The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 1--Dec. 7, 1798. Patrick Jack vs Henry Macon. Col. Wilie Pope, summoned as garnishee, swears the above had been a soldier in the service of the State, and the pay of the United States, and that he holds, as paymaster, $41.34, he is ordered to pay above debt.

Page 2--Lucy and Tabitha Simpson, orphans of James Simpson, dec'd. choose their mother Lucy Simpson guardian. Wm. G. Gilbert and George Hamilton appointed guardians of James and Esther, minors of James Simpson, dec'd. John McLeod and John Simpson, Security. George and Christopher Pheanis (?) choose Frederick Heisler, guardian and he is appointed to Solomon and Easter Pheanis, all orphans of Christopher Pheanis, dec'd. Petition of Frederick Heisler, Admr of above to sell 130 acres on Fishing creek.

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Page 9--Mar. 20, 1799. Robert B. Washington elected T. R., John H. Foster, T. C., and Thomas Terrell, Vendue Master.

Page 17,--July 15, 1799. Alsey Early, minor. chooses Micajah Williamson guardian.

Page 22--July 8, 1799. Col. Wylie Pope, Paymaster of the Militia, sum moned as garnishee in the following cases; Jonas Fouchee vs Francis Hollingshead, James Cozart, Ezekiel Gardner, and Absolom Hart, swore that he had in his hands $136.80. due Francis Hollingshead, $40.45 due James Cozart, due Ezekiel Gardner $57.60, due Absolom Hart $94.85, for the years 1795 and 1796, as found on the roll of Capt. Fouche.

Page 23-25--Col.?? Wylie Pope, Paymaster of the Militia of Ga. garnishee in the following cases: Jesse Cox vs Snead Davis and John Haywood, James Kidd vs Peter Scrine, James Armstrong vs Absolom Hart, Thomas Crook, Benjamin Turner, James Kerby, and Abraham Aldridge, swore that he was not indebted to Peter Scrine, nor did he find his name on the pay roll, placed in his hands; that he had in his hands $95.84 due Absolom Hart for services in 1795-96 as a soldier on Capt. Fouche's Roll; due Thomas Crook $69.09, due James Kerby $72.84, due Abraham Aldridge $54.04, due Benjamin Turner $159.75, due Sneed Davis and John Haywood $78.14 as soldiers in the service of the United States within the state of Georgia.

Page 27--July 9, 1799. John Billingslea chooses Francis Billingslea, guardian, Howell and Clement Billingslea choose Jas. Billingslea guardian, and Polly Billingslea chooses Thomas Norris, guardian, all children of Francis Billingslea dec'd. Joseph Evans appointed guardian of John, James, Marmaduke and Hannah Mendenhall, orphans of Marmaduke Mendenhall, dec'd. Mary Mendenhall chooses Camm Thomas and Elijah chooses Nathan Stubbs, guardian, orphans as above.

Page 28--Dickinson Holloday chooses Hope Hull, guardian and he is apponted guardian of John, Lucy and Allen Holloday, Francis Strother appointed guardian of Polly and Thomas Holloday, all orphans of Thomas Holloday, dec'd. James Hammett, orphan of Edward Hammett chooses James Hammett, guardian.

Samuel Johnston, orphan of David Johnston, bound to Howell Jarrett to learn saddlery. Easter Phanes bound to David Simons and Solomon Phanes bound to Abraham Tanner to learn the trade of black smith, both orphans of Christopher Phanes, dec'd.

Page 29--July 10, 1799. Levi Reynolds orphan of Dudley Reynolds, bound to Philip Henly to learn carpenters trade. John Ellit, orphan of Benjamin Ellit bound to James Ford to learn sadlery. Robert Carter, orphan of Robert Carter bound to Joseph Boren to learn carpentry. Isaac Gordon, orphan of Moses Gordon bound to Burwell Green for eight years.

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Page 29--July 10, 1799. Michael Stone, orphan of Thomas Stone, bound to Stokely Morgan. Palasiah Stallings appointed guardian of Delilah, Elizabeth and Isaac, orphans of Moses Gordon.

Page 38--Feb. 24 1800. Petition of John Holmes, Admr of Benjamin B. Thomas to sell all the real estate for distribution.

Page 40--Feb. 26, 1800. James Parks, illegitimate son of Lidia Leslie, bound to Thomas Leslie.

Page 49--Mar. 4, 1800. Lucy Sheets, illegitimate child of Anna Shorter, four years old, bound to Joseph Barker.

Page 61--July 30, 1800. Petition of Winny Wilder, Admx. of William Wilder to sell the whole of the real estate.

Page 71--Aug. 1, 1800. Howell Jarrett ordered into court to show cause why Samuel Johnson an apprentice should not be taken out of his service.

Page 72--Robert Kilgore, Admr. of John Peters, dec'd., petition to sell all real estate. Nancy Ellis, about six years old, orphan of James Ellis, bound to David Terrell. Richard Dicken son of Joseph Dicken, dec'd., bound to James Huling to learn sadlery. Nimrod and Absolom, orphans of Joseph Dicken, dec'd, bound to John Colley to learn bricklaying. Samuel Johnson orphan of David Johnson, dec'd, bound to Joseph Boren to learn carpentry.

Page 73--Solomon Peteet, illegitimate son of Ruth Peteet and Ruth Washborn, bound to Burwell Green. Sanders Ray having left his wife Christiana, who is old and infirm, and holds all property, ordered to appear at next court.

Page 80--Feb. 24, 1801. Timothy T. Smith, orphan of John Taylor Smith, bound to John McLeod for four years from Jan. 1st, last. Simon Rorie, orphan of John Rorie, bound to Joseph Boren for five years. Jesse Heard swears that Micajah Williamson, guardian of Ailsey Early consented to have part of the real estate of Jacob Early sold agreeable to an advertisement.

Page 81--Feb. 25, 1801. Bedford Shorter orphan of William Shorter, dec'd, bound to Nathan Smith to learn the trade of wheel and chair maker.

Page 82--Louis McGuire one of the Admrs. of ..... St. Ammond, petition to sell 994 acres on Fishing creek with one-third part of a mill called the French Mill, being all the real estate of said dec'd.

Page 100--July 23, 1801. David Appling, orphan of David Appling, dec'd. bound to Burwell Green. Owen Appling orphan of David bound to Nathaniel Harris.

Page 102--July 29, 1801. John Grant, orphan of Thomas Grant, dec'd, bound

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to James Buys (?) or Busse?, to learn to be a blacksmith. Sarah Smith, orphan of Francis Smith, dec'd, bound to James Buys.

Page 109--Mar. 6, 1802. Petition of John Ramey, Admr. of George Heard to sell 230 acres on Little river.

Page 113--Mar. 10, 1802. Petition of William Hogan, Admr., of Shadrach Hogan, dec'd. to sell 200 acres on Clark's creek.

Page 121--Mar. 12, 1802. Petition of Holman Freeman, Admr. of Alex. Anderson, to sell 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co., adj. Nicholas Long.

Page 125--Apr. 6, 1802. Petition of Hugh Darby, being possessed of two notes given by Drury Ledbetter in his life time to Charles Irwin, under date of Sept. 13, 1801, to be renewed.

Page 129--Apr. 7, 1802. Petition of Lewis C. Davis, Admr. of William Scudder, dec'd. to sell real estate.

Page 141--Aug. 5, 1802. Petition of William Binns to have renewed notes on Richard and William Beasley made 1799. Petition of Sarah Murray, Admx. of Thomas Murray, dec'd. to sell 200 acres in Wilkes Co. and part of 400 acres on Clouds creek Oglethorpe Co.

Page 142--Petition of Mary Morgan, Admx. of Luke John Morgan, dec'd. to sell 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co. original grant to said Luke. Petition of Thomas Reynolds and Joseph Henderson, Admrs of Richard Reynolds, dec'd to sell 175 acres on Clarks creek. Petition of John Griffin, Atty for Excrs of Humphrey Graves, dec'd to sell real estate, affidavit of Joshua Graves one of the legatees that it had been advertised.

Page 146--Mar. 6, 1803. Petition of George Hamilton one of the Excrs of Moses Gordon to sell 135 acres on the road from Washington to the French Mill.

Page 147--Mar. 9, 1803. Petition of Zachariah Williams, Admr of William M. Williams, dec'd to sell half lot in Washington and the improvements adjoining F. Phinazee and Barnard Kelly.

Page 149--Petition of Burwell, Henry, Joel, Rebeccah and Richard Aycock, Jr., heirs and representatives of Richard Aycock, Sr., that a bond signed by Thomas McCall made payable to David McCleskey for 400 acres of land in Oct. 1784 or 1785, later indorsed to John Hutchins Johnson, to be renewed.

Page 168--Aug. 3, 1803. Martin Andrews son of William Andrews, dec'd. Bound to James Spratling to learn farming.

Page 170--Samuel Welborn reports the loss of a note signed by Charles Venable Jan. 1, 1798.

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Page 179--Mar. 5, 1804. Petition of David McCoy, Admr of Daniel McCoy to sell 343 acres on Williams creek. Petition of John and Elizabeth Erwin, Admrs of John Erwin, dec'd to sell 240 acres on Williams creek.

Page 180--Theopilus, orphan of William Andrews bound to Isaac Eason till 21, now 13, to learn to farm.

Page 182--Mar. 6, 1804. Petition of John Dyson and John Cooper, Admrs of Nathan Ballard, dec'd to sell 25 acres on Fishing creek. Jesse Parker, about 14, son of William Parker, bound to James Ford to learn sadlery. Josiah Bush, 14 years old, a foundling bound to Robert Pearman hatter.

Page 187--Mar. 14, 1804. Petition of Thomas Jones that bond for title for Lot No. 6 in Washington made by John and Hannah Hunton 1797 be renewed.

Page 199--Mar. 23, 1804. Martha Wilson, Admx of Andrew Wilson reports the loss of a receipt from Benjamin Hill and wife Betsy for all land, stock, etc. in full of all they ever expect to receive from said estate.

Page 205--Aug. 6, 1804. Petition of Elizabeth Hollis and John Akins, Admrs of Moses Hollis, dec'd, to sell 217 acres on Hardins creek adj. Lewis Hammock.

Page 206--Rebeckah McNeal, about 9 years old, daughter of Margaret McNeal, bound to Benedict Hammock. Petition of William McClung and Robert Cunningham, Admrs of Patrick Cunningham to sell 400 acres adj. Robert Killgore. Michael Grant, nine years old orphan of Thomas Grant bound to John Obar, planter.

Page 211--Aug. 8, 1804. Petition of Solomon Thornton, Sr., Benjamin, George and Thomas Gresham and Solomon Thornton, Jr., heirs and representatives of William Thornton, dec'd to sell 500 acres on Oconee river, Jackson Co.

Page 220--Petition of Peterson Thweatt, Admr of Jefferson Williamson to sell 800 acres on Little river, known as Williamson's Mill Tract.

Page 220--Mar. 4, 1805. Petition of Lucy Carleton, Admx of Henry Carleton to sell 250 acres on Pistol creek. Petition of Jane and Jesse H. Bramblett, Admrs of Ambrous Bramblett, dec'd to sell 100 acres on Clarks creek.

Page 238--Mar. 5, 1805. Petition of George Matthews, Atty for Sally Harvie, Admx of Daniel Harvie, to sell land on Broad river and Falling creek in Elbert Co.

Page 240--Mar. 12, 1805. John Grant orphan of Thomas Grant, chooses Major Henderson guardian.

Page 241--Mar. 13, 1805. Bolling, son of Nancy Johnson, nine years and six months old, bound to George Chatfield, carriage maker.

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Page 242--Petition of Rev. Jesse Mercer, Admr. of Rev. Silas Mercer, dec'd to sell 320 acres "being the whole of the real estate of said dec'd." Polly, orphan of Jesse Walker chooses Lewis Glaze, guardian, and he is appointed guardian of Joseph, Samuel and Lettis Walker orphans of said Jesse Walker. Jos. B. Johnson reports the loss of bond for title from Bernard Kelly in 1802 for 130 acres on Camp creek transferred to John Turner.

Page 246--Mar. 14, 1805. Garland Wingfield for Mrs. Patsy Foster, widow of John Hardin Foster, T. C., for 1796-1799, made settlement.

Page 250--Aug. 5, 1805. Lee Atkins orphan of Asa Atkins, dec'd chooses his brother Asa guardian. Petition of Leannah Revier, Admx of Wyatt Reviere to sell half the mill tract on Fishing creek.

Page 251--John Aylor appointed guardian of Anthony and Susannah orphans of John Aylor, dec'd. Petition of John Aylor, Admr of John Aylor, dec'd to sell real estate.

Page 253--Aug. 6, 1805. John Jackson guardian of Edward orphan of Drury Jackson, made final settlement with Edward.

Page 256--Petition of West Harris that a due bill payable by Samuel Tinsley to Thomas Mounger be established.

Page 259--Aug. 7, 1805. William O. Daniel reports the loss of a note from Scarlet Allen, signed 1802.

Page 261--Aug. 8, 1805. Howard Kennon reports the loss of a deed from Henry Kennon in his life time, made Oct. 12, 1793.

Page 262--Robert Montfort chooses his uncle James Montfort, guardian. Charles Dukes appointed guardian of Nancy, orphan of Nathan Ballard, dec'd. James Burdit to whom John Ellit was bound 1803 resigns and he is bound to Humphrey Burdit.

Page 271--Mar. 3, 1806. John orphan of Andrew Wilson chooses his mother Martha Wilson, guardian. Vincent orphan of Thomas Low chooses Stith Barksdale, guardian.

Page 272--Jenny orphan of Thomas Low chooses Sarah Low guardian.

Page 272--Mar. 4, 1806. Edward and James, orphans of Edward Black, choose Pleasant Wilkinson guardian.

Page 273--William, illegitimate son of Mary Wicker now seven years old bound to Abraham Cutliff, wheelright.

Page 275--Mar. 10, 1806. Elisha Doss now seventeen years old, orphan of Stephen Doss bound to Dudley Sale, carpenter. Patsy, orphan of Daniel McCoy chooses John Hamner or Hanson, guardian.

Page 284--Mar. 12, 1806. It is stated to the court that Barnett Brewer and

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Edith Verdell were appointed Admrs of Anthony Verdell, dec'd 1788, that an order was given to sell certain real estate of the dec'd which has not been accounted for. Barnett Brewer ordered to attend next court.

Page 286--Mar. 13, 1806. Thomas Kent and Micajah Little appointed guardians of Hannah Kelly, an insane person. Jonathan Webster appointed guardian of William Marshall Williams orphan of William M. Williams, dec'd instead of Drury Williams, dec'd.

Page 290--Mar. 14, 1806. Heirs of Lewis C. Davis state that the following notes were lost by fire last Christmas day: One on Joseph and Benjamin Perkins, one by Delana and Polly Perkins to cause an equal division or distribution of a certain tract of 250 acres on Fishing creek, Lincoln Co., with all the rest of their sisters except Marilla Sudduth, at the death of their father and mother. Also a deed of conveyance from Malcom Rafferty for 25 acres on Fishing creek in Wilkes Co.

Page 301--July 7, 1806. Petition of Esther Green Admx of Amos Green, dec'd, to sell 250 acres on Little river.

Page 302--Aug. 5, 1806. Petition of Maulding Amos, Admr of Polly Slade, Admx of Nicholas Slade, to sell 200 acres on Cedar creek and Little river.

Page 310--Aug. 6, 1806. Moses Alexander appointed guardian of Anna, orphan of Robert Matthews. Sarah Wright appointed guardian of Sarah and William orphans of Wylie Wright, dec'd.

Page 317--Jan. 27, 1807. Sally Stallings and John Ray appointed guardians of Simeon, Jesse, Jeremiah, Louisa and Sally, orphans of Jesse Stallings, dec'd. Sanders and James Stallings orphans of Jesse choose their mother Sally Stallings guardian. Micajah Bennett appointed guardian of James orphan of James Evans, dec'd. Joseph Echols appointed guardian of Sarah, Joshua, Patsy and Polly Crane, orphans of Glover Crane, dec'd. Jonathan Webster appointed guardian of James and Henry Josey. Mary Josey appointed guardian of Kitty and Rowena Josey, all orphans of Henry Josey, dec'd.

Page 318--Petition of William Berry, Admr of Marmaduke Mendinghall, to sell 600 acres on Williams creek being all the real estate of said dec'd.

Page 318--Mar. 3, 1807. Petition of James Gresham, Admr of Thomas Gresham, dec'd to sell 200 acres of land it being the whole of the real estate.

Page 319--Admrs. of John Chisholm, dec'd allowed to sell house and lot in Washington.

Page 322--Mary Smallwood appointed guardian of Littleberry Mulkey.

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Page 323--Mar. 4, 1807. Nancy orphan of Richard Godwin chooses Joel Abbott guardian.

Page 324--Daniel Johnson appointed guardian of Wylie Maxwell, a minor. Benjamin Thurmond, orphan of Benjamin Thurmond, dec'd chooses Francis McClendon guardian.

Page 324--Petition of Mildred Combs, Admx of John Sims, dec'd to sell 404 acres on Rocky creek. Robert Chivers and John Robinson appointed guardians of orphans of James Ballard.

Page 326--Mar. 5, 1807. Petition of Solomon Martin and Moses Alexander Admrs of Robert Matthews to sell 200 acres on Williams creek.

Page 330--Aug. 3, 1807. John Peteet appointed guardian of Sarah Jarrett.

Page 331--Sarah Wright appointed guardian of James Bonner Smith, Stephen and Bartha Costelo Smith, orphans of John Smith, dec'd. Petition of Elizabeth Cohron, Excx of Job Cohron, dec'd to sell 175 acres on Williams creek.

Page 334--Aug. 4, 1807. John, orphan of Thomas Gresham, dec'd bound to Thomas Gresham, wagonmaker. John Shearman and Henry Dawson appointed guardians of Nancy W., Permelia, Robert, Lewis, Erasmus, and Benjamin Dawson Barnett orphans of Polly Barnett, dec'd.

Page 337--Robert Hughes, Sr., appointed guardian of Mary Ann, orphan of Tabitha Minton, dec'd.

Page 338--Aug. 5, 1807. Beniah, son of Delilah Bevill bound to James Patterson and Isham, son of the same bound to Wm. Stone, planters. William Sims chooses Sterling Combs, guardian and he is appointed guardian of Fedrick and Emily Sims, all orphans of John Sims, dec'd. Bolling Johnson, son of Nancy Johnson bound to Geo. Chatfield, now bound to John Ridley. John Faver, Jr., appointed guardian of Paskel Echols, minor. Petition of Meredith Catching, Admr of Meredith Catching, dec'd to sell Lot No. 32, 5th Dist. Baldwin Co.

Page 345--Mar. 7, 1808. Mary orphan of Micajah Williamson chooses John Griffin guardian. Abraham Ruddell appointed guardian of John, orphan of James Hubbard, dec'd. Southey Littleton appointed guardian of Lindsey, orphan of Mary Mauria, dec'd. John and James, orphans of Nathan Ballard choose Pitt Milner, guardian. William orphan of John Springer chooses his mother Ann Springer guardian and she is appointed guardian of Kitty and Lucinda Springer, all orphans of John Springer, dec'd.

Page 346--Gabriel, orphan of Thomas Gunn chooses John Wellborn guardian. John Gibson appointed guardian of Joel, orphan of Sylvanus Gibson, dec'd. Asa Moore vs Thompson Coleman, John Griffin says Alex Moore a material witness in this case is about to leave the state.

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Page 347--Mar. 8, 1808. Fielding Rucker, orphan of Willis Rucker, dec'd, sixteen years old Aug. 5, last, bound to Thomas Wootten.

Page 350--Petition of Jeremiah Terry, Admr of Moses Terry to sell 100 acres on Kettle creek.

Page 351--Petition of Stephen and William Evans, Admrs of William Evans to sell 340 acres on Kettle creek.

Page 352--Mar. 9, 1808. Matthew Talbot appointed guardian of Thomas Jones, orphan of Samuel Jones, dec'd and said Matthew to take unto him possession of slave Jerry now in possession of Thomas Talbot.

Page 355--Mar. 10, 1808. Nathaniel Greene Wilkinson orphan of Reuben Wilkinson of Washington Co., chooses Nicholas Long guardian.

Page 358--Charity Gammage appointed guardian of Sarah, Mary, William, Davis and Fanny. Elizabeth Gammage chooses her mother Charity Gammage guardian, Nancy chooses her brother Nathaniel, guardian and Lidia chooses her brother Samuel Gammage guardian, all orphans of William Gammage, dec'd.

Page 361--Mar. 11, 1808. Petition of Shaler Hillyer to establish a ferry at the plantation where he lives on Broad river to land on the opposite side on the plantation of Peter Oliver.

Nathaniel Bailey sixteen last Aug. and Ephriam eleven last Aug. orphans of Nathaniel Bailey, dec'd bound to Christopher Brooks.

Page 362--John Landrum reports the loss of a note on Josiah Walton.

Page 367--Aug. 1, 1808. Daniel Slayden appointed guardian of Nancy, William, John, Arthur, Daniel, Pheby, Elizabeth, Zachariah, Lucy, Sally and Susannah Slayden "they being his children" for the purpose of receiving their property in Goochland Co. Va., as heirs of William Isbell, Sr., dec'd in right of their mother Sally Slayden, dec'd, daughter of said William Isbell. Wm. Evans and Samuel Jones, Security.

Peter Williams states that an execution issued in the case of Zachariah Talliaferro vs Micajah Williamson returned to April term 1794 has been lost. Jeremiah Miles appointed guardian of Jeremiah Atkins, orphan of Asa Atkins, dec'd. Wm. M. Kain appointed guardian of Greenberry, orphan of John C. Pinkston, Silas Starr and Greenberry Pinkston, Security. Petition of John and Mary Stewart, Admrs of George Stewart, dec'd, to sell 105 acres adj. Wm. Stone and Jacob Lewis, it being the real estate of the said dec'd. Petition of Wm. M. Kain and Silas Starr, Admrs of John C. Pinkston to sell 64 acres adj. Benj. Holmes and Greenberry Pinkston.

Page 368--Petition of Jonathan Webster, Excr of Drury Williams, dec'd to sell one-third of a tract of 140 acres adj. Holman Freeman and Wm. Mallory and 1000 acres in Franklin Co. on Nelsons creek.

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Page 372--Mar. 6, 1809. Benjamin Laughter reports a note from John Griffin given to Thomas Futch, Esqr. of Milledgeville for collection lost. Benjamin Wootten chooses John Pope guardian, Col. Wm. Johnson, Security.

Page 373--John Pope is appointed guardian of Amos Wootten and James Wootten is appointed guardian of Richard Wootten, both orphans of Richard Wootten, dec'd. Jincy Staples chooses Ezekiel Alexander guardian. Julia Staples chooses Wm. Dodson guardian, and Ezekiel Alexander is appointed guardian of Frankey, Sukey, Lucy, and Judy Staples, all orphans of Stephen Staples, dec'd. Seaborn Aycock orphan of Richard Aycock, dec'd chooses James Hinton guardian.

Page 374--Jincy and Sally Erwin choose Thomas Hutchins guardian. Jeremiah Miles appointed guardian of Samuel and Asa Billingslea orphans of John Billingslea, dec'd.

Page 374--Mar. 7, 1809. Petition of James Cowen, Admr of James McDowell to sell land "the real estate of said dec'd."

Page 375--Joseph Henderson, Sr. surviving Excr of William Lee, dec'd permission to sell 150 acres on Kettle creek.

Page 387--Mar. 8, 1809. Petition of Mary Josey, Admx of Henry Josey, dec'd to sell the real estate.

Page 390--Peter B. Terrell appointed guardian of William, orphan of Wyatt Reviere, dec'd. John Ridley, Coroner ordered to hold an inquest over the body of Thomas Martin, dec'd.

Page 392--Mar. 10, 1809. Lewis Prudhommer informs the court he lost certain notes made by William Johnson.

Page 393--Richard and Asinea Bennett choose James Roan guardian. Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett appointed guardian of Reuben and Polly orphans of Reuben Bennett, dec'd, William Bennett, Security. Eliphlep Dyer, "a child in distress" bound to John Rorie, carpenter.

Page 396--May 12, 1809. Oath of James Wingfield, Depy. Sheriff to support the Constitution of the U. S. Apr. 5, 1809.

Page 397--Majors Henderson's oath to support the Constitution of the U. S. as Col. of 18th, Reg. of Ga. Militia Apr. 20, 1809.

Page 397--Aug. 7, 1809. Hannah Evans orphan of David Evans, dec'd. chooses her mother Mary Evans guardian and William and Mary Evans are appointed guardians of Rhoday, Sophia and Susanna Evans, minors of David, dec'd. Arden Evans and Philip J. Stark, Security.

Page 398--George D. Willis appointed guardian of Baker Lipscomb, infant son of Barnabas Lipscomb, dec'd. Rebecca orphan of said dec'd chooses George D. Willis guardian, Geo. Willis, Sr., Security. John Griffin, Atty.

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for Nancy Mason, Admx. of John Mason, dec'd asks permission to sell 200 acres of land.

Page 398--John Griffin, Attorney, states that the grandfather of the orphans of John Bolton, dec'd has left three slaves to John's children, namely, John, Charles, Thomas and Mary Bolton, whereupon Thomas and Mary choose their mother Christian Bolton guardian and she is appointed guardian of John and Charles. Thomas Edsison and Joseph Echols, Security.

Page 399--Thomas Semmes, minor of Roger Semmes, dec'd entitled to a division of his fathers estate, Thomas Semmes appointed guardian. John Kelly appointed guardian of Polly orphan of Asa Hooks, dec'd. Lawson Reviere, James Wylley, Richard Reviere, Burwell Kendrick and John Flint appointed to divide the estate of Stephen Staples, dec'd.

Page 406--Aug. 8, 1809. Petition of Sally Stallings, Admx of Jesse Stallings, dec'd to sell 400 acres on Kettle creek. Winston Bennett appointed guardian of Winston and Asenith orphans of Reuben Bennett, dec'd, both being over 14 years old.

Page 407--Aug. 9, 1809. John Spearman and Robert Dawson guardian of the children of Thomas Barrett, dec'd ordered to appear in court. Letters of guardianship issued to Jane White, formerly Jane Bramblett revoked and that Jesse Bramblett be appointed guardian of said orphan Wm. Bramblett.

Page 408--Petition of Mary Mahoney, Admx. of Wm. Mahoney, dec'd. to sell 350 acres in Jackson Co. on Oconee river.
William Covington, age 18 1/2 years bound to Samuel Brooks, farmer.

Page 409--Catherine Dickins chooses her brother John Dickins guardian.

Page 410--Aug. 10, 1809. Petition of Nathan Blackburn to sell Lot No. 17, 17th. Dist. Wilkinson Co., the real estate of Elizabeth Russell, dec'd. Ordered that after expenses are paid for selling a stray gelding in Washington last July, taken up by Capt. James Dozier, remainder paid to Capt. William Hamilton of Jackson Co.

Page 413-415--Oct. 20, 1809. Following oaths of allegiance to the U. S. read and recorded: Charles Ivey as Ensign, 174th Dist. Company of Ga. Militia, signed May 20, 1809; of Augustine Edwards as Capt. of 167th Dist of Militia, Signed Feb. 18, 1807; of Buford Bird, Dep. Sheriff, signed Sept. 6, 1809; of William Johnson, Sheriff, signed Oct. 23, 1809; of Benjamin Branham, capacity not given, signed Dec. 7, 1809; of Benia McClendon as Lt. in Capt. John A. Patman's Co. 19th Reg. 175th Dist of Ga. Mil., signed June 17, 1809; of Obadiah Flournoy as Ensign in Capt. John A. Patmon's Co. in 19th Reg. 175th Dist. Ga. Mil. Sworn to June 17, 1809; of Garland Pearson, as Ensign in

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176th. Co. of Mil, signed Oct. 5, 1809; of Johnson Welborn as Dep. Sheriff, signed Dec. 18, 1810.

Page 416--Mar. 5, 1810. Petition of Oliver H. Prince, Atty for Gilbert Hay, Admr of Wm. Johnson, dec'd, to sell real estate consisting of Lot No. 22, 202 1/2 acres in Randolph Co., formerly Baldwin, 18th Dist. and No. 79, 24th Dist. Wilkinson Co. Petition of Nicholas Long, Admr of Henry L. Martin, dec'd to sell slaves.

Page 417--William Gillum appointed guardian of Mariah Tarver, now two years old, orphan of Robert Tarver, dec'd of Burke Co., whose widow William Gillum has since married. John Dyson appointed guardian of William Beal.
Theodrick Montfort appointed guardian of Henry Barnes, orphan of Wm. Barnes late of McIntosh Co. Henry being over 14 chooses Theodrick. Petition of Oliver H. Prince, Atty for John Rorie, Admr of John Rorie, dec'd to sell 850 acres in Franklin Co. on Broad river adj. vacant land when granted said dec'd and one tract in Hancock Co.

Page 418--Mar. 6, 1810. A certain sorrell mare taken up by Joel Chivers and sold before Jacob Kain 1809. Leonard Smith of Columbia Co proved it belonged to him.

Page 419--Petition of James Shorter, Admr of Henry Shorter, dec'd to sell 200 acres on Beaverdam creek being the real estate of said dec'd.

Page 420--John Wynne appointed guardian of Obadiah, orphan of Obadiah Wynne, dec'd.

Page 421--Mar. 7, 1810. Samuel and Margaret Bailey orphans of Nathaniel Bailey and wife Hannah, bound to Samuel Brooks until they arrive at proper age. Petition of Duncan G. Campbell, Atty for George Lee Atkins, that Asa Atkins, Majors Henderson and Wm. Lunsford deliver the bond of Asa as guardian.

Page 424--Mar. 7, 1810. Zachariah Williams appointed guardian of William Marshall Williams, an orphan between nine and ten years old, instead of Jonathan Webster former guardian "who is gone to reside out of the state."

Page 426--Uriel Truitt appointed guardian of Sally Montgomery, Nancy Collins, Thomas, Nathan, Purnal and John Truitt, children of Purnal Truitt, for the purpose of receiving a legacy left them by Thomas Godley, late of Burke Co., dec'd.

Page 427--Petition of John Gresham stating that his brother James, who was joint guardian of orphans of Thomas Gresham, dec'd, has died, asking that James D. Gresham be appointed with said petitioner, he living some distance from the orphans. John Hubbard, thirteen and a half years old bound to Samuel Heard, hatter.

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Page 430--Mar. 9, 1810. Oaths of John Terrell, Thomas Gresham, John Johns, and James Spratling as Justices of Peace to support the Constitution of the State of Ga. and the U. S.

Page 431--Oaths of Andrew B. Stephens, William Callaway as J. Ps, A. H. F. Gibson as Dep. Sheriff and Thomas Wootten, Jr., as Sheriff.

Page 432--Oath of J. L. Cary as Dep. Sheriff, all signed June 1810.

Page 432--Aug. 6, 1810. Petition of John Hendrick, Admr of William Gammage, dec'd to sell 320 acres on Hardins creek.

Page 433--Petition of David Lockett and John Hendrick, Admr of John P. Jones, dec'd to sell 130 acres adj. said Lockett. Petition of David Glaze, Admr of Jesse Walker, dec'd to sell 200 acres on Kettle creek.

Page 434--Martha Gest, formerly Martha Ryan, reports the loss of a bill of sale from her brother Joseph Ryan for a slave.

Page 435--Aug. 7, 1810. Charity H. B., Frances H., and Jackson Clark Walton Lindsey, all over 14, choose Clarrissy Lindsey their mother guardian, being the orphans of John Lindsey, dec'd. Ezekiel Alexander guardian of Jincey, Frankey, Lecky, Lucy and Judith, orphans of Stephen Staples, dec'd reports no property has been turned over to him, and his petition that his guardianship be revoked is granted. Petition of Arden Evans, Admr of David Evans, dec'd to sell the real estate on Kettle creek.
Petition of Mary Evans, joint Admr that the distributees are willing to sell the negroes for a division. Granted, signed by Arden, Williams, Mary, Jesse, and Elizabeth Evans, and James Bates, "Distributees of David Evans, dec'd." Petition of Ann Springer, Admx of John Springer, dec'd "the distributees having expressed their consent" to sell 250 acres on Long creek, and a tract on Fishing creek adj. Nicholas Long and others commonly called "Walnut Hill."

Page 440--Aug 9, 1810. Archibald Simpson appointed guardian of Benjamin Few Hamilton Lindsey and Sally Collier Billingslea Lindsey, orphans of John Lindsey, dec'd.

Page 446--Mar. 4, 1811. Permission given John Dickins guardian of Catharine Dickins orphan of Joseph Dickins, dec'd to sell Lot No. 3, 9th Dist, Baldwin Co, drawn by the orphans of said Joseph Dickins, dec'd.

Page 447--Mar. 5, 1811. Sally Harvie, Admx of Daniel Harvie, dec'd allowed to sell 300 acres on Long creek. Lucy Carleton, Admx of Henry Carleton, dec'd allowed to sell 230 acres on Broad river.

Page 452--Andrew Ruddell, Admr of Wyatt Reviere, dec'd allowed to sell two lots in Washington.

Page 455--Mar. 7, 1811. Oath of Peter Stovall to support the Constitution

End of Page 155 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 156

of the State of Ga. and the United States as Major of the 4th. Div. of Ga. Militia. Signed Apr. 12, 1811.

Page 456--Following oaths as J. Ps. to support the Constitution of the State of Ga. and the United States, sworn to May 15, 1811: James Corbett, Wm. Evans, J. Wootten, R. B. Washington, J. W. Simpson, John Holmes, John Turner, John Favor.

Page 460--Aug. 6, 1811. Petition of Jane Montgomery, Admr of John S. Montgomery, dec'd to sell 100 acres on Fishing creek it being the real estate of said dec'd.

Page 462--Petition of Robert Dearing, Admr of Thomas Dearing, dec'd to sell 82 acres on Fishing creek.

Georgia, Wilkes Co. I, Charles Ivey, Ensign do swear that I will support the Constitution of the State and of the United States and faithfully discharge the duties of Ensign in the 174th. District Company of Georgia Militia to the best of my skill and judgment, so help me God.
(Signed) Charles Ivey.
The above sworn to this 20th, May 1809. Wm. W. Rain, J. P.