

Page 198--Feb. 9, 1809. Edward Rowlett, dec'd. Stephen B. Rowlett appointed temporary Admr.

Page 205--Aug. 29, 1809. Abner Reeves, dec'd. Sally Reeves and John Wright appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 209--Nov. 6, 1809 Granted. Jonathan and Jeremiah Reeves, Security. William Roceter who has intermarried with Betsy Reeves, one of the heirs of Abner Reeves, asks commissioners be appointed to lay out to him his distributive share.

Page 92--Aug. 9, 1804. Wylie Right, dec'd. Sarah Right and Moses Alexander appointed Admrs. Ezekiel Alexander, Security.

Page 232--Nov. 12, 1810. James Rone, dec'd. Jesse Rone appointed temporary Admr.
Page 234--Granted. Isham Chaffin and Wm. Bennett, Security.

End of Page 170 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 171

Page 239--Mar. 4, 1811. Jesse Rone appointed guardian of Willis J. Rone, orphan of James Rone, dec'd. Wm. Bennett, Security.

Page 162--May 28, 1807. Peter Strozier, dec'd. John Bates appointed temporary Admr.

Page 11--Nov. 21, 1801. Samuel Sheets, dec'd. Nicholas Sheets appointed temporary Admr.
Page 17--Feb. 9, 1802. Susannah and Nicholas Sheets appointed Admrs. Richard Woodroof and Jesse Thurmond, Security.

Page 23--Mar. 5, 1802. Nicholas Slade, dec'd. Polly Slade and Maulding Amos appointed Admrs. with will annexed.

Page 42--Mar. 9, 1803. Last Will proved by Thomas Porter. The Excr named in the will also dec'd. Mary Slade appointed Admx.

Page 33--Francis Smith, dec'd. Ebenezer Smith appointed temporary Admr.
Page 105--Mar. 11, 1805. Stephen Martin appointed Admr. William W. Smith and Johnson Welborne, Security.

Page 40--Mar. 8, 1803. Elizabeth Stallings, dec'd. Jesse Stallings appointed Admr. Palesiah Stallings and Azariah Bailey, Security.

Page 98--May 4, 1805. Samuel Slayden, orphan of Arthur Slayden, dec'd. chooses Samuel Jones guardian.

Page 53--Aug. 1, 1803. Benjamin Sims, orphan. Richard Worsham appointed guardian. Thomas Mounger appointed guardian of Henry Pierce Sims, both orphans of Frederick Sims, dec'd.

Page 53--Nov. 23, 1803. Joshua Shropshire, dec'd. Nicholas Jarrett appointed temporary Admr.

Page 86--May 28, 1804. Jesse Stallings, dec'd. Sally Stallings appointed temporary Admx.
Page 88--Granted, Sanders and John Walker, Security.

Page 93--Sept. 15, 1804. Roger Semmes, dec'd. Thomas and Jane Semmes appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 99--Issued to Thomas, Jane having resigned. Page 198--Mar. 6, 1809. Thomas Semmes, Admr asks that the estate be divided.

Page 110--June 27, 1805. Beverly W. Stubblefield, dec'd. Aquilla Burroughs appointed temporary Admr.
Page 111--July 9, 1805. Peter Stubblefield caveats saying he is nearer of kin, being a brother.

Page 110--July 9, 1805. David Saxon, dec'd, Polly Saxon and Obediah Edge appointed temporary Admrs.

End of Page 171 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 172

Page 114--Aug. 5, 1805. Obediah Edge and Sally Saxon appointed and duly sworn.

Page 117--Aug. 8, 1805. John Simpson one of the Admrs of James Simpson dec'd, asks that the estate be re-appraised and divided.

Page 126--Mar. 4, 1806. Henry P. Sims, dec'd. John Wingfield appointed Admr., Sterling Combs, Security.

Page 153--Feb. 14, 1807. Peter Strozier, dec'd. George Darden, Peter and William Strozier appointed Admrs.

Page 165--July 6, 1807. George Stewart, dec'd. John and Mary Stewart appointed Admrs.

Page 184--Apr. 12, 1808. Henry Shorter, dec'd. Joseph Henderson appointed temporary Admr.
Page 190--Aug. 1, 1808. James Shorter appointed Admr.
Page 195--Granted, Jacob Shorter and Sylvanus Gibson, Security.

Page 205--Sept. 5, 1809. John Springer, dec'd., Ann Springer appointed Admx.
Page 238--Mar. 4, 1811. Ann Springer, Excx, requests a division of estate.

Page 3--July 27, 1801. Absolom Thurman, dec'd. will probated. The widow appeared and renounced the provision in the will.
Page 5--Probated. Excrs. named absent from the state. Jesse Thurmond and Richard Woodroof appointed Admrs.

Page 103--Mar. 5, 1805. Petition of James Alexander for titles to 300 acres in Elbert Co. bond for title given by Absolom Thurmond, dec'd.

Page 215--Mar. 6, 1810. Petition of Jesse Thurmond and Richard Woodroof to divide the estate.

Page 8--July 28, 1801. Daniel Trammell, appointed guardian of John, Polly and Hester, orphans of Elisha Trammell, dec'd.

Page 9--July 28, 1801. Philip Thomas, dec'd. John Holmes appointed temporary Admr.
Page 13--Mar. 1, 1802. Granted, "with will annexed." John Cooper and Benjamin Holmes, Security.

Page 59--Aug. 2, 1803. Benjamin Thomas, dec'd. John Holmes, Admr., ordered to make titles to Joseph Elsberry for 200 acres in Oglethorpe Co.

Page 67--Feb. 17, 1804. Thomas Taylor, dec'd. Ebenezer Smith and Hickerson Cosby appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 93--Sept. 26, 1804. Isaac Tyson, dec'd. Elizabeth Tyson appointed temporary Admx.
Page 104--Granted. Micajah Little and John Goyne, Security.

End of Page 172 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 173

Page 235--Jan. 7, 1811. John Goyne and John E. Little, Admrs of estate of Micajah Little, resign as security.

Page 144--Aug. 15, 1806. Moses Terry, dec'd. Jeremiah Terry appointed temporary Admr. Page 236--Jan. 7, 1811. Error in returns of Jeremiah Terry corrected.

Page 198--Mar. 6, 1809. Abraham Tyson, dec'd, Felix H. Gilbert appointed Admr.

Page 236--Jan. 8, 1811. Richard Tarver appointed temporary Admr. of John Tarver, dec'd., one of the Excrs having died and the other neglecting to qualify.

Page 130--Mar. 12, 1806. John O. Verdell by his guardian James O. Cosby states that Barnett Brewer and Edith Verdell were appointed Admrs of estate of Anthony Verdell, dec'd, Apr. 20, 1788 but have made no returns and said Edith has since married, said letters revoked.
Page 131--Mar. 13, 1806. Robert Cosby appointed temporary Admr.
Page 136--June 2, 1806. James O. Cosby appointed Admr.

Page 162--May 26, 1807. Peter L. Van Allen, dec'd. George Walton appointed Admr, with will annexed.
Page 206--Sept. 5, 1809. Special letters of administration to George Walton to secure perfect titles to land in Greene Co., in the Reserve Fork of Oconee and Appalachie rivers.

Page 2--July 27, 1801. Lucy R. Wynne, appointed guardian of Keeble Terry Wynne, orphan of Obediah Wynne, dec'd. Moses and Jeremiah Terry, Security. Lucy R. Wynne, widow of Obediah took childs part.

Page 3--Leavy Marshall appointed guardian of Obediah and Elizabeth Wynne, orphans of Obediah Wynne, dec'd.
Page 5--William Arnold appointed guardian of Sally, orphan of Obediah Wynne, dec'd.
Page 7--July 28, 1801. Obediah Wynne, dec'd. William Booker appointed Admr.
Page 15--Mar. 8, 1802. John Wynne, orphan of Obediah Wynne, dec'd. chooses William Arnold guardian.

Page 7--July 28, 1801. James Williams, dec'd. bond for title to James Cameron for 1857 acres in Elbert Co., petition for clear titles.

Page 35--Mar. 7, 1803. Fanny Wingfield, orphan of Thomas Wingfield, dec'd. chooses John Butler guardian.
Page 36--Charles, orphan of above, chooses his brother Thomas Wingfield guardian.

Page 9--July 29, 1801. Jefferson Williamson, dec'd. Lamech Hudson appointed temporary Admr.
Page 64--Aug. 4, 1803. Peterson Thweatt appointed Admr.

End of Page 173 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 174

Page 20--Mar. 11, 1802. Drury Williams appointed guardian of William Marshall Williams, orphan of William M. Williams, dec'd., John Williams and Benjah Smith, Security.

Page 32--Oct. 26, 1802. Robert White, dec'd. John Williams appointed Admr.

Page 42--Mar. 9, 1803. George Williams, dec'd. John Williams appointed Admr.

Page 58--Aug. 2, 1803. James Wilkinson, dec'd. James Allen appointed Admr. William Pollard and William Allen, Security.
Page 223--July 2, 1810. Daniel Gafford, one of the distributees in right of his wife, asks for a division.

Page 67--Feb. 6, 1804. Andrew Wilson, dec'd. Martha Wilson and James Patterson appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 83--Granted. Daniel McCoy and Vincent Harrison, Security.

Page 89--Aug. 6, 1804. Rebecca Wilson, orphan of Andrew Wilson, dec'd. chooses Joseph Cochran guardian.

Page 190--Jan. 1, 1808. Received of Joseph Cochran, guardian of Robert Wilson, orphan of Andrew Wilson, dec'd. $454.00 being in full of all the personal property of said dec'd. Signed Booker Lawson in right of his wife the said Rebecca Wilson.

Page 67--Feb. 14, 1804. John Weaver, dec'd. Elizabeth Weaver and Richard Sappington appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 90--Granted. Fadda Jarrett and John Sappington, Security.

Page 85--May 5, 1804. John C. Walton, dec'd. James Corbett appointed temporary Admr.
Page 86--June 14, 1804. George Walton applies for letters of administration.
Page 87--George Walton appointed Admr.

Page 95--Dec. 17, 1804. Jesse Walker, dec'd. John Ringo reports waste of estate by Baldwin Robertson who has married the widow, admx. Ordered to appear at next court and give security.
Page 96--Dec. 27, 1804. Robertson not appearing David Glaze appointed joint Admr. with Peggy Robertson, late Peggy Walker, Admx.

Page 110--April 25, 1805. James Wilder, dec'd. Nancy and Simeon Wilder and Robert Akin appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 113--Granted. Benjamin Hubbard and Daniel Gunnels, Security.

Page 133--March Term 1808. Chas. Williamson made bond for title for land on Long creek, known as Clarks Station, to Fanny Clarke which land was assigned by Edwin Mounger, who intermarried with said Fanny, to Benajah Smith who asks for clear titles.

End of Page 174 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 175

Page 144--Aug. 13, 1806. Pleasant Walker, dec'd. Wingfield Hamner and Rebeccah Walker appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 147--Nov. 3, 1806. John Wilkinson, dec'd. will proven by oath of Thomas Grant.
Page 148--William F. Booker appointed temporary Admr.

Page 151--Jan. 5, 1807. William F. Booker appointed Admr. with annexed.

Page 173--Nov. 25, 1807. Thomas Grant appointed Admr. de bonis non.

Page 212--Mar. 5, 1810. Richard B. Wootten, dec'd. John Pope and James Cade, Admrs. Petition to divide the personal estate.
Page 220--May 7, 1810. John Pope returns said division.

Page 234--Jan. 7, 1811. Polly, Samuel and Lettis Walker chooses Thomas Bond guardian.