The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 3--Feb. 24, 1801. Timothy T. Smith, orphan of John Taylor Smith, bound to John McLeod for four years. Simon Boren, orphan of John Boren, bound to Joseph Boren for five years. Jesse Heard swore that Micajah Williamson guardian of Andy Early asks permission to sell real estate. Upon application 200 acres belonging to Jacob Early, dec'd allowed to be sold.

Page 5--Feb. 5, 1801. Bedford Shorter, orphan of Wm. Shorter, dec'd bound to Nathan Smith till majority to learn chairmaking.

Page 6--Lewis McGuire, Admr of Anselm (?) St. Amand, late of said county dec'd, asks to sell one-third of a tract of land of 994 acres on Fishing creek and one-third of the mill known as the "French Mill" "they being in France." Signed L. Maguire.

Page 8--Feb. 26, 1801. David Terrell allowed $30.00 to buy a new seal for the Court.

Page 38--July 28, 1801. Ordered that David Appling be bound to Burwell Green, and that Owen Appling be bound to Nathaniel Harris till of age both orphans of David Appling, dec'd.

Page 42--July 29, 1801. John Grant, orphan of Thomas Grant and Sarah Smith orphan of Francis Smith be bound to James Bray (?) till of age.

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Page 62--Mar. 10, 1802. William Hogan, Admr of Shadrach Hogan, dec'd granted permission to sell 200 acres on Clarks creek, property of said dec'd.

Page 74--Mar. 11, 1802. Holman Freeman, Admr of Alex. Anderson dec'd given permission to sell 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co. adj. land of Nicholas Long.

Page 81--Apr. 6, 1802. Hugh Darby's petition to have two notes signed 1801, by Drury Ledbetter in his lifetime, to Chas. Irwin, now in Darby's possession made legal.

Page 87--Apr. 7, 1802. John Haggard an orphan, bound to Daniel Wagnon till of age. Arthur Bell exempted from poll tax, unable to pay.

Page 89--Lewis C. Davis, Admr of Wm. Scudder, dec'd given permission to sell 50 acres of land adj. said Davis and Drury Williams.

Page 101--Guardian of Polly H. Philips vs Elizabeth Philips, Admx of Joel Philips, dec'd. Arbitrators decide that Wm. Philips, dec'd received his share of Joel Philips estate in his life time and is due nothing.

Page 107--Aug. 5, 1802. William Bins petition to legalize two notes from Richard and Wm. Beazley signed Aug. 4, 1779.

Page 108--Petition of Sarah Murray, Admx of Thomas Murray, dec'd to sell real estate, 400 acres on Clouds creek now in Oglethorpe Co. Petition of Mary Morgan, Excx of Luke John Morgan to sell 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co., granted said Morgan.

Page 109--Petition of Thomas Reynolds and Joseph Henderson, Admrs of Richard Reynolds dec'd to sell 175 acres on Clarks Creek.

Page 111--Petition of John Griffin, Atty for Excrs of Humphrey Graves, dec'd to sell real estate for benefit of heirs, sworn to by Joshua Graves one of the legatees.

Page 117--Mar. 8, 1803. Petition of George Hamilton one of the Excrs of Moses Gordon, dec'd to sell 130 acres on the road from Washington to the French Mill.

Page 119--Mar. 9, 1803. Petition of Zachariah Williamson, Admr of Wm. W. Williams, dec'd to sell a house and lot in Washington the only real estate of said dec'd.

Page 120--John Elliott came into court and delivered James Ford, who had been bound to him as apprentice, and he was ordered bound to James Burdit.

Page 121--Howell Jarrett presented a bill for building a gallows in 1792. Petition of Burwell, Joel, Rebecca and Richard Aycock, Jr., heirs of Richard Aycock, Sr., dec'd that bond for title for 400 acres in Oct. 1784

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or 1785 from Thomas McCall to David McClesky, afterwards endorsed to John Hutchins Johnson, by him to Richard Aycock, dec'd be renewed. Rule nisi granted.

Page 149--Aug. 3, 1803. Martin Andrews, son and orphan of Wm. Andrews, dec'd bound to James Spratling to learn farming.

Page 153--Samuel Welbourn asking that a note signed by Chas. Venable Jan. 1, 1792 be renewed.