The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 10--July 5, 1799. Frances Atkins, widow and Admx of Asa Atkins, dec'd, resigns as such in favor of Arnold Atkins sole Admr.

Page 48--July 31, 1800. Ewing Morrow asking that good titles be made to 296 acres, bond for which was given in Atkins lifetime.

Page 74--Feb. 24, 1801. Arnold, Jr., and Ransom Atkins choose John Kendrick, guardian and he is appointed guardian of Lee, Jeremiah, Unice, Willis and Lovice Atkins all orphans of Asa Atkins, dec'd.

Page 14--Jan. 16, 1800. Bolling Athony granted letters dismissory as Admr. of Micajah Anthony, dec'd.

Page 33--Mar. 5, 1800. Stephen Arnold, Excr Moses Arnold, returns.

Page 32--Col Wylie Pope guardian of heirs of Richard Aycock, dec'd and Winnefred Pope, releases his guardianship, John Pope and Jesse Cox to be notified.

Page 69--Feb. 23, 1801. Alex. Anderson, dec'd. Holman Freeman appointed Admr. Abner McGehee, Security.

Page 71-- Feb. 24, 1801. Sally Anthony appointed guardian of Micajah, orphan of Micajah Anthony, dec'd, James and Bolling Anthony and Jesse Heard, Security.

Page 14--Jan. 7, 1800. Joseph Blakey, dec'd, Bolling Anthony and John Carter appointed Admrs.

Page 41--July 28, 1800. Thomas Bridges, dec'd, William and Jonathan F. Bridges came into court and produced receipts in full from the legatees.

Page 50--Aug. 1, 1800. Bolling Anthony appointed guardian of Betsey. Thomas and Nancy orphans of Joseph Blakey, dec'd. John Freeman and Wm. Triplett, Security.

Page 15--Sept. 24, 1800. John Billingslea chooses Wm. Billingslea guardian in place of Francis Billingslea, former Guardian.

Page 32--Mar. 5, 1800. John Bowen, dec'd. John Matthews, Admr fails to make returns.

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Page 41--July 28, 1800. John Blalock, dec'd, David Blalock and John Wallace, Admrs, returns.

Page 46--July 31, 1800. Cyrus Billingslea vs Excr of Thomas Gresham, dec'd. Will set aside and Mary Ann Gresham and Spencer Branham appointed Admrs. John Johns and Archibald Simpson, Security.

Page 1--May 23, 1799. Glover Crane, dec'd. Tabitha Crane and John Rowden appointed Admrs.

Page 74--Feb. 24, 1801. Sarah, Joshua, Martha and Mary, orphans of Glover Crane, dec'd, William Owen appointed guardian. Joseph Echols and Hopkins Daniel, Security.

Page 4--July 9, 1799. Robert Christmas, dec'd, Maria Felixina Christmas and Wm. G. Gilbert appointed Admrs.

Page 14--Jan. 7, 1800. Isham Carlton, dec'd. Stephen Carlton appointed Admr. William Harper and Spencer Carlton, Security.

Page 37--July 8, 1800. Patrick Cunningham, dec'd. William McClung and Robert Cunningham appointed Admrs.

Page 55--Sept. 1, 1800. David and Alex. Cunningham, above 14, choose their brother Robert guardian and he is appointed guardian of John, all being orphans of Patrick Cunningham, dec'd. Azariah Bailey and Wm. Reeves, Security.

Page 38--July 28, 1800. Benjamin Catching, dec'd, Mrs. Milly Catching, Admx. returns.

Page 75--Feb. 24, 1801. Elisha Moran prays clear titles to land in Hancock Co., given in Catchings life time.

Page 12-13--July 22, 1799. Joseph Dickins, dec'd. Robert Dickins appointed Admr.

Page 22--Feb. 27, 1800. Richard Dickins appointed Admr. Peter B. Terrell, Security.

Page 19--Feb. 25, 1800. James Darracott chooses David Meriwether guardian instead of his brother William Darracott.

Page 46--July 31, 1800. Thomas Darracott by his will directed that Francis Darracott should be educated and same being in the power of the Excrs. through the Washington Academy, but said Francis is confined to the business of storekeeping, John Darracott protests and said Francis chooses his brother William guardian.

Page 35--Mar. 26, 1800. James Dowell, dec'd, David Carson appointed Admr. (corrected James McDowell).

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Page 75--Celia Dunn, orphan of Henry Dunn, dec'd chooses Purnal Truett, guardian. Nicholas Long and Miller Echols, Security.

Page 13--Oct. 11, 1799. James Evans, dec'd. Wm. Evans and Peter Bennett appointed Admrs.

Page 35--Apr. 17, 1800. James Edwington, dec'd, Cyrus Billingslea appointed Admrs.
Page 44--James Billingslea and William Lunsford, Security.

Page 74--Feb. 24, 1801. Greene and Jacob Edwards orphans of John Edwards, dec'd. choose William Morris guardian. Wm. McCowen and Fanny McCowen, Security for the first and Palatiah Stallings and Wm. McCowen, Security for the last.

Page 40--July 28, 1800. Michael Elsberry, dec'd, Ann Elsberry, Admx. returned receipts from Peter Smith and Luke Johnson, for legacies in full and one from Benjamin Elsberry in part.

Page 36--June 25, 1800. James Gaddy, dec'd, Francis Gaddy appointed temporary Admr. or Admx (?).

Page 36--June 9, 1800. Thomas Gresham, caveat of will by Cyrus Billingslea.

Page 56--Sept. 1, 1800. Mrs. Mary Ann Gresham widow of Thomas Gresham, dec'd chooses her thirds.

Page 67--Feb. 23, 1801. Marian, widow of Thomas Gresham dec'd, appointed guardian of her children, James D. Ward Gresham, Elizabeth Williams Gresham, John Hunt Gresham, Jane Chain Gresham, Lucinda Gresham, and Thomas Williams Gresham, children of said dec'd.

Page 60--Nov. 7, 1800. Walter Gibson, dec'd, Sylvanus Gibson and Griffing Hogan appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 82--Feb. 27, 1801. Reuben Gafford, dec'd, Stephen Gafford appointed temporary Admr. Francis Gordon, dec'd, Mary Gordon, James Bulgin, and Thomas Terrell appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 2--July 5, 1799. Pleasant Harper, dec'd, will proved by the oath of Samuel Landrum and no Excr. being named, William Harper is appointed temporary Admr.

Page 31--Mar. 4, 1800. Granted. John McLeod and Stephen Carleton, Security.

Page 6--July 9, 1799. Thomas Holloday, dec'd. John Graves and Francis Strother appointed Admrs. John Parks and Francis Gartrell, Security.

Page 12--Aug. 3, 1799. Robert Hammock, dec'd, Temporary letters of administration with will annexed granted Millenor and Lewis Hammock.

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Page 17--Feb. 25, 1800. Will exhibited and proved. Letters granted as above. Robert Jackson and John Battle, Security.

Page 13--Aug. 7, 1799. William Hamilton, dec'd, Jane Pettee (Petteet?) appointed temporary Admx.
Page 15--Granted. Richard Worsham and John Graves, Security.

Page 15--Feb. 24, 1800. Micajah, John, and Benjamin Hendrick, orphans of Benjamin Hendrick, dec'd, Solomon Thornton appointed guardian instead of John Talbot, dec'd, Matthew Talbot, Jr., Security.

Page 60--Dec. 6, 1800. Abraham Hill, dec'd., letters dismissory granted Abraham and Henry Hill.

Page 60--Shadrick Hogan, dec'd, William Hogan appointed temporary Admr.
Page 71--Granted John Hogan and Sylvanus Gibson, Security.

Page 60--Dec. 6, 1800. Drury Jackson, dec'd, James Hilton or Helton and wife Ann, late Ann Jackson, Excrs. ask for letters dismissory.

Page 72--Feb. 24, 1801. Edmond, minor of Drury Jackson, dec'd, chooses John Jackson, guardian.

Page 73--Nancy, minor orphan of Drury Jackson, dec'd, chooses Johnson Wilbourn guardian and he is appointed guardian of Greene Jackson, minor of said dec'd. Genl. D. Meriwether and Isaac Wilborne, Security.

Page 66--Feb. 22, 1801. John Jackson being above 14 years chooses Jeremiah Reeves guardian. John Hammock and Malachi Reeves, Security.

Page 56--Sept. 1, 1800. Nancy Kelly, 14 and Jency, orphans of Wm. Kelly, dec'd, John Walker appointed guardian, Archibald Simpson, Security. Moris (?) Walker appointed guardian of Samuel Kelly 14, and James Kelly, orphans of Wm. Kelly, dec'd.

Page 57--John Jones, Admr. by his marriage with Hannah, Admx and widow of Wm. Kelly, has wasted the estate. To be taken into custody of sheriff till he makes a settlement. (will says James Kelly).

Page 82--Feb. 27, 1801. John Walker appointed temporary Admr.

Page 20--Feb. 26, 1800. John Lewis, dec'd, will exhibited, no witnesses, to be proved by the hand writing by Littleton Harris, John Wingfield and Benjamin Lewis.

Page 43--July 2, 1800. Thomas Low, dec'd. Stith Barksdale and Sally Low, temporary Admrs. Dennis McClendon and Azariah Bailey, Security.

Page 51--Aug. 1, 1800. Garland Lane and John Moss vs Philip Moss, caveat against letters of administration on estate of Alex. Moss, dec'd.

Page 59--Nov. 1, 1800. James Lane, dec'd. Mark Anthony and Churchill Blakey appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 80--Granted. John Carter and Richard Heard, Security.

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Page 34--Mar. 5, 1800. Ann Lee, in a state of insanity. Joseph Henderson and Christopher Irwin appointed guardians, Joseph swearing she was insane and incapable of attending to her property.

Page 1--May 28, 1799. Joseph Milligan, dec'd, Uel Hill and Thomas Carson appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 5--July 9, 1799. John Milligan vs Uel Hill and Thomas Carson, Caveat, that there had been a complete administration on said estate according to the will (not of record). After argument John Milligan appointed temporary Admr.

Page 12--Aug. 5, 1799. William Mitchum, dec'd, Godfrey Hartsfield appointed temporary Admr.

Page 16--Feb. 24, 1800. Molly Mitchum vs Godfrey Hartsfield, caveat. Molly appointed Admx. Lewis C. Davis and Jacob Lindsey, Security

Page 15--Feb. 24, 1800. Sarah Moss appointed gdn. of her son Adin Moss. Alex and Philip Moss, Security.

Page 35--Apr. 17, 1800. Alex. Moss, dec'd, Philip Moss appointed temporary Admr.

Page 46--July 31, 1800. Hudson Moss over 14, chooses John Moss, his brother, guardian. Garland Lane and Obediah Wynne, Security.

Page 61--Jan. 8, 1801. Micajah Moss, dec'd. Philip Moss appointed temporary Admr.
Page 81--Granted. William Overstreet, Security.

Page 39--July 28, 1800. David Murray, dec'd. William Murray, Admr. Returns.

Page 49--Aug. 1, 1800. Henry Mounger, Bond for title for 50 acres, being Hezekiah Wheats undivided share of 300 acres, bond given to Joshua Johnson and now in David Terrell's hands.

Page 65--Feb. 23, 1801. Silas Mercer, bond for title to 287 1/2 acres in Greene Co., on Richland creek, original grant to Wm. Green, Sr. Jesse Mercer, Admr. Thomas Cartwright asks for good titles.

Page 41--July 28, 1800. John Marks, dec'd. Nicholas Johnson, Excr., asks a longer time to make settlement.

Page 39--July 28, 1800. Benjamin Mosely, dec'd. William Mosely one of the Excrs produced receipts from Jonathan Mosely and Edward Coody ("say in full").

Page 9--July 9, 1799. Jacob McClendon, dec'd, will probated.

Page 49--Aug. 1, 1800. Simeon and Amos McClendon, orphans of Amos McClendon, dec'd. Azariah Bailey appointed guardian, Isaac McClendon and Sterling Jenkins, Security.

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Page 73--Feb. 24, 1801. Stephen McClendon, chooses Francis McClendon guardian. Thomas Sims and Josiah Walton, Security. Nancy McClendon chooses Theopilus Hill guardian. Spencer Crain and Joseph Echols, Security. Both orphans of Jacob McClendon, dec'd.

Page 44--July 31, 1800. Martha McDowell vs David Carson. Caveat on estate of James McDowell, dec'd. Letters granted Martha, she choosing a child's part.

Page 45--Thomas, Joseph and Margaret McDowell, orphans of James McDowell, dec'd. Adam and David Carson appointed guardians, Henry Dowdy and Michael Rafferty, Security.

Page 62--Jan. 22, 1801. Alex. McAlpin, dec'd. Robert McAlpin appointed temporary Admr.

Page 59--Sept. 15, 1800. George Nowland, dec'd. Walter Billingslea appointed temporary Admr.

Page 12--Aug. 7, 1799. William Ozburn, dec'd. Rebecah Ozburn appointed temporary Admx.

Page 24--Feb. 28, 1800. John Oliver, dec'd. Wm. Barnett reports mismanagement by the Excx., she required to report to next court.

Page 42--July 29, 1800. Jean McCarty Oliver chooses Richard Aycock guardian. Nathaniel Bradford, Henry Aycock, Britton House and Josiah Walton, Security.

Page 40--July 28, 1800. Aaron Phipps. dec'd. Wm. Matthews, temporary Admr. in right of his wife, holds the estate according to the will.

Page 51--Aug. 1, 1800. Sally Pinkston, orphan of Shadrack Pinkston chooses Thomas Talbot guardian, and he is appointed guardian of Charlot Pinkston orphan of said Shadrack.

Page 56--Sept. 1, 1800. Charity and Sally Peters, orphans of John Peters, dec'd, Wm. G. Gilbert appointed guardian. James M. Lane and Azariah Bailey, Security.

Page 71--Feb. 24, 1801. Ann Palmer and her son John being insane Miller Echols appointed guardian of both. David Bates and William Sansom, Security.

Page 4--July 9, 1799. Nathaniel Rice, dec'd. John and Samuel Rice appointed Admrs. Peter B. Terrell and Casey Asque, Security.

Page 50--Aug. 1, 1800. Sanders Ray left his wife Christina who is old and infirm. Ordered to appear at next court.

Page 59--Sept. 6, 1800. Richard Reynolds, dec'd. Thomas Reynolds and Joseph Henderson, Jr., appointed temporary Admrs.

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Page 69--Feb. 23, 1801. Granted, Jacob Thrash Sr. and Jr., Christopher Irwin and George Darden, Security. Thomas Reynolds appointed guardian of Matthew Reynolds. Richard Dukins and Joseph Henderson, Sr., Security. Joseph Henderson, Jr., appointed guardian of Richard Reynolds, Claybrook Williamson and Joshua Callaway, Security. Both orphans of Richard Reynolds, dec'd.

Page 61--Jan. 16, 1801. Richard Rogers, dec'd. Wm. Sansom appointed temporary Admr. Also to Daniel Roberts, Wm. Sansom enters caveat.
Page 78--Wm. Sansom appointed.

Page 82--June 17, 1801. William Rogers, dec'd. John Parks and Mary Rogers appointed Admrs de bonis non. John Rogers late Admr. dec'd.

Page 75--Feb. 24, 1801. Benjamin and Mary Richardson, orphans of Joel Richardson, dec'd. Thomas Terrell appointed guardian.

Page 7--July 9, 1799. David Smith, dec'd. Margaret and Thomas Smith appointed Admrs. Thomas Evans and Thomas Lackey, Security.

Page 13--Dec. 16, 1799. William Scudder, dec'd. Polly Scudder and Lewis C. Davis appointed temporary Admrs. Benjamin Todd and Roger Green, Security.

Page 36--June 3, 1800. Mary Shareman, dec'd. John Shareman appointed temporary Admr.

Page 37--July 12, 1800. John Smith, dec'd. Elizabeth and Charles Smith and John Walker appointed temporary Admrs.
Page 54--Granted Sept. 1, 1800. Harris Coleman, John Pope, and James Wooton, Security.

Page 40--July 28, 1800. Martha Stewart, dec'd. Amos Stewart, Excr. Returns.

Page 62--George Stinson, dec'd. Phebe Stinson, Christopher Bins and Mark Anthony appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 67--Feb. 23, 1801. Mildred and Nancy Smith, crphans of John Smith, dec'd choose their brother Charles Smith guardian. Wylie Pope and Benjamin Smith, Security.

Page 68--Moses, John and Nancy Sutton. orphans of William Sutton, dec'd. George Muse appointed guardian. Godfrey Hartsfield and John Dyson, security in the place of Ann and Hartwell Jackson, resigned.

Page 78--Feb. 25, 1801. Elizabeth, Timothy and Nicholas Smith choose Charles Smith guardian and he is appointed guardian of Francis and Jean Smith, all orphans of John Taylor Smith, dec'd. John Walker and Richard Worsham, Security.

Page 81--Feb. 27, 1801. John Stewart, dec'd. Letters dismissory to Charles Stewart, Admr.

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Page 36--June 9, 1800. William Terrell, Jr., dec'd. Wm. Terrell, Sr., appointed temporary Admr.

Page 45--July 31, 1800. Dawson G. Toombs, dec'd. Will probated and letters testamentary issued to Francis Smith, Jr., who has married Mary Toombs, Excx.

Page 1--June 3, 1799. John M. Whitney, dec'd. David Hillhouse, Francis Gordon and Gilbert Hay appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 8--July 9, 1799. John Woodall, dec'd. Will probated and executors refusing to serve, John and James Woodall appointed Admrs. John King and Noyal Nelms, Security.

Page 30--Mar. 4, 1800. Sally Williamson appointed guardian of William, Jefferson, Elizabeth and Polly Williamson orphans of Micajah Williamson, dec'd.

Page 43--July 31, 1800. William Williams, dec'd. Nancy and Zachariah Williams appointed Admrs, Drury Williams and John Hunton, Security.

Page 25--James Williams, dec'd. bond for title to 1857 acres in Elbert Co. on Beaverdam creek to James Camron.

Page 50--Aug. 1, 1800. William Walton above the age of 14, chooses his brother John C. Walton guardian. William Cox and Wm. G. Gilbert Security.

Page 59--Oct. 29, 1800. William Waller, dec'd. Philemon Bird appointed temporary Admr.
Page 61--Issued. Phil Bird, Sr. and James Finley, Security.

Page 60--Nov. 7, 1800. Thomas Wingfield, Sr. dec'd. John and Thomas Wingfield appointed temporary Admrs.

Page 81--Feb. 27, 1801. Thomas Wingfield produced an instrument of writing said to be the will of Thomas Wingfield, dec'd. and Edwin Mounger testified he wrote it for the dec'd. Another was also produced.

Page 61--Nov. 7, 1800. Mary Wynne, dec'd. Obadiah Wynne appointed temporary Admr.
Page 83--June 17, 1801. Thomas Wynne appointed Admr.

Page 61--Nov. 7, 1800. Philip Waggoner, dec'd. Wm. G. Gilbert appointed temporary Admr.
Page 72--Granted. Thomas Lasley, Security.

Page 82--May 13, 1801. Obadiah Wynne, dec'd. William Booker appointed temporary Admr.

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[WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA] Returns of Administrators and Guardians - 1800-1801


Page 18--Feb. 25, 1800. Elizabeth, Ann, George and Mary Heard, minor orphans, John Ramey guardian.

Thomas Norris, guardian of Mary Billingslea.

Absolom Ramey, guardian of Ann, Sarah, Daniel, Francis, and Edmon Ramey. Nancy Mason, Admx of John Mason, dec'd.

Anthony Ivey, Admr of Allemy Ivey. Chas. Porter, Admr of Nicholas Porter, dec'd. John Simpson, Admr of James Simpson.

William Berry and Joseph Evans, Admrs de bonis non of Marmaduke Mendinghall. Nathan Stubbs, guardian of Elijah Mendinghall.

Page 20--Feb. 26, Joseph Echols, Admr. of James Johnson, dec'd., and of William Daniel. Solomon Thornton, Admr of William Thornton.

Baldwin Robinson and wife late Peggy Walker, Admrs of Jesse Walker, dec'd. John Todd, Admr of John Todd, dec'd.

George Hamilton, Admr of Moses Gordon, dec'd. Elizabeth Corbin, Admx of John Corbin, dec'd. Winnifred Wilder, Admx of William Wilder, dec'd. Henry Potts, Excr of Moses Potts, dec'd.

Wm. G. Gilbert, Admr of Robert Christmas, dec'd.

Jesse Mercer, Admr of Silas Mercer, dec'd. Thomas Terrell, Admr of Joel Richardson, dec'd. John Taylor, Admr of George Freeman, dec'd. James Matthews, Excr of Robert Carleton, dec'd.

Page 22--Feb. 27, 1800. John Pope and James Cade, Admrs of Richard B. Wootten, dec'd. Garland Wingfield, Excr of John Wingfield, dec'd., and as guardian of John, Charles and Stephen Pettus. John and Samuel Rice, Admrs of Nathaniel Rice. Betsy Duncan, Admx of John F. Duncan, dec'd. Nathan Ballard, Admr of John Ballard, dec'd. Burwell Aycock, guardian of Sarah Aycock. William Henderson, Admr of Henry Josey, dec'd.

Page 24--Feb. 28, 1800. Edward Butler, Admr of Edward Black, dec'd. Peter Terrell and Bernard Moore, guardians of William and Polly R. Terrell. Jesse Heard, Excr of Jacob Early, dec'd. William Barnett, Excr of John Oliver.

Page 28--Mar. 3, 1800. Thomas Mounger, guardian of Henry H. Mounger. David Terrell, guardian of Lucy Mounger. Arnold Atkins, Admr of Asa Atkins.

Page 30--Mar. 4, 1800. Sally Williamson, Excr of William Gilliam, and of Micajah Williamson. Bolling Anthony, Admr of Micajah Anthony. John Pope, Admr of Willis Pope. Adam Simmons, Admr of Robert Pogue.

Page 31--Aquilla Burroughs and Joseph Henderson, Admrs of William Lea. Wylie Pope, guardian of Henry, Joel, Rebeckah, Richard and Winnefred Aycock and Winnefred Pope.

Page 33--Mar. 5, 1800. John M. Carter, Admr of James Carter. John Ogletree,

End of Page 141 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 142

Admr of Wm. Phillips. Roland Taylor, Admr in right of his wife of James Aycock. John Taylor and Francis Freeman, guardians of heirs of George Freeman.

Page 38--July 28, 1800. Martha and Samuel Douglas, Admrs of William Douglas. Francena and Benjamin Elsberry, Excrs of Benjamin Elsberry, dec'd.

Page 43--July 31, 1800. John M. Carter, guardian of Farish Carter. Elizabeth Phillips, Admx of Joel Phillips.

Page 47--John Gresham, Admr of John Scott. Henry G. Walker, Admr of D. Terondot.

Page 50--Aug. 1, 1800. John Ramey, Admr of George Heard.

Page 52--James McLean, Admr of John O'Neal, and guardian of Elizabeth

Cowen (?). Jonathan Webster, Admr of John Webster.

Page 53--Harris Coleman, Excr of Daniel Coleman. Francis Giddens, Admr of Wm. Giddens. Sylvanus gibson and Griffin Hogan, Excrs of Walter Gibson produced two receipts one from Thomas Hogan, and one from Nathaniel Davis for legacies in full.

Isaiah Goolsby, guardian of John K. Goolsby. Stephen Gafford, Admr of Wm. Sutton produced receipt in full from the guardians of the heirs. Jordan Anderson, guardian of William and James Goodwyn. James Kinman, Excr of John Smith. Wm. Darracott, guardian of James Darracott. Obediah Wynne, Excr of John Rolston. Frederick Kieder, Admr of C. Phoenis. James Turner and John Flint, Admrs of Robert Allcock. James Turner, guardian of Polly Turner. James and John Turner qualified as Excrs of Rebecca Turner.

Page 54--Sept. 1, 1800. Benajah Smith, Admr of Robert. P. Smith. Peter Jeffers, Excr of Wm. Jeffers. Stearn Simmons, Admr of John Dooly. Joseph Prather, Excr of Samuel Jones. John Shareman, Admr of Amos McClendon.

Page 63--Jan. 22, 1801. Jesse Mercer, Admr of Silas Mercer. Fadda Jarrett and wife, Admrs of Shadrack Pinkston. Robinson Hendon, Admr of Thomas Murray. Wm. Moore, Admr of Joseph Moore. Robt. Killgore, Admr of Elizabeth Peters, final settlement. Polly Williamson, Excx of Chas. Williamson. John Walker and Chas. Smith, Admrs of John Smith. John Ronden, Admr of Glover Crane.

Page 63--Feb. 23, 1801. John Milner, guardian of Simeon and John Milner. Mary Mahoney, Admx of Wm. Mahoney. Nathan Barnett, Admr of Nathan Barnett.

Page 64--Thomas Norris, guardian of Mary Billingslea. James Billingslea, guardian of Clement and Howell Billingslea.

Page 70--Feb. 24, 1801. Palisiah Stallings, guardian of orphans of Moses

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Gordon. Richard Dukins, Admr of Jo. Dukins. Jesse Norman, guardian of Norman Pope. James Wootten, Admr of Benjamin Wootten. Josiah Jordan guardian of heirs of Benj. Jordan. Winnifred Wilder, Admx of Wm. Wilder and Larkin Collier.

Page 76--Feb. 25, 1801. John Ogletree, guardian of Polly H. Phillips.

Page 77--Samuel Harper, Admr of Wm. Bowen. Reuben Maddin, Admr of Dennis Maddin.

Page 79--Feb. 26, 1801. John Graves and F. Strother, Admrs de bonis non of Thomas Holloday. Moses Bays, Admr of Joseph Bays. John and Richard Heard, Admrs of Chas. Heard.

Page 80--Feb. 27, 1801. Chas. Stewart, Admr of John Stewart, James Cowen, Admr of William Cowen.


All found in Minutes of Inferior Court, 1799-1801 except the few items below:

Page 6--Mar. 4, 1800. Noel Poulain, orphan of Anthony Poulain, dec'd. John Wingfield appointed guardian.

Page 80-82--July 27, 1801. John, Polly and Hester Trammell, orphans of Elisha Trammell, dec'd. Daniel Trammell appointed guardian.

Page 83--Feb. 25, 1800. Isaac, Delia and Elizabeth Gordon, orphans of Moses Gordon, dec'd. Palasiah Stallings appointed guardian.

Page 75-76--July 24, 1801. Obediah and Elizabeth Wynne, orphans of Obediah Wynne, dec'd. Leavy Marshall appointed guardian.