The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 3--July 5, 1797. Dukem de Montroug or Montrouy, trial for insanity requested by Mr. Carnes.

Page 7--July 6, 1797. Sarah Williamson, Excx of Micajah Williamson, dec'd appointed guardian of William, Betsy, Jefferson and Polly Williamson, minors under 14.

Page 8--Sarah Terondet, John M., and James Carter, Excrs of estate of Daniel Terondet, dec'd apply for permission to sell house and lot in Washington at present occupied by Louis Maguire and Nicholas Lespriestre, French merchants, and also the house occupied by Benjamin Branham, merchant, property of said estate.

Page 9--Patrick Hays vs. John McCarly. Death of plaintiff suggested, case to proceed in the name of John Wilson, Admr.

Page 13--July 7, 1797. Duken de Montrous adjudged insane, John Griffin, John Derricott and Thompson Bird appointed guardians of person and property.

Page 16--Isham Carlton proved his right to a sorrell mare taken up by Robert Beasley. John Lane, Admr of Armsted Taylor, dec'd proves his right to a certain yearling taken up by Samuel Sheets.

Page 22--July 8, 1797. John Matthews and Peter Early added to the trustees of Duken de Montroy and the sheriff discharged from keeping further custody of him.

Page 42--July 12, 1797. Francis Freeman appointed guardian of Elizabeth, Allen, George Wesley, Alicy Russau, Labourn, and Henry Freeman orphans of George Freeman, dec'd, John Thurmond, and Nathaniel

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Bradford, Security. John Taylor appointed guardian of Joseph Freeman orphan of George Freeman, dec'd, John McLeod, and William Baird, Security.

Page 53--July 18, 1797. Whereas Powell Stamper, orphan of Josiah Stamper, dec'd was bound to Robert Buckner as apprentice, and said Buckner has left this place and left said orphan destitute, he is bound to Philip Henley to learn carpenters trade.

Page 58--Dec. 5, 1797. Wylie Pope appointed guardian of Winnifred, orphan of Willis Pope, dec'd, John Pope, Security.

Page 59--John Pope appointed guardian of Elizabeth, Henry, Melinda, Nathaniel and Penina Pope, orphans of Willis Pope, dec'd, Wylie Pope and Benajah Smith, Security.

Page 60--Dec. 6, 1797. Thomas Mounger appointed guardian of Henry H., orphan of Henry Mounger, dec'd, David Terrell and Edwin Mounger, Security.

Page 64--Leavy Freeman, 16 years old last June 24, son of Jane Freeman, bound to Joseph Gartrell to learn the trade of tailor.

Page 65--Philip and James Thurmond, Admrs of Benjamin Thurmond, dec'd allowed to sell 714 acres on Morris's creek, property of said dec'd.

Page 66--Thomas Scott chooses John Gresham guardian and he is appointed guardian of Jane and Nancy Scott orphans of John Scott, dec'd, Thomas and James Gresham, Security.

Page 68--John Freeman, Admr of William Freeman, dec'd allowed to sell 575 acres in Oglethorpe Co., 400 acres in Wilkes Co., and Lot No. 2 in Augusta.

Page 85--Dec. 9, 1797. Daniel Trammell in right of his wife Sarah Trammell, Admr of John Brownfield, dec'd asking that a rule obtained in 1795 to sell real estate of said dec'd be made absolute.

Page 92--Dec. 14, 1797. Mary Doss praying relief from the support of her son William Doss. Recommended to the Board of Commissioners for the poor.

Page 93--Abraham Richardson bound to Neyal Nelams for five years from date to learn the tailors trade.

Page 99-100--June 23, 1798. To take the census, John H. Foster, approved for Major Johnson's Batt., William West for Maj. Lipphams, and John Butler for Major Turner's Batt., of this county, agreeable to the Constitution.

Loose Leaf found later.

State of Georgia, Greene County. Oath of Solomon Beckham that

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sometime in the year 1793 he gave to his brother Samuel Beckham for collection a note on John Bush for 10,000 weight of inspected tobacco which note is lost. Signed by John Bush and Solomon Beckham before James Nisbett, J. P., Nov. 17, 1798. On the same day Samuel Beckham swears he gave the note in 1793 to William Williamson for collection; said Williamson has left the state.